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Jo baatein insan pee jaata hai,woh baatein insan ko kha jaati hain"and I can literally agree on this

AwaisSahil’s Profile PhotoAwais"
Jab kisi se apna hal baanto na dil ka, aur aagay se wo batameez daant nikaale ya esi shakal se dekhe jis se saf nazar aye k he's judging you. Toh us se zyada ghatya feeling koi ni. Jo dil mai hai, dil he mai rehna chahiye. 💔

What is the spookiest ghost story that you have ever heard? 💀

Mustafa_Rajput’s Profile PhotoM U S T A F A
Mere sath he rehta hai har waqat uske kaya story sunao bhala jan he nahi chorta hai kafi months say ghayab tha abhi kuch weeks phele aya mere room ka door open kar k bary mazay say aya mere bed k qareeb aya or pass a kar leyt gaya mai so rehi thee this is real story ap ko shayad yakeen na aye itni dear baad aya pata nahi kahan say ghoom phir kar aya hai shukar kar rehi thee k kaheen dafa ho gaya hai peecha nahi chorta hai mera ap waki mai dar mat jana childhood say mere sath hai

Jagmagati hui raat ye, Lab pe hain shikayatein, Koi nahi mujhko sun raha, Wo dhalta din majboor hai, Manzil zara door hai, Bujh raha umeedon ka chiragh.

Tanhaye ke safar mein..
Challna sabar se..
Koi na nazar mein.. haaan
Jab khawab humein choor jayee..
Soochoon ko nibha na payee..
Din woh yaad aye naaa
Khata hoo gayi..
Sazaa hoo gayi..
Puranay din yaad aaye na..
Duniya kai is shoor mein
Seekhaa.. hai marr ke.. hote zindagi kyaa..

What doesn't feel the same?

MalikShaheer’s Profile PhotoMuhammad Shaheer
Aye nothing feels the same without certain people. I can’t ever go back to Karachi cause my aunts aren’t there anymore.
I can’t look at any little cute baby without thinking of my baby polar bear.
I can’t call anyone “best friend” remembering the one I had and what she did.
*Mini melts* are a reminder of my childhood but they don’t feel the same without my little brother.

Mene Twitter pe dekha hai Israel army ek young larki ko boht buray tareeqay se maar rahain hain. Or public churwane a rahi hai usay bhi. Baddua di hai un army walon ko. I hope and pray wo log mar jaayen boht hi buri moat because it's too much. I hope unko itni buri moat aye pehle kisi ko na I ho

OneFinalTime_Maybe’s Profile PhotoAhmed Imran Hashmi
Hazrat Mohammed SAWW never cursed someone, no matter what. So we're their ummati tho badua buzdil logo ki nishani. Stop it Buddy!

Have you ever been involved in a road accident.? 🤔

Alakazam995’s Profile PhotoDaniyal Ahmad
Bike accident Photo k sth 24/2/20 date bhi likh di thi aur mjhy yad ha dost ko cant station chor kr arha to Police wla wrong side se sidha mere andar warr gya jiski wja se usko chotein lagi aur bike CD thi wo tabha ho gayi meri 125 thi tedhi ho gayi pr bachat ho gayi jiski wja se mjhy paon mn mamulu si chot ayi jisko maine ignore krdia ghr mn bhi nhe btya phr us choti si chot ny mjhy pura Mahina rulaya chalne phirne se kasir nah uth skta nah beth skta,to ye bhi aek sabaq ha jb bhi apko choti se choti chot ya mamuli si bhi tabdili nazar aye bd mn afsos se behtar ha fori doctor se rbta kiya jye. Aaj k samachaar yahein samaat hote ha 🙏😅
Have you ever been involved in a road accident

what makes you lose feeling for someone instantly?

yomummyyy’s Profile Photoyomummyyy
Ugh pick your words well. You probably mean, what makes me instantly “dislike” someone. 🌚
- People who show off and are self obsessed. 😷
- People who mistreat others and are basically mannerless. I can’t even stand ill-mannered kids and careless parents.
- LIES 🤩
It’s understandable if you don’t want to share something, don’t but lying is never okay.
- Kinda hate irresponsible people as well and the ones who’re a spoil sport are annoying AF. 😤
- Again if you’re saving and are low on money, that’s okay but if there’s no problem and you’re just a miser? Ew you 😷
- Dislike the people who’d rather be at home for food, for movies. Whatever it may be, they’d rather do it at home and again not because of finances but because they’re laid back like that. No thanks.
- People that always want to rest and sleep, while travelling. 🤡 They spoil everything for real! Especially if you’re bound to go to places together.
- The aura ouff 🌚 sometimes someone just exists and you don’t like them. They just don’t feel like a good person, you know? Aye reminds me of this one time amma introduced me to this women who was a hafiz-e-Quran and I instantly disliked her. Later amma got to know that woman was doing some weird shit, to her 🤡 as an effort to keep amma close to her.
Crazy world!

