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Qual a melhor forma de pegar um mentiroso no flagra?

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dz9ronin’s Q.TRANSL.
""What's the best way to catch a liar in the act?""
(very loosely ) . . . . . agree with the suspected lie . . . . engage in complex conversation (beginning simple) . . . . on the second phrase/ or sequence of the conversation , introduce false construct anomaly . . . and ask a question . . . . if they agree with the construct , ask them to explain it, feigning confusion . . . .
~ well , you have to play it as you go . . . . but they will become entangle and confused . . . at the telltale part , they won't be able to explain ...... you can do it in such a way that they don't realize they've been rumbled - if that is what you feel is best . I hate to see people break apart even when they have hideously lied . . . . it is often a very serious mental illness .
[I was married to a genuine pathological liar , for 13 years, until 28 years ago . . . it destroyed so many lives]
*these anthologies are well worth listening on phones*
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FK9YSri2xNQigotamatch’s Video 172600534650 FK9YSri2xNQigotamatch’s Video 172600534650 FK9YSri2xNQ
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oU7rqB9E_0Migotamatch’s Video 172600534650 oU7rqB9E_0Migotamatch’s Video 172600534650 oU7rqB9E_0M

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igotamatch’s Video 172600534650 FK9YSri2xNQigotamatch’s Video 172600534650 FK9YSri2xNQ

What is the best complement you’ve received?

I have a few that, stick out
“You’re so pretty, Ted Bundy definitely would’ve murdered you “
“You’re an anomaly on this planet, you’re someone so rare, there is no other person like you. I crave your insight and your mind “

*"like trying to sabotage the Core to destroy Hotland.." Wait but wasn't the CORE getting destroyed what caused the food shortage in Horrortale, without the power from the Core food couldn't be produced. Does Sans know that?*

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
/Classic Sans in the OG game does talk about timelines in the genocıde run and how there's an anomaly messing things up but he isn't aware of what exactly those timelines or Aus are, and this Au being another version of the classic timeline, they don't really know much about the others, I don't think Sans would know that destroying the Core could cause their timeline to end up like Horrortale, mostly because he's unaware that Horrortale exists/

Do you think you are a young or old soul? Do you ever feel as if you don’t belong in the generation you were born in?

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
Old, but only recently. I can no longer imagine what (other than money) motivated me to go into a job I mostly hated for 30+ years, what it is like to face commuter traffic every fucking day, caring about the work "initiative" du jour and dealing with all that crap. More importantly, I see much decline around me (family members with cancer, wife with Alzhiemers, my beloved country turned to a crapfest of dishonesty and hate, run by an impetuous six year old, and quite frankly, I don't have the blind optimism of youth anymore. Somehow, this shit got real.
I'm both. I'm very jaded and I've been through a lot of trauma even though I'm only 20, so I guess that makes me an old soul. I love old music and I vibe well with people older than me. But I'm kind of a young soul too, because part of me still wants so much to have a fun, young life. Partying, traveling, etc. And I always see the best in people. So I guess I mean young as in naïve but also vibrant and fun loving and reckless.
I feel like I am a old soul do to how much knowledge I have of country music, people look at me weird or surprised when I can name off a song and the year it was released, and people find it strange that I like classic music and nothing else really
I don't know that I've ever been called an old soul, but at 22 years old I have been told I seem like a deep thinker and that I give very good advice. Possibly as a result I am the go-to confidant for four or five of my close friends (of whom some have been running their problems by me since I was 15). It could be because I draw a lot from the experiences I have had, or the perspective I take on life, or something else entirely. I don't really know. And yes. I've been called an old soul by close friends/family and mere acquaintances alike since I was in my early teens. I've always gotten along better socially and intellectually with people years older than me (or, other "old souls" around my age). When I was 20, I had a brief fling with a 38 year old, and he told me he'd regularly forget I wasn't his age. I take it as a compliment, but I think it's as much a curse as it is a blessing. There are real benefits to being able to relate socially and intellectually with your peers, and I have a really hard time doing that.
I have a very hard time relating to people my own age, it's pretty miserable. I can remember being 10 and the only people who I really enjoyed talking to were my teachers. It's still sort of that way, I've been asked to have coffee and chat by a few of my professors because they don't feel I'm operating at an undergraduate level. I can't really relate to the whole "college life" experience or people my own age because I feel like I've already moved passed that part of my life.
I was one of those kids who never really cried, and would usually sit quietly in my own corner and observe people, and I guess that made me somewhat of an anomaly at that age.

