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Assuming you aren't already in school and have already obtained your degree... What would you study, if you could go back? :) And if you are currently enrolled, what are you studying? What do you hope to become career-wise? Do you like it? :D

Hmmm... archaeology or ancient history would be amazing. I did look into studying both, long before settling on the art route, so I’d go back and do that, I think!! :)
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How far back in history do you have to go before it's considered archaeology instead of grave robbing? ?

edraegen’s Profile Photoʎǝɹɟɟǝſ™
Hm... good question. Though I'm pretty sure digging up someone on your own for no reason would always be considered that, whereas science and stuff would have organizations and stuff that would allow it to happen

How far back in history do you have to go before it's considered archaeology instead of grave robbing? 🤔

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I find that really fascinating. I suppose there’s never really a certain time limit? So long as you’re disturbing a burial ground, regardless from what space in time it was formed and used, I suppose it technically still is grave robbing!
Or, perhaps the exception to being perceived as grave robbing is if the intention is to try to preserve history and collate data, while not going anywhere near or disturbing the human remains??
I feel like my answer is contradictory, but perhaps the question is in general! You could argue both sides of the coin :)

main hamesha yehi souchta hn keh natural science ky student technically sound hoty hn lakin generally they are not good on explaining the general societal issues.. Note that this does not mean I am social science student..

I am actually not that good in Maths and not that much interested in Chemistry, Physics . I do find Biology and fossils ( Paleontology) and Archaeology interesting, about space, about history, culture, psychology, IR etc. Generally sab chezo ka pta ho mje bus. I feel I am more capability in arts like designing, singing, sketching, new ideas bnana lol. Maybe that's why you felt like this. Everyone has different talents and capabilities. We just end up doing things we are not that interested in but we shouldn't give up or set boundaries regarding gaining knowledge. I am not a nerd anymore lol but I want to know more about everything .

~RANDOM~ - whats your favorite color? what do you associate with it? Do you prefer to cook or order take out? what color are your eyes? do you like it? do you believe in true love? do you like the ocean? is your bedroom a mess or tidy? what kinda device are u using to answer this?

✨ Whats your favorite color? → Blue and Black
✨ What do you associate with it? → Sea!!! I would say with water in general cause I am a calm and peaceful person, however, it comes times that I become rage and revengeful like a tsunami, hahaha!!!Plus, I also associate with history, mythology, archaeology and cinematography. Another aspect of my character.
✨ Do you prefer to cook or order take out? → I don't cook but I prefer my mom's meals. They are so yummy!!!
✨ What color are your eyes? → Dark brown
✨ Do you like it? → My eyes???Yes, although I would prefer a blue or a green one but I am already beautiful with them as well so I don't have problem.
✨ Do you believe in true love? → Yes and no
✨ Do you like the ocean? → I ADORE IT!!!When I was a child I wanted to be a mermaid, LOL. 😂
✨ Is your bedroom a mess or tidy? → A tidy one. I can't stand all this disruption in a room, I can't concentrate on a messy room.
✨ What kinda device are u using to answer this? → My PC

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RANDOM  whats your favorite color what do you associate with it Do you prefer to
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What are some of your favorite ancient Archaeology discoveries? Do you think the people who lived before us knew something we don't know?

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I actually wouldn’t have a clue I need to do my research and see what I’m interested in to be honest. Sorry kinda out of touch with that. As for people before us Around those ancient times or however you call them yup I believe they knew a lot that we don’t lol they would of passed it down somewhere but would get lost along the lines also I suppose.

min sori agak random, tentang dinosaurus yg ada di bumi, ada ngga agama yg mencatat atau menjelaskan dinosaurus? hehe thx

Halo Anon.
Semua agama yang lahir sebelum abad ke 19 tidak ada yang mencatat dan menjelaskan tentang dinosaurus. Karena ilmu Archaeology dan metode radiocarbon dating (metode untuk mengetahui umur suatu fossil, prasasti, artifact, dsb) sendiri belum ada ketika agama-agama tersebut dibuat.
Mungkin agama-agama baru yang lahir setelahnya bakal ada yang kitabnya menjelaskan tentang dinosaurus.
-[ Silvershare ]-

beeb, what do you do when you're conflicted between two or more personal values/beliefs? does challenging your values happen often?

