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Залишилось накидати півсотні дурних питань і аск. буде український як вважаєте ?

dvbg17103’s Profile PhotoRoketsan
В нашей локации Аск.фм и так, по большей части, уже украинский, россияне немного затихли, они слегка растерялись. )
On February 24th Russia and Belarus launched a full scale war at Ukraine, a sovereign European democracy, home to 40 million people. ASKfm condemns this ruthless act of war and calls for the world to do the same...
"#standwithukraine - Ask.fm Safety Center" https://safety.ask.fm/standwithukraine/?lang=ru
Залишилось накидати півсотні дурних питань і аск буде український як вважаєте

Кто исполняет песню Залаты гадзiннiк у чорнай вароны...? Как она называется? И в каком году она вышла?

Эту песню исполняет белорусская группа "Ляпис Трубецкой". Песня называется "Belarus Freedom". Она вышла в 2008 году. Есть информация о том, что эта песня запрещена в Беларуси, но насколько это правда мне неизвестно.

Libor Milian in Belarus )))))

Libor Milian (@libormilian) • Instagram photos and videos
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Libor Milian-Wounded Heart (In preparation)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqZbL_0QUU4LadyAlexandraMinsk’s Video 170202329275 xqZbL_0QUU4LadyAlexandraMinsk’s Video 170202329275 xqZbL_0QUU4
Libor Milian-You left away
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6BQTsReetgLadyAlexandraMinsk’s Video 170202329275 f6BQTsReetgLadyAlexandraMinsk’s Video 170202329275 f6BQTsReetg Libor Milian-BB Songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34QjLAa-aSMLadyAlexandraMinsk’s Video 170202329275 34QjLAa-aSMLadyAlexandraMinsk’s Video 170202329275 34QjLAa-aSM
Libor Milian lyrics, songs and albums | LyricsFreak
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Libor Milian feat Shean Doah - SlivkiMP3
libor milian you left away lyrics, HD wallpaper | Wallpaperbetter
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Libor Milian | Imperiya Info Center Belarus
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Libor Milian in Belarus

Hi and I Love you Artist Libor Milian Sexy Man ))))

https://imperiya.by/ IMPERIYA hello everyone I want to write to you in Belarus what you are waiting for Wounded Heart.After worldwide success we are definitely going for it.But now also from Videoclip for music tv.Maria thank you.

🥺 Décrivez votre voyage de rêve ?

julien2910’s Profile Photo2k29
My dream trip (one I'm going to take in the next two years!) is to fly to Oregon and drive an RV all the way up the coast to Alaska. It looks so beautiful. I'd also like to just travel through America avoiding the big cities and coast lines, seeing the interior of America isn't something I've seen many people do. Driving Route 66 would be a cool way to do it.
My dream is to take a year off from everything and travel. If i ever end up with enough money and time than i would like to visit Moldova, Belarus, Finland Norway Baltic countries, Russia, Mongolia, China Bhutan, Nepal. After that Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Caribbean Islands, some parts of Us, Canada. After that in Africa Egypt, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa and maybe even more in Africa. And lastly Australia and New Zeland.
"Dream" is foolish because honestly that would be flying into Italy after winning a 200+ million lottery and stopping by Pagani to spec my Huayra, and then a quick stop over to Ferrari to pick up two new Ferraris (one for my best friend) and then we would drive them around Europe a bit before heading to a western coast where they would be shipped back to the US as we fly home.
From Barmera Australia, having never left, at age 23 in 1969 or something close to then he flys to San Francisco. He then proceeds to hitchhike all the way to the southern most point of Chile and then back up to the Arctic circle at the top of Canada. He used every day on his visas in every country in the Americas. Idk how he got across the Atlantic but he then took the Trans Siberian to the full length to Asia and left from there.
I rode about 6-8 hours per day but would stop between cities to look at ancient villages, touristy stuff but cool nonetheless. My itinerary was: Nice (where I rented the bike ~$800 for 6 days) -> Auvignon-> Aubenas (met a fellow rider halfway there and he let me crash at his place in a little village outside the city, apt was in the 400 year old castle walls of a church so that was super cool) -> Montpellier (my favorite city in France. Young ppl and lots to do. Liked it so much I stayed an extra night instead of riding) -> St Maxime (little town on the riviera) -> back to Nice. I would absolutely do that ride again but spend more time in Auvignon and spend nights in Nimes and Aix-en-Provence. Both beautiful cities that I only stopped in for a few hours. Get some more riding experience under your belt as some of the roads were expert level stuff but the drivers in France really take care to watch out for motorcycles. Better than I can say about LA drivers. Anyway, the vistas during the riding were breathtaking but stay away from the highways as they are toll roads and not cheap. Also there are speed cameras everywhere and I got 8 speeding tickets in the mail for minor infractions like 2-8 kph over the limit.