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Have you ever felt that the kind of energy you give to people, you don’t get the same in return?

Lmao . So you might have read law of conservation of energy . That it can't be destroyed it only gets transfered from one body to another in one form or another right ? . And your question is based on that knowledge of law of conservation of energy . That's basic physics known to all but I am an anomaly . A deviation The energy I radiate to others . It gets destroyed . So NO . No return xd only give and give and give and I am happy 😊

I have this idea sometimes that what if ending your own life triggers an anomaly where you repeat everything you've ever done with no recollection if it and you repeat that until you actually finish out to the end naturally. I know I've got issues don't worry I'm good.

cirruskye’s Profile PhotoCirrus Skies
Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that making the assumption that the universe cares enough about individuals to make that happen?
I personally believe we are reborn, but how we die it cares not.
Or else wouldn’t the same happen for animals that are slowly eaten alive by other animals? That death is just as painful and terrifying. By logic, that should be just as “wrong” or “terrible” as suicide.
The truth is that how we suffer and die is completely in the hands of fate, which is just as brutal, seemingly random and yet balanced as Mother Nature.
The universe doesn’t care at all for the sufferings of individuals.
It creates and destroys with the same merciless indiscriminacy of an artist drawing and erasing mere pencil sketches.
If you’re being watched over by a god or goddess however, such a thing could be possible if they decided to cause that.
But the universe itself is chaotic, creative/destructive, merciless and indiscriminate.

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Write your favorite quote.

This notion of university friends being sneks has been blown way outta proportion. The thing is when you first enter the university you try to make friends with everybody since you're scared of ending up alone, but eventually you come to the realization that you're not like some of those people(you're apples and oranges if you will)so you part ways with the said group of people.It literally happens to all of us and shouldn't be deemed an anomaly.

https://prntscr.com/sye45f baš je bilo čudno što Jordan kao kaže Clarke gets into the anomaly valjda je tako nešto bilo i ono par sekundi kasnije pojavljuje se onaj vojnik. 🧐 Nadam se da ih neče sjebati nekako. I sa ostalim koje sam zaokružila se slažem. 🤷🏼‍♀️

allwhatyouwanttoknow’s Profile Photoα кιѕѕ ƒяσм α яσѕє
- Daaa, meni je to sumnjivo, ali mi je bilo sumnjivo i kada je ušao u Anomaliju, nisam očekivala da će on ućii... A i ja se slažem sa svim ostalim..
[ The 100 - Indra & Clarke ]
httpsprntscrcomsye45f  baš  je bilo čudno što Jordan kao kaže Clarke gets into

