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random fact about yourself?

Facts about me:
*Nearsighted & 600 yung grado ng glasses ko. Kaya yung sabi sa akin nung nagpacheck up ako, literal na akong bulag haha.
*Before, gusto ko maging veterinarian or architect pero ang kinuha kong course ay Business Administration hahaha super layo sa mga choices ko dati.
*I have a thalassophobia and acrophobia.
*I have a sweet tooth.
*favorite flower is sunflower and favorite color is yellow.
*Maingay ako sa social media pero tahimik in real life pwera na lang kung close tayo hehe
random fact about yourself

Have you ever done anything special for when you've left a workplace? Like to thank your boss / coworkers for the time you spent there? 🍰🥂⚘️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Most of my employment/career changes resulted in my manager and peers taking me out to dinner to celebrate the contributions I made along with my new promotion. Usually I would give a speech where I highlight successful projects along with the teamwork and support from management. The truth is that I had a very rewarding career as a Network Engineer, Project Manager and Network Architect.

Pekerjaan apa yang gajinya di atas 20jt?

CTO/CIO Rp 1,1 miliar - Rp 1,9 miliar per tahun (per bulan mulai Rp 91 juta)
Project Director Rp 700 juta - Rp 1,4 miliar (per bulan mulai Rp 58 juta)
Head of IT Rp 750 juta - Rp 1,5 miliar (per bulan mulai Rp 62 juta)
Head of Engineering Rp 700 juta - Rp 1,2 miliar (per bulan mulai Rp 58 juta)
Head of Data Rp Rp 700 juta Rp 1,3 miliar (per bulan mulai Rp 58 juta)
Head of Infrastructure Rp 500 juta - Rp 900 juta (per bulan mulai Rp 41 juta)
IT Manager Rp 450 juta - Rp 800 juta (per bulan mulai Rp 37 juta)
Engineering Manager Rp 300 juta - 750 juta (per bulan mulai Rp 25 juta)
Infrastructure Manager Rp 350 juta - Rp 650 juta (per bulan mulai Rp 29 juta)
Program Manager Rp 550 juta - Rp 1,2 miliar (per bulan mulai Rp 45 juta)
Project Manager Rp 450 juta - Rp 800 juta (per bulan mulai Rp 37,5 juta)
Business Intelligence Manager Rp 400 juta - Rp 750 juta (per bulan mulai Rp 33 juta)
Lead Architect Rp 700 juta - Rp 1,2 miliar (per bulan mulai Rp 58 juta)
Software Developer Rp 300 juta - Rp 650 juta (per bulan mulai Rp 25 juta)
Systems Engineer Rp 200 juta - Rp 400 juta (per bulan mulai Rp 16 juta)
Business Analyst Rp 250 juta - Rp 500 juta (per bulan mulai Rp 20,8 juta)
Data Scientist Rp 200 juta - Rp 750 juta (per bulan mulai Rp 16 juta)

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Здравствуйте) Спасибо, рад, что ответы нашли отклик) Произведения должны быть на всех платформах. Выпускаю музыку под названиями Sky Crypt, Doom Architect, Thanatos Imminens, Gwardhir. Ещё есть проект Illusion Us, но там музыка, в основном, не моя, я за гитары и звук здесь отвечаю)

DementedWarrior’s Profile PhotoGwardhir
Нашла вас пока ещё не всё прослушала, но это так красиво, правда.
Я давно являюсь поклонником такой музыки.
Мне очень приятно что здесь есть люди, которые сами создают искусство.
Вы молодец, спасибо:)
Успехов вам ✨

Dlu cita citanya jadi apa? Skrng gmna melenceng dari cita cita dlu ga?

