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If you were thrown into a professional kitchen and were expected to cook, do you think you'd be able to keep up? 🔪🔥(Inspired by this year's student musical I was part of)

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Oh gosh, nooo. I do like cooking, but I do it as a relaxing activity. It's a very fast paced environment in a professional kitchen, and I wouldn't be able to keep up with the timings. I'm super clumsy too, so I'd probably end up injuring myself if I had to rush. 😅

Do you need the internet or a person to break down what Shakespeare is trying to say? My dad understands his writing more than I do.

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
I don’t. This is kind of embarrassing, but as a child, my mother always had movies running in the background. I would watch them and my favorite movie when about 8-10 was Much Ado About Nothing. I watched it over and over. While some of the content is not necessarily something I approve of for children,😅😅 I understand Shakespeare because it was unintentionally a part of my upbringing. To this day, I can quote that play by heart and I love every fibre of it. The witty exchanges between Signor Benedick and Beatrice make it the most entertaining romance. It’s the 1993 film. I highly recommend! That was the origin of my early interest in Shakespeare.
Do you need the internet or a person to break down what Shakespeare is trying to

Tem muito monstros escondidos dentro de Templos religiosos.

Sim eu concordo, mais não podemos generalizar, não é todos os evangélicos que são assim, existe muitas gente soberba no meio religioso,o cara fala dê Deus mais só pensa em dinheiro muitos pastores é padre faz, engana às pessoas, tem gente que dá quase ó salário todo pra eles.

. De erguer-se com toda força que ainda lhe resta e, de grão de areia em grão de areia, aterrar-se, tornar-se ilha, aprender com o isolamento e então perceber que somos na verdade arquipélagos.

Belas palavras, acho que enquanto as pessoas tiveram forças elas tem que continuar lutando, por mais que não alcança tudo aquilo, pelo menos tentou não se abalou teve fé, isso é o mais importante.
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And at last you find yourself alone 🌚

rebellious80234’s Profile PhotoBerlin
The questions you ask are clear as day,
But the answers are shrouded in gray.
The path you seek is hard to find,
And you're left feeling lost and blind.
The choices before you are tough,
And you feel like you've had enough.
Your passion is hard to explain,
And you're left feeling drained.
You're standing in the spotlight,
But your words don't feel quite right.
Sometimes all you can do is try,
And hope that your words will fly.

Do you think it’s strange to send a message to someone on Instagram without following them or is it ok?

It depends on the the intention behind the message 🤔
If you're reaching out to somebody you don't know at all, it might come across as a little strange 😅
But if you have a valid reason to message them, it could be okay ✌️
Do you think its strange to send a message to someone on Instagram without

An acquaintance didn’t decline nor accept my Instagram request. It’s a spam page of hers where she posts more often than on her regular page (which I already follow). We aren’t on bad terms as far as I recall. Why do some people leave some on requested while accepting others follow requests?

People some people might seem shady, especially if your own account is blank or private. I used to have private Instagram. I was very selective of who I approved.

Is it always better to be with someone who loves you more than you love them?

I think that’s good for the person in the relationship who is loved more but for the one who isn’t as loved and loves the most, it can feel draining. I personally would want to be with someone who loves me more but isn’t too clingy at the same time and it’s only because in the past, I’ve loved people who didn’t love me back. I’d like to feel loved and appreciated more because then I wouldn’t have to doubt their feelings towards me and would feel more secure being with them while also knowing that I’m not wasting my time.

Too lazy to grab vaseline and put it all over my face. Someone does my skincare for me pleasee.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to put Vaseline all over your face? Or are you being sarcastic? 😭 I only use it as a lip balm
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Any ideas what to get your mom for mother's day this year?

Morgen_muffel’s Profile PhotoMorgen_muffel
As always ♥️, my mom loves flowers 💐, coffee capsules to Dolce Gusto machine ☕😅 and dried fruit like plums, apricots, cherries and raisins 🍇🍒... And a lot of my love! 🥰

How often do you visit Harrods ? 🛍️

Qatari999243’s Profile Photoآل ثاني
When I was a student nearby I used to get my hair cut there as they had special cheap rates for students that actually made it competitive.
I do still go in sometimes if I happen to be walking past, but that's probably only once or twice a year, just to have a look around. The last thing that I bought there was a Santa Clause fridge magnet.

