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🍁 ℬℊ 🍁 здравствуйте, мои осенние лучики. после долгого перерыва я снова решила возобновить свою работу вд-шника, поэтому с сегодняшнего дня вы снова будете получать от меня разные вд. давайте рассказывайте, как вы там﹖что нового﹖по желанию можете опубликовать что-то по настроению. 🌞🍂

MazenukeaTrekaila’s Profile Photoʜᴏsᴘɪᴛᴀʟ ғᴏʀ sᴏᴜʟs. ⌠ ℬℊ ⌡
Доброго вечера, наша осенняя Хо Саулс 🍂
Сейчас уже всё прекрасно, спасибо ☺️
Начинал рассказ писать, но потом резко перехотел ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Так вот )

Любовники --- Женя Ефимова
#snowy autumn ☃🍂
ℬℊ   здравствуйте мои осенние лучики после долгого перерыва я снова решила

Давайте собeрём плейлист для осeннего вечера? Ваши предложения?

edelweiss00’s Profile PhotoIRISKA
Здравствуй, IRISKA 🍂
➖С удовольствием, обожаю подобные вопросы, когда можно делаться своим плейлистом).
My playlist autumn 🍁
🎧Nickelback - San Quentin(Буквально вчера добавила этот трек, господи видели бы вы моё выражение лица и дикий писк, как я пищала от радости, что вышел новый трек моей любимой группы). Как же я ждала их возвращение. Счастье нет предела 💗
🎧Unholy - Sam Smith feat. Kim Petras
🎧Halestorm - The Steeple
🎧Smash Into Pieces - Vanguard
🎧Citizen Soldier - Words That Don't Exist
🎧Black Veil Brides - Saviour II
🎧Amaranthe - Strong
🎧Amaranthe, Beyond The Black - Make It Better
🎧Hold You Down - Hades feat. Louis Iii
🎧Wie Fliegen Geht - Nico Gomez
🎧Bois Lie (Acoustic) - Avril Lavigne feat. Machine Gun Kelly
🎧Woke Up In Love - Kygo feat. Gryffin & Calum Scott
🎧Thank God - Kane Brown feat. Katelyn Brown
🎧Different Man - Kane Brown feat. Blake Shelton
🎧Strawberry Blush - John Legend feat. Free Nationals
🎧The Other Ones - John Legend feat. Rapsody
🎧Older - 5 Seconds Of Summer feat. Sierra Deaton
🎧Forget Me - Lewis Capaldi
🎧Free Them - One Ok Rock feat. Teddy Swims
🎧Where Do We Go - Aeden & Mairee feat. Logan Martin
🎧Psycho - Anne-Marie feat. Aitch
🎧2 Baddies - NCT 127
🎧Stay - Emarosa
🎧Monster - Slander feat. Nghtmre
🎧Give It Up To Me Girl - Robert Cristian feat. Sonny Flame
🎧Easy For You To Say - 5 Seconds Of Summer
🎧Carousel - 5 Seconds Of Summer
🎧Bad Omens- 5 Seconds Of Summer
🎧Bleach - 5 Seconds Of Summer
🎧Caramel - 5 Seconds Of Summer
🎧You Don't Go To Parties - 5 Seconds Of Summer
🎧Tears! - 5 Seconds Of Summer
🎧Moodswings - 5 Seconds Of Summer
🎧Red Line - 5 Seconds Of Summer
🎧Moment - Kojak
🎧Mamasota - Pitbull
🎧Daddy's Eyes - Zoe Wees
🎧I Am Not Dead Yet - Mike Posner
🎧Kiss Me (Guitar) - Dermot Kennedy
🎧Satellite - Khalid
🎧Time - Giveon
🎧When You Think Of Me - JP Saxe
🎧Midnight Crisis - Jordan Davis feat. Danielle Bradbery
🎧Extremes - Alan Walker feat. Trevor Daniel
🎧Better Thangs - Ciara feat. Summer Walker
🎧Heartbeat - Shawn Mendes
🎧Fantastic - Tyga
🎧Duncan Laurence - Electric Life
🎧EXID – 불이나