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König Christian X. war einer der wenigen Verantwortlichen, welcher nach der Eroberung seines Landes die Juden in Sicherheit brachte. Glaubst Du, wenn mehr Verantwortliche ihren Gewissen gefolgt wären, hätte damals viel verhindert werden können?

Xjorn’s Profile PhotoKatzelmacher
Du siehst doch an Belarus, China, Türkei, Afghanistan, etc... manchmal kann man nicht dagegen ankämpfen, ohne nicht selbst ex.ekutiert zu werden. Gegen ein strenges Regime können selbst Menschenmassen nichts ausrichten.
Hätte Gorbatschov nicht die DDR freigegeben, hätten die Leute dort noch so lange demonstrieren können. Dann wäre halt die Volksarmee gegen ihre eigenen Landsleute vorgegangen und dann hätten viele wieder gekuscht, um nicht im Gefängnis, Straflager oder unter die Erde zu gelangen. Irgendwann fügt man sich.
Und was die Verantwortlichen angeht, die haben kein Gewissen. Denen geht es nur um ihre eigene Ideologie. Wenn sie aufmucken, sind auch sie weg vom Fenster.

Do you think coronavirus is going to finish soon? 🧐🥺❤️🥶🌍💙🖇

Danjaa98’s Profile PhotoDanja Ferrario
[ I , yes, me, received a shoutout from Babygirl: ~ 🧐🥺❤️🥶🌍💙🖇 ~ via Shoutout about 1 hour ago, yes I did , & here's my answer: ]
A year , and 4 months ago , on here , someone asked:
"Do you really think this could go on for another 3 months?"
My reply: "more like 3 years . . . "
~ Virus patterns can do really unpredictable things .. . .
But humans, they are totally predictable.
30-40% are pig-stupid
30-40% are totally uncaring ~ don't give a shit
10% are total evil (devoid of God-given human goodness)
All governments are selfish evil control freaks ; just some wear smiley masks.
Our Boris 'woolly-bully' Johnson dithers & delays every precious solution our wonderful scientists come up with, making the solutions too-little-too-late & ineffective .
Why do the stupid people always vote for imbeciles to lead us?
Last August , when it was ALMOST under control, the polititheads in this country opened the gates & let the idiots out to go to Turkey to tan their tits ~ and bring back a revitalised strain.
Now they are doing it again.
Then there's the Right Wing President-idiots (eg, in Brasil & Belarus) they are so brain-dead they can only deny it exists .
And the Stoners ; they think it's a conspiracy , refuse to mask, distance, or vaccinate . . .
So, the human race will never let it end ; they keep training the virus to outwit us ~ that's what their behaviour patterns are doing .
So , no , it is not going to finish soon .
But perhaps 80% of people , the COVIDIOTS will 'finish' .
And there will be peace on Earth .

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It might take an edict from the FAA to ground you.. I know of no single person that would have that capabiliity.. though, if local, I might want to give it a try 😉😘

haha or a bit of air piracy over Belarus could have me skidding to a halt....seriously though I kind of know what you meant when you said Seraya keeps you grounded and that is a superb thing in your life , in a way I envy that not a kid per se but a focus in life to rein in some of my ...how shall I put this ?...excesses maybe , it's a character trait , a very free spirit that sometimes just requires a calming influence , in a way it's why I like this app which is crappy, quirky and weird but strangely addictive in that I can just let fly , summon up all sorts from my mind without having to worry about reaching some academic goal, I know you have to strip out the pervs, stalkers , low lives and just plain daft but once in a while it produces people of integrity and decency and fun , such as yourself , Bob and a few others , it's a kind of relaxing space for me , even the weirdest questions have an integrity , not the totally abusive though but they are easily dismissed , it is such an antidote to academic life , haha you're probs asleep by now reading all that stuff but anyways that's just me

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Template:Translated from this year for Covid 19 at all shops, fans and radio stations.

