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Do you ever listen to music to hype yourself up? Like when you work out for example. What kind? 💪🎶

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I've never tried it... It seems strange to me to artificially replace an emotion with another one until the first one is over. I usually listen when I'm in the mood to listen)
For stretching and ballet warm-up, I have playlists with classical and chinese music, according to the mood. For step, I try to take something new every time, because I have already learned måneskin by heart😅 For example, music for basketball fits well into the rhythm, sometimes electronic, it's great to take chvrches. Latino is tоugh firstly. For dancing, I usually take music from the video, which I memorize the dance (transcend has very cool selections), or rock'n'roll classics. Anything will do for a bike, I listen to a audiocourse in astrophysics btw)

What is the best thing or high point of your week so far? (even if it's something small like taking a bath etc).

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I only just got back from two weeks holiday at the beginning of this week so I've been doing very little, although I did have a good day out in London yesterday. That included an exhibition at Japan House, two tours in the V&A museum, an art gallery, an astrophysics lecture, a sleep/circadian lecture, a talk on novel cancer drugs and other activities at the Science Museum late night event.
For the next 5 days I'm staying at my parents and going to 6 concerts with about a dozen friends. I'm just about to head into town to meet a few of them for a curry.

If you had the opportunity to go to university and study a course for completing free, what would you choose to study? If you've already been to university to study something, then ignore this, and answer with a different course you'd do if you could .

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I already have a physics degree, but maybe something in astrophysics. I'm sitting in this at present
If you had the opportunity to go to university and study a course for completing

What do you love the most about stargazing?

Sadly, there is a point beyond which this living religion stuff has to end. Amateur astronomers (especially in the US) seem to like denying that theirs is primarily a romantic hobby. They like making up rationalizations and acting like they are building up towards the minor contributions that can be made to the professional game (variable star observations, comet-hunting... all mostly a case of the adults indulgently letting the kids pretend they are being helpful). I never bothered with this. To me amateur astronomy has no practical utility. If you want to actually contribute to science, you pretty much have to go pro. Most serious astronomy requires cameras for long-term exposures, computer processing and so forth. Actually, most of the serious stuff isn't even at optical wavelengths. You do radio. A veil of science drops between you and your religion at the more advanced levels of astronomy. As a junior in college, in 1996, I was accepted into a summer school in astrophysics at the Inter University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA), a leading astronomy center in India, next door to the Giant Meterwave Radio Telescope (GMRT, the largest in the world for meter-wave observation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giant_Metrewave_Radio_Telescope ). It would have led on to IUCAA's PhD program. It was one of the most important career forks in the road for me. I decided not to go, and took a robotics internship at a defense lab in Bangalore instead. Part of it was that I'd realized by then that if I went professional, the romance would end up in the backseat. When I came to the US in 1997, I finally had access to a rich amateur astronomy scene. I could afford fancy telescopes, join groups of well-equipped and knowledgeable enthusiasts, and so forth. But I never did get into it, partly because I never lived in parts of the US with lots of good seeing nights (either light pollution or winter gets in the way). But mostly it was because something turned me off about the American amateur astronomy scene. In a way, the scene has almost too many resources here. You can basically spend a whole lifetime pursuing the ever-more perfect equipment hoard, keep trying to compete with the professionals with their Hubbles, Arecibos and GMRTs, and so forth. Many American amateurs remind me more of photographers and gadget-philes. Not a bad thing, but it isn't about the romance of the night sky for them. (I did peripherally retain an interest though; my PhD was about scheduling large interferometric space telescopes.) So to answer your question, what is so amazing about the night sky? It is the Vatican City for atheist-romantics. It doesn't need to change. You don't need to see new things. Looking up at Saturn's rings every so often is like going to church. A visit from a comet is a festival to be celebrated.

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Thankyou ! And so good to see your aspirations. I like your vibe. You’re intrigued by astrophysics, higher dimensions, spacetime and time travel. Plus you’re an artist. And to be from Alexandria egypt ! Amazinggg ! Have a great day Nour !

wajjehsajjad’s Profile PhotoThat guy
U showered me with kindness.. sooo grateful 🙏
Actually I'm glad that someone would get wind of the fact that I like myself for other reasons (my vibe or art ) ..praises this thing and judge my personality by it...not by the outward appearance.. really respected that in ya..wish the same and more to u doc 🌺

Do you think a person's hobbies must match the level of their intellect (e.g., an astrophysicist who has won the Nobel Prize shouldn't do sudoku during his free time because it's "beneath him")? Why?

