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1 thing you like and 1 thing you dislike about your job? I like that I work from home, and it's flexible. It doesn't even feel like working; I spend half of the time doing household chores in the meantime. However, I dislike not having in-person interaction. It feels robotic, non-human in a way.

I like the customers; I’d say about 70% if not more are regulars, and most of them are really lovely (they all are, I mean the ones that particularly engage with us beyond ordering a coffee). There’s a lot of folk that come in with their doggos, which always makes my day!
I don’t like the drama and politics, but thankfully that comes in waves, and I do my absolute best to stay well out of it. Aside from that, the 4:30am starts are rather saddening 😆

If you could establish a shop, what would you sell?

I’ve dreamt of playing festivals since I was a kid . Thank you to everyone from all around for world for coming out to see us play this year , when you are so spoiled for choice at the these things. Live music is the best thing in the world and the festivals made me even more excited for tour next year. We are currently putting ‘The Show’ together and I can’t wait for you to see what I have ready for ya.
If you could establish a shop what would you sell

In which country, best education is available and why?

zeldalink1’s Profile PhotoNavpreet
In all honesty, Gaddafi's Libya ✌️
Education (including attending university ‍🎓) was free to anybody and everybody there, and literacy rates rose significantly between 1969 and 2011 🙃
The only downside was that the Libyan education system under Gaddafi didn't tolerate critical and independent thinking 🥴
In which country best education is available and why

hey im sorry to hear that :( may their soul rest in peace, i hope ur doing ok

blueburritoo’s Profile Photoreal life crying emoji
im, tho thank uu<3 its just that the news is very hard to process for me, the good and bad times are replaying non-stop and i can't get it out of my head, but im doing my best to distract myself, and yes may their soul rip and all sins are forgiven ameen :(

Feminine archetype test: https://www.wherewonderwaits.com/feminine-archetypes/#feminine-archetype-quiz

˗ ˏ ˋ the ʟᴏᴠᴇʀ ! ˎ ˊ ˗
With her natural connection to sensuality, the Lover has a very special magnetism that quite literally can make people stop and stare. She is fully connected to her senses and her radiant, almost electrical energy mesmerizes.
Passion is what best describes this feminine archetype – she has an incredible capacity for connection and creativity. While she may tend to scatter her abundant energy across several projects, she always pours her heart and soul into anything she does. The playful, passionate Lover is highly connected to her body. This sensuality does not necessarily have to be sexual, it is much rather how she walks through life.
The Lover is 100% pleasure-oriented. She loves to flirt with life – to her, it is all a great adventure and she fully believes in abundance. Never tired to explore, she loves diving into new experiences, connecting with others and expressing herself to the fullest.
The Lover has a gift for bringing beauty into this world. She is one with the life source and, as such, adores the act of creating. Her limitless soul is best expressed through art, whatever form it may take.

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Feminine archetype test

is it normal to feel sad when your best friend doesn't wish you on your birthday?

AfifKhairi’s Profile Photoleviosa
It's more than normal to feel that.
Well you're feeling sad because your bestfriend did not wish you for the 1st time maybe well imagine me whose bestfriend didn't wish for 7-8 years 🤡

Masculine archetype test: https://www.idrlabs.com/masculine-archetypes/test.php

➳ ᴋɪɴɢ﹕
Men who have access to King energy lead lives characterized by order, stability, justice, and meaning. They can make major life decisions independently and are benevolent and creative. Furthermore, men with healthy King energy can be yielding, encouraging, and stern as the situation requires, with a constant ability to “bless” the younger people in their lives for the real achievements and qualities they have realized in themselves: The teacher commending one of his top students; the boss giving one of his most loyal employees a promotion; or the officer distinguishing one of the best soldiers in his regiment could all be said to channel the King energy.
Masculine archetype test httpswwwidrlabscommasculinearchetypestestphp

