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No papo você se garante ? Ou apela pro perfume, pra beleza, pro dinheiro, etc ?

natielekastro’s Profile Photo∆ Nat¥ ∆
Se eu sentir vontade de conversar eu me garanto sim, sou bom de conversa, tenho assuntos variados, gosto de entender e aprender sobre o que a pessoa está falando, acrescentar a vida dela, as vezes até me acho chato por isso porque troco ideia com qualquer tipo de pessoa, e ainda gosto de andar bem perfumado! 😳😂
Mas tenho um lado antisocial que curte muito ficar calado na minha.
No papo você se garante  Ou apela pro perfume pra beleza pro dinheiro etc

*Blue strings wrap around the confused god as the antivoid's antisocial inhabitant noticed him, a pixilated rip in reality to Reapertale opens and Reaper is tossed through* G͖͈͑͒et̬ͫ ͦ̈͑t̞he ̥͚̤ͯ̋͆fuck͙̤̘ ̊̽ỏ̅û̼̝̘̍͆t̯̼̣͌̀̋ ͂o͇ͭf ̯ͭm͉̐y ̳͕̒ͣä́̽ͮnti͖̇v̮̺̳̍͂̑o͖ͣid̞͙̠̂̂̄

TheBrokenGlitch’s Profile PhotoError
Wh--h-hey!! *Reaper blinks as he gets suddenly grabbed by strings and yeeted back to ReaperTale-* You would be happy to have Death as company and you know it! *xD you weren't even planning on Error being there in the first place-*
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El homo sapiens ha vivido un proceso de autodomesticación que se basa en "cuanto más sociable, mejor". Entonces, ¿por qué existen personas que van en contra de este proceso?

Porque no todas las personas pueden adaptarse a lo que otras hacen; porque tienen distintas percepciones, porque como hay personas extrovertidas también las hay introvertidas. Porque no hace falta socializar todo el tiempo para considerarte social ni por dejar de socializar, creerte antisocial.

É difícil se aproximar de você? Costuma agir de uma forma que afasta as pessoa?

Tava falando sobre isso ontem kkkk eu sou meio fechado pra novas pessoas que tentam entrar na minja vida. (Não me pergunte o pq) kkkkk mas sla, eu sou meio anti-social.

Você se considera uma pessoa dificil de lidar, Dz9?

Mais ou menos, sou animado no grupo de amigos, mas também sou bem antisocial e calado, as vezes só observo, tenho uma linha de pensamento contrária a maioria, como se tivesse uns cem anos nas costas, e dou conselhos que as vezes parecem mais abrir e expor a ferida quando deveria apenas dizer: Vai ficar tudo bem! Haha Tô tentando mudar isso.
Você se considera uma pessoa dificil de lidar Dz9

How would you describe yourself?

I am a naturally sane and good-natured person who always looks on the bright side of life. I look out for everyone. Shy, honest, anxious, determined, cat lover, antisocial, pluviophile, funny, boring. I try to bring out the best in people. Caring, oblivious, vindictive, creative, trustworthy, indignant, self-pitying, verbose, introspective, affectionate. I am a very caring person who's looking for making people's days a bit brighter and
Insecure, shy, reserved, distrusting, understanding, ride or die, funny, witty, intelligent, chunky but funky
Empathetic, self-motivated, nonjudgmental, endlessly curious about the human condition, introspective. Empathetic, dog-lover, insecure, easy-going, wine-lover, intelligent, sensitive but strong, hard working, perfectionist. How would I describe myself? Three words. Hard-working, Alpha male, Jackhammer. Merciless. Insatiable. You and me both. Worst part is knowing it and knowing that I'll suspect tremendous potential until the day I die, having achieved nothing to measure up to what I suspect could have been.
I'm happy and funny and smart and good looking and radiant and medium build and brown eyes and well read and I love rock and roll and I live in the city but I wish I lived on a farm but not too far out 'cause I like to party and socialise and go to movies and shows and i like shoe shopping and sometimes I feel a bit guilty for eating all the ice cream but mostly I'm OK with roast beef for dinner but I also like pizza for a change and I like Reddit a lot and I sometimes play Guitar Hero but only when there isn't any Mock the Week on repeat on Dave and sometimes I like to cycle to the park and sit and check all the hot mommas out and every time I go home and touch myself I die a little inside.
I got asked this in a job interview not too long ago. It completely threw me off guard (it was my first real job interview) and I really had a hard time coming up with a good answer right away. I was literally slurring my words. Needless to say, I didn't. Visionary, I suppose. I have the habit of always drifting off into thought and coming up with ideas, theories and explanations randomly in my head based on stuff I see. It's a habit of mine, I guess. I always like to come up with my own solutions for things. Check out the synonyms: admirable, alluring, angelic, appealing, attractive, beauteous, bewitching, charming, classy, comely, cute, dazzling, delicate, delightful, divine, easy on the eyes, elegant, enticing, excellent, exquisite, fair, fascinating, fine, foxy*, good-looking, gorgeous, graceful, grand, handsome, ideal, lovely, magnificent, marvelous, nice, pleasing, pretty, radiant, ravishing, refined, resplendent, shapely, sightly, splendid, statuesque, stunning, sublime, superb, symmetrical, taking, well-formed, wonderful.

