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What does SPQR symbolize?

Sadly, it has been used by some modern extremist groups to show their affiliation and to identify each other. Usually, it is with white writing on a black background and two lightning symbols (could be white or gold, one on each side). With the original Roman colors as used in the artwork of Saxon's latest album below, there is no reference, connection or affiliation with any extremist group or radical ideology. It is also used with the original colors (and a ducal crown) on the current coat of arms of the Rome municipality. For many history buffs, it symbolizes a keen interest for that specific historical period or an admiration for Rome's ideals, accomplishments, etc.
What does SPQR symbolize

Is there a hobby or interest that you've always wanted to get into but haven't? Or one that you used to do but don't now?

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
I use to draw all the time.. but now I don't...
Basically it became almost painful to draw. Whenever I did any artwork, the first person to see it was always my grandad! But when he passed away, my passion for drawing went with him..
Is there a hobby or interest that youve always wanted to get into but havent Or

Are the questions random because I can’t figure out if people are directly asking me or just throwing it out into the world?

I would say that 99% of the questions are random. One of the characteristics of a well written question is that the reader believes the question was written especially for them. This technique is used by poets, novelists and composers of music, artists, etc. For example, have you ever read a novel or listened to a song or looked at art that for whatever reason captures your imagination and makes you feel like you are part of that story? I have, and that is one of the elements of great writing. The writer makes the reader or the composer makes the listener or the artist makes the person viewing his artwork part of the experience.
"A character is never the author who created him. It is quite likely, however, that an author may be all his characters simultaneously." - Albert Camus

What's your best artwork?

I honestly don’t know, in truth! In terms of painting, maybe my Ichabod Crane, or the Headless Horseman, once I fix up some issues with the glazing.
Otherwise though, I’m pretty happy with how my tapestry came out! It’s all down to personal opinion though, others may not value those much or they may well do :)

Vision of mine reflected in the artwork. Concerning Hel🥀

olhatkachuk’s Profile Photo☆Vega☆
Goddess Hel has uncompromising character and at the same time she is an embodiment of world justice. Her word is a law and her final decision can not be changed. Even great Odin was powerless to return his beloved brother Baldur from Helheim. She knows all things wich can bring you happienes and wich can bring you woe. Hel can help to find a way out of the worstest situations, but if someone asks her for advice, he must be ready to do her will whatever she ordered, otherwise it will lead to suffering and the end will be the same that she earlier predicted.
Hel brokes brutally all illusions, "sand castles" and shows only naked truth. She demonstrates for alive the inevitability of the death and teaches them to accept it like it is. "Memento mori" - that's her motto and reason why she usually appears to the mankind like awesome sight of half beautiful women and half decomposing corpse. But she also can show her face to the world like old crone or conversely like yang blue-eyed girl with pale face. Hel teaches mankind to realize and accept the duality of existence, she releases human souls from all shackles of the earthly being and helps them to find themselves again.
When She came She smelled like roses...🥀

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Vision of mine reflected in the artwork Concerning Hel

Welche Konsole war deine aller erste?

Chrisseeels’s Profile PhotoK i r b y
SNES. Und damals hatte ich die halbe Nachbarschaft zu Gast und wir haben Street Fighter gezockt. Oh, und by the way - passend zu Deinem Avatar und Namensgeber - "Kirby's Dream Land" war quasi das letzte Spiel für SNES, das ich damals noch bekommen hatte. Nachdem die "Donkey-Kong"-Reihe so ziemlich abgeschlossen war und keiner mehr Jump & Runs mochte, hat sich das Genre sukzessive selbst verabschiedet. Man wechselte zu den neueren Konsolen und anderen Genres. Aber das Artwork bei "Kirby's Dreamland 3" war so unheimlich soothing und liebevoll wie der Charakter selbst. Mir hat das damals als Kind sehr gefallen.

Do you think tattoos have to have a deep meaning or do you think they could be just because you find them aesthetically pleasing? I've noticed that a lot of tattoo lovers will give you hate if your tattoo doesn't have a meaning. These are the snobby gatekeepers of the tattoo lovers community.