صباح الأحد 26November

صباح الفل علي اليوم الجميل كل حاجه فيه وسط ماعادا التراب🤣صباح تأثير القوس والشمس في بيته والمشتري كوكبه😅علم الفلك بيقول شهر حظوظه ومحبته وكل حاجه جميله هذا الشهر والفتره دي من السنه بعد ويلات ومآسي السنه كلها طيب ممكن أصدق كده عن نوفمبر إنما عن ديسمبر الله يستر🤦‍♀️ويعديها علي خير ويكون لطيف خفيف الأهم من كل ده بقي شعور الفرحه بأن خطواتي الصغيره اخيراً اثمرت وبقي في حاجه انبسط فيها بعيداً عن عزيزي لقد أخبرتك ياروح قلبي مراراً وتكراراً ان الخطوات الصغيره تؤدي الي إنجازات كبيره بس الصبر ومتزعلش علي تقدمك البطئ وان محاولاتك لابد من أن تجدي ثمارها يوماً ما اكيد الي عند ربما مبيروحش المهم منيأسش ولا نستسلمش قد تراه اوفر بس الي عاش معاناة الوصول مش زي الي سمع عنه😅وصحيح احنا لسه في بداية الطريق ولم نصل بعد ولكن لا يهمني اصلا الوصول هدفي الموت علي طريق الوصول اصلا🤣وزي مابيقول المثل المتعه في الرحله وليس في الوصول والرحله طويله لو مبقتش مبسوط فيها هتموت وانت حي يرزق سبحان الله العظيم سبحان الله القادر يغير الأقدار ويجعلك يوماً سعيد ويوماً حزين سبحان الله ليبلوك اتشكر ام تكفر وتجزع وتقول ليه بيحصل كده فالحل في الصبر والرضا ربنا يجعلنا من الصابرين الراضين وعشان كده الامتنان في كل حين مهم الحمدلله الحمدلله الحمدلله عدد ماكان وماسيكون وعدد الحركات والسكون الحمدلله عدد خلقه ورضا نفسه وزنة عرشه ومداد كلماته الحمدلله في كل وقت وحين نفسي تكون دي دفعة البدايه🤣عشان انا بفقد الطاقه بسرعه بس اوعدك من هنا لغاية ماتيجي I will make you proud😇مازلت شايفه ان اهم حاجه في العلاقات الصداقه وانت كصديق اروع صديق في غيابك وفي وجودك the best supporter شيفاك بقلبي بجد كما لو كنا نعرف بعض من زمن🥰ومعنديش شك اني واخده القبول والمحبه من قبل مانلتقي ومش محتاجه اعمل حاجه انا مبهره بطبيعتي عموما🤓الشخص المميز مش محتاج ناس تؤكدله او تنفيله فكرته عن نفسه هو اصلا مش في دماغه الناس اصلا طالما انت مع الله لا تخشي شيئًا ياروح قلبي وتذكر دوماً(ومن يتقي الله يجعل له مخرجا ويرزقه من حيث لا يحتسب)ومش بشطارتك ولامجهودك ومحاولاتك هي حاجات مهمه بس مش الفيصل المهم تدابير الله وعملك الصالح وابتغائك مرضاته صدقني الدنيا كلها لا تسوي قدام خزائن الله(وما عند الله خير وأبقي)من اي سعاده دنيويه مؤقته كن بخير ياعزيزي❤️

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Feminine archetype test: https://www.wherewonderwaits.com/feminine-archetypes/#feminine-archetype-quiz