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Давайте собeрём плейлист для осeннего вечера Ваши предложения

Számodra melyik a legőszibb illat, íz és tevékenység?

jmillyagain’s Profile PhotoJ. Milly
Az őszről mindig olyan, tökéletesen beállított, idillikus, már-már fiktívnek tűnő képek jutnak eszembe, amelyeken random emberek/párok kb. 10 Celsius-fokos időnek megfelelő öltözetben boldogan sétálnak egy sárgásvöröses levelekkel színezett parkban, vagy a leveleket dobálják/szórják. Tulajdonképpen bármi, amit akkor dob ki a Google képkereső, ha beírod az "autumn" szót.
Az én szememben egyébként az iskola/tanulás és a Halloween a "legőszibb" tevékenységek, de illatok és ízek társításáról nincs nyilatkoznivalóm.

🌹 hello sweetness, are the leaves starting to go rusty over there? Fall is coming, I hope you have a nice warm house 🏡 🤗🤗💋

Bearhead01’s Profile PhotoGilbert Thomas
My bear 🐻 ❣️
Autumn has come very unexpectedly, yellow leaves, and tomorrow they promise the first snow 🥲
May I complain? You know what's embarrassing? it's cold outside, it's hot at home, but at work they don't want to give heating
hello sweetness are the leaves starting to go rusty over there Fall is coming I

Autumn anxiety is just around the corner 🍂 . . .

Drs0haib’s Profile PhotoLazybrownsurgeon
کوئی قریب ہے تو اسے دور کرنا ہے
کوئی دور ہے تو اسے قریب کرنا ہے
کوئی خاموش ہے تو بولتا کیوں نہیں
کوئی بولتا ہے تو خاموش کیوں نہیں
کوئی وصل میں ہے تو یہ وصال کب تک
کوئی ہجر میں ہے تو سوگ کب تک
کوئی مرتا ہے تیرے شوق میں تمام عمر
کسی کو میسر ہے تیرا دیدار ہر دم
کسی نے چھپا رکھے ہیں بھید ظلم و الم کے
کسی پہ فدا ہیں زمانے بہار کے ہر دم

Happy Autumn/Fall 🍁😄 how are you doing?

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
Thank you and happy Autumn to you too, Yentl! 😸🍂🍃🍁
I'm doing good, I had a good Friday so far and tomorrow I'm going to a hairdresser to get a new haircut so I'm excited 'cause I really prefer on myself shorter hair. 😁
I hope you had at least good Friday with good weather and I also hope that everyone else had at least good Friday or better and the last thing - I hope you all enjoy your weekend. 🤩
Happy AutumnFall  how are you doing

What do you currently play?

This can be taken so many ways... like music, games etc lol so I will try and do them all :3
🌸 Music wise:
I have been listening more so to cottagecore music, and autumn inspired music! As we are now going into autumn, it may not feel it quite yet weather wise, but I'm definitely ready for it! My current go to is below :3
🌸 Games:
I've been favouring the more laid back games lately! So Minecraft (always one of my go to games lol), Dreamlight Valley, Pokemon etc :3
🌸 Movies:
Recently I have been watching some old Disney movies like Mary Poppins. Also Saving Mr. Banks, Miss Potter, Christopher Robin, etc! Closer to Halloween I will probably binge watch Harry Potter, and I always watch The Nightmare Before Christmas :)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qxeqGEFDt4kittiemeowsie’s Video 170488055125 6qxeqGEFDt4kittiemeowsie’s Video 170488055125 6qxeqGEFDt4
What do you currently play
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Do you like when it‘s autumn now, Livi 😀🍂 ?

