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What is the most breathtaking view you’ve personally seen/captured in nature? Where were you? What was that experience like? If you have a picture of it, feel free to share! (Inspired by my recent trip to Niagara Falls) 🤩📸

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
I was in absolute awe when I went diving in the Great barrier reef in Australia! I had always dreamt of being able to dive by a coral reef and swim with sea turtles so when I finally got to do that I honestly didn't want to leave. It was so great and I was constantly buzzing about what I'd get to see next 🤿🦈🐢
What is the most breathtaking view youve personally seencaptured in nature Where

Do you prefer the mountain or the sea?

I'm a former swimmer and freediver, let's just say that water in general is my element. That's where I feel my strongest. To me, the ocean is also much more interesting to explore. I'd much rather spend several hours diving by a coral reef than I would go hiking in the mountains. When I got to do that in Australia is one of the highlights of my life honestly 🐠
Do you prefer the mountain or the sea

No problem 😉 oh really? So where would you end up going? That’s understandable you want your business to be able to grow and it’s good that you will be taking on others too 😊

GeorginaKeemcook’s Profile PhotoGeorgina
My experience and expertise leans towards mining so maybe West Australia or Queensland I’m thinking. I do want to work towards being the best in electric vehicle diagnostics though as well, hence the electronics 😊

What's the most interesting place you've ever been to? 🏜🏔

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
Without a doubt Australia! Traveling along the east coast, south to north really gave you a perspective of how big that country is! Not just by the distance but by how the climate changed. Down in Melbourne it was close to what I'm used to in Europe and there were literal penguins living among the cliffs. While up north in Cairns it was tropical jungle and you were just a boat ride away from the great barrier reef 🇦🇺🦘
Whats the most interesting place youve ever been to

If you had to imagine your idea of a comforting scene in your head right now, with you there. What would it look like? Where would it be? What are you doing in it?

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I just imagine myself back to where I was in late november of 2018. Jumping off from a boat into the water outside the coast of northeastern Australia. Diving down, seeing all the colorful fish, sharks, stingrays and most importantly, sea turtles. How I wish I'd be able to treat myself to something like that as often as I could. I felt like I could be there for hours, just excited over what I'd get to see next! 🐠
If you had to imagine your idea of a comforting scene in your head right now

If the need to work was removed, how would you use your newfound time and freedom?

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
I would probably hike or drive around the coast line of Australia and stamp myself on clean up Australia while enjoying travel, fishing, swimming and maybe some sport along the way 🎣

If you invest so much in your position or stance on things to then find life is easier and better off for you to change. Would you do it?

Depends what the topic is, I will always defend keeping Australia clean and free from littering but I am not locked into my views on much other stuff in general 🤷🏻‍♂️

When you know you'll be doing a lot of walking, what do you do to prepare? What's the farthest you've walked in a day? 👟🚶

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I have walked 89km in a day but maybe more playing footy I guess. Late week I walked 38km for clean up Australia Day
I walk or run a lot so I don’t really prep special for it 😁

Planeta e plata sau rotundă?

La geografie, unul dintre primele lucruri pe care le-am învățat a fost că Pământul este o planetă sferică, turtită la poli și bombată la ecuator, care se învârte în jurul axei sale și în jurul soarelui.
Soarele și toate cele opt planete ale sistemului solar sunt rotunde. De ce? Forta gravitațională a masei unei planete își trage tot materialul spre centru, netezind orice neclaritate.
Multe din corpurile mai mici ale sistemului solar nu sunt rotunde, deoarece gravitația lor nu este suficient de mare pentru a le rotunji forma.
Anotimpurile, fusul orar, momentele zilei (răsăritul și apusul), toate acestea sunt dovezi că Pământul este rotund.
Dacă Pământul ar fi fost plat, atunci, apusul ar fi fost la aceeași oră atât la Sibiu cât și la Tokyo, dar nu e așa.
Atunci când la noi este iarnă iar în Australia este vară, sau vice versa, e o altă dovadă a faptului că planeta nu e plată. Acest lucru se întâmplă pentru că razele Soarelui ating Pământul la diferite unghiuri.
Acum, tu poți crede ce dorești.🤷🏻‍♀️

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Out of all the places you've travelled to, where was your favourite place? And why did you pick it? 😊✈️

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I'll have to say Australia! My whole trip around Au and Asia was a true trip of a lifetime but the month I spent down under was absolutely amazing! We travelled along the east coast, from Melbourne in the south to Cairns in the north. I ticked off a lot of things from my bucket list. I saw wild penguins, koalas, kangaroos and got to visit Sydney. Last but not least I ticked off my number one thing which was to dive with a wild sea turtle! It was so sweet, just minded it's own business and ate jellyfish while I swam next to it and watched 💙🇦🇺
Out of all the places youve travelled to where was your favourite place And why

What stranger do you still remember? Why?

