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What is your idea about Asian Muslim people?

Weird Q..This 's like asking me what I think of birds and u don't know that there are the male Eastern Koel and Keel-Billed Toucan 😁
Both are classified under the name of a " bird " !!
I'm a big believer in judging people as individuals cuz in everything there is the best and the worst ..Or not judge them at all ..for me this is the right choice :))

What are some things you realized when you got mature?

WinterB3er’s Profile PhotoDim Sum Momo
I matured at the age of 13. Being the eldest in an Asian household will make you mature at a young age. I learned to spend my money wisely because I worked hard to get it.
Making poems, sketch commissions, translating English words, essay commissions, and answering others' activities (I know it's wrong but I need the money. I'd rather do that than sell my body to the devil).
You can't define life without sacrifices, fears, disappointment, and problems. I think when you experience the worst things in your life, it will not only mature you but also humble you.
That if you think about it, life is easier if we focus on the simpler yet more important things.

Opisz jego postać w Glee swoimi słowami x

wszystkowopisie’s Profile PhotoPytania, Quizy, Loterie | All.
A więc z perspektywy zwykłego widza: Mike jest racjonalny, lojalny oraz spokojny i cichy, aczkolwiek wstawia się za innych gdy jest taka potrzeba. Chce podążać za marzeniami ale równocześnie nie chce zawieść rodziców swoim wyborem. A podsumowując, jego główne personality traits to bycie tancerzem i bycie w związku z Tiną 🤷🏻‍♀️
Ale z perspektywy widza który wie coś o produkcji sprawa wygląda tak, że Mike by nie pociągnął długo gdyby nie wstawiennictwo choreografa Zacha Woodle, kierownika obsady Roberta Ulrich i współtwórcy Brada Falchuk, gdyż szef szefów Ryan Murphy faworyzował nielicznych i to odbijało się na scenariuszu, postaciach i aktorach. Mike praktycznie nie jest postacią z charakterem, jego wątki nie były rozwijane (gdy już jakieś miał). W szczególności w sezonach 1-2 Harry przyciągał na siebie uwagę widzów głównie poprzez improwizowane reakcje/momenty w tle (np. gif 😂) – improwizowane, ponieważ w scenariuszu często była dla niego pustka, a opis jego postaci brzmiał dosłownie „Mike Chang – Asian dancer”.

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Opisz jego postać w Glee swoimi słowami x

It’s too easy for girls to use ask. They post some ordinary question and gets 100+ reply even if they post ‘hmm’ or ‘how are you’ ..They gonna get tons of answers .. but boys, they always got ignored for even good questions too.. why this racism ? Why this beghariti ?

Only few people give answers to my questions...
Maybe it's your wrong assumption...
Or maybe girls are more white or Asian as compared to brown guys..

How many bathrooms are there in your house? For how many people?

funny fact - last year a friend made me watch twilight in movies' night, and in Bella's words, like, "what the fuсk, only one bathroom?" we literally laughed out loud. Very loud. Louder and longer than most normal americans. We both have siblings, and we even discussed it - like, imagine how great it would be to have my own one! (no more morning lines!)
Maybe it's an asian thing, but I've never lived in a house with more than two bathrooms. Even more than one. My grandmother has a quite big house, and my parents are building some - there are three bedrooms and only one bathroom.

Habt einen schönen Tag, Schöne!🥀🥀🥀 Was ist der ungewöhnlichste Track, den du gehört hast?🥀🥀🥀