My two tattoos have both got meaning, but there's a hell of a lot of stigma against tattoos in my family (so I had to have a good reason! 😂)
No, I don't believe that you need a reason before putting artwork on your body. I, ideally, would like one. But honestly, I've had reasons that were pure and deep in my heart and still ended up with two fairly mainstream tattoos. Get whatever you want, lovely. It's nobody's body but yours 💛

Why are artists mostly depressed?

Creative minds are generally known to be depressed far more often than “non-creative” minds. A good reason for this could be the fact that artists, of any kind, spend a lot of time in their own head. The creative process itself takes place in your own mind. Introspection + imagination can lead to an unhealthy amount of overthinking and this could lead to thoughts of negative self worth or lack of motivation and anything else in between. Another reason I think of is that creativity and art is an outlet for many people, especially those suffering through a period of pain and sadness. So it appears as if all of this art comes from those who are depressed.
It kind of gives me a new level of appreciation and admiration for artwork that was created through such a rough time. Who knows how much it took for that person to bring themselves to bring their vision to life.

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Tell me 5 intresting facts about yourself

Aha well I’ll try, I can’t promise any of it will be interesting!
~ I studied at uni for six years, and I have a BA in Costume Design for Theatre and Screen, and a Masters in Fine Art.
~ I once had a piece of artwork selected to be shown digitally at the LA premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi (ultimately it didn’t in the end, as they only wanted to show American artists 🙈)
~ I had individual and team coaching lessons of tennis every week religiously for 8 years, from ages 8-16.
~ My day jobs are currently being a graphic designer and a barista, to help supplement my art.
~ I have two wonderful doggos, Cody who is 14 (a collie/springer spaniel mix) and Teddy who is 2 (a cocker spaniel) 🐶✨
Tell me 5 intresting facts about yourself

الوقت وشويــةة حكــي •••♪🖤🍂

دافئة جدًا فكرة أن تجد شخصًا يشبهُك تمامًا..
طاهر القلب، لين القول..
جميل الروح، طيب الطبع..
يُخاطب عقلكَ وَ يُلامسُ قلبُكَ..
يُلاحقُ تَفاصيلكَ الصغيرةُ عن ظهرِ حُب..
يرى فيكَ اختلافًا يستحق الوصل..
يَستثنيكَ أنتَ من بينِ البَشر..
يراك البَعض وَالكُل والجَمع والجَميع..
- Artwork by Mumuco
الوقت وشويــةة حكــي

إحگِ ؛ يـا شبيـه الوردّ 🦋💙~

anasmkk’s Profile PhotoΆνας (أَنَــٓسّ) »✓«
في منتصف الليل ابقى افكر وابكي وأشعر بأن هناك شيء ما مفقود أشعر وكأنني بحاجة لصراخ كل ما في داخلي ولكني لا استطيع فحنجرتي قد تنفجر من كل هذا احاول النوم وللكنني لا استطيع حتى النوم يهرب مني عندما أكون بحاجة له كيف يصف المرء تلك الطعنات التي يتعرض لها ولا يعرف كيف يداوي نفسه الا بلبكاء والصراخ وحتى هذا لا يجدي نفعا بل يزيد الأمر سوءا كأن كل شيء تراكم على قلبي دفعة واحدة وهذا يؤلمني حقا، عيناي مرهقات من البكاء وإن سألتني ماذا تفعل في هذة الايام؟
سيكون جوابي البكاء فقط، في اليوم 24 ساعة قليل أليس كذلك؟
ولكن اليوم يمر علي كانة 500 سنة كيف لا وفي داخلي صرخات لا تصمت ولا تعرف معنى الصمت في داخلي حروب لا تتوقف عن انهاك روحي
احاول النوم ولكنني بلفعل لا استطيع, كيف ينام المرء وفي عيناة دموع لا نهاية لها.
- Artwork by unknown.
إحگ  يـا شبيـه الورد

إحكِ ¹¹-¹-²⁰²² ..❤️🦋

mohamed203_’s Profile Photoمُحَمّدْ[واغفر لأبي برحمتك]
I put my heart and soul into my work, and I have lost my mind in the process.🖤🥰
-Vincent Willem van Gogh(R.I.P) 🌌💙
(Hana Hamdy Ahmed Aldeeb) 💙

((DA not sure if you know English or not but your account and artwork is so cool!! ))

