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If you ask questions on here or have in the past: Do you tend to write out questions in advance or send them out as you think of them? Where do you tend to draw inspiration from, if anything? 💬

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
i asked questions on here fairly consistently for over five years. people would send me messages or like a post to opt in for my "question spams", as we were calling them. i would then send out a block of 3-10 questions once a week, every week (on average).
most of the time, these questions had a theme, whether they were all connected to each other (e.g. questions about music taste) or came from a greater category i thought up creative questions for. as an example, i once sent out a solar system themed spam, and though i don't remember the specific questions i asked, it would have gone something like this: "(saturn) how many rings do you own? do you enjoy wearing rings, or do prefer to keep your fingers free?"
i would usually type these questions up in advance so they could be sent out within a certain timeframe. at other times, i sent out "question of the day" type questions, which were often impromptu.
i haven't sent out questions on here in over two years because the culture on the site has changed dramatically. most of the users who enjoyed my questions are now gone, so when i came back to using the site more regularly again, i adapted to the shoutout function. despite not sending out nearly as many questions as i had before, i started getting anonymous harassment for being "annoying" and asking "dumb" questions. this completely ruined my interest in being curious about other people on this site, so i decided to hang up my metaphorical hat and just... retire. lmao.

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We always have a good time in my dreams..

i’m sorry …
but if you are not him❤️
i don’t want to be in your dreams
why you let someone have dreams about me…?!)))
i’m only his… anonymous
and do not
feel absolutely nothing about another men
sorry ‘ but
it’s true.
i answer like this because i don’t like give hopes…
(i’m about men)
and you could meet your real love… and have good time not only in dreams…
dreams it’s so beautiful…
and never stop dreaming…
just change your dreams

i’m not coming true …
and don’t waste your time…
i became more kind … ( about men who loves me) because i answer here
before i even not answered
not here every where … not meeting
just didn’t want …
because how i answered a ‘million ‘men …no it’s not true i just didn’t want
i was like Cinderella ‘prince - in that mean
don’t care about men…
he didn’t care from word absolutely about girls
till he meet her.( i’m mean. - in this meaning)
and i always feel my self as Thumbelina… ( not about height, her prince was near her height because he was for her)
everyone wanted marry her…( from ‘first see’)
but no one approached her… because her prince … was from ‘another lands’…
i maybe one time here write about
i don’t remember…
but i’m not talk about but inside
and every time i tried avoid …
when you know like about some guys o, Inna that rich guy fall in love with you… he want marry you
i tried quickly abstract…
you know like Inna you will have so beautiful life…
and in that moment it was a lot of times because from my teen age someone every time wanted marry me…
and really guys … not about i’m magic or i feel even not about inside me i was so upset
like my life over.
is i born for this..?! was that question in me
yes absolutely about
absolutely rich family …beautiful guys … nice
i was felt so
but … and every time love and ‘strength’ the one with whom i will be win.
yes, i’m like this i didn’t need beautiful dates …or places or travel waste my beauty or after break with them… answered on messages or
from anyone …
i didn’t know from where … but it was in me from my childhood.
yes i want everything … and even more …but from whom i love
i stubborn .
when you feel how
it’s easy …
i never let myself be with someone whom i don’t love…
and don’t let myself love someone who don’t love me!
(but not exist men who see me and not immediately fall in love )
and i was right.
i feel ‘meet’ him
i’m his…❤️
only and will.

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Haha “food guy” is a good nickname ngl. Yeah you seem to be fun, funny answers on the wall too, also it’s nice to see a 5-7 year old profile active on ask, I’m from the same time too. Anyways, so you’re saying no to the anonymous treat? Haha. Btw whats your fav types of food? Any fav places?

