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So since I was little my mum always used to braid my hair after my shower to stop it from frizzing and getting tangly. Everywhere I read today it’s says that’s bad for your hair. But my hair is at its healthiest when braided after shower. What do you t go nk? Is it good or not?

UsagiWhiteNight’s Profile PhotoAlex
So long as you 'carefully' used a quality conditioner , before final rinse with cool water . . . . a 'detangler' like 'dream-length' ..........
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gOob5hoOEIigotamatch’s Video 172549949818 8gOob5hoOEIigotamatch’s Video 172549949818 8gOob5hoOEI
'Beautiful Mia . . . Rose'
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_apGCisHIwigotamatch’s Video 172549949818 x_apGCisHIwigotamatch’s Video 172549949818 x_apGCisHIw
So since I was little my mum always used to braid my hair after my shower to

♡; { stop! ; http://notes.io/4k4Y } letra A

HNWZG’s Profile PhotoNirvana
+Nombre: Antian, puede parecerte un tanto extraño, pero lo que se trata de mí, a mí me agrada y mucho. +Apellido: Abadeer, mucho ego y toda lo que la gente piense, pero a mí me encanta mi apellido sorry don't sorry honey. +País: Alemania, ese país es tan interesante, más que todos sus castillos, es más quiero aprender hablar el alemán. +Color: Rojo, es uno de mis favoritos. +Canción: Are u mine?, de Arctic Monkeys, me fascina tanto no me preguntes el porque. +Película: Alien vs. Predator, un clásico de los buenos, madre mía. +Animal: Araña, tantos tipo, pero lo que se trata de la viuda negra, y las tarántulas seas así que son preciosa. +Cosa: Anillo, justo tengo uno, pero es uno de compromiso que vino de mi ex pareja, pero está guardada junto con su cofrecito junto con lo demás. +Artista [cantante, actriz, etc]: Axl Rose, Ashley Greene, Alex Turner, Alissa White-Gluz; sorry se me vino de estos a la mente y siendo unas bellezas y muy talentosas, y en esto no voy a discutir con nadie, absolutamente nadie.

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*It indeed hit the small purple creature against it's head in fact but shockingly it didnt react very much stumbling a bit as if the force only slightly impacted him. Now the little alien had latched its teeth into weapon it seemed to have clamped down full force. He is very defiant now*

SkrixWraHybrid’s Profile PhotoNix
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀【👹】⠀ᴍ̨͞ᴀ͟͢ᴅ ̶́͡ᴅᴏ̕ɢ ̵ ̶ᴏ̶̶͝ꜰ̶̶̷̶͘ ̶ꜱ̶̶̶̸̶ʜ̶̶̷̶̶̧͢ɪ̶̵̶̶̸̶́ᴍ̶̶̕͏̶ᴀ̶̵̶ɴ̶̶̶͢͟ᴏ̶

⠀⠀Surprise struck, eyebrows were raised. Seeing the impact was a reality and did not make him vanish like dust in the wind was reason enough to rule out this was not a dream.
What if he was drugged? He wouldn’t be that impressed knowing that his cigarette consumption was exaggerated. If so, what a head had for imagining these rare species...
⠀⠀❝Yer real then, huh...,❞⠀the man spoke; a thick, strangely relaxed deep voice. The gloved hand raised the bat, watching the little creature clutch the metal material with great force.
⠀⠀❝The hell are ya?❞⠀He observed Nix closely without worrying about receiving an unforeseen attack.

What should be the goal of humanity?

EloquentlySagacious’s Profile PhotoEloquentlySagacious
The goal should be unity. The pentacle of human achievement will be becoming a class one civilization. That is a singular unified race/nation with mastery over our planet and resources. There is something called the kardashev Scale. It started off in the realm of science fiction authors, but a physicist designed it originally. It's how to measure the advancement of an alien race based on how much energy they control. Humans don't rank yet. We're about .7 to .8. Since we don't utilize all the planets energy without undo harm to the planet itself. It's nearly impossible to ensure unless we were one people one nation. A United Earth

Que un feo te trate como una mierda es tan 🤡🤡🤡

aky098009’s Profile PhotoAky
@aky098009 🍂 Hey Aky, ten buen finde, pásate 💫
Ettoo... es igual de malo que te burles por ser "feo" 🙃
📺️ 🎦
Cine 💎 Largometraje 💎 Parte 21