What are some of your favorite activities to do with friends? 🎳🎡🎮

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
I think playing D&D is a lot of fun!! And just game nights in general! To just sit around a table and being able to talk and engage in a fun way! Then it's a lot of fun to go to theme parks as well, which I haven't done much but it's been a blast each time! Just the excitement of going on the various rides, getting some good food and looking at the cool scenery! I also like to play bowling, which I don't do nearly enough of as well! Then to just play some video games is quite fun! Whether that is Sea of Thieves, W40K Darktide etc. 🎢🎮🎲🎳
What are some of your favorite activities to do with friends

Texto de 1 ano e 4 meses de namoro

Oi meu bombonzinho 😬
Quem diria que nós chegaríamos aonde chegamos né vida? Na teoria faz tão pouco tempo, mas na prática parece que já faz bem mais. Eu sei que sou chata e que sou um porre com você às vezes, "faço birra, drama, cu doce", mas a verdade é que eu não consigo viver sem você, não sei o que seria de mim sem ter você meu grudezinho 👉🏼👈🏼 rs. Hoje vamos se entupir de comida e comemorar bastante o nosso dia, tô contando as horas pra te ver tá 😊.
Te amo ❤️
Espero que de um jeito ou de outro eu tenha te ajudado patroa 🤝🏽

What kinds of toys did you enjoy playing with as a kid? 🐻🚂

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
I mostly played with LEGO, Bionicle and LEGO Star Wars in particular! Then I was also really into dinosaurs so I owned quite a few dinosaur themed Playmobil sets! Those are the main ones I can think of now, I spent easily as much time if not more playing various kinds of video games as I did playing with physical toys! 🦖🌌
What kinds of toys did you enjoy playing with as a kid

What is the oldest thing you own? 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ȶɛռǟƈɨօʊֆ ȶօʍʍǟʏ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Well, I own a few trilobite fossils! So those are around 400 million years old give or take Haha On top of that I have a few other things, such as some fossilised shark teeth, a mammoth tooth etc. Sadly I don't have a picture of those since they're at my parent's place!
What is the oldest thing you own

Bom dia lindezas :) Uma quarta abençoada pra ti :) ps: Faz tempo que não mando perguntinhas, vou pensar em algumas pra hoje. Quem perguntou? Ninguém hahaha

carolineferrazr’s Profile PhotoKaroline :)
Bom dia, menina Karoline! 💜🌼
Eu desejo que hoje seja a melhor quarta-feira da sua vida!
Pode mandar, as que eu souber, responderei. ☺️

What is the most important lesson for being a good human?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMaryCeleste
I would say it’s to not be so quick to believe the rumors people say about a certain someone until you get to know them first and realize what the truth is. Also, it’s to be respectful and understanding of others emotions as well as thoughts instead of trying to make them feel bad about the feelings they feel or what’s on their mind.

Nomei algo que tenha bastante significado pra ti. ( O arco-íres tem um significado muito muito forte para mim. É impossível não me emocionar sempre que ele surge no céu.) *-*

carolineferrazr’s Profile PhotoKaroline :)
O arco-íris também tem um grande significado para mim, é um sinal do criador me dizendo que a mudança chegou.
Mas, vou nomear outro arquétipo: o da borboleta!
Quando eu vejo uma borboleta, eu sinto e tenho certeza da renovação/transformação em minha vida, a chegada da delicadeza, da beleza, do meu crescimento espiritual, pessoal e que eu estou pronta para me reinventar e me adaptar as novas situações que serão apresentadas a mim.
Sinto e tenho certeza das mudanças que o criador está enviando para a minha vida.
Recado para o @sapossauro, óia, não é só um arco-íris. 😍

What were some of your humorous or embarrassing misconceptions as a kid?

