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Everyone’s good at something - what are you good at?

I think I'm a pretty decent artist. I recently saved up and got a printing press and a studio residency. Nothing has really come of it yet but it's been fun improving my craft, at least!
Other than that, I'm fairly witty if I'm in the mood, and I have a pretty broad general knowledge. I don't really have any applicable skills I can think of though.
Working with very difficult people, whether it is a boss, coworker or customer. I take very little personally and it takes a lot to upset me. My ability to get along well with people I neither like nor respect without being an ass kisser.
Learning new things. All of my supervisors and trainers have commented on it before. They can sit down with me on a new project for a day and I will know the basics of it by the end of the shift. I tend to only make mistakes once, as well. After I make a mistake it sticks in my mind the next time a similar scenario comes up.
Making up plans on the spot. I now know that if I want to have fun doing stuff, then I need to just go somewhere and make up stuff to do. I am terrible a making plans. Just awful, but I come up with great ideas when I am put on the spot.
I'd say that I am pretty good at riding motorcycles fast. I'm 17 years old and a pretty fast rider.(Sounds like I am a total dumbass writing this). I also learn the way a bike behaves quite fast. Sadly, I cannot show anybody my skills on the racetrack because I do not have the money to participate in races. I need sponsors but I can't find any because I don't participate in beginner races. Any tips welcome. I'd never study in school because I didn't want the pressure or attention of a straight A student. I'm a very bright person and if I had the energy for it, I could study almost anything and pass with flying colours but I don't. I got average grades and passed with room to spare. At work, I just do my thing and slack off for the rest of the day. I don't do extra work to show off nor do I do so little that it attracts attention. I do the perfect amount of work every day and fly by unnoticed.
People. I can read people like a book. I sorta can feel the vibe they give off and just know how they're feeling. It's weird but I guess I'm just really aware of people. I help most of my friends through their problems because I can tell easily when something is off or they're bothered. Like if someone walked up to me I could tell their mood within 5 seconds of talking to them or seeing them.
Public speaking. I really do not have a problem getting up in front of people and doing whatever, like a class presentation or something. I did music basically my whole life, so being on stage was nothing big. Helps a lot in college because I have presentations all the time, and it naturally just makes you more confident. IDK just never had a problem with it.

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If you could breathe music, which artist would you choose to inhale and which would you choose to exhale?

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
What a difficult question.
There are so many great musicians whom I admire, respect and have great affection for. Please forgive me for choosing a guitarist, but since that is my primary instrument I would be remiss if I did not choose Andre Segovia because of his mastery and technical proficiency on classical guitar. For many reasons, to numerous to mention here, I would inhale and exhale Andre Segovia. Why inhale and exhale? Because his guitar produces analog frequencies that increase (inhale) and decrease (exhale) in amplitude. This changing amplitude can be likened to breathing where the guitar literally inhales and exhales dependent upon your skill and proficiency of which Mr. Segovia was considered the master. In my humble opinion, Andre Segovia was, and still is, the best of the best.
https://youtu.be/WFnJ1APJREkalexandermonroe397579’s Video 169122499115 WFnJ1APJREkalexandermonroe397579’s Video 169122499115 WFnJ1APJREk

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alexandermonroe397579’s Video 169122499115 WFnJ1APJREkalexandermonroe397579’s Video 169122499115 WFnJ1APJREk

Do you prefer taking photos of people or of places or objects that you find beautiful or interesting? Do you use them as inspiration for your art or are they two different hobbies for you that you like to keep apart? Sorry if I’m asking too many questions. I don’t find many artistic folks on here.

I don't think you're asking too many questions :) I enjoy answering it.
I prefer taking pictures of objects I find interesting, nature. Whenever I see an interesting setting, unusual light, I will capture it :) I do take a lot of photos when I see something that I may use later on for inspiration. But also, photography is a small part of my studies, so I'm encouraged to exercise it more often now😆 are you an artist yourself?

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Imagine you met yourself from ten years ago, what do you think they'd think of you now? And is there anything you'd want to say to them?