┃ Ʈᖾᥱ ᒐoʋᥱɾ. ┃
With her natural connection to sensuality, the Lover has a very special magnetism that quite literally can make people stop and stare. She is fully connected to her senses and her radiant, almost electrical energy mesmerizes. Passion is what best describes this feminine archetype – she has an incredible capacity for connection and creativity. While she may tend to scatter her abundant energy across several projects, she always pours her heart and soul into anything she does. The playful, passionate Lover is highly connected to her body. This sensuality does not necessarily have to be sexual, it is much rather how she walks through life. However, especially for the Lover Archetype, sex can be a deeply spiritual practice. The Lover is 100% pleasure-oriented. She loves to flirt with life – to her, it is all a great adventure and she fully believes in abundance. Never tired to explore, she loves diving into new experiences, connecting with others and expressing herself to the fullest. The Lover has a gift for bringing beauty into this world. She is one with the life source and, as such, adores the act of creating. Her limitless soul is best expressed through art, whatever form it may take. Her decisions are rather guided by emotions than by the thinking mind. The Lover Archetype is often a deep feeler and has a high capacity for experiencing the full range of human emotion. The Lover Archetype‘s impulsive decisions and sponteaneity can be a curse and a blessing. One thing is guaranteed though, you will never feel bored around this archetype – the Lover has a gift for making other people feel alive and awakening their adventurous side. As she deeply desires intimate relationships, connecting with others is one of the Lover‘s highest priorities. The Lover wants to be desired, to receive and give love and live in a state of intimacy and connection. The Lover lives life in a perfect flow state while savoring all the pleasures life has to offer.

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Feminine archetype test

Is there a city you'd really want to visit? Why? 🗽🏙️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
You know what, I'll go with this one. I'm more of a Canada fan rather than the USA, but I'm getting some Christmas vibes right now. I also googled best Christmas towns. So, there. 🤪
❄️New York❄️
Is there a city youd really want to visit Why
Liked by: Tobbe Abdul Rafay Yentl

هل حد مقتنع ان في حاجه اسمها best friend وههيفضلوا طول عمرهم كدا بدون اي مشاعر !! اكيد لا ؟؟؟؟

القلب لا سلطان عليه ، فى شخص ممكن يعمل ده والطرف التانى لا هيكون في مشاعر من ناحية الشخص
لان ده بيعتمد على حسب الراحة والاحتياج
علشان كده مش بفضل ده لان العلاقة دي هتفشل فى يوم من الايام وبالأخص لو واحد شايفك صديقة فقط يعنى مالكيش انك تحكمى على تصرفاته لو حب وهتتعبي لو عبرلك عن مشاعره لبنت وانتي هتغيري ومش هتقدرى تتكلمى وهكذا ، فالعلاقة دى هتكون متعبة 100%

Were thick eyebrows in during the 90s?

No. Extremely thin ones were. I always hated my thick ones and wanted the 90s skinny brow but I didn’t want to fck with tweezers. And now all those ladies that did that have to get fake threaded eyebrows or draw them on. Guess it was for the best. 🤣 I use eyebrow makeup too but just to darken and shape. I do still prefer thin brows and make mine thinner sometimes.
Were thick eyebrows in during the 90s

Czy jesteś szczęśliwy/a ?

PL: Aktualnie to mam taki stan psychiczny, że gdyby ktoś dosłownie musnął mnie piórkiem, to w najlepszym przypadku wylądowałby na OIOMie.
Dziwię się, że się jeszcze nie trzęsę z nerwów.
I jeszcze specjalnie kupiłam sobie brelok z piłeczką antystresową.
ENG: Right now my mental state is such bad that if someone literally touched me with a feather, at best he would end up in the ICU.
I'm surprised I'm not shaking with nerves yet.
And I especially bought a keychain with an anti-stress ball.

What are your best and worst memories of 2023?

Don't wanna jinx it but 2023 has suprisngly been a really good year so far. If I had to describe it in 1 word I would say "Peace".
Had someee difficult moments but that's expected right. I think my March work event was very hectic. Legit gave me PTSD kind of feeling (now that I am trying to recall I can't even fully remember). I think took me a good 2 months to recover from that event. Just felt the responsibility given to me was HUGE.
Pregnancy - oh the initial nausea was SCARY. No one really knew I was preggo at office. And pretty much everything was triggering my nausea. I legit felt like some Avatar trying to control an ocean inside me. Hahaha but ok I think I traumatised my husband more with this issue hahaha.
Apart from these 2 - honestly the year has been vvv good. One thing that has amazed me the most is my outlook on body positivity. Still trying to understand my brain but damn I NEVER thought gaining close to 20kgs would somehow make me think I am beautiful/fabulous. Hahaha this is next level delulu (delusion) hehe but is okay 🥰