ToManyDamnIrkens’s Profile Photoฬєภ๔ץ Շђє ฬєภ๔เﻮ๏
|| I do speak english! I wanted to translate my last post but so everyone could enjoy some plot but... I got incredibly lazy and it was 3 AM.
Thanks for your kind comments! I like your drawings too. AskFM is full of talented artists!! ||

لِ بَرِيق عِينيڪ 💙🌸

mohammedharbawey’s Profile Photoفلسطيني ❤ محمود الهرباوي ◼▪⚫
‏"أكثر ما يُرعِبني في فكرة الزواج، هو وجود شخص بجواري ليلاً حين تنتابُني رغبة البكاء وحيدة."
‏– سيمون دي بوفوار | Artwork by Jean Daniel.
ل بريق عينيڪ

what hopes do you have for the remainder of the year 2021? are there any unfulfilled goals you wish to accomplish before 2022? (i sent this as a shout out, but also decided to send it as a personal question, too.)

poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh;
I’m hoping that things will stabilise with work; that I’ll be able to get a few more shifts in at the market and that we’ll get some more baristas at work, so things will begin to balance out a bit, shift wise!
I just need to work out how I’m going to fit everything in to when I’m not *working*, but I hope to get more work done for my mum’s business, finish off a piece of artwork, as well as start a course or two, which I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’m not sure how realistic it is, but I’m going to aim for it, all the same! :)

Scrivi la poesia più bella che tu abbia mai letto

Biscottone’s Profile PhotoRiccardo
Ciao Riccardo, ben ritrovato :)🌸
Scegliere la più bella è praticamente impossibile.
Però ti propongo questa, che non è stranota ed è un po' un passepartout: a me ha dato ispirazione e buone vibrazioni in varie situazioni.
"Allora senti,
ci sarà un lupo
e sarà bianco.
Tu sarai bendata
e gli starai in groppa,
in piedi.
Correrete insieme,
slacciàti dalla ragione,
legittimi alla velocità dell'aria.
Non ci sarà bisogno di fidarsi,
avrà fiuto e tu equilibrio.
Dovrai tener caldo alle parole,
tenerle in un orto sotto la camicia
a stretto contatto con la pelle.
Bruceranno e graffieranno.
Lasciati bruciare.
Passerete dalle città,
non levarti mai la benda
anche quando sentirai chiamare,
lusingare, invocare: resta dritta,
in piedi in groppa al lupo.
La memoria è una fabbrica
che non smette mai,
fa i turni di notte e non ha festivi.
Il lupo slaccerà i ricordi
uno per uno,
ne farà fiocchi di neve.
Il vuoto sarà vasto
e alto e profondo,
lo chiamerai carezza.
Allora senti.
Da Fatti Vivo, Chadra Livia Candiani.
Lucy Campbell artwork

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Scrivi la poesia più bella che tu abbia mai letto

Hiya livi! I hope you're well ☺ okay question do you think everything through before you decide what to draw and paint is do you just begin to draw something and go with the flow?

GhostGoth’s Profile PhotoEmma
Hey Emma!! I’m good thank you, how are you?? 🤗
I tend to plan everything out before I create artwork - it’s probably been drummed into me through uni, with costume design having to be something that’s meticulously planned and researched before designing, and I think that process has carried through into my art, as well. It’s probably also natural for me too, as I like to explore concepts and ideas before working out how to translate that through my art! I quite enjoy the research aspects of it too, in truth - anything that involves scouring books always gets my vote!
How about yourself though, what’s your natural process when it comes to your art?? :)

Does Galapagus have any siblings?

Guys, this should be obvious, but please restrict your questions here to questions that are actually for me. Don’t bring me UAF questions, this is not a generic Ben 10 question dump.
If you want to request Ben 10 artwork, please do so at my kofi, not here. And if you ask the same question over and over, I’ll just end up blocking you

What does it mean to live a good life?