I’m not sure, in truth! In some ways, I feel constantly disappointed in myself in that I feel I haven’t achieved much. I can’t help being self conscious and comparing myself to others, career wise in particular.
But to me ten years ago, completing my A Levels, studying a foundation diploma, bachelors and a masters at one of the top art universities in the world… I would never have believed it! It would be an impossible dream, it felt like it at the time, with all of the setbacks. To have studied at the same place where I admire so many artists, is still quite amazing and awe inspiring.
I think if I said anything, it would be to continue believing in myself and in my art. The self doubt will always be there, but that’s part of being an artist and being a human; it doesn’t mean you’re failing or that you’re not good enough.
I’d remind myself that I’m stronger than I think, and that while things may be challenging, I’ll be okay. :)

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Imagine you met yourself from ten years ago what do you think theyd think of you

Miss Suzan (21) who is going to get engaged to the Personality of Music and Fashion and Traditional Cooking with Libor Milian (36)

LiborMilian1’s Profile PhotoArtist 7 # 1 Libor Milian (✔)
It's unbelievable what the young girls around Artist Libor Milian have been doing lately, as we know that the first collection of clothes and things has already been released on Mtv Urban, Amazon, Discounts and other Libor Milian E-Shop. The most expensive sweatshirt is on Amazon for more than 60 US dollars. As you know, this young lady also has friends who already adore Libor Milian. If Covid 19 allows them to do so during the summer, they would like to be in the Italian city of Venice, where Libor Milian wants to ask for the hand of this young lady. Although she received word from England that people were also asking for the CD Vinyl Wounded Heart. Suzan is still in family quarantine. Her father should get away with this. (Not in the hospital) Like her friends, he tasted his cooking and baking.

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Miss Suzan 21 who is going to get engaged to the Personality of Music and

❓ Wolisz komedie czy filmy o głębszym znaczeniu?

petschteampl’s Profile Photopetschteampoland
Tak naprawdę tylko "disaster artist" z komedii, które widziałam mnie wciąż bawi
Ogólnie lubię filmy, które mocno działają na moją wyobraźnię, dlugo o nich myślę i nawet po latach mam je w pamięci bo zostawiły jakiś ślad w mojej psychice i tym jak postrzegam świat
Nie muszą mieć głębszego znaczenia

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If you had to guess, what about you would be the same and what about you would be different if you were born and raised only in Canada?

Personality wise I might be more social if I was born and raised here in Canada. But even then it's just my nature which makes me a loner artist so I don't think I'd be much different in that sense either.
What would most likely remain the same is my non comformist nature. And I'm not that way for the sake of rebelling or it's not just a phase for me. I have always liked carving my own path, and I'd say I have always been quite tolerant and open minded.

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Do you think that when a society neglects teaching how to process art, it has any other effects on the people? In other words, is art appreciation/criticism a quality that you think is beneficial outside the parameters of the art world?

I think art is something that makes this world a beautiful place to live. Nature itself is a work of art. Its an attraction and inspiration for us. But art isn't just limited to beautiful things. And that's something a lot of people do not understand about art. Art is also meant to provoke people into thinking about something. It has been used throughout history as a way to protest, and rebel. It's a form of self expression. Civilizations throughout history are known for their art. Art is something civilizations are remembered for, like for example Egypt is known for its Pyramids and the Mughals for the Taj Mahal. Architecture too can be called a form of art. I read somewhere that artists or creative people make good investigators because they are good at paying attention to detail. There are certain qualities that an artist or a creative person posseses that helps them in other fields as well so their abilities aren't just limited to making or appreciating art. I have noticed creative people are particularly sensitive and they have a good intuition.

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How do you feel about who an artist is on a personal level having an influence on how their art is appreciated?

I know I have people who give my art attention and support because they like me as a person. They got to know me before they saw my art. And its not a bad thing at all. What I don't like is when some people appreciate my art, engage with it and then leave perverted messages in my dms. To me that is just very inappropriate. Because it's obvious those people follow me not for art but for something else.

