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What is your favourite food to cook?

Thank you so much for posting this! I visited India a few years ago and I got a cold while I was there and some awesome and sweet little old Gujarati ladies found out I was sick and fed this stuff to me. They tried to tell me the recipe at the time, but I couldn't remember it later and didn't know what it was called to look it up again!
Meatball sandwich. I'm not very good at cooking and I don't eat very many different things. I mix 97% lean ground beef with bread crumbs, cook those on medium heat. Add prego meat sauce, cook on high for 5-10 mins, put 2 slices of provolone cheese on a french roll, add meatballs and bake on broil until cheese melts. It's quick, easy, and taste delicious
Enchiladas. I make spicy red sauce, then put that in the fridge. When hungry I heat up three corn tortillas, put in mozzarella and any veggies or leftover meat, roll them, put sauce on them, then microwave for two minutes.
Tourtière. It's a québécois meat pie. I use a lard crust (recipe from the Tenderflake package), ground pork, mashed potato, and spices. Do the google, most of the recipes are pretty good. There are regional variations that don't use ground pork, but I prefer it.
My favorite dish to cook is Bolognese. My favorite recipe here . I just love taking my time in the kitchen sometimes and this is a great recipe to spend an afternoon on. In the past I've used different meat blends (can't always find ground veal, I've used just beef/pork, beef/turkey, I've even made a version with only minced chicken) and typically use bacon in place of pancetta. I've had it with a lot of different pastas, but my favorite so far has been shells (like velveeta mac). Although it's one of those really traditional Italian pasta sauces, I've put a handful of spins on it and it comes out great every time.
I kind of just wing it when it comes to food measurements and it always turns out fine for me somehow. The lasagna is basically layers of the noodle, spicy tomato pesto sauce, bell peppers, mushrooms, chicken, spicy italian sausage, a ricotta/mascarpone/parmesan cheese mix and then topped with a mozz/parm/asiago cheese mix, parsley and chili pepper flakes. Woo boy.

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llevo con mi novio 1 año y medio y la verdad ya supe que me engaño hasta fue a ver a otra chava y me mintió diciéndome que iría con su amigo jajaja, se quedó de ver con ella hoy y hoy me dice que llego tarde del trabajo. Lo mejor que puedo hacer es callar y guardarle todas ¿esta bien?

No creo que sea lo adecuado. Pero cómo tú veas, es tu relación.
Sin embargo ten presente la frase célebre de Tinker Bell. 💙✨

Pensi che essere molto bell* sia un vantaggio oppure pregiudichi qualcosa?

È certamente un vantaggio enorme, quando si è belli esteticamente è nettamente piu facile farsi strada tra le persone, e in generale nella vita, ce poco da fare, oggi poi ancora piu che in passato, chi dice il contrario non so in che mondo vive... ( Parlo per esperienze personali vissute sulla pelle)

Whats that one name you hate for no reason?

sarah2k21’s Profile PhotoSarah Alhashmi
I don't even hate devil's name... There is no such name i can say i hate... There are people associated with certain names, listening those names it rings a bell but yeah at the same time the same names you see on some of the most amazing people as well ... Sarah is a beautiful name... I can only imagine no one would ever hate this name 😂 salamat rahiey🙏🏽💐

Which worries you more – doing things right or doing the right things?

nai269549’s Profile Photoʟᴇɪᴀɴ ♕
If I don't do things right, I could end up injured or dead. If I don't do the right things, I could end up in a fucking prison as someone's little Tinker Bell or Pippi Longstocking. I'm just trying to get things in perspective here.
can imagine back home:
- Mom, dad is dangerous, right? That's why they need to lock him up inside a prison? We will become untouchable in school now. Untouchable – just like our dad. Dad's untouchable, right?
- Kids... We got some photos of dad and his new friends in prison today...
When you put it like this, ending up dead doesn't seem too fucking bad in comparison. I say option B.
Which worries you more  doing things right or doing the right things

If the one who i love doesn't have a social media account and i don'tknow his phone number,how i can reach to him💔

You might try the following:
1. Send a letter via the post office
2. Send a priority message via Federal Express
3. Send a message in a bottle via the ocean
4. Try smoke signals.
5. Morse code
6. Shout from the mountain tops
7. Go to his place of residence and ring the door bell

How is the Green New Deal working?

