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1)Твой телефон, ноутбук, портативка обклеены наклейками? 2)Какое полное название твоего университета? А места, в котором ты работаешь? 3)У тебя есть пирсинг? Где? 4)Ты живёшь в доме или в квартире? Если в кв, то на каком этаже? 5)Катаешься на самокатах, которые сейчас на каждом углу стоят?

• На телефон я обычно не клею наклейки, а подкладываю их или какие-нибудь картинки под чехол. На ноуте и портативке есть несколько наклеек
• Aldorf State University of Civil Aviation; Chocolate
• Пока нет, но хочу сделать
• Снимаем квартиру на 6 этаже
• Нет, пока что так и не получилось

Расскажите о себе: 1) полное имя 2)др 3)описание внешности и рост 4)семейное положение, дети, питомцы (имена второй половинки, детей и питомцев) 5)где и с кем живёте 6)родная планета/город/страна 7)где и кем работаете 8)на кого и где учились/учитесь 9)человек/фея и тд 10)увлечения 11)фото лица вблиз

• Фейт Джессика Райан
• 7 ноября 1999
• У меня достаточно большие карие глаза, темно-каштановые волосы (сейчас темнее, чем на фото, почти черные), я худая и высокая (177)
• В отношениях с парнем, которого зовут Джонатан Уилсон, вместе снимаем квартиру на Алдорфе, где и родились
• Бармен в кафе 'Chocolate'
• После школы три года училась в магическом колледже, сейчас учусь в универе на авиаконструктора
Aldorf State University of Civil Aviation
• Ведьма (магия электричества)
• Игра на фортепиано, кино, чтение, астрономия
Расскажите о себе 1 полное имя 2др 3описание внешности и рост 4семейное

How is your summer going so far ?

funny_hot’s Profile PhotoMegan
Too quickly! 😂Alot on my plate, atm. (Reality of school starting back up in the fall; getting back into that mode, hoping that Im mentally ready, especially after skipping school, for over 6 months) 😅
(But, Ive accomplished a bit that Im proud of) Got calluses from helping my friends in their new home 😄
Worked on my car a bit😄Got my small craft aviation license😄
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Biot, Alpi Aviation e il ritorno dell’Italia nel quadro euroatlantico?

Franco3Avati’s Profile PhotoLord of Peace❤️Franco§Avati
Prima il caso dell’ufficiale della Marina arrestato mentre passava segreti ai russi. Poi la decisione di rendere nulla la vendita dell’azienda friulana di droni passate nelle mani di due società statuali cinesi. Così l’Italia, dopo alcune sbandate filorusse e a soli tre anni della firma per la Via della Seta, torna in careggiata. Ma i documenti e la tecnologia sono perduti: ora serve prevenire altri episodi simili
Biot Alpi Aviation e il ritorno dellItalia nel quadro euroatlantico

Propositi per l’anno nuovo?🌟

monxs_’s Profile Photogiuliæ
Ma guarda non vorrei più che i droni italiani passassero in mano contesa questo è accaduto perché la società friulana Alpi Aviation sarebbe passata in società statuali cinesi senza dare nessuna comunicazione di questa procedura. Inoltre pare che il settore della tecnologia militare sia molto aumentate. Inoltre pare che abbiano violato certe trattative. Poi un'altra notizia sarebbe il fatto di avere a che fare con la notizia che l embargo statunitense avrebbe privato l iran di molti soldi. Si perchr pare che l iran e vero che è dentro nella cooperazione dell opac ma pare invece che si sia visto che abbiano sottratto certi quantità di barili

What was your childhood dream job? Did you follow that dream? What was your dream job as a kid and what made you realise that job wasn't right for you?