Of course I am in a constant doubt, for everything I believe in, feminism, my own spiritual beliefs, my own values, I have the anti-thesis which could contend my own stance. In a philosophical term this method is being used by skeptical Cartesian. As it was Descartes who coined the notion of doubting one self to be sure of one self.
We are evolving, expanding, constantly seeking and searching. Humans are always in motion, an indication that we are alive including the constant state of questioning our own stance. I mean, if I believe in something I do not merely search for what I want to see, I also search for what might oppose what I believe in. That's why I am not scared of neither atheism not religious fundamentalist since I know where I stand and the reason why I stand there (through series of self-contestation, obviously).
I mean, I found who I am, but not a fixed version of the version of 'self' and what that self knows and believes in. Everyday the first thing that I do when I wake up, I would question my own morality, spirituality, intellectuality, and what accounted. I existed among the ruptures (as how Foucault like to describe it, my own archaeology of knowledge and experience) and also conjectures (as Bacon likes to describe the methodology of accumulating corresponding data). I could be A this year, but next year I might be A.1 or drastically be B. Either I merge what I have known with something else which I have found or go another way.
Justru aku merasa aneh kalau seseorang tidak berada di dalam keadaan perseteruan dengan dirinya sendiri, kaya 'oh what I believe in is given and that's it, I won't test it or question it.' Kita sendiri terbuat dari bermacam-macam aspek kehidupan begitu juga what resides inside of us.
What do I do? Well I can consult my ongoing doubts to my masters/teachers, people whom I respect for their experience, knowledge, and wisdom. I can try to resolve it on my own through cogitation, reflection, and research. But it's important to not be afraid for whatever answer we might came up with.

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Kak gue srng n happy ikt kepanitiaan disetiap acara yg diadakn sklh.Tp ortu gue skrng ga ngeblhin gue ikt kyk gt lg dgn alasan "fokus bljr dan sklhnya". In fact gue msk pringkt 3 bsr dikls. Sedihnya my mom n dad comparing me w/ my sister yg dr sklh smpe kuliah gaprnh ikt ini itu.mohon srnnya kak:),

saran: avoid using gue-elo with stranger terutama yang kamu minta sarannya
Everyone has their thing, for my brother it's archaeology for my baby brother it's physics, and for me it's IR, and we have our ways to enjoy it. Terus yaudah deh, to think that the three of us are the same is just cruel, orangtua harus tahu bahwa anak-ankanya tuh ya beda. Plus katanya kamu udah peringkat 3 besar terus what do your parents have to complain about if it isn't bothering your academic performance.

I see you are using cuneiform writing script in your header. Are you interested in ancient languages? and what does it say? I understand some syllables of it but honestly doesn't know what it means :x. (maybe except for the [an] part which means god.)

I'm not very much into ancient languages but I was really into archaeology for some time through which I came across this Sumerian piece of art ❤️
It's actually ama gi, which translates to mother + restore.. Meaning to bring back to the original state (manumission + freedom). And it's actually the first written script about the concept of freedom.
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Did you enjoy studying archaeology? Have you ever visited archaeological sites around Australia/participated in fieldwork? Also, were there many other women in your classes?

I loved archaeology and really did consider an academic career but other callings intervened. I was more interested in research and academia than field work (I was obsessed with 3d modelling/reconstructions at the time), but have been about. I have friends who still do quite a bit of fieldwork in Australia and Europe.
I can't recall many women in my classes. In fact, the majority of people I hung out with were from my Latin classes.
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the four 'gospels' each tell a totally different story. The authors do not even claim to be eye witnesses. Further we have archaeological evidence that much of the bible cannot be true.. everything about moses, exodus, king david is fiction. nazareth did not exist at the time of Jesus.

