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All you need in this life is someone who trusts you.. Someone who keeps pushing you to do your maximum.. Someone who is always proud of you and whatever you do.. Someone who thinks you can always do many things at a time.. All you need in life is a supportive someone.. Someone who will never give up on you 🖤

If someone you like loses interest in you, what do you do..?

If someone you like loses interest in you, it can be disappointing and hurtful. It's important to remember that it's not always possible to control other people's feelings or actions, and that it's okay to feel sad or upset in response to this situation. One thing you can do is to give the person some space and time to process their own feelings. You can also try to communicate openly and honestly with the person about your feelings and concerns. However, it's important to respect the other person's feelings and boundaries, and to not pressure them to change their mind. Ultimately, the best course of action will depend on the specific situation and the relationship between you and the other person.

What do you do when you feel like your partner will always love and care about their ex more than they do you?

Why do you feel like that? Are their actions/words suggesting that or someone else's? Is it possible that it's just your past or your insecurities that are making you feel that way? If it's their behaviour/words then I would leave. If it's not, time to do some work with yourself and talk it through with them. Also, if they're with you then its because they want to be. If they wanted their ex then they'd still be with them? It's ok for them to still have a feeling of love/care for the person as long as it's not romantic in nature. 🤷🏻‍♀️

do you friends ever pry into your private relationship issues?

Nope. If I asked for their opinion or advice then they'd give it to me but outside of that, they wouldn't push for information I hadn't offered them. When I was a teenager I had friends that would want to know every little detail but I've always been the type that prefers to keep certain aspects of my life to myself. I share what I want to share and my friends respect that

Say you were gonna go on a first date with someone, how'd it ideally look like? 🍱🎡

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
On the first date I would like to do something active because going to dinner is always a little awkward on the first date - lots of small talk & figuring out the person’s conversational style.
But, if you go bowling, mini golfing, to the zoo, or arcade ect. You can actually get to know the person quicker. See how they react to people in public. How competitive they are. What kind of jokes/humor they have. How comfortable do they make you feel ect. Then you can go out to dinner after & actually have something in common to talk about (inside jokes/funny situations) to help with the little awkwardness & ease into more intimate conversations.
Say you were gonna go on a first date with someone howd it ideally look like

Say you were gonna go on a first date with someone, how'd it ideally look like? 🍱🎡

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
"The Bonneville" by Alex
It's been so long since I've been on a first date I wouldn't even know where to begin. How about I do a flashback to when such things did occur, like back in high school? The first challenge was to actually ask a girl on a date and overcome the fear of being rejected, which was always a clear and present danger. For me, asking a girl out was not easy. I would rate the fear factor similar to that experienced when having a tooth extracted or a limb amputated. Unsettled nerves and intense fear does not even begin to describe the unbridled anxiety.
Well... let's assume that one of the 250 girls in my high school actually had the courage to say yes, which is a mighty big assumption. I would begin the process of preparation that involved cleaning and waxing my car from top to bottom. At the time I had a 1964 Pontiac Bonneville with a 400 cubic in V8 engine, a 4 barrel carburetor, and white leather interior. That car was amazing, and the best part was that I could fit an entire drum kit inside the trunk, but we will come back to that in a minute. The inside of my car was scrubbed with a popular cleaner known as lestoil that cleans well but smells awful. In fact, the only thing that smells worse than lestoil are those pine tree air fresheners which, of course, is what I hung on my rearview mirror. Wow! Just thinking about it I am both ashamed and embarrassed. My dates must have suffered greatly, way too funny… right?
Once my car was clean and shiny, it was time to purchase flowers. Can you even imagine doing that in 2022? I mean I hardly even knew this girl and yet, I am about to bestow upon her a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Thinking about it now, I can see why some girls wanted nothing to do with me. So now the big moment has arrived and we are finally on our date. Where? How about a drive-in theatre? Drive-in theaters were popular back in the day because of what I refer to as: "the privacy factor."
As I was preparing to park the car my date asked me, what is all that noise coming from the trunk? Oh boy... you're going to love this! Remember that drum kit I was taking about earlier? Well... we get out of the car and I opened the trunk and she gasped: "what is all that stuff?" I laughed one of my infamous belly laughs as I proudly proclaimed: "that is my drummers drum kit! Isn't it awesome that I can fit the entire drum kit inside my trunk?” She wasn't impressed and sadly, that was our first and last date.
What would the band Queen say about this unexpected turn of events: "another one bites the dust. Another one gone... and another one gone. Another one bites the dust."
/Alex ❤️

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Say you were gonna go on a first date with someone howd it ideally look like

What is something that we should stop romanticizing?