كنت أنتظر جواب أطول وأعمق. أود فعلا معرفة ما الأشياء المهمة التي تعلمتها منه

One major thing that attracted me to Jordan Peterson is his concern about brooding and the nasty attitude against being because whenever I was angry at just one minor anomaly, be it in people or things, I would negatively ruminate over every bad thing and conceal or perhaps manifest in passive ways my revenge and resentment. When I was young, I was extremely interested in ideas and things, so love or caring for others did not come naturally to me. I even cringed in any situation that is reminiscent of genuine human interactions. By virtue of this, I was not swayed by friendships, love, or any relationship except for certain role models. I used to love many people whom I could never meet due to their unparalleled ingenuity and commitment to what they chose to stake their lives on. Back in high school, I was easily hateful. As a consequence, I was utterly genocidal. The conclusion that life is not worth the suffering was not my conclusion, but mine was that I had to take revenge against whatever irritated me. And people irritated me. I was disgusted, angry, and more than willing to wreak havoc in many people's lives, and I did, to an unpleasant degree. However, and thankfully, I was in Raskolnikov's shoes. I was not happy with myself, and I understood that there had to be some serious confrontations with myself for a better change or, at least, to keep my malevolence at bay. Accidentally, my eyes captured a couple of short videos for Jordan Peterson, and they precisely spoke to the part of me that was after nothing but destruction. Peterson articulated such dark emotions and desires in ways I, as a person who possessed and perhaps still possesses them, cannot describe. The fact that there was someone as serious as Jordan Peterson was about the problem of resentment was relieving and energizing at the same time. And from that moment on, I centered my personal philosophy around Peterson's contributions to the religious domain because religions are the best intellectual sources that deal with evil. It has been 18 months since I first knew Peterson, and I could confirm that I owe much of my latest personal, academic, and INTERPERSONAL progress to him.

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Lol pew pew pew I thought you was going to say that Swedish youtuber's name which starts with the letter p. Or you was going to say poo poo poo😅 or something else. Anyways pianta I'll look him up is he an artist singer?. And I'm cheerful but not always I try to be.:) that counts at least ithink

Nah. I don't watch pewdiepie anymore. I watch Anomaly tho, which is a swedish youtuber/streamer.
Pianta is a gamer. He plays League of Legends, it's funny to watch him, even if I don't play League these days.
Yep, let's make your day and every day, happy c:

Lyrical Question: HAVE YOU EVER... ?Thrown a fistful of glitter in the air? ? Danced with the devil in the cold moonlight? ? Needed something so bad you can’t sleep at night? ? Hitched a free ride on a train? ? Laid there thinking ‘was it all a dream?’ ? Seen the rain comin’ down on a sunny day?

CactusDoug’s Profile PhotoDoug
I've never any , other than rain in shine ; not that uncommon ~ I can clearly & consciously recall the first time , around age 4~5 , and querying the phenomenon as it seem then (just thought it was an unbelievable anomaly ...........)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vs6KGcIFqa8igotamatch’s Video 156237646202 Vs6KGcIFqa8igotamatch’s Video 156237646202 Vs6KGcIFqa8
Lyrical Question HAVE YOU EVER 
Thrown a fistful of glitter in the air  Danced
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تعرفي المشكلة في ايه، ان احد الرياضيين الذكور كان عنده genetic variation بتخليه ينتج نص كمية ال lactic acid اللي غيره بينتجها وده طبعا بيساعده على الفوز، وساعتها الميديا احتفلت بيه وانها gift وانه حظه كويس، لكن الست دي اتهاجمت عشان مستوى التستوستيرون في جسمها *الطبيعي* بيساعدها تفوز ولازم تقلله 💔

U mean Michael Philips, he crossed my mind and I did compare the situations in my head, Philips' anomaly is somatic, genetic yes but somatic, not sexual, and sex is a basis for separation in sports, being intersex literally puts u out of the two categories, having less lactic acid doesn't, he is still male, his advantage doesn't disqualify him from any category, so I would rule in his favor to compete against men still not women since sex separation still applies here, so it isn't double standards in my opinion.
She on the other hand is female in gender but intersex in sex, and that makes her have an advantage that we already separated the sexes for, and she has the option to compete with men, no one said don't compete at all, but if she asks "well it isn't fair since men are stronger because they have more testosterone!" That would be her, admitting that including her in women's sports isn't fair either, that's why I agree that she shouldn't be allowed to compete with women, and I do feel that it's unfair to her, but less ppl are facing injustice in that choice so I choose it.

