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NATO předpovídá, že válka na Ukrajině bude trvat další 3-4 roky Informoval o tom Voice of America s odvoláním na představitele Aliance. Názor?

tomasjedno13’s Profile PhotoTomáš Jedno
Tak jelikož NATO válku na Ukrajině z velké části prostřednictvím loutkové Zelenského vlády režíruje, považoval bych tu informaci za věrohodnou..
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Cómo cño ponen a un defensa a cobrar penal? Ni que fuera Sergio Ramos.

Recordemos que Venezuela no es un país netamente futbolero; en esta Copa América más fue lo que se ganó que lo que se perdió.
Herrera el del Girona no es defensa e igual, falló. La mayoría de los delanteros fueron cambiados al término del segundo tiempo. De verdad, ¡Venezuela hizo una gran Copa! 😎👍🏼 🇻🇪

Você sabia que na Austrália existem 48 milhões de cangurus e no Uruguai há 3.457.480 de habitantes, então, se os cangurus decidissem invadir o Uruguai, cada uruguaio teria que lutar com 14 cangurus?

Acho que nao porque uruguaio pula mais,sempre que vão citar os paises da américa latina sempre pulam o uruguai
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Já alguém te convidou para viajar ?

Sim já ,um amigo meu convidou me ir até á Amadora e houve outro rapaz amigo de um primo meu que esteve cá nestes últimos fins de semana em Figueira e engraçou comigo e me convidou ir passar uns dias para S.joao da pesqueira e já queria me levar com ele
Mas eu mais depressa aceitava ir para os Estados Unidos da América Los Angeles com o Finn do que ir com eles porque com ele já tenho ligação há muito tempo e temos muita convivência
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Name the countries you have visited. If you been to America what states

I've been to France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Germany, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Italy, The Netherlands, The Bahamas, Egypt, Japan, Scotland, The Republic of Ireland, and The United States of America.
The specific states I've visited are Florida, New York, Nevada, and California.

Name the countries you have visited. If you been to America what states

England, Wales, Scotland, Jersey, Guernsey, France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa, Madeira, Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Austria, Greece (Corfu), Italy, Turkey, India, Japan, Australia (twice, West and East), Canada and America.
US States: Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington DC, New York, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona.

If i was best friend I’ll want you around all the time,

Antonio King
The USA is obsessed with Egypt, Memphis is literally a Egyptian city, Canada had a better thought process we call ourselves Canadians not Americans even though we are actually considered Americans because North America is America not the USA Mexicans are even Americans but like Canadians they actually named themselves something other than "Americans"

Reform are just mega tories. Why do you think voting for them is a good idea? Give me a better argument than immigration. What is worth losing our NHS?

People will regret it when they end up with a medical system like America where an accident or condition can bankrupt you

How can i convince my boyfriend to try my heels for a day so he can bare the pain we go through

Your gender in the question literally says you're a boy yourself, lmao, gurl.
I mean, if it's a gay relationship, just handcuff him, put heels onto his feet, pull him up, and make him wall for 12.5 hours str8 to America with a toy up his b00tyh0l. Bye. (I'm not sure, why you would ask me anything srsly.)

Яка ваша улюблена традиційна українська страва?"

Ab1rapper963’s Profile Photoعبدالسلام
Українська кухня, останні двісті років послуговується нововведеннями, рецептами, прянощами, ну і новітні мультиварки... Словом, вона українська дуже умовно, як і у японців японська, чи англійців - англійська. Той же борщ відомий, він не такий був двісті років тому, триста, і більше. У нас на той час банально томатів не було. Чи у багатих людей тільки були. Картоплі не було. Як і у Європі, поки її не завезли з Америки. Але по суті питання. Та все подобається. І борщ, і пироги з сиром, і вареників з вишнями і безліч всього.
Ukrainian cuisine, for the past two hundred years, has been using innovations, recipes, spices, and the newest multicookers... In short, it is Ukrainian very conventionally, just like the Japanese have Japanese, or the English have English. The same borscht is known, it was not like that two hundred years ago, three hundred or more. At that time, we simply did not have tomatoes. Did rich people only have them. There were no potatoes. As in Europe, until it was brought from America. But essentially the question. I like everything. And borscht, and pies with cheese, and dumplings with cherries and a lot of everything.