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6 saal se social platform use kr k mein antisocial hu beta antisocial lof ye ni hote. Tumhe beemari hai akarnay ki logon ko ignore kar k self esteem barha k khush hone ki. Drama.

Wot like seriously?? Masla kya hai mai kisi ko ignore ni krti aur dusri baat harr social media platform pr sab social ni hotay aur mai sirf khaas lougo k sath comfortable hoti Jo boht kareebi ho meray aur answer krna aur baat krna dono Alag cheezain hain mai answer krti 2015 sayy jab b kholu samnay Jo Question aye uska koi answer krna ho kr daite bass

Introvert, extrovert, or ambivert?

I am a stoic extrovert with solitary / "antisocial" tendencies and at times, my eccentricities might lead some to assume that I'm introverted. I've been described as an "omnivert" but I would not characterize myself as such - all things considered, I am definitely on the extroverted side.

Son todos antis acá?

Si nos ponemos quisquillosos con los términos, la definición correcta sería asocial. Ya que antisocial es el que transgrede las normas así como carecer absolutamente o casi en su totalidad de empatía.
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Tu excelles dans le social tu as dit, est-ce que quelqu'un d'antisocial et qui n'aime pas les gens et parler aux gens peut devenir sociable ? Comment s'intéresser aux gens alors qu'on s'en fout de les écouter ?

déjà quand on est antisociale il y une raison, si tu n'aime pas les gens il y a une raison et si tu n aime pas parler aux gens c est qu'il y une raison. Oui quelqu un d antisocial peut devenir sociable, faut juste trouver le fond du problème et de faire aider mais faut le vouloir

C'est pas toi des fois sur cette vidéo? ou un sosie?? 🤔 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8SEx1rUR7k

- La vieiLLe vidéo bien connue qui existe depuis des pLombes mdRRR, & non choupinette, je n'ai absoLument Rien à voiR avec ce peRsonnage, FoRt heuReusement d'aiLLeuRs °_° -
- ce n'est paRce que je n'aime pas Les gRos c*** & que je n'ai pas honte de Le diRe, que je ne sais pas me teniR & que je pique des cRises de neRFs de La soRte °_° -
- je n'ai même jamais Rien cassé même quand je suis FuRieuse, queLLe que soit La situation, ça n'a aucun sens, ça ne peut Rien appoRteR de bon, sinon de devoiR RacheteR ce qui a été cassé mdRRR -
- paR contRe ça se RappRoche queLque peu de ceRtains mauvais peRdants de " ma connaissance ", ceux qui n'acceptent pas de peRdRe à un bête jeu & qui piquent des coLèRes noiRes ma ma mia, des baFFes qui se peRdent gLoups -
- à savoiR égaLement que quand je suis de passage suR ce site antisociaL [ ask pouR ne pas Le citeR ], je suis toujouRs extRêmement caLme, La déb.iLité humaine me désespèRe mais JAMAIS je ne me RendRai maLade pouR un queLconque cassos anonyme [ ou non ], ma santé passe avant T0UT -

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Eres sociable ó antisocial ?

~Primero hay que saber diferenciar entre social y antisocial.
🌱Conducta social. Es la que cumple con las adecuadas normas de convivencia, la que no agrede en forma alguna a la colectividad, es la que cumple con el bien común.
🌱Conducta antisocial. Va contra el bien común, atenta contra la estructura básica de la sociedad, destruye sus valores fundamentales, lesiona las normas elementales de convivencia.
✴️Pero yo soy asocial.
🌱Conducta asocial. La conducta asocial es aquella que carece de contenido social, no tiene relación con las normas de convivencia ni con el bien común.

