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There's something beautiful about Islam that can make your life so easy and grateful to breathe.
In a worldly practice like respecting the elders or loving the youngsters, we can look into it in a broader perspective as we can remember a Hadith about it, so basically as we follow our daily routines, a respectful gesture towards the elders or a loving gesture towards the youngsters becomes an ibadah because of our intension.
So how easy it is to be a Muslim and be closer to Allah through our behavior towards His creatures.

Do you have any unspoken rules for a relationship apart from the obvious “No cheating”?. For example, special occasions such as birthdays, Xmas, anniversaries and possibly Valentine’s Day should be acknowledged and some kind of effort to be made for partner.

If you're going to date someone with children (I have 5) you're going to take on somewhat of a parental role. Like I don't expect Brandon to be my kids' dad, they have a dad lol nor would I ever expect him to provide for them or take care of them to the extent I do but playing with them, being a good role model / adult figure in their lives, doing little things like changing a diaper or helping zip up a jacket or tie shoes whatever, like don't expect to date me if you can't be a good, at least caring figure in their lives basically.

I need balance of Rs100. Help 03410117698

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Saba is that you? 🥹 feeling honoured to meet you, like you are most famous person in the Pakistan history of SMS scam. Meeting a high profiled criminal woahhhhh 🤗
As for 100 Rupees 🤔i have already sent you plenty of them in past, when you mother were hospitalised and you need them for some urgent calls, remember? How’s mom?

Eu fiquei cismado que você descobriu algo sobre mim, eu nem dei tantas pistas assim, tu é bem observadora e tem sensibilidade pra perceber as coisas.

Tu não faz idéia do quanto 😬, mas fique tranquilo que por enquanto tu tá se saindo bem nos seus mistérios, só não dá mole KKK..

what is your favorite cafe that you would love to go to anytime ?

I honestly don’t have one! I actually enjoy trying to visit as many speciality coffee shops as I can; partly for the aesthetic as they’re usually pretty lovely to visit, but also to try different blends of coffee. If I had to pick a favourite, I really like The Gentlemen Baristas, but sadly there’s no branches near where I work anymore 😔
what is your favorite cafe that you would love to go to anytime

I know you love tea, Livi, but are you fussy about what you drink it in? I love all those beautiful dainty porcelain teacups but they are too small for me. I drink my tea in a large mug. My flatmate calls me a barbarian for this 😔

Oh I’m not fussy at all, like you, I much prefer drinking from a mug - the larger the better! I get what you mean; the cups look beautiful, but if you’re thirsty then they hardly quench that at all! I never drink enough, so I try to drink from as large a mug as possible 😂
I’m so sorry that your flatmate makes you feel bad though!! Just know that you have a brother in arms in regards to drinking tea from a mug, aha! :)

ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ— https://ask.fm/the_salvatorebrothers/answers/170774468159