TheRealLiborMilian’s Profile PhotoLibor Milian Wounded Heart ✔
Sales information may differe from Covid 19
https://24smi.org/celebrity/ and others
Libor Milian 's official single Wounded Heart will premiere on 2020 August 30. America, South America, Sao Tome and Principe, Canada
Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Belarus, Georgia, Lithuania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia,
Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Romania
Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland
Germany, Switzerland,
England, India, Turkey, Pakistan, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Afghanistan,
Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, Philippines,
Estonia, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Iceland and other countries.

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TemplateTranslated from this year for Covid 19 at all shops fans and radio

Hopefully everything will be fine soon! I'm fine, just a little tired.

sangyongsol’s Profile Photo남우현 Woohyun
If people lose, then we will not have a normal life, I now understand those people who are leaving for other countries, I can’t afford to myself, I can’t because in May the salary is low, like my mother’s. And I hope that Belarus will become the best country.)

oh since you're talking about brains, you should yours too, cuz I asked where are you from not where you live rn? yes it says Belarus but you're talking in Arabic that's why I asked you where are you from? got it or should I make it more easy for you? 🙂

Clearly you havent used it much but its okay i will understand. You will learn by time.
I’ll make it easier.. as you can see when you enter the profile you will see my location is in Qatar which is this flag 🇶🇦 which is located on the right corner of the app. Basically this shows you in which country you are staying in at the moment.
+3 answers in: “man where are you from if I may ask”

Verfolgst du die aktuelle Situation in Belarus? Hast du eine Meinung dazu und wie schätzt du die Situation ein?

Es ist nicht einfach über eine Situation zu schreiben, die sich stündlich ändert, aber ich werde es natürlich versuchen.
Zunächst eine kleine Zusammenfassung: Belarus (Die Bezeichnung Weißrussland ist politisch in der Hinsicht problematisch, dass Belarus kein Teil von Russland ist und die Belarussen eine eigene Identität haben) wird seit 1994, also seit kurz nach dem Zusammenbruch der Sowjetunion, von Lukaschenko mit einem autokratischen Kurs regiert. Zur Präsidentschaftswahl am 9. August wurde er nun nach offiziellen Angaben mit mehr als 80 Prozent wiedergewählt, doch die Opposition wie viele Bürger*innen zweifeln dies stark an und halten eine Oppositionelle für die Siegerin. Der Vorwurf der Wahlmanipulation steht im Raum, dieses Mal aber mit besonderer Vehemenz und Dynamik. Die Macht Lukaschenkos war noch nie so sehr bedroht. Das ist wichtig zu erwähnen. Eigentlich widersetzen sich in Belarus eher kleine aktivistische Gruppen und ein Großteil der Bevölkerung ist apolitisch und angepasst.
Seit nun fast einer Woche protestieren jedoch viele Menschen auf der Straße - nicht nur in Minsk, sondern auch in anderen Bezirken - und die Situation weitet sich gerade dito zu einem Generalstreik aus, der für Lukaschenko sehr gefährlich werden kann. Die Sicherheitsbehörden gehen hart gegen die Proteste vor. Man berichtet von Verhaftungen samt Folterung, Tränengas, Geschossen usw. Die Opposition (Drei Frauen, vor allem Swetlana Tichanowskaja, die für ihren verhafteten Mann eingesprungen ist. Das ist in Belarus eine besondere Situation, da Frauen hier vor allem als Ehefrau und Mutter wahrgenommen werden, und für Lukaschenko somit eine besondere Beleidigung und Kränkung) ruft zu friedlichem Protest auf, aber die Proteste werden immer mehr zum Selbstläufer.
Die Proteste selbst zeigen ein hohes Niveau der Selbstorganisation, laufen fast von selbst, sind führungslos "gewöhnliche" Menschen beteiligen sich und sie finden all vielen Orten parallel und gleichzeitig statt, trotz einer massiven Einschränkung des Internets durch mediale Vernetzung, statt. Frauen spielen eine große Rolle, sie sind in Belarus weniger angreifbar. Das ist ihre Stärke und macht es den Sicherheitsbehörden recht schwer, gegen sie vorzugehen.
Ich glaube, die Menschen sind vor allem GEGEN Lukaschenko, seinen Größenwahn, seine Verhöhnung der Armen und seine Ignoranz, nicht für Tichanowskaja. Generalstreik, Proteste, stagnierende Wirtschaft, Corona-Krise sind eine fatale Situation für Lukaschenko und sein Festhalten an der Macht. Gehen die Proteste weiter, glaube ich nicht, dass es dauerhaft möglich sein wird, sie zu unterdrücken, vor allem nicht, wenn es nebenbei einen Generalstreik und Corona gibt. Die Macht von Lukaschenko war noch nie so gefährdet und die Opposition benötigt jetzt eigene Vorschläge. Dass Sanktionen allein oder östliche wie westliche Unterstützung gegen Lukaschenko helfen, glaube ich nicht. Der Wandel muss sich vor allem innerhalb in Belarus selbst abspielen.