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That's awesome! 😲 what are your favorite countries so far? And you're an anomaly in that you actually like French food 😂 i've tried some but it wasn't in the actual country so i may have to go there and see if it's not just me paying too much loll

KingMwiza’s Profile PhotoMufufu
favorite countries are probably Greece, Bermuda, England, Spain, portugal.
well I don't really go out of my way to eat it though 😋
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Thats interesting. If capitalists admit that socialist European countries do well, then they must admit that some implementation of socialism actually works, so i think it helps your argument rather than hurts it.

They don't want to admit it, of course, and wherever they can't undermine and sabotage socialism they will make excuses to dismiss it as an anomaly and exception.
For example people say "oh well, easy for Norway to take care of its people, their population is so small!" but socialism is easier to maintain at scale, that's a point anyone who uses insurance should understand, so a smaller country is actually a disadvantage, your labour pool is smaller, your costs are less distributed.
Or they'll say "they couldn't afford it if they weren't sitting on so much fossil fuel" which is a non sequitur, all countries have some sort of natural wealth that they exploit for trade, most of it is finite, so we can only judge how leaders utilise that wealth to benefit their people and build resilience. Norway may have a trillion dollar fund for its people funded by oil exports, but they used that to build up an energy infrastructure that means 99% of their electricity comes from renewable sources, specifically hydropower.. so once that natural wealth is gone (or too dangerous to keep extracting), they don't need it to survive. Compare this to an idiotic backwater like Australia, it's land rich with coal and uranium, but we let private companies pull it out and sell it to us and other countries to keep the lights on. What do our people get out of it? Coal mining jobs, until it's fully automated. It's simply evil.
This returns us to the original quote. The problem with socialism is that ideally no one gets to be rich anymore. The problem with industrialisation is that eventually we suck the planet dry and everyone dies.

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+3 answers in: “What do you think about Margaret Thatcher's alleged quote about socialism - 'The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.'?”

gender of a person depends on their genitals. that makes a person either male or female. there can never be a third gender because there can never be a third genital.

Solonaswillalwaysbetheawesomest’s Profile PhotoSolonas
no, you're thinking about sex. your sex is dependent upon your chromosomes, which in term influences what genitalia you develop. there's also a term called intersex, which is a chromosomal anomaly in which people aren't entirely male or female.
gender, however, is different from your sex. you can be a man, woman, non-binary, etc etc. gender exists on a spectrum so there's really no "number" as to how many genders there are, but nevertheless they all fall under the trans spectrum unless a person is cisgender (meaning their gender aligns with their assigned sex).

اختيارك بينتج عنه حاجات كتير جدا فى حياتك وحياة غيرك حتى لو هتاثر ع حاجات ماديه ف الكون كله الموضوع برضو مرتبط برصيد حظك بمعنا الخير اللى عملته ف حياتك سلبى او ايجابى هيفيدك ادام يعنى مثلا وقع سيخ حديد ادمك بس قبل ما يوقع كان فى عمله نقديه ع الارض نزلت تخدها فا اتاخرت فا بتالى الحديد موقعش عليك

وحتي لو كانت اختياراتي بتأثر علي غيري ولو كانت العملة انقذتني من الموت .. بس دي كلها تأثيرات مادية برضو مش روحية
الحظ ما هو الا statistical anomaly (والله في حاجات معرفش اقولها بالعربي 😂) والعشوائية دي هي اللي احنا بنفسره انه حظ
انا شخصيا باحاول اعمل الخير مع اني مش مقتنع انه اكيد هيتردلي .. وفي رأيي المتواضع ان ده احسن من اللي بينتظر مردود الخير بتاعه كإنه وصل امانة .. من الاخر اعمل خير وارميه البحر
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Dr, a newborn swallow milk , he become cyanotic and after 3 days he develops pneumonia , a tracheoesophageal fistula is suspected , cause of anomaly eh ??