Febipurnamazakaa’s Profile PhotoZaka✨
Sejak kecil, I dreamed of being an Architect🙂 cause buildings n highways always caught my attention. Kalo lewat bangunan-bangunan tinggi, suka terkagum-kagum dengan struktur dan bentuknya yang keren unik, mewakili tingkat peradaban.Juga tentang bagaimana fondasinya dibangun yang akan diuji oleh waktu. I wanted to be part of that field, always innovating n creating spaces for the public, without distinction among social classes, open to the public as a masterpiece in a gallery, but instead of being enclosed in four walls, open to everyone's eyes. Sayangnya, ada banyak hal yang akhirnya membuatku berhenti memperjuangkan itu. Salah satu alasan klasiknya ya karena ngerasa belajar 3 dimensi atau 4 dimensi aja udah kelabakan. Padahal seorang arsitek harus bisa memandang beribu dimensi dalam imajinasinya sekaligus menumpahkan dalam sebuah gambar. Sanggup ngga ya?🙂. Dan kiranya Allah sudah gantikan impian itu dengan yang jauh lebih baik dan sesuai. Meskipun sekarang belum jadi apa-apa, tapi semoga kini jalanku tidak gelap; paling tidak, remang-remang meski belum terang. To be a future statistician. Insya allah.
"Kita adalah arsitek. Dengan konstruksi dan desain seingin hati, kita rancang mimpi-mimpi kita sendiri. Berharap rancangan itu benar-benar muncul di muka bumi."

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Destiny and Free will, are they same and how they shape our lives?

The temporal stay of a person on this planet isn't driven by some eldritch force but the steering of it's vehicle is very much in one's own hands. It is an utter fallacy to consider, which is horridly mundane, Destiny and Free Will as mutually exclusive and that their coexistence is impossible. Just like in the olden times when the three Moirai were vehemently dictating the lives of weak and timid and were considered to be dependent upon Ba-Zi but again it was an indispensable hokum which was the need of the hour or else I wouldn't be writing this or maybe you wouldn't be staring down on these multitude of diodes. Nonetheless, one can only find the delicate balance between these two inextricable strings through in depth introspection of one's own life and actions. Destiny brings us the opportunities and miseries but then it is our Free will which determines if we take that opportunity or spill it and if we seek the anathema for that nemesis or let it run it's course in entirety. To help you understand these fine margins between Destiny and Free Will, I can certainly recapitulate this by expounding that if one is lambasting Destiny for the woes of life then that person is deprived of the Free Will or perhaps lacks the required capacities which are fundamental to use the Free Will. We are the architect of our own lives and we are very well armed up to tinker with our Destiny. We all just need to find a vision for ourselves and Destiny is bound to follow.

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Destiny and Free will are they same and how they shape our lives

Magst du Tests? Hast du schon mal einen der Persönlichkeiten Tests gemacht, die deinen Charakter am besten beschreiben? https://www.16personalities.com/de Poste einen Ausschnitt deines Ergebnisses hier!

megansworld932’s Profile Photomegan
“A friend to all is a friend to none.” – ARISTOTLE
Sharp-witted and darkly funny, Architects (INTJs) aren’t everyone’s cup of tea – and they’re okay with that. For the most part, people with this personality type aren’t obsessed with being popular. They don’t spend their time and energy on just anyone, and they can be difficult to get to know. But this doesn’t mean that Architects are antisocial or friendless. In fact, few things are more exhilarating to Architect personalities than the spark they feel when they connect with someone who really gets them.
Architects tend to have strong opinions about what works, what doesn’t, what they’re looking for, and what they’re not. This mindset gives them a clear picture of what they expect from their social lives and their friends – and it can also lead them to reject anyone who doesn’t seem to meet these expectations. From the outside, people with this personality type may seem dismissive, but they would say they’re just being decisive.
In friendship, Architects are looking for an intellectual equal as much as anything else. These personalities crave mental stimulation, and they can become bored by anyone who can’t keep up with the workings of their minds. Architects need to share their expansive ideas – making small talk is something they typically avoid.
In their friendships, as in other aspects of their lives, Architects prize independence. Social obligations can feel stifling to people with this personality type. Architects don’t want to feel beholden to their friends, and they don’t want their friends to feel beholden to them. For them, an ideal friendship is low drama, based on mutual respect rather than obligation.
Of course, any friendship will have its dramatic moments. When sensitive or emotional situations arise, Architects may feel out of their depth. Even with their closest friends, these personalities may struggle to offer comfort – or receive it. Architects are used to feeling knowledgeable and capable, and this sudden cluelessness can be disorienting for them.
It’s not always easy to befriend an Architect. People with this personality type have little patience for social rules. Instead, they look for friends who value intellect, honesty, and self-improvement. They may become bored or irritated by anyone who falls short of this mark. Fortunately, anyone who does share these qualities is likely to appreciate Architects as well.
Among friends whom they know and respect, Architects have no trouble relaxing and being themselves. Their sarcasm and witty banter may not be for everyone – especially people who struggle to read between the lines. But Architects reward their true friends with candor and insight, along with an endless supply of fascinating stories, ideas, and conversations.