The gospels do not contradict each other; they tell different points of view of the same event, written for different audiences. When one sees a wreck from the north view, there will be differences from someone else who saw the same wreck from the south view. But the hypocrisy of the gospel critics never allows for any such facts; they simply want it to be false and attempt to make it, so no reasonable person would accept your statement. True Luke does not claim to be an eyewitness, but his account is very carefully researched from dozens of eyewitnesses. John does claim to be the eyewitness; Mark wrote Peter's account of the events as an eyewitness, etc. Nothing about David, Moses, the Exodus etc is fiction– your material probably is quite out of date. Even more, archaeology proves the Bible every time, it is correct. The Pilate stone was not discovered til 1947. For almost 2000 years skeptics claimed there was no such ruler as Pontius Pilate, as no Roman historian ever wrote of him either, but the Bible did, and was proven correct again. For someone who started out talking about evidence that may hold up in court, you assume anything about evolution would, sweetheart?

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knp sel dalam hidup bisa berfungsi sedemikian rupa? knp ada mitokondria? kenapa ada nukleus? kenapa ketika ada program yg mendesain agar sel mengalami apositosis di masa tertentu? knp satu-satunya 'otak' dari semua mahluk dan binatang, yg mampu berpikir agama cuma manusia? yg lain kapan nda maju jg?

Penjelasan sejarah terjadinya makhluk hidup itu panjang dan ribet banget.
Kalau mau belajar sains, biology, genetics, phlogenetics, ecology, archaeology pasti tau sepanjang apa sejarahnya...
Kalau mau jawaban gampang ya baca kitab suci aja: "semua diciptakan tuhan", beres, ga ribet.
Coba buka video ini aja.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYQQD0KNOisAgnostikIndo’s Video 134988203181 VYQQD0KNOisAgnostikIndo’s Video 134988203181 VYQQD0KNOis

The discovery of the stone-age man received a lot of ….. in the national press. PUBLIC Archaeologists have found a ….. of stone-age tools, hidden under the snow. VARIOUSAs head of the archaeology team, Miguel is in a position of great ….. . RESPONSIBLE продолжение


What is the worst form of teaching style you have experienced (if that's the right word to use) Me personally was when i was an archaeology night course and were given a bunch of notes which the tutor for the day just read from and didn't interact with the class at all.. (hope ye understand)

niallbop’s Profile PhotoThecyberneticphantom
I didn't experience this first hand but there was a teacher in my high school who just handed out textbooks and made her pupils just work from them. Didn't explain any of it to her class.

What is the worst form of teaching style you have experienced (if that's the right word to use) Me personally was when i was an archaeology night course and were given a bunch of notes which the tutor for the day just read from and didn't interact with the class at all.. (hope ye understand)

niallbop’s Profile PhotoThecyberneticphantom
My Chemistry teacher last year was awful. He didn't teach us a damn thing and expected us to teach ourselves. He would make the tests really hard and then complain why no one passed. He would make us write notes but never once explained them and it was just like ???

Well those are some bomber facts. Thank you, I mean I am totally convinced & for clearing it up. My question regarding the anti-science religions came from me reading a book by Dan Brown called Angel and Demons, and I believe the facts stated are true. If you have read the book or watch it's movie?

I've seen the movie. Starring Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks has interests in Archaeology and History. Most of his movies are all about cracking historic puzzles. I really loved the Da Vanci code. The movie was hated by many Christians, because in reality, the Da Vanci code suggests that Jesus Christ is married and have kids, since Christians believe that Jesus Christ is God, things got upside down!

Good morning, fellas! Common people might underestimate what you do and find it negligible when it really is not that simple (be it your profession or the major you're taking if you're a student). So, would you explain why it's something worth a bit more appreciation? May you have a nice weekend!