Not at all, I’d imagine most people in highly intellectual fields such as astrophysics would actively seek less intensive hobbies as a means to unwind from their professions. I’d imagine having to be that switched on all the time has its detriments in the same way that being disengaged for a long time has its detriments. Anyone who thinks a hobby must meet a certain level of intellect is probably just a pretentious dickhead.
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What genre of book do you prefer? I’ve gotten quite an enjoyment from a new theme of books I’ve been reading.

princess_savvy666’s Profile Photoprincess_savvy666
Wow....That 's a tough one tho 😁
I’m an incessant reader..I more or less always have a book at hand always lookin' for it with passion I never quite thought about why 😂 I just found all genres interesting ✨
Urban Fantasy, Sci-fi, Alternative History, Historical fiction,mystery,crime particularly British and Scandinavian novels, physics, philosophy, religion plus motivational and inspirational books
But my fav genre has changed a little these days
Now my preference weighs more towards physics especially ((Quantum physics/ Astrophysics ))and Astronomy categories than other genres.
I love to read these kind of books and topics that thrills me and sends a chill up my spine 😌
A Journey Through Time: Planet Earth 4,499,999,000 Years Ago
https://youtu.be/geiYwX5s-Qknourabdoun5642’s Video 166731854180 geiYwX5s-Qknourabdoun5642’s Video 166731854180 geiYwX5s-Qk
What genre of book do you prefer Ive gotten quite an enjoyment from a new theme
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?Qué ambicionas en la vida? Por qué estás dispuesto a darlo todo? ?What do you ambition in life? Why are you willing to give it your all?? Cosa ambisci nella vita? Perché sei disposto a dare il massimo?

AstroBoyAstroBoy’s Profile PhotoAstroBoy
Hi Astroboy ? Protect yourself from the virus ?
I fight for gender equality, true, equal rights, duties, treatment, opportunities, laws. I want to finish my studies and work in physics, astrophysics, computing. Give classes or research.
Become independent, live someone, listen to music ?
? ♪ ♫
Poets of the Fall ? (Finland, 2003) ? https://poetsofthefall.com
Marko Saaresto (vocal), Olli Tukiainen (guitar1), Markus Kaarlonen (key, production), Jaska Mäkinen (guitar2), Jani Snellman (bass), Jari Salminen (drums)
Poets of the Fall - Carnival of Rust (2017)
https://youtu.be/AGPpUTPzS6ksalquial’s Video 162973544249 AGPpUTPzS6ksalquial’s Video 162973544249 AGPpUTPzS6k
Poets of the Fall - The Sweet Escape (2019)
https://youtu.be/_RHap8fvka8salquial’s Video 162973544249 _RHap8fvka8salquial’s Video 162973544249 _RHap8fvka8
Qué ambicionas en la vida Por qué estás dispuesto a darlo todo What do you

If you were given a chance to explore the oceans, go to outer space or visit 50 different countries, which one you choose and why?

Dilkash20’s Profile PhotoDilkash Rana
Cosmology, Astro & Particle Physics being my field of interest since childhood, it’s obvious what I’d choose.
The simplest reason in layman’s terms would be, Particle Physics talks about the beginning & Cosmology & Astrophysics talk about the end.
Also, Interstellar & Donnie Darko are my fav movies of all time.

You say that you are interested in astrophysics can i ask how did it start and any certain topics that you’re particularly interested in ?

I am indeed .
My parents say that I used to be so fascinated in the moon and stars to the point I wouldn’t sleep at night until they carry me to the rooftop to see the sky ; Then when I was a bit older I used to lie down under the sky with my grandpa and give names to the stars .
I’m not interested in particular topics , I just have this strong urge to know everything about the entity of what is outside this planet , thanks to the internet I can feed this urge with educational videos & articles ;
And that’s it , I’m just a curious weirdo with an obsession for mystical stuff , nothing special .
You say that you are interested in astrophysics can i ask how did it start and
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Scientist say the universe is only composed of normal matter of 5%. The rest is dark matter and dark energy. But yet, they cannot study it, test it, or even find it. Tell me your thoughts on this? What is going on? This simply makes no sense to me

Bocepous’s Profile PhotoRobin Hood
Wikipedia : in astrophysics and cosmology, dark matter is matter of unknown composition that does not emit or reflect enough electromagnetic radiation to be observed directly, but whose presence can be inferred from gravitational effects on visible matter. Observational evidence of the early universe and the Big Bang theory require that this matter have energy and mass, but is not composed ordinary baryons (protons and neutrons). The commonly accepted view is that most of the dark matter is non-baryonic in nature. As such, it is composed of particles as yet unobserved in the laboratory. Perhaps they are supersymmetric particles, which are not Standard Model particles, but relics formed at very high energies in the early phase of the universe and still floating about. Dark energy is the name given to source of the repelling influence that is accelerating the rate of expansion of the universe. Its precise nature is currently a mystery, although its effects can reasonably be modeled by assigning matter-like properties such as energy density and pressure to the vacuum itself. Fully 70% of the matter density in the universe appears to be in the form of dark energy. Twenty-six percent is dark matter. Only 4% is ordinary matter. So less than 1 part in 20 is made out of matter we have observed experimentally or described in the standard model of particle physics. Of the other 96%, apart from the properties just mentioned, we know absolutely nothing.
I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT THIS, TO BE HONEST. and wow i also know absolutely nothing. im sorry but ya it sounds like wow? hahah

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What field are you interested in but don't really know that much about? Why does it pique your interest?