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يعني انا تخصصي Architect and interior design لو فكرتي تجيبي حد نشتغلهم في interior design بكسب انا وياكي يعني يا نسبة بتوخذي او على النص فكرتي انا في البداية بتحتاج شهرة

طيب حلو ، كيف بدنا ننشهر ؟
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แอบถามได้มั้ยคะว่าคุณไรท์เลือกชื่อ/นามสกุลตัวละครแต่งขึ้นมาจากอะไรคะ คือสังเกตว่านามสกุลเพราะกันหมดเลย แล้วก็ดูยิ่งใหญ่จริงๆด้วยค่ะ ชื่อจริงก็ดูเหมาะกับคาแรกเตอร์มากๆด้วย

เตชะภูวณิชย์ : เตช(เตชะ) แปลว่าอำนาจค่ะ , ภูตรงตัวแปลว่าเขาค่ะ, วณิชย์ (-วาณิชย์) แปลว่าการค้าขาย พาณิชย์ พื้นเพครอบครัวนี้ครอบครองผืนดินที่เป็นภูเป็นเขาเยอะค่ะ เริ่มมีอำนาจและร่ำรวยมาจากการแบ่งขายที่ดินบางส่วนในอดีตและพลิกแผ่นดินที่เหลือทำธุรกิจ เริ่มจากโรงแรม, ฟาร์ม, ไร่ -> นำผลผลิตไปแปรรูปขาย+ส่งออก นำเข้าสินค้าทางการเกษตรบางอย่าง และแตกแขนงเป็นธุรกิจอื่นๆ ในปัจจุบันค่ะ 1. ธิติ = ผู้ที่มั่นคง ลูกคนโตที่พ่อแม่อยากให้หนักแน่น มั่นคงและเป็นที่พึ่งให้น้องๆ ตรงกับคาแรคเตอร์ของโมสที่นิสัย มั่นคง สุขุม แน่วแน่ และพึ่งพาได้
2. มิณณ์ เดิมทีชื่อ มิณทร์ ค่ะ แต่ว่าตอนเด็ก ๆ ป่วยบ่อยแล้วผู้ใหญ่ไปปรึกษาพระแล้วเขาบอกว่าชะตาแพ้ ท ทหารค่ะ (555 แล้วก็แพ้จริงๆ แพ้ราบคาบเลย คนชื่อแทมเนี่ย) ที่ชื่อมิณณ์ เริ่มจากตอนแรกพ่อแม่คิดว่าจะมีลูกแค่สองคนค่ะ ดังนั้นแล้วมิณณ์ จึงมาจากมินิด้วย (ตอนแรกเกือบชื่อเล่นนี้แล้ว) ส่วนใหญ่คำว่ามินทร์/มิณทร์ต่อท้ายคำอะไรมักจะส่งเสริมคำหน้าให้มีความหมายที่ยิ่งใหญ่ขึ้นค่ะ เช่น สยามินทร์ แปลว่าผู้ที่ยิ่งใหญ่ในสยาม ในฐานะลูกคนที่สอง ความตั้งใจจึงเป็นผู้ที่เกิดมาเพื่อส่งเสริมให้ครอบครัวยิ่งใหญ่ขึ้น ประมาณนั้นค่ะ
3. ส่วนคอสมอส ชื่อเล่น มีสองความหมายค่ะ ดอกคอสมอสเกิดขึ้นและงอกเงยง่าย แม้ผ่านพ้นฤดูกาลที่เบ่งบานไปแล้ว เมื่อวนมาครบปี พอถึงฤดูกาลก็จะงอกเงยและเบ่งบานขึ้นมาใหม่ขึ้นเองตามธรรมชาติ และอีกความหมายแปลว่าจักรวาลค่ะ ยิ่งใหญ่กว่านี้ไม่มีแล้ว555 ส่วนชื่อติณณ์ แปลว่าผู้ที่ข้ามพ้นความทุกข์แล้วค่ะ ง่ายๆ คือเกิดมาในช่วงที่ครอบครัวร่ำรวยมากๆ แล้ว ไม่มีวินาทีไหนในชีวิตที่ไม่ใช่อีลิท555 และเป็นการรวมชื่อพี่ชายสองคนธิติ+มิณณ์ด้วยค่ะ