FAQ about Steffi's major:
Q: Do you dig graves?
A: No, that's archaeology and to some extent, museology.
Q: When did/Do you know about (insert any random event)?
A: Sometimes I know right away, most of the time I need to look it up. I will look it up right away, though.
Q: You don't know (insert an event/a person)? I thought you need to memorize stuff.
A: I rarely needed to memorize things for my core classes. I mostly had essays on various topics and those actually drained my time, sanity, and energy a lot more than closed-book exams.
Q: What are you going to do with that major? (Alternative: Are you going to be a teacher?)
A: Anything that doesn't require specialized skill and expertise, I suppose. Can I be specific? No, I myself have no idea what to do with it.
I have explained and defended my major throughout my college years and I don't feel like doing it anymore. Is it going to make me a lot of money? I don't know. Maybe not. Maybe. Does it come with life-changing soft skills? You bet. Do I like it? Sure. So now I don't mind if people think lightly of my major. I enjoy it and that's about the only opinion that I hold dearly.

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Auntie, i just scrolled down your answer and found out that you don't have any children. Why? If i may ask.

ezrachandra_’s Profile PhotoEzra Abdiel Chandra
This is one topic that I rarely want to discuss, but I suppose it has use if I talk about it here. No need to apologise after this if indeed you are going to, I am not offended :-D
I got married in 1972 when I moved to the United States. My husband was only about to embark on his career in archaeology and anthropology, earning his Master's and all that while working for museums and foundations. We decided early on that children would be a very bad idea since we were very busy with our careers, and we barely had time for ourselves.
When I was 30, I guess, my friends began asking me when will I have children. I am not a believer that marriages are for the sole purpose of having children, so I always told them the same thing: "I don't know."
When I turned 31, I went to the doctor to check up on my health and see if I'm fit to bear children. As it turns out, I'm infertile for a couple of reasons I'd rather not say. At that time, it wasn't a big deal to me. I was a bit down but that's all, I guess. When I told Phillip about it he cried, and that got me rather upset. We never talked about it much after that. Phillip was very supportive of me.
I got married again, twice, after Phillip died, but by that time I had already gone through menopause.
I'm always a bit sad when I remember that I have no children despite full knowledge that not everyone is meant to have children and the sole purpose of marriage is not to bear children. I became a maternal (well, materteral) figure to a lot of people, including my nieces and nephews (niblings is the collective term, FYI), my stepchildren and their friends, and that's enough for me.
I guess I was just raised to believe that having children is fun, but it's not that simple, really. My late sister had four children, and my sister was unable to keep things afloat and the family remains rather disintegrated even after she died (especially because she died, for the inheritance was a big problem back then).

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im a bit tired bc i didnt sleep but otherwise mine is very relaxed i am enjoying it very much. what were/are your lectures on?

Archer_Dan’s Profile Photoanus baby
u NEVER SLEEP dan pls
the one this morning was on ancient egypt and the importance of the annual flood season AND I LIKED IT V MUCH also i made a friend in that lecture too
so just yes
the two ive got later r on greek history then archaeology of britain

Little girl, she’s all grown up Oh, she’s getting famous, she’s a big star ♥ My name's z LaMia ^_~ .Studied at Faculty of Arts - Department of Archaeology ,I Hav 21 Years . from KFS :D,,iam actress and singer.. I LUv Maria Sharapova Coz She looks LiKe Me♥ kolyt fnon ahe

دة للي هو ازاي ؟ ولا هو استعباط ؟
Faculty of Arts - Department of Archaeology

bma enk fi fnon gamila lw w7id mch gamed awii f el rasm w 3awz yd5l dicor hit2sr 3achan hwa mch gameed f el rasm w kda asdi y3ni himchi fih ?! ..w CnQ : D

hwa mean ale any f fnon ana f greek w roman archaeology msh architecture honaaak fark :D w isl isl tmshi fiiih sbiha \ sbha 3la alla

Are the aliens, the fallen angels mentioned in the Bible? And are the gods of old the same angels before being kicked out of heaven?