Good to know, Ask at that time was elite now its just too messy lol
Um My food choice is really diverse😭I really like chinese and italian food
Desi too but depends on the mood
Im also a fan of street food😭😂
Fav places in Lahore, I really really like Yums, Mandarin kitchen and Pf chang for chinese these are my go to places!! Honestly I enjoy everywhere as long as the company is good and the environment is comfortable

Imagine hurting the girl God sent to heal you: I can’t imagine..

yes, i’m magic anonymous
everyone know about… no need trying to hide it…
but it’s big mistake
to think that i sent by God, for healing.
i’m not sent to anyone for healing…
such thoughts give rise the wrong attitude about me
and interferes my happiness and actions about me as a girl!!!
you are wrong.
I’m absolutely beautiful… delicious… and magical girl
created for absolutely unreal
love… and born to be happy and make
my man…❤️ most happiest man in this world…
and if usual girls need a lot of attention… love care
i need million times more.
i do not deny the healing ❤️‍ is part of love… but not main thing…
i only had choose a man whom i would allow to make me happy
i made a choice inside me or i meet my destiny
you could call it how you want .
and i don’t know who you are anonymous
but my man❤️
will never allow himself hurt me.
first he is not that type of men
and what most important
he love and will love me ..
even more that i love him.
i feel only like that…
yes, a lot of people read my thoughts here…
i publish…
and of course like love
but it’s not about mutual
mutual about that man… about whom i write
and it’s not about another women
everyone have his her own life and history of love.
i don’t have absolutely
nothing to do with it !
love that you love me guys
but my private life is my private life…
only one man❤️ has to do with this
it’s him❤️

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Since your breasts are saggy and droopy, did you ever think of fixing your downward-pointing nîpples with a breast lift?

Your attempt to troll my page about MY breast is so boring, I dunno what you think ima do,get annoyed a feel the need to prove you wrong 😂 i literally couldn’t care less about what an anonymous who has never seen my body has to say about it, plus I’m a grown ass adult who understands that change happens especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding, I also know exactly where my nipples are 😂😂do yourself a favour a get a life or at least research. Good luck

How can you read my feelings?

❤️i can… and read only his feelings…
like he could read mine…❤️
it’s magic how.
and only our love know answer.

sorry ‘
anonymous i’m not read … just because i don’t want another men feelings
from wishes:
How can you read my feelings

@lucy444morningstar is the towns local hoe girl sleeps with everyone’s baby dads also stabs people in the back and mistreats all her friendships girl is a nasty person even allowed her dog to bite someone else’s 2 yr old 😂

Bullying anonymously, great. You won't come off Anonymous to say these things so I don't believe you. Sounds personal and bitter, get over yourself. Congrats @lucy444morningstar you have fans! ❤️

Mental illness does not make you a bad person

This app is in desperate need for an ai that can filter these garbage shoutouts.. I don't know how most of you still have anonymous questions enabled.. I have to turn it off to limit this waterfall of trash

Te gusta la guerra ?

Mucho ✨pero no a todos❤️‍🔥 no aguantan la violencia o verla , A las de Ucrania y Jaliscos si 😚I was looking at my ask and I am unintentionally hurtful 👌I will hardly post bad things, or videos anymore✨ last time today It's funny that almost all the questions are about sex and from women who rule half of them are not anonymous, now what shows I will analyze, but it should also allow me to show what I want example, Thousands of European followers and other things should not make someone from Latin America jealous👌and report it to me (I have 2 Instagrams that's why I filled out my other profile) I miss my first ask that in Highlights I had many posts from followers and my flabby or videos of mine, tonight I will show how Russian men, Sinaloa, immigrants, Muslims, blacks, Chinese and others are eliminated, and then I will almost not put that on, the Jaliscos and Ukrainians I but the women from those places and I have several in love with me ❤️, if I show Ukrainian followers someone will be jealous of a woman and it will be deleted, in highlights a long time ago there were only 4 publications left of the 30 that I showed equal to those because to someone It made him jealous 😴 He also won't let me record money or show Jalisco cartel violence🔥

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Liked by: soniafer8 Germán

> the totally anonymous person that sent this, i mean, alexander monroe has a free pass to do anything and i’ll still adore him - Man, I'm sure glad Lex didn't send that! He's a crafty one. I'm just looking out for you. -Alexander Monroe who totally isn't Lex writing this. 🤣🤣🤣 💗

I know he’s crafty. He’s probably raking leaves right now while a certain leaf is taking secret pictures. 🤣🤣🤣💗

> it’s not appropriate for anyone to rake leaves. it is disruptive to nature and the natural process of the earth - Communist hippie horsesh!t. See? I was totally right about you. Send my apologies to Lex. And a cheeseburger. -Alexander Monroe

What the anon said is right but the totally anonymous person that sent this, I mean, Alexander Monroe has a free pass to do anything and I’ll still adore him. He’s the only one. 😛🤣

> one of the ones with the man that may or may not look like a certain ask friend - Nope, looks totally nothing like him. AI lied to you. Totally. Delete, apologize and never do it again or I'll tell Alexander Monroe to have Sage call the police. -Totally not Lex but some other person. Totally.