Pesadilla Elm Street 1 (1984)

Pesadilla Elm Street 6 (1991)

Pesadilla Elm Street 7 (1994)

Phantasma 1/5 (2016)

Pi (1998)

Picapiedra (1994)

Piraña 1-4 (1978-2010)

Piratas del Caribe 0 Wicked Wench (sin año)

Piratas del Caribe 1 Perla Negra (2003)

Piratas del Caribe 2 Cofre del muerto (2006)

Piratas del Caribe 3 Fin del Mundo (2007)

Piratas del Caribe 4 Mareas Misteriosas (2011)

Piratas del Caribe 5 Salazar (2017)

Planeta Simios 1 Inicio (1968)

Planeta Simios 6 Reinicio (2001)

Planeta Simios 7 Origen (2011)

Planeta Simios 8 Amanecer (2014)

Planeta Simios 9 Guerra (2017)

Platoon (1986)

Pleasantville (1998)

Podrás perdonarme? (2019)

Pollock Pintor (2000)

Poltergeist 1-2-3 (1982-1986-1988)

Poltergeist 4 Remake (2015)

Ponte en mi lugar (2003)

Por favor, espera (2018)

Pozos de ambición (2007)

Precious (2009)

Predator 1 Selva (1987)

Predator 2 Los Angeles (1990)

Predator 3 Planeta Alien (2010)

Predator 4 The Predator (2018)

Predator 5 La Presa (2022)

Premonición "The Gift" (2000)

Premonición "Premonition" (2007)

Premonición "Afterwards" (2008)

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Que un feo te trate como una mierda es tan

What phone do you have and how long have you had it? How does it work, is it still in good condition?

I have had this one almost two years now I think. I don’t pay much attention to new phone releases anymore. I used to upgrade every two years. But I’m happy with the screen size and most importantly, the camera quality. I won’t upgrade unless there is some great new camera. Which I guess I wouldn’t know since I don’t pay attention anymore. 🤪 I am surprised there is still space on this phone though. I have 20,000+ photos and images saved. 🙃🤪 This is the first time I’ve ever had damage to a phone though. I have a small crack in the upper corner which thankfully happened in a spot where I rarely notice it. It’s quite memorable, as I dropped it on the way to a Gojira/ Alien Weaponry concert. It was worth it. 🤪
What phone do you have and how long have you had it How does it work is it still

Letzte für heute: Was wollen Musk, Gates und Co mit dem ganzen Vermögen? Das können sie nie im Leben ausgeben...

irgendjemand29’s Profile PhotoDragon Warrior
Guten Morgen lieber Dennis. Das frage ich mich auch. 🤔 Aber ich denke sie spenden auch oder?! Ich verstehe bei reichen Menschen oft nicht wieso sie so oft heiraten und dementsprechend auch so viele Kinder haben. Warscheinlich brauchen sie soviel Geld um ihrem Nachwuchs was zu hinterlassen. Musk in erster Stelle... denn der ist für mich ein Alien. Bill Gates spendet ganz viel und da kann man sich freuen. Wer weiß was uns später erwartet. 🤔 Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Tag. Muss heute anstatt 15 schon zu 14 Uhr zur Arbeit. Jeden Tag eine andere Zeit, die spinnen.... 😵

*Neo also appears scared but finds comfort being rescued by Umeko though she can't do much being stuck in a cage*

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
*The priestess runs around in circles with the little alien as the village chases the duo, the girl takes a turn past a couple wooden houses to try and lose the villagers as she dashes towards a shrine in the back of town, luck seems to be on her side today, even the archers that were getting ready to fire arrows her way, all lost track of her with the alien, she hides behind the tall shrine and frees the small alien from her wooden cage*
U: Are you alright kitty? I promise I won't hurt you!
V1: Dammit! Where the heII could they have gone!? Did she leave the village with that thing!?
V2: If she did, it'll be days before she comes back..that forest is almost impossible to get through without a guide.. why don't we have a guide?
V1: Idiot! We don't need a guide! A guide would cause us trouble! If everyone knew how to get in and out of here, we'd all be dead! Anyway, we need to make sure that idiot really left and didn't just hide in a house..start searching the village for any sign of her!
*it seems like they aren't completely safe yet*

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((youre back?It's been a while!Not sure if you remember me. But how are you? :) ))

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
|| Yeah, a Whole Year :,c
I'm fine. With many problems but with health, how are you doing here?
I need to get back, I don't want to get back and all of you disappear or forget the RPs, The Time it's putting me a test and I need to finish my RPs, and of coursez this means Emmy needs to meet their alien friend now
Yeah, I'm back. I'm in a semi-hiatus situation but at least, I'm going to say hi more often ||
youre backIts been a whileNot sure if you remember me But how are you

Is it hard for you to tell someone you love them for the first time?