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Are you drawn to positive or negative energy?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
When I came to America I felt positive. I left the negative energy that was oppressing me. Unfortunately, there were moments when it seemed to me that I would be haunted by negativity, by people who oppressed me. But I was able to get out and leave.
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Die Frage ist je nach Konzept vielleicht etwas spoiler-y aber ich glaube wer nichts verraten will kann vage genug bleiben. Wie kam dein OC zum Racing? 🏎🏁

somewhatunpretentious’s Profile PhotoHitchhiker
Das Bodhi eigentlich aus dem amerikanischen NASCAR-Sport kommt, ist ja schon etwas bekannt, aber ich weiß gerade nicht, ob ich schon erwähnt habe, wie er dort gelandet ist und von da in die F1 gekommen ist :D
Naja, die erste Etappe ist einfach und lag bei seiner Familie eigentlich schon nach seiner Geburt auf der Hand! Sein Dad war selbst NASCAR-Fahrer und besitzt seit Jahren selbst ein erfolgreiches Team. Seine Mom war Sport-Reporterin mit einer Leidenschaft für den Rennsport. Seine Kindheit sah in etwa so aus: chilling on all the race tracks of America, seeing his dad win and being able to drive before being able to talk. 100% gibt es Kindheitsvideos von ihm, die in etwa so aussehen: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C56LVplRIR8/?igsh=YmVwdnRleHMxYnlj
Sein großer Bruder spielt bei allem aber die größte Rolle, denn vor Bodhi fing Malcolm mit dem Fahren an und was der große Bruder machte, musste der Kleine natürlich nachmachen. Da gab es also keinen anderen Weg für ihn.
Nachdem Bodhi sich von 2017 bis 2022 durch so einige NASCAR-Serien gefahren hat – und das natürlich erfolgreich! – gab es ein Ereignis in seinem Leben, dass ihn etwas zweifeln lassen hat ... Die NASCAR Cup Serie hat er 2024 trotzdem noch gewonnen, aber da stand auch schon fast der Formel-Sport an der Hand von einem guten Freund, bzw Rivalen seines Vaters an der Tür, der Bodhi doch sehr sehr gerne mal in einem Formel 1 Wagen und auf einer Kurven-reicheren Strecke sehen würde. Nach ein paar Testfahrten und einem unterschriebenen Vertrag, sollte die F2 im vergangenen Jahr als Art Einstieg für ihn dienen. Und was soll' man sagen; der Plan von Mr. Dads-Frenemy hat hervorragend geklappt ✌🏼😂🙈

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Israel is attacked by terrorists, it defends itself against terrorism. why no muslim country accept refugees from palestine? you have rotten heads. you are victims and facilitators of terrorism at the same time.

Terrorists are Israel , America , and all the countries that support these cursed Jews ... Because they are the ones who kill , burn tents, and behead children in Rafah , and their goal is the genocide of Palestinians and No, Palestinians will not leave their land ...
[ these cursed ones are the ones who should leave ] . Everyone who support Israel , like you , is the real corrupt one ...
"Get out of here." , so you don't hear words you won't like !!!

Do you think it's wrong to get help from your family as an adult? I make $25 an hour and my rent is $3k because it's a nice apartment in an affluent area. I can't really afford to pay rent, utilities, eat and also buy clothes, travel, go to concerts. I'm not willing to STOP living.

I would live abroad in towns where it's affordable to do all the things you want to do.
For example: These countries offer a lower cost of living, making it possible to live on USD 1,000 per month. Some options include:
Southeast Asia: Countries like Thailand🇹🇭, Vietnam🇻🇳, Cambodia🇰🇭, and parts of Indonesia🇮🇩 can be affordable.

Central and South America: Countries like 🇲🇽Mexico, Ecuador🇪🇨, and some parts of Central America can have a lower cost of living.
Eastern Europe: Countries like Ukraine🇺🇦, Bulgaria🇧🇬, and parts of Romania🇷🇴 may offer lower living costs.
However, it's crucial to consider factors like lifestyle, healthcare, and personal preferences when choosing a country. Additionally, visa regulations and requirements vary, so it's essential to research and plan accordingly.

En el proximo año Estados unidos de America declarara la guerra a Mexico. Y la mujer que este en el poder Mexicano conseguirá la ayuda de Rusia.

