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I think the mockery is well earned. The concept of “first world problem” was invented for americans. The rest of the world does not argue about such absurdities such as 4533643 genders, words like “mother” and “father” being problematic and so on. Lol. Only in America will you see this ridiculousnes

You are correct. The mockery is well deserved and as an American who supports our Constitution, Bill Of Rights and believes in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, I am grateful to the Brits and all nations who are willing to call out Americas hypocrisy, our catastrophic economic and foreign policy and our willful ignorance.

Do you ever feel like the government intelligence agencies are a bunch of immature childish bullying punks who have far too much power than they should be allowed to have considering how irresponsible they are managing it?

Yes. The federal government is too fat and needs to be trimmed by 50%. The way the USA is supposed to function is that most of the power is granted to state governments. The federal government exists primarily to provide for the security and safety of our entire nation (military) and provide other "inter-state" functions like transportation, health, etc.
I would also eliminate the DOE and CIA. The DOJ needs to clean house including the FBI. These agencies have become 100% corrupt and now see the American citizen as terrorists for wanting to get involved with local school boards. Also, and most importantly, we need to end the fascism by eliminating the corporate takeover of our federal government. The congress is completely beholden to America's corporations and this MUST end via term limits and punishing congressional members who accept bribes from these corporate special interest groups.

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Say you were an Elon Musk level billionaire, what'd you do with all that money? 🤑

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
- Reinvestment - I would reinvest some of the money into my businesses such as manufacturing, research and development, marketing and education for employees.
- New business opportunities - I would invest in clean energy, space exploration, electric cars.
- Social programs - I would work with the federal government to solve some of our nations most urgent social issues such as i.e. affordable housing, drug prevention and intervention, mental health funding for research and reopening psychiatric facilities, public education curriculum overhaul, defunding efforts for all universities that are promoting the destruction of America, it's constitution and most importantly, working with various religious and government organizations at the federal, state and local levels to address and solve the issue of broken families, violence, high school dropouts, illiteracy and fatherless homes, unwed mothers and generational poverty. I would also work to rebuild America's manufacturing, institute a federal flat tax and create incentives and opportunities for innovation.

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Is your country's national day considered a big deal? Why is it during said day and how do you tend to celebrate, if you do? 🌲🇸🇪🐟

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
We have two national holidays that everyone in America celebrates i.e. 4th of July which celebrates Americas independence from England and Thanksgiving where we thank God for our blessings and good health.
Independence day is celebrated with cookouts, fireworks and music. Thanksgiving is typically celebrated with a turkey dinner with family, friends and neighbors.

da la cara matias carrizo 30 de abril san juan argentina cerro alcazar 18 horas una hora antes del concierto de las americas,, quedan 5 dias MARICON

Uuh que quilombo esto loco, uno viene acá para pasarla bien y divertirse y lo que más se encuentra es puterio, divulgaciones y hostigamiento, déjense de romper los huevos y dejen vivir a la gente en paz de una puta vez

"Why wokeness will fail" (Part I) by Bret Stephens

"Why wokeness will fail" (Part I) by Bret Stephens
American history is, in many ways, a story of grand protests. They generally come in two types. There are protest movements that, even in ferocious dissent, believe that the American system is ultimately geared to fulfill its inner promises — of equality, unalienable rights, the pursuit of happiness, e pluribus unum, a more perfect union. This is what Frederick Douglass had in mind when, in an otherwise scathing indictment of America’s hypocrisy, he called the Constitution a “glorious liberty document.” And there are protest movements that have turned against the system, either because they don’t think the system can meet its promises, or because they never agreed with the promises in the first place. “We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock,” Malcolm X said memorably. “The rock was landed on us.”
The experience of nearly 250 years is that the first type of movement generally succeeds: emancipation, suffrage, civil rights, marriage equality. They have aimed to build the country up, and bring Americans more closely together, on foundations already in place. The second type — from the Confederacy to the white supremacy of the Jim Crow era to militant Black nationalism in the 1960s — always fails. These movements want to tear things down, divide Americans, reject and replace our national foundations. The ideology-cum-protest movement loosely referred to as Wokeness belongs to the second type. Last week it had its first major encounter with electoral democracy, not only in the governor’s race in Virginia but also in a referendum on replacing the police department in Minneapolis and on law-and-order issues in Seattle. Wokeness got clobbered, and not for the last time. What’s wrong with a movement that, on its narrowest terms, aims to make Americans more aware of racial injustices, past and present? Nothing. In cases like those of Eric Garner, George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery, non-Black America has had a long-overdue education about the fact that Black lives can still be subject to the same casual cruelties of a century ago. But, like many movements that overspill their initial causes of action, Wokeness now connotes much more than an effort to reform the police or denounce racial injustice when it occurs. It is, instead, an allegation that racism is a defining feature, not a flaw, of nearly every aspect of American life, from its inception to its present, in the books we read, the language we speak, the heroes we venerate, the roads we drive, the way we do business, the way we select for merit and so on. And it is a prescription, not for genuine dialogue and reform, but for indoctrination and extirpation, based on a relentless form of race consciousness that defies the modern American creed of judging people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