ส่วนชื่อน้องเกี๊ยว 🥟 ชื่อเล่นก็ตามที่น้องบอกเลยค่ะ ชอบกินเกี๊ยวมาตั้งแต่อยู่ในท้องแม่555 ส่วน คีตา แปลว่าการขับร้องค่ะ แม่น้องเกี๊ยวเคยเป็นนักร้องมาก่อน แต่ไม่รุ่ง ก็เลยฝากความหวังที่ลูก และถ้ารวมกับชื่อคุณแม่ คีตากาน(ดา) จะแปลว่าผู้ที่รักในการร้องเพลงค่ะ ซึ่งน้องเกี๊ยวก็เข้าวงการโดยมีเป้าหมายสูงสุดคือการเป็นนักร้องค่ะ การเป็นนักแสดงเป็นบันไดขั้นหนึ่ง นามสกุล อาทิติยสกุลกิจ ก็เกี่ยวกับพระอาทิตย์ค่ะ คาแรคเตอร์น้อง สดใส ส่องสว่าง อบอุ่น เหมือนแสงอาทิตย์
อาชวิน แปลว่าผู้มีความซื่อตรงค่ะ ตรงกับคาแรคเตอร์ของอาร์ชเลย เรื่องอะไรที่แสดงออกได้ พี่แกแสดงออกทุกอย่างไม่มีปิดบัง ส่วนชื่ออาร์ช มาจาก architect ค่ะ แต่คนที่เป็นสถาปนิกคือพ่อเกี๊ยวค่ะ งงมั้ยค่ะ 55555 ค่ะ (เดี๋ยวเฉลยน้า)
ประมาณนี้ค่ะ ส่วนชื่อของหลานๆ เคยอธิบายไปแล้ว เลื่อนหาได้จากคำถามล่างๆ ได้เลยค่า 🥰🥰🥰

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Conan goes to Professor Agasa's house, Conan looks through his mail and finds an unusual-looking letter adressed to Shinichi Kudo, inviting Shinichi to a party. The letter was sent by famous architect Teiji Moriya. Conan decides to call Ran Mouri using his Voice-Changing Bowtie and tells her about

the invitation, asking her to go to the party in his stead because he is "too busy with his case" and that Kogoro and "that boy who lives with you" can join her as well.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEtrScim2p8bellmine’s Video 165648820238 DEtrScim2p8bellmine’s Video 165648820238 DEtrScim2p8

Wow! I have always wanted to do something similar. I love AutoCAD and thought it's fascinating to do design work on it.

alpharean’s Profile PhotoChatter Box
Oh, that is very cool. I have never really worked on AutoCAD. When I was studying computers were just coming into draughting here and the architect I worked for after my studies still drew by hand and so I never did learn CAD.
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What are your further expectations from life , would it be easy or hard ?