Lack or abnormal development of tracheo oesophageal septum
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Temperature anomaly over Europe in the next 5 days: it will be way warmer (~10 °C warmer) than average across most of Scandinavia, early summer there!

pogodailza’s Profile PhotoPogoda, Weather
Central and parts of southern and southeastern Europe also warmer than average. Western Europe, on the other hand, will be mostly around average temperatures for mid-May. Map: Climate Reanalyzer
Source: https://www.facebook.com/severeweatherEU/photos/a.1423656947857402.1073741825.1377757209114043/2223670747856014/?type=3
Temperature anomaly over Europe in the next 5 days it will be way warmer 10 C

It’s really an anomaly that you listen to ghazals most people don’t listen to it like of your generation

They don’t HAVE to. I mean, it’s okay for them to not like them. Everybody has different taste, but I know some people from my generation who listen to ghazals and enjoy them. I love them because they’re so pure and the lyrics are so meaningful. And the singers, their voices are so different and nobody compares to them.

there are anons out there who hate everyone Nightmare is a pr*ck Error sees her as an anomaly other than that I dunno, she's likable despite her human flesh eating issues

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
((Which is weird being i find flesh eating a big red flag for people to stay away buttt she has not a single pure human friends so it's never a big problem except when she tries to eat nova's friends. sure nova is part human but being a hybird AND her best friend makes wendy not interested in eating her ))

Hi there! Since all your answers are beautifully verbalised, do you happen to have any tips for a fellow hobby author that struggles enhancing their style?

Leelillen’s Profile PhotoLee
You will always have the desire of writing something that you can imagine, feel intense emotions towards, and construct in a way that fits your original idea.
However, as you grow as an author, you will come to a grave realization: Just because you are satisfied with your writing does not mean that others feel the same towards it. This is due to past experiences. Some peoole have not experienced what you have. A void of information is typically formed in the detailed phase of writing.
For example, if I wanted to emphasize the anomalies of life, I could satisfy myself by simply stating, "Life is much too complicated. There is an infinite amount of possibilities... Time manipulation, divine power, and even magic."
Notice how you do not feel much when you read this, but I do, as I stated my innermost desires. But I was missing one major aspect: You have to sync your perspective with your readers. This can only occur with the appropriate amount of detail, in which you manipulate to evoke emotions.
"Life itself has proven to be an anomaly too intricate for beings with limitations to come close to solving. For we cannot comprehend the concept of nothingness, nor the concept of infinity. We are left wandering around reality in such a short span of its' existence, with distractions that sway you away from the original idea- the internet, significant others, childish dreams. Reality we live in is much more unique that we could ever imagine, and it is upsetting to see that we give it much less credit than is due. In comparison to the universe, our level of insignificance is not worth the headache to measure. But these thoughts are something that humans- the first animals to evolve instinct into reasoning- will never stop speculating."
I believe that in writing, you have to resonate your words, thoughts, and emotions together. Only then will you be able to reach out to the audience in a way that they could understand, sympathize, and construct off of your perspective.

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Hi there Since all your answers are beautifully verbalised do you happen to have

Эстафета✨ Твои музыкальные ассоциации?перешли тем кто ❤️ 1)песня которая напоминает тебе о близком человеке2)какие песни у тебя вызывают мурашки3)какая песня вызывает вызывает смех4)что чаще всего ты напеваешь5) песня которая ассоциируется у тебя с подругой

1) С первых дней у меня ассоциируется с Дроном:
Shinedown - Sound Of Madness
2) -Lord Swan3x, Soberts, Code:Pandorum & KRAM - Night Of The Crows (feat. Messinian)
- Synops - Anomaly (feat. Messinian)
- Celldweller - Just Like You
- In This Moment – Bones
- Akira Yamaoka feat. Melissa Williamson - Tender Sugar
- Freak Slaughter feat. Hypomaniacs - Terror Style
- Chelsea Wolfe- Carrion Flowers
3) Разве что истерическую улыбку:
- MC Bushpig and MC Mangina- Eat My Rotten Meat
4) Celldweller – Shapeshifter
5) C Алёной, пожалуй, эта: Halsey - Castle
С Настей: Family Force 5 - Supersonic
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Maaf ya kak aku banyak nanya :( kakak dapat ide nulis anomaly itu berdasarkan pengalaman atau tiba2 jeng jeng langsung dapet gitu kak atau khayalan kakak ? Just asking ya kak

pitanatnat’s Profile PhotoRatna Nadia Puspita
Inspirasi awal dr film Bollywood. Tapi aku kembangin. Sebagian dari pengamatan di real life dan pengalaman pribadi. Sisanya berkhayal :v