It's hard for me to tell someone that whether I've said it before or not cos I grew up in an environment and family where those words just weren't a thing I heard so it feels a bit alien to me - which is why I take a while to say them for the first time. I want to feel it but then I need to psych myself up to say it 😅

Lluvia 🌧️ o sol? ☀️ 🧐🤔

HyRuXXII’s Profile PhotoHyRuXXII
@HyRuXXII 🧛‍♀️ HyRu, ten buen día/noche, pásate 🦇
Ettoo... me gustan: lluvia, nieve, sol 😎
"Lost in Space" -- "Perdidos en el Espacio"
USA (1998) 130 min.
ACTORS: William Hurt, Gary Oldman, Mimi Rogers, Heather Graham, Matt LeBlanc.
PERSONAJES: Mayor West, profesor Robinson, Dra Robinson, técnica Judy, chica Penny, chico Robinson, villano Dr Smith, robot B-9, bicho alien Blawp.
RESUMEN: La familia Robinson va a colonizar el espacio en la nave espacial Júpiter y dormirán 10 años criogenizados.
Serie TV "Lost in Space" (1965/1968).
Serie Netflix (2018/2021).
Ficha: https://ask.fm/salquial/answers/136182634041

Trailer english
https://youtu.be/tsmacmhdrUssalquial’s Video 171602543161 tsmacmhdrUssalquial’s Video 171602543161 tsmacmhdrUs

https://youtu.be/kAexqgzbsnwsalquial’s Video 171602543161 kAexqgzbsnwsalquial’s Video 171602543161 kAexqgzbsnw

bicho alien Blawp
https://youtu.be/zFM0DyOT2SQsalquial’s Video 171602543161 zFM0DyOT2SQsalquial’s Video 171602543161 zFM0DyOT2SQ
Lluvia  o sol

Was wird deiner Meinung nach vollkommen überbewertet und wieso?

- Alkohol oder auch gesellschaftsfähiges Gift, wie ich es mittlerweile als solches sehe. Ich konsumiere es gar nicht, muss mich dazu seltsamerweise aber ständig erklären oder rechtfertigen. Für manche ist man dann einfach das abstinente Alien, obwohl es genug gesundheitsschädigende Aspekte mit sich bringt. Ich habe Menschen daran zugrunde gehen sehen und es interessiert mich auch nicht, dass das in moderatem Konsum "okay" ist. Ich will damit einfach nichts zu tun haben.
- Cannabis-Legalisierung (grundsätzlich Dro.genkonsum): Ich verstehe nicht, wieso das so dermaßen relativiert wird. Ja, es kann in der Medizin mitunter einen hilfreichen Nutzen haben (auch als nicht rauschfähiges THC, was ich sehr begrüße), aber um sich die Birne damit wegzukiffen, kognitiv zum Teil in der Jugend daran zu verblöden oder vielleicht sogar Horror Trips zu erfahren und auch davon abhängig werden zu können (ja, ist möglich), empfinde ich es als völlig fehl am Platz. Und selbst als erwachsener Mensch heiße ich das nicht gut. Call me Spaßbremse.
- Apropos Abstinenz: Séx wird meines Erachtens auch komplett überbewertet bzw. in unserer Gesellschaft als das höchste, erstrebenswerteste Gut der Physis ausgeschlachtet. Sei es in Werbung, in der P.ornoindustrie, Pr.ostitution oder "Séx Work", das immer so dermaßen verharmlost und als etwas völlig Normales deklariert wird, da es ja "freiwillig" ist. Dass dabei tausend verschiedene Grauntöne der Unfreiwilkigkeit vorliegen, wird oft über den Teppich gekehrt. Für mich ist das alles nicht normal. Auch nicht, dass ich das schon unbedingt selbst erlebt haben muss; sei es in Form von Nudes, irgendwelchen ONSs oder anderen Ausdrucksformen. Es ist ein komplexes und zum Teil menschenunwürdiges System hinter der P.ornoindustrie, das so gut wie niemand hinterfragt, weil es so ein integraler Bestandteil des eigenen Lebens geworden ist und auch in vielen anderen Bereichen nicht kritisiert wird. Für mich ist es absolut unnormal, P.ornos zu konsumieren und ich will auch nichts mit Menschen zu tun haben, die das unreflektiert tun und näher hinterfragen. Kriege da langsam echt Krätze bei Menschen, die das nicht nachvollziehen.
- Jedes neue Modell von Marke XYZ besitzen zu müssen: Tendenziell nutzen wir Gebrauchsgegenstände nicht mehr bis zum Verschleiß, weil wir sehr konsumorientiert sind. Und das finde ich problematisch, weil wir dadurch mehr produzieren, viel weniger etwas nutzen und dann wieder ersetzen.
- Mac Books. xd Sehe die Dinger in jeder Vorlesung und finde sie preislich total überidisch für das bisschen Leistung, das dir ein anderes Notebook für weit weniger in wesentlich angemessenerem Maße bieten könnte.
- Dieser sehr spaltende Diskurs zwischen "Terfs/Swerfs" und Queerfeministen. Solange sich Parteien die Köpfe einschlagen und irgendwelche Beleidigungen salonfähig werden lassen, werden wir zu absolut keiner Einigung gelangen.