The Green New Deal is a complete failure and is causing mass starvation and rolling electrical black outs across the world. Tucker Carlson understands all nation’s need energy and he understands that solar and wind power cannot serve a modern nation’s needs, and he understands that the leftists are lying and cheating to circumvent the constitutional limitations on despotism. Carlson’s latest monologue is a must-see because it’s a warning bell. If we ignore it, frankly, the United States and the World are doomed.
Please take the time to listen to this video concerning the failed Green Energy policies pushed by the democrats, World Economic Forum and United Nations. Also pay attention to the pain and suffering caused by renewable energy in places like: South Africa, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Sri Lanka, South America, Ghana, etc.
Conclusion: the rapid elimination of fossil fuels without an efficient and reliable substitute is not working and is causing entire countries to fail and civilizations to starve and suffer.
https://youtu.be/wyTP_oaXUdYalexandermonroe397579’s Video 171515514667 wyTP_oaXUdYalexandermonroe397579’s Video 171515514667 wyTP_oaXUdY

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alexandermonroe397579’s Video 171515514667 wyTP_oaXUdYalexandermonroe397579’s Video 171515514667 wyTP_oaXUdY

Sorry if this is too much!!! But you post a photo of your desk and side table recently. Could you list where you hit the items from? I really like your decor!!! 🖤

It's not a problem :) I'll go from left to right for the items! As well as group them by store!
🌸 D E S K :
Ivy on the monitors, the panda succulent, the pink potted succulent, pig succulent, hedgehog succulent, glass bowl succulent and mini salt lamp were all from B&M.
The lil flower watering can and two small glass floral bottles were from The Range.
The pink dragon was from the Corris Craft Centre.
Baby Groot POP was from Madame Tussauds (Blackpool).
Wooden calendar hut was from Hobbycraft.
The light up floral bottle and the water diffuser were from local stores.
Then other items were gifts :3
🌸 S I D E T A B L E :
The drawers, candle and lavender pot were from The Range.
Artificial flowers, coaster set, crystal geode and raven skull were from HomeSense.
The glass jar (has my scrunchies in) and the succulent bell jar were from B&M.
The vase was from Primark and the "welcome" was a cute thing from Pound Land lol.
Everything else were gifts :)

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Sorry if this is too much But you post a photo of your desk and side table

Cosa ti annoia di una persona

theoden92’s Profile Phototheoden92
A me annoiano le persone per esempi nei palazzi della mia amica c'è une famiglie che lascia la macchine con ks portiere aperte per mezz ora e non gli hanno mai portato via nulla. Ma il punto è che sarebbe bell fidarsi così dellr persone o ogni posto. Purtroppo può capitare invece che mi hanno detto che una signora era andata a fare spesa e poi sai che gli hanno detto che non gll portavano via ka spesa per 6 centesimo chd mancavano. Però poi mi è capitato pure un signore che gli ho fatto un favore e mi ha detto che potevi tener pure il resto. Ecco mi annoia il fatto che fidarsi troppo non fa bene. Poi mi annoia quando vado a trovare la mi amica e io non sono residente ms metto la bici davanti. Adesso ci sono nuove regole

What do you eat in break fast

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Knorr chicken Maggie : take cooking pan add 6 cup water 2 knorr chicken Maggie 4 clove of garlic grated Sriracha 2 tsp, salt 1 tsp , red chili 2 tsp powder ,garlic chicken powder soya sauce chili sauce 6 green chilies finely chopped , add 2 cup boneless chicken pieces , yellow bell pepper which cut into stripes , boil 5 minutes take out in bowl it's ready

What are 5 favourite vegetable dishes

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
I like spinach soya rice in which mushrooms ,tin peas ,red yellow bell pepper which cut into stripes ,spring onions which cut into small pieces
Stir fry tofu: take fry pan add 2 cup tofu ,black olives 6 ,yellow bell pepper which cut into stripes add curry leaves powder quarter tsp ,add salt pepper red chilli flake garlic onion Sriracha ,6 drops vinegar fry it it's ready serve with rice
3) fried lady finger in which tin mushrooms fry it it's ready serve with rice
4) spinach gravy with potato serve with roti
5) fenugreek (meethi) gravy with potato serve with roti