I was in Costa a couple months back, there was this elderly woman looking for a seat but there were no tables left so we asked her if she wanted to sit with us. She was super sweet. Her name was Sylvia and she was talking about what she did for work and telling me about her grandchildren’s horses in Australia once I mentioned what I do. Sat with her for around an hour. I hope to bump into her again and see how she’s doing!

Todos los países que fueron colonia de Inglaterra son países ricos y prósperos y con gente linda: Australia, estados unidos ,Nueva Zelanda Canadá etc mientras que los que fueron colonia de España en todo sudamérica siguen pobres entonces esta en el ADN del español ser pobre ladrón y feo 🥹

Claro porque España nunca ha sido conquistada por unos o por otros...
Estas demasiado resentido por algo que pasó hace mucho y que realmente ni te afecta.

¿Sabías que? ⚽ El partido con más goles de todo la historia entre seleccionados; fué entre Australia y Samoa Americana en 2001. Australia: 31 - Samoa Americana: 0. ¿Qué opinas de esto? Y yo que creí que Venezuela era lo más malo en futbol. 🙄😅😬

j_chacin’s Profile PhotoᎫꭺꮩꮖꭼꭱ Ꮩꮖꮮꮮꭼꮐꭺꮪ ツ
¡No jôdas!, jajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja. Está impresionante el dato futbolístico. Mas eso debe ser una estadística basada en partidos oficiales y de primera división; porque creo que en "caimaneras" se habrá dado/visto; palizas peores :/, :D,.‼

¿Sabías que? ⚽ El partido con más goles de todo la historia entre seleccionados; fué entre Australia y Samoa Americana en 2001. Australia: 31 - Samoa Americana: 0. ¿Qué opinas de esto? Y yo que creí que Venezuela era lo más malo en futbol. 🙄😅😬

j_chacin’s Profile PhotoᎫꭺꮩꮖꭼꭱ Ꮩꮖꮮꮮꭼꮐꭺꮪ ツ
jajajaja nagoooara de malos😆 venezuela es mala pero a su estilo, por ahí anda un meme que venezuela le ganó en el amistoso a muchos que han perdido en el mundial, osea 🤣

What traditions you have in Australia for Xmas or for the end of the year?

Christmas is always a roast turkey, lots of ham and chicken, fresh vegetables and roast potatoes for lunch where we swap gifts followed by a game of cricket on the beach and a bbq dinner with a few 🍻
New Year’s Eve is a party until the new year breaks with 💋💋💋💋 at 1200

¿ País que tanto anhelas conocer ?

luisdemetriotoledoocana58583’s Profile PhotoLuis Demetrio Toledo Ocaña
▪︎ Italia.
▪︎ Francia.
▪︎ Suiza.
▪︎ Alemania.
▪︎ Australia.
▪︎ Canadá.
▪︎ Noruega.
▪︎ Estados Unidos.
▪︎ Nueva Zelanda.
▪︎ Reino Unido.
▪︎ China.
▪︎ Japón.
▪︎ España.
▪︎ Argentina.
▪︎ Brasil.
▪︎ México.
País que tanto anhelas conocer

What is the typical food in Australia? I know only the vegemite🇦🇺🥪

😂 vegemite is an acquired taste 😝
Aussies have lots of roasts but really we have so many other nationalities here we have restaurants from all quarters of the world.
Each state has their specialty, for instance Tasmania is lobster, Victoria has meat pies and South Australia has this specialty, a meat pie floating in pea soup
What is the typical food in Australia I know only the vegemite

Excuse my ignorance, but is it summer in Australia? If it's winter for americans/europeans, is it summer for australians?

We're at the end of spring! It'll be summer in a few days. 🌷
I understand the confusion, somewhat; I've always known the hemispheres are in opposite seasons to each other, but I only figured out a few years ago that they're not *exactly* opposite, as a lot of northern hemisphere countries base their seasons upon the solstices + equinoxes, whereas Australia and New Zealand have the seasons start at the beginning of the month (December for summer, March for autumn, June for winter, September for spring). Kind of a cool difference.