Are you a social or an antisocial person?

I'm quite antisocial, but I love being social. I don't make any sense sometimes.
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
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Are you a social or an antisocial person

Yar ko hum ne jabaja dekha

I'm extremely antisocial, anti-outdoorsy stuff, and I love to stay indoors.
Reason? One person occupies me 24/7/365 and that's the way I like it.
Whether we watch something, eat, spend a day videogaming, or read books - we're doing the same thing at the same time and that's all the time.
It's almost scary how I have spent several years pretending that I am not a part of this world.
And how MY WORLD is at the risk of coming crashing down to pieces if that one relationship doesn't stand the test of time. Although it has, for 4 years now.
I know a lot of philosophy, I love art, science intrigues me, but I'm not passionate about any of that.
I'm passionate about having someone to talk to, someone who fits, and someone who makes me feel less cold, less lonely.
Because in the end, that's all that matters.

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Hola! Todo bien? Tanto tiempo.. 😌 Que le paso a Ask? Tantas cuentas falsas y vacías, tantos cambios absurdos me han alejado un poco.. ¿Cual es tu razón por la cual sigues entrando a esta red social? Ok, si quieres pregúntame, deja un MG a mi nueva respuesta o si lo deseas 🔥.. Hasta la próxima ;)

JonasRiquelme’s Profile PhotoJonás Gabriel
Yo sigo entrando por qué es la única red social que me interesa, debe ser que soy antisocial posta jaja. Quiero ir a ver la nueva de Marvel al cine, no voy a poder parece

Someone who hates me keeps messaging about how they look up to me and we are best friends. What do you think is up?

Please research the following words/concepts and you will find your answer:
Sociopathy (Anti-social personality disorder)
Dissociative personality disorder
Unfortunately there are people who suffer from personality disorders where the symptoms include manipulation, control and physical and emotional abuse.

https://ask.fm/JocLuisHernandz/photopolls/213167371 → 😉 - 😖 ← Recuerden que hay personαs que no pueden controlαr sus sentires, es válido que sientan de equis forma, sí; mαl está accionar de mαla manera hacia... únicamente por... ¡Vota y opina! Con tu acostumbrada sinceridad pues, a ver. *DNSB,.‼

JocLuisHernandz’s Profile PhotoјǿÇ ļยĺ$´Ħz ️⚙️
Pues no, no soy rencoroso ni pierdo el tiempo en despreciar. De lo que mencionas nada, rechazo cualquier acción malintencionada y cualquier persona que tenga comportamiento antisocial; si nos ponemos a comprenderlos o a sentir lástima por ellos, nunca dejarán de hacerlo.

Entre tantas respuestas a la preguntan de ¿Cuáles son tus metas por culminar en estos dos últimos meses del 2021? Me sorprendió que un persona respondiera (ni que fuese una competencia) en base a eso le digo q en la vida uno tiene metas personales a corto y a largo plazo, no de competir con nadie😉

Si, ya se quién le dió esa respuesta... El carajo es un poco ignorante... A él lo dejaron caer de la cama recién nacido, así que entiéndelo... Porque si te pones a revisar el perfil las respuestas de el son muy nulas, es un antisocial, en la pura cara tiene mucho que describir.

Recentemente fui altamente julgado por gostar de lady gaga. De acordo com a corte suprema, é errado e aparentemente um ato criminoso homens gostarem de divas do pop. Diga-me, pelo o que vc ja foi julgado? gosta de algo fora do "seu padrão" socialmente aceito?

Eu acho isso a maior besteira. Acho que não importa o tipo de música ou artista que alguém gosta, até porque gosto não se discute. Mais besteira ainda é alguém achar que o gosto musical de alguém pode influênciar na orientação sexual da pessoa kkkk.
Antigamente eu era muito anti-social, ao ponto de não gostar de ir pra escola, época tbm que tava com indício de depressão. Sempre quando eu dava as cara na escola falavam que eu era relaxado com os estudos, folgado, e etc.
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Is it possible that we are just aliens on this earth and people don't even know it?