SimonHess’s Profile PhotoSimon Hess
I do! I love the aesthetic of autumn more than any other season, but I’m not really a fan of the cold! That’s primarily because I work outdoors though - if I didn’t, then I probably wouldn’t mind! 🍁🍂🥮
It’s worth it to witness nature in such a state of splendour, and there’s something so cozy and comforting about autumn, it’s like being wrapped in a hug. How do you feel about autumn? ☺️
Do you like when its autumn now Livi

[ M O O D B O A R D ] Jesień tuż, tuż. Stwórz swój jesienny moodboard. Pomóż nam poczuć tę piękną porę roku!

valkyr_’s Profile PhotoValkyr
⠀⠀⠀⠀Yes, the wind blows a little bit colder,
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀And we're all getting older
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀And the clouds are moving on
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ with every autumn breeze
M O O D B O A R D  Jesień tuż tuż Stwórz swój jesienny moodboard Pomóż nam

With summer coming to a close, what do you have planned for the autumn? 🍂🗓

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Spring has just started here in AUS. At the moment not very many plans planned for Spring and Summer. At the moment it’s markets and pizza for dinner at the beach at a town that’s about 45 minutes away from where I live. Won’t know about more plans until it happens.

You recently voted on one of @JoeeeMason 's polls. Some of us other voters for together and voted we thought it was boring but voted out of charity only since we like Joe. Your thoughts on the matter please dovah elf?

Are you on about the summer vs autumn forest poll? Clearly autumn is the winner it's all autumnal and pretty! If you think that's boring that's on you bud 😂 I'm too drunk to sugar coat this but like. Damn. Autumn when the leaves change colour and the world tales on a different hue it's so pretty!

Какие твои любимые алкогольные напитки? Напиши их названия, а не просто пиво, вино и тд. А какие любимые энергетики?

мне нравится медовуха с мятой, сидр из красного яблока, сливочный ликёр Baileys и шоколадный Mozart Chocolate Cream. пиво не люблю. от вина и шампанского меня тошнит, не могу их пить. исключение - белое сладкое вино Alma Valley Autumn Wine 2019. редко могу выпить Martini extra dry и Herradura Reposado, но это я должна быть уже хороша так. нравятся коктейли и шоты - мираж, кофейный, мохито, бахус, клякса. энергетики пью изредка, только когда знаю, что буду работать сутки и больше, выбираю genesis purple star или gorilla ice.

Ты красивая, драгоценная, веселая, хорошая, короче говоря, ты замечательная, всегда повышаешь самооценку!! ❤️

Я желаю вам осень, полную любви, тёплых красок, вкусного кофе и поцелуев ☺️♥️
#.autumn time 🍁🍂
I wish you an autumn full of love, warm colors, delicious coffee and kisses ☺️♥️
Ты красивая драгоценная веселая хорошая короче говоря ты замечательная всегда

"صباح الخير، إنَّ اللَّه معنا، وإنَّ الحياة بكل مجرياتها سَتهون💛".

EbrahimMohamed172’s Profile Photoابراهيم
Доброе утро и Вам ☀️ Желаю прекрасного настроения в эти осенние дни 🍂
#. 👼🏻🍃
Good morning to you too. Agree with this expression ☀️
I wish you a wonderful mood in these autumn days 🍂
صباح الخير إن الله معنا وإن الحياة بكل مجرياتها ستهون

🍁🍂 autumn time 🍂🍁

kossaji_’s Profile PhotoKassuoпея
Заморозки на почве и облысенье леса,
небо серое цвета кровельного железа.
Выходя во двор нечётного октября,
ёжась, число округляешь до «ох ты ...ля»...
autumn time