¿Restaurante favorito?🍴

itsloth5’s Profile PhotoLo
@itsloth5 🌷 Hey Lo, ya me paso por tu cuenta 🥂
Ettoo... varios, típico de mi región canaria, italiano, tailandés, chino, japonés 😎
"Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" -- "No tengas miedo a la oscuridad"
USA, México, Australia (2011) 99 min.
Historia: Guillermo del Toro. Remake de peli (1973).
ACTORS: Bailee Madison, Katie Holmes, Guy Pearce, Julia Blake.
PERSONAJES: Sally Hirst (niña), Kim (madre), Alex Hirst (padre), Mrs Underhill.
RESUMEN: La pareja Alex y Kim se traslada a una mansión del siglo XIX en Rhode Island. Sally es hija de Alex, descubre un sótano bajo la escalera, viven siniestras criaturas.
Ficha: https://ask.fm/salquial/answers/135674922809

Trailer subtit
https://youtu.be/pZY0lC5LVxQsalquial’s Video 171526615865 pZY0lC5LVxQsalquial’s Video 171526615865 pZY0lC5LVxQ

https://youtu.be/QJz6kMoGX_Asalquial’s Video 171526615865 QJz6kMoGX_Asalquial’s Video 171526615865 QJz6kMoGX_A
Restaurante favorito

https://ask.fm/NoraKitties/answers/172860784517 - Don't forget Australia and New Zealand 😝

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo✞ ☮ ♫ ɬɛŋąƈıơųʂ ɬơɱɱąყ™ ☀ ♚ ツ
Oh oops! I had no clue. 🤣
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
Follow me on Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Tiktok, Snapchat and Geocaching under @NoraKitties
httpsaskfmNoraKittiesanswers172860784517  Dont forget Australia and New Zealand

What do you think of Matt Hancock?

He was a total liability during the pandemic, £8.7 BILLION of sub-par PPE wasted and had to be destroyed, much of it bought from companies set up by his mates that left medical staff having to wear bin liners.
He’s a disgrace.
If it wasn’t for the NHS properly managing the vaccine roll-out that he claimed credit for, he’d have been looked at like he was another Failing-Chris-Grayling. (If you recall, Grayling was another minister around the same time who destroyed everything he touched - e.g. the procurement of a post-Brexit ferry system from a company with no ships and no shipping experience and using the website of a pizza takeaway.)
If it wasn’t for Hancock’s political shiteshow that caused people real harm, I’d just write him off as a hapless wazzock.
His latest stunt of trying to participate in a reality tv series based in Australia while he’s still a sitting MP saw him lose the Conservative Party whip given he was basically intending to desert his constituents while still being paid to represent them as their MP.
An absolute twat.

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¿A dónde te gustaría viajar?

PabloLeraLoL’s Profile Photo. Coñosexual
Hay demasiaaaados sitios, me falta mucho por recorrer y conocer. De aquí de España tengo especial ilusión por terminar de conocer toda Andalucía y parte del norte (Asturias, Cantabria y Galicia concretamente)
Fuera del país, te diría que Londres, París, toda Italia, parte de Grecia, Australia, Tailandia, parte de Suiza, Nueva York, playas e islas paradisíacas y muuuchos sitios más.

What is your favourite "that definitely happened" story that someone has told you? (a story that is almost 100% guaranteed to be untrue or grossly misrepresented)

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
I can't think of an example that perfectly fits that definition! What came to mind was a certain "Brucey the bus driver" who was a guide during a waterfall tour we went to in Australia. The intern who was with him was like "He uses a different name for each tour" and I honestly believe him lol
Since "Brucey" was QUITE the character, he had a "n!pple scale" from 1-10 describing how cold the water was gonna be, warned the women of dive instructors cause "they could become pregnant just by looking at them" and made a group of Filipino tourists very confused by stopping the bus next to them, waving very enthusiastically and then driving off again 😂
(This isn't a picture from that specific tour but from a hike in the blue mountains, here overlooking the rock formation "The three sisters") 🏞
What is your favourite that definitely happened story that someone has told

How long do you believe it takes to assimilate into a new place where it feels like your home rather than just a place you’re staying at?

It depends on the person. I have lived in Australia for 3.5 years and I still feel like I don’t belong.

