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If you've graduated high school or anything equivalent, what was your graduation like? What kind of ceremony did you have and did you do anything else to celebrate? 🎓

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I graduated middle school and we celebrated that by class. Each teacher made a mini powerpoint about each student, then I got to sign my diploma and then I was allowed to leave my class to go to my ex’s class to see him get his diploma. 😄
After that we just had (non alcoholic) drinks and a lot of fun with our classes and teachers.
I’m about to graduate my high school this summer if everything goes well!! I’ll let you know how it went 😊
If youve graduated high school or anything equivalent what was your graduation

Imagina o Seguinte Você Consome Um Produto de Uma Marca Muito Forte e Conhecida e Pensa Olha Essa Marca é da Boa Poderia Estar Batendo de Frente Com Marcas Como a Pespi Coca-Cola Entre Outras e Se Eu Lhe Disser Que Essa Marca Que Você Acha Boa na Verdade é Uma Subdivisão de Uma Marca Como a Pespi?

MarceloFreitas308’s Profile PhotoJONNHY CAMOMILA
Slovakia and Czechia are producers of our own perfect brand of
non- alcoholic beverage KOFOLA - it is much better and much popular here than Coca-Cola and Pepsi 😁
Imagina o Seguinte Você Consome Um Produto de Uma Marca Muito Forte e Conhecida

would u marry an alcoholic ?

no…. no way….
my future husband….❤️will be
the most ….
and right now he is somewhere without me….yet ….but with me in the heart and thoughts….
but he ❤️is
the most ….one from….
he is from-A list
and you know anonymous i don’t know about his relationship with alcohol…i hope really really bad….
i feel like this…. because alcohol it’s usually thing….it’s not about something interesting
and i know that he
he ….❤️is: about another beautiful something really really special things ….
what i mean understand only me….
and him….❤️
about me….
i’ve never taken alcohol in my life anonymous….
even beer….
i don’t like question like this….
everything about love right now very deep in me….
my answer is no…. no way….anonymous

Do you have a problem with alcohol? I'm drinking vodka as i'm typing this i want to get off alcohol but i can't go a day without vodka 😢 I can't even get drunk anymore i just drink to function and not get sick

No, I rarely drink. I grew up around an alcoholic so I don't care to be around it much. Have you been to any alcohol support sessions group or solo? That would be the best place to start I think if you are ready to take the first step

I need some advice on how to assist my bf in finding some motivation to stop drinking. I sincerely love him. But he a, bsolutely turns ,into a horrible person when he is drunk. He will scream and yell call me names and threaten me. I no longer feel the same toward him. Why won't he get help?

"Alcoholism" by Alex (Part 1)
I am sorry that you have had to experience this. There are a few things concerning alcoholism that you should understand:
1. Disease - alcoholism is a disease and it often runs in families, which means that there is a genetic component to it
2. Denial - before an alcoholic can recover, the alcoholic must admit that they have a problem. This is where many alcoholics get stuck. They refuse to admit they have a problem and as a result, their behavior does not change and in fact, progressively gets worse.
3. Setting Personal Boundaries - the victim, in this case you, must set personal boundaries. That is, for your own safety and well being, you need to decide what behavior you are willing to tolerate and which behaviors you are not willing to tolerate. And if necessary, you must be willing to end the dysfunctional relationship in order to protect your own life and self interests. This is NOT easy to do for many reasons. One common reason is that alcoholics are often violent and when they feel threatened, they will attack the people they claim to love resulting in severe injury or death. What about the enablers?
4. The Enabler - what is an enabler? An enabler is often the person(s) closest to the alcoholic who do not understand the disease and who are also in denial. The enabler typically knows that something isn't right but they do not know what to do. And even after receiving advice from family and friends, the enabler will often return to the alcoholic (the scene of the crime) where she is repeatedly abused or physically injured and will make excuses about her black eye or broken arm in order to protect her alcoholic partner.
That is the million dollar question that perplexes even the experts. Sometimes the enabler lived with alcoholics as a child and experienced abuse where she often had to make excuses to protect an alcoholic parent or relative. And sometimes the enabler is insecure and suffers from anxiety and depression which makes her emotionally dependent upon the alcoholic and results in a form of emotional paralysis where the victim us unable to think clearly and becomes confused and overwhelmed by anger, fear and regret because she blames herself for not being able to "fix her partner." Remember, you cannot fix someone who does not believe they are broken and who refuses to seek help. And to add insult to injury, the alcoholic can often detect his enablers fear and insecurities and will blame her for his failures (projection) in order to manipulate and control the enabler/victim thus forcing the victim to accept her self induced prison sentence living in hell. (continued)

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What do you think about parents who get drunk every night? Do you think it affects their child/children? •••just a random thought and I was curious to what others think☺️•••

boss_wifey_mommy291’s Profile PhotoMrs Brothers
that’s alcoholism, and it definitely affects children (whether the parents are aware of it or not). coming from a family with a parent who was a severe alcoholic for most of my childhood, it was a negative experience that affected me a lot while growing up.
alcoholism is a disease, and ideally those parents should go to rehab and reclaim their lives while sober to give the best life for their children.
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What is a book that changed you, and how did it change you?

