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ممكن أفكار هديه لخطيبي بس تكون حاجه يستخدمها كتير مش تتركن؟؟!

- AXE نكهة جديدة
- Airbuds
- كتاب فمجال بيحبه
- خاتم فضة بحجر كريم
- أي أدوات أو اكسسوارات ليها علاقة بهواية بيحبها، مثلا لو جيمر يبقى هيدسيت أو ماوس قيّم.

https://ask.fm/natalehjayne/answers/173184324524 - You've not been axe throwing for a while since you haven't seen me in a while 😝

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ɬɛŋąƈıơųʂ ɬơɱɱąყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
I don't usually throw at the same target twice! Don't want you out there scaring people with your battle wounds 😂

So, meine Mitmenschen (von denen ich hoffentlich diesmal niemanden vergessen habe), Phase 1 ist beendet, lasst mich also sofort DIE Frage aller Fragen stellen: wenn ihr einen angegeben habt, was ist denn der Charaktersong eures kbtd-Babies?

nichtlichtsicht’s Profile Photonyaheum
Mal wieder late as hell aber ich komme doch noch zu einer Antwort. Und muss gestehen, ich hab Mos Song nicht selbst gefunden, weil er mir so unendlich schwer gefallen ist. Und dann habe ich bei @BonnieEldritch geheult und ich glaube es war dann durch @jawfracture dass ich das perfekte Lied für den Boy gefunden habe. An dieser Stelle also noch mal vielen, vielen Dank 🙏
Careful with that axe Eugene von Pink Floyd passt ziemlich perfekt zu Mo und seiner Story, weshalb ich jetzt echt happy damit bin.
https://youtu.be/tMpGdG27K9oGuiltyAliceLiddell’s Video 170728722778 tMpGdG27K9oGuiltyAliceLiddell’s Video 170728722778 tMpGdG27K9o

Você canta sozinho até no chuveiro?

Canto sim. Muito. A todo momento. E canto bem, inclusive óperas. E canto, até, lendo a partitura. Qualquer dia vou me postar aqui cantando. Quem sabe "Nessum Dorma". Mas também gosto de Bossa Nova e "Easy Music", bem como canções francesas e italianas, tango, fado, samba, samba-canção, jazz ou, até, algum rock, como alguns dos Beatles. Mas nada de funk ou axé e companhia limitada. Esqueci de dizer que gosto muito de "Lieds" (busquem saber de que se trata). Também, mesmo sendo ateu, gosto de música sacra. Mas de Bach, Händel, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, Verdi e esse pessoal.

Agh! Those were your traps...?! * visible sweat drop luckily none of the bones hit her but she couldn't escape either she felt like a fool having dropped herself in the jaws of the hungry monster.*Wait please don't come any closer..! *she realizes she had no where to run*

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
Spent ages setting them up, and modifying them to maim the victims worse. Also no can do, do you have any idea how many monsters will get to eat tonight because of you. Heh doesn't really matter, thanks for the meal kiddo
*he brings his axe down on her neck popping her head off like a cork*

*tears form in her eyes as she looks up at him her leg was not a pretty sight teal insides now exposed now* It's hurts so much....! Please take it off... *She was unaware of his intentions currently she was desperate for help *

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
*he crouches down near her, leaning on his axe which is between the two*
You do know if I DID remove it, you'd bleed out into the snow in seconds, there's no saving that leg of yours. Best bet is to amputate above the damage
I might be able to help with that
*he's just smiling sickly, knowing her fate is already sealed, just how much will she let him get away with before she figures out the trap is his*

Liquid Toxin.Come closer I'll demonstrate how it works on a living monster..~ *she spits toxin at him the corrosive liquid melts the snow it lands on and k!lls the grass underneath it*

ToxinTale’s Profile PhotoAllura
*He dodges but barely, snapping his fingers his attacks vanish*
I recognize inedible when I see it
*he huffs shouldering his axe before gesturing with his free hand for Allura to leave*
No point wasting my energy on something no one can eat, get out of here

Sh❤t...! *she managed to avoid the bones but having horror charge at her was bizarre she uses her bat to block his axe attack *Easy big guy don't be too hasty.. I know I'm cute and all but you can't just have this.~ *she tries to pull the flirt card on him hoping to confuse him *