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What do you Think About this song Guys?? https://youtu.be/QXa0-1Pf31I #ShreenuParikh #KabirAthar #RahulJain

No and Artist @LiborMilian1 @libormiliancloset its cool.Myslim si,že @libormiliansvk je to krasne hlavne pre nu.U nas si toto v Indii neužiješ.A slečna 21 rokov s 36 ročnym si uživaju už niekolko mesiacov i s kamoškami.No tam to je u nas ine.To som zvedava tiež sama,lebo ak toto bude pokračovat cele ludstvo zahynie vo svete a skoro nikto tu neostane.Ale asi sa teraz nestretavaju,lebo ma chripku a on by mohol tiež nakazit ju a jej kamošky.A tiež ma vodičak niekolko mesiacov a teraz to cez V.Rovne chodi na cintory.To som zvedava či ju tam bude žiadat takto,alebo inak.Mysliš si,že tie reči blbe ich tak zaujimaju z Makova ktory išli v autobuse.Ze mlada si užije....po...ho.No ved Zuzana už smiala nadržene chlapčiska.Ach to oproti Daliborovy to aspon on je na urovni.

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What do you Think About this song Guys



Tell me your favorite musical artist and favorite song of theirs?

For me, this is one of the most difficult questions to answer because I enjoy so many artists and composers, and at various times in my life I was attracted to different songs and bands. The other aspect of my musical taste centers around instrumentation, harmony, song writing, poetic integrity, improvisation, counterpoint, creativity and the actual performance. It is complicated. So let's simplify the process and focus on the Classic Rock Ballad. For me, the band would be Journey and the vocalist and composer Steve Perry.
Example#1 - Rock Ballad
Journey - Open Arms
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ByIYof4mqoalexandermonroe397579’s Video 168841799211 3ByIYof4mqoalexandermonroe397579’s Video 168841799211 3ByIYof4mqo
I have many other examples for various styles of music.
Remember, these are not trivial questions and my answers are not arbitrary, but thoughtful responses based upon years as a performing musician. -Enjoy-

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alexandermonroe397579’s Video 168841799211 3ByIYof4mqoalexandermonroe397579’s Video 168841799211 3ByIYof4mqo

Why do you lose your self-respect when more are around you?

You start openeing up to people, your need to connect with them makes you want to share your problems or your thoughts with them because as humans that's how we connect on a deeper level. People start to prey on your vulnerability, or they get a false idea that you need their sympathy. I always get shocked at the audacity of those who feel like they are so important that someone would actually want to gain their sympathy...? As an artist I pour my entire being into my art and put it out there for the world to see and perhaps relate to. And sometimes my art can convey the more uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, and some may assume I make art to gain their sympathy lol.

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🎶 Post a song from your favorite artist or band 🎶

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
Singer: Atif Aslam ❤️🖤
Hmm Hmm Hmm…
Dehleej Pe Mere Dil Ki
Jo Rakhe Hai Tune Kadam
Tere Naam Pe Meri Zindagi
Likh Di Mere Humdum
Haan Sikha Maine Jeena
Jeena Kaise Jeena
Haan Sikha Maine Jeena
Mere Humdum
Na Sikha Kabhi Jeena
Jeena Kaise Jeena
Na Sikha Jina
Tere Bina Humdum
Dehleej Pe Mere Dil Ki
Jo Rakhe Hai Tune Kadam
Tere Naam Pe Meri Zindagi
Likh Di Mere Humdum
Haan Sikha Maine Jeena
Jeena Kaise Jeena
Haan Sikha Maine Jeena
Mere Humdum
Na Sikha Kabhi Jeena
Jeena Kaise Jeena
Na Sikha Jeena
Tere Bina Humdum
Sachi Si Hai Ye Taareefe
Dil Se Jo Maine Kari Hai
Sachi Si Hai Ye Taareefe
Dil Se Jo Maine Kari Hai
Jo Tu Mila Toh Saji Hai
Duniya Meri Humdum
O Aasma Mila Zameen Ko Meri
Aadhe Aadhe Pure Hai Hum
Tere Naam Pe Meri Zindagi
Likh Di Mere Humdum
Haan Seekha Maine Jeena
Jeena Kaise Jeena
Haan Seekha Maine Jeena
Mere Humdum
Na Seekha Kabhi Jeena
Jeena Kaise Jeena
Na Seekha Jeena
Tere Bina Humdum

