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🥑 List as many facts about yourself as you like, so that I can ask you follow-up questions. — Feel free to read my 25 facts for inspiration: https://ask.fm/zy_cv/answer/160124009327 🥥

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. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
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【01】– My sun sign is Aqua, my moon is Sagittarius and my rising is fish - feel free to ask me anything about horoscopes because I'm a little obsessed x'D
【02】– My hobbies are singing, drawing, writing, reading, gaming - basically anything artsy.
【03】– I'm INFJ by the MBTI personality test.
【04】– I'm a nerd over any fandom I love and like. Harry Potter & GOT are one of those - I count myself to Gryffindor and the Stark-Family. Did some tests to find out where I fit better in - also...because they are fun. x'D
【05】– I speak german, Russian, English - and have a large interest in learning a language - some languages I can sing better than I can speak them. E.g. I can sing Hindi because I watched Bollywood from a very young age, so I have no problems singing...but would probably s*ck in speaking, some Japanese songs I can vocally perform aswell. Korean is a language I would love to learn :)
【06】– Pisanthrophobian | Philophobian | Thantrophobian
【07】– Ailurophile | Astrophile | Bibliophile | Clinophile | Cynophile | Heliophile | Hippophile | Limnophile | Nyctophile | Photophile | Retrophile | Selenophile | Thalassophile | Logophile
【08】– I have too many favourites in every kind of genres. I listen to lots of music, watched a lot of movies and played so many games. That's why I struggle...when people ask me "Tell me your favourite what so ever..." I can't do this. x'D Literally.
【09】– My favourite colours are violet, burgundy, colours of fire, all tones between red-violet-blue. Furthermore black and white.
【10】– I have an OCD with lists and sorting everything from 1-10 or A-Z.
【11】– I'm evangelic but furthermore spiritual.
【12】– Right now I'm doing my A-Levels. Hope that everything works out for me this year.
【13】– I'm in a happy relationship since 2009/ nearly 11 years, so to say.
【14】– I have a cute 5-6-year-old cat and his name is Tutankhamun. In short - Tuti. He is my adorable little sunshine.
【15】– My favourite food is food of my culture - Russian food.
【16】– I tend to get along with people who are open-minded, kind, creative, talented, optimistic and wise in their own way.
【17】– I did a training in media design for digital and print but didn't find myself happy in that specific field of work - so I am doing my A-Levels to study later media sciences.
【18】– I help when it's within my possibilities.
【19】– I'm a free spirit. The best to convince is to tell me about it...but then let it rest. Don't push me. Because if you do...I lose my interest in it VERY quickly.
【20】– Reason I am here initially is for writing RPG's with other writers. Now to share my thoughts on many topics.
【21】– I am open-minded for mostly anything new.
【22】– One of my favourite seasons is autumn and late summer.
【23】– I have brown hair, which is long but sadly not curly X'D - and green eyes.

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There there! That brings us on same ground! I hate maths n LITERALLY SUCK at it! I hate Chemistry and Physics ttoo :3

I've been v.well at Chemistry, the subject of love and Physics, uh I hate it but Quantum Mechanics and Astronomy and Cosmology are related somewhat to Physics so I love them, whereas I don't like studying Physics as a whole. I don't study Biomedical, Physics or Maths now, I only studied them till highschool...
I flunked at Maths countless of times, but got A's in all other subjects whereas whenever I worked hard at Maths, I maximum gained a "B" in Maths. -_-
Whereas in Physics, too, I always gained an "A''.
Biology was, interesting. I miss it, but I do still research about it. I studied Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and some other subs till my A'levels (high-schooling). I wanted to become a surgeon and had even thought of plastic surgery, cardiology, or maybe jus a medical practitioner, but alas, I was more better at Psychology, Philosophy and other social sciences. The reason why I did NOT become an astronomer, even though I do know much about star lore as am an Astrophile - was merely because I detested Maths and Physics - the core elements of Astronomy, even though Chemistry is also a part of it.
So yeah, you can read my bio for my current subjects. ;)

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