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Katherine’s gaze sharpened, her playful smirk turned into a scoff at Damon’s provocative answer. She wasn’t exactly sure whether it was an innocent taste of her own teasing or a rather clever attempt to see her reaction to the thought of Stefan and Elena together, which wouldn’t be surprising considering the recent turn of events and her confession. In fact, Katherine would be lying if she said she knew the underlying reason of her instant annoyance at the mention; perhaps the younger Salvatore, although not the chosen one, still tugged on the strings of her undead heart or maybe it was just the undeniable distaste of anything Elena, only strengthened by what her human copy had interrupted between her and Damon not too long ago. Regardless, Katerina chose to let the subject die down and not give it much thought. She turned her face away from Damon, pouting playfully at the nerve he must have had to compare Katherine Pierce to Elena even if that wasn’t what’s intended, she simply chose to focus on that for now. “ouch.”
The brunette’s thoughts returned to the mission ahead, the lack of plan keeping her on edge as her mind desperately began weaving through some thoughts. Damon’s voice interrupted the shortly lived silence once they reached the car. Katherine shook her head in disagreement before, opening the door and climbing in, waiting for Damon to follow before she spoke. “we’d be stupid to not expect Klaus to follow or even Stefan to go back. Klaus won Stefan in a deal, Damon. Your life in return for Stefan’s loyalty.” Katherine shared, eyes starring ahead as she continued thinking out loud. “the only way to get Stefan back is therefore, a deal. Get Klaus something he wants more than Stefan.” She stopped, her attention back on Damon, beckoning him to think along. Slowly, a devilish smirk began stretching her lips once the thought crossed her mind. “Klaus doesn’t know that Elena survived the sacrifice.” She started, eyes curiously scanning Damon’s feature for a reaction as she became certain he knew where she’s headed with that thought. “I’m sure sweet, selfless E-lena wouldn’t mind handing herself over to free Stefan.” Her suggestion was clear so was the distaste Katherine added to the pronunciation of her doppelganger’s name. Aware of the many holes her ‘solution’ had, she was rather curious for Damon’s reaction above all else, not to mention, just how fun it’d be to strike Elena out of their life once and for all. Katherine remained silent for a few long seconds as if to let the thought sink in before she spoke again. “or.. we can give him something even better, something he’d chased for 500 years.” She paused. “Me.” She exclaimed, surely she didn’t mean it, she mainly just wanted a reaction out of him but as soon as the words left her lips, the idea grew to become smarter;giving Klaus the illusion of that wasn’t at all a bad idea, if executed correctly,it could work despite the immeasurable danger for all those involved, especially the bait.

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He survived 3 full days without talking. Should I text him or move on.. ?

Woman, never tell a guy that there is a soft spot for him in your heart because Lord forbid if you do say those words out loud, you'll be left with no choice but to follow the rational path. Which is to put a healthy distance between the two of you and wait for the sparks to die. They do, sooner than you might think 'cause 90% of the time, it's just curiosity dressed as love. (Please take my opinion with a grain of salt 'cause it's garbage and text him lol)

What would you do if you suddenly grew to be as tall as a high-rise building? 🥾🏢

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Size of King kong but ain't hairy like him 🤷‍♀️..I've always hated my own height in general to grow even more tall I would hate being tall has it perks reaching top self at supermarket to short person
What would you do if you suddenly grew to be as tall as a highrise building

Say you had nine lives like a cat, what dangerous things would you do if you heading to an early grave wasn't a concern? 🐱💀

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I am not thrill seeker.. nothing like jumping of cliff or ewt as I would just cry attempting it fear of heights 🤣😭

What would you say to someone who thought they were ugly?

If the frame seems unappealing, one's attention should be focused on the painting - as the artist intended. 👍
Fan (year unknown) / Kelvin Lei
What would you say to someone who thought they were ugly

How long do you need to get ready for a more fancy occasion? Such as someone else's wedding, a night out etc. 💄👠🤵‍♂️

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Depends on how much time I have.
I can get ready in 30 minutes fully, hair, makeup, clothing. Or I take my time and celebrate getting ready for like 1 or 2 hours 🤭

How long do you need to get ready for a more fancy occasion? Such as someone else's wedding, a night out etc. 💄👠🤵‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Maybe an hour? Slightly longer? Kinda depends more on if my hair will cooperate, if my body dysmorphia acts up and makes me wanna change clothes a billion times (happened last time I was getting ready for a wedding)... But usually I plan everything out in advance so I know what I'm doing with my hair, makeup, clothes... Cuts down a lot of the getting ready time.