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Post a song from your favorite artist or band

An Hy, buổi tối tốt lành. Cả tuần an nhiên nhé ! Dạo gần đây tôi bị Burn Out, nên không thể hỏi thăm. Gần đây cậu thế nào rồi ?

anghin’s Profile PhotoA Nghín
A Nghín tối tốt lành 。◕‿◕。
Cậu đã ổn hơn chưa? Có gì ib mình nhá, rep chậm xíu xiu nhưng sẽ rep ngay khi thấy á -//v//-
Dạo này đời đang ma sát mình một xíu. Mình sắp thi nhưng đang cảm thấy bấp bênh và phát hiện cái đề khảo sát cô gửi làm mình vẫn làm không chắc chắn. Mình đặt gà thì cửa hàng ấy xa tít tắp, tiền ship cao cao. Gặm không được thịt vì mình bị đau răng. Mình nấu ăn tuần thì bị bỏng dầu hết bỏng dầu lại bị bỏng tay, rồi lại bị nồi nước sôi luộc rau mình hạ xuống sối cho một chân rát buốt. (Lỗi tại mình không cẩn thận nhưng hai lần trong hai tuần thì mình thực sự muốn ném quách cái nồi đi). Đi khám phát hiện sâu hai cái răng cửa, răng khôn mọc lệch cần nhổ. Ra đường gặp biến thái. Rơi tiền ăn sáng lúc đi mua sách, đi bộ gần 2km mua sách thì bị báo quyển sách tớ cần mua hết hàng. Dùng laptop cũ bị chậm muốn mua mới lại không đủ tiền, điện thoại bị đơ. Thời tiết thay đổi làm tớ hơi hơi mệt và đau đầu. Buồn thay deadline tới chào gặp mình và ở đấy cho đến hết tháng 12 :))
Nhưng mà mình thấy cũng không tới nỗi nào vì mình được ăn gà cửa hàng khác, ngon lắm. Kiếm được điểm chuyên cần môn kỹ năng. Cùng đại tỷ xem concert B.I qua mạng, cùng nàng ta xem Cha-cha-cha. Trám hai cái răng sâu, trám luôn vết sứt do gặm dừa hay ổi hồi tết. Mình còn được bác và Đầm lầy gửi quà, được Cá con tặng cho chiếc váy bạn làm. Hừm hừm.... Mình làm đề chắc chắn hơn, phát âm tốt hơn và đã cày xong hai cái deadline rồi. Cái vết do bỏng dầu mà mình lại chạy đi ngâm nước như bỏng nước sôi có để lại sẹo cho mình, may thay mình kiên trì bôi kem dưỡng nên nó đã mờ đi chút, chắc kiêm trì thêm sẽ mất há.
Cậu biết Dã khu ca thần không? Là anh chàng hay cover mấy bài hát hay hay đó. Còn Sầm Tiên sinh - là một CV mạng, vừa cover hát, vừa lồng tiếng trong kịch truyền thanh. Mình được hai người ấy rep đó. =)))) Dã ca rep mình trước, là người rep đầu tiên cho mình đó, sau đó không lâu, lúc mình than Sầm tiên sinh nhắn tin thoại cho mình mình nghe không hiểu rồi tiếng trung thật khó, ổng bỗng rep chữ lại với mình chúc mình học tốt. (ㆁωㆁ) Mình mừng rớt nước mắt á!!!! Mình bắt đầu thử vận với công tử, tiên nhi, tư không tiên sinh, vương đại nương, lão cửu, .... Và một số artist mình thích nữa :>
A Nghín, mình thấy cuộc đời có lúc đạp vào mặt mình, đấm hay chỉ là huých nhẹ làm mình đau thì trong lúc xoay sở mình luôn gặp những điều vui vẻ khác bù vào khoảng trống mình bị lấy đi. (ㆁωㆁ) Nên mình vẫn vui vui vẻ vẻ tâm trạng lên lên xuống xuống tận hưởng mỗi ngày.
Hy vọng cậu cũng như thế, có những ngày tốt đẹp, mà dù không vừa ý, kiệt sức thì cậu cũng có thể tìm thấy cho mình điều thích thú để lấy lại năng lượng bị mất đi.
Ngủ ngon. Cuối tuần suôn sẻ.
( ꈍᴗꈍ)