Do you make plan ? How will you spend your day or never bother how to spend day let it be whatever it becomes

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
I plan my day how I will spend my day and it exactly how I imagined in my mind
I start my day with morning hike 2 hours
Then I prepare diet plan breakfast oats yoghurt fruits chia seeds in it
Afternoon : stir fry chicken with roti
Evening : handful cashews
Dinner : brown rice with fried mushrooms some broccoli,yellow bell pepper which cut into stripes ,onion rings , tin 2 tbs peas,spring onion which cut into small pieces salt pepper red chili flake garlic onion powder chicken stock in it fry it serve with roti
Late night I walk on terrace 🤗🤗
Then I google best horror movie then I watch them on net 🤗🤗🤗🌚

Mogę prosić o 2 ciekawostki?🌻

kimkardashianpolska’s Profile Photo#kkwp Kim Kardashian Polska ♥
✦ Niewydana na żadnym albumie piosenka "Look Who's Talking Now" (napisana przez Britney i Michelle Bell) jest w całości o Justinie Timberlake'u. Podobno w tekście utworu znajdują się aluzje, które rozumieją jedynie Britney i Justin
✦ Przez swoją nieśmiałość uważa, nie została stworzona do bycia gwiazdą

De um ano para cá o que mudou na sua vida ?

Muita coisa boa aconteceu Deus é generoso o tempo todo minha fé nele nunca me deixou ficar mal
Uma das coisas boas que esse ano colocou no meu caminho e no meu destino foi o Finnegan Bell vocalista do love ghost ele é muito genuíno e maravilhoso e a melhor delas todas ainda está para chegar que é o facto de eu ir ser madrinha um afilhado é uma benção muito grande e eu estou muito feliz não só por a minha irmã me dar um afilhado e ter conhecido o finnegan bell mas também por ter trabalho ,ter passado tempo com a minha família e ter aproveitado bastante para passear por com os meus amigos por fora

If you are in master chef of America and judges Said contestant to make dish with carrot what will you make

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Stir fry carrot : take fry pan add carrot which cut into stripes ,yellow bell pepper which cut into stripes , cabbage which cut into small pieces ,6 tbs tin peas ,spring onion which cut into small pieces ,boneless chicken 2 cup diced , 2 tbs tin red kidney bean add salt red chili flake garlic onion bay leaf powder tsp Sriracha , 4 tbs chicken stock fry in oil 4 minutes take out in plate
Serve with rice

Que tal tu verano? :)

plazagarciacarlos021’s Profile PhotoCarlos
Por ahora, que llevo justo 1 semana desde que he acabado la uni, me lo he estado pasando quedando con algunos amigos y con el bae y leyendo, fundamentalmente. Me he empezado con sorprendente entusiasmo La hermenéutica del sujeto de Foucault, que no era lo que me esperaba (para bien) y sigo leyendo El deseo de cambiar de bell hooks. Hoy le he hecho un destrozo a la pantalla de mi móvil así que me tocará ir en estos días a repararlo. Para esta semana hay previsto ver a otro amigo, pasar unos días en casa de mi chico, mi graduación y un bautizo O.o

•Qual celebridade te dmira? Por quê?

O Finnegan Bell pela humildade dele pelo cuidado e respeito e bom senso , pelas boas conversas que a gente costuma a ter e que parecem não ter fim pelas músicas maravilhosas que ele compõe e canta com a sua banda ( loveghost ) e por aí a fora ❤️
Qual celebridade te dmira Por quê

Ваш самый самый самый любимый исполнитель, чью музыку вы можете слушать вечно 🌞🎶

kislorod_69’s Profile Photoтвой
Cocteau Twins. Вроде бы никогда не говори никогда, но я не представляю ничего, что бы пошатнуло первую позицию этой группы в моём рейтинге.
"Этого не может быть, потому что этого не может быть никогда".
Немного о моём любимом их альбоме от гитариста Робина Гутри:
"Во время записи альбома "Blue Bell Knoll", – вспоминает он, – я помню, как на золотой пластинке лежала большая горка кокаина, к которой мы прикладывались. Часа через два наш басист положил инструмент и сказал, что больше не может. "Мне от этой штуки не по себе, – сказал он, – пойду-ка я лучше домой". А вот мне лично было очень по себе, домой мне вовсе не хотелось, и последующие лет десять я домой так и не ходил"…
https://youtu.be/ARpW9Uy7KMwnanook_msu’s Video 173322590924 ARpW9Uy7KMwnanook_msu’s Video 173322590924 ARpW9Uy7KMw

