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No se on mahtavaa huomasin että teil on ollu vissiin taukoo kun oot ollu usas niin ootko ikävöinyt häntä

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Ei meillä mitään taukoa ole ollut. Urheillaan molemmat ja ollaan totuttu että välillä tulee näkemiseen väliä pelireisdujen ym. takia. Olin Jenkeissä turnausreissulla, mutta joka päivä oltiin yhteydessä. Nyt Veikka on Espanjassa turnausreissulla ja mä lähden huomenna aamulla Södeltäljeen pelaan. Joka päivä ollaan yhteydessä vaikka oltais eri puolilla maailmaa. Tää kuukausi on paha... Totta kai on ikävä, mut ballislife on tämmöstä!

Хей!Днес темата ще е "или-или" 1.Телефон или таблет 📱 2.Пеене🎤 или рисуване✏ 3.Море или басейн 🌊 4.Мента или Jack Daniels🍷 5.Плод🍌или зеленчук🍅 6.Баскетбол🏀 или футбол⚽ 7.Маратонки или кецове👟 8.Horror или екшън🎬🎥 9.Зелено или червено🔴 10.Дънки или анцуг 👖 Лек/а ден/вечер!😊

Хейоо :))
🔯1. Телефон📲😊
🔯2. Рисуване🎨
🔯3. Море 🏊😝
🔯4. Мента🍷🔞
🔯5. Плодче 🍉😍
🔯6. ballislife 🏀❤
🔯7. кецове 👟😝
🔯8. Horror 👻❤
🔯9. Зелено 🌿😍
🔯10. Дънки 👖♥
Лек ден и на теб 🙌❤
ХейДнес темата ще е илиили
1Телефон или таблет 
2Пеене или рисуване
3Море или

Ein paar fragen für die stimmung : 1.Buffst du? 2.warst schonmal suff? 3. jungfrau? 4.alter? 5.gut in der schule? 6.bist du dünn? 7.anti RB? 8.Langeweile? 9.3 fakten über dich? 10.jedem liker diese frage?

ok aber nur für die stimmung ?
1. nein
2. nein
3. ja
4. 14
5. war mal besser
6. nein
7. schon haha
8. nie
9. - ballislife
- food is bæ
- ich guck immer als ersten auf die Augenbrauen hahah
10. neeee

Esti qtu tpenses ballislife sa gosse intense serieux. C'est pas du hate mais sincerement tu joues po au basket fac tyl plz

Wow tu calme je suis pas ball is life in fact j'aime j'aime pas ca est-ce que ca change que curry yer vrm cho non donc non je suis pas ball is life jfais de la danse pis du flag pas de basket pour moi (ftg thx tu me connais clairement pas)

Why do you like basketball so much? Like I thought you were a netball fanatic and suddenly u play for grade sport (apparently your ok at best but not like amaze) and then suddenly ur like "ball is life"? is this for ur bae or like u genuinely like it to the point ballislife cuz I honestly doubt it.

hahahaha anon i think you misunderstood the answer :33 no im not a bball fanatic because idk im trash at it :') but my answer 'basketball because ballislife' was in response to:
'serious question, have u ever been jealous of someone in the grade and if so who and why?'
so~ i was saying that i is jelly of bball because a certain someone is like ballislife and lives down by the bball courts D:

Tbh: sa fait longtemps ? grand joueur de basket !! Trop fiere de toi !! Jvais vnir voir tes game ! Tes gentil aussi ! Tes beauuu ! Tas la meilleure soeur et le meilleur frere haha, inbox quand tu veux et on svoit srm soon et jouera au bball cause ballislife you know ☺️

Ahahahah merci ☺️ pis jvais t'attendre à mes game ???

tbh majuniii i miss having classes with you man you're hilarious and can always make me laugh till i cry😂💓 you're sickk at ball ballislife and i can't wait to watch you play and take pics of you again omg😂you're super chill and great but you really need to work on your sewing😂kk peace ballislife

aha definitely memories from french. Ah yeaa it could be better😂

hey justin tbh your v chill and funny too u seem like ballislife now.. and im still shocked that you bus from maple ridge to joyce almost everyday.. well anyways, ur rlly easy to talk to and you can hmu anytime if u need help with smt aha see you around lol

thanks same goes to you!