Seelenfeuer011190’s Profile PhotoRhein
I will write in English Thank you and have a nice day, but rain, rain, rain, very canonical...
Rain, you asked me a problem and I found a solution😉
I found an Asian from the Republic of Tuva, Eastern Siberia, Russia, a throat singing teacher... he still speaks excellent English🤩 oh gods he is very talented and in general here is a cover for
Linkin Park - Numb, enjoy💫🧝‍♀️🔥
Буду писать по-английски😁
Спасибо и хорошего дня, но дождь, дождь, дождь, очень канонично...
Рейн, ты задал мне задачу и я нашла решение😉
Я нашла азиата из Республики Тыва, Восточной Сибири, Россия, преподавателя горлового пения... он еще отлично говорит по-английски🤩 о боги он очень талантливый и вообще вот кавер на Linkin Park - Numb, наслаждайся💫🧝‍♀️🔥
https://youtu.be/jV4ASCadZ4sDeep_Six666’s Video 169515137031 jV4ASCadZ4sDeep_Six666’s Video 169515137031 jV4ASCadZ4s
Habt einen schönen Tag Schöne Was ist der ungewöhnlichste Track den du gehört

Was kannst du nicht glauben?

Ich kann nicht an Gott glauben. Ich habe das Gefühl, in meiner Jugend mit jedem Jahr atheistischer geworden zu sein, und ich mag es nicht. Ich will das, ich war früher gern in Kirchen, ich bin immer noch gern in Kirchen. Ich sehe auch die Logik der Naivität, überzeugter Theist oder Atheist zu sein, und werde für immer zweifeln. Davor werden in mir Fragen zum Wesen unserer Realität wach, die auch noch nicht beantwortet werden können, oder nie.
An Gott zu glauben, ist, an Unendlichkeit zu glauben. Und doch lauert auch im Atheismus ebendiese in Form des Nichts. Das indes als unendlich zu bezeichnen, ist völlig widersinnig und ich hasse alles wieso ist mein Kopf so ein begrenztes 0pfer.
Und doch höre ich allzu oft Geschichten, die mich aufhorchen lassen, über Geister und spirituelle Erfahrungen, die ich niemals einfach so abtun würde. Und dann erinnere ich mich daran, dass Massenpsychosen existieren und Halluzinationen schon durch bloßen Schlafmangel induziert werden. Und dann erinnere ich mich, dass das eine sehr convenient Ausrede ist, um tatsächlich spirituelle Erlebnisse abzutun.
Im Kreise der Hippies fühle ich mich ambivalent und einsam. Ich war im Ashram für eine Woche und habe mich so zuhause gefühlt, und gleichzeitig isolierter denn je. Leute, die derart überzeugt von etwas sind, machen mir immer Angst. Genau wie überzeugte Atheisten mit ihren Religionen um Selbstdarstellung oder Pessimismus wie ein Kult anmuten, fühle ich mich genauso bei theistischen Menschen. Als würde ich einem Theater hinterherrennen. Wir sind doch nur Tiere, jawohl, aber es scheint doch nur der Westen zu sein, der nicht die Ganzheit aller Dinge anerkennt, zumindest in dem Ausdruck der meisten Gläubigen. In Afrika und Asian, in diversen Völkern von Natureinwohnern ist meist die Rede von einer großen Seele. Aber wenn ich daran glaube, und das möchte ich doch gern, dann überzeugt mich das nicht von einer Existenz nach dem Tod, und letzten Endes wäre ständige Wiedergeburt doch bedeutungslos, oder ist das Leben allein die Rechtfertigung für das Leben? Für Menschen, die leben, ist es das gern. Verzeiht mir, wenn sie mir etwas biased erscheinen.
Sind wir wirklich wichtig genug, entwickelt genug, dass ein Weiterleben uns überhaupt zusteht? Sind es nicht die Menschen, ich und du, wir und ihr, alle, die die stetige... Weltzerstörung zulassen? Eine Zivilisation erbaut sich, und sie wird korrumpiert, es kommen Revolutionen, die Würfeln gleichkommen, da das Ergebnis nie vorhersehbar ist und in vielen Ländern wie Frankreich oder Iran doch allzu oft als Tragik besungen wird. Und wir machen weiter, rechtfertigen uns.
Was ist Kunst da mehr als völlige Eitelkeit, oder Selbstverwirklichung? Oder ist das Leben selbst Eitelkeit, wenn man sich nicht völlig aufopfert? Sind wir dafür verantwortlich, kann man das verlangen, besser, muss man das verlangen? Keine Ahnung. Ist alles ned so einfach. Und das ist nur eine Sache. Denn manchmal gibt es gar nichts, an das ich glaube.