I’m sorry, totally anonymous person. Please forgive. 🥺 I told you already that I can’t help that when I describe what my ideal man looks like to AI that is comes out possibly looking like a certain person. 😛🤣

How and when did you came across ask.fm and decided to join it?

Ssars’s Profile PhotoSayed Sibtain Ali Rizvi
i think 2014..15... humara ek chutiya kisam ka dost tha uski ek gf the ye usko anonymous question behjta tha and batata tha dheko bara fit app he isme college ki ye ye ye wali sab girls hein or inko anonymous questions ke saktey😂😂😹😹 okay joined to tease our friend ..uska be breakup karwaya and oro ko tang be kia 😹😹... im from that time of ask jaab log.. ask se kik groups me jatey the... Do anybody here know kik app?

Which is the most gorgeous looking movie you've seen? 🎬😍

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I don't know why but "This Beautiful Fantastic" came into my mind immediately. It might not be the 'most gorgeous looking movie' I have ever seen but someone anonymous recommended it to me here and told me that I remind them of the protagonist. And it has such a profound meaning too because in order to turn chaos into beauty you have to be part of the ugly sides first and grow alongside the mess.
Which is the most gorgeous looking movie youve seen

Asleep or awake, I dream of you all the same..

sorry’ anonymous…
i let ask myself anonymously because inside me of course i’m magical girl and feel a lot of things…
but if you are not him…🕷️🕸❤️
i’m sorry anonymous.
i’m sorry guys.
i’m his …🕷️🕸❤️
only… and absolutely
“drunken in our love “
without any alcohol… i’m never in my life do not drink even beer .
don’t worry i’m absolutely crazy..
and not normal …without alcohol
or something…
and here a lot of questions about high or something
i’m without absolutely crazy…
and you know inside me i feel that
i answered before my fresh mind my look he need it i feel like that
not tell about my aura or my magic… ✨
“could call a rain don’t angry me…”
sorry’ anonymous
it’s my favorite to say:
baby … 🕷️🕸❤️are
you ready for that words from me ?! when we will be have fun of course.
your words abs.
serious i understand
that… anonymous
because i’m in it
like to all guys… i could say only
because i’m his…🕷️🕸❤️ only .
yes i’m deep but i don’t want
a lot of men fall in love with me
and prefers joke form
like that a lot of will be think i’m normal
my loyalty and faithful absolutely important!

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Don’t fall for the person. Fall for the story, that they are creating with you . Actions don’t lie..

thank you…✨ anonymous
it’s absolutely good advice .
but i think … for me
must be
everything in one.
when you fall in love and inside
you of course waiting
what he will do…
and when he starting do everything like you feel and want and inside
you only plus… plus …plus…unconsciously…
of course
only your receptors transmit your heart and your body
beautiful feelings like joy
from what he is do
because “no one not sitting and writing “
love became more beautiful… more ‘rich’… more grateful inside…
more bringer …
and inside you only
satisfaction from his actions
story could be absolutely beautiful
like i said before depends from man
his tasty … his material security
… desires …dreams …with you about you…
what you both love
all gammas of feelings
but in me i have one no.
i want everything from the one man
my man…🕷️🕸❤️
love his personality… appearance..
everything in him so
and he do beautiful actions for me …
here a lot of words … i think everyone throws my lines even …feel how i love .
but for you anonymous
my answer:
thank you…✨
it’s good words

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I can’t live if living is without you..