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❀ : ❛ are you really stupid ( enough ) to dare challenge the D E V I L ( herself ) and expect a win? ❜
Name: Khaleia, ( just ) Khaleia.
Age: +500.
Status: Transfigured/Undead.
Species: Witch.
Alias(es): The great damned, The vanished one, The mother of darkness, destroyer of all righteous, The enemy of nations.
Origin: Unknown.
Powers & Habilities: ( Dark ) magic, white magic, vanished spells, elemental magic, alchemy, incantations, necromancy, metamagic, thaumaturgy, occult witchcraft.
Weaknesses: The chosen one.
Personality traits: Reckless, spiteful, aloof, vindictive, scheming, cunning, seductive, strategist, fearless, brave, loyal, artsy, ( may be compassionate with a few ones.)
Universe: (( #behindwitchiness: Khaleia is a #multifandom adaptable character !! ))
Face claim: Alisha Boe (( #behindwitchiness: i'm not nor trying to pass as Alisha!! this account is only for #roleplay purposes. ))
(( ❥ ; #behindwitchiness: hi all! i'm new to this character but not to rp/ask.fm rp!! Khaleia is a multifandom character so everyone feel free to interact/plot a SL with her!! xo ))

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Me as a therapist: yar tum apni choro meri suno tumain rona aa jayega.

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Me as a therapist:
انبیاء میں جتنی آزمائش نبی پاک صلی الله علیہ وآلہ وسلم پر آئی اُتنی کسی نبی پر نہیں آئی اور یہ وہ نبی ہیں جن کے نور سے پوری کائنات بنا دی گئی جو خاتم النبین جو الله کے محبوب ہیں۔ جب ان پر اتنی آزمائشیں آئی تو تیری کیا اوقات ہے پھر؟ تو کس چیز کا رونا رو رہا؟ ان حالات کو دل و جان سے قبول کر اور صبر کر۔
“گزر جاۓ گا یہ دور بھی غالب زرہ اطمینان تو رکھ
خوشی نہ ٹھہری تو غم کی کیا اوقات ہے”

How long do you need to get ready for a more fancy occasion? Such as someone else's wedding, a night out etc. 💄👠🤵‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
For my brother's wedding (which was like ... seven years ago, wow) I went to the hair salon with my mother to get some curls done and apply very light make-up (I have no idea how to do that properly for myself). I wore a blue dress on that day. My eyebrows looked awful because I plucked them as a teenager. xd
But normally, I just try to look "decent" (mostly clean and normal). I am not really into fancy outfits and I also never go "out", especially not at night.

How long do you need to get ready for a more fancy occasion? Such as someone else's wedding, a night out etc. 💄👠🤵‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I like take longer with doing my hair and makeup..10-15 mins in a shower 20 -30 mins doing My hair as its thick and roughly 10 mins applying makeup I'm no mua with makeup so kinda mess up and I have redo it again

Feel like a loser all the time...i guess i'm not good enough in anything.. a complete failure in life and there is something hidden inside me tht is eating me alive.. n i'm drifting away from everything.

Been there I know how its feels but hey listen life can't be perfect as its all about ups and downs.
Why don't you see this way:
Maybe Allah is putting you in difficulty so you can reconnect with Him.
May be you need to change your approach for dealing with things.
Maybe you need to practice patience.
Maybe instead of thinking you need to act more
Maybe you are asking for what's not meant for you
And there could be numerous ways you can fix your life but remember that it can never be fully in your control.

A prophet is not without honor except in his own town, among his relatives and in his own home

I dont know which prophet you are talking about as per muslim we follow every prophet and thr teaching...every prophet counts

ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ— https://ask.fm/the_salvatorebrothers/answers/170769082943

