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What's one thing you like about yourself? What's one thing you wish people could understand or know about you?

1 thing I like about myself is, I have a heart. I care more than most people ... if anyone should know anything about me it’s that I’m a great person, I have a good heart, I love my daughter and my babymom but I will never be back with my babymom again
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you are rude as hell. maybe because your 16, idk. you think you know what your talking about - but obviously you dont. you ARE his babymom & he IS your babydad

Babydaddy is a rude ghetto term .
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So you cool that yo nigga basically fucked all yo bitches girlll you next lmao Nick smashed the homeis. . . . but wrap up baby girl don't want to be babymom #2_ from what I'm seeing nick cares more about you then his own kid tragic

Lol , how you sound ? Nick loves his daughter . Y'all can say whatever you want about me &' him , but don't bring Chloe into . That's pathetic .

Jefferson you're the biggest liar ever met in my life... How you gonna tell me you dont have feeings for your bm anymore. Lmfao

okay so all the bicthes out there
i still love my baby mom and all u hoe tryna get on my dick u going to have to work hard caz yall bicthes think ima forget about my babymom that i know for like years so a bicth that just meet me -__-

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