It is not only possible but probable.
Think about all of the living organisms that roam the earth. Which one creates multiple languages, reasons, utilizes logic, solves problems, builds machines, travels into outer space, is planning a trip to Mars? In my opinion, humans were transported to earth approximately 300,000 years go. The question is why? My guess is because humans are self destructive creatures that destroy everything they touch and are primarily motivated by greed, hate, anger and lust.
Now suppose there are more advanced life forms that exist in one of the billions of universes. Does anyone reading this believe for one second that any advanced civilization would tolerate human greed, hate, envy, lust, murder, war and a host of other anti-social and self destructive behaviors for one second? I doubt it! Instead, I think humans would be placed upon a spacecraft as an unwanted and defective species to be transported into deep space and forced to live on an isolated planet where they could destroy one another. And of course this is precisely what is happening, and has been happening for over 100,000 years.

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Aveces noto que sobro...pero intento ser fuerte por no tener más ansiedad..💔😔

jijijaja1996’s Profile PhotoBelén Fernández
Animo si eso nos pasa a todos además a veces no es malo sobrar la verdad . Yo cada día soy más antisocial .
El estado de ánimo son solo momentos , todo pasa no te preocupes igual que te sientes triste en un momento después podrías sentirte super feliz asique mucho ánimo 😉😊

🌚 A book that you could recommend to anyone?

aminahrahman0’s Profile Photoaminah rahman
William Sheldon in his book correlated antisocial behaviour with physical shape of the body. He propounded that in embryology, embryo has three layers ; endoderm, mesoderm and ectoderm. So, dominance of one layer shapes the whole body. He put forward three categories of human body. First, endomorphs who are fat, bulky and chubby. Such people are of mild temperament and soft to talk with. Second, mesomorphs who have athletic body, hair on chest so have high temperament, aggressive, dynamic and energetic. Lastly , ectomorphs who have flat body, thin in shape therefore have low temperament, emotional and reserved. It is mesomorphs according to him who are more likely to behave antisocial and commit crimes. Good luck figuring ur category !

What was your life like growing up?

I had mostly everything I could ask for. I learned how to ride a bike at a really young age. I was born and raised in the west coast so I was always outside doing something like riding my bike around town or playing basketball.
Growing up was pretty shitty. I was a fat kid from a single mom home. Mom worked her ass off for us, but wasn't around too much because of it. Went to school in a not-too-nice area. Wasn't a complete ghetto with bullets flying around, but there was a stabbing on campus while I was there. 2 people I graduated with are now on death row for rape and murder. So it wasn't Compton but it wasn't exactly safe either. 50% of the school spoke no English. Entire classes were taught in Spanish. Was pretty crazy. Got bullied a ton. I wanted to do well in school and I learned that if you fight back you get suspended too, so I just took it. I had kids who would kick/hit at me just to laugh at how white skin changes color (becomes whiter for a second) from the pressure "Look it left a footprint on him!" Kept my head down, worked hard at getting good grades, and got the hell out of there. Went across the nation for college because I wanted to get the hell out so badly. Now life is good. I've got a good job that pays well, a lovely wife, 2 great young kids (2 years and 3 months each). College was a blast. Made all the world of difference to get the hell out of a bad area and into a place where people wanted to be smart. Spoiled only child who got most of the things I wanted, although I was taught not to want too much. Learned to talk and read early, school was a joke, got good grades every year without trying and largely without studying or doing the required homework. Now I am not even a year out of college making good money working regular (7-5ish) hours. Personality is largely unchanged, I'm very nice to most people but also very entitled to my opinion and don't do well around stupid people or people who can't be criticized. Main hobbies include guns, art, music, snowboarding, videogames, weightlifting. Tl;dr, I was a spoiled only child and I think I ended up becoming a pretty good guy (especially taking into account the type of people I see more and more every day. The quality of people I see on a daily basis is becoming more and more disappointing.)
I had a tough time, we were on and off homeless, my mom bailed on my dad right after my brother was born. My dad is back to being homeless My life's not terrible, trying to figure out ways financially to afford college and work in Ca, and I live with roommates. Trying to find a new job so I can struggle a little less, I definitely work too hard to be this poor.
I was hyperactive in grade school and I got yelled at so much by my teachers I started wearing hoodies every day by 5th grade and by freshman year of highschool I had become mostly antisocial outside of my small group of friends. Still don't do well making new friends.

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Just know that I Make everyone around me run away and don't want to spend time with me because they don't deserve it. Plus I am an unreliable person, which means no one depend on me, as I am one of the untouchable characters, as I told you Now would you be my friend??

