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What do you think of Pakistani dramas? What is one of your favorites and why? 🎭

SN_Khan’s Profile PhotoAhsan Khan
Pakistani dramas used to be good but they suck ass now. Same old garbage stories being recycled with different faces. Sure, they produce gems too but it is now a rare occurence. My favourite Pakistani dramas include Udaari, Alpha Bravo Charlie, Dhoop Kinaray, and Zindagi Gulzar hai.

Why don't you cook home meals for your kids? You're a mother, your kids should be your priority. People like me who don't have kids, we don't have to cook or do things out of our comfort zone, but we're adults. Parents shouldn't act like this.

I do cook almost every single night so??? Why are you acting like you know anything at all about my life🤡🤡🤡 clown a.s.s

how do you have so big bobs and your sisters have so small bbs

My boobs aren't that big. They're bigger now because I had a baby. Everyone's tits are different and me and my sisters all have different bodies, nessa has more ass then me and mel. Simple. Everyone is different and we're all beautiful either way so whoooo the fuck cares who's has bigger tits. My god. Are yall like 13? Cus grown men aren't this obsessed with boobs or women's bodies.
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lf you get fired or quit the job and can't find a new one, how will you manage?Would anyone support you financially apart from your partner?

1. She's not firing me. If she was going to she would've when we straight up argued for over 2 hours lmao
2. I don't need financial support from anyone period....I am a grown ass woman capable of taking care of myself & my kids. Really wouldn't have an issue finding a new job either i'm just being picky now bc I obviously have my job & can be

Omiljeni predsednik Srbije?

DimitrijeNikolic870’s Profile Photothepsydy
SERBIAN PLEYER FOR SHKIJAN REPREZETACIONE COT IN GEY CLUBE IN US COLDE BLECK MOON ! For those ho know shkijas have 00.00 cm pinis they bay all shite they see on Porn sites to get smoki to be biger bat in fack the love to teke huge bleck dicks in there ass and 🇦🇱🇽🇰 straps from there Ilirran Shqiptar Dardanian mistreses ho they coll and bege for big humelacione like never bifore and lot lot more ! PIKSI THIS IS FOR YOU MF ! PS : AND YOUR WIFE AND DOTHER SEYING HI FROM OUR PLEYERS HOTEL IN DORHUMDE !
Omiljeni predsednik Srbije

Thanks for what?Some random guy calls you a mom they'd like to fück and you thank for that?You have a husband.

Thank you for the compliment lmfao my god, tame the stick outta ur ass, married doesn't mean dead. I'm allowed to be complimented and I'm allowed to say thank you, christ.
I did t offer to jump into bed with the guy 🤣 you got more worked up over that than my husband would lmfao my husband would've said yeah you are and moved on l.fao

Changing every day requires a big effort and less laziness.You are supposed to accept your man with all his flaws and smell tf.

1. Changing takes 30 seconds....
2. My man isn't lazy. Just bc you are doesn't mean everyone else is😂
3. My man doesn't smell
4. I do accept him for who he is. And who he is is a grown ass man who can take care of himself & has goals for his life.

For what ever reason you deny reality. Men and women are not the same. It is very obvious that women are much much much more selective than men. mgtow

I could point you towards the many many MANY men's dating profiles that have long ass lists of qualities they expect from women that are often misogynistic and Unrealistic, I could speak to you from my own experience of dating, I could do the leg work to find you proof, but it wouldn't matter because you aren't open to genuine discussions or mew information that doesn't align with your pre-decided "reality", so I won't bother. Have a nice life being bitter, I hope it works out for you 👍🏻

Your strangest thoughts?

ibnadam5’s Profile PhotoAHAD
I was dreaming that I was in Shaukat Khanum and it was getting dark. I left the hospital building and mistakenly entered a ground that was poorly lit. A few steps ahead, I heard a demonic growl and saw a silhouette of what seemed like a huge lizard. I flashed my mobile torch at it, and indeed, it was a big ass alligator. I scared it off, but then at each step of the way, I encountered more and more alligators. Finally, a duck, which was somehow as tall as me, came to my aid and guided me through an endless field of alligators. I finally made it to the outside world. I thanked the duck, and then I woke up.