"Love" by Nico, Artwork by ig@keeping_it_sketchy
Genuine love
Forgiving love
Reciprocal love
Demonstrable love
Intense Love
Honest love
Sincere love
Tender love
Meaningful love
Fruitful love
Empathetic love
Faithful love
Soulmate love
Twin flame love
Eternal love
Unconditional love
Love is worth the wait.
Love with all of your heart.
Love with all of your soul.
Love with all of your mind.
For without love...
What is the meaning of life?
What does it mean to live a good life

No, I'm NOT "trolling" nor "complaining" I'm just asking? Everything I ask about, I OWN it, I PRACTICE it. You wont see me asking or as you say "complaining" about someone's artwork for example bc I'm not an artist, my knowledge in arts is limited. You wont see me "complaining" about athletes

"not my fault y'all mad" — bruh, you're the one who's angry here. LOL.
calm down and don't worry about other people's stuff. i guarantee you'll be happier.
No Im NOT trolling nor complaining Im just asking Everything I ask about I OWN
Liked by: me lol Reachel♥️

yes of course Alex…. thank you so much….

Have you ever lost someone you love? Someone whom you would do anything for, even if it meant sacrificing your own life to save their life? And yet, when they leave us, we feel empty... a void... and a deep sense of loss. As if our own internal flame has been extinguished. We may even sense that we have lost our way, and our will to live.
And as time passes, we wonder where they are, and if they are ok. We spend countless hours reminiscing, reflecting and recalling, all the good times that we shared together. And we wonder what our loved one is thinking. We pray that they are ok and free from pain. We ask: "Are they resting in peace?" Mostly, we just want to reach out and hug them, and tell them how much we love them, and what they mean to us. Then we make them a solemn promise, that we will never forget them for as long as we live.
And each day, as the sun rises and the sun sets, we try to walk in their shoes as we imagine what their final thoughts might be. And that is when this haunting refrain echoes within our mind, as we hear their voice cry out: "Do you still love me?"
“Eternal Love” by Nico, Artwork by ig@keeping_it_sketchy
I still love you
I will always love you
I will love you until:
The mountains plummet towards the sea
The oceans run dry
The stars fall from the sky
I take my last breath
And… if God so choose,
I will love you after death and for all eternity

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yes of course 
Alex thank you so much

it's children's day where I live! do you celebrate children's day in any way? when was the last time you cherished/uplifted a child (or group of children) who meant a lot to you? 🗓💝🖍🎉

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
Great question and might I add, an important one too!
I have three children ages (42, 37 and 14). Two are now adults and we take vacations together, play golf and music together, etc. My 14 year old daughter lives with me and I spend most of my free time guiding her, teaching her and recreating with her. We play golf each week and we also play violin and guitar together several times each week and I answer all questions related to school, homework, religion, society and life in general.
We are working on a book of poetry and Faith is creating most of the illustrations for it. Faith and her mother are also creating an online store where Faith will sell her Artwork. We are involved in every aspect of Faith's life and it is our hope and prayer that as an adult, she will be successful, independent and able to make informed decisions.
For me, children represent our future. The collective future of humanity is dependent upon children and it is incumbent upon ALL adults to care for our children and to acknowledge and celebrate that every child is a blessing from God.

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its childrens day where I live do you celebrate childrens day in any way when

Do you think Pakistanis are typically less open minded about your art or the same as any other group?

I don't think so. A lot of people from different groups have a hard time understanding my art and end up taking it literally. I think it's because I don't explain very much or very well. I just created a guide to help people understand my artwork better.

Tell me three interesting things about you.

omishqa_abbasi’s Profile PhotoUmishqa Abbasi
🌿 I’m an artist, and the coolest opportunity I landed was having a piece of my artwork selected to be shown at the LA Premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi! (alas I’m not American, so my art wasn’t shown in the end! 😆).
🌿 I’m fascinated by anything pertaining to myths and legends, folklore, fantasy and fairytales.
🌿 I’m slightly ambidextrous, although I’m mostly right hand dominant these days, I used to play tennis left handed :)