ToxinTale’s Profile PhotoAllura
*He suddenly places far more force behind his axe attack, snapping right through her bat and knocking her back onto the ground. He takes a step forward, fresh blood from somewhere drips onto his slippers, he holds a hand out as sharp bones appear in it all aimed at her*
Haven't had anyone try flirting with me since that damn KID who caused all of this. You really don't want to be reminding me of them
*sudden sharp bones rise out of the ground through her hands theoretically trapping her*
Cause I'll just make this a whole lot worse
Sht she managed to avoid the bones but having horror charge at her was bizarre

Of course I would, I dont forget that easily. *She smiles faintly seeing Horror she doesnt see him as a threat currently as he wears the familiar face of her love* How's the hunting going?

ToxinTale’s Profile PhotoAllura
*She can only see half his skull as he isn't facing her, but she can definitely see the twisted grin appear on it and creep ever further upwards*
Oh, I get the feeling this is going to be a very successful hunt indeed
*Now he turns to face her, axe extended he tilts his skull so the missing part is nearer the ground as he tugs at his empty eye socket with his free hand, the look in his eye is. . . animalistic*

What are your hobbies?

Escape rooms, axe throwing, true crime/criminology, animals, I have an interest in psychology, conspiracy theories and life's mysteries particularly the mandela effect, titanic and aliens but those are just a few examples. I think I've barely scratched the surface on some of the things I question. I like watching series and discovering new music too :)

Tell me a true, one-sentence story from your life that opens up more questions than it answers, and demands further context

CactusDoug’s Profile PhotoDoug
There's still a locked box in my grandparents house; it's made of grained wood printed with my name, and there are deep axe marks in the lid.

What are your hobbies?

Looking into crime cases/forensic stuff, axe throwing, escape rooms, spending time with my animals, reading, I find things like astrology interesting, music. I love digging into the back catalogues of artists and finding hidden gems or songs I'd not have heard of otherwise, I can spend hours interpreting lyrics sometimes. I think thrifting/bargain hunting is fun too.

「ВД」 ➮ Ваша задача сделать выбор и объяснить его. ➮ Возбуждение/Расслабление. ➮ Мужской/Женский парфюм. ➮ Свадьба летом/Свадьба зимой. ➮ Ходить по магазинам/Заказывать через Интернет. ➮ Средневековье/Современность. ➮ Забыть об истории/Помнить об истории всегда.

sofinyasha1’s Profile Photoɴᴇᴘʜɪʟɪᴍ 「ВД」
•Расслабление. Спокойствия и беззаботности,как всегда,не достаёт. Тревожность,возбуждённость я испытываю и так слишком часто.
•В обоих видах есть те парфюмы,которые мне нравятся. Например, «AXE» и «Императрица» от Dolce Gabbana.
•Лето более располагает возможностью комфортного круглосуточного нахождения на улице,костюмами и платьями без тёплой верхней одежды. Зимой на улице не так приятно посидеть,чревато заболеванием. Выбор скорее падёт на помещение. Но не значит,что зимой нельзя отпраздновать свадьбу запоминающимся,достойным и удовлетворяющим образом.
•Заказываю через Интернет практически всё и всегда,за исключением продуктов,бытовых средств. Так проще: не нужно тратить время,искать товар там,где его может не оказаться,да и выбор более широкий. Не выйдет без устали просмотреть столько вариантов в реальных магазинах. Соответственно,только выигрываешь от заказов через Интернет.
•Интересует Средневековье. Хотел бы пожить в его период,о чём уже не раз упоминал. А если представить фантастический мир,скажем,сродни «Ведьмаку»… Словно аппетит просыпается.
•Смотря какие чувства вызывает история.