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An Hy buổi tối tốt lành Cả tuần an nhiên nhé  Dạo gần đây tôi bị Burn Out nên

Have you ever painted a diptych, with someone? Meaning... painting two canvases next to each other... you and the other person try to match the canvas' as best as one can, to create one whole masterpiece! My bf and I did this with an image of Rick and Morty & it looks spectacular! :D Defz recommend!

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
🎨 I haven’t done that, but I have painted a collage picture with a friend, ritually, to attract a decent flatmate. In the end we attracted an artist!

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No, I'm NOT "trolling" nor "complaining" I'm just asking? Everything I ask about, I OWN it, I PRACTICE it. You wont see me asking or as you say "complaining" about someone's artwork for example bc I'm not an artist, my knowledge in arts is limited. You wont see me "complaining" about athletes

"not my fault y'all mad" — bruh, you're the one who's angry here. LOL.
calm down and don't worry about other people's stuff. i guarantee you'll be happier.

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No Im NOT trolling nor complaining Im just asking Everything I ask about I OWN

Erkekler çoğunlukla sahte profil altında ve bunlar tipsiz olanları. Yakışıklı olanlar da zaten bir kız peşinde değil. Ama benim istediğim hem yakisikli hem terbiyeli hem de akilli biri.

Sende hiç bir şey istemiyorsun yani .Burada bir dünya erkek kadın artist manken adına açılan hesap var .Senin aradığın özellikte insan bulmak çok zor.Yakisikli Senin bakışına göre başkadır bir başkasına göre başkadır. En iyisi akışına bırak 🌹

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nejaká baba pokecať? :)

jakub_drienik’s Profile PhotoJakub D
No,ale teraz čo som zistila,že je opät CD Singel odloženy od Umelca @LiborMilian1 @libormiliancloset z kategorie Seleny Gomez a dalšich.Hej je to dobre,lebo vieme že za vela stoji.A chcete byt s nim pomaly všetke.Ale vela ludi čo čakalo na to i v zahraniči.Ale ten google je blby pry všetkych rozhlasoch je napisane Artist Libor Milian WOAP Radio,Radio Jango,Lifechurch a dalšie a rada tiež by som bola i ked som tu v Bratislave.Aby to vyšlo a vy tam dievčata ktore už chcete byt s nim tam u neho,aby sa to začalo stavat.

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Why do you enjoy reading?

I read for entertainment, education and to better my understanding of others. If you arent enjoying the books you're reading, try something else! What kind of shows do you watch? What kind of video games are you playing? Look for books with similar styles and themes and I bet you'll enjoy it more. As an example, my mom was never a reader beyond religious texts and only read because she was "supposed to" for her church and religious obligations. She won a gift basket that had a couple of SciFi books in it and she read them because of feeling obligated to use her gifts (my mom is an intense people pleaser) and it turns out, she LOVES YA science fiction. Now she reads a book a week because she is having so much fun reading. Also, books are very personal interests and everyone has different tastes. If you're not enjoying a book, you don't have to keep reading it. You can put it down and try something else. Life is too short to read books you don't like. As a new reader, it might take you awhile to get a good grasp of the types of books you like, so don't be discouraged if you don't like the first 10 or 20 or even more books you pick up. Most of us have been developing our reading preferences for years if not decades so it's easy to find something we know we'll like.
Reading is a skill you can learn and relearn. I used to be able to read book after book when I was a kid, but now I never seem to be able to just sit down and read. I still love reading though because of one key experience I had. I read a book for the first time at thirteen, enjoyed it, put it down. I picked it up at eighteen, and it blew my mind. I couldn't believe it was the same book. It wasn't just a book, it was an experience: I spent hours reenacting the scenes in my living room, playing each of the characters, re-writing the book from different perspectives, because I didn't want it to end. That's when I really realised that books are more than just words on a page.
I’m not too keen on games outside Terraria and Ori and the blind forest, but I’m quite keen on anime. I can absolutely say that reading is a far more worthwhile hobby for me. With the exception of some truly amazing anime like Mushishi or Chihayafuru, most anime just doesn’t last long in my mind or incite much thought. I also like anime for the wish fulfilment aspects and entertainment. These, unlike the first category, I do find myself regret spending time over. In defence of reading though, it allows the reader to feel far closer to the artist than video games or tv shows. Just consider the impact that The Little Prince or The intergalactic railroad has on children, what reading a book by Audre Lord means to young black women, what reading Asimov is to a sci-fi fan or what HP Lovecraft is to horror fans, or what reading the LOTR means to a fantasy enthusiast. It calms me down. Reading helps me breathe easy in this very competitive world. It makes me understand different cultures and also helps me better my language.