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(Reuters) - America’s most prominent conservative gathering, founded on ideals of personal liberty and limited government, convenes in Budapest next month to celebrate a European leader accused of undermining democracy and individual rights. We're headed down the same path to authoritarianism.

It would appear so my friend.
For them " personal liberty" = security for white, entitled people
"limited government"= creating a rich elite who manipulate working class people in the name of 'patriotism'
Interesting that they would turn up in Budapest...
not so welcome in many other European Capitals,
perhaps they should have chosen Moscow, they would fit right in with the Fascists there as well.
Let's hope Macron wins in France and is part of the progressive push back
Tisztelet as On iránt.

Why do you think people bully?

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
I think people bully for different reasons, but have the common goal of taking something from another person or another country that does not belong to them. In the case of the 13 year old boy who is bullying another boy in order to steal his lunch money, the bully is probably acting out because he is being abused at home by his father or one of his older brothers. His aggressive behavior toward those he perceives as weaker is a learnt behavior that makes him feel like he is in control. When the bully sees something that he wants, he takes it without any consideration or regard for the pain inflicted upon his victim.
Another example would be when one country attacks another country. Throughout history there are many examples of this type of behavior, but once again, the common thread is that the stronger country wants to control, dominate and steal something from the weaker country. During the 20th century, I believe the country that epitomized bullying was, and continues to be, the United States. As an American citizen I take no pleasure in exposing and condemning my country in such a manner; but, the fact of the matter is from Vietnam to Iraq to Syria to Iran and Afghanistan and now inside the Ukraine, the United States has been pushing for a New World Order where the Globalist tyrants (ruling class) from the USA and Europe, dominate the entire world. Why? Well as bullies often do, these globalists are experts at propaganda and misinformation. And so they invent one crisis after another crisis to both hide and justify their real intentions. First it was to stop the spread of communism (Vietnam). Then it was to stop North Korea (China) from taking over South Korea, and of course the USA now owns South Korea. Next it was to kick Iraq out of Kuwait (can you say oil?). Then it was to invade Iraq to rid the world of weapons of mass destruction which never existed. And next it was to invade and take complete control of Afghanistan in order to kill Bin Laden (think oil pipe line, minerals and strategic military location to attack Russia or China). Then it was Covid-19 a Virus that was intentionally weaponized in a Wuhan laboratory that received 3.7 million dollars from America's Center for Disease control in 2017. Why? There are many theories about this, but I believe it is all directly related to the Globalist goal of establishing a One World Government and a New World Order by 2030.
These are all examples of bullying in order to control, manipulate and ultimately to steal something from someone else, in this case, the freedom to choose and the right of self-determination, the right to Life, Liberty and the right to Pursue Happiness and to make your own decisions on how to live, how to think, how to speak and who or what to believe in. Globalism is an attack on our humanity.
If you want to learn more about bullies and the grave threat they currently present to the world, please visit: https://www.stopworldcontrol.com/

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Why do you think people bully

Quel est le plus bel endroit que vous ayez déjà visité?

LaurelyneQG’s Profile PhotoLᥱ⳽ QG⳽ ᑯᥱ LᥲᥙɾᥱꙆყᥒᥱ ☆
Suisse : les montagnes, bord du lac, la ville de Montreux.. La vue de Vevey depuis l'hôtel Mirador en été UwU
Japon: Shinjuku-Gyoen, Shirahama, Akiba (Akihabara).... J'en passe xd
Liban: Beyrouth plus précisement à Amwaj et Aquamarina hôtel, me semble avoir été à Byblos aussi mais tout détruit à cause de la ptn de guerre
Teneriffe: Los Gigantes, Playa de las Americas... le Loro Parque ça dépends pourquoi..
Egypte: Les pyramides bien sûr ! Sinon mon père devait nous emmener à Sharm el Sheikh mais rip il ne l'a pas fait bizarrement..
Turquie : Les sources d'eau chaudes à Antalya <3
J'crois que c'est tout .. (edit x3 désolée mdr)

What are your views on what's going on between Ukraine and Russia right now?