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 Ваша задача сделать выбор и объяснить его  

@onryotatarigami @Gorogorogorochan

GoldenLineage’s Profile Photoᴀʀɪꜱᴇ, ʏᴇ ᴛᴀʀɴɪꜱʜᴇᴅ!
ᴛʜᴇ ᴛᴀʟᴇ ᴏꜰ ɢᴏᴅʀɪᴄᴋ ᴛʜᴇ ɢʀᴀꜰᴛᴇᴅ
"The final descendant... A bloody tale, one of some small tragedy and utter MADNESS.
I suppose he had his priorities in the right place, all things considered. But alas, the placing of his MIND is what doomed him.
Godrick the Golden, is what he was known as during his youth. Not a son of Marika or Radagon, and thus he was made recipient of the least of their strength. He was born with a dwarfs body, tiny and frail...
And yet, his ambitions were large indeed, hmn? The young Godrick praised his ancestor Godfrey, devoted himself and prided himself upon sharing his forefathers legacy. But when he looked around... He was disheartened. He had so many relatives, and yet... None of his family cared for upholding their legacy. All of the children of Marika were preoccupied in warring against each other, each one wanting more than one shard of the Elden Ring, each one only caring for pleasing mother Marika and ruling the Lands Between as the next Elden Lord.
None of his family actually cared about Godfrey. About the legendary status he upheld, even now. This revelation despaired Godrick, so much that he declared war against Marika's children himself, and devoted his entire life to upholding his ancestors legacy.
Unfortunately for Godrick however, he would receive only humiliation. Bested by one of Marika's children in combat, he grovelled at their feet for mercy, before being exiled from the Royal Capital and shamed by his own family.
But this was not the end of the Golden. Indeed, the desperation felt by him only served to encourage, and in his delusion, he believes himself to be Godfrey reincarnate.
And to make up for his weakness? He has established himself, he and his loyalists, within Stormveil Castle, hacking the bodies of fallen foes apart and absorbing them into his own skin. Now a giant amalgam wielding a massive golden axe, Godrick the Golden awaits, plotting a return to the Capitol, his soldiers hunting down Tarnished to further augment his and their bodies in a piteous attempt at mad retribution.
And so his family decided. He would be Godrick the Golden no longer.
Now, and forevermore, he is known as Godrick the Grafted."

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onryotatarigami Gorogorogorochan

لو بنوتة هتجيب هدية لخطيبها ف عيد ميلاده تجيبله ايه؟ ☺

جيبي ماكينة حلاقة كهربائية إبحثي وشوفي ماركة محترمة تكون نظيفة ، وممكن معاها تجيبي محفظة جلد طبيعي ولو تعرفي تخلي حد يحفرلك عليها إسمه يبقى فُل أو تجيبيله بدالها ميدالية فضة وسبرآي Axe مثلاً ..💜
ربنا يجمعكم ع خير ويسعدكم يارب يارب.. 💜

*He tries to strike her right in the wing, the guitar acting similar to a large axe. More of his blonde hair begins to become stained black along with his hands. Even his ears begin to transform, becoming pointed horns on the sides of his head.*

*She wasn't expecting him to aim for the wing, and when they aren't in their blade like form they're fairly easy to injure. There's the sound of bones being crushed as the limb goes limp, laying broken and bloodied on the ground, she can't even retract it into her back like she did with the other one the moment she was injured*

ne hab pachuli oder eine bessere variante von axe aber ist kein axe richt zwar gleich aber hält länger eher pachuly

Okay hab noch nie von patchouli gehört aber hab gesehen, dass man es auch in Form von ätherischem Öl haben kann und der Preis ist auch ganz fair ALSO DEFINITIV EIN GO
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منة 🌼 صباح الخير ممكن تقترحي عليا كريم مرطب ينفع ل شاب وكمان اسبراي لو تعرفي أنواع ؟ وهكون ممتنة جدا💜

صباح النور
هو المرطب واحد لبنت أو شاب مش هيفرق خالص، المهم بس يكون مناسب لنوع بشرته
اسبراي أنا بحب axe و zak لطيف

Você tem preconceito com algum estilo de musica? Qual?