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Szia! Írnál pár kedvenc horror/thiller filmet, és könyvet?

Justin Cronin - A szabadulás (trilógia)
Bár írtad, hogy Stephen Kingért nem rajongsz, de szerintem könyvben ezek zseniálisak: Carrie, Christine, IT.
Robin Cook és Leslie L. Lawrence szinte minden mennyiségben, bár ezek már krimik, csak fontosnak tartottam megemlíteni.
Film: Us, Tűnj el, Az, Alien: Covenant, Blair Witch Project, A platform, A köd, Viharsziget, Interjú a vámpírral.

What's the creepiest place that you have ever to?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
Pădurea Hoia / Hoia Forest. Locals have reported strange lights, noises, apparitions and UFOs. I suppose that it might be considered creepy and there's a "heavy" atmosphere in the evening hours. On some mornings, there seems to be a greenish fog or mist. Many trees are charred and contorted in odd ways. There is a small clearing ("Poiana Rotundă") where nothing seems to grow and it has been referred to as a landing spot for UFOs. Perhaps it's my skeptical nature but I've been there on a few occasions and never experienced anything peculiar. No ghosts. No lights. No little green men from Mars and no voices - well, except the ones in my head. While it might seem "spooky" to some visitors, I find it rather charming, pleasant and serene. On one visit, I inadvertently frightened some tourists. They didn't speak English or the local language but I tried my best to assure them that I wasn't a spirit or an alien from some distant world. Maybe it was the shamanic chanting, corpse paint and being stripped to the waist in the middle of Winter? They took off like one of Elon's 🚀 rockets! Oh well, more forest for me... 🤣

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERHan3gpwYYtalionislexx’s Video 170988497459 ERHan3gpwYYtalionislexx’s Video 170988497459 ERHan3gpwYY

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talionislexx’s Video 170988497459 ERHan3gpwYYtalionislexx’s Video 170988497459 ERHan3gpwYY

¿En serio alguien cree que los hombres son los únicos maltratadores, o los únicos que hacen violencia de género o vicaria (a hijos)? ¿Acaso no vemos todos los días que personas de cualquier sexo o género también lo hacen?

Anónimo 👽 Ettoo... Europa lleva 10 años diciendo a España que separe por sexos las encuestas de violencia de género o familiar, para saber qué sexo la comete. Ahora sabemos que está igualado, por eso se oculta, para hablar sólo de machismo 🙃
"Men in Black" -- "Hombres de negro"
USA (1997) 98 min.
ACTORS: Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith, Linda Fiorentino, Rip Torn.
PERSONAJES: Agente K (Kevin), Agente J (James), Agente L (Laurel), Jefe Z.
RESUMEN: Men In Black (MIB) es un organismo secreto que controla la actividad alien en nuestro planeta. El policía James Edwards persigue a un alien y descubre al MIB.
Primera misión: detener un insecto gigante.