No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai!
This won't be about how it necessarily changed me or even about the book specifically, but I'd like to take this opportunity to rant about a certain fascination I discovered with this book. Usually, I like reading about the pain and try to see the subtle beauty in it, the way it shapes mentalities, the glimpses of hope, the ways of coping, etc. I also naturally like reading books that leave the story up to your interpretation, I think it gives the novel a personality and the experience changes from one reader to another. Furthermore, when such a book becomes popular and loved among a vast diversity of people with countless interpretations, it just raises its value even more. Anyways, I also have a weird fascination with mentalities in general, no matter how twisted they are.. well, maybe especially how twisted they are, and the process that carved them out this way. The kind of mentalities that shine in all its vivid real glory, with no whitewashing reality but still a reality that is nothing like the reality we see, it really just is fascinating. Take Kafka's "The Metamorphosis" for example, I'd expect a person who wakes up one day to the sudden realization he turned into a giant bug to at least try to know how it happened or how to turn back, y'know anything to acknowledge how weird the situation is? Well, his first and all the rest of his thoughts were about how he'd be fired and his mundane sad life responsibilities. Well, anyhow, the story was centered about all the negative feeling he had and how he made no effort to cope with them or make his life any better. He even projected them onto his perceptions of the people around him and lived a miserable life to the very end of it when he dies alone as a giant bug. There was no beauty is it, just horrible agony to the end, and the fact it was inspired from Franz Kafka's life adds even more silent horror about all the psychological implications of it.
Another book that feeds this weird fascination of mine is Post Office by Charles Bukowski. It doesn't have anything supernatural about it but it was horrible too. All and every aspect of it. The protagonist narrated his life, he didn't think he was a good person, he didn't twist his beliefs or sugarcoat his terribleness, alcoholic, womanizer, talentless, rude, desperate, you name it. He didn't make any of that sound good, he was terrible and he knew it. And there was no way to find beauty in his life even if you looked through all the cracks.
Now, No Longer Human, combined all that. The psychological manipulation and torture, the feeling of being betrayed by life and blaming others for his own shortcomings proving slowly how twisted he is, the feeling of being rejected by life, imposter, the realization of not being qualified to live in it, his twisted coping mechanisms. In short it was a guide on creating a monster, a miserable one at that who in the end inevitably faces the very same fate of its writer, suicide.

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If you had it to do all over again would you do it the same…..life that is?

No, not at all.
Although I am cognizant of the fact that we have no control over who our parents are, if God were to allow me to live again, I would insist on one fundamental change: I would want parents that were college educated, well read and able to provide learning opportunities for me that my parents were unable to provide. If this first criteria could not be met then I would prefer to not exist. Life is difficult enough without having parents who are functionally illiterate and unable to actively participate in their children's learning process.
That is the primary change I would request. This is not to say that my parents were bad people but, for example, my mother dropped out of school in the 8th grade, was illiterate and was also an alcoholic who smoked 3 packs of cigarettes her entire adult life until she died from cancer. My father was a hard worker who graduated from high school, but never read books or found it necessary to acquire knowledge and was satisfied reading the local newspaper. He also believed that participation in sports was a waste of time and believed that music was a hobby and should never be taken seriously. He was not amused that I graduated from Berklee College of Music as he honestly believed it to be a complete waste of time. Although I loved my parents I also felt that their negative attitudes (24x7) were indeed a liability for me as well as my brothers and sisters. So instead of complaining, I decided to pick myself up and become self sufficient and live a life in pursuit of knowledge and understanding, free from the negativity of family and friends who seem to be experts at discouraging success with their proclamations of pending doom and failure.
Forcing myself to become independent and self sufficient while never quitting or giving up on my dream to be a guitarist and engineer, resulted in many excellent employment opportunities for me that I am forever grateful for. And yet, I sometimes wonder how much more proficient I might have been if the environment I grew up in was more positive and supportive.
I am certain that many of us have had similar experiences where we play the "what if" game, right? Honestly, I do let these thoughts interfere with my life and mostly I chase them out of my mind whenever they appear because negative thoughts like these are beyond my control and are not productive. But the question posed, forced me to address the issue and I wanted to see if I could write something profound that might help some of my followers who have also have suffered from abuse or difficult and toxic environments. Thanks.