Poverty. “Okay lang maging mahirap basta kumpleto ang pamilya”,“Okay lang walang makain, love will keep us alive” Parang unity lang ampota, we must me be better and always improve ourselves.
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Alcohol is cool, but have you ever had someone care for you? Me neither pass the bottle.

so listen y'all. The cruise lines don't always include alcohol anymore? They expect me to pay $120/per DAY for me and my partner to be able to access decent drink options without paying outrageous a la carte prices

every cat must have its own litter box plus one extra, that's a golden rule. So two cats - 3 boxes. The litter and the box must be according to the size of the cat, age, sex, and necessities. Never cheap litter, that's a no no. you wouldn't use cheap toilet paper either.

there's no need for three boxes for two cats, lmfaoo. at least in my specific case. the cats have always had just one box, and nothing is wrong with that.

How are you at this moment? 🌚

Alizy_80’s Profile PhotoAlizy_80
Some people just want to believe in what, they want to believe in. They don’t mind being wrong or even delusional because it’s what they want.
Being open to communication isn’t always maturity you know especially if there’s a total lack of understanding. It kills the purpose of talking and I don’t like banging my head against a wall.

Share a story about smth u love

lost_duck’s Profile Photothe girl in the blue dress
I tried not to look at things. I tried not to think about when it was that my existence became less about the things that make up people’s lives and more about the holes that losing those things leave behind. And I wasn’t doing a very good job at it.
Something goes clank in the night, taking my thoughts away.
She is coming, and Hell follows with her, the desire I always waited for.
This is the twilight winter, and I am ready to embrace its vengeance, the last storm.

When you’re single are you mostly lonely or content?

I can be content alone, of course there's lonely moments but I wouldn't get into a relationship for the sake of having one. I'm not one of these people that always has to be with someone. I am a big believer in being able to be happy alone, I don't want to rely on anyone else for happiness

Are there any hobbies you tried out that you really didn't enjoy? Or any that you could never get the hang of?

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
I have tried every hobby but I am a perfectionist so I get really frustrated when things go wrong ; but I enjoy pretty much everything.
Mini figures is something I have always wanted to try though. I feel like that would be one I’d have the most issues with though since its so technical.
Are there any hobbies you tried out that you really didnt enjoy Or any that you

Do they decorate shopping malls/stores for christmas where you live? Is it something you look forward to? Does it help you to get into christmas mood? Is there a specific decoration that you love seeing in the mall? If you have a photo of mall- post it! I posted mine if you want to see it!👀☃️🎄 😁

M1ssSemy’s Profile Photos ⭐ i
They do decorate the mall but I have no pictures😞 but when I went to the Wyn hotel in Vegas I took some pictures🤩🎄it doesn’t take a lot to get me in the Christmas spirit (in fact as Christmas is slowly approaching, I’ll be in the spirit😄) I will always love seeing Christmas trees in the mall!
Do they decorate shopping mallsstores for christmas where you live Is it

Do you enjoy breaking hearts?

hmm…. why is it always perceived this way….?!
I always saw what i feel
i enjoy to honest….
with myself too…
and if it look like i enjoy breaking hearts….
i can’t do anything about it anonymous….
no I don’t like to break hearts…. they beak themselves for some reason….
i don’t need to saw or do something… it happens by itself….
after when my beautiful mom left me anonymous….
i don’t want hurt anyone….
but you know , i can’t and i don’t want to be with the millions of men who love me either….!!!
i want to be with one….🕸❤️

I'm just hanging out with 2 fine ladies at my mansion. Are you jealous?