Trailer english
https://youtu.be/HYUd7AOw_lksalquial’s Video 171407442233 HYUd7AOw_lksalquial’s Video 171407442233 HYUd7AOw_lk

https://youtu.be/j9ReysSdQzcsalquial’s Video 171407442233 j9ReysSdQzcsalquial’s Video 171407442233 j9ReysSdQzc
En serio alguien cree que los hombres son los únicos maltratadores o los únicos

Играешь в компьютерные игры? Какой жанр? Какую можешь порекомендовать?

Я играю в игры разных жанров. От себя могу порекомендовать Mass effect, все три части the witcher, tomb raider, wolfenstein: the new order, trine 1-4, detroit become human, marvel's spider-man, fallout, grim fandango, syberia, divinity; original sin, baldur's gate (все три части), alien isolation и многие другие. Я могу продолжать список бесконечно)

Stell dir vor du wärst ein Alien. Wie würdest du Aussehen und leben? Welche "nicht menschlichen" Fähigkeiten hättest du? Von welchem Planeten würdest du kommen?

Bin ich gewissermassen ausserdem auch. Meine Fähigkeiten zumindest die hilfreichsten sind leider geblockt. Sonst würde ich gar nicht hier sitzen.
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"Well slipping through the seams in reality to end up here wasn't easy even for a being like myself, I doubt regular mortal types would find it." *Her eyes drift off the game board and lock with his lone humanesque one* "So what's the endgame here? Eternal amusement?"

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
"Amusement is a big factor but.. These piece are all nothing compared to what I'm working towards. Once I've created another being to rival myself I'll throw away all these wasted beings. The figure Draven Crowe demon guy is strong but he's no god he's PATHETIC. I have only master creating life below myself. Even in my human form I could care less for the little lives I've made.. All I want is..Another me. But they are always so unstable and fall apart and d!e.." glancing into the Hell chest she finds many rejected broken clones of himself that perished from power overload destroying them. I can only create things weaker than myself it's quite irritating.. If I ever create the perfect being all these rejects will be trashed. Including the little alien and all of her friends. They will have all severed their purpose. "she can tell he's a very hateful empty guy

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Anyone who sees this that votes on my art polls...thank you, and sorry if this comes up twice. If you have a favorite, what is it?

vexiled’s Profile Photo↭vex↭
They're all so good, and at times, gives off such a dream quality! 😊🤩 Currently saved this one as my phone's wallpaper...
Gives me afterlife vibes... But also the individual looks like an alien from another planet trying to find meaning in his life... And the sun's reflection displays a cross, which hits close to home... There are many times where I feel completely lost and hopeless... But God is and has always been... there for me ✝️🌄☺️ Just gotta trust Him and His plan!
Anyone who sees this that votes on my art pollsthank you and sorry if this comes

*The small alien was off exploring new AU's when she stumbles into Horrortale she was quite surprised to see the AU in such poor shape* What happened here? *the little blue rat noticed any noticeable landmarks of snowdin in ruins* Where is everyone..?

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
*She just feels someone watching her, no one approaches her, the air is completely silent, unnervingly so. There are traps hidden throughout the woods and the town itself*

Valaki tud jó sorozatot ? Vagy esetleg filmet?

The Boys
Végső lista
Resident Alien
A kívülálló
99' -es körzet
911 LA
911 Texas
Esernyő Akadémia
Alaska nyomában
Az a kibaszott világvége
Szex oktatás
The 100
Gesztenye ember
Easttowni rejtélyek
A Bly udvarház szelleme
A Hill ház szelleme
Családom darabokban
13 reasons why
Zöld könyv, Segítség, Élősködők, Agyar, Fekete telefon, Préda, Lángoló agy, Ha maradnék, Lucy, A számolás joga, Életrevalók, A nővérem húga, Közöttünk az űr, Acél magnóliák, Közel a horizonthoz, Az ablakokon át, 3 méterrel a felhők felett, Csökfülke 1-3, Fűrész összes, Mielőtt meghaltam, Szólíts a neveden, A dán lány, A fegyvertelen katona, Love Victor, Feláldozhatók, Alien vs Predátor, Mennyei csoda, 7 élet, Csontember, P.S.I love you, Veszettek, Vándorcirkusz, Venom, Majmok bolygója, Felhőatlasz, Ausztrália, Avatar, Jhon Wick filmek, Női szervek, Legyetek jók ha tudtok, Maddie, Edith Piaf, Felpörgetve, Anyám, Ha maradnék, Éjféli nap, Django elszabadul, Viharsziget stb.