Most of the good friends I had are wierdo, psycho and antisocial people so I’m the one who can judge weather yes I would like to be your friend or not.

Do you think liars have psychological problems?

Some pathological lying may result from a mental condition, such as antisocial personality disorder (sometimes called sociopathy), while others appear to have no medical reason for the behavior.

Do you think we’d be better off without social media?

H2o_o2H’s Profile PhotoArchie
"Social Media" by Nico
My greatest concern with social media is that people are communicating in a virtual environment that is devoid of physical contact. Unfortunately, this lack of physical contact has profound negative consequences when people are forced to participate in human to human contact whether it be teaching or giving a public speech or even performing in front of an audience. Too often, the conversation, when it involves face to face contact, is awkward and the person addicted to social media becomes anxious and depressed because eye contact makes them uncomfortable and their inability to utilize auditory senses to actually listen, has been significantly impaired which results in difficulty concentrating and suboptimal attention. Other symptoms may include, looking down, fidgeting, playing with their hair, lack of concentration, disinterest and the inability to observe and interpret body language. In fact, this anti-social behavior is so extreme that many times the person obsessed with social media begins texting on their iPhone while in the middle of a conversation! As if this dysfunctional behavior somehow makes them "cool" or "special" when, in fact, it is extremely rude and disrespectful.
Therefore, I believe that social media is killing the art of face to face communication while debating on social networks is impossible because opposing points of view have been discouraged by labeling dissenting views as "hate speech" thereby ensuring that only one ideology or perspective on life, reality, politics, religion, etc., is ever heard. And if the dissenting viewpoint is heard, is it quickly labeled and dismissed as "white supremacist or racist or bigoted or insensitive or mean, hateful, obnoxious, homophobic, anti-feminist, misogynist, NAZI, climate denier, Covid Super-spreader, smelly Walmart shopper, knuckle dragger, Neanderthal, conservative or Christian."
I understand that social media have also allowed people from around the world to communicate effectively with each other, which is good; but, more often than not, those who do communicate either gossip, talk nonsense, use social networks as a dating site, or they use social networks to cancel and destroy the reputation of people with whom they disagree. So, I believe that a strong argument could be made that social media have done more harm than good and that social media are largely responsible for the social chaos, cancel culture and woke ideology that is currently destroying our families, our communities, our countries and our world.

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Do you think wed be better off without social media

Buenas, hace rato no hacia una pregunta... Que te hace desconfiar de la gente? 🤔 Que andes bien 🤟🏻

Hace unos años confiaba demasiado rápido en todo el mundo, a la mínima llamaba hermano/a a cualquiera, pero con el paso del tiempo, mis "hermanos" todos me traicionaron por x motivos, hoy en día sólo considero amig@s a 5-6 personas, me he vuelto una antisocial, poca gente es leal hoy en día🙃

Porqué la gente antisocial,se vuelve antisocial

alfredogabarri’s Profile PhotoAlfredo Gabarri
En mi caso ha sido por que todo el mundo se ha acabado cansando de mi ya que mis gustos, pensamientos, prioridades y principios no encajaban con los que ellos tenían, también el que sea muy fácil de desechar y olvidar ha sido un buen desencadenante de que yo haya decidido dejar de relacionarme tanto con la gente, sobretodo de cara a cara, en redes sociales por suerte he conocido gente más abierta y sobretodo con la que compartir más cosas

He empezado el curso en una nueva clase de un nuevo centro y los compañeros de clase son horribles... ¿Que me aconsejarías para sobrevivir durante el curso y poder llevar el curso más o menos bien?

A esta alturas de la vida creo que ya tienes tus amigos de siempre, o eso quiero creer, que no eres un antisocial como yo, así que no vayas con la intención de llevarte bien con ellos y ves a sacarte los estudios, al final no vas a necesitar a nadie para sacartelo, no es un trabajo de equipo sino un trabajo individual

Describe como eres, que te gusta, que no te gusta

Soy mam0na y tímida al principio pero cuando entro en confianza soy bien risueña y medio loca xd soy bien miedosa, tímida y antisocial... Me encanta cantar, ver pelis de niños jaja, me gusta Marvel, descubrir comida deliciosa y también me gusta más o menos hacerle el intento a la dibujada. No me gustan las faltas de respeto, ni la hipocresía, respeto los gustos de todos pero en lo personal no me gusta el reggaeton, tampoco me gusta ver películas de terror porque como ya lo mencioné antes soy bien miedosa y odio la falta de conciencia de la humanidad al no cuidar la naturaleza y maltratar a los animales. ✨🖤

What happens when the amygdala is not working properly?