Best childhood memory?

ShaheerXd’s Profile PhotoMr. SOLO
Maybe going to Wild Wadi Waterpark and standing under that gigantic bucket full of water waiting to get poured upon or playing with that one kite.
I almost drowned in this water body by the way, and while drowning, I had to pretend that everything was okay because the lifeguard was getting suspicious, all the while trying to save my goddamn stupid ass.
Best childhood memory

There's no point in sharing my feelings, they're temporary (and I don't mind it if they know)……. Really? Do u think its you whom im talking about?

No... But whosoever you are talking about is/are definitely not even aware of it, only because of sorry ass loser attitude...

What do you consider the biggest fashion mistake in history? What made it silly or ridiculous?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Serendipity
Aww I like classic fashion 😅, I like when things are clean, ironed and without holes 🤷‍♀️, so I really dont like ripped jeans, white socks in shoes, combinations sneakers & dress, socks & skirt, leggins on fat people, jeans with ass part between knees 😂 and other "modern" things 😅

Do you only have Onlyfans ? If, not, would you have done it ?

No, I don't just have onlyfans and I wouldn't have just onlyfans. It does not align with my values and ideals to make money at the expense of men who see women as objects and pieces of meat.
I can upload photos, feeling "sexy", showing the same as on the beach, no more, and I upload them because I want to. But there is a big difference between my photos and what you need to do there to really make money. With photos like mine I would kick my ass on onlyfans and I also don't want anyone paying to see me as a piece of meat or an object that is bought or sold as if it were was a supermarket.

What do you believe in?

zaidwali915’s Profile PhotoZaid Wali
If you're talking about faith, then ofc, Allah.
I also believe that shawarmas are better than any other food.
I believe that one should not get married just because they love someone, respect and compatibility are important.
I believe.. forgiving others is important but not more than forgiving yourself for letting others treat you like shit.
I believe.. long walks and seeing the sunset together is more romantic than having dinner at a fancy ass restaurant. Yeah.

If humans had tails, would you braid yours? 🤣

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Tҽɳαƈισυʂ Tσɱɱαყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
A ponytail is a normal thing on the head, but a ponytail on the bottom is something exotic.
If my ass were decorated with a tail, I would definitely braid it and decorate it with various accessories.
My tail would be the best of all tails.😅

Welchen extrem süßen Fakt über ein Lebewesen deiner Wahl sollten mehr Leute wissen, um sich an der Süßigkeit davon zu erfreuen?

Gismolo’s Profile PhotoPsijic
Ich kenn einen bayrischen Hypochonder mit nem Listenfetisch um seiner Existenz den Hauch einer Kontrolle zu verleihen was aber komplett fürn Ass is weil er dann vorn Auto läuft wenn er mal sowas wie ne Perspektive hat. Halte ihn trotzdem für empathisch, klug und feingeistig.

craziest thing a ex did to you? mine was beat the living shit out of me cause i caught him cheating hehe and the cherry on top…keyed my brand new car🥲 that hurt more than the ass whooping doe.

My psycho ex took a butcher knife to my brand new mattress for no reason at all... then wondered why she had to sleep on the floor that night 🙄

What’s the real reason why people bully people?

theartist58910’s Profile Photothe artist
There are multiple different reasons as to why someone bullies. Some people bully to assert dominance over others to achieve a higher social status. Low self-esteem and wanting to feel better about themselves (which is a real shit way to achieve "happiness" cause it's not real). Some people lack remorse and ability to recognize their behavior as a problem. Being a victim of bullying themselves and others do it because they're jealous and angry. Then we've got the people who struggle socially and are unable to properly cope. You've got the asshole that like to get their way as well and aren't used to not getting their way, aka the spoiled brat that needs an ass kicking. There's emotional neglect, too.

Prečo keď sa útočí na ženu, tak sa veľmi často útočí aj na jej vzhľad, ale u mužov to tak nie je?