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*The red one is definitely the most timid looking, but standing with his comrades a fire of courage burns within him, he holds his fire rod confidently, though the shade slips over to him and whispers something, he switches his fire rod for his ice rod, frosted air is visible swirling around it*

PyromaniaRed’s Profile PhotoRed
*The king rolled his eyes all of his soldiers were equipped with long spears with alien like daggers on the top* They sent children to fight their battles? Pathetic. Bring me their tiny heads. *he makes a gesture as the guards and soldiers to go after the four teens the king lets out a deafening roar as the army echoed the same noise charging at the them*
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¿Debería dejar de enseñarse religión en las escuelas?

XPotas’s Profile PhotoXPotas
@XPotas 🌳 Salud y buen día 🍻
Ettoo... debería ser historia de las religiones 🙄
📺️ 🎦
Cine 💎 Largometraje 💎 Parte 8

Death Note Película (2006,2017)

Death Proof (2007)

Décimo Reino (2000)

Decoys 1/2 Alien seducción (2004)

Delgada Línea Roja (1998)

Desafío total (1990)

Desafío total (2012)

Descubriendo Nunca Jamás (2004)

Desde allá (2015)

Despedidas (2008)

Despertares (1990)

Destino Final 1/6 (2000/2011)

Día después de mañana (2004)

Diario de Bridget Jones (2001)

Diario de chica adolescente (2015)

Diario de Noa (2004)

Dirty Dancing (1987)

Discurso del Rey (2010)

Distrito 9 (2009)

Divergente (2014)

Django desencadenado (2012)

Doble traición (1999)

Doctor Extraño [Doctor Strange] (2016)

Donnie Darko (2001)

Dr Jekyll - Mary Reilly (1996)

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Debería dejar de enseñarse religión en las escuelas

Random question here, but is it normal to still feel completely exhausted/fatigued even after returning from a break from work? Feel free to share your experiences, I just want to know if it’s relatively normal! Thank you 🤗

asgardarts’s Profile PhotoLivi;
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
That depends on my surroundings. The vibe of the environment I was working in and type of the people that surrounded me.
When I was working in the gardens with small teams and all of the time I was working in nature. Being in nature gave me a sort of peace and I was only talking in my breaks with my colleagues, so... I did not feel too exhausted. Now while I am studying I need to communicate more often. And due to corona, I had not much time to get to know my fellow students. So whenever I am at the university I feel like a total alien and communicating stresses me out. So I sleep a lot afterwards or try to make myself at peace with my creative hobbies.
Maybe your surroundings drain your energy or always demand you to come out of your comfort zone, I know that can be tiring and that's why you probably feel this way.

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Is it weird that a friend doesn't like to be hugged not even by friends? Are they a fake friend

No, not really. I don’t truly feel comfortable being hugged by friends but that’s not a reflection of them or how I feel about them, more so that physical touch can make me feel really uncomfortable, it feels alien and strange. It doesn’t make you any less of a friend for feeling that way, we all have our boundaries and what we feel okay with. I’m sure it may be a similar situation with your friend too. I wouldn’t take it personally :)

What goes on at. UFO convention? Did you wear a costume?

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoAre You Not Entertained?
I did not wear a costume, nor did anyone else. But lots of people wore Bigfoot or Alien tee shirts, and they had food trucks that served things like Bigfoot brand beer and chili. Many of the people that went were outdoorsy type people who had real personal experiences and were very serious about it. As colorful as many of the people were, they saw things that were just unexplained by any other scientific method and I think were comforted to know that they weren’t the only ones. So while there were presentations by the speakers, there was a continuous sharing by the attendees who were glad to know other people didn’t scoff at their experiences. It is so much more common than we think and most people keep their experiences to themselves for fear of being laughed at. The convention was a good blend of being lighthearted but open to real phenomena.

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What was your first tattoo and what does it mean?

I only have one so far, hoping to have another for my birthday actually.
It’s inverted marks in a blacked out triangle. The marks are from AVP, what are marked on predators skin when they successfully kill an alien. So I’ve killed 2 😝😝
What was your first tattoo and what does it mean
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What in your residence has a “man’s touch?”