I don’t expect my life to be easy on me. Why?
Practically, my mom’s life is an inspiration to me. Two years after her graduation as an architect, she tried to work on architectural firms. That’s until he met my dad. Because of their love for each other, I was born. It entailed a lot of hardships on them such as paying the bills, providing for the family, finding a stable job, and taking care of me. My mom wanted so much more for herself but she never did it because of me. She decided to take care of me as a housewife, sacrificing all of her time just to provide for me. But because of her prayers, dedication, and hardwork, she made it through. She passed the board exam for architects while taking care of me as a baby and also looking out for my sick great grandmother, acquired a masters degree in architecture, and now taking her doctoral degree in environmental science while teaching.
Why am I saying this?
Life is not easy for all of us. We all have our hopes and dreams but there are instances which entail us to embark on a different path away from our goal. But that path may lead to a crossroad or, better yet, the goal that you’re constantly aiming for! Just don’t give up. Be an optimist! Constantly tell yourself that you can do it! Do not be afraid to make mistakes along the way. The wrongs will somehow be right when the time comes and you will learn from it. The greatest teacher of all time is your experiences in life. Let it be a guide for your own journey and a constant reminder in knowing who you are.
Probably most of us are lucky enough to graduate college, find a life-fulfulling job, and wonderful peers. But these are not instant. We must learn to earn it for ourselves! Life is not easy, but we can make it bearable enough to hold on to it!

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هو احنا مفروض نعمل ايه لما نوصل ٥٠ سنه لو لينا عمر.. هنفضل نكتب كود برضه وهل لينا فرصه اساسا. بشوف مهنتنا دي للاسف عمرها قصير

أنا نفسي أفضل اكتب كود لغاية ما يبقى عندي ٦٠ سنة عادي. ممكن ده مش موجود في مصر كتير بس ده عادي جداً برة. ليك فرصة طبعاً والمهنة ولا عمرها قصير ولا حاجة بالعكس. المهام بتاعتك في العمر الأكبر بتتغير وبتكبر وانت حتنمو معاها. ممكن تبقى domain expert أو architect أو consultant. فيه بلاوي كتير بتتعمل. الصناعة دي حديثة نسبياً بس فيها ناس كبار في السن بيشتغلوا عادي.
انا مرة اشتغلت مع رجل ٥٢ سنة في شغل فريلانس كان مشتغلش بي اتش بي قبل كده في حياته ولا عمره شاف كود بي اتش بي وفي ظرف اسبوع شفته عامل module ضخم في الـ application اللي انا كنت شغال فيه. مع الخبرة فيه ناس بتسموا فوق اللغات وبيبقى الموضوع بالنسبة لها syntax بيغيرها بسهولة. بالرغم من كده كان من انضف الحاجات اللي كنت شفتها

السلام عليكم يا هندسة.. انا مشكلتي اني بكون فاهم لغة البرمجة ومبادئها كويس جداً وكل حاجة تمام، لكن لما بأجي أعمل أي بروجكت بسيط وصغير مع نفسي بدون مشاهدة كورسات الدنيا بتكون صعبة جداً ومش بعرف أعمله Simply, I don't have the skill of building projects ممكن حلول او مقترحات لاني زهقت