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هل حد مقتنع ان في حاجه اسمها best friend وههيفضلوا طول عمرهم كدا بدون اي مشاعر !! اكيد لا ؟؟؟؟

مفيش حاجة اسمها كده اصلا
اولا حرام
ثانيا مستحيل تحصل لأن مينفعش تحط صوديوم في ماية وتقول مش هيفرقع دي ظاهرة طبيعية
والطبيعي أن بنت وشاب هيكون بينهم مشاعر

Okay so this man that I have feelings just came out of a relationship he kept jokingly talking about marriage, he has showed a lot of interest in my mother by asking questions about her, checking out her page& now he jokely called me his wife. What do you think about this? But he’s need time to heal

I think he might be moving too fast and that it’s best that you two take the time to get to know each other as much as you can before you start taking his marriage jokes seriously. It’s a good thing that he’s interested in getting to know your mom and is comfortable enough to talk about you being his future wife but you should remind him (and most importantly, yourself) that marriage isn’t a joke while also letting him know that you appreciate him and try to show interest towards his close/loved ones as well. To get to know him more, it’s important that you try to get to know those he’s closest to learn more about him, especially if you’re interested in being his wife one day.

Co sądzisz o @Murzyniopl ?

PL: Tak całkiem poważnie, jest to jedna z najlepszych osób, jakie tu poznałam i uwielbiam tego człowieka.
Mimo jego niedoj**ania umysłowego akceptuję go takim, jaki jest. 🥹❤️
ENG: Quite seriously, this is one of the best people I've met here and I love this man.
Despite his mental deficiency, I accept him as he is. 🥹❤️

Tell me anything you want if you’re up

aliciabiscool9’s Profile PhotoAliciabiscool
All the times I acted like I didn’t want him was just me trying to protect myself from heartbreak in the future but in the end I still ended up heartbroken, especially when he decided to give most of his attention to another girl instead of me. I felt like I had no other choice but to act nonchalant at that point because I didn’t want to let him know that it was getting to me and tried to convince myself that maybe him ending up with someone else was for the best even tho deep down, it still hurt. But, I don’t have it in me to care about it anymore since I’ve cared about it too much at one point and it’s led me nowhere as I’m still lonely and single at the end of the day.

What's your favorite type of weather, and what do you like to do on days with that weather?

ateebvirk’s Profile PhotoAteeb Virk
I love rain more than I can explain
I love coffee and reading, I love going on long drivers or going out with my friends on a rainy day
Its literally the best day for me it makes me feel so happy

Guy says I need to take some time to work on myself

A guy just told me that today and he’s so right about that. He probably noticed that your self confidence isn’t the best at the moment (meaning that it has the potential to become better) and that you could be doing better with expressing and being yourself. I could be doing so much better but am not due to being stuck on the negative past experiences I’ve had and letting my insecurities get the best of me.

If you really loved and cared for someone you wouldn't be willing to let them go so easily.

That’s true, which is why I still haven’t let go of them and they constantly live in my head rent free yet none of us have reached out to each other. I guess we’ll never really know what the other thinks about us until one of us breaks the silence but I won’t be the one doing that this time considering I’ve tried my best to get in touch with them but all my efforts were futile, that says something: they don’t want to communicate with me.

My best wishes and prayers with you my lovely and sweet Hinata-san, i send kiss un your hand 🤲🏼🙏🏼🌹🌹🌹🌹

xoseph0112575’s Profile PhotoEquesTemplar ⚔️
Thank you Jo , for your prayers and your wishes for me .. You can always send your greeting, prayers and best wishes for me, my dear friend .. But you can't send a kiss cause I can't accept it .. okey! ..🌻🦋🖤

Hey, I have a serious question. My boyfriend ejaculated inside me. The condom broke. I took Ella, the emergency contraception, two hours later. I should be fine correct? Should I also get a copper IUD?

I don’t think getting a copper IUD will help you in this situation since what happened already happened. It might be best for you to wait it out at this point and take a pregnancy test in a week or two (since I heard that they’re more accurate when you wait a while) and to not worry too much (as that won’t help you).

