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Why do you deny that your beautiful ik it might be a girl inherited thing or something because you are fucking beautiful and no girl ever admits they are beautiful if a girl is perfect weight they say they are fat and make them selves under weight and i don't want that to happen to you beautifulgirl

our society is a fucked up.

Tbh you're my go to for Hyderabadi gossip as much as you might hate that designation, jokes apart I think you're a lovely girl who is terribly misunderstood by many. If all of them would care to stop and think for a moment they'd realise what I have which is that you're a beautifulgirl insideand out

@siddhanthprasad This is so freaking sweet :')
Thanks man! Means a lot <3
P.s- You already gave me a tbh before :P hahah but this one is better!

happyBirthday my beautifulGirl 💕, Wish all your dream come true lovely 😍, yaa j3llnny fddaa qlpch 7beby 😩💛, W A3shhq jmiilltty ely kbrt sna 💕🎂. W ya 3sanny ma an7rm mnch wla mn shoftch w ya j3lch a5ty 8reeba mny 6ool 3mrry 😩💕, w j3lny wyach fe kl a3yadch 7bebt qlpy 🎂💙. ,Ily💘. Adore youh💚

bezo_alsaeed’s Profile PhotoBezo.411❤;
حبيبيي انتيي احبش انييي 😍😘
الله يلا يحرمنييي منش 😇

Brianna. You are the most beautifulgirl I've ever seen. And trust me I'm not the only one who thinks so. Juan is just holding you back. Dont let him treat you like that. If you were mine YOU would come before anything. And a million guys think so too. :)

Omg Thaaaank Yooooou /.\ You're So Sweet ^.^ I Dont Let Him Though . I Say Something . But That's Really Cute ^-^ Can I Know Who You Are Please ? (: /.\

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