Temperature anomaly map for Europe this afternoon, Sunday, June 11: hot across SW and W-CNTRL Europe with temperature anomaly locally +10 °C or more than the long term average!

pogodailza’s Profile PhotoPogoda, Weather
Look at the Iberian peninsula and particularly the Alps, with the latter nearly +15 °C warmer.
Source: https://www.facebook.com/severeweatherEU/photos/a.1423656947857402.1073741825.1377757209114043/2023518924537865/?type=3&permPage=1
Temperature anomaly map for Europe this afternoon Sunday June 11 hot across SW

Temperature anomaly (850 mbar) over Europe over the next 2 weeks in GFS model guidance. As a strong ridge forms, very warm airmass, 10 °C or warmer than average for this period over the Iberian peninsula and France into UK and Ireland

pogodailza’s Profile PhotoPogoda, Weather
An omega blocking pattern begins forming towards the end of the week, with lower pressure area and colder weather over E-SE Europe and also a cutoff low moving towards the Iberian peninsula, bringing more unsettled weather. Map: Tropical Tidbits
Source: video: https://www.facebook.com/severeweatherEU/videos/2012259858997105/
Temperature anomaly 850 mbar over Europe over the next 2 weeks in GFS model

5-day temperature anomaly forecast for Europe (GFS model guidance): most of Europe will be warmer than average (1979-2000), in particular the warmest regions will be N Italy and W Alps.

pogodailza’s Profile PhotoPogoda, Weather
5day temperature anomaly forecast for Europe GFS model guidance most of Europe

Here is the 2m temperature anomaly across Europe through the next 10 days; notice a very obvious cold outbreak after Monday, affecting east, central and N Europe as well as parts of Mediterranean and whole Balkan peninsula.

pogodailza’s Profile PhotoPogoda, Weather
Unreal as it is, it's becoming increasingly likely occurence. Stay tuned for further updates as this could be a significant cold stress / frost danger threat for crops and agricultures.
Source: https://www.facebook.com/severeweatherEU/videos/2003685099854581/
Here is the 2m temperature anomaly across Europe through the next 10 days notice

5-day GFS temperature anomaly forecast for the Arctic region: very warm across Greenland, with temperatures about 10 °C higher than the 1979-2000 average!

pogodailza’s Profile PhotoPogoda, Weather
Also in the warm patch of air is Iceland, with similarly high temperatures. Otherwise the Arctic ocean is about average, with some areas warmer and some colder than average. Colder than average in extreme northern Canada
Source: https://www.facebook.com/severeweatherEU/photos/a.1423656947857402.1073741825.1377757209114043/2000465066843251/?type=3
5day GFS temperature anomaly forecast for the Arctic region very warm across

History is irrelevant in this debate. What Mesopotamian civilizations did thousands of years ago doesn't validate your argument. No credible scientists have supported the existence of more than two genders. And intersex people like you exist because you guys want attention. Sigh. Is that all?

please enlighten me how the fact that my chromosomes are xxy, don't have a fully functional endocrine system, have physical health issues, cannot have biological children, cannot reach "full puberty" without aid of external hormones prescribed by an endocrinologist and the fact that i'm considering an anomaly in medical terms is ""attention seeking"".

Let's consider you get married. Would let your wife sleep on the same bed as yours when she's on her period? Because like periods are considered dirty. Would you mind that? Ps: no hate, just a question!


No, I meant adults dont want to be associated with a website mostly full of teens. I didnt tbh. More adults would lead to better questions I think.