Interesting question, very different from what I'm used to receive. I will try not to make a very long reply because this thematic would give a very long discussion. I will try to summarize my answer.
About the Aliens, I'm not a particular "follower" of that subject, but I do believe there is life outside our solar system, although I do not believe that that life resembles those little grey bobblehead beings without facial expression. Scientifically and Biologically speaking, if there are Aliens with an anthropomorphic from, they do not differ much of our own resemblance, I mean, climate, eating habits, gravity and such factores have a great influence, so if there are humanoid aliens out there, they can only differ a bit in color and size. Now, about the bible. You probably have noticed that I am a pagan, but I read the bible twice for two different reasons. The first is because I do have a lot of debates about religions and spiritual paths, and to know how to argument about the subject I need to have the knowledge of it. The second time I read the Bible was because I am a student of Archaeology and History, so I had to read it because at that point, I was studying those cultures and the peoples involved in that history, the bible is a good historical record of many events. Historically speaking, the bible (at least the first testament) was written more or less in the year 800 before our common era, it was the written record of the Jewish people, when they started to form their own state. It is relatively new compared with the ancient polytheistic beliefs of old, and I do not mean the Romans, or the Greeks before them, or even the Celts and other ancient civilizations, I do mean the tribal spiritual beliefs of our human race that have at least 40.000 years, much older than the bible and the beliefs of the Jewish people. So, angels and such stuff are more recent than the old gods, so I do not believe that the old gods are those angels, nor were they kicked out of heaven because there was no heaven, at least not the one we read in the bible, there was only the other world, the spiritual world. In my point of view, studying shamanism (the first form of spiritual path and the origins of every religion) the gods are the spiritual ancient beings of nature, animals, and also our ancestors, humans that somehow have spiritually evolved and because of their earthly deeds, we see them as higher beings, humans that reached an higher state of consciousness. Those are the old gods, very much alive. Those spiritual beings are our ancestors who saw religion as a way to evolve and expand their knowledge, a way to be better. So we are talking about different things here, Aliens, Gods and Angels aren't the same in many perspectives, either historically speaking, scientific, biological, anthropological, archaeological, cultural and of course spiritual.

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What I'm saying is, if God wanted to send us a message, and ancient writings were the only way he could think of doing it, he could have done a better job. What do you think?

That is a quote from a character (Dr. Arroway) in a fictional novel (Contact) written by Carl Sagan..
Ancient writings would be the ONLY way to pass a message on to humans over thousands of years. Verbal stories are inaccurate. And if the infinite God of the universe regularly spoke audibly to us, we would be terrorized into loving and listening to him. Such a direct and demonstrative communication would create a situation in which God virtually forces himself on mankind. Serving and listening to him would become compulsory. There is no freedom in compulsion; and love cannot be generated out of terror. True love (which God wants from us) exists only when we choose to love from a condition of freedom. The Israelites in the desert had no need of faith at all. God's clear presence took away freedom, making every choice that confronted them a matter of obedience, not faith. They did not respond with love but with fear and rebellion.
The question that plagues the skeptical mind is whether the bible is truly God's written word. History is a record of the past, based on testimony. History demands that events be recorded and documented. This is the only way for history to be preserved. All we have is five thousand years of recorded human history and if it is going to be preserved it's got to be written down. There's got to be a record. Much study and evidence has shown the bible to be historically accurate. People of great integrity and education, like C.S. Lewis, Anne Rice, Francis Collins, etc...were atheists who believed the bible to be full of myths. They eventually discovered, through study and research, that the Gospels were historically accurate and true. Their writings on it are fascinating.
In the last 75 years, archaeology relies heavily on the bible as a consistent map to their findings and has given the biblical record greater validity and trustworthiness as a historical document. No other religious works can stand on this.Archeology professor, Dr. John McRay, said "archeology has not produced anything that is unequivocally a contradiction to the Bible." He is one of many saying this. Sure, it can't prove the bible to be the word of God. But if an ancient historian's details check out to be accurate time after time, this increases our confidence in other material that the historian wrote that cannot be as easily cross referenced.
and please let me know if you have a better way.
and a question for u: what is the christian Revelation???
and also please help me to find (since you have read the bible and after reading it you rejected it) what is the purpose of this message (the message of the bible)??

