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That’s an amazing shot. If you remember an astrophotography post with a really camera from a few days back, it could have been used for this shot. I have to geek for a second and guess that is a 30 second exposure to get full light from the sky but not leave star trails. I have so much work to do!

I don't think this shot was taken with a normal camera
A regular cam doesn't give that much detail like this one ...
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a elham h5tbrk lw 3ayza tswry ngom astrophotography y3ny eh elsetting ely ht3mleha fe elcam w ht5tary anhy wa2t lltswer ?

MusTafaMansour220’s Profile Photomustafa mansour
الحمدلله تمام ..
اختار M لانك تحتاج لقطه بطيئة وعدسه اعلى
يعنى الاوتوماتيك مود مش اختيار كويس
العدسه 400 كويس
20 الضوء هيكون اقوى
400 هيكون اوضح
اما الـ Drive mood على الـ 2sec self-timer
والـ flash mood على الـ of
الـfocus mood على الـ manual

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