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Do you prefer beer or wine?

I like both, I don’t drink that often. . . I don’t like drinking alone, due to an alcoholic mother and others in my gene pool. . .
Do you prefer beer or wine

Where are you in your life and are you happy with yourself or where you might be going?

19 Grocery store employee Life is pretty boring. I don't get paid enough for what I do. I go to the gym regularly and see my boyfriend on a daily basis. I have 2 really close friends that I try to hang out with but if they can't then I end up going home, which I hate to do cause it's boring as shit.. I literally have no hobbies and I really want to get into something
And I suppose so. I stopped smoking. Reading more. I'm getting a better grip on my mind. The people I work with are nice., I do kinda sulk on how much better my life would of been if I didn't always choose the selfish path sometimes. I have always been a huge procrastinator and that has fucked me over quite a few times but I don't let it get to me and try to make the best out the situation with as much positivity I can make.
I'm most of the time happy, but not because i'm proud of myself or anything but because i'm finally away from my family. They weren't very helpful to me growing up and it kind of scarred. I mean i really don't trust most people and I honestly look down on myself a lot. I'm emotionally lost, and i wish it could improve but i don't know how to make that happen.
I am 23 years old and I dropped out of college. I am the happiest I've ever been. I'm working with some of the best people San Diego has to offer. I've fallen into the restaurant group Consortium Holdings and I've found that the connections and opportunities that this company has granted me are straight up blessings. For the first time in my life, I have an actual sense of direction. I went from living my parent's dream to building my own dream of being a bar consultant. I've found that its worth it to chase things that you love, even if it is crafting the perfect cocktail. When it comes down to it, seeing someone's face light up after I mix them the perfect drink is worth 1000 paychecks. plus... I mean 52k a year from one job as a 23 year old bartender is not too shabby. Life is a party and I'm finally living it on my terms.
Presently, working a mundane job until I start law school this fall. Nervous for that. I'm pretty smart. I just lack A LOT of drive. Shit gets done. Unfortunately, it usually gets the done either the night before it is due, or the day of. I'm alright. Could be better. I wish I had more of a social life. Outside of my boyfriend, all I spend my time doing is either indulging in fruity alcoholic drinks, binge eating Cadbury chocolate, getting stoned, or rewatching Arrested Development. Other than that, you'll find me sleeping in past 1, & dealing with the fact that life is happening way.too.fast.

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For those dreaming of reconciliation, could you ever REALLY, honestly, trust your ex again?

I keep fantasizing about her coming back and saying all the right things. How sorry she is. How she epically fucked up when she blindsided me. How she’d do anything to regain my trust and prove to me she wants this relationship. My heart sings, but my head is cold and gray at the thought. Rationally, I think I’d still always be on guard. Even years down the line.
She didn’t want to put the work in when we hit our first real challenge (she is moving a few hours away) - so why would I ever invest again when life has so many more, tougher, challenges? He messaged me when I got back from my holiday after seeing my facebook pics despite him seeing someone new, and I know now that he can't be trusted. He will always be looking for something more, nothing really seems to make him happy. He made me feel not good enough. I was happy with him but I was also stressed a lot of the time too, trying to keep him happy. Nope. My cheating, manipulative ex broke up with me and I was super devastated. He came crawling back a month ago, when he let me know that he had to dump me because I was "acting crazy" over him constantly threatening to cheat on me (sorry I cared lol) and then admitted he cheated on me and felt guilty--not guilty enough to tell me when we broke up 3 months after he cheated. Anyways, even without those issues, he still generally treated me like shit. He hit on all my friends and told all his friends I was "not as pretty as he'd like." He was truly a POS, and I regret none of my behavior. He treated me like shit and I responded the way anyone would after over a year of abuse. When I found out he cheated a month ago, I cried to a friend and he literally just shook his head and said "oh my god, what a jerk. he's just trying to get under your skin. he's not worth it." The patience I've seen in my friends has always been much greater than anything I've gotten from him. She left because she was emotionally unavailable due to the death of her companion 4 years ago. She said she was ready for a new relationship, but actually was still in denial. She never got help. On my side I have trouble with the self-esteem / self-loving things due to child trauma. We've dated for 4 months and were still in the discovery part.
I could never trust her. She cheated on her husband to be with me and my husband, and while she was with us, she slept with her ex~boyfriend twice. She is also an active alcoholic, and this makes her even more predisposed to lying, cheating and manipulation. I took my ex back after 4 months of NC and stayed together for 2.5 months. He only showed effort for about 2/3 weeks and reverted back to his old ways. It's a waste of time. People will never change despite what they tell you when they want to get you back. Talk is cheap and actions will always speak louder than words.

