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Do you think aliens are real?

No. The existence of extraterrestrial life is theoretical at best. I am not suggesting that we are alone in the universe but until I am presented with clear and irrefutable evidence, I will continue to focus my attention elsewhere: crime, the economy, poverty, homelessness, conservation efforts, etc.
Do you think aliens are real

Your thoughts about NASA confirming existence of extraterrestrial non-human species?

Adeeena__’s Profile PhotoMinion
I have read so many conspiracy theories regarding that and they are turning out to be true. Soon they'll tell Aliens tried sending them message or want to invade us. Basically there's reason behind showing us starwars, marvel so that we get used to it.

denkst du es gibt aliens auf der erde ?

Ich denke mir bei manchen Leuten, dass die nicht von dieser Erde sein können. So wie sie sich verhalten oder welche Einstellung sie haben. 🤦‍♀️ Vielleicht sind die ja Aliens und kommen ursprünglich von einem ganz anderen Planeten. 😅😂

Believe in aliens?👽

Ashley41699’s Profile PhotoAshley
Too many contexts of 'believe in' .....
From a very early age , the subject fascinated me
The only 'YOOFOLOGIST' of real credibility & deep understanding , in the world . . . is Jenny Randalls (author & researcher)
The final book I read was 'TIME STORMS' by her . . .
And then , all the puzzle pieces came together , and 'I knew it all' ~ haha . . .
It would be better called 'magnetic storms' & their astounding effect on the temporal lobe
And , NO, I am not for one moment suggesting for one moment that 'it's all in the mind' . On the contrary . . . .
The phenomena is so vast , but includes gross deception & cover up by the most evil entity ever on earth - the CIA
But there time nigh . But who will tell the tale then . . .
Believe in aliens

Cuál es la teoría de conspiración que te parece más risible o absurda?? Por qué en internet estas ideas son muy populares? Los leo 👀, Saludos nocturnos!!

Rod3rick’s Profile PhotoRodrigo
Circulan tantas por Youtube!


Existe alguma crença boba, que você acreditava quando criança, mas se esqueceu?

dz9ronin’s Profile PhotoLgrabb
não era bem acreditar, mas gostava de pensar que seria possível a nossa vida ser apenas um canal de televisão para aliens poderem ver, e a vida de cada pessoa era um canal diferente ahahaha

You ever get the feeling Earth has been invaded and the Anons are aliens trying to become human with all the weird questions?? 🤔

Apeshitz’s Profile PhotoApeshitz
The xeno-671s, or "Anons", have been attempting to infiltrate humanity since 1952.
The Greys and the Reptilians have been at war for centuries, with the same goal in mind, and the Anons want a chance to prove themselves.
Humanity has become too complacent to comprehend the full magnitude of this universal struggle.

Defina um esquedista em uma palavra: Eu começo. ASNO!❤️

girassolgracie’s Profile PhotoGracie Girassol
Esquerdista tem que ser estudado pelos aliens, não é possível o criminoso voltar a cena do crime ladrão do Lula, o cara vai ser ditador aqui no Brasil. Doa a quem doar eu tenho pensamentos de direita. Posso perder seguidores mais minha dignidade é mais que isso.
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Inspiriert vom Film "The Arrival": Falls Aliens auf der Erde landen, mit uns Kontakt aufnehmen und kommunizieren möchten - Wen würdest du als Repräsentant/in der Menschheit auswählen? (Egal ob prominent oder nicht)

Mein ehemaliger Ethiklehrer kriegt das schon irgendwie gebacken. Der Mann ist im Ruhestand und hatte immer eine sehr väterliche und diplomatische Ader.
Der würde zwar alle mit Aristoteles und Platon volllabern, aber wer weiß, vielleicht mögen Außeridische ja Philosophie.