ᴡʜᴀᴛ'ꜱ ʏᴏᴜʀ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ʟᴀɴɢᴜᴀɢᴇ? 👀🖤

Maybe love is in New York City already asleep
You are in California, India, Australia, wide awake
Maybe love is always in the wrong timezone
Maybe love is not ready for you Maybe you are not ready for love
Maybe love just isn't the marrying type
Maybe love is only there for one month
Maybe love is there for every firework, every birthday party, every hospital visit
Maybe love stays
Maybe love can't
Maybe love shouldn't
Love arrives exactly when love is supposed to And love leaves exactly when love must
When love arrives, say
"Welcome, make yourself comfortable"
If love leaves, ask her to leave the door open behind her
Turn off the music, listen to the quiet Whisper,
"Thank you for stopping by"

What types of drills did your school have?

I think we had an evacuation drill once or twice, but I can't really remember. I was probably absent for most of them. Not sure if we ever had a shelter in place drill - none that I ever took part in, anyway; I live in Australia and graduated in 2012, so the odds are fairly low.
I think my sisters (5/6 years my junior) had a couple of shelter in place drills, but they attended a different school; one that just happened to begin experiencing bomb threats around the time they were there.

Do you get quickly in summer a tan or are you fast burn 🥵🌞 ?

SimonHess’s Profile PhotoSimon Hess
I'm a ginger, let's just say that I do my best to avoid being out in the sun for long, especially without sunscreen 🦞 And if I am out in the sun, I don't get a tan, my skin only gets red. Though, one of my arguably biggest achievements is to have been in Australia for a month and only got sunburnt once Haha
Do you get quickly in summer a tan or are you fast burn

Holiii después de 1 siglo🐼🦄 Qué tal estais? Teneis pensado iros de viaje en lo que queda de año? A dónde? Y si no importara dinero/tiempo... A dónde os gustaría ir? Que tengais un buen día y buena semana(lo que queda)❤️

Pequeitapandicornio’s Profile PhotoPequeñita Pandicornio
Hoooli, pues algo fastidiada por la garganta. Ya sabía yo que la vuelta a trabajar sería así y más trabajando con niños de 3 años que empiezan ahora a cogerlo todo y te lo pegan 😅 Espero que estés bien tú 😊
De momento no tengo nada planeado. Y si no importara nada, me encantaría conocer rincones aquí en España que me gustaría como Sevilla, Asturias, Galicia. (Hay más pero por no hacerlo muy largo)
Y ya sería la leche poder conocer aquellos países que tanto quiero conocer como Australia, Italia, Grecia y mucho más también.

Domanda extra, che mi è venuta grazie ad Instagram. Hai mai cambiato città? (Per motivi vari che non per forza devi specificare) Se sì, come hai affrontato il trasferimento? Ti piace dove vivi ora?

Ila_cre’s Profile PhotoIla♥️
Solo in modo temporaneo quando sono andato in Australia. Altro emisfero, altra nazione, altra città, altro tutto. È stato strano ma il mio senso di adattamento mi ha aiutato velocemente

Hasło:skyfall Hej.Proszę o trzy wyglądy z takimi napisami: Emma Watson Army PL ,mniejszymi Odpowiada Emilia.Ikonki z napisami,styl numer 5,kolorystyka ciemniejsza.Tutaj sesje na każdy wygląd: 1.Vogue Australia March 2018,2.Vogue British 2022,3.Wonderland 2022. Dziękuję za poświęcony czas.:)

EmmaWatsonArmyPL’s Profile Photo#aEWpl Emma Watson Army PL
HejProszę o trzy wyglądy z takimi napisami Emma Watson Army PL

En general, ¿crees que has aprendido más viajando o leyendo? ¿Con cuál has aprendido más y por qué lo crees?... Si te dijeran que a partir de hoy solo podrás leer o viajar, solo una, ¿cuál elegirías y por qué?