RandAlJendi’s Profile PhotoWonderRand *:・゚☆
🧠 I’m interested in pretty much everything, but I’m not an expert in anything. Even many of the work-related things I used to know a lot about are now possibly obsolete. So I’d like to learn more about everything! 😀
🧠 I tend to read about things that pique my interest already, but it’s the things I dislike/have difficulty learning the basics of I want to understand better.
🧠 For example, I’m not great with the sciences; although I love topics and results that are scientific (particularly things like astrophysics etc) I struggle with the maths.
🧠 Even in psychology, a subject I generally enjoy, I found experimental statistics really difficult.
🧠 Basically I want someone to invent an injection that contains all the basic learning that makes understanding more advanced concepts easy. 😀

Scientist say the universe is only composed of normal matter of 5%. The rest is dark matter and dark energy. But yet, they cannot study it, test it, or even find it. Tell me your thoughts on this? What is going on? This simply makes no sense to me.

Bocepous’s Profile PhotoRobin Hood
Well, to be honest, even though physics and astrophysics have the reputation of exact sciences, that does not mean they know *everything* exactly. They are very precise and detailed in how they examine each and every thing.... from a sample of things that CAN be observed.
If you remember, scientists used to not entirely believe in the existence of atoms, which were only a theoretical construct - no one had the technology and methods to be able to see them. Later, they observed the actual atoms, but believed them to be the smallest unit of physics. Yet even later, they discovered subatomic particles.
This shows that scientists are limited in what they know based on what they can or cannot observe. Every breakthrough brings not only new information, but also a change in how we interpret that which we have already known (but, obviously, with some missing pieces).
This means that science is in a state of constant update, even if it is slower in some periods than in others. It also means that one of the necessities of science is to always be ready to consider that there are things you DON'T know, and you can't know, until more precise methods and observations come along.
Science is about making interpretations based on what can be observed (because it's the only thing we can do), not about denying the existence of things that we might not know yet. In that sense, I can fully believe that scientists are attempting to observe and understand those parts of the universe that we have not yet understood.
They would also be looking for explanations and names for it, whether "dark matter" or something else. Such names may sometimes be misleading to those who don't know where they stem from, but it is undeniable that there are components of what is out there that are different from others, different from the matter we can touch, observe and easily calculate, and we don't know what ROLE they have in the texture of the Universe.... or the well-known physical forces that we think we understand.
Some time ago, I became interest in dark matter, too, and I watched some videos on it (since a video had also re-directed me to the topic). From what I heard and understood, what we call "dark matter" are spots in the Universe that appear darker than the rest (including the normal dark parts), somehow more concentrated. I am less clear about dark energy. They can't measure it, because they can't collect it.
This may sound very stupid (I am in no way an astrophysicist, nor educated on the subject), but I'm personally not satisfied even with the explanation of Space (the "blackness" b/n objects) as a simple vacuum. I'm not sure what I mean by that, but I find it strange to be explained as actual.... *nothing*.
More likely, at least to me, it contains a type of particle and/or waves that we are not familiar with, cannot collect, and thus can't test. But that's just me.

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Oh I've been planning on reading this after I finish the 2 books I'm currently reading! I hope it's simple because my current knowledge on astrophysics is zero 😂💔

Don't worry it's very simplified, if u enjoy it read cosmos by carl sagan next, It's a step up from Tyson's simplicity but still for lay ppl & It's sagan so it's awesome 😍 enjoy ❤❤
+3 answers in: “ساعدوني🐥 انا ملانة ومش عارفة انام اتركو اي شئ احارب بة هذا الملل🐤 انا احبكم جميعا💓”

فيه وثائقيات زى How the Universe Works ممتازة جداً، وحوالى ٦ مواسم، الموسم ٦ فيديوهات، والفيديو ساعة تقريباً. بس بتتكلم عن كل حاجة فى الكون. ولو حابب دراسة علمية، فيه مجموعة كورسات على edX عن الفيزياء الفلكية Astrophysics. بس ياخد باله طبعاً من اى تلقين لنصوص إلحادية