Can we get a part 3? MTL - Cry during sad movies: - Get food poisoning from eating expired products: - Get catfished: - Communiate with aliens: - Start a cult: - Get a face tattoo:

of course, wir haben echt spaß dabei solche fragen zu bearbeiten - und steigern uns da vielleicht auch teilweise zu sehr rein xD
» cry during sad movies
yurim . sooyun . nara . saebom . kanae . kaoru . woori . narae . tala . solbin . belle
» get food poisoning from eating expired products
nara . tala . kaoru . woori . belle . sooyun . narae . saebom . solbin . kanae . yurim
» get catfished
nara . kanae . saebom . yurim . kaoru . tala . narae . sooyun . belle . solbin . woori
» communciate with aliens
sooyun . nara . kaoru . kanae . saebom . solbin . narae . tala . belle . yurim . woori
» start a cult
narae . sooyun . tala . solbin & belle . nara . kaoru . kanae . woori . saebom . yurim
» get a face tattoo
narae . tala . kaoru . woori . sooyun . nara . solbin . belle . yurim . saebom . kanae

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SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY. He spoke to me for one month straight. We bonded really well. Things were going good. And then one day (out of the blues) he apologizes for nothing and blocks me from everywhere the next day. What could’ve happened? :’)

Let me help you picture it.
Let's say you guys had talked for a year and bonded even more to the point he had become your obsession and addiction and you just could not imagine life without his presence in it and THEN he had told you that he's marrying someone else and apologized and disappeared. Wouldn't that be worse?
Charlotte says you need half the time of the relationship to move on from the person. Now I know this wasn't a typical relation but let's call it a platonic one. Now you need a couple of weeks to get out of it, in the other scenario your life would've been fucked for MONTHS.
So just take a deep breath and be grateful that he broke it off before it had the potential to hurt you seriously.
Also what I've noticed is that in such cases the boys do come back after a bit of time. If he does, do not take him back AT ANY COST. Even if he makes up a lie about being abducted by aliens. Girl. Just don't. If he can leave you now he can leave you any other time too. Now it's just a disappointment later it'd be a proper full blow breakup or divorce.

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ممكن يكون فيه كائنات تانيه فى الكون احنا مانعرفهاش (فضائيين)؟؟

It is the most popular prohibited site in America and people speculate that they are hiding captured aliens or UFOs. On official records, Area 51 is a US Air Force and CIA testing territory because of its remote location, but you can never be too sure.
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Alguien más piensa que la serie "alienígenas ancestrales" de history es tan absurda que hasta pareciera que se meten drog*s para decir tanta estupideces? La verdad si creo en los aliens ya que el espacio es inmenso pero tampoco es para esas teorías ridículas que se inventan ahí.

Admito que me impresiona que hace 3mil años pudieran perforar una roca tan dura como es la lonsdaleita y dejar una abertura de tan solo 3 micras, si no fue una tecnología láser. Fue algo parecido, pero de este mundo no fue!...
Alguien más piensa que la serie alienígenas ancestrales de history es tan

Do you believe in aliens? Why or why not? 👽 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo✞ ☮ ♫ ɬɛŋąƈıơųʂ ɬơɱɱąყ™ ☀ ♚ ツ
Yes I believe in aliens 💚 Well for starters I’ve seen something in the sky that wasn’t normal and my husband also has seen something as well. Plus I have always believed there is life on other planets 💚💚

Did you find out you were adopted or something? Rents are the worst.

No. 🤣 From a young age I used to tell my mother that when she was pregnant that aliens abducted her and switched the human baby with me. 👽 So that wouldn’t be shocking. 🤣 Except that I do look like a Russian Mexican mix. 🇷🇺🇲🇽
Did you find out you were adopted or something Rents are the worst

The new season of The Crown will show how Princess Diana met Dodi Al Fayed and the events that led up to her death in the tragic car crash when the Paparazzi were chasing them. Anyhoo, any good tv series you been watching?

Like I said, never seen it. I've been watching ghost adventures, house or the dragon, 90 days, outlander, the walking dead, ancient aliens and biblical explained.

Imagine you have a “game room” in your residence. You can decorate with movie props. What are some top movie props you would display?