What's your way of making omelette

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Take 12 eggs add diced onion 2 tbs diced tomatoes 2 tbs ,green chilies finely chopped 1 tsp grated garlic grated ginger salt red chilli flake garlic onion bay leaf powder ,1 cup boneless chicken ,yellow bell pepper which cut into stripes ,5 spinach leaves ,2 tbs tin peas ,2 tbs tin sweet corn 2 tbs chicken stock mix it
Take cake pan apply butter paper apply coconut oil generously now pour egg mixture bake 45 minutes then take out in plate ☺️

Which soup helps in weight loss

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
1) cabbage soup : take cooking pan add 4 cup water ,1 knorr chicken stock add salt paprika black pepper powder soya sauce chilli sauce ,grated cabbage 1 cup,grated ginger garlic boil 5 minutes then blend it
2) tomato basil soup :take cooking pan add 12 diced tomatoes 4 garlic cloves ,half bell pepper,15 basil leaves 4 cup water boil 3 minutes then blend it
3) bottle gourd soup : take cooking pan add 4 cup water ,knorr chicken cubes ,1 bottle gourd peel which cut into small pieces , add salt pepper soya sauce chili sauce boil 5 minutes then blend it it's ready

Are you buying anything during 6.6 sale?

alpharean’s Profile PhotoChatter Box
Maybe snacks in bulk. Anyways, credits to you for introducing this 😁
Machine Head - Hallowed Be Thy Name (Iron Maiden Cover)
https://youtu.be/moqETlmNHnEAisyahIsHere2’s Video 170325164099 moqETlmNHnEAisyahIsHere2’s Video 170325164099 moqETlmNHnE
I'm waiting in my cold cell
When the bell begins to chime
Reflecting on my past life
And it doesn't have much time
'Cause at five o'clock
They take me to the gallows pole
The sands of time
For me are running low
Oh, low, yeah
When the priest comes to read me the last rites
I take a look through the bars at the last sights
Of a world that has gone very wrong for me
Can it be there's some sort of an error
Hard to stop the surmounting terror
Is it really the end not some crazy dream?
Somebody please tell me that I'm dreaming
It's not easy to stop from screaming
But words escape me
When I try to speak
Tears they flow but why am I crying?
After all I'm not afraid of dying
Don't I believe that there never is an end?
As the guards march me out to the courtyard
Someone calls from a cell "God be with you"
If there's a God then why has he let me go?
As I walk all my life drifts before me
And though the end is near I'm not sorry
Catch my soul 'cause it's willing to fly away
Mark my words, believe my soul lives on
Don't worry now that I have gone
I've gone beyond to seek the truth
When you know that your time is close at hand
Maybe then you'll begin to understand
Life down there is just a strange illusion
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Hallowed be Thy name
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Hallowed be Thy name

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AisyahIsHere2’s Video 170325164099 moqETlmNHnEAisyahIsHere2’s Video 170325164099 moqETlmNHnE

In un corteggiamento cosa ti piace ?

davbot90’s Profile PhotoDAVIDE
Nella vita reale è dura. Molto dura. Che non ce il tasto blocca utente. Ask stavo sempre riflettendo appena finisce l'estate 2022 di ridargli nuovamente un bell arrivederci a mai più.
Liked by: Daniele

Danielle, tava pensando em formar uma banda, você na guitarra, Sabrina Pavanelli no Baixo, eu na bateria, e o Digão dos Raimundos no vocal, vai ser maior sucesso, vai se chamar "Olavo tem ração" ai na capa a gente coloca a foto dele 💀 assim, que que vc achou da capa