part 1 okay….
this is a not jealousy …. anonymous
the fact that news upset me
‘meant ‘ only one thing….
i’m absolutely magical girl… everyone know about ….
and and those bright maddening feelings…. my radiance from our love….from which he shines my pure and magical beauty…. from which he becomes ( he is absolutely handsome🕸❤️…) but he becomes more handsome….with me it’s another….a lot of thing depends one the girl or woman is with…. and all different even you put the whole world at the feet of girl…. all girls used it in different ways…. even with all money of the world…. everyone uses it in different ways….
when you choose someone you choice your new period of your life….coming into life women and men bring changes in each other’s life
( guys you must understand i’m that girl who absolutely don’t have any experience ….
it’s only my theory…. not experience… i’m never in my life wasn’t in relationship…world don’t have a boy or man who can boast that i was his girlfriend….and believe me i do mad a lot of handsome rich famous men …. but never even not talk with anyone…. who know know…. and when some one was want to date with and ask about my friend or my family ….
they are was heard only one word “no”
do you remember guys…. i wrote about…. that looking at every man
from my childhood…
it’s starting when i was little…. a lot of guys want married me was from who sow me when i was child…. really i have a lot of story’s about it…. but absolutely true i’m not even spoken to anyone….
but ok not about right now
and you know i thought that every morning my whole life …. or maybe not all…. but for certain period
i will waking up and the first
things that would be …. his face….
and i didn’t want to see any from such beautiful smart rich famous guys….
i don’t know when i
don’t know where it came to me … to my little girl heart…. and was in me….
but face and morning….
coming into life …. women and men bring changes…. in each other’s lives…. and it’s not always changes for the better…. and sometimes a man can’t “get rid” of a woman all his life …. from bad woman….
and man too of course not only bad woman
because exists a very obsessive woman ( in bad mean)
and so … the life of the former future passes….
and about us….
he and i will bring only beautiful changes to each other i feel it
i’m absolutely magical girl …. and if i “call” in him ❤️🕸
all that bright magical gamut of maddening desires i “call them “
for myself in him….and he “calls them” in me …. we call it in us for us
and when he’s in this fire of maddening love trying to put it into another…. or other girls….
he should understand and feel that it’s in me and in him…. it’s in the two of us…. we shine from each other….
that it’s not me….
because we are not see each other yet but this love start live in us….
not only in me or only in him….
and it’s absolutely different persons
it’s another girl he touched there is no me he touch what he touch

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Don't but in and i am not close to your age i am 10 years younger than trin and i forgot it is not reason to be upset who cares what name i say i really did forget i always say trin but 1 more mistake and she is block and report i don't like her anyway

🌸 Kindly do not tell me what I can or can not do. You don't get to tell me when I can talk to my friends.
🌸 Forgetting once, fair enough, mistakes are made. Forgetting twice is kinda careless. But three times? That's deliberate...
🌸 If you're truly 18, then you'd know full well that stop means stop. That calling her that is not appropriate. And that an 18 year old, should not be calling a stranger "mommy". Its not only cringey to see, it's disturbing.
🌸 Trin isn't the one making a mistake. It's you. She's set clear boundaries which you've completely ignored! Hence she blocked and reported you.
Seriously, PLEASE do better.
Dont but in and i am not close to your age i am 10 years younger than trin and i
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Some days are bad days. I start thinking of you and get so scared that you may not be okay. Some days I fall apart in the grocery store and have these sobs that come from the gut. That's probably the worst part. I'm completely numb or depressed the rest of the time. My encounters with ppl r fake.