SlimMan’s Profile PhotoBill Walker
What is you fukking game ?
america's evil is between them ; biden the base-turd
The west of Ukraine has SIGNIFICANT national-socialist (NAZI) agitators .
The East ARE Russian . They NEED protected
from these satanic warmongering pigs
What are your views on whats going on between Ukraine and Russia right now

Do you have your own library? And what kind of books collection prevail it?

zeldalink1’s Profile PhotoNitu.
Yes I have a personal library that I continue to add to it. It contains historical books, psychology, spiritual, poems and political. Below is a random list:
* The Dying Citizen - Victor Davis Hanson
* The Devils Chessboard - David Talbot
* The Naked Communist - W. Cleon Skousen
* Fatal Conceit - F.A. Hayek
* The Abolition of Man - C.S. Lewis
* The Apostle of Common Sense - G.K. Chesterton
* Brave New World - Aldous Huxley
* Tragedy and Hope - Quigley
* White Guilt - Shelby Steele
* The Art of Loving - Erich Fromm
* An assortment of writings from America's founding fathers i.e. Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, Grant, Franklin, Hamilton, Debate on Constitution, American Revolution,
* American writers: Longfellow, Cooper, Twain, Steinbeck, Douglass
* Mao A Life - Holt
* Hilter - Norton
* NAZI Terror - Johnson
* Team of Rivals - Goodwin
* Grant & Sherman - Flood
* Intellectuals and Society - Sowell
* The Gulag Archipelago - Harvill
Books on Poetry: Emily Dickinson, T.S. Eliot, Walt Whitman, Maya Angelou.
I also have books on philosophy, psychology and music books on theory, scales, classical, jazz, blues, rock and of course the Beatles which is my all time favorite band.

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Where should the NFL expand next? Two locations

Internationally, I don’t think they should ever expand to the UK. American football is nothing compared to their football to them. ⚽️ Mexico would be better. Canada even, but I wouldn’t leave the Americas. 🏈
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I've done all the various skiing and prefer cross country because it is a great workout and it is simple to learn. We use to like to cross country ski in North Conway New Hampshire. They had trails that connected the inns where you could stop for a hot chocolate or chocolate dipped strawberries.

That’s really neat! Im not much of a snow person. 😬 I like it for one day and then expect it gone by the next. 😂 So many people love it! I wouldn’t try water skiing because I’d end up doing a bunch of flips and be on America’s Funniest Home Videos if they still have it.

Uma música nova que você curte?

herberttuc’s Profile PhotoChapolin
Vou usar esta ask para segunda parte:
_Um eclipse é um evento onde a lua bloqueia a luz do sol (o primeiro título do álbum E.E é People of the Sun (Povo do Sol), é uma referência aos astecas, incas e maias que adoravam o sol, os habitantes originais das Américas) e mergulha a terra na escuridão.
O Capital é dos livros principaIs de Karl Marx que descreve os sistemas capitalistas como um médico descreve uma doença.
Assim, o sistema capitalista que mergulhou as pessoas na escuridão e no desespero será revirado, graças a uma revolução.
“trials and lies”, definitivamente tiveram muito a ver com aquela farsa que foi o julgamento de OJ naquela época. Um assassino famoso foge com isso.. e tudo foi televisionado. Eu estou feliz por nunca ter perdido meu tempo assistindo nada disso.
Se quiser curti o som:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_0uJ8DWnU0&ab_channel=RageAgainsttheMachine-Topicineffable696’s Video 168162868272 Z_0uJ8DWnU0ineffable696’s Video 168162868272 Z_0uJ8DWnU0

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Uma música nova que você curte

Privileged white American women complaining about sexism, meanwhile in some parts of the world women are denied BASIC human rights such as studying, working, deciding for themselves, walking out the house without a man's approval. But ya Lucy, tell me more about how America's OPPRESING you😭😭

Ah, yes, because women in first world countries aren't literally being ass*ulted and m*rdered and then blamed for it, ofcourse no, that only happens in "less fortunate" places. Just because another place is worse doesn't mean this place is above criticism 👏🏻 👏🏻

Privileged white American women complaining about sexism, meanwhile in some parts of the world women are denied BASIC human rights such as studying, working, deciding for themselves, walking out the house without a man's approval. But ya Lucy, tell me more about how America's OPPRESING you😭😭

idk anyone that denies that there are plenty of other women in the world that have a struggle so much harder than we do. but that doesn’t negate the fact that we are also quite literally being stripped of rights, even in 2021.
someone else’s broken leg doesn’t make a broken foot hurt any less.
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What makes you sad? Why?