oh oh …anonymous
it’s bad i’m sorry!
i absolutely understand your feelings…
even we don’t know each other
but all my life even when people says that i eat a men hearts…
because i didn’t want to date with anyone…
i was honest always.
with everyone… no i haven’t
meet with them and on “meet”explain or something…
no absolutely
just makes them felt that i don’t want anything… with anyone
and still and here … i’m honest
because i know
because i love.
right now
i’m his …🕷️🕸❤️ only
and will.
i’m magical girl .
i’m sorry… but you will live without me…
because i’m not your real love
sorry… absolutely sorry!
but for me it’s important
even most beauty queen don’t have i think
God , girls was ready kills each other for that guys
whome i answered no.
and because it’s sound like i’m boast i’m not tell that stories…
tell or not
it was happened with me…
i’m like this.
only one magic in this world…
write or not
everyone understands that …
ups , sorry anonymous
you know i wrote about before
for a little time i was have a bodyguard because was dangerous …
all men who saw me was have only one thought
is she want marry her from my teen years ( i’m about marriage)
God maybe i’m terrible why they are all wanted marry me 🙃
they are even not think about
and you know
when men asked him
who is she ?!
and etc he was old man
and always answered them
search in your nation …
on your study work in social media
in every nation have beautiful girls…
not only Inna exist
but only Inna was exist for them.
i swear
and after he tells me about
like… you are most beautiful
but i so afraid about
( he was believed in all that stuff about the evil eye )
that they’ll jinx you and you’ll get sick… or stolen you… or something
no, i’m not a celebrity…
just beautiful magical girl💚💚
and how many days have i lived
every day i was have beautiful story
for me it’s all was about fun
i swear
after i started
my diary and it was most
weird times in my life…(
i don’t have any beautiful memory about my diary
but diary
brought me to you…🕷️🕸❤️
about you… anonymous
i’m so sorry
i can’t live too…
but without him …🕷️🕸❤️
i’m his only
and wish you to found your real love…
and you know if you are not magic about person don’t need dream or imagine
you need getting to know each other
day by day
it’s about a lot of time of your life
i only could tell you don’t need do that with everyone
only with special
or who you want make special
i love when person special him or herself and man or woman
makes him absolutely especial
but it’s about me
because i’m magic
some men even alcoholic weird women calls princess
all depends from men
sorry , everyone have those own taste …
i’m not
and never judge anyone
i’m just absolutely bad girl
( yes , i know that i’m not it’s just word)
in that moments love and could be beautiful and magical only !
sorry ‘anonymous
sorry guys!

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If you lost your shoe at the annual ball and a Prince went around the town looking for a woman who’s foot the shoe fit on, how would you feel?

I had a such moment when i lost my shoe… not on ball yet
of course…
not with my Prince yet …
on street… i was with my beautiful mom
and i was called Cinderella…
and i heard about myself
she so beautiful
something special in her
(it’s long story i wrote here and everywhere before….)
with the question Cinderella where is your Prince ?!
you know anonymous your question makes me absolutely happy …
reason know only two people in this world
me and my 🕸❤️
and i think about before …. The Prince was meet with the Cinderella a few times
but always forget how she looks
ok at first time she was looks like little slob…
but face
and on the ball
he was talking to her a couple of minutes ago… and suddenly forgetting how she looks
how so…?!
and made all the women of kingdom measure Cinderellas shoe…
of course the are always and will be those why want to try on fate
especially such beautiful one…
who will refuse no one … a lot of women even “fighting “ for that
adjusting a lot of things…
but love is love …
and it’s story about true love .
and i have already written about Prince absolutely didn’t care about those “ladies “
or about love …
around him …
who tried to ring him
until he met his Cinderella…
world not change… “ladys “
purpose the Prince , Princes
they are on every events where be Prince…
try devolop rumors…
And Prince …?! Prince don’t care
he doesn’t meet his Cinderella yet…
we not met to each other yet.

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Why do you always go after someone who doesn't want you and then cry on social media? 🌚

saadniazi61’s Profile PhotoSAAD NIAZI.
I feel sad for people who do this really..they find social media as a thing to make them get rid of their pressure or negative energy, maybe they find someone on social media to help them in something or to listen.. i feel they're in a situation like illness makes them unable to heal .. like they want to get rid of this illness but they can't or don't have the courage to move on.. even when i get anonymous questions about relationship problems, i feel so sad for people who ask like " how can i make this person likes me, how can i move on, how can i forget who hurt me.....etc " these questions make me want to scream and say " don't be stupid please u deserve better!if u don't find who appreciates u then u better stay alone and enjoy your solitude ! .. being alone is much better than being lonely with someone else..