Credo, eu tiraria o Digão e colocaria o Bell Marques, acho que com o Bell nos vocais teríamos uma amplitude musical muito maior do que com o ''rockeiro malvado, cristão e careca que vive uma eterna crise de meia idade'', sobre a capa, eu já tenho uma ideia:
Danielle tava pensando em formar uma banda você na guitarra Sabrina Pavanelli no

What's your favourite samosai filling

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Stir fry tofu 6 pinch curry leaf powder add salt red chilli flake cumin crushed stir fry in tsp coconut oil 4-5 minutes
Then fill in samosai make 20 samosai
2) take 12 tomatoes diced add 8 grated garlic salt red chilli flake garlic onion bayleaf powder fry in 2 tsp coconut oil blend it make fine paste add 6 big boiled mashed potatoes mix it fill into samosai make 15 samosai by this filling
3) take 3 cup boneless cut into small pieces ,add half bell pepper diced , cabbage which cut into small pieces add salt red chili flake black pepper garlic onion powder tsp Sriracha stir fry 4 minutes in 1 tbs oil fill into samosai Patti make 20-22 samosai

What do you do for weight loss

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
I start my day with oats yoghurt add kiwi peach pineapple diced add honey 2 tbs overnight soaked chia seed
With glass of warm water in which tbs apple cider vinegar
Afternoon : tomato basil soup in which salt pepper
Evening : 6 almonds
Dinner : quinoa with stir fry boneless chicken ,yellow bell pepper which cut into stripes add salt pepper garlic onion powder fry 3 minutes in coconut oil it's ready
I walk 2 hour daily 😊

Quanto conta l'aspetto fisico in una relazione?

Che dir si voglia, l’aspetto fisico ha la sua importanza.
Una relazione è un equilibrio tra attrazione fisica e attrazione mentale. Che il partner sia Brad Pitt o Kate Moss non importa, basta che sia bell* ai nostri occhi.

I'm going to bed soon. I'm going to do something right crazy before -big time crazy-, eat one mini baby bell. i'm not hungry, it's for science purposes only. What sort of dreams will i have?

Math_Blink’s Profile Photomath
You will dream you are buried alive . . . . in your coffin !
But no worries, you've got one of those Victorian bells , attached to your toe by a cord, so you can alert a passerby that you're still alive & get dug up !
Only thing, it's a mini baby bell . . . . & it has no clapper . . . so it can't ring . . . .
Im going to bed soon Im going to do something right crazy before big time crazy

Which omelette do you like most normal salt chilli omelette ,cheese omelette or Spanish omelette

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
I prefer simple omelette on daily basis
On weekend I make Spanish omelette in which I add 9egg mixed ,salt red chilli garlic onion bayleaf powder Sriracha , boiled broccoli piece ,bell pepper pieces, diced onion , green chilli pieces , 2 tbs tin peas ,4 spinach leaves ,2tsp cabbage which cut into small pieces mix it put into cake into cake pan bake it 30 minutes then take out put 1 cup grated cheese bake 5 minutes it's ready 😊

Welche Erfahrung hast du schon direkt oder indirekt mit Hassliebe gemacht? Entgegen der Definition würde ich Mögen und Nicht-Mögen mit einschließen - Liebe und Hass sind mMn zwei zu starke Gefühle, um sie in diesem Bezug in jedem Fall wörtlich zu nehmen