amrrhadhoud’s Profile PhotoAMr R. AbdAllah
حاجات كتيرة
كنت مفكرة أنه القمر بيمشي معايا،كنت مفكرة أنه لو اكلت ب ايدي الشمال مش هتخن،وانه لو كسرت التلفزيون هلاقي صور الممثلين ،وانه الخضار ده بيتكلم مع بعضه والحيوانات دي بتتكلم مع بعضها وكل حاجه غريبة عننا ليها عالم وبيتواصلوا مع بعض،وان الناس اللي ف سني اتولدنا كلنا ف نفس اليوم،اتخانقت مع ابن الجيران فقولت له ي اللي بتأكل لحمة الحيوانات قالي طب ما أنتِ كمان بتأكليها وقتها قعدت أعيط😂
كنت مفكرة إني هكبر وهبقى مبسوطة لول

You have one choice of completely erasing a memory. Which would you choose and why?

Morgen_muffel’s Profile PhotoMorgen_muffel
I remember the time when I used to laugh very loudly and tried to entertain others with my obnoxious laugh back when I was in 7th grade and the music teacher sending an email to my parents saying that I was laughing like a hyena in class. I thought it was ok and I didn’t mind my reputation back then, only to later realize that people were making fun of me and using me for their own entertainment while I thought that I could stop whenever I wanted to and that everyone would forget about it as soon as I put an end to it. I eventually did stop a year later but by then, my reputation was the girl with a weird laugh and people would keep telling me to laugh like that even when I became a freshman in high school. Those were the days when I was a class clown and it’s just something I’d like to think never happened in the first place.

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Se adaptaria bem, morando em outro país?

JucineiClaudemirdosSantos’s Profile PhotoJucineiClaudemirdosSantos
Eu já morei.
Ah, a adaptação não é fácil!
O fuso horário, a alimentação, a comunicação...é um estilo de vida totalmente diferente do Brasil.
Eu demorei uns três a quatro meses para me adaptar.

Nesse período, eu compreendia melhor as crianças ( que falam errado/3, 4 anos), mas não compreendia os adultos.
Eu tive que criar uma estratégia para trabalhar:
Eu olhava para o pai ou mãe falando/fazendo o pedido da criança e abaixava para conversar com a criança sem responder os pais. 😂
Era muito divertido servir iorgute gelado e crepe com Nutella para essas crianças. 😂

As roupas, de alguma maneira, refletem ou não a nossa personalidade?

sueyd’s Profile Photo♡S♡
Sim. Muito. Desde, é claro, que se tenha dinheiro para comprá-las. Então a escolha se dará de acordo com a personalidade. Eu, por exemplo, gosto de um traje social, com camisa abotoada, de gola e manga comprida (mesmo sem gravata, mas com, também), sempre para dentro da calça; calça social (nem tenho jeans nem bermuda); sapato ao invés de tênis; paletó (blaser) ou cardigã; chapéu. Isso reflete minha personalidade séria (não esportiva e, muito menos, gaiata) mas serena, jovial e alegre (seriedade não se opõe a alegria), do mesmo modo que minha intelectualidade e certa erudição. O que não significa que eu seja um direitista.

> but what am I “using” it for? it’s just there - Irrelevant as far as the code (law) is concerned. > what about the farming right - There's a catch. You're not using it as farmland. Unless you start growing zucchini. Got a farming permit? 🤣🤣🤣 💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
Well, what if I get a goat? They eat the lawn and they’re badass. 🤣 Plus the Christian neighbor would probably be scared of it because Baphomet. 🤣🤣🤣💗

Do You Believe in 11:11?

urwaamin07’s Profile Photoلا پتہ ⁦:⁠^⁠)⁩
As a child, I remember looking out my bedroom window at the stars. I would look for the biggest star — put my hands together like I was praying; close my eyes and make my wish even if it seems like a false hope to me, still it makes me happy. I still do believe in those 11:11 wishes even if it seems like a false hope to me, moreover, I do believe strongly in the power of coincidence and working for what you want over a wish made at a certain time. Like it never comes true unless of pure luck. And — the extent that we can control our own destiny. I believe that one must take action in order for a wish to become fulfilled. 🌻

As a believer, do you have atheist friends and if so, does it seem like you have a lot in common with them other than your obvious religious differences/beliefs?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
I need people in my life who push me closer to God, not further away. I need people who can hold me accountable and also correct me.
As it says that iron sh*rpens iron. I will remain dull if the environment I surround myself with isn’t pushing me towards righteousness.