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The few seconds where she felt Damon’s breath on her neck only served to heighten her anticipation, her grip on his shoulder grew stronger as she readied herself. The feelings of sharp fangs sinking into her skin only caused Katherine to release a soft moan, eyes shut tightly while her body relaxed into his, giving into him, her hands wandered his back, grabbing onto his shirt in desperation.
Her heartbeats grew faster, breath became heavier as she held onto him, already regretting the moment he’ll inevitably has to pull away. The though of the only thing that could make this better, made the doppelganger moan louder once it crossed her devilish mind; could there have been a more satisfying feeling than to be drained and filled at once, if only he could take her again against that very same wall.
With some effort her hips started meeting his, matching his own rhythm, legs still wrapped around his waist. The concept of time became foreign until the brunette felt his fangs withdraw from her neck, the small puncture wounds slowly disappearing but the effects still lingered as Katherine struggled to regain the steadiness in her breath. Katherine’s eyes met his and her hand instalty went on his cheek, the thumb wiping the trace of her own blood off of his lips before she brought it to her own mouth, it was less than a drop; she’d learned that Damon was rather greedy with her blood, doing his best to savor every drop, regardless, it was exhilarating to taste her own blood on his lips. Licking her own thumb with whatever trace she’d managed to gather as she kept the eye contact. His words resulted in a playful eyeroll as she remembered his promise. “I guess you do keep your promises, don’t you?” she teased back with a smirk just before leading her lips to meet his but they’d never arrive. The sound of the elevator’s doors manually opening quickly got Katherine on her feet and facing the door. “oh thank god, I was starting to get claustrophobic in there!” Katherine exclaimed, an expression of professionally-faked gratitude on her face as she spoke to the two men that got the door to open. “thank you.” she repeated with an uncharacteristic smile, not allowing the men enough time to react once she turned to Damon ever so innocently. “I think it’s best that we leave now, Mason.” She quietly provoked, still expressing her appreciation to the maintenance men until he and Damon were out of their sight and then out of the building.
She sighed deeply at the feeling of the fresh wind tickling her skin, still a little shaken by their last little adventure as she looked to Damon, her signature smirk, gracing her lips. “Same car, Mas-“ She interrupted her question dramatically holding a hand to her mouth. “oops. I’m sorry, my Damon.” Her gaze quickly dipped to his lips before meeting his eyes again. “Don’t worry, I’ll name you Stefan at the next stop.” She added a wink. Provoking him had became a hobby and it was rather addictive at this point.

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Espaço livree 😊🌼🌼

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1. Peitos foram feitos para serem olhados e é isso que nós iremos fazer. Não tente mudar isso.
2. Aprenda a usar a tampa do vaso. Você é uma menina crescida. Se ela está levantada, abaixe-a. Vocês precisam dela abaixada, nós precisamos dela levantada. Você não nos vê reclamando por que você deixou ela abaixada.
3. Domingo = Esportes. É a mesma relação que a lua cheia tem com as mudanças na maré. Deixe estar.
4. Comprar NÃO é um esporte. E não, nunca vamos pensar nisso dessa forma.
5. Chorar é chantagem.
6. Pergunte o que você quer. Vamos ser claros nisso: Dicas sutis não funcionam! Dicas claras não funcionam! Dicas óbvias não funcionam! Apenas diga logo o que você quer.
7. Sim e Não são respostas perfeitas para praticamente todas as questões existentes.
8. Venha falar conosco a respeito de um problema somente se você quiser ajuda para resolvê-lo. Isso é o que a gente faz. Simpatia é trabalho das suas amigas.
9. Uma dor de cabeça que dura 17 meses é um problema. Procure um médico.
10. Qualquer coisa que dissemos 6 meses atrás é inadmissível em um argumento. Na verdade, todos comentários tornam-se nulos e vetados após 7 dias.
11. Se você pensa que está gorda, provavelmente você esteja. Não pergunte para nós.
12. Se algo que nós dissemos pode ser interpretado de duas formas, e uma delas faz você ficar irritada e triste, nós queríamos usar a outra forma.
13. Sempre que possível, fale tudo o que você tem a falar durante os comerciais.
14. Cristóvão Colombo não precisou parar para pedir informações, e nem nós.
15. TODOS homens enxergam em apenas 16 cores, assim como as definições básicas do Windows. Pêssego, por exemplo, é uma fruta, não uma cor. Salmão é um peixe. Não fazemos idéia do que é âmbar.
16. Se algo coça, será coçado. Nós fazemos isso.
17. Se perguntarmos a você se há algo de errado e você responde ‘nada‘, nós agiremos como se nada tivesse errado. Nós sabemos que você está mentindo, mas não vale a pena a discussão.
18. Se você fizer uma pergunta para a qual você não quer uma resposta, espere uma resposta que você não queria ouvir.
19. Quando precisamos sair, absolutamente tudo que você usar está bom. Sério.
20. Não pergunte o que estamos pensando, a não ser que você esteja preparada para discutir sobre Sexo, Esportes ou Carros.
21. Você possui roupas suficientes.
22. Você possui sapatos de mais.
23. Eu estou em forma. Seco é uma forma.
24. Obrigado por ler isso