LukasSteigerwald’s Profile PhotoLukas
Na ja, mögen / nicht mögen ist ja ein sehr trivialer Umstand. Als erstes würde mir da vor allem Firmen und Marken einfallen, z.B. Tesla. Ich verabscheue den CEO, aber bewundere die technische Entwicklung, die ja insgesamt eher unabhängig von dem Hauptnutznießer ist.
Was tatsächliche Hassliebe betrifft, so ist das, meiner Erfahrung nach, ein sehr kurzer und vorübergehender Zustand nachdem eine Person, für die man viel empfunden hat, in unverzeihlicher Weise verletzt hat. Diese Ambivalenz hat es für mich seinerzeit noch schlimmer gemacht. Irgendwann ist jedes Gefühl von Liebe verschwunden, was bleibt ist große Bitterkeit. Und im Laufe der Zeit folgt darauf Gleichgültigkeit. Nachdem ich das emotional durchlebt habe, verstehe ich den großartigen Satz aus den Lyrics zu "Youth" von Daughter wesentlich besser: "We're setting fire to our insides for fun". Dieser Satz bezieht sich selbstverständlich nicht nur auf Hassliebe, sondern auf jede Liebe, die aufgehört hat, zu sein. Und, das ist zumindest bei mir der Fall, irgendetwas bleibt immer. Selbst wenn es sich nur in Träumen manifestiert, ganz harmlos, in dem Menschen aus vergangenen Zeiten nur noch als Archetypen für gänzlich liebesunabhängige Zusammenhänge fungieren.
Ich habe nie etwas von Affären oder poliamorösen Konstrukten gehalten und ich bin ein langweiliger Serienmonoganist (das Wort habe ich mir btw. von Kristen Bell geklaut, ich finde, dass es das sehr gut beschreibt). Aber selbst bei meiner überschaubaren Anzahl an zwischenmenschlichen Beziehungen merke ich, wie sehr sich doch im Laufe der Zeit das innere Universum ausdehnt, wie unerträglich es an manchen Tagen ist, so viele Träume, Leben und Vorstellungen zu sehen, die nicht mehr sind. Aus dem Grund bin ich mittlerweile auch sehr reserviert, was Beziehungen und Menschen angeht. Beinahe kann ich jene Leute verstehen, die nur von ONS zu ONS ziehen, aber so funktioniere ich überhaupt nicht, das wäre mir einfach nur widerlich.

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was it hard to call long distance years ago? was the bill for long distance calls expensive?

It was cost prohibitive which is why we use to write letters or send post cards. Bell phone company use to have something called "circle dialing" where the 4 or 5 towns next to yours you could have unlimited calling but outside of that defined area, long distance rates applied.
In fact, back in the 1950's we had "party lines" where everyone in your neighborhood had unique phone numbers but all shared the same phone line which meant that you could pick up your phone and listen to your neighbors conversation. When you wanted to use the phone you had to pickup your phone and tell those using the phone line that you needed to make a phone call. It was similar to a public bathroom with one toilet. You stand in line and wait your turn. By the 1960's, the phone company started to install separate lines (twisted copper pair) so that each residence had a dedicated connection.

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Wearing Levi’s shouldn’t be accepted anywhere in this world. It should be illegal.

You can also wear polyester, cotton, shorts, dresses, suits, tee-shirts, flip flops, shoes made of leather, plastic shoes, bell bottoms, nylon shirts, sweat shirts, coats, rain coats, boots, etc.

Szukasz jakiejś postaci?

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀❛⠀Males.

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀Newt Scamander / Rolf Scamander, Oliver Wood
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀Fred Weasley, George Weasley,⠀Cedric Diggory
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀Marcus Flint, Adrian Pucey, & Anthony Goldstein
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀❛⠀Females.

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀Hermione Granger, Alicia Spinnet, Romilda Vane
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀Luna Lovegood, Katie Bell, Penelope Clearwater
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀Pansy Parkinson, & also both Greengrass sisters
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
Szukasz jakiejś postaci

What’s your most absurd turn on?

FaaizAli’s Profile PhotoFaaiz Ali.
Mere samne koi bhi bandi, kisi bhi umar ki, chaj ki koi baat 10 minute ee zyada time tak kar ley na, musalsal, dude it rings my bell... I am some other specie at that moment... A lot of unknown energy man... Chaj ki baat pata kya hoti hai... Jiski banday ko ramz mil gai ho... Jis ka banday ko chaj aa gya ho... Chaj means tareqa saleeqa... Orat jazbaati hai aur jazbaat hi hamesha is ke aaray aatay hain... Issi liey matlab chaj di baat...

Imagine you are alone at home and your parents are out of town .what will you make for your self ?

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
I will make stir fry chicken .take fry pan add boneless chicken 2 cup , half bell pepper which cut into stripes , 2 carrot which cut into stripes ,2 tbs cabbage diced , 2 tbs Tin peas ,2-3 spinach leaves , 2 boiled broccoli pieces , grated garlic grated ginger salt pepper garlic onion bayleaf powder fry in 2 tbs coconut oil
Boil rice 15 minutes it's ready

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