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What do you hope never changes ?

samiaa_aaa’s Profile PhotoLegallybrown:)
Some people might find this strange but I low-key wish the “Asian culture” we have, hope it never changes. And by that I mean all the good aspects of it, all over Asia. The way we respect our elders, the hospitality and little things like taking off your shoes when you enter your house, eating together as a family on the floor, giving money as gifts, having colourful weddings, respecting women, food and our traditions, favouring healthy diet, modesty and simplicity etc etc. All the things that Asians have in common gives me joy. Things are gradually changing and most people are happy to adapt to new ways of living. But I just love the simplicity and diversity of Asian people and their culture. It makes us unique and I hope it stays like this. Good things should always be cherished.
(the bad aspects need to be removed and replaced likewise)

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What horror film scares you the most? 😨🤗

BradJones427’s Profile PhotoBrad
The story is this, I was afraid of horrors until I was blue in the face, and this is "It"(my brother showed it to me, after that we were simply terrified), "Pet Cemetery" (at that time it was very scary), Freddie, yes there was a moment that I was afraid of him, and then he became a cool antagonist for me, "From Dusk Till Dawn" (I slept with my dad for 2 weeks, because I was afraid that vampires would drag me away), well, and later it's Japanese horror ^^ "Call" and " Curse" (the hair and the sound that the girl made just caused fear)
now Asian horrors make me worry, and the rest I can predict everything according to the plot, even when and who will die😄😉🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️☠👻👽👾🤡
История такова, ужасы я боялась до посинения в детстве, а это "Оно" (мне его показал брат, после этого в нас просто вселяло ужас), "Кладбище домашних животных" ( на тот момент было очень страшно), Фредди, да был момент, что я его боялась, а потом он стал для меня прикольным антагонистом, "От заката до рассвета" (я спала с папой 2 недели, потому что боялась что вампиры утащат меня), ну и более позднее это японские ужасы^^ "Звонок" и "Проклятие" (волосы и звук который издавала девочка просто вызывали страх)
сейчас меня заставляют волноваться азиатские ужасы, а остальное я могу все по сюжету предугадать, даже когда и кто умрет😄😉🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️☠👻👽👾🤡

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What horror film scares you the most

Algún anime bueno para ver??

No he visto mucho animé últimamente, así que me he perdido algunas cosas, pero me vi Komi-san y me pareció re tierno, la saga de Wano de One Piece está quedando terrible bella, ya se va a terminar Shaman King (está en Netflix) y es fiel al manguita, me vi a medias un animú que se llama Yojou-han Shinwa Taikei y es bastante interesante, creo que está basado en una novela, el opening es de los Asian Kung-fu genetarion jhasdjsdhjasd yaaaa no sé qué más decir kaskajs salu2

What music genre do you consider as romantic? For me personally it’s 1950’s jazz 🥰

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
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. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
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Oriental or Asian music.
Through the melody in this type of genre, you often feel what the musicians feel. I also look up the lyrics if certain songs are especially strong in their emotion and I want to know what the song is about and if the feeling matches the lyrics. Lots of music that comes from Asian culture and also Indian music can make me feel all types of emotions.
Such as this master peace below.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FURuLYrR_QLady_Eloquent’s Video 170566529456 6FURuLYrR_QLady_Eloquent’s Video 170566529456 6FURuLYrR_Q

Thoughts about BTS (KOREAN BOY BAND)?

laibachoudhry’s Profile PhotoLaiba haha
Very creative. I mean they literally made their way to address at UN. Rhi bat that they look feminine and calling them khusry, chakay and stuff to that’s blatant racism. South Asian standards of masculine beauty are different than those of South Korean and this difference doesn’t give us any right to invalidate their standards/definition.
-No, I don’t belong to BTS army or fans.