Why is the world materialistic?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
I think the world can sometimes feel materialistic cause we are constantly bombarded with messages and images that emphasize material possessions as symbols of success or happiness. We are told that we need to have the latest gadgets, designer clothes, or luxury cars in order to be fulfilled or respected by others. But when we take a step back and reflect on what truly matters in life - things like love, connection, creativity, and personal growth - it becomes clear that material possessions are only one piece of the puzzle. In fact, focusing too much on accumulating stuff can actually detract from our sense of well-being by creating unnecessary stress or financial burdens.
So I think it is important for us to challenge these cultural narratives about materialism and cultivate a deeper awareness of our own values and priorities. By staying connected to what truly matters to us on a soul level - whether it is through relationships, nature, art, spirituality or something else entirely- we can resist the pressures of consumer culture while also living more meaningful and fulfilling lives. 🌻

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Você respondeu a minha pergunta, responde essa também🤪🤭

Outro dia uma pessoa me perguntou como eu consigo identificar os anônimos. 😂
Eu já identifiquei três amigos e provei a eles. ( Provei que eram deles as mensagens, depois que eles me enviarem três mensagens, eu consegui identificar)
Essa é uma das estratégias que eu uso: mando 10 perguntas coletivas fora do anônimo.
E mando 2 perguntas coletivas no anonimo. ( Perguntas sem maldade, iguais as que eu mando fora do anonimo)
Eu não mando no mesmo horário.
E eu observo: todas as pessoas que respondem as anônimas, não respondem as fora do anonimo.
Essas pessoas não gostam de você.
( Obs: as pessoas que conversam com você e não gostam de você, vão responder só as anônimas, e eles são os primeiros a responderem porque não saem da sua página. 😂)
Assim que você consegue observar quem não gosta.
Siga a pessoa e preste atenção no jeito que ela responde e compara com as mensagens anônimas que ela te envia, quando ela no entra no chat usando o anonimato para provocar...
Cada pessoa tem um jeito único de escrever, ninguém consegue imitar! Podem até tentar, mas você consegue identificar uma palavra ou outra no meio de uma frase. 😉
Respondido? 😉😂

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I want the kind of relationship where I tell someone how much I love them and they say, “Impossible, you can’t love me as much as I love you” it’s strange because someone I knew happened to be in a relationship with a guy like that but it didn’t last :/ I’m a homebody tho & ppl usually don’t see me.

Get out darling! Bask in the glory of the sun! It may not shine forever, but feel the warmth while it shines! Faint if need be! See what man comes to your rescue! 🙃🙃🙃😄😄😄👍
I want the kind of relationship where I tell someone how much I love them and

Why this person? Why didn't you choose someone else? As your way of choosing your partner?

Alright, I'll summarize this topic for you. Why her? Because I felt different with her. I felt that there's another way you can admire someone without even talking to them or even knowing you. Someone who does ordinary things in an extraordinary way, even their love for their religion and their pride in it, despite being a stranger in their own country, but they didn't abandon their religion or change their principles because others did!! I won't talk about the beauty of her eyes, but I will say that every time I saw her, I felt like I was drifting through space and saw the beauty of galaxies in her eyes!! I believe I chose someone who, if I wrote poems and books about them, it would never be enough to describe them. ❤️

How's the weather inside you🌓

zainali1000’s Profile PhotoZain Ali
Have you ever been so sad about something that you start crying just in the midst of doing some tiny, everyday thing? Even when there are people around? Because you can't hold in your sadness anymore. And then when someone looks at you, you avoid eye contact and stop crying and continue to act like everything is normal. You go back to doing your everyday thing, while your heart is breaking inside your chest. And you know if you looked anyone in the eye in that exact moment, you would lose it. So instead of crying and breaking down in front of family or friends, you say something as a defence mechanism, to show everyone that you're strong and nothing is eating you alive. Even though it's the only thing running through your head, every second of every day. But you couldn't share it with anyone because no one has a clue of the pain you're going through, and you know nobody ever will. So you keep everything inside and act like you're the strongest person and nothing can break you.

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