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Are there any images or quotes you have found you couldn't find the words to say yourself that says it all?

There may be a lot of things happening in the world right now, but the nightmare in Belarus shouldn't be ignored. They are basically kidnaping people, locking them up, killing the innocent while effectively denying their own violence. Families are being torn apart, children are being ran over by the ones who should be protecting the people, mothers can't even see their dead sons for the last time.
Do not ignore this.
Are there any images or quotes you have found you couldnt find the words to say

Umm, i'm sorry okay you're belarus gorgeous woman :) hehe what is your dream, yulia? become a drummer? You have a beautiful face, you can be a model or flight attendant :)

Darmapw’s Profile PhotoDPW
I'm not a drummer. And I won't tell about my dream because it has be a secret till it come true I suppose
+2 answers in: “Hi drummer woman haha. Yulia, your face, your noise is perfect, so gorgeoussss. I hope my child has a face like you :) Are you russian, yulia?”

Is there something that you like to collect? 👀✨

Of course there are ! I collect various things in my hometown because I can't keep them with me where I'm now.
Personally, I collect albums (I have EXO , Artic Monkeys, Mejibray - 2 albums one with signatures, The Gazette and some classical music albums from various events); I collect letters and postcards from all around the world ! (From South Korea, Chezh republic, German, Taiwan, Russia, Belarus, USA and other countries); I collect manga. I only have Naruto (English version) and Tokyo Ghoul:re (Japanese version). Now I'm thinking to collect some kpop lightsticks and other stuff with anime. c:
Is there something that you like to collect

https://youtu.be/LqmratdBFNw This video link is to know briefly about my country.. I would be very glad if you watch it..:)

You are more beautiful than in Belarus and I would like to go there to relax in the summer! :)
+4 answers in: “Do you know anything about Bangladesh?”

И что теперь Надя должна одна встречать Новый год? У неё канешно какой то казус с этим празником но всеже приличный повод провести время вместе. И даже с знакомыми с аска проживающие в Belarus

аноним, я конечно очень признателен тебе за то, что ты так хочешь, чтобы наша встреча состоялась, но всё же вынужден заметить, что мы и сами прекрасно можем разобраться, когда и где встретиться. взрослые люди всё-таки, и навыки коммуникации у нас находятся на нормальном уровне. не переживай.

I just think from what I've seen, a lot of the countries are beautiful. Especially Thailand. The beaches in Thailand look so wonderful, as well as in Australia.

KerryParkes00’s Profile PhotoKerry
Each country has it's own beauty, I believe.
But even so, some have something more than beauty and that's what makes me want to visit them.
Brazil and Mexic, for exemple, because of football (soccer), art and music; Japan because of it's culture and architecture, Belarus and Greenland because I like the name of their capital and it made me want to visit it.
I don't know much about Australia, but from what I saw in pictures it looks beautiful and Thailanda has some wonderful landscape.