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What hurts more lies or the truth?

ashkhannn’s Profile PhotoAysha Yusufzai
I believe its the truths. Because as growing up we all had been taught not to lie. But we were never taught how to accept reality and respect someone's honesty. And if you talk about lies, when a person tells a lie we somehow make a juddement call and we sense it. But what we don't know is the truth coming our way and how to react to it.

https://ask.fm/BiaLamarques/answers/171157801258 É tipo aquela... Todos, de alguma forma, um dia vão te magoar... o negócio é saber por quem vale a pena.

Exatamente, infelizmente as pessoas usam mascaras e meios de iludir, por isso eu opto muito mais pelo respeito, nem curto mais tantos elogios justamente por isso.. E agradeço pelos espaços que você mandou, JW <3

Who is your longest-standing friend you are most proud of?

Viho_Adams’s Profile Photo༺M_Adam༻
She’s been my friend for 10 years now. We’ve studied together in music school and then in music college. She’s an amazing person and friend. Since she was 13, she would lead a club for local kids and help them with classes and teach them to perform their talents as well. She’s still doing that, while working at two jobs.
I made so many fun memories with her, and we went through so much stress while studying, but we greeted challenges together and always said, “It’s ok, We’ll wake up tomorrow anyway” 😂
Here’s a short part from our college days with her 😄
While other students were practicing in hallways, we were running around the college before the gym class 😂
sonador_de_ua’s Video 171421766385

ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ— https://ask.fm/the_salvatorebrothers/answers/170760947263

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The look in those pretty blue eyes wasn't difficult to read, as soon as Katherine gaze met Damon's, she was certain; if the aim was to provoke the Salvatore, she'd hit the bulls-eye. She'd barely had time to react to his words, she had barely even processed them by the time his mouth was on hers. His hand on the back of her neck demanded the closure that Katherine's body craved and she threw her arms around his neck almost reflexively as she returned the kiss, pouring into it the lust that became the motive for her every move recently. Fingers buried into his dark hair, her teeth trapping his bottom lip, the brunette didn't even notice her back was against the wall until Damon's hand was leading hers on her own body, earning a soft moan from the doppelganger.
Damon ripped his lips from hers and she immediately missed taste of him on her tongue.
Instinctively her free hand was at his neck, pulling his face into her neck, desperately for closure. A moan slipped through her parted lips at the squeeze of her breast before she repeated the move herself, certain that Damon's hand above hers would get the challenge behind that second squeeze.
Tightly shut eyes snapped open at the sound of the elevator nearly arriving and she swiftly reached a hand to the side, barely reaching the stop button in time, smirking at her own achievement before returning her attention to Damon. Leaning back against the wall for support, the doppelganger wrapped her legs around his waist tightly, simultaneously grinding her hips into his as she held onto his shoulders, capturing his lips in yet another heated kiss.
She pulled her lips from his shortly after, maintaining the closure as she leaned her forehead against his, eyes staring into his intensely. "Bite me, Damon." She dared him under her breath, giving her invitation mere seconds to sink in before she tilted her head back, revealing more of her porcelain neck to her lover. Now wasn't it the definition of risky to have some poor maintenance guy open the elevator to find Damon fangs-deep into Katherine's neck? Maybe but logic had escaped her mind as soon she read the lust in Damon's eyes at the close of the door moments earlier. With any luck, they might manage to play it off as two newlyweds that can't keep their hands to themselves which at this point wasn't that far from the truth.

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