No hay motivos, ni económicos, ni políticos para que haya una guerra entre ambos países. Además México tiene acuerdos militares con varios países como lo son los propios EUA, Canadá, Colombia, Francia, Japón, Reino unido, Chile, etc.

for dutch bros coffee, do dutch people just call it bros up there?

I had to look it up, since I still had no idea what that meant.
Dutch Bros Coffee isn’t Dutch, but an American brand. This brand isn’t anywhere in The Netherlands. It is founded by two men that are born in America (so they are American) with Dutch descent. 😊

nenne etwas, das kostenlos sein sollte, es aber nicht ist

davidthag9’s Profile Photodavid
Eine sehr gute Frage. Es gibt dieses Musical wo es heißt: "Everything is free for a little fee in America 🇺🇸". Es ist nichts wirklich frei im Kapitalismus. Der Kapitalismus funktioniert nur wenn das Kapital Profit abwirft und deswegen muss alles etwas kosten. Deswegen haben wir volle Supermärkte und trotzdem hungernde Menschen. Wer nicht arbeiten kann bekommt nichts zu essen. Ein gewollter Fehler im System.

Do you think a therapist would be honest enough to end the therapy sessions if the client didn't need it?

Idk, I mean just because they perceive the sessions as unnecessary or done, doesn’t mean the client perceives it the same way and might still need professional help.
I also think it kind of depends on where you live. Here in The Netherlands there is a shortage of professionals and very long waiting lists. To prevent the list from getting longer, professionals might end therapy sessions earlier than in a country like America, where these practices are corporal. It’s also payed by health care insurances here and they have rules.


Scarlett_Witch_’s Profile Photoᗢ Wαɳԃα Mαxιɱσϝϝ ᗢ
Natasha was all ears and was ready to discuss this with Wanda, who responded in a more succinct way, making the redhead understand a little, although inside Natasha was shocked when the witch mentioned death. And in fact, the Widow was still having doubts when Wanda mentioned the name of a girl called America, who the redhead had never seen or heard of, raising a thin, arched eyebrow. Nat's face then returned to normal after Wanda assured her of more answers about her case and that call for both of them to leave. The redhead nodded that she would go.
— Okay, I've already done some work, so we can go, in my car.
Natasha gave a friendly smile and pointed her head in the direction the vehicle was heading, she was heading towards the parking area; A black Chevrolet Stingray car that was her. The Widow took the key to deactivate the locks and enter the vehicle. Once she was adjusted to the seat and belted in, Nat stretched out her arm to open the passenger seat for Wanda.
— Relax, I'm not going to do "The Fast and the Furious" today. — The redhead said jokingly and let out a slight weak laugh.

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Question of the day; who was St.Patrick🍀? What did he do why do we celebrate this day? In memory of who?

jakeskelter9’s Profile PhotoSake Felter
St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. St. Patrick spread Christianity throughout Ireland, thereby removing the pagan traditions and symbols (such as the snake). He banished all the snakes. He died on March the 17th that’s why we celebrate on that day every year . I think you celebrate it in America because so many Americans have Irish ancestors ☘️

Come trascorri la serata? Dove sei ora

MamoBob’s Profile PhotoⲘ-
Ora sto leggendo notizie tra cui sai che a San Ferdinando in Calabria stanno facendo degli appartamenti per sei braccianti agricoli. Poi sai che comunque pare che sai c'è il fatto che comunque pare che sai c'è stato l audio di un uomo che è stato nominato dal pd per vincere in Basilicata sai che ha detto una frase razzista. Poi sai vorrei parlare di un progetto ovvero cercare di creare scuola di alte qualità lei paesi come Messico oppure sud America quindi così fa fare lavorare e avere equipe nei paesi dei sud America


Black_Widow__RP’s Profile PhotoNatasha Romanoff
— Yes, I'm fine too, other than that other things happened, they happened to me...
Wanda responded, with her hands inside her red coat and directing her light green gaze towards a billboard that had a photo of Captain America and the Man of Iron together, but smiling in one of their last selfies that were highlighted throughout the city.
— They are missed...
The witch murmured, remembering the good advice that Steve gave her about how to be accepted the way she is and without lacking due respect, she also remembered Tony's relaxed conversations that made anyone laugh.

Would you host somebody you just meet in here!