Lyrics from a song that sum up how you’re feeling 🥀

Frosts breath on silent fields
Sleeping gods of river and oak
A moment suspended in time
reflected in the heart of the mountain
Deep sigh of hallowed slumber
Shake the sleep from the eyes of the world
A celestial grave I long to return to
Reflected in the heart of the mountain
A vision
From the depths of my soul
A sacred song of twilight to call the spirits home
Like the voice of the wind
The ever flowing echos
Of eternity within
Born of dust and ash
Reflected in the stars
Ancient blood of mountains
The memories of a thousand lives
A calling
From the eye of the world
To make the sacred bind
And give myself to her
A burden
Of the highest honor bared
To walk the lonely road
Each step an earthen prayer
Born of dust and ash
Reflected in the sky
To walk a sacred path
To bare the gift of sight
Soaring ever higher
Across the plains of time
The birth and death of a thousand worlds
Like shifting sand in moonlit tides
Born of dust and ash
Reflected in the stars
Ancient blood of mountains
The memories of a thousand lives
A glimpse through the cracks of eternity
To the sacred depths of life
The dust of a thousand planets
Burns within our minds
Born of dust and ash
Reflected in the sky
To walk a sacred path
To bare the gift of sight
The day I die
Bury me among the stars
And worship my memory
As the warm autumn wind
https://youtu.be/CtJRCaw3NaYkandydevil’s Video 170251783931 CtJRCaw3NaYkandydevil’s Video 170251783931 CtJRCaw3NaY

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kandydevil’s Video 170251783931 CtJRCaw3NaYkandydevil’s Video 170251783931 CtJRCaw3NaY

Как ваше ничего, Кассиопея? Какие планы на оставшийся день? 🍒☺️

ognevstepan’s Profile Photoваш вишнёвый друг •
Стёп, приветули.
Сегодня вышла из отпуска, работу работаю. Холодно, autumn одним словом 🍂
#.good morning☀️
Как ваше ничего Кассиопея Какие планы на оставшийся день

🍁🍂 autumn time 🍂🍁

kossaji_’s Profile PhotoKassuoпея
Так, все любители хандры и тёплых поединков с чайком. Или нелюбители. Не знаю.
DJ Сидор снова заряжает в вас желание просто отдаться пляске, танцам-обниманцам, и прочему низшему скаму, что даст необходимой бодрости телу и духу.
На очереди у нас следующая композиция, даже картинку прикреплю:
"Trivium - In waves."
autumn time

🍁🍂 autumn time 🍂🍁

kossaji_’s Profile PhotoKassuoпея
Аутумн Тиме - время холодов
Кричит из магнитолы беёнд анд эбов.
В ямах дороги лужи, прыгай скорее в мой бус
Сегодня я твой драйвер: то ли Стетхем, а то ли индус.
Мы мчим на работу сквозь пробки
Чрез арки и еб*ня.
Доехать бы невредимым
Сегодня ДР у меня.
Сцепление на мокром асфальте практически не видать.
Доехать бы до "Проссвета"
С Девяткино, ё* твою мать!

🍁🍂 autumn time 🍂🍁

kossaji_’s Profile PhotoKassuoпея
Скоро наступит мой самый любимый месяц, а пока я ловлю на объектив и в себя последние капельки солнца.
autumn time

Do you like Autumn? 🍂

screams6’s Profile PhotoAndreea ♡
Yes and no... I do really like the changing colour of the leaves! The cooler weather. Its the start of cosy season!
I love autumnal decor that comes out in shops as well!! It's always so strikingly comfy cosy :3
But then it also reminds me that winter is on its way... and winter causes me to just feel so down. Its so cold and just not nice for me lol
Do you like Autumn

When was the last time you needed to get something repaired? What was wrong with it? 🚘🚲💻

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
like, always😅 In jan my laptop was broken (hard drive), then my old beloved phone😭 (i love him so much... Something wrong with battery and inside wires between screen and battery. I repair the battery, but the new one got bad faster than old one...), then printer (i have no idea, what's exactly wrong with it and how to fix it, so now i save money to repair master), now i have literally no summer sneakers and my autumn shoes is also need some fixing...