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https://ask.fm/NoraKitties/answers/172861120389 - You anticipated I was going to come over, that's why you moved, aye? 🤣

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Hahaha, yes, sure! 🤣 Didn't want another stalker.
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
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httpsaskfmNoraKittiesanswers172861120389  You anticipated I was going to come

Ay Logo....Ager Ap Keh den k Mujhe Toh moat aye gi Kya....??? Mat Kaha Tum bura Lagta Dukh Hota ....Ap Keh k Mukhatib Kiya Karen please... humble request Dil pay mat Lena..♥️

numernim’s Profile PhotoNimRa Munir
Masha'Allah koi apki baat check keray, Khali ap kehna he "izat" kerna nhi hota, they way you speak matters... Ab kisi ko moat ka kahogi "ap" keh k tho faida nhi aise useless ap ka
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ever happened to you that you parted with someone 2years ago but still thinks about him....and feel miserable that you can't do anything about it and you both got ego issues🥺

Ego issues tmry ho skty hen per dsry bndy k nh unless or until it's not confirmed. It might be your self assumption for that person that he's having ego issues. Try to understand the other one too.
Second thing, try to talk with him/her and fix the things. Simple. Agr phr b ego nzr aye to khtm kr dna. Make it simple and easy.

Unexpected bond with an unexpected person and then an unexpected goodbye~

ujalaniazi459’s Profile Photopoison
I believe there are no unexpected goodbyes. The thing is people use Islamic quotes to justify their shortcomings, just to satisfy their ego and validate their wrong doings. What's the point in this camouflaging? Remember, Is dunia main har cheez Allah ki ijazat aye hoti hay, Allah ki merzi say nhi. Agar Allah ki merzi say hoti toh shayad dunia ka ye haal na hota. It's never too late to repair your bond with your loved ones. GO MOVE YOUR ASSES, SHOW SOME MATURITY, SHOW ACCOUNTABILITY, AND FIX THE MESS YOU BOTH HAVE CAUSED. IT'S NEVER TOO LATE. SAVE YOURSELVES FROM REGRETS!!!
I can only help you open your eyes my brothers and sisters. Because I don't want you guys to suffer like I do. Best of luck ❤️

Constipation nae theek hou rhi Yar . Solution please 😔

drink good amount of water 🙄
Neeem garam pani me olive oil mix krke peoo 🙄
Eat... yogurt + banana + isabgol ka cheelka ...
phir be aram na aye to lilac drop use kro
or phir phir last haal he ek or but im sure isi se kaam ban jayega

What is the best gift you've ever received?

Issafrizzysquirrel’s Profile PhotoFalak Faseeh
Haha aye you know what this reminds me of? Years back in Ramzan we all were out for Iftar and this friend called me in a corner and pulled out some bracelets and goes like “they’re just for you, I didn’t get them for anyone else” since we were a big group of females. 🌚
Did I like those bracelets? No did it matter? NO! 🥺
I was so touched, for the sole reason that she was so thoughtful and I really only wore them (everytime) solely cause they reminded me of her kindness (not because I actually liked them.) All such random little gifts, mean a lot to me cause they were not purpose driven, you know nor were they the need of time/occasion.
They were just out of love, for me.

Zindagi se apney kya seekha ?

zuney7’s Profile PhotoZunaira
-Allah Per paka sahi paka yaqeen ker k zindagi guzaro
-Her lamhay pe azmaish aye ge per apne Allah pe yaqeen dagmagne nahi dena
-Astagfar or Allhumdulillah kasrat se kero
-Rukne wale ruk jate hain chahien jitni b majboriyan ho or jane wale diwar me se b rasta nikal lete hain
-kisi ka bura kabhi na chaho
-Kerway lamhay or batien hamesha pee jao Ajar Allah Pak ki zaat deti ha or ese lamhay deti hai k ap Sajda-e-Shukar me gir jate ho
-So On

Namaz main ro ro k ab lgta hai demagh bhi kaam krna chor gaya hai lekin waqt nai badla bhtt sal ho gaye hain, Mental health bhi khtm ho rhi h

Aye ibn e Adam
Aik Meri chahat hai
Aik teri chahat hai
Hoga to wohi jo Meri chahat hai
Pas agar to ne supard kardiya apnay aap ko us, ke, jo Meri chahat hai
To woh bhi tujhe de doon ga jo teri chahat hai
Agar to ne mukhalifat ki us ki jo Meri chahat hai
To Mien thaka doonga tujhe us mien jo teri chahat hai
Phir wohi hoga jo Meri chahat hai

https://ask.fm/kaedanwilkinson/answers/172286888876 - Aye, but he wore them due to them being part of his subculture apparently, in other words he voluntarily did it unlike others who are forced to wear them as part of their occupations 😅

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ †êñå¢ï𵧠†ðmm奙 ▩ ♚ ☻
I’m sure you can look gothic without wearing shoes that kill you…. But what do I, who is categorically not a goth, know about that subculture? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤔🤔🤔😂

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