Ja som ten posledný čo sa za naše pohlavie cíti ukrivdený mám mužov piči ale...
Radšej by som bol keby sa útočí len na môj vzhlad ako na to že som pussyweak boy keby mám o pár kilo menej a nechodím do gymu že som virgin incelko keby nemám dievčatá že som broke ass boy keby nemám prachy a že nemám rešpekt keby nemám status.
Takže asi tolko. Mňa vysmejú aj keby som ugly teba vysmejú len keď si ugly. Nikdy vživote som nevidel extra pressure na dievča ktoré nemalo peniaze a nevedelo sa postarať týmto smerom stačí že vieš navariť a dať mu blowjob. A áno akokolvek tvrdo to znie thats just how it is a z velkej časti aj preto že muži sú alebo minimálne boli jednoduchí tu sa nejdem hrať že to není aj naša chyba.
Keď bola na fete moja kamoška všetci ju lutovali a chceli jej dať pomocnú ruku z lava do prava poor girl čo ti to urobili cuz thats just how it is keď som to bral ja bol som pojebaný feťáčik. Taký rýchly modelový príklad z extrému nech nezačínam z lahka.
Ja netvrdím že ZA SEBA chcem aby to tak bolo a že to stačí a že toto rozdelenie rolí je skvelý sociálny koncept ale už tolko dopiče sa lutujete a ste schopné mať celé skupiny o tom že by svet bez mužov bol lepší a meníte si sexuálne orientácie len preto aby ste nejebali s mužom a podobne že už sa dávno bavíme o misandrií a nie o feminizme a začína byť neúnosné jak moc delusional niektoré statements začínajú byť.

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Ask has a flaw, same thing happened to me, I logged off and on and it still happened so I left if for a while, when I tried again it worked. It’s a cheap ass app that’s for sure 😂😂😂

Bearhead01’s Profile PhotoGilbert Thomas
I was freaking out because I thought people were suddenly turning against me and blocking me left and right and didn’t stop to think that it’s probably this cheap app that has a glitch in its system. I’m glad that’s taken care of… for now 🙄😂

What is anon going on about?? Tbh I only see people get questions during the day

Exactly lmfao I've never gotten questions about kasey or syd or maigua while kasey is at work. Plus kasey has been working long ass hours so she's usually Mia during those hours.
Yall really think people with full time jobs have time to sit on this silly app all day and night. Only ppl with that time to spare are bored teenagers.

When do you like to have privacy?

My husband has two days off a week and a baby he helps take care of, it's not his responsibility to do YOUR job to help you're wife because you wanna be a lazy piece of shit and not do a single thing around the house because you wanna sit on ur ass and drink all day
. You've had three days off and you haven't bbqd once, done the garbage or anything ur wife is now doing twice the amount of shit to pick up your slack. Fucking sad excuse for a man and husband.
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What would you do if a goodlooking guy touched them bööbs on the street?

Call the police and report them for sexual harassment.
Being 'good looking' doesn't suddenly mean my consent is not needed to be touched. Dumb ass

Share an embarassing moment of your life😂

Boy, do I have a treat for you. One time, I was at a waterpark and there was like a water body that got deeper the further you went, ok? So, my dumbass kept walking, and stopped when I saw the 6ft sign. But I was like hmmmm let's take just one more step. BIG mistake. My foot couldn't touch the ground anymore so i was trying to save my goddamn ass while ALSO trying to look normal because the lifeguard looked so sus and I didn't want him to save me 😭

This is why Dyllan left your heavy ass.lf a woman doesn't respect herself and keep her good shape, how could he not find a better one for himself?

Dyllan didn't leave my ass, I ended the relationship and I hadn't even started to gain weight when me and him broke up. Make it make sense Lmao.
I've been in a relationship with the same guy for almost 4 years though.... what's Dyllan got to do with this anymore 😂

(Nur falls du dazu schon etwas offenbaren möchtest oder kannst) Gibt es interessante Dynamiken unter den Charakteren? Wer würde mit wem gut oder eben weniger gut auskommen? Gerne auch mit Esra und Vale<3