JeanGomes643’s Profile PhotoJean Dias
Preconceito, não. Mas há as que não aprecio por questão de gosto mesmo. Como forró, funk, axé, pagode e outras do tipo. Gosto mesmo é de música clássica. Mas aprecio popular também. Como samba, bossa-nova, jazz, tango, valsa, bolero, fado, easy-music, música espanhola, música francesa, música italiana e, até, sertaneja e rock, dependendo do caso. Escuto, também, música folclórica, como a russa, a tcheca, a alemã e outras.
Você tem preconceito com algum estilo de musica Qual

⌠ задание ❄️☃️ ⌡расскажите про себя строками своих любимых песен. 🖊 📑

MazenukeaTrekaila’s Profile Photola mélancolie d'automn ⌠ ℬℊ ⌡
Условимся, что собственные песни (а именно они являются самыми любимыми) меня характеризуют полностью, поэтому обращаюсь к малой части композиций других авторов, повлиявших на моё восприятие.
Sword in my hand, axe on my side.
Valhall awaits, soon I will die.
Sword in my hand, axe on my side.
Valhall awaits me, when I die.
Bear skin on my back, wolf jaw on my head.
Valhall awaits me when I'm dead.
https://youtu.be/3Or87hx0R7wDementedWarrior’s Video 168270898748 3Or87hx0R7wDementedWarrior’s Video 168270898748 3Or87hx0R7w
No god is as cruel as god himself
It's time to show the true face
No life is as dead as life itself;
This earthly realm imprisons my soul
https://youtu.be/_WlI7MXwO10DementedWarrior’s Video 168270898748 _WlI7MXwO10DementedWarrior’s Video 168270898748 _WlI7MXwO10
Darkness, Swallows - me!... Darkness, Swallows - me!
https://youtu.be/pflRXeozehMDementedWarrior’s Video 168270898748 pflRXeozehMDementedWarrior’s Video 168270898748 pflRXeozehM
The light that would fade appears now clear
So cold. The sudden breeze of death
Cleansing the soul, from my pain
Smothered by life
Emptiness takes hold
Eternity shines brighter
Than ever before
https://youtu.be/i-1nhqGvvywDementedWarrior’s Video 168270898748 i-1nhqGvvywDementedWarrior’s Video 168270898748 i-1nhqGvvyw

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DementedWarrior’s Video 168270898748 3Or87hx0R7wDementedWarrior’s Video 168270898748 3Or87hx0R7w

Advice for guys and how to make their girlfriend happy? and what to send them while they're sleeping? what should every guy with a girlfriend do to make her happy from your perspective?

Here's the thing... All Women are different and like different things. There's no one-size-fits-all to make a woman happy. One woman might like flowers, another might hate them, one might love a good book, or some nice chocolate, one might prefer an axe. You gotta know who your woman is to know how to make her happy. Learn about her.

Which poem do you still remember from your childhood? 🌸

SpongeBob6359’s Profile PhotoSpongeBob
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
Well, the most memorable poem is "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" from Goethe. In German it would be "Der Zauberlehrling".
That old sorcerer has vanished
And for once has gone away!
Spirits called by him, now banished,
My commands shall soon obey.
Every step and saying
That he used, I know,
And with sprites obeying
My arts I will show.
Flow, flow onward
Stretches many
Spare not any
Water rushing,
Ever streaming fully downward
Toward the pool in current gushing.
Come, old broomstick, you are needed,
Take these rags and wrap them round you!
Long my orders you have heeded,
By my wishes now I've bound you.
Have two legs and stand,
And a head for you.
Run, and in your hand
Hold a bucket too.
Flow, flow onward
Stretches many,
Spare not any
Water rushing,
Ever streaming fully downward
Toward the pool in current gushing.
See him, toward the shore he's racing
There, he's at the stream already,
Back like lightning he is chasing,
Pouring water fast and steady.
Once again he hastens!
How the water spills,
How the water basins
Brimming full he fills!
Stop now, hear me!
Ample measure
Of your treasure
We have gotten!
Ah, I see it, dear me, dear me.
Master's word I have forgotten!
Ah, the word with which the master
Makes the broom a broom once more!
Ah, he runs and fetches faster!
Be a broomstick as before!
Ever new the torrents
That by him are fed,
Ah, a hundred currents
Pour upon my head!
No, no longer
Can I please him,
I will seize him!
That is spiteful!
My misgivings grow the stronger.
What a mien, his eyes how frightful!
Brood of hell, you're not a mortal!
Shall the entire house go under?
Over threshold over portal
Streams of water rush and thunder.
Broom accurst and mean,
Who will have his will,
Stick that you have been,
Once again stand still!
Can I never, Broom, appease you?
I will seize you,
Hold and whack you,
And your ancient wood
I'll sever,
With a whetted axe I'll crack you.
He returns, more water dragging!
Now I'll throw myself upon you!
Soon, 0 goblin, you'll be sagging.
Crash! The sharp axe has undone you.
What a good blow, truly!
There, he's split, I see.
Hope now rises newly,
And my breathing's free.
Woe betide me!
Both halves scurry
In a hurry,
Rise like towers
There beside me.
Help me, help, eternal powers!
Off they run, till wet and wetter
Hall and steps immersed are lying.
What a flood that naught can fetter!
Lord and master, hear me crying! -
Ah, he comes excited.
Sir, my need is sore.
Spirits that I've cited
My commands ignore.
"To the lonely
Corner, broom!
Hear your doom.
As a spirit
When he wills, your master only
Calls you, then 'tis time to hear it."