🌸🌻 What is your favourite thing about each season? 🍂❄

kittiemeowsie’s Profile PhotoKittie Meow.
🌱 Spring: the fact that the days are getting ‘longer’ again! More light and more warmth coming. Also, baby goats. 🥹
☀️ Summer: the warmth! The long days and all the activities.
🍁 Autumn: the cosiness. I love autumn so much because it means turning inward, I achieve many goals during autumn because it’s easier for me to make time for myself.
❄️ Winter: the snow! I absolutely love snow and it makes me so hyped haha. I also love all the lights and warm foods and drinks. 🍲
What is your favourite thing about each season


kimseokjinpolishfans6052’s Profile PhotoKIM SEOKJIN | BTS
✈| "Chciałem tylko porozmawiać z ARMY i zaśpiewać z wami dzisiaj!" 💜
✈| SeokJin odwiedził JungKooka (aby dać Mu prezent) i posiedział z Nim trochę na live, wypili sobie, pogadali, pokłócili się prawie (typowe), Jin nawet udekorował JungKookowi tort
✈| Dwa razy wyrzuciło JungKooka z Weverse i musiał zaczynać od nowa, za pierwszym razem mówił, że dzisiaj będzie spokojny, ale jak drugi raz odpalił live powiedział, że jednak pośpiewa
✈| LISTA PIOSENEK > Just One Day, Left and Right, Butterfly, Bad Decisions, Ddaeng, Blue & Grey, Love Is Not Over, Paradise, Coffee, Autumn Leaves, Christmas Tree, Mic Drop, 134340, Magic Shop
✈| Śpiewał również Louder Than Bombs, ale przyznał się, że nie pamięta tekstu 💔
✈| Przy śpiewaniu Magic Shop pokazał mikrowonem w stronę ekranu (ARMY) przy momencie: "So show me I'll show you" 😭
✈| oczywiście pojwił się komentarz "Yoongi marry me"
✈| Pokazywał swój photobook, niestettylko okładkę, bo doszło do Niego, że nie został on jeszcze wydany
✈| Powiedział, że Jego photobook jest bardziej koncepcyjny od reszty
✈| "Jestem naprawdę wdzięczny... kochani, robicie tak wiele rzeczy na moje urodziny, eventy, kawiarnie, autobusy, metra nawet za granicą..! Widzę to wszystko i bardzo wam dziękuję, mam wrażenie, że ja tyle dla was nie zrobiłem co wy dla mnie, co sprawia, że czuję tę waszą miłość"
✈| "Dziękuję, że jesteście ze mną na żywo w moje urodziny. Dziękuję. Dobrego dnia. bye~ bye~ i purple you" 💜

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With summer coming to a close, what do you have planned for the autumn? 🍂🗓

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I don’t really have anything planned for autumn other than to finish my studies and to start working as an SLP.
I feel like I want to connect better to the ‘hear and now’ mentality again and I want to feel closer to nature. This autumn I’m going to make pumpkin soup, bake stroopwafel cakes and drink lots of tea for sure!
With summer coming to a close what do you have planned for the autumn

With summer coming to a close, what do you have planned for the autumn? 🍂🗓

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I am attending an internship in a few days and I am quite nervous about it, since it is so far away from my whereabouts and I never travelled so far by myself via train. xd But I think I will be fine.
I am looking forward to autumn so so much. It is my favorite season and for now, I am not planning anything in particular since work and university determine a lot of my actions. But maybe I visit the upcoming Book Fair in Frankfurt with a few friends and cosplay a Ghibli character, hehe.
Besides that I will be in the third semester of my Master's degree. Time is moving on so fast, that I feel overwhelmed by the pace of it. Let's just hope I will be fine until then. I want to walk a lot through piles of fallen leaves and just swim in the autumnal glow. 🍂

With summer coming to a close, what do you have planned for the autumn? 🍂🗓

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
well, i need to pass my exams to earn scholarship, write a paper based on my internship (and choose a topic😅), take a visit to professor of another uni to talk bout their postgrad program and possibility to take some lectures here (read her papers - exciting!), also need to improve my math and physics by myself, and i really looking forward to november's local doll and miniature fair (hope i have enough time to build new diorama)... And of course ima gonna lie in the leaves, eat apples and smell roses - well, i appreciate autumn very much - if i have time to.