Hey Lex I found used guitar it says Grover Jackson on the headstock is it a real Jackson? The guy wants to sell it cheap just curious if its real?

Yes, "Grover Jackson" is an authentic Jackson from the early 1990s. It was built in Japan exclusively for the Asian market. Around the mid 1990s, it was rebranded as "Jackson Stars" and sold until the late 1990s. It gets a bit confusing because those guitars had nothing to do with Grover Jackson himself. He was involved with guitars branded as "Jackson." The others were more like licensed models and perhaps as good as the Jackson "Professional" series which was also produced in Japan at that time. Grover Jackson, Jackson Stars and Jackson Professional were all built in the same Japanese factory with similar components, quality standards, etc.
Hey Lex I found used guitar it says Grover Jackson on the headstock is it a real

Women receiving about 60% of college degrees does not translate into women becoming 60% of CEOs or political leaders. Why? Fewer women neglect their families for their career. A balanced life is usually a happier life, but a CEO’s life is rarely balanced.

Yes and also most asian today are still hypocritical of woman's ability of holding such positions. They will normally go to men, esp in the chinese culture. If there were a woman holding such, she will bear double or triple the burden of a man coz she will be closely watched and one wrong move ppl is gonna slam "she is a woman, she cant do that" that kind of shit at her face. If u r successful yeah maybe but u will rarely get praised, they will just assume tht those r the things tht should be done or could be done better if u are a man. They say woman are soft as they empathise more, so there are no fit to be in the business world.
Im just stating from wht i see and experience. No hate here. I knw there are many who hv a diff mindset now but it still doesnt divert their origin of the culture that man is the one who should be in charge of most things :)

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When you were at West Midlands Safari Park and took a picture of that red haired dog...what is the name of that animal???

I think you mean this one? It's been quite a while since I've been! :)
But this is a Dhole :)
It's native to varying regions of Asia! It's also known as the red dog, whistling dog, Asian wild dog, Asiatic wild dog, etc :3
Super cute!!
When you were at West Midlands Safari Park and took a picture of that red haired

I'm depressed Reply as an Asian parent :

raat ko jaldi sojao subah jaldi uth jana yeh depression waghera kuch nai hota hamary zamany mai tou aesa nai hota tha hum پہاڑ kaat ker raasta bana ker beech mai aany waly درخت se lakri utaar ker kashti bana ker school jatey thy tmhary liye tou van lagwai hai (ami can i explain the effects of climate change jo van k andar bhi apna اثر rakhta hai) okay wese tou puray paragraph ki koi sense nai ban rhi lekin mai kya kerun i badly needed to divert my attention from an imp task bye

apakah kepanjangan ASEAN? yang bisa jawab dan bener dapet 10 koin, no googling yg penting wkwkwkwk

fannieangelie’s Profile Photobelimbingmaniss
Sekali lagi koinnya buat yg lain aja
Association South East Asian Nation atau kalo di indonesiain Perhimpunan Negara Asia Tenggara. Didalam kelompok Asean meliputi 10 negara.
1. Indonesia
2. Singapura
3. Malaysia
4. Filipina
5. Laos
6. Kamboja
7. Brunei Darussalam
8. Myanmar
9. Vietnam
10. Thailand

Thoughts on 5th February collaboration day with kashmir!