N_Emo’s Profile PhotoCelestial
It's hard to meet someone . . . who is so hidden !
If you wish to share anything; post it in questions to me ~ start: "DNP" (= "do not post" ie: "PRIVATE")
[[continuation of previous answer; below:
It saddens me… it really does, when I look at the free-loaders roaming the streets of America and ignorantly abusing the very freedom they inherited, just by being born in the right place, while never working to maintain or defend it or appreciate how many soldiers in coffins, wrapped in American flags, died to preserve it on the shores of Normandy and other places. Instead, they spew garbage out of their mouths, just because their woke teachers and professors told them they could.
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Additional KEY REPORTS from Wealth Research Group:
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What is Biden's strategy or Obama's before him or of any liberal who is so elevated above the common folk, and yet in their treatment of us, so patronizing and arrogant?
1. Find a sin or a wrongdoing – these people are moral judges, don't you know? They are perfect and so they were put on this earth to comment on the rest of us.
Obama thought everyone "deserves" the system to give them free handouts. Such crap and insanity could not be uttered from a rational human being, but reality is hard work, so it's easy to promise an ideal and persuade the sheep that Obama "has a plan," just like the "Inflation Reduction Act" with Biden. More free money handouts that doesn’t reduce inflation at all.
2. "Fix" the issue.
As you know, when the government enters a sector of society, it usually backfires miserably and "Obamacare" is considered the most failed program in recent memory.
America needs a wake-up call. If you don't like rolling up your sleeves and working to improve things and instead like to write slogans on big cardboard signs and walk the streets yelling, go live elsewhere.
This country was built by doers and hard workers, not by complainers who think the government can concoct delusional plans to save you.
Learn to cherish what this country offers a man or go where complaining is welcomed… in dysfunctional and corrupt countries. This is America and it's a privilege to be part of it.

Best Regards
Clayton Morris
President, Redacted.inc"

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Hello, I was born in Palestine, then I moved to Jordan in order to study.. now I'll be in UK to complete my master! what about you?

N_Emo’s Profile PhotoCelestial
UK . . . . is amerry-kaa's dog . . .
& look at this (one of my many followings) :
Tolerating stupidity is perhaps the greatest folly of our times.
Today, we want to present to you a SPECIAL and EXCLUSIVE financial and economic update from our friends at WealthResearchGroup.com, which I strongly advocate that you subscribe and read, as I do myself on the inflationary environment of 2024.
Under the guise of inclusion and open-mindedness to ideas, America has lost its core ability to discern between reality and myth, between productive agendas and sheer madness, all in the name of wokeness.
It is dumbing down the collective IQ of the nation and it's not happening in a vacuum… no, if you think that China, Iran, Russia and other aspiring countries, looking to expand and gain momentum, aren't seeing this for what it is, the decay of the very fabric of freedoms that were central to the supremacy of America's proposition to the world, a place where men could live and choose their path without being told what's accepted and what's correct, you're wrong.
I am looking from the outside and I can tell you that when Americans went to vote for Obama, I knew a screw was already loose.
A person who has a nice smile and a diploma from Harvard, who believes he came to save humanity, and that he knows better than the collective minds of the free society, is a dangerous delusional false anointed one – this is the very kind of self-declared king, emperor or priest that Europeans risked their lives to escape from.
It all went downhill from there!
Obama and his type are nothing more than facists, because they actually believe they know what you need better than you do, and that approach has been rejected the world over… even Americans hate when Washington tries to force other countries to accept democracy, which has only led to trouble.
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Now, with Biden and Blinken at the helm and Obama in the background, they are, once more, allowing the woke masses to chant in the streets for their ideals, which is nothing more than finger-pointing and placing blame upon others and exhibiting hate, the very essence of communism that is the thief of all hope for progress and personal achievement.
It saddens me… it really does, when I look at the free-loaders roaming the streets of America and ignorantly abusing the very freedom they inherited, just by being born in the right place, while never working to maintain or defend it or appreciate how many soldiers in c

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WonderWomann_’s Profile PhotoDiαnα Prince '
The witch did not show any fear in front of the woman in front, after all Wanda knew what she could do to anyone who got in her way, but she decided to listen to some advice given by Steve Rogers, the famous Captain America and make a "good impression" in the introduction to the stranger. The reddish rays that came out of her hands receded and her eyes returned to their normal light green tone.
— My name is Wanda. Wanda Maximoff... And you?

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