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Aight by Odin i will prove tomorrow that you said you have had problems with alkohol and so on. But i bet you will block me so your friends don't find out? Anyhow i need to go pick up my kid bye

The one who laughs
My friends know almost everything there is to know about me lmao. The people commenting on my page rn, are the FIRST people I told the last time I got pregnant ffs😂
I've never done any drug of any kind and I never had a drinking problem either. Actually what i'd said was that I stopped drinking BEFORE it became a serious problem, because I didn't like how often I felt like drinking. I wasn't an alcoholic & i've still never done drugs. If you're referring to me saying I smoke, I smoke cigarettes dxmbass.

Favorite alcoholic drink? 🥂🍻🍸🍷🥃🍾🍹

This one!
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Favorite alcoholic drink

What is the most delicious thing you’ve ever drank?

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
There was this one clear blue blueberry drink I had in Singapore which was soooooo good! I wish I could recreate the exact flavor! The closest I've gotten are my blue lagoon drinks but they're alcoholic and not even close to reaching the sweet goodness that were those 😅😭
What is the most delicious thing youve ever drank

What do you usually drink with a meal?

That depends. For breakfast I have a cup of tea. For my dinner I normally have water. If I'm at home for my tea I'll have water again. At the weekend I might have an alcoholic drink such as a beer or wine. If I'm out and not driving I will. So yes it depends on when and where. 🙂

╱⠀⠀MAISIE⠀⠀+⠀⠀DAMON⠀⠀⊰ https://ask.fm/untoldaura/answers/169870972773

untoldaura’s Profile Photo— MAISIE.
It wasn't for a long time that the oldest Salvatore brother settled down quite calmly without any exzesses. Maybe for a month or two, until a new threat showed up in Mystic Falls, that obviously had a thing for vampires, which meant that literally half of the town was endangered. Damon took over control in the duty of obliterating the threat, as long as he hasn't got victim of it. Now was time to find an accomplice, a useful one. What could be more useful than a vampire and a hunter? Right, a vampire and a hunter in ONE person — a pity that the raven-haired knew only one that fulfilled these conditions; a huntress he turned; almost as if he knew that he'd need her some day. So he called Maisie and fortunately soon after she arrived at the mansion. Immediately Damon felt the reluctance toward him coming from the brunette, not only by her words. ❝I'm sure the pleasure's mine.❞ He rolled his eyes lightly annoyed while pouring himself a glass of bourbon. ❝Please spare us from your hatred speech, you'll have time for it later.❞ The glass got lift to his mouth as he spoke, granting himself a sip of it afterwards. A slightly amused chuckle left his lips — did she seriously assume that Damon called her in because he thought it'd be fun working with a person that obviously hated him? ❝I'd rather be handling it with somebody else but the range of suitable people isn't large... and that's where you step into the game.❞ The eldest Salvatore eventually reacted on the brunette's question, if it could be called as so. Truly, he'd rather team up with the devil than with Maisie but it seemed to be time to face with destiny; as she was literally the PERFECT partner for that "mission". ❝So either you agree on cooperating or you cooperate anyway.❞ The raven-haired announced prettified as if she had the tiniest of choice. ❝If I were you...❞ Damon started as he filled another glass with the alcoholic liquid, eyes fully fixated on the glass. ❝I'd choose the easy way.❞ Shortly he shot a glance at the brunette before leaving the bottle on the table and appearing by vampire speed directly in front of her. ❝I can be REALLY convincing, so prepare for a road trip.❞ The male suggested with an evil grin, offering her the poured glass of bourbon. She didn't believe he'd be friendly or feeling anyhow guilty, did she? It wasn't the first time Damon did something that ruthless and for sure it wasn't the last time. And if Maisie wouldn't agree on the simple way, there'd probably follow another time in which he'd be ruthless, despite that she was his brother's friend and that he'd hate him for it; so what? It wouldn't be the first time either. After all he had to live up to his name.

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MAISIEDAMON httpsaskfmuntoldauraanswers169870972773

What is your family known for?

The people I came from? They were/are known for being nobodies, dropkicks, weird loners, meddlers, irresponsible alcoholics, and people who (and allowed their children to) fall through the cracks of society due to generational ab*se and neglect. Luckily, I am neither a dropkick nor an irresponsible alcoholic, and I'm trying my best to break generational cycles, so I think that's worth celebrating.

What was your first alcoholic beverage? How old were you?