I don't really have a dream job today - being retired now that isn't necessary. My dream job as a child? I had several but the top ones were always musician and pilot. Neither came true, well I did do a tour of Europe with a band when I was 18 that was my only truly professional gig. I was an amateur / semi pro musician for years. But as that simply costs you money rather than earns it I doubt it counts. I don't even get royalty cheques any more now. I just did a job that paid the bills and I was ok at. The pilot thing did sort of lead to that, as I left school I was offered a trainee software engineer position at a local firm that made avionics and my interest in aviation at that time led me to applying there etc. I wanted to be a musician. But I have a learning disability that makes it really hard to learn things at a normal pace, so I'd keep getting frustrated trying to learn songs when I was little. By the time I understood how to teach myself things and actually get it to stick I realized that making a good income with it would be incredibly difficult/impossible. I want to go to school and become a sound tech or producer, but there's not much money in that either. I don't know, the things I'm interested in aren't good enough for a full time job so I've made my peace of having a shitty retail job forever. Maybe be a producer on the side, one day. Edit: I wanted to join the army too, but mini 11-14yr old me thought self harm would fix my problems! So now that's completely out of the question, lol.
I wanted to teach music starting sometime around middle school. I was immediately discouraged by teachers/friends because of everyone's music experience in school. It turned me off of the idea for a few years until I was nearing the end of high school and had some of the best experiences with music with my school's program. I am now in my third year of undergrad for music education, and I just started my first round of clinical teaching at our university's lab school, teaching a first-grade class. I fell in love with teaching children and feel like I am making a positive impact on their lives, regardless of whether or not they continue on with music later on. It feels like my students love the hour I have with them each day and are always looking forward to it!
I never got that bike license, but from 2002-2006, I travelled over 26,000 miles up and over and across the US from the Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean on a bike with my then boyfriend. I lived my dream of touring the mountains and deserts and small towns and ghost towns and back roads of the United States, all on a 1992 ElectraGlide FLH. I met people and saw things I could never have imagined as a kid wanting to go across the country. The best part of it all was that all of our trips were made in early June or Mid to late September. We missed the motorcycle/tourist seasons.

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( ii ) ❛ there's no place I'd rather be then on my surfboard out at sea; lingering in the ocean blue and If I had one wish come true I'd surf till the sun sets. ❜

( . . . )
❛ Mildred “Mertle” Pearl Edmonds.
Con la madre ha sempre avuto un rapporto estremamente complicato, dovuto dal carattere iracondo e meschino della donna. Fin da quando era bambina, la sua reputazione ruotava attorno all’essere una persona spregevole, che sputava cattiverie su qualunque essere umano si parasse sul suo cammino. Adam non ne va fiero, ma da lei ha ereditato gran parte degli atteggiamenti: in primis, quello di voler prevalere sugli altri dimostrandosi, talvolta, un bullo.
Tutte le insicurezze di Adam sono di base dovute a lei, che non ha mai speso una buona parola nei confronti della progenie, tendendo ad abbattere il figlio piuttosto che esaltarlo per i suoi successi.
❛ Adrian Fletcher.
Totalmente differente è invece il rapporto col padre, che sfiora il paradisiaco.
Egli fa parte dell’US Army Aviation in qualità di pilota militare e proprio a causa del suo lavoro e delle varie missioni è spesso lontano da casa e lontano dai figli, che ne hanno sofferto irreparabilmente soprattutto durante l’infanzia.
Uomo dal profondo intelletto, dai sani principi e dalla salda morale, ha sempre tentato in tutti modi di riportare il primogenito sulla buona strada.
❛ Ha una sorella di due anni più piccola ( eventuale pv a scelta ) con la quale ha instaurato il classico rapporto di amore — odio tra sorella minore e fratello maggiore. Non glielo direbbe mai, ma per lei darebbe l’anima; ha tentato il più possibile di proteggerla e di comportarsi da padre nei suoi confronti quando Adrian era lontano.
ᑭᕮᖇSOᑎᗩᒪITᗩ̀ ᕮ ᗩSᑭᕮTTO ᖴISIᑕO
Per tutta la sua adolescenza, Adam è stato il classico esempio di colui che si può definire un bullo; traeva piacere nel dar fastidio agli altri, stuzzicandoli per generare in loro una reazione. Non aveva un valido motivo per farlo, forse era soltanto memore degli insegnamenti / sbagliati / perpetrati negli anni dalla madre.
Si dimostra strafōttente ed irascibile se provocato, solitamente non fa alcuna fatica a far amicizia con estranei.
Con persone fidate già inserite nella sua cerchia sa essere addirittura un buon amico, disponibile, protettivo ed, in casi estremi, empatico; purtroppo però il suo carattere a primo impatto difficile indispone le persone a volerlo conoscere meglio.
In quanto all’aspetto fisico, non c’è nulla più di quel che appare. Occhi color nocciola ed inconfondibili capelli rossi sovrastano la sua figura: un metro e ottantasette di carne e muscoli per ottantadue chilogrammi. Adam è da sempre ossessionato dalla sua forma fisica e da come appare agli altri a primo impatto, infatti cura il suo corpo costantemente allenandosi per diverse ore in palestra al di fuori degli allenamenti programmati per la squadra.
Il suo motto è “ Mᴇɴs sᴀɴᴀ ɪɴ ᴄᴏʀᴘᴏʀᴇ sᴀɴᴏ “.
( . . . )