TrollearNEF’s Profile PhotoT N E F
He viajado más que la mayoría y también he leído más que la mayoría, y si algo tengo claro es que leyendo he aprendido infinitamente más.
No sé la clase de viajes que haréis los que me estáis leyendo ahora mismo, pero lo habitual es visitar sitios turísticos, hacer un par de fotos, probar la comida típica y poca cosa más. Mantienes tus costumbres solo que en un sitio con otro decorado.
A mí no me han dejado sola en la selva y he tenido que aprender a sobrevivir. No he conocido a nadie que guíe mi vida en algunas de mis largas horas en el aeropuerto y tampoco he descubierto el funcionamiento de un país simplemente con una visita al mismo.
No aprendí a hacer pasta viajando a Italia pero sí leyendo un libro sobre el tema. No he conocido la disposición de los países en el mapa aunque he viajado en avión a Australia, he tenido que esperar a mirarlo en un atlas.
No recabé mucha información cuando me llevaron al monumento conmemorativo del 11-S pero sí leyendo sobre lo ocurrido.
Para mí viajar es ver, ver personas, sitios y maneras de cocinar. Obviamente aprendes ciertas cosas en el proceso, pero no deja de ser estar en una burbuja en la que siempre te quedas con lo superficial.
Cuando viajas ves una realidad de manera temporal y bastante limitada, en cambio, con los libros puedes tomarte el tiempo que necesitas para aprender sobre cualquier tema, puedes profundizar mucho mas fácilmente y adentrarte en temas tabúes que quizás las personas del lugar nunca se atreverían a contarte.
Casi diría que he aprendido mucho más del ser humano con los libros que entablando las banales conversaciones que suelen darse con aquellas personas que son desconocidas. Poca gente de otro país me ha hecho pensar, pero libros que me han hecho replantearme mi existencia y mis ideas tengo una lista inmensa.
Viajar está sobrevalorado. A mí ni me cambia la vida, ni me hace mejor persona ni mucho menos me hace más culta.
Si tengo que elegir, prefiero leer, en los libros está todo.

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If you had to move away from the country where you currently live, what things would you miss the most? 🛩🏠😕

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I've always imagined this, lately especially because one of my friends moved to Australia to continue her studies.
I think I will miss social life with my friends. My life has always been more to being outside, hanging out with my friends. Taking that away from me abruptly is like taking away a big part of my life.

If you had to move away from the country where you currently live, what things would you miss the most? 🛩🏠😕

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I think at first I will miss people and connections, probably. Like, if I get siсk, I know where to go and how to fоrge presсriptions to the phаrmacy; if something is brоken in the house, I know that it's uselеss to call the landlord and I need to repair everything myself; all sorts of little things like that. Like, at first I won't know where the gаrbage sorting is, how to fill out taxes, where you can buy fabric or glue or something specific, how to buy a car and so on, so I'll bother the locals (or google) with stuрid questions.
The good thing is that, in a sense, I'm ready (and bothering google with dumb questions in advance). For example, if you drop me off in Scotland, China, Japan, Korea, America, Australia, England, Canada, Ireland, Kazakhstan (maybe a little, I don't speak the first official language, but I know the second) I won't even feel like an аlien. I have done my research and am quickly getting used to the new conditions. I see my friends a couple of times a month or two and communicate more online anyway. Many things that I'm used to are changing and disappеaring even here, so soon there will be nothing to miss.

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Long Term Travellers: When did you feel ready to go home?

I really can't do more than 3 months of backpacking. Stuff that's okay at first really gets on my nerves after awhile. Getting next to no sleep, dealing with annoying drunk people in hostels, getting scammed, constantly watching my back, etc. I love it in short bursts but I'm always happy to be back "home" wherever that is. I'm currently living outside of my home country and much prefer spending a year or two in a different country and working, living, and meeting friends here. That way I can have my privacy and sleep and learn what it truly feels like to live in a country rather than just being a tourist passing through. I'm hoping to spend a year or more somewhere in Europe and Australia before settling down somewhere.
After my second long term trip (with no original return date), I'm returning home after the 5 month mark. Things didn't really pan out as I'd hoped, but I've realized that, partly due to personality, partly due to age (29), that I now want other things. Namely to start building things (skills, hobbies, money, relationships, a community), all of which although achievable, are very hard while you're travelling around with no permanency.
I don't know about that. After I had been here a year, and had been studying Chinese for most of that time, I began to feel more and more welcome. A larger and larger percentage of my close friends came from local Taiwanese rather than expat English teachers.
As someone that lived in Taiwan/Taipei for about 1.5 years (on and off) I'll tell you that you will NEVER fully assimilate into that culture. Other than the ex-pat community, you'll always be looked at as an outsider. I really can't explain it - but that place is seriously pretty xenophobic. Super super super nice, but unless you're from there...you'll always be viewed as an outsider.
I set out on a year long trip that I recently (after 4 months) decided to cut in half. Around the 2 month mark, I never wanted to stop travelling. Slowly my feelings changed and around 3-4 months I started feeling restless and it took more and more to impress me in the places I visitted. Generic backpacker small talk also started getting old. I'm feeling excited for my remaining month on this trip, but I think I've found my future backpacking limit at 2-3 months. I would love to live abroad and travel very slowly in thr long term (2-3 months per city), but for now I'm happy to return home.

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