Pálinka - a fruit brandy which is common in Hungary, Austria, Transylvania and throughout Central and Eastern Europe. I was around 7 yo? I never really cared for it but whenever I attend a gathering back home, it flows from all directions like water... =D
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How often do you lie? Big lies, little lies, white lies, slight lies... how many many ways do you lie?

I'd rather deal with the consequences of my or someone else's truth than the consequences of telling the truth or a lie. I feel like I'd be mortified if caught in a lie. If I know something and ask and get lied to, I can't help solve the original problem which is usually more trivial than being lied to. It's also hurtful to be lied to instead of loved or respected enough for the truth.
Pretty much never. Not anymore. I'm a dry alcoholic, so I pretty much used to be a professional liar. To my loved ones, my bosses and especially to myself - in the late stage it almost cost me everything, including my life. I didn't only lie about my secret drinking habits, I also lied about my bottled up (heh!) emotions. I felt guilty all the time, so I never spoke up when I felt mistreated - continually drowning them out (literally) until I eventually exploded because of some trivial straw that broke the camel's back. I try to rarely lie, if ever. If Im lying to someone it might be myself. Other than that I take the consequences and tell the truth. Its more easy that way. I watch my brother who is the opposite. I speak very little during the day. I'm generally a quiet guy who listens more than he speaks. As little as 150 - 200 words a day. Most of those words are either questions or statements of facts. Therefore I'm rarely in a situation where I need to lie. I'm the same here, social engagements I'll be as vague or general with my no as possible unless it's someone pushy or who won't take no for an answer and I don't feel up to the task of repeating myself. Sometimes I just say I can't.. meaning I can't because I don't want to. It's funny I really hate dishonesty but I also tell a lot of white lies. Stuff like saying I'm busy when really I'm just tired and don't wanna deal with someone. I feel like there's an unspoken understanding that we all tell white lies to keep the peace between each other. But more serious lying and deception, I'm simply not a fan.
I only lie to my colleagues at work, and only regarding one thing. To get out of going drinking with them. My wife went away for two weeks and I never told them, always making excuses that I had to get the kids or my wife and I had plans. It meant I only went out with them once or twice a week, rather than every day.
About stuff that doesn't matter I lie all the time, I have no idea why. I think I just sort of panic/cross wires if someone asks me a question and I'll say the first thing that comes into my head and run with it. It's almost always about inane shit like "what are you doing?". Weirdly it doesn't ever happen with things that actually have some bearing, that I'll actually have to remember the lie. I'm an honest person apart from this weird-ass quirk, I'm really ashamed of it but I haven't found a way to stop it without pausing for a stupid amount of time, which ironically makes it look like I'm coming up with a lie.

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Christmas spam: Do you have a favourite festive drink? Either alcoholic or non? What are they?

BonjourCaptain’s Profile Photozar
I always but a bottle of good vintage port at Christmas, the sort that needs decanting first, and a bottle of advocaat. I will also make mulled wine if I invite the neighbours around.
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Christmas spam: Do you have a favourite festive drink? Either alcoholic or non? What are they?

BonjourCaptain’s Profile Photozar
I wish everybody who haven't tried to make an eggnog, make it. It can be made with or without an alcohol. I love it.
Christmas spam Do you have a favourite festive drink Either alcoholic or non

Do you need a chaser when you drink alcohol. If yes, what's your favorite then?

Hmm it kind of depends. I feel like it makes me less hungover if I drink lots of water in between.
So for every glass of strong alcoholic drinks I drink, I drink a glass of water too.
There’s nothing I drink right after my shots. When shotting tequila though, I prefer taking a bit of salt, then the shot and after the shot I bite in a lemon. Makes it really tasty! 😄
Do you need a chaser when you drink alcohol If yes whats your favorite then

Is it ok to break down and cry whenever someone insults you?