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ii   theres no place Id rather be then on my surfboard out at sea lingering in

Also kannst du Deutsch sprechen ?? wa ah hahaha batzakar keef, and about the microwave it’s because you are melting my heart 😂

Nicht sehr fließend in der Sprache
Ich wollte in Deutschland studieren
Knt 7abeh adros aviation or mechatronics engineering b Germany
Aw b GJU L2no b Hay el jam3a a5r sneh btsafr l Germany hta ta5od experience mn hnak
Bs unfortunately my grandpa kan bkrh el 3'orbeh w el engineering 😂😂😂
+2 answers in: “Good evening Tamara, hope you are doing fine, wanted to ask if you are a microwave oven ???”

Like 4 weeks ho gai hain ik it takes 6 weeks to heal splints bhi remove ho gai per flu nahi teekh ho raha plus I had no issue in breathing and all I had to go for it because of aviation

Better h culture specific lein complicate na kr le viral seasonal flue pe bhi superimposed bacterial hojta h flue to maybe apko culture specific antibiotic chahye hogi. Apne ent surgeon ko consult kr lein wo rhiniscopy kr k dekh b lein.
+7 answers in: “Doctor my flu is just not fucking off what should I do”

Firstly mai apko zada ni janta lakin m apko already follow kia hua tha Ig py 3 months sy jo k mje ni pta tha k yeh ap he ho ? khair ab mje pta chal gya.. U are cute and pretty MA ? Bs aviation kar k UOL ka naam roshan karna apny ? Stay Blessed and keep slaying ?

irfanIffi’s Profile PhotoIrfan Iffi ✌
HAHAHA So nyc ov u :))
Bs app deakhen UOL k upr e jahaz urana :DD
+3 answers in: “Tag some 1 and ask them to give you a long tbh.”

Il était dans la marine française oui, il conduisait les bateaux de guerre ! ;0 ... Wow, nos grands pères sont des héros... Dans l'aviation donc le premier ? (: Oh purée le pauvre... tu dis ça mort de rire en plus, tu l'as pas connu je suppose ce second papy.. x)

Ouais aviation et durant la 2eme GM resistant :P
Non jamais connu il a été libéré par nos frères soviétiques et a mis quelques mois à retourner en France :)
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+15 answers in: “Bonjour. Oui tu y étais toi aussi ? (:”

select nai kar rahe masters me b mene ab admission liya hai usme b 2 years lagenge ge acha mera interest civil aviation authority me tha par us me higher qualilification and rules boht strict hain unke and suna hai govt job reference k baghair nai milti

Han reference chaiay hota lakin graduation pay i guess clerk wagera wali mil jay gi

Somewhat same for me I mean I still think bscs I'll try in army or air force...😅 I wanted to do that before too but I got glasses so .... That why have not done that.. I mean parents bhi kehte hain ke eye sight sahi ho jae gi.. Lets see where I go...😅

Don’t worry it will InshAllah. Aviation toh abhi bhi kar saktay ho once you’re done studying tab bhi
+5 answers in: “So what are you doing after fashion???😅”

I do agree with u. Yeah all guys are not same. He's studying in aviation and good looking. Maybe he already has someone special. I should not being silly or disturb him since he don't know me at all. After all i feel very dissapointed for not being to talk to him. Sorry for my broken eng anw

If you got the chance to approach him, just do it. If he definitely had someone special, then you should leave him alone. However, it's your choice. I cant say much about it since i dont know both of you personally. Just do something about it and make sure you dont regret it later.
You know i'm Malay right? 😅 You can talk to me in bahasa comfortably tho.
+1 answer in: “Why u del my quest? I just about to keep asking. Or u want to reanswer? Anw thanks for ur opinion. You've the points”

Hahahha tak yah amin mas ? haah dulu dia nak jd doc tp x menjd, sbb ada problem financial tp skrang dia dh keja as aviation dkt tower airport tu.

Hahahahahaha selamat tak amin lagi ? alaa takde rezeki kan. Mana tahu dapat wife doc ke ?
+163 answers in: “?? terdelete ques tu td hahaha Ohh dkt waterfront, ada ke jual laksa? Hahahha ada xpergi kubah? Kalau pg2, laksa srawak sedap dkt mom laksa? Ada pegi tak? Hahaha”

Experiences are more preferred than education in Aviation Industry, without it your degree is useless on serious level, especially in Pakistan.

I agree most high ranked jobs are licensed base including flying but my question remains the same. You may have worked for them in the past but you're not working with them rn? No need to get offended I'm just curious how you could work for someone at a location where they don't have a hub?