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https://ask.fm/Ellerie1234/answers/173115494960 - I've been on here since 2018 and I've got no idea who Gary is either 😹

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ʎɐɯɯo⊥ snoıɔɐuǝ⊥™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Since 2018 wowwwww
I'm in 2 minds whether to stay on here , I guess I'll give it a week and see how I go
I mean if you have been on here that long and didn't know who Gary was maybe he wasn't that popular or he was always under anonymous 🤔

hi ryuk :P do you speak english?

Извините-простите кто не понимает 🤣
Well, hello there 🤪Yes, i do but to be fair i don't see a point to chat with you cuz all this anonymous sh-t is annoying 🤣So, if you do fancy to chitchat just do it without the anonymous icon. Cheerio 🤪

What makes you happy?

“What is happiness…?!
i asked parents…
cousins ….
and second cousins….
teacher at school…
professors at the Institute ….
priests in temples…
friends and mistresses ….
Someone tried to answer,
Someone was smiling…
Someone shrugged his
shoulders in confusion
And them
I saw you …! “
one from my favorite sayings….
And i discovered one thing about myself…. yes, i’m deep…
and i’ve added a lot of beautiful thoughts before….
but in that time they didn’t have a face for me…
and yes , all my thoughts… showed the beauty of my heart…
but they didn’t have a face…
i understand that when only a some days ago
in my phone so many pictures about places what i want to see
about things…
but not about love with the
yes, i’m magic… and i quit unearthly
know see me know that …
now, everything has a so
handsome face … and name
my Andrew….
and it’s so … so … for me to discover and feel love right now …
it’s like my heart was so closed
it’s even not about closed
it’s not the same
and about your question anonymous
a lot of things in this life can you make happy ….
not only love… or only
everyone has their own expression of happiness…
i think so from childhood…
someone happy from one thing another from another everyone different….
about me a lot of beautiful things could make me happy…
things … places … fulfillment of my desires… spoiling me
but comes moment in life when your happiness in his arms
and his happiness in your
and i want to be in all beauty of happiest moments of my our life with him…🕸❤️
and makes him 🕸❤️happiest man in the history of humanity …
when only we know about ….
something from thoughts
in pre- week days ….
and i couldn’t saw that i’m happy right now….
because in this moment right now
i must to be with….him…🕸❤️
preparing for the most beautiful day of our year…
because we have and will have
our dates in our year …❤️❤️🔗🔥
with him….🕸❤️
to days after the most beautiful day … because no event in that day… only after in this year ….
And i don’t want
and shouldn’t
sitting at home… or be somewhere…
not with him…🕸❤️
with my Andrew…❤️
right now
even most beautiful words…
could not express when it’s should happen….
my words only for
till we met …. he know that i feel everything…
and he could a little bit open in me …
me for him…❤️❤️🔗🔥

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What was the last thing that made you confused?

How there's an anonymous shoutout directed at me, including my @, and yet it didn't even come to my inbox. I didn't even know it existed for 18 hours until I went on my app. Either I still have no idea how this site works, or I have that person blocked already. Either way they are a coward. Just send it to me directly or keep your mouth shut.

My day was going great

my was terrible…
absolutely terrible…
it’s my opinion about today…
but the most interesting thing is that i didn’t listen my self about today ….
and results are ready ….
i’ll start from the end of day i got wet…
but i was so i don’t know i want to
wet because…
day wasn’t how i want
you know, anonymous from how my beautiful mom leave me
i do not any photo…
and today i decided to take a picture… (s)
God ….
i found the photograph…
i wanted a professional look … but for her to take a picture on my phone…
why …?!
her look on me was not beautiful… a million of my terrible photos…
i swear guys…. i every day hear so many words about my beauty…
i see how people look at
and sometimes i do selfie and after deleting
i always looks so beautiful
why i need liar today i absolutely don’t like…
just terrible…
i exist… will be so beautiful photos
but in fortunately….
we don’t found contact i think with the photographer…
i was so upset …. so… so ….
but all start in the a middle of the day….
when i had a styling done in the salon ( in another when i’m not to do ever )
that i didn’t like at
already in that moment i wanted to cancel everything
but when i decided not to listen to myself ….
and it was raining usually rains are always signs for me …
especially such rain…
i was walking at home in the rain and i didn’t even feel that getting wet
i was so upset ….
and if someone sees these photos
don’t say they are beautiful for me it will be mean only one thing
you just haven’t seen me…
upset …upset ….(
but i don’t worry …
the only thing i liked was the food in the French restaurant…
you know guys was moment when i meet a photographer
i quickly start crying
because my beautiful mom
always was my paparazzi
she take a lot of my photos
she was filming me…
‘her beautiful eyes was suits on me ….’
my day was like this…