ChrisSmolik4100’s Profile PhotoChris Smolik
No it is not.
Ask yourself this simple question: When someone insults you, whose problem is that...yours or theirs? I believe it to be their problem. Therefore, when you cry, you are making their problem your problem. A more effective strategy would be to tell them that they have a right to their opinion and then to walk away from them without showing any emotion.
When someone insults me I assume several things about that person i.e. (1) they are insecure, (2) they are projecting their anger, anxiety and depression onto me, (3) they are attempting to manipulate and control me, (4) and finally, they are seeking attention and they believe that abusing me will provide the attention they crave.
I refuse to tolerate such dysfunctional and hateful behavior and so I WILL NOT feed into it. Crying is not only feeding into their insecurity and abusive behavior, but it is giving them the weapon and ammunition required to destroy you! If you care about your own health and well being, you will walk away and end your relationship with that person. People who love you and care about you, would never intentionally insult you or do anything to cause you physical or emotional harm.
How can you prevent situations like this or at least minimize them? Establish personal boundaries. In other words, you must decide what types of behaviors you are willing to accept and those behaviors you refuse to accept. Once you have defined your upper and lower thresholds, then you must effectively implement them into your daily life. I am not saying it is easy, but it is essential if you want to manage the dysfunctional people in your life. Sometimes these boundaries involve time limits or distance or stating your rules either verbally or in writing.
Here are a few examples:
1. Smoking - I do not allow smoking in my house. If someone lights up, I kindly ask them to please smoke outside.
2. Vacations - before I allow anyone to vacation with me I must know and agree to their arrival date and their departure date.
3. Alcohol and drugs - my mother was an alcoholic. Whenever I took my mother out to a restaurant, I would remind her that she is allowed only one alcoholic beverage. Now some people reading this are probably thinking that I am nuts, right? Have you ever had to pick your mother off the floor because she passed out from being drunk? Or had to restrain your mother for sexually assaulting a married man because she was drunk? Or help your father wipe the vomit from her face before putting her safely into bed? So before you criticize me...try walking in my shoes.
4. Distance - I admit this is drastic but sometimes the only solution is to move away from all of the family dysfunction. I did, and the truth is that moving saved my life.
Summary: Learning to establish effective boundaries that define and differentiate acceptable behaviors from unacceptable behaviors is essential to your own personal health and well being. Good Luck

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something you don't understand ?

waleedbutt465’s Profile PhotoWaleed.
How are good for nothing (and even disloyal) men destined to be with good women. I will never understand.
I just know one amazing couple. Just one! And I know another girl that’s happy *now (with her 2nd marriage)
- The guy she married the first time, was not just her cousin but they both liked eachother and the guy was even a hafiz-e-quran but you only get to see somebody’s true nature after the deal is done right? Turned out he was an alcoholic and the shit ones capable of doing while being drunk... he was abusive too.
- I know another darling lady, I spent most of my time in Karachi with her. She left for States, many many years back and completed her education there. Even started working for Google and was the only child of her parents. She didn’t wanted to get married either but this one guy that was dying to marry her (who knew her since school) and kept sending his proposal despite being rejected, she eventually said yes. Well well well he had ego problems! He couldn’t bare the fact that his wife earns more than him, he eventually became abusive too. That marriage also ended.
- I know another one, that girl is beautiful MashAllah, poor soul got married at the age of 22 everything seemed okay for a while only to later realise that her mother in law turned out to one of those mothers who develop a weird jealously after marrying their son.
Sounds like some Star Plus shit right? That’s what I used to think but it’s more common than a lot of people might like to admit. So her mother in law would make her do all the work, (how it’s a general practice to treat ones wife/daughter in law like a maid) and then that woman had the audacity to tell her son to keep her locked in a room and to have nothing to do with her. He eventually divorced her too.
- I know another story in which the mother in law developed hatred and jealousy for her daughter in law just because her son had started to visit his wife more often than he would come and visit his mother (from Australia) till date that woman treats her so bad. The poor girl is a dear friend of mine. They’re only happy when their abroad because the guy isn’t man enough to tell his mother to behave with his wife, when they’re here.
- I know another, she too was once a friend and we were class fellows for the longest time. So she liked this guy, (from our class as well) that lady changed herself from head to toe, according to his preference. She literally became another person. Him being a tharki than took interest and they got married last January but till date he’s tharki he’s not loyal thou they even have a son now.
Some of them husbands are so pathetic they won’t even wish their wives on their birthday or even bother moving a limb on their wedding anniversaries, won’t give pocket money, won’t take their wives to her parents’ They just don’t care. Being tested by your marriage has to be the worst kind of trail one can go through in this life. I’m saddened to the core honestly.

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Ppl I Werent Being Judgey Abt Alcohol I Was jUst Asking If I'm The Only One Who Gets Upset When Ppl Get Drunk & Nasty BC I Had That Experience Around Drunk Ppl & It Upsets Me... I Guess I Am Alone. Nobody Understands K Bye......

Me too, but not everybody is being nasty while being drank. Some people getting kinder. I don't drink alcohol. I have tried it. I liked only liquor and sweet alcoholic drinks tho, but it was some time ago and right now I am fully sober. Always was, but still had moments when I tried a bit of that.

How do you handle rumors that affect your professional aspirations or work life?