Ты как-то писал в обсуждении Kpop in Belarus что в К-19 ищешь людей на перспективу. Так строго, от 18? А что если мне 18 только через пол года (ну чуть больше), никак ?

Если вы нам подойдете, то мы будем усиленно ждать вашего совершеннолетия и стараться не спаивать х) Так-то, ограничение не столь строгое.
В команде все совершеннолетние (ну и ещё более старые, например, я хд), потому такое ограничение)

Назови: 5 вещей без которых ты не сможешь; 4 Странички на которые заходишь чаще всего; 3 песни которые напоминают лето; 2 фразы которые говоришь чаще всего; 1 человека без которого твоя жизнь не имела бы смысла!

1) любимые и близкие люди, телефон, средства по уходу за собой, душ, деньги
2) только любимые паблики в вк, к людям на страницы не так часто захожу
3) Ляпис Трубецкой - Belarus Freedom, Animal Джаz - Три полоски, Frans - If I Were Sorry (почти лето)
4) 'шо за дела?' и 'алло', хоть это и не фраза
5) не считая моей семьи - лучшая подруга

I didnt see this question before but about Eurovision - what were your top 3? If I double question then sorry ;;

My top three were Portugal, Belarus and ...probably Hungary! But honestly Portugal was my absolute favorite, I will probably continue following Sobral after this ♡

Si tu avais la possibilité de faire le tour du Monde, quelles seraient les destinations importantes et les étapes-clés de ton voyage ? Sur quel(s) continent(s) ou pays t'attarderais-tu ? Quel serait le premier pays que tu visiterais et celui qui clôturerais ton périple ?

Questions_Quotidiennes’s Profile PhotoQuestions hebdomadaires
Le tour du monde ça serait beaucoup dire vu que je ne supporte pas les pays du Sud pour leur chaleur et leur humidité écrasantes.
Du coup, ça se concentrerait surtout en Europe.
Comme d'habitude, je pense que je commencerais par l'Alsace (on ne change pas une destination qui gagne).
Je descendrais progressivement jusqu'en Suisse et après j'hésite entre partir vers l'Est avec le Belarus comme destination principale puis remonter vers la Finlande en passant par les pays Baltiques ou plutôt partir vers l'Ouest avec Irlande, Écosse, Îles Féroé, petits passages en Scandinavie continentale selon la manière dont je m'y prends puis Finlande, Belarus etc.
Mais quoi qu'il arrive, je pense que je reviendrais en Alsace à la fin, haha.
Je souhaite néanmoins caler quelques états américains, à savoir le Maine, le Massachusetts, le New Jersey peut-être, le Minnesota et Washington.

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Всем на кого подписан(a)😌 1.Ф.И.О🙈 2.сколько лет?🙈 3.нация?🙈 4.любимая песня?🙈 5.любимый цвет?🙈 6.какой у тебя телефон?🙈 7.где учишься?🙈 8.цвет волос?🙈 9.цвет глаз?🙈 10.какой рост?🙈 11.свой Инста?🙈 12.кто парень(девушка)?🙈 три факта о любимом человеке🙈 13.свою фотку?🙈 Всем по кругу

1.Зайнулина Дарья Александровна 💞
2.16 годиков💙
3. Belarus
5.черный 💣
6.🔝 (нет), сякрет💙
7.school 1, 10 B class 💗
10. 165 где-то ❤️
12.она 💗
Всем на кого подписанa 1ФИО 2сколько лет 3нация 4любимая песня 5любимый цвет

I am a boy stuyding at medical Faculty of dentistry . I came from iraq ,my education is good,i've got 87 in high school. I graduated last year and did not get a chance to study dentistry in private universities then i wanted to study in belarus and It does not work with me cause of some problems.

In which language do u study?
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Good afternoon, Dean, You ever been to new York? If not, there is a great opportunity to go there, email me and leave your contacts, thanks for the reply, You are a very beautiful girl.