"Amygdala" by Nico, Illustration by Debuglies
Overactive amygdala or having one amygdala that is smaller than the other has been associated with fear and anxiety disorders. Fear is an emotional and physical response to danger. Anxiety is a psychological response to something that is perceived as dangerous. Anxiety can lead to panic attacks that occur when the amygdala sends signals that a person is in danger, even when there is no real threat. Anxiety disorders associated with the amygdala include: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCO), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), and Social Anxiety Disorder and could also contribute to the following antisocial personalities: Personality sociopath, psychopathic personality and character neurosis.
As a species, we are xenophobic, jealous of our peers, competitive for status, and inclined toward violence. When it serves our purpose, we have the urge to lie, cheat, and steal. The fact is that children require experiences of socialization, love and nurturing, constant punishment for misbehavior, role models, positive reinforcement of prosocial behaviors, encouragement of empathic identifications with other living beings, and knowledge and respect for the rules of civilized society. , if they want to be good citizens when they become adults.
Let me finish by saying this: I believe that criminals have a conscience to a lesser or greater extent depending on their genetic predisposition and personal experiences. Many criminals refuse to assimilate and follow the rules that govern our society and develop impulsive behaviors and antisocial behaviors such as lying, cheating, stealing and murder to achieve their goals and achieve the result they desire without any consideration or regard to who gets hurt in the process.

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What happens when the amygdala is not working properly

Why do you think that some individuals develop a moral conscience and others do not? Do murderers (for example) have a conscience?

"Moral Conscience" by Nico, Illustration by Wonderopolis
To answer this question, one would have to understand the role that genetics and the environment play in the development of our consciousness. Since the "science" behind this is still being debated, reasonable people must conclude that both environment and genetics contribute to the development of antisocial behaviors and what some call "lack of awareness."
I believe that human beings are not born with a consciousness, but rather are born with the potential to develop a consciousness based on a genetic predisposition and its environmental stimuli or experiences. If, for example, we observe the behavior of a baby, we can clearly see that the baby reacts to its surroundings by crying, screaming, and various aggressive behaviors designed to get the attention of its primary caregivers so that its needs can be met. Does the baby understand evil? Most rational parents would admit that babies don't know right from wrong nor would they suggest that a baby has a developed or functional conscience. If true, this would imply that the environment and society play a role in the child's development of consciousness.
Does genetics play a role in the development of a consciousness? The simple answer is yes; however, this response must be qualified by stating that physicians, neurologists, psychiatrists, and biologists continue to research and debate the issue of nature or nurture. There is some agreement that the amygdala plays a central role in processing sensory information and affects how this information is processed and stored in memory. So what exactly is the amygdala?
The amygdala is an almond-shaped mass of nuclei (mass of cells) located deep in the temporal lobes of the brain. There are two tonsils, one located in each brain hemisphere. The amygdala is a structure of the limbic system that is involved in many of our emotions and motivations, particularly those that are related to survival. It is involved in the processing of emotions such as fear, anger, and pleasure. The amygdala is also responsible for determining what memories are stored and where memories are stored in the brain. This determination is believed to be based on the enormous emotional response that an event evokes. (continued in Amygdala)

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Why do you think that some individuals develop a moral conscience and others do

Would you consider a long-term relationship or marriage with someone who has NO family and is anti-social?

You could build a family together.
Nothing wrong with appearing to be anti-social. I'd rather travel and stuff with them. Are they quiet with me too? I'd need banter. I understand wanting alone time too.
Idk depends on the relationship instead of this vague question. Context!

É normal eu ter 27 anos, nunca ter namorado na vida, não ter amigos e viver dia todo no quarto?

luiggids1138’s Profile PhotoLuiggi D. Santos
Não é normal ser antisocial a esse nível. Talvez você tenha alguma fobia social, mas terapia seria indicado, porque não é necessário que namore nessa idade ou até mesmo nunca, mas é bom ter pelo menos um amigo, ser próximo da família - se não forem problemáticos - e viver o dia todo no quarto nem se fala, né? Você precisa estudar e trabalhar!

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