ده طبيعي جداً في البداية. بتبسيط شديد الأول بتبص على مستوى الكود وبعدها تطلع على مستوى ال Classes وعلاقتها ببعض، وبعدها على مستوى ال ٍProject ثم ال System ككل.
أي مشروع في tutorial هتلاقيه مبنى ب Structure معين. بمرور الوقت هتكتشف ان ال structures دي متكررة، ونسبة كبيرة عبارة عن Variations لنفس الفكرة. ده بنسميه Software Design & Architecture.
ابدأ بحاجة بسيطة زي ال n-tier واقرا عن ال Onion ثم بعد فترة هتعرف SOA و حاجات تانية.
البرمجة أساسها التعلم بالتقليد. هتقلد مشروع معين وتشوف هو منظم الكود ازاي؟ وتسأل نفسك ليه عمل التنظيم ده؟ وبعدها هتلاقي طريقة التنظيم دي متكررة في مشاريع كتير مع اختلافات بسيطة. استخدم نفس طريقة التنظيم في مشاريعك. وبعد شوية هتظهر عندك احتياجات تخليك تعمل تعديلات طفيفة. تعديل ورا تعديل، فهمك هيزيد لمميزات وعيوب ال Structure اللي قدامك. ثم تبدأ تدور على حل مختلف جذرياً، وهكذا.
في أول ال Career غالبا هيكون فيه Team Lead أو Architect وظيفته يحط ال structure ده. دوره إنه يشرحلك ازاي تستخدمه وازاي وليه بناه بالشكل ده، ودورك إنك متستخدمش حاجة من غير ما تفهمها وتسأل ليه.
بمرور الوقت ومع زيادة خبرتك الموضوع هيكون روتيني جدا، وهتلاقي نفسك وانت داخل على اي مشروع جديد بتعمل reuse لشغل قديم وتعدل فيه حسب احتياجاتك الجديدة وتنطلق.

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Nasaan ka na arch. Eudesa Flores? Saan na tapang mo na parang legal wife ka? Huwag ka sana magkalat sa NU & UST architect department. Baka sa UST ka naman maging kabit. Mahiya ka naman

OMG i'm an architecture student and reading something like this about an issue of an architect is like nakaka curious, ano po bang nangyari?

I need help.. I am an architect i wasted 2 years without work or healthy relationship! i am searching everyday for a job but no one is calling me.. I started to lose hope & my confident is getting lower.. What should i do? Any advice

don't search for hope in a community needs experience since the person birth , book your ticket and go search for better chances abroad👌🏻
may god give you strength to get over your bad situation🙏🏻🖤
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Wow that's amazing! Does the software help you figure out measurements and such? How did you make it into reality from the design?

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
Thank you. As shown below, I also added a pair of long thin tables (two planks each) that clip onto the top of the planter, which I then use as a work surface when potting plants, or as a picnic table. You can move the tables to make it either L-shaped (as shown), U-shaped or T-shaped (to sit either side), as you wish.
The software was useful because it allowed me to visualise a few different ways of making the leg supports, and to get the joints right, and then I could spin it in 3D to make sure that I liked the look of it. You can then read the measurements off it, yes.
That's not me btw in the drawing! It's just some standard architect guy that comes in the software so that you get a sense of the scale.
Wow thats amazing Does the software help you figure out measurements and such
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So your a gamer, your also Indian I believe. You studied architect, and your not a big fan of socializing. Tell me if i got somthing wrong. Q. If Franky Singh is your nickname, what is your real name ?

Ya i'm a architect and bit shy kinda
Only one or two ppl know my real name here on ask its just a name for documents, seems u read most of my answers.
So how can i know that its u typing everytime not someone else continue in between, thata the only reason i asked u to untick, be as u feel comfortable

I've watched a podcast with 2 famous archeologists and they claim with many convincing evidence that earth went through a global catastrophe of a comit impact, and that we were advanced before it< Do you believe in that? Here's a link to the podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDejwCGdUV8

Neither of those guys is a "famous archeologist."
"Hancock specialises in pseudoscientific theories involving ancient civilisations, stone monuments or megaliths, altered states of consciousness, ancient myths, and astronomical or astrological data from the past.
One theme of his works proposes a connection with a 'mother culture' from which he believes other ancient civilisations sprang. An example of pseudoarchaeology, his work has neither been peer reviewed nor published in academic journals."
"Randall Carlson is an American architect and geological and anthropological theorist. He is a proponent of the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis, and has theorized about the extinction of historical advanced human civilizations. Carlson founded Sacred Geometry International, which focuses on a range of controversial theories and has a website and Facebook page. Carlson's theories have not been peer-reviewed or published in many scientific journals."