I'd really like to fall in love. Do you think it's realistic in ASKfm? 😄😄😄

Why does this question keep resurfacing?
In the past I said no. I don't know why. Maybe I just didn't want to consider the possibility or perhaps I was just being intellectually lazy.
Typical guy, right?
The truth is that there are some wonderful people on askfm. Mostly I talk to women, but I have also met some well educated men who are excellent writers. But beware, there are some folks on askfm who you should ignore, report and block.
So you want to fall in love, right? My first question would be what characteristics are you looking for in a partner. Make a list, because if you cannot describe what qualities you desire, how can you expect to discover them whether online or in person?
Once you know what you are looking for, you are ready to begin your search. Make sure your profile is up to date and that it informs askfm users who you are and what some of your life goals, hobbies and interests are.
Next you start following askfm users who you find interesting. If they post something you like, select the like button to let them know you exist and you appreciate their content. In time you will build relationships and will discover people whom you enjoy talking with from around the world.
In my case, since I am married, I do not flirt or lead people on. I tell everyone I am married and I answer any questions they ask me. Mostly I answer questions and post original poems, artwork while writing. But even with those self imposed constraints, I've met and continue to meet some of the finest men and women God has blessed humanity with.
So, yes I do believe you can find what you are looking for if you are diligent, persistent and creative.

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❓❗️ What do you have to do to keep love alive for a long time?

"Love Is Like A Flower" by Nico, artwork by ig @ carla_eum.
Love is like a flower that needs to be watered every day. People mature and grow at different rates and what was interesting yesterday, may become uninteresting tomorrow. The beauty of a flower, like the beauty of love, never grows old if... it is properly cared for each day.
What do you have to do to keep love alive for a long time

What would you do different if you could live your life over?

"If I Could Live My Life Over" by Nico, Artwork by ig@keeping_it_sketchy
If I could live my life over again, I would want to spend every moment of it with you. I would want to go to sleep holding you close to me every night. And in the morning, I would lie awake admiring your silhouette as the sunrise touched your body in places that I have yet to explore. And during our waking hours, we would laugh, smile, and sing; as we held hands and cherished every moment together.
And when God finally calls me home and your heart is breaking into a million tiny pieces, my summer breeze will pick up all your shattered dreams and mend your broken heart. And as I bid you farewell, I will paint our illimitable sky with the most radiant colored rainbow, to bring a smile to your face and forever remind you that my love for you, will never die.

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What would you do different if you could live your life over

Is it true that life is like a mirror?

"Mirror, Mirror On The Wall" by Nico, Artwork by ig@carla_eum
Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who's the happiest of them all?
Show me a smile that won't fade away,
Or a pleasing laugh that will make my day
A kind word that is honest and true,
An accurate reflection from me to you
And when the sun begins to set,
Please do not be upset
For my mirror on the wall,
Was the happiest reflection of them all
Is it true that life is like a mirror

If you could design the house of your dreams, like if it's contruction was literally only limited by your imagination, how'd it and the area surrounding area look like? What kinds of features would it have? Feel free to go absolutely wild! 🏡🏰🏯

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I would like a ancient castle with wooden beams and mirrors. It would have looked after plants growing everywhere with tall ceilings and artwork on the walls in the style of monet.
The living room would be purple themed with dark wooden furniture and a dark old fashioned deep leather sofa with matching chairs and a side lamp made of glass and semi precious stones.
I can go on and on, to help me sleep at night I design houses in my head
Liked by: Ray Tobbe

I was very interested to read that icons in a church were among your earliest recollections of artwork. Could I ask if your parents regularly attended services and which services they attended?

StephenInd’s Profile PhotoStephen Ind
I'm afraid they weren't very religious. As I recall, we rarely ever attended services - mostly for weddings and funerals. Earliest recollection of church was my grandfather's funeral and I was too young to understand any of the ramifications, religious or otherwise. But yes, I do recall the icons and religious paintings. As I understand, children are attracted to brighter colors from an early age because the eyes are not fully developed - this might explain why I was drawn to those vivid / colorful works long before I could comprehend what I was staring at... =D
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🌠 Sí tan solo me hubieras abrazado, sabría que no era tan frágil 🌠

mensajenorecibido’s Profile Photo✨ Granito de Arena ✨
"Bewildered" by Nico, Artwork by ig@keeping_it_sketchy
Long flowing hair
Fully covered breasts
A mischievous summer's breeze
Tossing and turning her silken hair
Revealing... snow covered mountains
Hidden from sunshine's view
While anonymous eyes behold
Bewildered, am I
Sí tan solo me hubieras abrazado sabría que no era tan frágil

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