Merely slogans do not bring about freedom, we have to change the strategy that we have been following for so many years, durable peace and stability in Asian region is not possible unless and until the bone of contention between India and Pakistan is solved, Kashmir had neither been the integral part of India nor the jugular vein of Pakistan but there is no denying the fact that it had been an independent territory, The future of Kashmir should be decided according to the will and wishes of it's people, World powers and both Indian and Pakistan must play their role in resolving the issue keeping in view the best interest of the people, any attempt to use forceful means to change the status of Kashmir would be counterproductive not only for the neighbor countries but also for the international community at large,
The inhabitants should be given the leading role to decide it's future, The burning issue must be resolved as early as possible so that we, the people of GB, could also thrive. We are being treated improperly due to this issue..
اپنا تو یہی خواب ہے کشمیر ہو آزاد
آزاد کا مطلب ہے اِدھر کا نہ اُدھر کا۔

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Is affirmative action racist?

Bill Maher: I’ve Supported Affirmative Action, But It’s ‘Weird’ Supporting It More Than Black People do, ‘Maybe It’s Outdated’ *note: 63% of blacks do not support affirmative action in the United States.
"Affirmative Action" by Alex
What I find interesting is the people who create these "policies" or pass this type of affirmative action legislation are predominantly wealthy white folks from the political/ruling class who have benefitted from attending private schools and Ivy league Universities because of their "white privilege" and dare I say, they still do benefit because of their parents wealth and political connections. And so who suffers the most? Poor and middle class white people and ethnicities such as Asian and Jews who score well on tests because they work hard and their families value knowledge. And so our system supports and benefits those who are wealthy and privileged, while punishing those who work hard and value knowledge but have no accumulated wealth.
1. End all racism. That includes affirmative action and any policy that discriminates based on race, skin color, wealth, religion, gender or political connections/affiliations
2. Term limits for congress
3. Flat tax and eliminate all tax loop holes for the ruling class.
4. Reform campaign finance laws so folks like George Soros cannot contribute $125 million to the democrats to push his Globalist ideology while getting favored status and preferential treatment whenever congress considers legislation that could impact the ruling classes wealth or investments.
Will any of these things happen? NEVER
The ruling class and political class are the Kings and Queens while We The People, are their slaves, serf's and plebe's.

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When was the last time you ate out? Like, sat at a table at a restaurant? What did you have? 😋🍽

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
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. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
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Oof, 2021 is the first half I guess. Somewhere between March-June. It was in an Asian restaurant, a sushi bar.

Montako oikeasti hyvää kaveria sulla on? Ja en tarkoita sellasia hyvän päivän tuttuja vaan semmosii keille voit avautuu ja kertoo kaikkee + puhutte ja näätte aika usein! Entäs ootko tyytyväinen siihen määrään vai haluisitko enemmän? ✨

Hyvän päivän tuttuja mulla ei ole.
En tee mitään pinnallisilla ihmissuhteilla.
Perheen ulkopuolisia ihmisiä on tasan yksi, jonka kanssa voi puhua kaikesta. Ollaan tutustuttu ihan sattumalta lasten kautta ja kävi ilmi että meillä on sama ajatus- ja arvomaailma monenkin asian suhteen.
Mä olen tosi huono pitämään yhteyttä ihmisiin ja tarvin tosi paljon omaa aikaa.
En osaa siis kaivata isoa määrää ihmisiä mun ympärille ja laatu korvaa muutenkin määrän.
Näin on just hyvä 🙂

What is your favourite movie of other country?

it's hard to choose... I usually don't watch any others. I don't have any asian or german movies in mind, but...
- "Safety last", 1923
- "a film with me in it", 2008
- "il segno di venere", 1955
- "only lovers left alive", 2013
- "trаinspotting", 1996
- "green book", 2018
- "lolita", 1997
- "Inside I'm Dancing", 2004
- "the French Dispatch", 2021
- "venus", 2006

In Pakistan 90% of girls finishing study at university will become housewife after marriage. Truth?

Idk, sorry!
i am not living in Pakistan or a pakistani. But it could be true for south asian countries. But here in Bangladesh women's involvement in work or job is increasing day by day. And you'll be surprised to know that Bangladesh has more women involvement percentage than india now.