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Can u exactly tell what is anthropology....cuz I m just in 11 class A humanities student .nd dnt no wut to do further after 12 :l Thinking of psychology Can u plz help

Anthropology is the study of mankind , the study of humans. It includes the biological and social aspect of man. It studies the society , culture , kinda like sociology.The social aspect is much like sociology , the only difference being Anthro is more of practical thing. And yeah there is bio as well like genetics , evolution , n all. There is Archaeology ie. study of human past through the material remains :)
Anthropology includes many of the aspecs of psychology , sociology as I said before , pol. sciene and many of the humanities subjects.
But hey Anthropology is a Science course not a Humanities one. So if you can study bio as well chose it. And yes it is hugely successful for civil services.
And yes if you wanna chose psychology , know about it through a book or duh internet. It is a really good field and popular these days too .
Chose the one you are genuinely interested in cuz just know, it is the field you're gonna be for the rest of your life :)
All the best.

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The lost sapires mi se cini zanimljiv,ak ga nisi probala probaj xD Dodaje Archaeology Guild,di ces bolje ^^ I the Blackwood company se cini okej al nisam ga jos probao :S

The Lost Spires sam igrala, u pravu si, zanimljiv je. ^ ^ Svašta ćeš naći. :D The Blackwood Company traži OBSE, mrzi me sad da skidam. .___. Tako daa, skinuću ovo http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/16657/? ima više questova pa nek' umrem, verovatno neću spavati do 9. xD

Do you think I should study history in university?? I want to be something like a archaeology or something. I mean, I really love history.

angelibean13’s Profile PhotoSpongepants Squarebob
If you really like it well to do it *YOLO* its not like your going to die. You could always do what Danisnotonfire did ;take a year off to figure everything out. Hey it could be fun don't worry honey bun ^-^. What ever you do i will support you in it, you know that :) Cunty whore seaman <3

The methodology of science limits itself to considering only natural causes. This rules out the possibility of design as a cause, even though inferring design, consistent with scientific methods, is logically based on data observed in nature. That's not overly the best route.

This is obviously false, because science can and does detect design in several contexts, such as archaeology and forensics. Design theorists themselves point to such examples as evidence that design can be detected. Considering intelligent design besides human design, though, is ruled out by the fact that proponents say nothing positive about what such intelligent design implies.
Science does not limit itself to considering only natural causes. There have been numerous scientific investigations of phenomena which presumably do not have natural causes, such as the power of prayer, divination, and life after death. What matters to science is not that something be natural (whatever that means), but that observations can be objectively and reliably verified by others.

how can you prove god is real? the bible? thats just a book thats been re-written over thousands of years. and you cant just say we're because of god. how can you prove it?

There are so many different ways I can prove the Bible is true by science, archaeology, & just by faith. First let's start with archaeology. This is one of my favorite facts of the archaeology in the Bible. The Hittite Kingdom is mentioned in the Bible many times, but there was no record of this kingdom. Most people thought this kingdom was fake or just made up for a story. & in the 20th century, an archaeology discovery found the ruins of a strong kingdom that was later identified as the Hittites!
With the science go watch the movie the Genesis Code. That movie explains well about how science deals in with the Bible. Also, there is a book called The Case for Christ, it's about a man who went out to prove the Bible wrong. & with all his research he ended up proving the Bible to be true. & if the Bible is true, then God is real, heaven is real, where we came from is real. God made us & loves us so much.
I know sometimes its hard to believe in something that you can't see, but you can see the miracles he does everyday. I have seen amazing miracles happen to me and my family. My family wouldn't still be a family without God. There is so much more I can say but I'm gonna stop here. You know who I am so if you wanna talk more we can. & if your a dude, I can introduce you to my brother. Wells bye.