i don’t know who you are anonymous…but you are right….
yes’ i’m not okay sometimes…
or all time …. because …. i feel that i should be right now
with the one…❤️🕸who lives in my heart ….❤️and share with him his joys and happiness…. that i will bring to him….and when he looked for my eyes 💚💚 and immediately calmed down inside…. from the fact that i’m with him around him….everywhere….i feel how his heart restless…. ( i don’t how but i feel…) because i’m not with him yet ….and i feel like we are both restless….because we are already “connected “ our heart …. our souls …. our bodies…( i feel all his touches….)but we are not together yet….i think anonymous if you are meet someone very unusual….absolutely yours the one who you began to love …. you need to do everything to ensure that this person always been close to you….
especially if it mutual….“ it’s like do whatever you want, but next to me…. in my house “and i know that if i come into someone’s life …. i become the one without which existence is absolutely impossible….and i know that right now in this moment i am becoming like this for the one who lives in my heart….and i’m worse than drugs….i’m a necessity….and i want to be with him wherever he is…. and make him happy…. all the time…. ❤️we make happy each over all the time….❤️be in absolutely crazy love
do madness things in the bedroom
and in the same time….be like…. ‘taking care about you - my responsibility now’i feel only like this ….yes anonymous I’m like Cinderella right now …. but you know anonymous when my beautiful mom was with me….do you know what my family called me….?! ( one of the names…. of me….)( sorry deliberately distort the words….)😌a homely little pet …. expensive little pet ….which harmful
requires a lot of attention… and care do only what she wants to do….but without which absolutely impossible to live….i know myself…. i know i bring only happiness…. and joy…. and i want to bring him everything…. and already next to him…. i always talk about it this life …. infortunately is not a rehearsal….what is being done…. is being done….and guys …. if you have meet someone and what is important is mutual….you need to do everything that she/or he to be next to you ….don’t need to then your whole life to spend …. no anonymous maybe not whole life…. sometimes yes, but not always…. it’s just the roads will be already different…. and maybe you will never meet someone especially and you have to love anybody…. or maybe not who knows…. anonymous …
about me….
i want to be with him 🕸❤️right now….🌎❤️
about craziness ….and about who say that some things are impossible…. maybe for them yes everything impossible….the world belongs to those for whom everything is possible….but most important thing everything must be mutual….
and you know : “ Those you dance appear insane to those who cannot hear the music “
and it’s not about dance or music it’s about someone tell that it’s not possible

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Do you use an app for plants? I do. I have one that tells me when to water the plants (I need that reminder cause I always forget) and the correct amount of water the plants need based on their location, room temperature, pot size, and soil type. It’s rly cool, def recommend! My babies are thriving!

That's actually a great idea! I am awful at keeping plants alive coz I'm forgetful and I don't know how often they need watering so this would definitely help me 😂

Do you believe in a relationship with purpose?

>Do you believe in a relationship with purpose?
Yes I do. In fact, I believe that everything we do in life has a purpose, including relationships. For what is a relationship without meaning and purpose? In our daily life where we (hopefully) live in reality, our interactions with other people always have a purpose, do they not? However, in online relationships, one might argue that the relationship is virtual or fake or simply "roleplaying" and therefore without purpose; but, I would argue that even online relationships have meaning and purpose, although perhaps different from those relationships that we experience in person because often times our online partner is hidden from view and therefore we must assume that their words are accurate and they are truthful and trustworthy which often times is NOT the case i.e. the female you are in love with is actually a male, or the 110lb female weighs 300lbs or the man you are infatuated with actually is physically and psychologically abusive toward females. And how would you ever detect these dysfunctional and self-destructive behaviors? That is the potential problem with any online relationship. Too many people are not who or what they claim to be. And that is a fact!
In my opinion, the common thread essential for any healthy relationship is trust. Trust is the glue that holds relationships together and trust is an essential component to all successful relationships whether online or not. The problem that all humanity must confront in any relationship is the potential for deception, manipulation and dishonesty. Whether we like it or not, these negative and destructive behaviors are part of our shared humanity.

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Do you believe in a relationship with purpose

Does motherhood change you as a person?

In my case, yes. My main priority is my baby. I always think about him before doing something. If I leave him with his dad or someone close, I can't stop worrying if he’s okay. I’m so overly protective of him, I just want him to be okay before anything. ☺️

Do you feel people should be given second chances?

as long as they deserve it and if the chances are not for the same mistakes. If you feel like what happened was not a total deal breaker for you, then yes, a second chance is always possible.
for the most part, in life, if something doesn't work out the first time, you should give it a second chance if all parties are on board and trying to make it work.

Hi ayeza iam the guy who i asked about the Dark, medium fair wala question. Actually iam a long time follower of yours and never asked you anything before. I always had fun looking to your answer. This is a sort of a small survey and your answer would really help me.