Tbh: U think u funny but ️ye UR not shut up and your really nice dohh and ballislife now ;) but Yheah your hectic Yheah we like best friends now but yeah U jokes suuuck not even jokin :') get better ones

-.-Shut up I am funny, but yeah ballislife. LOL BFF ;) Ur jus jealous that I'm more funny;')

tbh; we talkk sometimes & you're really funny & chill:)) HAHA we have math together even tho you doont talk to me-.- your like obsessed w/ soccer when ballislife :/ HAHAHAH you're really fun to talk to & yeah:)

Ahaha ballislife? LOL soccer is way better then basketball don't compare but thanks:))

Tbh navi, were the loner squad :) you're funny beautiful and one of my bestest friends! Ballislife we say and we never score✌️I've known you since grade 5 and we've had awesome memories, wether it's basketball or man hunt we always have fun ily to the moon and bak❤️

Awww thx love u too amisha
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tbh I've heard of u from friends and u seem chill nice and outgoing and ballislife right 1on1 me ;) jk but yah ur cute and we should talk aye idk u so this is short sorry

gerardp15’s Profile PhotoGerard
I will definitely lose if i play 1on1 ;) haha hmu!! 778-997-3468 thanks :)
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tess justee unee little bitchee 1- va siii taa juste rien na dire que tanbarque ma familly dedanss vasiii 2 - tu port des KD maiss tu ses meeme pas QUO EST KD REALLY 3- tu dit ballislifee MAISS TUU SES PASS COMMENTT CONTRÔLLER TA BALLL TU TENDD DEBARAASE 4-JAURAIT PRISS LE DISCC DANS MON COEUR

1- tu ferme tg car je sais tes ki
2-tu parle kaka mais au moin moi jen ai toi ta meme pas de shoes tu joue avec des vieux shoes senti tes juste jaloux car moi jen ai pis toi non-.- pis jai le droit de dire ballislife car cest vrai cest ma vie pis si cest toi ayoub jparlerais meme pas a ta place car hier ta pris un banc moi jen prend jamais moi jprefere mieux faire des passe au lieux d'essayer de rentrer au panier si jvois jvais pas reussir pis ce que ta dit est vrm su jlai pas pris car jmen fou tu dit jsais pas cest ki mais laffaire que tu remarque pas cest que ca s'apprend quand on cest pas un bahaye pis kd cest kevin durant #djollsenti poussywol enleve ton anonnyme so arrete de parler kaka for nun pis jrentre ta familly because je sais cest vrai ce que jdis car si elle en est pas une jen suis pas une aussi. Jte le dit une derniere fois le ask a ta mon cest pas ca-.-

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tbh: ur like one of the most flawless people on earth i love you a lot stay in school kid i know ballislife but really you have to stay in school !! you're rlly rlly rlly pretty and smart af and funny ok let's go ice skating u me & pating soon ok oookok have a gr8 day bc ur a gr8 person. rate - 1500

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I'm pretty sure that was an accurate description if you but YOU ARE LITERALLY MY BAE and I love you so much you don't even know and #ballislife is so true ILYSFM and I can't express how much you mean to me and yes we need to hang
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Tbh kirann. Ily man. Ur one of the nicest gr 10s ik. Ur so fckn pretty, funny and soo nice:) volleyball was soo much fun with u, too bad it's over :(( why couldn't u join bball -.- but its ok lol still love u tho <3

harleeeen babby:* thankss cuutie &ahahah ballislife but i fuckeed up my knee:( dw next year:)

Truth is: I don't really know you. You look hella tall! :O Oo you seem like you play basketball lol. You seem really chill and fun to hang out with. xD What school do you go to? Damn popular much? All them likes doe. Well we should talk more! (:

Vanessaa_Ho’s Profile PhotoVanessa Ho
I am only 5'8 !! But thanks (: ballislife thanks haha I go to El Monte High lol I'm not popular /.\ stahp it yea we should talk

Kamryn-Tbh: currently buying our tickets to Tajikistan so pack your bags my Gujarati speaking homie Jesus. It's quite frightening that you already know everything but it's okay it's okay cause ballislife *whoop* idk how to write that sound effect ( it didn't fit so I did it sepertly )

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Truth is youre a loc! Basketball is the shit and we gotta have some team bonding one of these weekends;) hahaha

Ballislife and yeah forsure the whole harbor basketball squad needs to turn up with each other haha
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Suite : cest trop droĺee , ballislife gurlllll, nos convos a toi brinda raky et moi strop drole hahahahahha omggg on se comprend tellement g ! , TES EYEBROWSS SONT LES PLUS BEAUUXXX ...... Or nah ahahaa ✋ ta mere est trop chillll , tonfrere est wack , tes chats sont horrible , mais ta bouffe est

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Thanks, ballislife mais le coach tho, haha, birane est tjs wack quand il apprécie les gens haha <3

tbh- can't believe you came to pr :') you're like a beast at ball man. when we used to go to the rec tho major tb. we don't talk much anymore buh that better change. you're so tall maybe wanna pass some height to me yeah okay that would be great. you're pretty chills and fun to talk to :)

AHAH cuz ballislife (; nd yeah ahah tb to like gr 6 (': nd thankss aha

Tbh Elena you are super nice and funny! I remember talking to you a lot in ms stansburys class in sixth grade hahaha that was so fun, and the ballislife socks you got bobby were pretty damn sexy so I guess that makes you an honorary member of the roshe gang! Wok soon yes?

adamk23’s Profile PhotoAdam Kim
ahahah yes thank you !! for sure :)

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