Not a newbie, I am working with Emirates airlines. I am in aviation from last two years because my family runs the business in Aviation Industry, kind of related to aviation since forever. I just joined BSAM last year as I was fascinated by knowing more about aviation. It will be my 3rd Sem now.

Well, glad to know someone with such background.. what title are you working at btw? Best of luck junior..

Uhm enlo can someone please help me 😅 Naguguluhan pa din ako kung anong kukunin kong course 😌 kung aviation ba or med , both ko kasing gustong maging pilot at doctor like wth naguguluhan na talaga ako hahahahaha

Toss a coin. Then if it’s heads, pilot and tails is Doctor
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Bonsoir les adeptes ! M.E.S + Fiction 1ere Personne : Vous êtes à la tête de la plus grande nation du monde, et vous devez vous adresser à toute l'Humanité qui se défends depuis des mois contre des envahisseurs, Que dites vous ?

QGMastor’s Profile PhotoDisciple des Anciens
Mesdames, messieurs.
Aujourd'hui, la situation pour n'être pas pire qu'hier n'en est pas meilleure pour autant. Notre armée de terre est détruite, notre aviation ne vole plus, notre marine ne flotte plus.
Comme l'on dit par chez moi, dans le fin fond du Texas : "les carottes sont cuites !".
Néanmoins ne vous inquiétez pas. Avec les principaux dirigeants de la Terre nous entamons un repli stratégique sur notre base lunaire pour préparer la contre-offensive qui ne saurer tarder.
A charge pour toi, ô fier peuple, de résister comme tu le peux aux Envahisseurs. Nous sommes avec toi de tout coeur.
Je pense qu'il est grand temps pour moi de ne plus abuser de votre temps. Je suis fier et ravi d'avoir été votre dirigeant, d'avoir courageusement accompli mon devoir. Mais là je dois vraiment filer.

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Bonsoir les adeptes 
MES  Fiction 1ere Personne
  Vous êtes à la tête de la plus
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ci pacarku WNA n dia ngajakin nikah tapi aku takut naik pesawat kelamaan.. takut mati krn kecelakaan pesawat.. gimana nyikapin phobia ini ya ci?? sedangkan kata cc tiap tahun hrs pulang nengokin ortu..

1. Pilih penerbangan transit. Transit aja yang banyak.
2. Let's be real, international aviation firmTo70 found that fatal accidents occurred in just 0.18 per million flights, which equates to around one in every five million flights. ONE IN FIVE MILLION FLIGHTS. ONE IN FIVE MILLION. Did u know death by CHOKING occurs roughly one in four thousand? Lebih besar chance mati keselek daripada mati di kecelakaan pesawat, coy.

Thanks.. i started when i was a kid and hit my eye on a plane :"D so the pilot took me to his cabin and made me sit on his chair.. i felt soooo great! But in order to become a pilot.. u must first have a bachelor degree on science or Engineering :"D but as soon as i finish ill go to aviation school

But that's good. Do whatever you can to achieve your goal 😇💪💪
you can do it 💪💪
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Shouldn't you study aviation instead of English philology if you want to be a stewardess? And why r u so interested? That is very cute actually :D

I should, probably that was one of my biggest mistakes:D it is how it is..but I'm never going to quit working for it, never ever, that passions grows stronger day by day and I can't stop it. I'm checking the schedule of recruitment days eveeeeryyy day and as soon I see it, I will apply

😧😧This is how you will value me and that is the worth of your biggest fan a 3 years old 6s?? dont forget when you were applying for aviation we used to talk early in the morning everyday though you changed your majors now and i also used to protect you from those creepy anons i want X only🙄🙄😭

HahahHa oh aww! Hahahhaha I remember. So you're that anon? Hmm

Sa tingin mo ano mas magandang kunin dito? BS in Aircraft Maintenance Technology BS in Aeronautical Engineering BS in Air Transportation BS in Aviation Tourism BS in Aviation Electronics Technology

BS in Air transportation or BS in Aviation tourism 💕

What are your views about aviation industry? Does it fascinate you? And do you think it has charm and alot of perks

SohaibShahid703’s Profile PhotoSohaib Shahid
i love aviation industry .... btw its the best question i have ever received ... i have a huge crush on pilots ... i applied in paf but unfortunately i was rejected in medical test due to eye sight .... the uniform has its own charm the body language they carry is just to die for 😘😍

What are your views about aviation industry? Does it fascinate you? And do you think it has charm and alot of perks?