What kind of survey is this? Which tool are you using? What’s your research? What’s the rationale behind this research? How are you helping this society with your research?

Write your heart out <3

samiaa_aaa’s Profile PhotoLegallybrown:)
I'm so glad that Allah knows what's in our hearts. Because even if people twist the truth, even if people go against you, even if no one stands by you, Allah will always know the status of your heart. He will always know your intention. I'm so glad that Allah knows who is truly sincere and kind, and who is not. Because let's face it, that is all that matters....

tell me about your cat...

I don't have a cat. My parents, however, have two!
Meet Beatrix and Mila. Both are rescues. Beatrix, the black and white cat, came into our lives in the spring of 2016. She's a shy, kinda gal, which is likely due to her having a difficult start in life (her previous owners had gotten her for their kids as a present and then literally threw her out in the trash once the kids got bored, which is just awful).
She's gradually come out of her shell over the years we've had her though, even more so after my folks adopted Mila in 2020. Mila was always the polar opposite to Bea in personality, she's very boisterous and playful. I think her presence in the house has been very good for Bea though, who has become more confident since she's been around.
tell me about your cat

When going to a zoo, what animals do you look forward to see the most? 🐅🦓🐘

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I don't like much zoos as animals live like in prison, evwn tho in beautiful and cozy one. However, if I have to go I always like watching elephants. Here, in China, ofc pandas ❤❤❤❤❤🐼🐼🐼

Good you feel more better 💚💙 I feel sad i walk on glass and cut my big toe so i have to sow it in hospital and now i am home i can't sleep it hurts 😢 I always pick up my trash cause of animals but i wish more care like that 🙂 I will try sleep again goodnight friend

eqefouafyycphhfkvd7823’s Profile PhotoTeddy
I do, for now. I think I'm just happy she's home even if it is in a box :/ but the jewellery should come soon then she'll be with me constantly. I'm sorry to hear that, hopefully it feels better soon. Goodnight 🌙

What is a moment you realized you were wrong and what was the cause of this epiphany?

EzraB99’s Profile PhotoEzra Batool
I am wrong and when it happens its always clear to me that either majority takes it all or sometime a false sense of pride feels nothing later even if you are not proven wrong. So when i am wrong i take it on my face. I dont blame it on others only because it was not wrong according to them and even if it was, they will never see it the way I see, so I just keep my quiet...

What's the silliest/pettiest reason you and a friend have fallen out ? When I was a sophomore in HS this girl and I had a fall out cause I lent her a flat iron and she lost it. And it wasn’t even a high end one, those are like $500, it was a cheap low quality one that was like 100 bucks💀 so dense.

For the most part, friendships for me ended in middle school and it was always petty by the other person’s doing.
Whats the silliestpettiest reason you and a friend have fallen out  When I was a

Whenever you want to eat it, it must always be in your fridge or pantry. What food is it? 😋

Hmm, idk. I never have in the fridge what I want, so I can't answer this question, since I have no idea what my comfort food would be for all times.
Why are you texting anonymously though? That was an interesting question ☺️
Whenever you want to eat it it must always be in your fridge or pantry What food

Spotify users: What was described as your listening personality in Spotify Wrapped? Do you feel it represents your style and tastes? (Here’s a breakdown) https://newsroom.spotify.com/2022-11-30/get-to-know-your-music-listening-personality-from-2022-wrapped/

asgardarts’s Profile PhotoLivi;
Sorry for the late reply, Livi! I got The Early Adopter. I kind of feel like it describes me, as I'm always looking for new music. I am quite picky with music though, so a lot of the time I don't find what I'm looking for, but I do try often!
Spotify users What was described as your listening personality in Spotify

I don't want it to be 2025 because I have to have that weird cervical test and it's retarded and I don't want that done again

Ok well let's not use that word firstly and secondly, it's 2023 so no point in worrying about it yet is there? If you've already had it done once and your only aversion is that it's weird, I'd think it is better than the alternative of cancer? It's up to you whether it is worth the risk or not, nobody can force you to get the test. Last year they were trialling non-speculum tests and also self testing kits so you could always ask if those are an option for you if that would make it a more comfortable experience?

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