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoAre You Not Entertained?
Ooo, where to even begin! I'd love to have a pulse rifle from Aliens, it's one of my favorite movie weapons by far! The ammo counter on the side, the sound it makes when it fires... so iconic! Then I'd probably have something Jurassic Park related, like a miniature version of the main gate! Gimli's helmet or any other dwarven helmet from LOTR or the Hobbit would be cool to have as well! Last but not least I'd want a full set of Clone Commando armor on display, one with blue markings! It's been my favorite suit of sci-fi armor for ages! 🌌
Imagine you have a game room in your residence You can decorate with movie props

Chainsaw killer clowns, zombies, ghosts, aliens, spiders, skeletons... And more! ... What's something that you'd find much more #spoopy to find in a haunted house, than that of the typical/horror cliché? 👻🏚️🎃

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
Even the thought of scary crazy clown is scary, let alone chainsaw killer clowns... I mean clowns look creepy enough, but clowns with chainsaw....? h3ll nahhhh hsjdksksk😹 The chainsaw scares the crap outta me and I don't know why hahahahah💀

Chainsaw killer clowns, zombies, ghosts, aliens, spiders, skeletons... And more! ... What's something that you'd find much more #spoopy to find in a haunted house, than that of the typical/horror cliché? 👻🏚️🎃

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
A computer... and on it there is an E-mail which reads "Your test results have been registered in Ladok" (Ladok = A system used at Swedish universities) Trust me, there are few things that make my heart beat harder than when I get one of those. Like the anxiety before you open one of those 😱😆
Chainsaw killer clowns zombies ghosts aliens spiders skeletons And more  Whats

Say you got picked up to become a voice actor, what kinds of characters do you think you'd be able to play with your current voice? 🎤🎧🗣

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
little girls, teenage boys, fairies, old women, animals, aliens, comedic villаins with funny voices, typical vаmр women in detесtives with red lipstick and all the stuff who had something in the past and when you ask em they suffеr picturesquely with the words "I don't want to talk about it.... Not anymore.. "😂 I could well have voiced Bernadette from bbt, btw. In Japanese
and oriental animation, the choice is much wider, there I could even play the roles of dramаtiс characters like Minene Uryu, Sniреr Wolf, Victorique de Blois, tsundere characters.

Glaubst du an Sternzeichen?

lecombattant’s Profile PhotoLe Combattant
Ich glaube eher du möchtest wissen, ob man an Horoskope glaubt oder an Eigenschaften, die man Sternzeichen zuordnet.
Stattdessen zu fragen, ob man an Sternzeichen glaubt ist ein bisschen so als fragt jemand dich, ob du "an Leben glaubst", konkretisiert aber nicht weiter, was er damit eigentlich meint.
z.B. ob du an Leben außerhalb der Erde glaubst oder Aliens. Setzt aber voraus, dass du weißt was er meint, obwohl er sich auch einfach hätte präzise ausdrücken können.
Du denkst jetzt bestimmt "Alter...mega unnötig jetzt so eine Wissenschaft draus zu machen."
Aber dich würd's glaub ich auch nerven, wenn jemand, beispielsweise eine Frau (die neigen ja dazu, das zu tun) wirklich NULL dran denkt, einfach mal klar zu sagen was sie will, gleichzeitig von dir aber auf magische Art erwartet, ihr in den Kopf gucken zu können und genau zu wissen, wovon sie redet.
Und zwar meistens auch nur nur, um sich dann darüber aufzuregen, wenn du es logischerweise nicht weißt. Dann denkst du auch "Ja digga, dann drück dich doch klar aus." Oder?
Kein plan...ist für mich teilweise sehr ähnlich.
Weil so wie die Frage da steht macht sie nicht wirklich einen Sinn, weil man dann nur denkt "Äh...wie jetz? Also es gibt Sternzeichen. Was hat das mit glauben zu tun? Gibt's eine neue Verschwörung die suggeriert, dass Sternzeichen nicht existieren 😂?"

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Porque os governos escondem a existência de vida extraterrestre? Isso afetaria a sua fé?