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoAre You Not Entertained?
Hmmm My place is very comfy/plush and soft and feminine. I have throw pillows and soft blankets and a mint green shag rug in the living room. The only thing I can think of is recently I bought a set of shot glasses lol Not that I ever do shots, but I was at a Bigfoot/UFO convention for fun and someone had made a shot glass set with little alien heads painted on them. So I bought it. Does that count? Oh and I have a drill that I don’t know how to use 🤷‍♀️

Do you tend to remember your dreams? Maybe give an example of one you've had recently or that was particularly memorable? 😴💭

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I do remember them more often than not. A recent one was I'd somehow got onto an alien spacecraft and the aliens took me to a planet undiscovered by humans. It had a bunch of extinct or nearly extinct animals on it, including dinosaurs, mammoths and the megalodon shark. 🦣
They couldn't bring those animals back to earth without killing them but they had got samples from some of the species that they could use to clone them and the plan was to release the clones back on earth. It was pretty cool, I woke up questioning the possibility of animals we know to be extinct existing elsewhere in the universe. 🦖

España es uno de los países con mayor índice de calvicie masculina en Europa.¿ A que creéis que se debe? 🤔🧑🏻‍🦲

La ansiedad y el estrés en España es bastante abundante. Será eso, y la genética en sí, nuestros antepasados debían tener más calvicie que el alien de Prometheus.

New age spirituality is demonic. You’re not woke, you’re lost.

Not to mention, greatly misunderstood. Many of the modern interpretations are perversions of Theosophy and esoteric disciplines which are alien to the average person. As they should be. The woke cult does not give a damn about any form of spirituality, "demonic" or otherwise. In case you did not notice, it worships The State and chastises any apostate who might embrace a different or higher power.
New age spirituality is demonic Youre not woke youre lost

Jak oceniasz nowy album Beyonce Renaissance?

Na pewno nie jest to najlepszy album Beyonce i na pewno nie jest to album roku. Całość wypada słabo. Słuchałam kilka razy tego albumu i nie potrafię się do niego przekonać. Jedyna piosenka, która mi się podoba to Alien Superstar.