Willful ignorance. Every human being is capable of amazing things but so many of them refuse to learn anything, even when a opportunity comes to them. It saddens me that we have so many wasted humans. Knowing that time, the only resource that matters for a human, is constantly running out, and that nobody knows when that timer will strike 0. That everything I ever do might lead me into resignation and settling for a miserable career choice, miserable job, miserable everyday that from start to finnish is just a waste of valuable time that could've been used for something more fulfilling.
The fact that all the happiest parts of our childhood are almost non-existent now. For example, McDonald's no longer has Hamburger chairs and Nintendo 64's. We knew it was bound to change, but I didn't expect the whole modernization- rather, only upgrades to the Wii, Wiiu, etc. McDonald's is just an example of one of many things where the childlike imagination is gone. POOF.
Things I'm genuinely nostalgic about, like Calvin and Hobbes. It's not really in my emotional wheelhouse but I just rode that Calvin and Hobbes nostalgia toboggan all the way up offensive wallpapers and now I feel bad. But also, you can enjoy them all over again as an adult once you realize stuff like they're not talking about Santa, they're talking about God.
A cold, lonely winter night; all silent, save for the slight whisper of wind between the trees. A blanket of heavy snow covers the ground at your feet, weighs down leafless branches, drifts across our face and shoes. The stars are bight tonight, clear and calling with their voiceless twinkle, fading in and out with the wisps of cloud that roll across the blackness. Your toes are getting cold, numb, but you don't care, you just drink in the peaceful loneliness of the night.
Christmas. It was so magical as a kid, and it is still fun now as an adult but every Christmas I remember how great it was when I was a kid and it is kind of sad because it's not the same. I'm just happy I have my own kid now. He's not old enough to understand Christmas yet but in a couple of years I will be excited to see him get excited about Christmas.
Nothing sends me into a rabbit hole of twirling emotions like the youtube. I go over there to watch a movie trailer next thing I know I'm seeing some crippled child with the voice of an angel belting out a tune on America's got talent and I've got tears rolling down my face. This is probably the happiest I'll ever be in my life. I'm 28, off work and school for a year, and doing 6 months of chemo, and even though I'm just really happy to be alive right now I'm pretty sure this is the main highlight of my life and it's all going to be downhill from here.

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Here's an easy question but let's see how many people get it. What year was the Battle of 1812? What year? You would be surprised how many people that don't know the answer even though it's clear

Ice_Frozen_Vocals’s Profile PhotoŞωεεT† ɮȩ̷̠̝͙̎̑̆ℓℓล ♡♪
in 1812 year ….)
The War of 1812 (18 June 1812 – 16 February 1815) was a conflict fought between the United States and its allies, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and its dependent colonies in North America and its allies. Many Indigenous peoples fought in the war on both sides. Additionally, the United Kingdom was allied at the time with Spain and others against France and its powerful military under Napoleon, and thus Spain supported the United Kingdom in the Americas while France fought against the forces of both. The conflict began when the United States declared war on 18 June 1812, and officially ended in essentially the status quo when the Treaty of Ghent was ratified by the United States on 16 February 1815.

[?]© Dime el orden de los colores del logo de Google (la palabra “Google”) no se vale buscarlo, sé sincero/a y dime como lo recuerdes JAJA - Saludos con migajas [?]