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Quel est le pire signe astro en France et pourquoi ?

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoKeepYourEyesPeeled
Alors c’est sans aucun doute les Licornes ascendant Centaure!!
Dans leur monde imaginaire, ils s’inventent des vies autour de leurs excès d’animosité…
Peu méconnus, mais pourtant réputés excessivement fourbes, dans l’astrologie fantasmagorique!
A l’opposé il y a les Licornes ascendant Fée, dans leur univers, mais toujours axé sur la bienveillance…
Quel est le pire signe astro en France et pourquoi

Какие ваши любимые духи или туалетная водичка ? 🤎

lolashina’s Profile PhotoLisa-Anna Olashina
Не люблю сильные запахи 🤢 Не пользуюсь одеколоном. Нравится тот (и в той концентрации), что в состав твердого Axe входит

Was hast du dir zuletzt gekauft?😌

Kaeltesturm’s Profile PhotoLilli
Sehr viel😂war im Rossmann heute. Also, fang ich mal an😂:
• Teebaumöl Bodylotion + Bodyöl
• Mundspülung
• Leibniz Kekse, Mentos
• 2× Duftstäbchenset (Winteredition Zimt & Apfel)
• Seife (so'n Auffüllbeutel)
• Gesichtsmasken (also keine "Corona Masken" sondern diese..ach du weißt schon, was ich meine xD)
• Sebamed Gesichtswasser
Und Axe Deo

“Um adulto que não se posiciona foi uma criança boazinha que aprendeu a não dar trabalho aos pais e fazer tudo para agradar”. O que você acha sobre isso?

Polibachietti’s Profile PhotoDarker
Não acho isso nada a ver sabe! Eu era uma peste na minha infância e hoje sou muito boazinha demais, assim como eu conheço pessoas que foram o contrário é se tornaram pessoas muito ruins como seres humanos... O que você faz hoje, invariavelmente vai impactar no que você vai encontrar amanhã. Há um provérbio Iorubá que diz "Ẹni bá da omi sí iwájú á tẹ ilẹ̀ tútù." (Quem joga água em sua frente, pisará no chão molhado) Quer achar coisas boas no caminho? Faça coisas boas agora. Axé! 😚

Why does a woman look at a man she encounters on the road for more than 3 seconds?

1 second = "Hell no, I am not interested!"
2 seconds = "This guy looks like an axe murderer."
3 seconds = "But still, he might be pretty good in bed..."
4 seconds = "Definitely interested - in his financial situation."
5 seconds = "I don't care if he's married. I'd still do him. Twice."
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¿Qué videojuegos terminaste? De inicio hasta que salieran los créditos. ¿Cuál fue el que más disfrutaste? Empiezo: https://ask.fm/TrollearNEF/answers/168185500081