جزاكم الله خيرا.
في وثائقيات ممتازة، وفي كورس خان أكاديمي كمان عن ال astrophysics ، ومواقع وصفحات عدة، لكن هذه المقالة شاملة ومفيدة في البداية.
+1 answer in: “أستاذة دعاء ممكن حضرتك ترشحي لي تراك في الفلك يضم كتب وفيديوهات.انا هاوي مبتدا وبحب الفلك بس عايز اعرف اكتر شكرا”

يعني كله عبث ؟ و أيضا قوانين الفيزياء المحكمة التي تحكم الكون عبث ؟ و لماذا وجدت الفيزياء و سادت على الكون و لم تسد الفوضى و العشوائية التي سينتج عنهما دمار الكون نفسه ؟

ببساطة لأن الكون بات أوسع وأبرد، مما سمح بتشكل الجسيمات الأساسية ومنها تكونت الذرات. راجع الفصل الأول من كتاب نيل تايسون Astrophysics for People in a Hurry.
+1 answer in: “بفرضية عدم وجود خالق للكون ، إيه الحكمة من وجود الكون أصلا ، و إيه الحكمة من وجود الحياة على كوكبنا ؟ و ماذا استفاد الكون من صدفة خلقنا ؟”

Btw I was just curious on how nerdy you are, didn’t mean to give a question just to prove you’re wrong

Oh lol, well I think I've disappointed you then?
"this was an order of magnitude question from my astrophysics assignment lol, could send you an email of my step by step explanation if you want :)"
Oh sure, I'm curious on how you found about the d-s ratio because I can't seem to find anything on google. Hit me up on rawrsuli@gmail.com
+3 answers in: “Which collision is the most probable : galaxy-galaxy, star-star or planet-planet ?”

Thanks dude But I guess I'll be unknown to you for a little bit I've always wanted to specialize in astrophysics Wat boutch ya?

Man I hate this thing , I must know you it’s ma pleasure , I don’t know actually but maybe in modern physics

1- انا لما بقرأ اى كتاب بندمج معاه اوى و بستمتع بيه حتى لو كان محتواه علمى معقد و بفهمه كمان بس المشكله انى بنسي المحتوى في اقل من اسبوع و ساعات بنسي بعد ما اقرأه بالظبط 2- انا عايزه اقرأ كتب باللغه الإنجليزية من غير ما اعانى من اى مشاكل في عدم الاستيعاب خاصه لو كتب علميه

1- اشتري book tags بتكون عامله زي ستيكرز علي شكل اسهم من أي مكتبة والزق واحده جنب كل جزء مهم أو حابب تقراه تاني، حطيتلك صورة لشكلهم.
-اكتب ريفيو على أي كتاب تخلصه زي بوينتس أو أكتر حاجات أثرت فيك بحيث لما ترجع للريفيو تفتكر، على جودريدز مثلا، أنا لما مش بكتب بعد فترة الكتاب بيتمحي من ذاكرتي :'D
-ده طبيعي جداً متقلقش، في كتاب "في أحضان الكتب" لبلال فضل صفحة 82 بالظبط كتب مقال اسمه "لكي لا تنسانا الكتب" بيتكلم عن نفس الموضوع ده اللي مشاركنا فيه أحد أعظم الكاتبين باتريك زوسكيند واصف الحالة دي بفقدان الذاكرة الأدبية، لسنا وحدنا بس فعلا تلخيصك لأهم الأجزاء هو الحل:'D
2- لو هتقرأ كتب English علمية لازم تكون متعود تقرأ English عشان متتوهش ومتفصلش، ابدأ بالكتب البسيطة زي الروايات البسيطة أو كتب زي philosophy 101 أو 50 philosophy ideas، ممكن تقرأ نفس الكتاب بالعربية قبل ما تبدأ بالإنجليزية، تقعد جنبك قاموس وتترجم الكلمات الصعبة وتبحث عن شرح ليها أو يكون عندك إلمام بالمصطلحات يعني متبدأش في كتاب بالإنجلش عن ال astrophysics وإنت متعرفش حاجه عنه. وهي مسألة تعود هتظبط بالوقت.
آسفة عالتأخير في الرد.

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1 انا لما بقرأ اى كتاب بندمج معاه اوى و بستمتع بيه حتى لو كان محتواه علمى معقد و

Well let's see, that field means Astronomy or Cosmology or Astrophysics or whatever equivalent major in that field, I don't know if you're living on Mars, but here in Jordan there's no such majors so.....