& I meant adults don't reliably produce better content than teens. Also, as someone who produces content moreso than seeks it, a teen audience isn't a great deal less likely to be receptive to my shit than adults have been, traditionally, & are also less likely to respond to it by threatening to kill me.
If I were looking to make friends & such, then I could understand seeking someplace w/ demographics predominantly closer to mine. As I'm mostly concerned w/ influencing ppl politically rather than befriending them, then teens are as up for ignoring me as anyone else. Again, in some ways being ignored is preferable to being threatened & abused.
When I was a teenager, what I wanted even more than getting my dick wet or to drink UDLs - which seems to be what we assume teens are exclusively interested in - I wanted answers. I have those answers, now, & they're here for any poor lost souls who might be seeking them.
Maybe this is just an unusual approach, but the formatting here suited my needs, & the userbase demographics of any given place that suits me is something I consider a price of doing business. If the site had mostly been right-wing rednecks, then I'd've prepared myself to fight a lot & use "y'all" more often. If it'd been old ppl, I'd have prepared myself to get into scraps over the minutia of modern history & the bible. If it'd been gen X NIMBYs, I'd have boned up on cycling laws & hybrid engines. As it's teens here, I've spent a lot of time talking about atheism, sexuality, & interpersonal drama. If I can't speak relevantly about what the ppl around me what to hear, that's my shortcoming, not the site's, or the users'.
I talk to whoever's around. Seeking the kind of ppl you already want to speak to is a good way to a) not learn anything, & b) have your voice lost in a sea of similar voices. I'm an anomaly on ask.fm, & I like it that way. There's nothing wrong w/ not wanting to be on a website full of teens, or any other demographic preference, but the assumptions that adults = better questions has not been my experience.

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hi! i was wondering if you have any favourite songs to write to. like, songs that really make you feel, or really inspire you?

I think I'm probably an anomaly here, but I don't actually listen to music when I write. I find I can't concentrate properly. When I'm imagining the characters talking to one another, the lyrics from songs always interfere with that.

If instead of eyes, nose and mouth, we had a single body part that would do what all those three do. What would it be like and how would it affect our lives?

Exactly like that froge with an anomaly that its eyes lies in the mouth cavity , we would have horrible lives 🙃

Like a ball of fire you warm my heart. Melt it to be forever taken as yours. In a crowd of thousands , cold at heart I'll seek you from the warmth of your anomaly , that lies in there un felt , unearthed waiting to be uncovered . Hiding behind veil of discomfort for a merrier time is sought .

I got a secret admirer ??

زميلتنا آية زكريا 3 صيدلة توفيت امبارح ..ياريت تدعولها :(( ربنا يحسن ختامنا

hagerturky’s Profile Photohager turky
A young adult female , aged about 22 years old . she is considered a type A personality
so let me guess the cause of death
3% congenital anomaly
7% depression or mental illness
20% non-communicable disease
30 % accident or violence
40% communicable disease
ربنا يغفرلها و يرحمهـا ويسـكنها فسـيح جنانه , ويجعل مرضها شفيع ليها
ويرزق أهلهـا الصبر والسـلوان ,, ولكم منا خالص العزاء

Do you drink coffee regularly ? Have you ever , do you ever experience any anomaly from missing your coffee ? (I get a blinding headache if I go more than 24hrs without !) Anything else you 'miss' ? ~STAIF~

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Yeee, I mean.. I only drink it when j feel like it. That's bad, you must be addicted to coffee then lol.
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Do you drink coffee regularly ? Have you ever , do you ever experience any anomaly from missing your coffee ? . (I get a blinding headache if I go more than 24hrs without !) . ~ Anything else you 'miss' ? ~STAIF~

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I do, I shouldn't but I do and I also get headaches when I go too long without it, it's the caffeine withdrawal. That's why Excedrin has caffeine as an active component. I miss a lot of other things tbh.
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