اقترحو افلام انجلش حلوه

اقتراحاتي هتكون ضمن أفلام الحركة والفنون القتالية، والتاريخية والحربية، والفلسفية اللي بتناقش علم الوجود، والإرادة والأخلاق، اليوتوبيا، واللي بتعرض التصور العلماني عن يوم القيامة. أو نهاية العالم وما بعدها ( الأدب الديستوبي بوجه عام ) ومرحلة ما بعد الإنسانية، والدراما. بس فيه ملاحظتين:
الأولى: توعدني تتجاوز أي مشهد فيه مخالفة شرعية : عري. مقدمات من أحضان وقبلات وهكذا؛ لأن استساغتها ( الذنوب عامة ) بتميت القلب، والواحد بيحتاج جهد جهيد لتجاوزها!
التانية: مفيش دراما مقدمة ببلاش؛ ولكن بتخدم عقيدة/فلسفة ما بحسب منتجها؛ وده شيء مفهوم.. مش معقول يعني هينتج ليك أفلام تخدم منظومة قيمك وأخلاقك!
وهوّضح الفكرة الرئيسية من بعض الأفلام اللي ممكن تلتبس عليك علشان تبقى واخد بالك من الحبكة بس. الاقتراحات:
- تاريخي وحربي وفنون قتالية:
Windtalkers 2002
Saving Private Ryan
The 13th Warrior. وده محرّف لرحلة ابن فضلان إلى بلاد الصقالبة في عصر الدولة العباسية إبان حكم الخليفة المقتدر بالله، وعلى تحريفه ولكن صوّر بعض التقدم والرقي الديني والأخلاقي والحضاري اللي تمتع بيه المسلمين؛ وجهل الروس بالله والحياة وتعلقهم بالخرافات.
سلسلة : IP Man.
سلسلة : Boyka: Undisputed
- أفلام نهاية العالم وبعدها: فيه بيتصور النهاية عن طريق المناخ، وفيه بعد قيام حرب عالمية ثالتة نووية، وفيه بالبيولوجي وفق نظرية المؤامرة الخاصة بمفهوم الاقتصاد الوضعاني المعاصر " نظرية الندرة " الجشعة، وأن موارد الكوكب مكتفيش سكّانه، وفيه عبر إنقلاب الآلات وسيطرة عصر ما بعد الإنسانية. أمثلة :
The Colony
Water World
World War Z
سلسلة : Resident Evil
فيلم المستعمرة فيه إشارة فلسفية لمقلوب أسطورة العقد الاجتماعي؛ وتراجع البشرية وسيادة ما يشبه عصر القبيلة ( مجازًا ) من أجل الحماية واكتساب الهوية؛ ولكن القبيلة هنا هي الحصن والملجأ والجماعة، وفناء ذواتهم فيها للنجاة، وخير تمثيل للهوبزية: الإنسان ذئب لإخيه الإنسان.
فيلم عالم الماء حاشر فيه نظرية التطور؛ وإن بعض البشر هتتطور بسبب اختفاء اليابسة وتكّيفهم مع معشيتهم في الماء؛ والأرض بقت أسطورة في مخيال الناس. خيالهم لطيف صراحة :)
- فلسفية عن الوجود والأخلاق، ومتداخل معاها خيال علمي وما بعد الإنسانية:
ثنائية : Prometheus, Alien Covenant
ثنائية : 2017 - 1982 Blade Runner
سلسلة : The Dark Knight
Dark City. بيتكلّم عن نظرية المعرفة؛ وبيتبنى الفلسفة الشكوكية واستحالة المعرفة. بجانب بقى الوجودية ومحاولة الإنسان اكتشاف معنى للحياة خارج الدين، ويتعتبر ممهد لسلسة أفلام ذا ماتريكس؛ لأنها بتعالج نفس المشكلة الفلسفية في نظرية المعرفة، والوجود.
سلسلة : The Matrix
- الطوباوية والمدينة الفاضلة والديستوبيا، والاغتراب، وما بعد الإنسانية وتجاوز المرض والشيخوخة والموت بحسب تبشير العلموية:
The Giver.
V for Vendetta
سلسلة: Divergent
Metropolis. فيلم ألماني تعبيري صامت عن مدينة ديستوبية؛ وفيه نظرة استشرافية لما سيؤول إليه حال البشرية مع النظام الرأسمالي.
Modern Times. فيلم صامت لتشارلي شابلن؛ وبيكمّل فيلم متروبوليس في التركيز على الاغتراب بالمفهوم الماركسي، وفيه سخرية لاذعة منها :)
Alita: Battle Angel
Terminator 4 Salvation
وفيه منها متداخل معاه فلسفة الأخلاق ( الواجب/ العواقبية ) زي شخصية ريكو في فيلم:
Judge Dredd 1995
- دراما/ويسترن:
Django Unchained
The Revenant
The Magnificent Seven
There Will Be Blood

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¿Puedes creer en las personas? ¿Confiar?

@ljar0425 🌹 Hey Lu, ya me paso por tu cuenta 🍹
Ettoo... quiero conocer mucha gente, confiar en pocas, tener paz en mi mente 😎
🎶 ♬ ♪ ♫
Buena poesía, ritmo latino, hip-hop, rap, trap...
Que se vea que hay buenas cantantes femeninas 👍
🎵 🎙️
Nicki Nicole - Colocao (2020)
https://youtu.be/kh1sF-sbkbwsalquial’s Video 170572584761 kh1sF-sbkbwsalquial’s Video 170572584761 kh1sF-sbkbw
🎵 ♪
Cazzu - Balada para un Alien (2020)
https://youtu.be/5lLKZHSyVBssalquial’s Video 170572584761 5lLKZHSyVBssalquial’s Video 170572584761 5lLKZHSyVBs
🎵 ♫
Karol G - 200 Copas (2021)
https://youtu.be/Zdc3shRvumksalquial’s Video 170572584761 Zdc3shRvumksalquial’s Video 170572584761 Zdc3shRvumk
🎵 ♬
Maria Becerra - Ojala (2022)
https://youtu.be/vOapgSfSN1ssalquial’s Video 170572584761 vOapgSfSN1ssalquial’s Video 170572584761 vOapgSfSN1s
🎵 🎸
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Post something good ✨

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All the way back to biblical times, it seems, whenever a voice for real love would arise, though many upon many would realize, somehow, a tragedy strikes down those eyes. Is it the human species or godly intervention? Is it the Earth, itself, playing it's own invention? Is it an alien intelligence with resourceful intention? Is it even a question for my mind's attention? But I cannot let it go and I will tell you why, these words are expressions more intelligent than I. From wherever they come, your guess is as good as mine, and I can only succumb to the path they divine.

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