Good afternoon. Welcome to my account. I was in new York and around the US, You will not be able to surprise me, but the opportunity You have had, but alas, nothing came out, I was in France and in Poland and in the Czech Republic and in Belarus and in Russia, so the rest are in no hurry, thanks for visiting my account, goodbye.

Si, ma io mi sono decisamente perso... Da quando avrei l'amante io?!?! ??????? @dakota98asr @nirvanasongs362 ?!?!?

AleksandrMalyMalysevskij’s Profile PhotoAleksandr Malysevskij
Da quando sei nato ahahah
Scherzo essendo che ieri ha chiamato giovanna io oggi chiamo kaira -.- lei è bielorussa ;) se scrivi kaira band belarus trovi lei e la sua band ma se vuoi una canzone you kill me slowly

Ha egy kiránduló csapat a három napos túra első napján 782 m-t második napján 859m-t és harmadik napján már öt hengeres önindítós 21 sebességes gardán tengellyel ellátott gőz turbinás robbanó motoros dupla kormány lemezes légszivattyús Belarus arató traktorral 673Km-t tettek meg akkor elfáradtak?

azt nem tudom,de en mar abban elffaradtam,hogy ezt elolvastam :S

Yaa ahsksipdkakflsks😂😂 Belarus X İvan *-* Ama Francis ve İngiltere daha da eskiler hem Alfred sonradan geldi eğer Fransa'yla yaşasaydı FrUs mu çıkcaktı ortaya bi de *-* Ship meseleleri canımı sıkıyo ahdkjwlfoslfodlkflekdd

AllisonWinner’s Profile PhotoJohnny Depp's mimics *-*
ay frus çok iğrenç birşey olurdu osbdksbs FrUk ne bileyim çok özel falan ama UsUk'ın atışmalarını da çok seviyorum . Ama shipe gelince FrUk galiba dediğin gibi dldmslpdks
ingiltere'nin hasta olduğu bölümde başladı benim kararsızlığım galiba .d

Why would they assume that her marriage is a fraud? I am not an idiot though. I supposed you an idiot cause I didnt know that Police actually assumed that her marriage is a fraud. I love Belarussians girls. I wish I can marry a girl from Belarus

Yes, They do investigate marriages if they are on an international scale

Its because shes only been here 10 months. Got married, and has a baby whos 5months old.
Its "too quick" ygm?

Классная внешность?Хочешь попасть к нам на страничку??? Просто прикрепи к ответу своё фото, имя, город и возраст!?? И будь активной на нашем аске??❤

Elizavetakryz91’s Profile PhotoNew Elite People of Ask.fm
20, Belarus MINSK🌍
Классная внешностьХочешь попасть к нам на страничку Просто прикрепи к ответу

Какая страна вам нравится? Это не обязательно должна быть ваша страна, возможно даже та, в которой вы никогда не были, но всегда мечтали побывать. И чем она вас привлекает : менталитет, традиции или может люди, что живут там?

kosmosonelove’s Profile Photoгосподин Чарльз
А вот, я скажу что нравится мне моя страна. А именно природа. Красивые хвойные леса, огромные болота, озёра, реки. А вот народ у нас гавно и быдло. И правители все гавно. А страна очень красивая. I LIKE BELARUS **********

Дело в том, что это надо написать на английском и так, что бы было не слишком сложно выучить потом:( Я 8 класс, если что.

People of different countries celebrate Christmas in various ways. People in the Belarus decorate their homes with Christmas trees, wreaths and ornaments. City streets are filled with coloured lights; the sound of bells and Christmas carols can be heard everywhere. In many cities of the Belarus groups of people walk from house to house and sing Christmas carols. Many people attend church services on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. They listen to readings from Bible. A traditional Christmas dinner consists of stuffed turkey and a variety of other dishes.
Надеюсь, мы тебе помогли, потом напиши нам, какая оценка 😽❤️

HI! Снова пропал,но вернулся))0 Что такое по Вашему "свобода" и "счастье"? + подходящая музыка. Сегодня коротко) Спасибо,хорошего дня! #ВД_от_Chemical_Rain

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Привет, блудный ты сын :з
Ну свобода эт тип счастье, а счастье это свобода, все дела :D
На песенку:
Ляпис Трубецкой – Belarus Freedom

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