Do you hate being white?

I absolutely love being white. I think every single little whiteboi should be happy about being born white.
If i was born anything other than white i would never have been able to experience the kinds of fetishes and kinks that i have right now.
Where's the fun in white genocide when you're asian lol?
Also one thing is absolutely clear: BLACK men love white women.
It's that simply. I love being white.
Same goes for all whitebois by the way. You love having whiteboisex. You love to see the death of your race. You love to bottom for BBC.
If you weren't white you'd never be able to experience this :)

Harry był kiedyś prezenterem na jakiejś gali?

kimseokjinpolishfans6052’s Profile PhotoKIM SEOKJIN | BTS | JITB
Tak, poprowadził Legacy Awards w 2016, A Smithsonian Celebration of Asian Pacific Americans w 2019 oraz prezentował kategorie podczas Do Something Awards 2012, World Choreography Awards 2018, Unforgettable Gala 2018, SAG Awards 2019, ACE Eddie Awards 2019, Art Directors Guild Excellence In Production Design Awards 2019 i Hollywood Critics Association Film Awards 2021 (coś pewnie pominęłam 😅)
Harry był kiedyś prezenterem na jakiejś gali

What type of music are you into?

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. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
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I listen to very different kinds of music, such as:
• Japanese/Korean/Mandarin and other Asian types of music
• English
• German
• Russian
• Indian
... so it's hard for me to figure out which exact type of music I prefer as I listen to lots of different types of music.

what’s your usual food truck order? 🍽😋

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
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. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
Either Indian, Italian, American or Asian dishes.
Furthermore, I enjoy African food as well but there are no restaurants near us right now, who would offer delivery. Which is a pity. We buy what we crave at that moment and that changes often.

Inspired by Freff, how are your omelette making skills? What do you put in them?

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoGodfather Neo
Habit - usually some bacon sliced up fine, red (Spanish) onion, cheese, maybe a little mustard (whole grain) to spice it up, a little salt and pepper, and of course, beaten eggs..... I may be getting old but I can still beat an egg any day!! Stews are my forte - you can just throw anything left over in them... usually I add some Asian sauce for bite and flavour.. Thai, Indian mostly. A quick meal when you just don't know what you want to eat.
Liked by: Glinda cf Godfather Neo

Have you ever had an unexplainable experience with the paranormal/ghosts? 🎃 👻 🦇 💀 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ tēຖค¢i໐นŞ t໐๓๓คฯ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
I saw a very old fashioned man in an old church and he vanished before my eyes. I found out the manor outside the church was used to hold German prisoners of war.
I once ate Asian food that would keep reappearing in the night…👻 Too many to list. Inexplicable noises, visible orbs, electronics and lights going on and off all by themselves, fully charged batteries in electronics suddenly draining, an old clock that hadn't worked in years that suddenly started working immediately after my dad died. The most dramatic happened in historic Savannah, GA. I got a coffee at local coffee house. A very old woman with an antique cane glared at me, shaking her cane. I poured some cream in my coffee, looked back up and she was gone. Only a few seconds elapsed. I looked around the shop, looked outside. No one that age could get far. She simply vanished.
I had one short experience with some form of unexplained phenomena, when I was about 6 or 7. At the time, my parents, my sister and I were living at a farmhouse and one evening, I saw what looked like two anthropomorphic beings that looked to be about 6 feet tall, standing in a clearing beyond our front yard and it looked like they were covered head to toe in fire, and yet the didn't seem to burn anything. They were there for only a few seconds and then they were gone.