?????? It sounded stupid right ?
My fault ?♀️?
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oh I got you, there's an astronomy course for beginners on "crash course" channel on youtube, it might help. I depend in studying astrophysics on books and physics courses. yea sure recommend me channels because I can't promise I'll read history books tbh

I didn't save the channels unfortunately but u can download edx from google play it's an incredible app in every field, there also knudge.com?
I'll search the channels and send em to u

How do you know so much about neutron stars and astrophysics in addition to all the hardware / compiler stuff?

so you know how people tend to have multiple lives throughout their life? maybe in early college they're really into fantasy basketball. then they get super into group theory. later on they start reading up a whole lot on medieval French history. and then you ask them how they know all this stuff, of course: because it accumulated over years. sure, there's their *profession*, but even that can change, right?
when I was a kid at a point I was super into astronomy and astrophysics. it was my intended major in college. I eventually went into CS instead because I was terrible at physics problem sets, among other reasons. since then I've had many lives: image processing, GPU compilers, emulators, cosplay... but really, isn't that just how being human works?

A sense of purpose supposedly improves a person's cognition. Does this fact arouse or heighten the desire to seek your purpose in you, if you have not found one yet? Why?

I have a purpose: to become an astrophysicist and, albeit broad and cheesy, discover something great for the future of science. It's my one driving force in life. When I read about dark energy and photon teleportation and space-time warping, I feel such a strong desire within me to pursue that field that I can't imagine living for any other purpose. Just the thought of studying these theories invigorates me in ways I can't even explain. And if I could contribute to them, even if by the smallest fragment of an idea, then I'd feel as if I had won the greatest prize in the world. I'm not sure whether my passion for astrophysics has improved my cognition, or if my cognition has sparked my passion for astrophysics, but either way, I'm pleased to acknowledge that the two are related.

لو انا عايزة ادرس astrophysics, سمعت ان في قسم متخصص فكدة فجامعة القاهرة بس، فأسمه ايه القسم ده بالتحديد؟

إللي أعرفه إن علوم القاهرة فيها Astronomy and Meteorology ؛ ماعنديش فكرة إذا كان فيه Astrophysics بس كتخصص فرعي أو لأ، فالأحسن تسأل هناك

1. best friends on ask?🌏 2.Do you have your siblings on ask?👭👫 3.Top ten priorities?👯 4.Something you miss?😭 5.Something you want atm?😅6.Something which makes you happy?7.How old are you?💯 8.Birthday?🔛 9.Single/taken/crush?👯 10.A subject which you like the most? 📚 (STAIF) Please answer

1. I don't make friends here
2. Yes
3. Food, close friends
4. Old cartoon network
5. New clothes 😅
6. My nephew
7. 18
8. 25th jan
9. 😂
10. Astrophysics

لأي درجة صعب التخصص خايفه اندم كثير اني ادخلو مع اني بحب الفلك والفيزياء عندي كثير اسئلة ومو عارفة كيف اصيغها احكي كل شي عن تخصصك 💔بقصد جامعة الشارقة لانو بدي ادرس فيها

طيب، بسم الله..
خلينا نفصل الفلك عن الفيزيا اتفقنا؟
لأنو الفلك عبارة عن 9 ساعات من أصل 123 ساعة يلي رح تدرسي فيها فيزياء...
الفيزياء عبارة عن تحدي لو كنتي من النوع المستسلم ما رح يمشي معك هالشي أبداً...
الدكاترة ما عندن مزح أذا شافوكي مو فاهمة F
و في دكاترة أذا شافوكي مهتمة و فاهمة لو 10% من المادة كتير بيتعاطفو معك
طبعاً هي ال10% بدك تخوضي معارك لتوصليلها بين الدكتور يلي بدرسها و بين الكتب و الشبكات العنكبوتية
الامتحانات بتختبرك من كل النواحي
فيزيائيتك، حدسك، طريقة تفكيرك، خبرتك، و سرعتك بالحل أهم شي 😂
أذا فشلك بحل إحدى أسئلة الفيزياء أحبطك و ما خلاكي أقوى و زرع فيكي فضول أكبر لأنك تحليه و تنتصري عليه.... لازم ما تعرضي مستقبلك للخطر مع هالتخصص...
أما الفلك والله ما بعرف شو احكيلك عنو أجمل شي بكل هالتخصص لساتني ما اخدت منو غير المقدمة لذلك لسا ما بعرف شي عن طبيعة المادتين Astrophysics 1 and 2😪
دوامك كَ فيزيائية بجامعة الشارقة حصراً سيختلف عن بقية كل الناس
ستداومين من الصباح حتى المساء
احتمال تضلي لبعد المغرب كمان
و انا كنت اتعب من هالشي بس هلأ صرت حبو و حب ضلني بالجامعة....
واو اكتشفت من هالحكي انو عم اتحمل كتير انا 😂

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12 апреля в России отмечался День космонавтики. Я немного припозднился с вопросом, но всё-таки: расскажите, читаете ли Вы научно-популярную литературу (научпоп)? Т.к. дата обязывает, можете рассказать о книгах в области астрономии и проч., но можно и о других сферах этого направления.