Alan8491’s Profile PhotoAlan
ia bagunçar a sociedade demais,a maioria das pessoas ignorantes são controladas pela fé mostrar aliens ia acabar com varias religiões incluindo as evangelicas,logico que ia ter alguem que ia de alguma forma mostrar na biblia que tem aliens pra poder continuar arrancando grana deles '-'

Wie stehst du Verschwörungstheorien gegenüber?

nobodycaresl5’s Profile PhotoNobody
Alleine diese Bezeichnung ist ein klarer Fall von Framing!!! Die da oben wollen all jene lächerlich machen, die noch den Mut haben, selbst zu denken!!!
Ihr glaubt doch nicht wirklich, dass die Erde eine Kugel ist?!? Oder dass Australien existiert?!? Oder dass irgendwelche bronzezeitlichen Kulturen ohne Hilfe von Aliens tonnenschwere Felsblöcke zu Pyramiden aufgetürmt haben?!?
Schau dir mal die sogenannten "Kondensstreifen" an - mal sind sie scharf konturiert, mal sind sie total zerfasert. Das hängt immer davon ab, wie viel Gift die sprühen, um uns alle zu sterilisieren!!!
Fakt ist, ich finde Verschwörungstheorien ziemlich amüsant und staune immer wieder über die inhärente Schlüssigkeit der zugrundeliegenden Logikgebäude, die absolut überzeugen kann, sobald man Fakten außer Acht lässt.

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Kabi koi paranormal activity hoi tmharay sath?🥹

asfar690’s Profile PhotoAsfii
Ghosts, Aliens, other side of the world, paranormal/supernatural phenomenon, i was very much interested into these thing until my mom passed away. Now i do my best not to let anything mess up my head because am dealing with grief as well. No more spooky stuff

No me digas JAJAJAJAJAJAJ la mente de los zurdos es de otro mundo eh ya te lo digo yo 😂 yo creo que nos tenemos que ir al mundo de ned flanders para no tener que vernos forzados a hacer x o y con la derecha, ah y que xfavo dejen de sorprenderse cuando ven a alguien que es zurdo que no somos aliens

y tener que configurar el mando de la wii y cuando se cabreaban al explicarte cosas que siendo zurdo no podías hacer con los demas😭😭

Nieźle Pietrzak wczoraj się uruchomił 🤪

Właśnie gdzie jest Pietrzak, a raczej sroll który się za niego podaje, pijany już byłem, przeszkadzał mi w oglądaniu Herscheli i Ricków lamus😎 .. Fajną grę obczaiłem na Xbox, Aliens Firetime Elite, niezła jatka z ksenomorfami, fajny klimat, i dźwięk broni identyczny jak w filmach z serii Obcy😎🥃. Podwójnie spoko bo można grać w kooperacji z innymi. Gram na zmianę z trupami

No se si está pregunta os llegó antes,(os lo vuelvo a enviar por si acaso xD) ¿Te gusta la película Avatar?

La vi en el cine en 3D y me flipó bastante en su día. Las demás veces que la vi pues me pudo más la nostalgia que otra cosa.
Es como ver Pocahontas pero con aliens. 😂
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Why guys don't accept chubby or healthy girls.. i mean it's not like we are aliens or something 😐

There are people called feeders who are addicted to feeding their partners and like chubby partners and it actually gets pretty toxic. Being chubby is bad for your health but being healthy is different and its actually a good thing.
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Do you tend to remember your dreams? Maybe give an example of one you've had recently or that was particularly memorable? 😴💭

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I do remember them more often than not. A recent one was I'd somehow got onto an alien spacecraft and the aliens took me to a planet undiscovered by humans. It had a bunch of extinct or nearly extinct animals on it, including dinosaurs, mammoths and the megalodon shark. 🦣
They couldn't bring those animals back to earth without killing them but they had got samples from some of the species that they could use to clone them and the plan was to release the clones back on earth. It was pretty cool, I woke up questioning the possibility of animals we know to be extinct existing elsewhere in the universe. 🦖