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Any thoughts on: "It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring." Carl Sagan

Please, I do invite you to read it all or as most you can. Now, in the quote I do believe he is referring to religion but religion is no delusion. Science and religion are intertwined. Many scientists that go out to prove Christianity wrong end up finding truth in it all and believing themselves. The less evidence you have for your position, the more faith you need to believe it. Yes Christianity needs faith, but to be an atheist takes even more. Now to my points.
1)The scientific evidence overwhelmingly confirms that the universe exploded into being out of nothing. Either someone created something out of nothing (the Christian view), or no one created something out of nothing (the atheistic view). Which view is more reasonable?
2) The simplest life form contains the information-equivalent of 1,000 encyclopedias. Christians believe only an intelligent being can create a life form containing the equivalent of 1,000 encyclopedias. Atheists believe nonintelligent natural forces can do it. Christians have evidence to support their conclusion. Since atheists don’t have any such evidence, their belief requires a lot more faith.
3) Hundreds of years beforehand, ancient writings foretold the coming of a man who would actually be God. This man-God, it was foretold, would be born in a particular city from a particular bloodline, suffer in a particular way, die at a particular time, and rise from the dead to atone for the sins of the world. Immediately after the predicted time, multiple eyewitnesses proclaimed and later recorded that those predicted events had actually occurred. Those eyewitnesses endured persecution and death when they could have saved themselves by denying the events. Thousands of people in Jerusalem were then converted after seeing or hearing of these events, and this belief swept quickly across the ancient world. Ancient historians and writers allude to or confirm these events, and archaeology corroborates them. Having seen evidence from creation that God exists (point 1 above), Christians believe these multiple lines of evidence show beyond a reasonable doubt that God had a hand in these events. Atheists must have a lot more faith to explain away the predictions, the eyewitness testimony, the willingness of the eyewitnesses to suffer and die, the origin of the Christian church, and the corroborating testimony of the other writers, archeological finds, and other evidence that we’ll investigate later.
-The 3 points I referenced to are from a book called "I don't have enough faith to be an atheist" no matter what you belive, it is a great read.

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1) Do you have scars? 2)embarasing moment 3) Crush? 4) As someone kissed? 5) Someone you hate? 6) Best Friend? 7) dream job? 8) Ever been in love? 9) Last time you cried? 10) Favorite color? 11) Birthday? 12) Height? 13) Eye color? 14) Hair? 15) What do you like?

1) yuhpp from more than one thing... :/
2) acting smart and jumping over a really low fence (like 25cm high) but being sarcastic and smart.....then falling.....:$
3) I think its pretty obvious
4) I don't really understand this one......
5) I could name quite a few but it would only stir shit so now gonna
6) amy!! I love her to bits! she is the cutest bestest thing that ever happened to me and I love her!!<3
7) not sure yet but something to do with graphic design or archaeology I think probably
8) yuhhp:$
9) yesterday :(
10) purple or black
11) September 29th
12)5ft something...
13) bluey purpley apparently
14) naturally black but I had it died brown sine I was quite little because I hated it and I looked like the devils kid... I really want it black again now im older though
15) well here comes the huge list haha...
MUSIC! music is my life I couldn't live without it and without music I probably wouldn't have became close with my friend group now
tea!!!:D its just yummm
lynx... makes me sound like a guy but aw well it smells lush
necklaces, not huge blingy necklaces but a simple wee necklace from somebody special is cute as like
black skinny jeans
clothes in general are my first loveee!!!<3
money.... people say money cant buy happiness... but it can buy a pony and a pony is happiness
people... not many people because I trust hardly anybody since I was bullied at primary school... so if I like you... you are special and mean a lot to me....

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Free Palestine? You mean Israel. There is at least 3000 years of proven history and archaeology that the land that well surpasses the modern state of Israel belongs to the Jewish people. Meanwhile Islam is only 1400 years old. Sorry you can't holler conspiracy with these facts, not today friend.

give me just one reason to prove that & if palestine for jewish people , why they kill the palestinian ?

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