Wir hätten ...
Camille×Vale×Tsuyu×Yuel = S*xbuddys alias Vale is a asshole but hot
Lumi×Sev= Mom & Dad alias Ying & Yang
Shao×Camille = best Pals
Sev×Vale = "Dad" & "Son"
Vale×Sev×Ren = Swordlovers, lets fight till death, rivals
Sev×Shao×Camille = aka Esra needs 'food' trio
Sev×Shao = lets smoke weired stuff and don't sleep
Shao×Nenesra = friends
Lumi×Tsuyu = helping duo
Camille×Rann = let do some experiments
Yuel×Camille×Shao = lets play cards and let fight and get drunk
Rann×Vale = "please hug me!"..."no,f*** you"..."can you buy me-"..."no"..."but you're my brother"..."I'm not"
Vale×Lumi = "be my protector, Captn"..."ok, be my b****" ..."o///////o
Lumi×Rann = the good ones
Yuel×Nenesra = someone (Esra) will be death
Yuel×Lumi = "nice ass" ...">////<"
Ren×All = "really, shes Vales Vice?"
Ren×Lumi = broken people understand eachother
Shao×Rann = the tired duo
...ähm, ich denke, das reicht erstmal xD

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Seid ihr schon mal durch eine Prüfung gefallen? Was hatte das für Konsequenzen und wie habt ihr euch gefühlt?

RyoMcCauley’s Profile Photo合掌
In meinem Bachelor-Studium bin ich einmal durch die mündliche Prüfung gefallen, aber auch nur, weil ich extrem nervös war und mein Dozent meines Erachtens absolut unrealistische und stupide Erwartungen an den Tag gelegt hat, auf die man sich unmöglich adäquat vorbereiten kann. Von "Zeichne mir die Deutschlandkarte und alle Vulkangebiete ein" bis "Benenne alle Flüsse und deren Quellgebiete" war wirklich alles dabei. Subjektives Allgemeinwissen als prüfungsrelevantes Kriterium zu nutzen, ohne das irgendwie einzugrenzen, war echt zu viel, abgesehen davon, dass man in diesem Modul bereits jede Woche einen Haufen Fragen beantworten und ein ganzes Buch durchwälzen musste, was dich aber kein Stück auf seine random ass Fragen vorbereitet hat. Habe dann das Modul im Winter wiederholt, sogar die Einführungsvorlesung + das Tutorium dazu freiwillig besucht und trotzdem meinte er dann, irgendwelche hämischen Kommentare über meine "furchtbare" Transferleistung ablassen zu müssen und ob ich auch wirklich das Richtige studiere. Ich habe extra die Uni wegen diesem Dozenten gewechselt, da er pädagogisch einfach eine absolute Zumutung gewesen ist und er im Master der einzige betreuende Dozent in meinem Fachgebiet gewesen wäre. Nein, danke. Als er dann wissen wollte, wo ich später studiere, musste er selbst da irgendeine unnötige Bemerkung machen, dass die Uni ja absolut ungeeignet dafür wäre. Sehr unangenehmer Zeitgenosse, der mir das Leben temporär echt zur Hölle gemacht hat, da ich noch sie so dermaßen gestresst war bis zu dem Zeitpunkt. Na ja, die zweite Prüfung habe ich dann auch aus Nervosität mit keiner Glanzleistung abgeschlossen, aber er war so "gnädig", mir einen Zusatzpunkt für meine Mühen zu geben. Ich war so erleichtert, als ich das dann geschafft habe.

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When does what she says fill you with emotion?

She fills me with emotions in lots of things she does and say.
Usually pride in her being such a kind and caring girl who shows love to everyone around her.
Pride when I have a parents evening at her school and I find out she done of the top 3 readers in her class, or top 3 for maths
She fills me with joy when she comes out with her random ass questions that she's literally pulled from no where.
She's a joy to be around.
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Have you ever moved out of your comfort zone, your parents place, To go and found your own house and live your life independently and how was it, was the renting too much for you?.. I wanna move outta my parents place so I can learn to wipe my own ass.. so let me know if you have! haha

I wish, if I did I wouldn't be in Australia but unfortunately for me that's not possible 🙄 apparently it can be hard and the rent does go up so I guess it can be difficult but I've never experienced it

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