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Have you ever had an unexplainable experience with the paranormal/ghosts? 🎃 👻 🦇 💀 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ tēຖค¢i໐นŞ t໐๓๓คฯ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Story time. Lol.
I transferred school when I was in 4th grade. I was always shy even in my first school so it's not news I'm a lot timid on the new. 😂 But I liked it better there because everyone's friendly (all the girls, some of the boys). One afternoon, my friend and I were alone in our classroom answering our Filipino assignment (lol we're both comparing each other's answers) and while at it, we're talking about something and suddenly, a figure passed by at her back. I just looked at it casually and get back to stare at my friend's face to listen to what her saying. She actually felt something because some of her hair actually moved as if a swift of air passed by.
But I was really bizarre that time because when she asked me if someone's passed by or a classmate was hiding to mess with her, I said that there's no one and we're alone. It took me months to remember that particular moment again. And when my mind's getting clearer, an image of a tall and beautiful nun (in her black nun uniform) was passing by at my friend's back straight to the green board and vanishing (as if she's naruto). The fact that she doesn't looked asian confused me. And I never told that story to anyone because as a young girl that grew up in a household with strong faith and belief as a catholic, telling people I saw a ghost of a nun seems disrespectful. People won't believe me because even me, I've been telling myself I'm just imagining things that time. 😂😂😂

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Have you ever had an unexplainable experience with the paranormal/ghosts? 🎃 👻 🦇 💀 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ tēຖค¢i໐นŞ t໐๓๓คฯ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
i work with anomalies and there is a very little that can surprise me. At least once a week i walk to uni and back on foot. Time ca be different, there is no pattern in this.
so, every time I walk, on the way I meet an old-fashioned dressed guy of ~ 30*, with a cane and a mustache. Anytime. Sometimes it seems to me that he is not dressed exactly for the weather - for example, in a frock coat, when I am cold in a sweatshirt and coat. And one would think that here it is - a real living ghost!..
..but he is asian, and before the 20th century (his clothes) there were simply no asian nobles here. (Maybe only serfs from the southeastern regions). So, apparently, it's just a cosplayer.
* i'm not good at determining the age of asians. Maybe he's even 50.

Lol you keep talking about "higher level statistics class" while clearly having no idea how statistics work (or are collected). Let me school you for a bit. No one can count every single person in the USA, but statistics say the population is a greater % white than black. Do you think that's a lie?

Give me where you’re getting your information or i’m not continuing in my debate with you. Im not saying you can’t say count everyone in the population, statistically theres more white people in the US, then hispanic, then black, then asian, then the rest. i’m saying you can’t judge intelligence or other things until you know all the other factors, and most statistics pages don’t take everything into consideration.

"the percentage of asian girls performing better is going to be higher when theres less to compare." Hahaha no, that's not how percentages work. The whole point of percentages is to compare situations, like this, when the numbers are different. I mean I thought everyone knew this, how can you not??

A higher level statistics class will tell you what i explained thats how i know you haven’t taken one. I’m not going back and forth trying to tell you how percentages work when I already know. Statistics are uncertain, There’s no real way to calculate percentages of a population without testing every single person in the population and thats not realistic so the only thing you can get are estimates of a population, and most of those estimates have things that affect them which is why you can never get a real answer. Which website did you get your percentages of them performing better so I can analyze it and see if it’s true, I can’t find any

So you actually don't know how percentages work. Do you know what a percentage is?

the percentage of asian girls performing better is going to be higher when theres less to compare. Taking 4 white students and 4 asian students isnt going to give you accurate results when theres 12 million white students and only 1 million asian students. i know how percentages work, like i said you obviously haven’t taken a high level statistics class.

You're saying it's false based on you compared to asian girls in your class. That's hardly "in general". If you want "in general" look up asian girls class performance on average across the USA. If you can't find that look up how many of them get advanced college degrees compared to others

ive been to 15 different public schools across 3 different states & a college, each place i went to same thing applied it didnt matter about what you looked like what mattered was how much work you put into your grades. those statistics your talking about aren’t really true; theres so many factors that make those statistics unrealistic; for example the amount of asian girls in the US is wayyy lower than the amount of white girls so obviously the percentage of them performing better is going to be higher

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