SohaibShahid703’s Profile PhotoSohaib Shahid
Aviation industry has faced a great revolution and i dont think there would be anyone who is not facinated by it and ofcourse it offers them travel benefits and thats something really cool what else u need from life 💯♥

Sorry if I'm distracting..but I really need your advice Which school is better to go to the pilot? I do not see myself in any other profession .. just can not imagine .. a huge love for aviation since childhood. But that's the problem, I'm a girl and everyone tells me there's nothing to do,its true?

its okay my dear .. at the first you need to know where do you want to work at the future coz every company have a laws so the best license its "EASA" all the airlines work with it its you can get it only in Europe the and about best school u need to know the weather for the country if u want my advice come to Greece coz its have the best weather in Europe for aviation

I don't understand why you get so excited that you're a flight attendant. like honey keep calm you're just a waiter on the plane ? try doing something which actually requires skill & effort like a pilot, doctor, CA etc etc. flight attendants become obsolete when they turn 40. poor you :(

Just a waiter?
I'm the waiter Who will give you CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) When you have a cardiac arrest (Heart attack).
I'm the waiter Who will Open your airways If you choke
I'm the waiter Who will help your wife, Sister to deliver a child when she goes into labor
I'm the waiter Who knows how to position your body in case you have a spinal injury
I'm the waiter Who will be treating your third degree burns, your open injury, your fractures ETC!
I'm the waiter Who will get you and hundred other people out of an aircraft in 90 seconds in an event of an emergency
I'm the waiter who will be shouting out my brace commands 30 seconds prior to a crash landing because you will be too scared to even be able to think.
I'm the waiter Who knows how to use a "Ring pin BCF" and fight a fire when you ash a cigarette in the rest room.
I'm the waiter who will knows how to deal with a Bomb on board and will risk my own life and move it to the LRBL (Least Risk Bomb Location)
I'm the waiter Who will help you put on your oxygen mask in an event of decompression in the cabin even though we show it to you before every flight and yet you will be too confused to do anything.
I'm the waiter who knows how to use an ELT (EMERGENCY LOCATOR TRANSMITTERS)
I'm the waiter who will administer your oxygen when you are unconscious whether it needs to be kept at 2 liters per min or 4 liters per min.
You have no idea about the kind of training we have to undergo to become a crew.
You clearly Don’t know how important our role is on board. Our Prime Job is to keep you safe. I've been in events where i have had death on board, heart attack, Pregnant lady going into labor, cerebral injury etc. We've been trained to deal with all of this. Our every manual is about 700 pages. We risk our lives every day when we step into that aircraft. Because when that aircraft crashes or ditches in the water? we will be the last ones to get out.
What i do? requires balls and alot of skills. Trust me you would not even know how to open the aircraft door even if your life depended on it.
And about becoming obsolete after 40? You're totally wrong!
I can still fly as long as I'm medically fit and even if after 40 I'm not?
There are a million other things i can do. I can become a Safety Trainer, Service trainer, AVSEC (Aviation Security) Trainer. I can work my way right up to being Base manager which pays way, way, way more than your average. And i know Base managers who use to be a crew when they were starting out. The opportunities are endless but you really would not know it, cause you're sitting at home jobless on a Laptop your dad bought for you.
I would like to end this by saying that, Be respectful towards Flight attendants
And also
I'm the waiter who servers you coke and pepsi

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Kenal pak B.J Habibie? What do you think about him? sosok seperti apakah pak B.J habibie di mata kalian? Sekian, Terimakasih🙆

1. Penggagas prototipe Dornier DO-31, akhirnya pesawat itu malah dibeli NASA.
2. Punya 46 hak paten di bidang aeronautika.
3. Berkat kontribusinya pada penerbangan sipil, beliau jadi satu-satunya orang Asia yang meraih Edward Warner Awards dari ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).
4. Dapet julukan Mr. Crack berkat keahliannya menghitung crack propagation on random sampai ke atom-atom di pesawat terbang.
5. Penemu Teori Habibie, Faktor Habibie dan Fungsi Habibie yang terkenal di bidang ilmu pengetahuan dan teknologi kedirgantaraan.
Yang ga tau Pak B. J. Habibie ya keterlaluan lah hahaha. Buat gue, Pak Habibie tuh majestic banget. Orang jenius tanpa ada ambisi buat terkenal. Dia bikin penemuan-penemuan itu semata karena dia suka & pengen berkontribusi buat negaranya sendiri, bukan biar famous. Kebalikan dari anak jaman sekarang, banyak yang pengen famous tapi ga bisa apa-apa lol. :(

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