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What is something you wish you were better at?

Kind of everything to be honest, but I don’t necessarily see that as a bad thing. I always want to strive to be better, do better, whether that be a better artist, a better person, to be more knowledgeable, etc. I don’t think there’s anything where I’m truly content, as there’s always more to learn and room to improve :)

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What gets you all worked up?

Albellii’s Profile PhotoAliya.
When people criticize without having any understanding of something and don't even bother to enlighten themselves. Like for example I get a bit frustrated when someone takes my art literally and thinks I'm losing my mind or something. As an artist I don't like to limit myself when creating art because for me it's a way of expressing myself, it should be raw and pure, not toned down so people can digest it more easily. Art isn't only supposed to be pretty landscapes and portraits.
Also it bothers me a lot when people make unwelcome, discouraging comments towards beginners. Anyone who just started knows they aren't great at what they're doing, they don't need random people hating on whatever they're doing (be it art or anything else).

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I just read an article about a Danish artist who was given $84,000 by a museum to recreate a couple pieces of art he'd previously made. He returned 2 blank canvases to the museum and said they were titled "Take The Money and Run." If you saw works like that at a museum, would they interest you?

Nah, blank and empty spaces don't interest me. I like artworks where there's a lot going on, and lots of vivid colors.

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If you drink alcohol, have you ever gone to work while experiencing a hangover? 🥴 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Շєภคςเ๏ยร Շ๏๓๓คץ™ ✌ ♚ ☻
I've never gone to work with a hangover, but recently I had a full day booked for my tattoo and I decided to go out the night before. It was in Lancaster too, so a bit of a drive! It was awful, haha. I just wanted to go home and be in bed. I kept falling asleep, but luckily I don't think my tattoo artist noticed. 😅

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What was your life like growing up?

H2o_o2H’s Profile Photo
completely wild: i was a honor student and also a pickpocket, a fine danser and also a mediocre artist, winner of school science fairs and also member of a gаng, my parents were overly demanding, but in everything that did not concern grades they did not pay attention to me at all, so i had my first depressiоn in 13.
well, that times was everything except boring)

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Do you like having to explain to them that whatever they're basing about you from your art is incorrect or do you prefer letting them think what they want, wrong as it may be?

I like to express what my art means to me. So if I'm in the mood to talk about it then I do. And if they do not understand still then I just let them think whatever.
Here's a post that explains the thlughts that go behind my art (see description).
Alsl I'm not just a paonter, but an artist and I do enjoy making all kinds of art. I don't limit myself to just paintings.

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Those people are honestly idiots. They don't know how to interpret creativity and imagination unless the general sentiment of the company they keep can agree in unison about it, which they mindlessly defend. Anything outside those parameters is excluded from being respected. They're sheep.

Some think that if you make dark art it means you are about to go kill someone. But I lowkey do like the disgust reactions from people, because as long as you can make people feel something you're a good artist I guess.