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No worries, you should rest, your health is what is more important, nothing is more important than your health. My day was kinda loong, sensor architect is on leave for next week, this week is goona be hard working for me, i'll get to learn alot this week as working directly on some big projects 😋

frankysingh’s Profile PhotoFranky Singh
Thank you, and I have been. The dizziness has gone away almost completely, so I should be fully better by tomorrow. :) Good luck! That’ll be a good time to show what you can do as far as learning goes though. You’ll do great!
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Is it right to wait for someone who's left or should we let go and become the architect of the future ahead?

princehadisama’s Profile PhotoHadi Ali
I don't think we should wait. Move on and work on yourself. Become better than before. Such people should be deleted from your life usi time 🤣 and I would never trust that person again. Forgive but never go back.

could you tell more about the 11th house as well? i have a stellium there, so i'd love any extra information that i might have missed

With Aquarius and Leo being sister signs, "polar opposites yet the same thing", their houses being the 11th of Aqua and the 5th of Leo, if Leo is our connection to God in our ability to create, Leo is our creative power that comes from within and is, well, about ourselves. As in, even if you're selling your art, it's almost always a journey of learning about yourself, right? Pouring ypur emotions out. Well, with the 11th house, it is the same energy - creative energy - but directed outwards. If Leo is the God within me, rhen Aquarius is the God outside of me. As within, so without like as above, so below, right? If Leo is our developed super ego, Aquarius is us as a society. Even cosmo horoscopes associate Aqua with eccentricity, creativity and, all summed up, individuality. Now that sounds basic and kind of egocentric, does that remind us of any other sign? Leo. Because the underdeveloped version of each sign looks alot more like their sister sign, eg. underdeveloped aquarius energy tends to have a god complex (like a low vibrational leo) and underdeveloped leo energy feels like an outsider most of the time and tends to develop eating disorders, act fake and as a "special snowflake", which sounds alot like a low vibrational aquarius dominant. So.
The 11th house is about your impact on the Whole - your, on a less spiritual and often more social lever - thoughts, feelings and actions on society, us as the human kind. Aquarius, the waterbearer, is the Human of the zodiac, the one that is associated with the future and always the future, the last air sign - the final stage of human intelligence. The highest point our rational minds could get to.
The last 4 signs of the zodiac are called the social signs. The first 4 (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer) are the first signs of each element, called personal signs - in them, we find the beginning, the ESSENCE of each element, the most natural, undeveloped, peimary versions of each element. In the second 4, called the.... Uh I forgot the term but basically the signs that are about YOU and ME, rhe signs where we find out about amd learn to love one on one connections - Leo being "you love me", Virgo being "i take care of you", Libra being "i balance you" and Scorpio being "i know you". And then the last four that we're talking about, the social 4, are the last - and most developed (which DOES NOT mean better) - of each element, they are where we realize we are a part of a society and start thinking about it. Sagittarius - philosophy, higher education, religion. What all three have in common is that when we do these things, we sooner or later, and from then on very often, start thinking about social problems, our psychology as a whole. Then there's Capricorn, the architect of the zodiac, the last Earth sign, whose motto is "i use",
Man I've been so productive these days when am i wriring a book
Thanks for motivating me and being super kind

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Looks nice, cute, lovely, got a nice shy smile, adorable eyes, beautiful dress and after all an architect just like me 💪🏻🤩💗 Perfect person to be friend with but unfortunately you wont trust people from the internet or accept them as friends & i can’t say u r wrong :S Was to see ur acc by luck :)