GinaLazo’s Profile PhotoSoy un pan tostado
Holis Gina, te deseo buen mes de agosto ?
Se preguntó en mi grupo de amistades hahaha, no sé en otros países, en mi país es azul-rojo-amarillo-azul-verde-rojo ?
"The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" (LXG)
"La Liga de Extraordinarios" - "La Liga Extraordinaria"

USA-Inglaterra-Alemania (2003) Estreno 11-07-2003
Duración: 110 min
Producción: Fox, Angry, International, JD
Distribución: Fox
Music: Trevor Jones
Guión: James Dale Robinson
Dirección: Stephen Norrington

Sean Connery, Shane West, Naseeruddin Shah, Stuart Townsend, Peta Wilson, Jason Flemyng, Tony Curran, Richard Roxburgh, Max Ryan, Tom Goodman-Hill, David Hemmings, Terry O'Neill, Rudolf Pellar, Robert Willox, Ewart James Walters, Mariano Titanti, Neran Persaud

Historia basada en:
DC Comic "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen"
Creado por Alan Moore (escritor) y Kevin O’Neil (dibujante)
Editado por America's Best Comics (2000, 2003, 2007, 2012)
"The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" (2003)
de Kevin J. Anderson (USA, 1962)
Está anunciado desde 2015 y 2019, el reinicio de una serie de películas basadas en los comics.

Premios y nominaciones:
Saturn (4), Efectos Visuales (1)
Lanzada también en DVD
Taquilla Mundial: 180 millon dolar

Rodada en Inglaterra, Hungría, Malta, Rep.Checa
Ambientada en Inglaterra, años de 1900

Allan Quatermain - aventurero
Captain Nemo - marino
Mina Harker - vampiresa
Rodney Skinner - hombre invisible
Dorian Gray - novela de Oscar Wilde
Tom Sawyer - agente
Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde - doctor, novela de Stevenson
Professor Moriarty - Fantom

Una figura enmascarada y desfigurada, con acento de Europa del este, se autodenomina "El Fantasma" y comete actos terroristas en varios países de Europa.
Eso provoca la declaración de guerra entre países.
Para resolver la situación, el gobierno de Inglaterra contrata a una Liga de Personajes Extraordinarios.

Cine de acción, fantasía, héroes, ciencia ficción, vampirismo, submarino, comic, steampunk.
Comics y novela son geniales, pero el guión es flojo y liado.
La dirección hace la película torpe, increíble, ruidosa.
La peli se deja ver y es divertida, quizá lo mejor sea el ambiente steampunk.

https://youtu.be/vlTLC_wC_qMsalquial’s Video 161746454841 vlTLC_wC_qMsalquial’s Video 161746454841 vlTLC_wC_qM

https://youtu.be/pQ_iw3zBMtQsalquial’s Video 161746454841 pQ_iw3zBMtQsalquial’s Video 161746454841 pQ_iw3zBMtQ

https://youtu.be/CzykfoY5p1ssalquial’s Video 161746454841 CzykfoY5p1ssalquial’s Video 161746454841 CzykfoY5p1s

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Dime el orden de los colores del logo de Google la palabra Google no se vale

Top 1 000 Top Models New York Fashion Magazines 2017 Man Artists Libor Milian @LiborMilian1 @bloglibormilian Big Artist Libor Milian is also famous for America's largest city in New York with the song You Left Away (Shean Doah) https://www.jango.com/music/Libor+Milian and then in the New York

LiborMilian1’s Profile PhotoArtist 7 # 1 Libor Milian (✔)
Fashion Magazine as the most beautiful man in 1,000 men from the world.Artist Libor Milian 22 Charts in World 7 No.1 and Radio songs You left away,BB Songs. Radio Songs BB Songs and You left away
Radio Jango New York
WOAP Radio Michigan
ESPN Radio San Diego
102.7 KIIS-FM Los Angeles
San Diego 97,5fm
Atlantic Radio Uk
Big Time Radio Uk
Capital Fm Latvia
Tefas Russia Radio
HPR4 Bluegrass Gospel
Life.Church Radio Us
Today's Christian Music
and others Radio Stations
Top 1 000 Top Models New York Fashion Magazines 2017 Man Artists Libor Milian

Quien es el Amor de tu vida?

Mi único amor todo lindo precioso y hermoso el Edu Almeida es el amor de mi vida le amo con todo mi corazón
Tal vez en unos 10 años aproximadamente nos casaremos y no sé dónde vamos a vivir si por allá por las europas o por aquí en las Américas latinas 🤷🏻‍♀️ pero ya tendremos 2 bebecitos bebelins 😍 y seremos abuelitos Edu y abuelita nomás 🤷🏻‍♀️ Edu te amo demasiado y lo sabes ❤️ eres la bendición de Dios más grande 😍 juntos por un futuro feliz ❤️ TE AMO Y SIEMPRE LO HARÉ CADA SEGUNDO DE MI VIDA CON MSS INTENSIDAD ❤️
Quien es el Amor de tu vida

Favorite movie and/or tv show?