TrollearNEF’s Profile PhotoT N E F
Sonic the hedgehog 1, 2, 3, & Knuckles, 3D, CD y Manía
Streets of Rage 1,2,3,Remake y 4
Light Crusader
Dynamite Heady
Splatterhouse 1, 2 y 3
Zero: The kamikaze squirrel
Jurassic Park (Megadrive)
The Lost World(Megadrive)
Chakan: the forever man
Golden Axe 1, 2 y 3(todos versión Megadrive)
The revenge of Shinobi, Shinobi III
Baldur's Gate 1, 2 y expansiones
Diablo 1, 2 y expansiones
Alien: Isolation
Mass Effect 1, 2 y 3
Dungeon Keeper 1, su expansión y 2
Alien vs Predator 2 y expansión.
Alien vs Predator(2010)
Chrono Trigger
Starcraft 1, 2 y expansiones
Warcraft 2, 3 y expansiones
Batman: Arkham Asylum
Batman: Arkham City
Gunstar Heroes
Rocket Knight
Soul Reaver 1 y 2
Tomb Raider 1 y 2
Darkest Dungeon
Cthulhu Saves the World
The Culling of the cows
Heroes of the Might and Magic IV, V y VI
Silent Hill 1, 2, 3 y Homecoming
Resident Evil 1 y 5
Enigmatis 1, 2 y 3
The Evil Within
Grim Fandango
Icewind Dale
Hollow Knight
Left 4 Dead 1 y 2
Neverwinter Nights 1, 2 y expansiones
Planescape: Torment
The Red Strings Club
The secret of Monkey Island
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge
The Curse of Monkey Island
Shovel Knight
Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 1 y 2
The Wolf Among Us
The Witcher
Maldita Castilla
Pokemon Azul, Amarillo, Oro, Iberia y Titán.
Vampire: The Masquerade.
Vampire: The Masquerade. Bloodliness
Leisure Suit Larry 7
Mortal Kombat 1, 2 y 3
Adventures of Batman and Robin
Asterix: The Great Rescue
Contra: Hardcorps
Comix zone
Earthworm Jim 1 y 2.
Dragon Ball Z Buu Yuu Retsuden
Kid Chameleon
MegaMan 1, 2 y 3
World of Illusion
ToeJam and Earl 2
Y vete a saber cuántos más me he dejado por el camino. A ver quién tiene cojones de elegir uno entre la mayor parte de esos.

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Are you into fitness at all? Do you have a daily workout routine?

Buffyfan’s Profile PhotoAlex
Yes, I have this really weird obsession with NOT getting fat. Like i mean if I notice I gained like 2 lbs I literally start to cry, its some serious body image problems 😭
I actually just work out a bunch in the garden. I know that doesnt sound like much but its not a small garden. I basically spending 2-3 hours a day shoveling dirt & use a pick axe which is extremely tiring. Then im always doing squats cause i have to pick things up over & over again. My thighs & booty has gotten quite big because of it honestly. 😏

عاوزه حاجه جاهزه بس تكون حلوه وشيك

الجاهز فيه كتير ممكن تختاري حاجه غاليه شويه وخلاص😂
لو تركيب هاتي نوع كروم ليجند أو انفيكتوس
لو اسبراهيات هاتيfog أو Axe
+1 answer in: “ممكن تقترحلي برفيوم يكون حلو هديه لخطيبي 🌻”

Запах может влиять на людей, покорять сердца и дарить моменты настоящего блаженства. Если вы хотите оставаться в памяти, то вам обязательно необходим свой запах. И он должен быть безупречным.🤗 Какой парфюм, аромат больше всего нравятся вам у противоположного пола? Каким пользуетесь вы?

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У мужчин очень нравятся запахи "Axe" - тëмный шоколад и кожа + печеньки 😍🔥
Сама же пользуюсь вот этими ароматами. В следующем месяце ещё планирую один купить😍🔥
Запах может влиять на людей покорять сердца и дарить моменты настоящего

I'm glad you got less tics now Toby also is it true your weapon was a axe or is it still that item? if you got a new item what would that be?

My favorite weapons are my 2 hatchets, all my knives, a rifle that’s partially mine but also Wolf’s, a spear I’m making (not done yet but it’ll be really cool when finished), and soon I’ll have a couple of hand guns that’ll be part of my favorites collection as well. If I got a new item it’d be a Katana, but those are expensive as fuck lol. I love collecting weapons if you can’t tell. I also like to make a lot of homemade and single use weapons for fun.
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