One of the best compliments I have heard here.
Nice words from nice person. . Nice to meet you in this feak world ..
I read the question since you sent it but I didn't find suitable words to respond ..thank you for this gentle method and for your logical analysis..
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Prý “holčina”! Kurva, tohle tak nesnáším. ? Jardo vážně se neboj. Nakonec te ještě řízení začne bavit. To tě rada uvítám v klubu vášnivých autíčkářů. ?❤️

@Michihledej asi se budeš muset dámě omluvit. Je to tvrdá holka. :D
I když nevím, co je na "holčině" pohoršujícího. Jiný kraj, jiný mrav.
Dobře, já to příští rok zkusím. Mě baví řízení, ale na plný plyn. Jak to nejede alespoň 400 km/h, tak to není pro mě. No dobrá i více jak 350 km/h stačí.
PF 2019: dokončit taneční, udělat autoškolu a přihlásit se na Test Architect Program
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Srs question: When you were a kid you dreamed about something you wanted to be! 1-What was that something?! 2-what you want to be now?! .. .. Please be real, i be glad with true and honest answers

Well to be honest mine was kinda ridiculous bcus I was always wanted n dreams to fly lol! Like every goddamned Night I dreamt to have wings n fly lol 2. I do rlly wanna be a successful pianist n architect
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So you are architect😋 Have you watched prison break series Main character of this series is also structural engineer and draws full map of prison on his body by means of tattoos 🔥🔥🔥to escape his brother from prison Its worth watching and my favourite series ❤️❤️👍👍

Yeahh I'm a FUTURE architect 😢
One of the most amazing series 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🌸

OK let's get wilder, ATM! Engineering, who is more expert, ATM or Elon Musk?! I know I'll get humiliated by asking this question as some people would find the answer obvious, but I do really want to hear your answer!

Although the answer is obvious, I think you deserve a thorough explanation for that.
Well, actually, Musk has no engineering degree (and so do I, but I'm enrolling in engineering). Musk has a BS on Physics. However, since mechanical engineering relies heavily on classical physics, it shouldn't pose a lot of problem for Musk to learn engineering. He has everything he needs to excel in engineering and he did it.
Musk doesn't actually deal with the details in the engineering process. However, he obviously knows shit tons of engineering stuffs to the point that he can actually conceptualize whatever it is that he wants to build and any engineer who works with him won't face a serious design changes.
Well, I'll make it simpler:
Suppose that there's an architect who wants to build a building but has limited knowledge on the mechanics, any civil engineers who has to build the same building now face another problem that they have to radically alters the original design.
Musk on the other hand hardly poses such problem to his engineers, thus, that proves that he actually knows what he is saying. He knows that his concepts not only work, but also practical.
Which is even more awesome that his projects are kinda diverse in nature (SpaceX, Paypal, Tesla, SolarCity, Hyperloop, OpenAI).
And he's a visionary genius, who boldly presents "absurd" and "uncommon" ideas and managed to make them practical for use.
That's one of few reasons for me to say that Musk is way better than me in engineering.

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Hi everyone! :) Mw minta pendapat dong. Jd gini, jd gw Puji Tuhan lolos beasiswa full sekolah architect di slh satu PTN di Malaysia. Dan kmrn pengumuman sbm, gw keterima di kedokteran UNS. Kl lo jd gw, pilih yg mana? Sumpah gw bingung. Gw mwnya ya UNS, ortu ngikt gw jg. Tp gw ky buang ksmptn ga si?

terserah kamuu,mana yg kamu minati si,dan mana yang baik buat masa depan kamu:)

Amozat cheya??mar7ala chand? Ya3ni 7azm la bussiness bu bas tab3an la tub nawt darchi nahelln bchya bussiness'y

Hahah look Business qsmaki gawraya nawaki gawray haya worldwide, bas lera yak ture qurawe nainy bawarka ? bas amn Har eshakaman business’a loya 7azm krd bchma aw bashay agarna hich qsmak la interior design u architect xoshtr nia
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