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She is with him when you’re asleep.

of course anonymous I know that such man…
like my fiery lion ….🕸❤️

he could have a
millions girls and women….in any country… in which he wishes
not just from where he 🕸❤️was born …. or where grow up….
and i’m not
i’m not Caligula
who brought his men, and ordered them to throw spears into the water….- because he wants to kill Poseidon
if you understand what i mean…
but love for me lies in the fact the existence of others disappears
i feel like this…. and only like this…
and you guys….who read and love me…not love like love
you understand…
i’ll tell one secret … how quickly to understand do you love your
if you are in relationship… or i don’t know just starting…
it’s only for man…
for all man…
just without telling anyone anything
check yourself…
if you wake up ( or go to sleep)
it’s most important moment …time…
because it’s start and over
of new day…
if you wake up in the morning and check
how another girl or others girls
woke up… some news from them…
it’s doesn’t mean that you love them…
it’s mean that you don’t love your girl …
because if you are really in love … you yourself will not notice that you will be interested in little or big , bad ,
or good things ( it depends on your girlfriend
what she is in ….
in that you are too
it’s your choice and your taste in women
)in the affairs of your beloved right off hook
it’s important moment…
even other
women are imposed a lot of ways of ignoring are exist….
and about you anonymous… and you guys….
it’s from general questions…
i used to answer general questions… because it was not visible that others were responding
and i was written by people why maybe didn’t really understand the ask and asked a general question
and think that it’s private question…
now i won’t answer on general questions
it’s somehow unpleasant
for me if someone writes i love you Inna and immediately other answers
who is Inna i’m not Inna and etc
ask a personal questions….
about you ….anonymous how do you live with heart like yours…(

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Do you believe that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder?

no…. absolutely no….
this statement
ugly people ‘amuse ‘
my beautiful mom used to say that you can fall in love with everyone
if you are know those stories….
i’ve been reading recently …. that in him 🕸❤️… he
have a such thoughts
a little bit the same thoughts
i want to say …. i don’t
have such thoughts….
i won’t even learn the stories
if i don’t like ….
quickly bye…
but i’m magical girl anonymous
it’s easy for
me ….
and you know anonymous
why everyone likes…. loves models
from the past …
and not only models ?!….
because before
was beauty ( because usually beautiful girls wasn’t rich)
+ money
sometimes if they was have beautiful hurts
it was wow….
absolutely beauty….
now it’s just about money only ….
or mom help…. dad help…
or they are mistresses….
and that’s why almost a lot of not beautiful….
as a representative of rare beauty….
✨beauty always beauty….✨
it’s about forever….
you mean that you can fall in love with every i don’t argue….
but don’t agree
no i’m not say we need back to past….
i’m about that ‘real beauty is real beauty….
and you quickly feel that

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Totally not Lex here again! I will inform him since I am still anonymous and totally not him. There is nothing in my words to suggest otherwise. I, err HE, would like to thank you for the clarification... :::uses emojis differently to demonstrate that he's totally not Lex::: 💗💗💗 🤣

Thank you for letting him know. 🤣 Tell him he’s my eternal Ask crush/crush in general… even more than that 🐰🎻 that I posted earlier 🤣 and to never doubt. 😍😍😍💗💗💗🤣

Haha its me. I don’t know wether you remember me or not but we had lots of conversations. Anyways I hope you are having the best of life. I follow you on insta so I kind of know whats going in your life🤣🤣

pirzzz’s Profile PhotoPir Fahad
Oh my my!
How am I supposed to know when the user is always anonymous! What a wonder! Par its a pleasure for sure
Wowow! I have soo much to post but Im just too lazy haha
My lifes Alhamdolillah, yours?

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