Not because I'm downing him. If it's worked for him, good. But when I was younger I really put myself in a fucked off position by allowing and "embracing" a rumor of me being an "alcoholic" because some bitch I turned down (because she was irritating and had a slew of dramatic break ups) started it. It caused me extreme problems because I kept blowing it off and or going with it. Making jokes about how much of an "alchy" I was blew up in my face when I was called into an office and asked if I had a problem and that there were concerns other employees had about my work performance. The other shit was lies. I had no problems with work performance but because I had countless times "embraced" my rumor they called upon a situation where two people heard me making the jokes I was making as "evidence". Ultimately I came out on top of the situation because I had one person there in supervisor position to account for my half of the story when I started telling them what was really going on with how she was starting it all and I was going along with it to show her much I didn't give a shit what she had to say but not without a whole lot of drama and stupid before she got her ass handed to her and that's only because I got lucky. I even got told that going about it the way I did was stupid and put me in a bad light because the only thing they could go off of at first was three people. Her, and the two others that liked her was saying which put me at three to one odds of I hadn't had what was literally the only supervisor there that they trusted without a shadow of a doubt stick her neck out for me. It would've gone way worse for me. In general it's best just to ignore them, trying to do something about it you may end up just adding fuel to the fire. Anyone that is close to you would know better than to believe any rumours and everyone that isn't close doesn't matter.
Simply ignore them. Their goal is to get a negative reaction out of you so don't let them. Surround yourself with positive people. I never listen to idle gossip myself.
I'm not one for gossip. I'm not in the habit of listening to other people's telephone calls. I don't stand around eavesdropping.
I think we all gossip. I think it's a natural thing to be curious about what others are up to, whether you think you are or not, and gossiping is a way to get that information. We all strive to feel good about ourselves, so the possibility of hearing something bad about someone else can help that. But not all gossip is bad. I think it's just something humans do.
I used to do it somewhat frequently as a kid because I felt like negative/annoying traits of people just deserved to be called out. At some point my best friend even called me out on always doing it, and I didn't even realize it was annoying him that much (maybe he suspected I was talking behind his back about him too, I didn't though).

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https://ask.fm/Fatm_Th/answers/170614839405 - I'm a scaffolder 😌 But if a job popped up which involved tasting alcoholic beverages, I'd immediately take it 😹

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ㄒ乇几卂匚丨ㄖㄩ丂 ㄒㄖ爪爪卂ㄚ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Hahaha. Scaffolder is risky and nice! I always watch scaffolders up high and feel like damn what are they thinking rn? 🤣 also they remind me of “Baby’s Day Out” alot. 😂

Getting drunk on a work night? Classy

i’m not even close to drunk lmfao i haven’t been drunk in over 3 years. I drank ONE white claw out of my 6 pack. NOT that it’s any of your business lmfao, secondly, it’s a WEEKEND lmfao, saturday’s aren’t a work night lmfao i also had a friends birthday this weekend so i booked it off.
kindly, fuck off and don’t worry about me or what i’m doing, you don’t pay my bills. 👍🏻 not everyone’s an alcoholic.

If you could had one chance to go back in time, what would you have done different?

icy_warrior’s Profile PhotoMark Anthony
Leave home at age 18. Growing up in a home with an alcoholic mother and a father who enabled that behavior, is NOT normal; and since you have no other genuine points of reference, you accept the dysfunctional family dynamics as "normal." Until one day you are living on your own and working with professionals who are well bred, educated and emotionally well formed and you think to yourself, how are they able to be so positive and carry themselves with such dignity and grace, while here I am a total train wreck?
It is at that moment that you begin to realize that your family was NOT normal and if you could live your life over what changes you would make. Do you know what the real tragedy in growing up in a dysfunctional family is? It is knowing that when you were born, you had no choice in choosing your parents. Being born, is literally a roll of the dice and unfortunately, some of us get screwed.

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What do many people find cool, but you find it stupid and wrong? 🙂

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
Bragging about not reading.
When people post their alcoholic drinks on Snapchat/Instagram.
Never admitting when they're wrong.
Having a phone conversation on speaker in public, or blasting shitty music on public transport.
Kids bragging about their parents' wealth and success.
People who say things like, 'I'm just an asshole!' No. You lack the emotional maturity to deal with others and use nastiness as a defense. It's not cool as a trait. Try to be nice.
Shitting on things other people like. We all have stuff we don't like, but if you spend ALL your time putting down everything a person is interested in, you don't look cool or edgy. You look like a dick with no interests.
Bragging about how much you can drink before passing out.
When you try to play it cool by not immediately answering the texts of someone you're interested in. Just makes you look uninterested.
Grown women who use baby-talk to other adults in normal conversation. No, you are not cute or cool or whatever the hell you think you are.
Bragging about how little sleep you're getting, how many all-nighters you've pulled, how busy you are, etc. mostly in a school setting. You need to take care of yourself.