With summer coming to a close, what do you have planned for the autumn? 🍂🗓

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Well, nothing is set in stone for me yet, but here’s what I’m hoping for!
-I’m going apartment hunting, and I want to find one that is suitable, so I can at least start the process of moving before winter gets really bad. 😬
-I’m thinking about taking some Cosmetology courses, so I don’t have so much to worry about next year when I inevitably need to renew my license. It’d be nice to get a head start on my continuing education hours!
-On the same note, I’m gonna try to practice my Cosmetology skills more often. Especially things that I’m rusty on, given my health hasn’t really allowed me to practice much.
-I want to build up more stamina and get my health to a stable place, so I can start barbering school maybe by the spring of next year! I feel it’s about time I fulfill this passion that I’ve been wanting to pursue for like 3 years now. 😄

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With summer coming to a close what do you have planned for the autumn
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What are your plans for the weekend? 🗓

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
This weekend we have 3 free days 🤩:
👉Saturday - I will change things in my wardrobes from summer things to autumn and winter things 😭😭😭
👉Sunday - we have flight day here ✈️🚁 - exhibition of various planes and fighters (this is pic from 2021 👇)
👉Monday - l will be lazyyyyyy! 😅😂👍
What are your plans for the weekend

🌸🌻 What is your favourite thing about each season? 🍂❄

kittiemeowsie’s Profile PhotoKittie Meow.
Spring: It's always nice to see all the flowers and such starting to bloom again! Especially where I live, the rapeseed fields bloom around May and that's when I think my area looks it's best 🌻
Summer: It being hot enough to be able to swim in the ocean and that's when many of our Swedish traditions take place, such as midsummer and crayfish parties ☀️
Autumn: Many of the buildings in the town where I live are covered in ivy so they all get so colorful and aesthetic! The best time to take pictures according to me 🍁
Winter: The cold makes it so much easier for me to sleep. And it's always so cozy to wear sweaters and cover yourself in thick blankets. I also like winter fashion the most! ❄️
What is your favourite thing about each season

What do you expect from life? Do you like your life? What would you change to improve your life? Happy Autumn

I don't expect anything :)
Expect the unexpected! What happens will happen. I just take life a day at a time and see what comes my way!
Currently I am happy as I have mine and my boyfriend's anniversary coming up! :D
What do you expect from life Do you like your life What would you change to

What are some random things you love? I’ll go first - pomegranates, good pens, freshly washed hair and 80’s music

Autumn , when the leaves turn pretty colours and leave a crunchy path
The little glint in people’s eyes when they’re excited about something
When I crawl into my freshly clean bed and the linen rubs against my soft moisturised legs
Taking my dog to his favourite places
Strawberries and Mangos
That first warm windy breeze of Spring
When you drive towards the ocean and can smell it
The elderly, their hearts and their happiness to share recipes or stories
When it’s a cool crisp day and the warm sun hits your back just right
Every single shooting star I have ever seen
Sitting passenger with the windows rolled down , good music, on a summer afternoon
That feeling once you’ve complete the hike and then the feeling after you’ve set up camp
Bed socks

Share some facts about Pakistan 🇵🇰

tayyba612’s Profile PhotoTayyba Imran
Pakistan is blessed with all season ,summer,winter ,autumn spring seasons so we enjoy all seasons
Pakistan has natural abundance which can be used for generating electricity
Pakistan has the world tastiest food biryani qorma nihari koftai etc
Pakistan is incredibly awesome with super talented people 🙌🙌🙌🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

🍁 What are three things you love about autumn?

🍂 The colours of the foliage changing to golds and ambers!
🍂 Cooler nights and crisp, fresh mornings!
🍂 An excuse to wear oversized hoodie, cardigans and drink hot chocolate and tea xD
What are three things you love about autumn
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