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A small thing to talk about and I want everyone to know (Even though you likely already know)

The_Umbra_Club’s Profile PhotoDance Of Angels (Off)
It has come to my attention, a person who's name I won't mention because I am nice like that, is spreading false rumors about me over on instagram (Hell bent on doing so as well). Labeling me as the typical ''Phobic'' for my beliefs and stances on things.
I want people to know and understand, and I think most of you already know this, I am a person of faith aka I am religious. I practice Jewish traditions. I am also more conventional in other words traditional or more conservative if its easier to understand. Therefor, I am very opinionated in certain topics which people openly disagree with me in. I am fine with this, because I respect what other people think while holding true to my own believes.
But this is not exactly the issue, the issue is people don't seem to understand that not everyone is the same. Not everyone will carry your same values. I should not be obligated to please people. I should also not be bashed for my personal beliefs which is the case. This person doesn't understand the difference between preference, personal beliefs vs actually hating someone for whatever they decide to present themselves as. I'm a very tolerant person regardless of where I stand because I feel most people should be with everyone. If you wish to get along like a normal human being.
But, I'm also entitled to like, post and do whatever I want within MY OWN PERSONAL SPACE. So is not like I'm out here slandering people and hating them for their stances on particular topics. If you HATE ME for the things I stand for, I want you to understand....just how immature you are. The world doesn't work the way you think it does. It really doesn't. But you are free to hate me because in the end, I don't care about what others think of me. I am my own person who has had an individual life with many ups and downs and to this day I am still dealing with so much.
If you have a problem with how I view gender-politics, identity stuff and with my preferences, feel free to unfollow me, block or whatever and move on with your life. I'm sure we all have better things to do than angrily typing on the internet how bad a person is for being different from you.
Anyways, this is all I wanted to say, a small heads up incase you see someone being ANGI at me for not being the person they wanted me to be. Btw this all started in Tumblr, the same place that nearly drove an artist to su*cide. *Shrugs* Totally a welcoming loving place. I shouldn't have to change who I am to please anyone and neither SHOULD YOU. Stay true to yourself. Disagree with me as much as you want.
Either way, I rest my case, good day to you all and thank you for supporting me regardless of my viewpoints ^^ It is highly appreciated on my end. It lets me know you are a grown adult who is competent and understands people are different. But know, if my povs bother you, you can always leave and stop supporting my Umbra project.. Nevertheless, thank you for reading.

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Tell me three interesting things about you.

omishqa_abbasi’s Profile PhotoUmishqa Abbasi
🌿 I’m an artist, and the coolest opportunity I landed was having a piece of my artwork selected to be shown at the LA Premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi! (alas I’m not American, so my art wasn’t shown in the end! 😆).
🌿 I’m fascinated by anything pertaining to myths and legends, folklore, fantasy and fairytales.
🌿 I’m slightly ambidextrous, although I’m mostly right hand dominant these days, I used to play tennis left handed :)

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If your art and you being an artist gave others hope and a lifeline in a sea of despair, which you communicated with them about, would that satisfy your desire to help or is that inherently not interactive enough?

It might! I don't mind sharing my own experiences with others if it helos someone and as an artist I can't seperate my art from myself because it is an extension of who I am, and what I don't like is that some people will think that I want their sympathy which just isn't true.

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Has recibido una pregunta personal de @villalobosij: “Por extensión, se llama susurro al sonido de poca intensidad que realizan ciertas cosas o personas. ¿Es de mala educación hablar con susurros?”

"The Artist" by Nico, Photography by Tetiana Shyshkina
The artist moves her brush back and forth,
as the thistle whispers silently against the canvas
A touch of blue and white,
a touch of yellow to show the sky so bright
An angry cloud off in the distance,
a rolling wave crashing on the shore
Calling her name as her hand moves in silent patterns,
back and forth in a rhythmic motif
Circular motions twisting and turning,
as the image slowly forms distant yet near,
Ever slowly coming into view,
crystalline as her hands quietly guiding and gliding
The artist, a steady force that controls and dominates,
her willingness to reveal what her mind perceives
Show yourself to the world so that they too can admire your exquisite beauty,
and see what I see in my own minds view

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