RaquelAlissa’s Profile PhotoRaquel Alissa
Top favorites:
Law & Order: SVU....one of the best shows out there.
ER...Susan's my all-time fav. ER fan forever
Desperate Housewives...impossible not to like
Will & Grace...hilarious
Ghost Whisperer...even though I missed when Melinda helped Andrea cross over
Other favs:
Strong Medicine, Charmed, Sex & the City, America's Next Top Model, Girlfriends, Judging Amy, Miami Ink, Related
+1 answer in: “TV shows or movies?”

10 cosas de odalys duarte galindo (ebita)

1. Oda piut
2. Jessie accesorios
3. Ella me dijo lo anterior
4. Se está riendo
5. Dice qué Ximena Cerón es putaa jaja
6. Mmmmmm
7. Está conmigo
8. Yo estoy con ella
9. Hemos dormido juntas, ricoooo
10. Amor
11. Papada millón la de ella
12. Se compró un vestido como para prosti
13. Eber
14. Le cuento todo (hasta como hago del baño)
15. Ella me cuenta todo
16. Nunca se peina
17. Irán se fue jajaja
18. Adivina quién ya tiene Ask jajajaja
19. Nos caga el mismo niño
20. En los exámenes me ayudaba, ella acaba primero y pues sacaba la libreta y me la mostraba
21. En un examen de física pusimos puras mamadas como "la virgen sabe la respuesta a todo" "una fuerza muy fuerte"
22. 1x1 es 2
23. Vamos a ir al molino en chort y a pilos por su cumpleaños
24. No mames
25. Arely es negra
26. Iremos a Six jejeje
27. No lo comprendo
28. No hay error
29. El piojo y Odalys 4 everrr
30. Las dos traemos coverse
31. Sam pi o Jos
32. Estoy haciendo esto con ella jeje
33. Está viendo como escribo
34. Se está riendo
35. Ahhh, y está respirando
36. No para de reírse
37. Amigas forever and ever, always, together
38. Pedro de Gante vs. Las Américas
39. Nos caga Jesssssssssss
40. Ola
41. Me conoce hasta desnuda y yo a ella
42. Sólo falta qué nos bañemos juntas JAJAJA
43. Estamos casadas
44. Nos divorciamos porque borro una foto qué yo quería subir
45. Nos volvimos a casar
46. Ahora vivimos juntas como un verdadero matrimonio lesbianico
47. Mmmmmm
48. Sabe quien me gusta jejeje
49. Saldremos a romper madres jajaja
50. Vamos a box y a cross
51. Nos duelen un buen las piernas
52. A ella le duelen los brazos, a mi no
53. Amo a Eber como una loca ggggg
54. Tenemos 35 fotos juntas
55. 30 son con papada
56. Le gusta el pene jajajajajajajaja
57. Y de preferencia uno güero
58. No toma, no fuma, no se droga, no sale, ahhh, y no haces tareas
59. Ella siempre me viste jejeje
60. Ya casi es su cumple
61. Será toda una catorceoñera
62. Ayer se la mentó a un microbusero
63. Está bien rica mmmm
64. Todo eso es mío jeje
65. Eber púdrete, no ciertoooo
66. Oc
67. Ya voy
68. Llevamos 8 meses de conocernos y ya la tomo como una hermana
69. Oda si ves esto te amoooo
70. Gracias por todo
71. Siempre juntas mi gorda preciosa.

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10 cosas de odalys duarte galindo ebita

holaa :DD como vas? donde estudias? que te gusta hacer? porque te gusta que te pregunten? de donde eres? a quien quieres? q uien amas? como te gustan las mujeres? pasate :P muah :33

MiLeeXD’s Profile PhotoErika sarmiento
Hola Bien Gracias Estudio En El Colegio Mandalay Oivo Es una mierda jeje Me Gusta Tocar Guitarra Jugar Futbol Me Gusta Que La gente sepa de mii :3 Soy de Colombia bogota plaza de las americas :D soy diego Tengo 14 años Me gusta el rock el punk el metal y el rap un poco :D :p Amooo Demasiadooo A carolina ramirez la amoo demasiadoo Me Gustan Q sean Flojitas jijijijj Y q sean hermosas ehhehe Y Q les guste el futbol Y Q le guste el mismo genero musical mio Adios Gracias por la pregutna :* Besos Cuidate ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Language: English