¿Qué le regalarías a un friki (Amante de los animes)? Busco ideas. :(

@holadanidanii 🍎 wow Dani, disfruta el verano 🌊
Ettoo... hay frikis de anime, animación, cine, series, comic, rol, colecciones, informática, tecno, juegos, videojuegos 🎮
Les puedes regalar lo que ellos usan en sus aficiones, o merchandising (ropa, camisetas, tazas, llaveros, etc.)
📺️ 🎦
Cine 💎 Largometraje 💎 Parte 6

Cazafantasmas 1 (1984)

Cazafantasmas 3 (2016)

Chica Danesa (2015)

Chicago (2002)

Chicos del maíz (1984)

Chip prodigioso (1987)

Chocolat (2000)

Chucky 1/6 (1988/2013)

Cisne Negro (2010)

Ciudades de Papel (2015)

Climax (2018)

Closer (2004)

Código Enigma (2014)

Cold Mountain (2003)

Colette (2018)

Colinas sangrientas (2009)

Colinas tienen ojos (2006)

Communion (1989)

Como Dios (2003)

Cómo ser John Malkovich (1999)

Con derecho a roce "Amigos con beneficios" (2011)

Conan el Bárbaro (1982)

Conspiración (1997)

Cool World (1992)

Corazón de piedra "Heartstone" (2018)

Corazón Rebelde (2009)

Corazones en Atlántida (2001)

Corredor Oscuro "Blackwood" (2018)

Cortador de césped 1/2 "Ciberespacio" (1996)

Cowboys & Aliens (2011)

Crash (2005)

Creepshow (1982)

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Qué le regalarías a un friki Amante de los animes Busco ideas

Tenéis programado algún viaje para este verano?

laura_prez’s Profile PhotoLaura
@laura_prez 🍻 Holi Laura, espero estés bien, pásate 😉
Ettoo... ya estoy de viaje fin de curso con amistades en bungalow turístico 👍
"Cowboys & Aliens" -- "Vaqueros y Aliens"
USA (2011) 118 min. Dirección: Jon Favreau.
ACTORS: Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell, Keith Carradine.
PERSONAJES: Jake Lonergan (prófugo), Woodrow Dolarhyde (ganadero), Ella Swenson (viajera), Doc (doctor), John Taggart (Sheriff).
RESUMEN: Año 1873. Jack despierta con tecno brazalete acoplado en su brazo. Llega al pueblo de Absolución, hay colonos, ganaderos. Aliens atacan y secuestran personas.

https://youtu.be/zH7KZD5vGBYsalquial’s Video 170636018489 zH7KZD5vGBYsalquial’s Video 170636018489 zH7KZD5vGBY

https://youtu.be/FDAIMXgLt68salquial’s Video 170636018489 FDAIMXgLt68salquial’s Video 170636018489 FDAIMXgLt68

https://youtu.be/Atyts8Kk-lcsalquial’s Video 170636018489 Atyts8Kk-lcsalquial’s Video 170636018489 Atyts8Kk-lc
Tenéis programado algún viaje para este verano

Are you afraid of ghosts?

Ace__x’s Profile PhotoMika
I am more afraid of aliens. To go out one day and be sucked up into a fucking UFO. Hell, you don't even need to go out. From what I have seen in the movies, they might as well pull your whole neighbourhood up and drive away with it. Who the fuck do you call at that point? Do you call the cops? You call the cops and give them descriptions and registration numbers?
Be careful, guys! They could be out there somewhere.
Are you afraid of ghosts

What are your hobbies?

H2o_o2H’s Profile Photo♤ A ♤
Escape rooms, axe throwing, true crime/criminology, animals, I have an interest in psychology, conspiracy theories and life's mysteries particularly the mandela effect, titanic and aliens but those are just a few examples. I think I've barely scratched the surface on some of the things I question. I like watching series and discovering new music too :)

Travel to the bottom of the sea or travel to the edge of outer space?

They are both dark & scary.
The edge of the universe would be just nothingness. At least at the bottom of the sea you know you’re still on Earth. What if at the bottom of the sea theres monstrous sea creatures that can eat. In outer space you might see some aliens or something crazy, so i pick space lol.
Travel to the bottom of the sea or travel to the edge of outer space

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