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Милый лавочник. Я великодушно прошу простить меня. Вновь обстоятельства сложились так, что не было у меня возможности заглядывать сюда и уделять достаточное время вопросам. Но я обещаю, что это было в последний раз. И, ежели Вы будете согласны на сотрудничество, не покидайте меня. На присланные вопросы я обязуюсь ответить. Приношу свои глубочайшие извинения.
А с научно-популярной, особенно той, что связано с космической тематикой, мне посчастливилось иметь дело очень часто. У папеньки была одна замечательная приятельница, что училась на астронома и работала в обсерватории. Каждый раз, как она приезжала к нам в гости, она приносила толстенькие журналы с лекциями профессоров физиков, астрономов и математиков её университета, где в подробностях было поведано о строении почти любого, известного на тот период астрономической науке, космического тела. А так же учебники и пособия по астрономии для 10-11 классов. Если журналы с натяжкой можно отнести к научно-популярной литературе, то школьные учебники и близко даже стоять не будут. Однако, они принесли свою пользу, и расположение планет, их вес, расстояние от Солнца, расстояние до Земли, спутники планет, а так же расположение некоторых созвездий я хорошо знаю. Не могу выделить что-то любимое на эту тематику. Обычно я просто пользовалась журналами, что издавал университет, в котором обучалась дама-астроном. Современный журнал: "Небосвод" неплохой. Довольно интересные статьи и свежие факты. Astronomy and Astrophysics - очень познавательно. Правда, этот журнал, скорее, сугубо для тех, кто занят в астрономической, физической и околофизической сферах. Ибо термины, коими они апеллируют человеку, с позволения, обычному ясны не будут. Придётся вооружиться словарями.

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tbh soha youre so pretty and nice and reaally smart and talking to you is so fun !! gls is soso fun too and ill miss you next year but have fun doing your astrophysics ok ily !!

I'll miss you tooooo ur so sweet ❤️
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What does it feel like for you to know no one relates to things you're talking about? What does it feel like knowing no one understands?

This is exactly why I feel such a huge disconnect from my family. I can't share any of my thoughts and have them taken seriously. I told my mom about the nightmares I've been having and she told me to turn the heater down in my room because she thinks it's provoking crazy dreams. I mean, sure, there might be some logic in that but what about my mental state? I have nothing to be stressed or anxious about right now, yet something is off enough to give me nightmares when I haven't had them in years. But if I try to bring up the subconscious, or the way memories catalog, or how little worries during the day can transform into huge anxieties at night, she just looks at me blankly and says I've probably just got a mineral deficiency and need to up my vitamin dosage.
And it's not just her--all throughout my life, I've had passions that my siblings mocked me for because they couldn't fathom why anyone would appreciate something they didn't get. Writing poetry, reading Shakespeare, journaling, drawing--they weren't artistic, so they couldn't relate, and they just made me feel like something was wrong with me for being different. And now, I don't think either of them have any clue that I want to pursue astrophysics in college and eventually work at NASA, because they wouldn't understand even if I told them. They don't have big picture dreams, they don't have goals or ambitions, they can't even see past their own noses and realize that not everyone has the same cookie cutter mind they do.
So what does it feel like? It feels like I'm alone. It feels like I don't belong here. It feels like I'm from another world. And it feels like the only way I'll ever find my real home is if I leave this one. I can't be who I really am when I'm smothered by people who would rather me conform to who they are than open their mind to the idea of something different.
There is a topside though: it also makes me independent. It teaches me to rely on myself instead of others, and to trust my own intuition before anyone else's. So while it knocked me back a few notches in the area of self-discovery, it also boosted me forward in the area of self-sufficiency, and for that, I'm grateful.

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anishka: TBH soha you're so pretty and sweet and gls is so fun with you. you're so smart and I'll always imagine your future astrophysics husband !! nina: TBH you're pretty and I haven't talked talked to you properly so we shouldd

LMAOO my future astrophysics husband HA ?? but omg ty ilyt and yes ninaaaaa

"True enlightenment lacks any knowledge and sophistication" - How do you interpret this quote and how much do you agree?