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What do many people find cool but you find it stupid and wrong

What is the "WARNING: DO NOT..." label that is ignored the most?

Warning label that is ignored the most in the whole world would be "Alcoholic consumption is injurious to health, it may lead to cancer"
What is the WARNING DO NOT label that is ignored the most
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What's the the most awkward question you've ever been asked in public?

If I was sixteen years old when I was actually older than that. People can't really tell the difference in what age I am. If I want to buy a drink I have to use my legal I.D. because otherwise they think I'm too young and probably shouldn't be drinking a Strawberry Daqiuri or anything alcoholic. I rarely have drinks. But I love them sometimes.

Do you know your own limits before its too much for you?

Generally speaking, yeah. An an example: I have never been blackout drunk, I've never thrown up due to drinking too much, and I've only had two mild hangovers in my life, both of which occurred in 2012 which was *the* year for wild house parties for me. I'll stop drinking when I notice I'm being more giggly, loud, friendly, clumsy and unintelligible than I usually am; I know I don't need to go any further than that. I was raised by an alcoholic, and I do not want to follow in his footsteps, so discipline around alcohol has always come easily to me.

Woah, helloo Tobbe!😁 How're you doing?😇

korndude’s Profile PhotoKoЯnDuDe
I'm doing good thank you! 😄 I'm currently making preparations for a fun event I'll be hosting together with my classmates for the new students tomorroe They're gonna go around to a few of our rooms (Including my own) and guess who lives there 🏡 I'm curious to see if my room is as good of a reflection of myself that I think it is lol Have made some pamphlets, am currently working on a music quiz and am gonna clean my room extensivel before they arrive. After we're done we're gonna have some outdoor activities 🥏
Once that event is over I'm gonna head back home for a game night with the ones I live with in the dorm. I'm gonna work Friday. I'm gonna go on a "HOF-Hike" on Saturday with my student organization where you drink a 33cl alcoholic drink of your choice for every km you walk (We're gonna go for 10). I've done it thrice before and it's a lot of fun 😌 Also gonna have a Dungeons and Dragons session with a few of my friends on Sunday. So all in all, I have a quite busy weekend ahead Haha

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Woah helloo Tobbe Howre you doing

What do you drink most?

klonetron’s Profile PhotoHalbery Jones
For some, it can mean happiness or at least numbness in the present moment. Some simply feel like they don't care - but they always do once consequences begin to mount up. I'm called to see alcoholics presenting with suicidal ideation most days of the week - often because they've become homeless or had relationship breakdowns. If not, it'll be the liver failure before you even have a chance to retire. Alcohol can be a really nasty thing, and it's criminal that we don't have good school education surrounding it. IMO, it's worse than many illegal drugs. But there are a multitude of services out there, to help get off the sauce in a safe way - and also to help your emotional pain. It can take time to figure out what's best for you, but it will be worth it. See a doc if you want to stop, because they'll provide you with advice and sometimes temporary medications to make sure you withdraw without danger. But despite all of the draw backs I am addicted. I managed to go a month without drinking once. I thought it was easy. Then I had some events to go to so I thought "well it was easy enough last time. It will be easy again"
I don't think about drinking at all until I'm on my way home and I remember to stop and get more beer. For me, it's not a nagging feeling or a craving, it's just like any other errand anyone else would run. Put gas in car, get cash from the ATM, pick up milk and eggs, get beer. Drinking feels compulsory to me at this point. That being said I do recognize that I have a drinking problem, I guess I'm just not at rock bottom yet.
I usually drink between 6-8 drinks a night. Some nights is 8-12. I also smoke weed. I always make sure to get 6-9 hours of sleep a night. I always wake up tired but rarely hungover. I enjoy the same entertainment most people aged 6-60 enjoy. I don't know what your asking but I think I handle myself pretty well for an alcoholic in denial.
I didn't drink at all, and for most of my life I swore that I would never touch alcohol or any drugs because my father is an alcoholic and it never fails to put a damper on my life. For most of my life alcohol was just associated with family troubles, and I only had one experience where a drunk family member forced Budweiser down my throat and I thought it tasted awful. Then I came to college. I just got done with my first year and things change. Drinking and partying is very fun, and it's important to take the time to enjoy these early years and experiment and figure it all out. The main reason that I am now not so afraid to drink is because I have finally become comfortable enough with myself to say that I am not my father and I have self control. Also I never drink too much, just enough to have fun.
As far as amounts, I have no clue. I've filled half the cup with vodka or with one shot and it basically tastes the same. But usually I do the equivalent of about 2 or 3 shots and then fill up the rest of the cup with orange crush.

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