I disagree with the first part of the quote, because any enlighten began with a spark of knowledge and in a sudden combustion led to enlightenment. Knowledge as a whole shouldn't be sophisticated, but simplified to suit everyone. If you are a normal person and listening to some lecturer enthusiastically talking about a subject in astrophysics or something, you wouldn't understand nothing without him/her having the ability to transform the complexion surrounding the subject, that's when you know, and that's when you get enlightened.

Mengapa bnyk dr anggota tim ioaa tdk ada satupun yang melanjutkan ke jurusan astronomi ? Apa karena tidak berprospek ? Sia-sia lah mendalami astro dan hasilnya cuma medali ujungnya gk kepake ilmunya

hmm... first of all, mindset mu trlalu sempit from my persepective. sorry if it offends you, but just saying.
nah.... pelatnas tahun ini ada 2 org yang mau masuk astro (dari 30), dan dri timnas sendiri kayaknya satu atau dua deh. tapi masih kelas 12, so harusnya belum pasti.
kalau soal yg lain, yah.... aku mulai dari diriku dulu nih. kenapa aku ga mau masuk astro? apa karena ga ada prospek kerja? siapa bilang..... kalau gua gini, bisa ke US belajar astrophysics loh, but would i? still no. nah ke alasannya nih....
gua ga milih astro emang karena gua ga pengen itu jadi kerja gua. bener astro itu one of the most fundamental science men have known, tapi i want to change people's life directly, like literally directly. makanya aku masuk engineering. because i knew, engineer itu mengaplikasikan sains and i knew that globally, there are lots and lots of people that study science because of their sheer passion.
as for the others, aku ga tau. maybe mereka punya mindset yang sama, maybe not.
now, getting to apakah ilmu nya sia sia atau gak..... kalau seandainya elu bilang gitu, gua bisa bilang kalau ilmu elu di sma sia2 dong. misalnya elu jadi dokter, fisika ga guna dong. kalau masuk teknik sipil, biologi ga guna dong?
no. knowledge does not work that way. indeed gua bakal lupa banyak hal from what i have learnt, but again, banyak yang bisa didapatkan not directly. i learnt how to analyse things others might have trouble with, i learnt how to look at things in a big picture. in other words, i learnt how to be intelligent
so, please do ask me another question if you are curious, but please...... never ever look at anyone's knowledge as useless

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Mengapa bnyk dr anggota tim ioaa tdk ada satupun yang melanjutkan ke jurusan

light year : a unit of astronomical distance equivalent to the distance that light travels in one year, which is 9.4607 × 1012 km (nearly 6 million million miles).

It is indeed of no doubt that 'light-year' is a unit IN astrophysics which is an equivalent to the distance that light travels in on year. Let's remove the title astrophysics for a vivid understanding. Now all you'll have is the phrase 'light-year'.
You're saying that light-year is a measurement of distance and not time. Let's re-phrase the above statement. In other words, a light-year is defined as the distance that light can travel in 1 YEAR. So now the question breaks down to how long is 1 light year? Basically, a light year is the distance between two points in space that it would take light to travel when the distance between the two points in time are one year.
Now, we know that light travels at 186,000 miles every second! That is a huge number! If you were to write one number per second for eight hours a day without stopping to eat or to rest your hand it would take you six and a half days to get to number 186,000! And to think light travels that many miles in only one second! Another way to think about how large this number is, is to think about how many times you could go back and fourth across the United States( Don't know about about other countries). If you go back and fourth across the US 66 times you will have traveled 186,000 miles. If you did this going an average speed of 60 miles per hour you will need one year and three weeks! But light can do this same thing in one second! In order words, one light year gets you across the United States two billion times which at our average speed of 60 miles per hour, would take nine trillion years!
Conclusion to the statement: A light year is a measurement of distance and not time. If you would reckon for a second, going back to the definition of light-year: a light-year is defined as the distance that light can travel in 1 YEAR, is insinuated on the basis of the speed at which light travels between two points in space in one year, which would result in (time) if you re-arrange the equation. This time is what referred as a light-year. Because a light-year is related to speed, distance and time. Therefore, it' safe to consider a light-year in terms of time AS WELL, that IF YOU'RE NOT CONSIDERING IN TERMS OF ASTROPHYSICS. :)

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what do you think of a men who have this following characteristics: - Loves astrophysics and quantum physics - Comprehend with relativity theory - Not Racist - Know the basics of any major religion - Old music enthusiasts - Loves Sports I really appreciate your answer. This part of my research :)

Literally a man version of me! Except 'loves sports'.

Memang kalo I pilihan pertama nya apa ka? :) di Tabel ada nya astrophysics aku ndak tralu jago fisika, trus aku samsek ndak bisa gambar -_-

drjihan’s Profile Photonadhan
Pilihan pertama utk Intuiting introvert ada di belakang sertifikat hasil kok ;)
Marketing/Periklanan, Lifestyle/mode, Penerbangan, Agro-Forestry
Intinya yg berhubungan tentang kreatifitas, kekuatan Intuiting itu ada pada kreatifitas ;)
Tapi klo jadi dokter cocok (b'-')b

Hồi chiều tui có thấy Thư trong buổi nói chuyện với GS.Geogre Smoot đó, nhìn mặt Thư non choẹt à, giống lớp 9 10 chớ hông phải 11 =)) Mà Thư nghe đc GS nói khoảng bn % ? Sao Thư ko đặt câu hỏi?

À à vậy hả =)) Ù uôi nghe vậy mừng lắm tưởng kêu mặt như 2 mấy 3 mấy chắc độn thổ thiệt chứ non hơn không sao haha
Còn buổi nói chuyện với giáo sư đó, thực ra t đã đi từ hồi sáng rồi (t làm tình nguyện viên thông dịch do trường cử đi) nên sáng đã gặp giáo sư đó và đã đặt câu hỏi từ hồi sáng rồi nên chiều không hỏi nữa.
Còn nghe hiểu thì sáng chắc tầm 30 - 40% .___. Thực sự là hồi giờ nghe yếu với cả nói mấy cái liên quan đến astrophysics hồi giờ có đọc đâu mà biết .___. Chiều thì buồn ngủ quá, do trưa không ngủ, nên cũng chả nghe mấy do mệt (mấy học sinh đạt giải quốc tế còn ngoẻo cổ ngủ không biết trời đất luôn kìa), với hồi chiều cũng toàn mấy cái khó hiểu... Lần trước có viện trưởng viện sao hoả ở NASA về trường nghe hiểu nhiều lắm nên lần này tưởng y chang, ai dè là tan tác

Hello hi yus you there I hear you're having a lousy day and that's crappy but I thought I'd let you know that you're one of my most favourite people on here and it pains me when you deactivate because I still check your page everyday (despite my likes coming at odd times) and you are by far the

wittiest person I know. I'm genuinely floored by all your remarks, and even though you're short, and short people are closer to Hell, (I had to get that in, whoops) you aren't at all Hell-ish. In fact, you're really kind, and it's crappy that your health acts up like this but you're so darn strong. I mean you repeatedly go through this, and still come out on the other side beaming and making people's days when I bet that sometimes all you want to do is curl up into a ball. I have huge admiration for you. And please put your hope in your Lord, because He'll make it better. Because with "God all things are possible" - Matthew 19:26 It'll be okay in the end, Em, because if it isn't okay, it isn't the end. My prayers are with you, lovely. Sorry for how long-winded this got. x
Oh my goodness. You must be an angel, I swear, because your kindness is heavenly. If you were here, I would swoop you up into one of those bone-crushing hugs, and I wouldn't let go for ages, because this was so, so needed. It's funny, because I was such a wreck I almost messaged you last night, but then I thought, "The only time I ever contact her is when I'm feeling lousy, and she deserves better conversation than that." But here you are, opening your heart to comfort me yet again, and I'm just.. overwhelmed. Thank you so much dear, from the booty of my heart ;p And I also thank Cass, because I don't know how much she told you about today, but it really touches my heart that you both cared. Honestly Bee, I have been struggling a bit in my faith. I really suck at trusting God, especially through the whirlwind of issues I've been dealing with lately, but your encouragement means so much to me, and it restores my hope a little, so thank you.
My spirits have already improved quite a bit--we stopped at a half price bookstore on the way home from my visit with the rheumatologist and I picked up FIVE new books; three I'd read before and two thick astrophysics ones, and I'm so excited to read them :3 And I'm about to drink a big glass of tea and then head outside to dirtbike, since the evening is glorious. Your prayers have already seemed to reach their destination. Habiba, I'm so terrible at showing it, but I love and respect you a lot, and I know you'll be rewarded for your heartwarming generosity ♥

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FAAAR host brother gue di Amrik ambil astrophysics kuliahnyaa. emang astrofisika itu ngomongin apaan far? kenapa disebutnya astrofisika? emang gak ada astrokimia, astrobiologi, astromatematika? WKWK seriusan ini far!!!

astronomi belajar kykk posisi rasi bintang, gerak benda langit, jenis benda langit, etc
astrofisika astronomi segi fisikanya. Penalaran fisika dari black hole, wormhole, big bang, dark matter, etc
astrobiologi membahas penalaran biologi di alam semesta. Spesifiknya gimana kira kira mahkluk hidup bisa muncul di benda langit lain. kondisi biokimia yang cocok di benda langit lain, dsj
astrokimia blm pernah denger hehe. gt paling sar

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