Echoes of Wisdom: Brilliance vs. Utility in the Tapestry of Impactful Actions

arabianwhisperer3’s Profile Photoمَرْوانُ الشَقَب
‘More than smart, try to be useful.… For a smart person impresses with ideas …. while a useful person impresses with their work’
He said so with paternal care, as I was painting a picture of my innovative and transformative ideas for a complicated world.
As I walked with him to the elevator, he reminded me of our beloved prophet's Hadith, “The best of you are those who are most beneficial to many others”
صلوا عليه وسلموا تسليما
Echoes of Wisdom Brilliance vs Utility in the Tapestry of Impactful Actions

Tell your crush today you like them

aliciabiscool9’s Profile PhotoAliciabiscool
They’ve been a crush for so many years that I’m not even sure if it would be best to change that now considering the people close to them blocked me on social media so all that’s left to do is for them to block me on top of that too 😔 in a situation like this, would you even consider telling them how you feel knowing that their friends easily got rid of you w/out an explanation?

so If you tell someone that the way they say things comes off harsh and offensive and all they do is say "you're perceiving it wrong" or they always reverse it back on you & say what you're doing wrong without taking any accountability what they did or said. Or they make excuses. What do you think?

I think that no matter how much you call those people out, they simply wouldn’t listen and would think that there’s no issue with them and that it’s only up to you to either take what they say personally/to the heart or not. I suggest you don’t try arguing with them or try getting your point across since they seem to think that they’re never the problem/issue and perhaps it’s best that you keep your distance from them if they’re frustrating you so much. When/if they find themselves with no one wanting to be around them one day, then maybe they might change their ways but it’s not up to you to change them.

Best friend aise banao jiske samne mature banne ki koshish na krni pare.

Shereen_gul’s Profile PhotoShereen_gul
My best friend asked me last night at 1 am when we were waiting for pizza that
"What if your wife is in comma? What will you do?"
I said "I'll double down and take care of her"
My friend said "I'd do the same but I'll need a cat on the side to meet my needs"
Me:well...you don't needd to if you know what i mean.
Me and him were rolling on the ground laughing Infront of the counter and literally nothing beats silly questions with your best friend 🤣🤣🤣
Best friend aise banao jiske samne mature banne ki koshish na krni pare

Your unpopular opinion?

cartoon_i’s Profile PhotoCartoon_i
TAHAJJUD! (3 best friends - You, your lord & tahajjud)
Make TAHAJJUD your bestie. TAHAJJUD has such power that it can completely transform you and your situation. Whatever dua you make in TAHAJJUD is answered miraculously in its due course of time. Never underestimate TAHAJJUD.💛❤️

Hast du beim Schreiben deines GS Steckbriefes schon einen Lieblingsnebencharakter? (Geschwister, Freunde etc.) Wenn ja, bitte einmal vorstellen!

pleene’s Profile PhotoPaula | sandwitch
Zuerst habe ich überlegt, ob Nebencharaktere von der Webseite, denen man eine Lebensgeschichte andichtet (da wäre es bei mir Liam, jeder sollte einen Liam in seinem Leben haben. Er wird Eddys Golden Retriever Best Friend) oder komplett selbst erdachte und wollte mich dann darauf fokussieren.
Bis jetzt gibt es da drei in Eddys Leben, wären ihre Tochter Karina und ihre Eltern. Und dabei möchte ich ihren Vater lobend herausstellen (er hat sich stets bemüht im Rahmen seiner Möglichkeiten):
Benjamin Webster (hat der Name "Webster" etwas mit Webster Boot einem der Mitgründer von Ilvermorny zutun?Das ist gut möglich, man weiß es nicht, aber wird in seiner Familie trotzdem verbreitet. Reicht ja wenn es Leute glauben), seines Zeichens Ministeriumsangestellter im mittleren Dienst, wollte immer aufsteigen, hat viele Chancen verpasst, andere waren halt meistens besser oder hatten mehr Vitamin B als er. Hat nach 15 Jahren Beziehung, mehreren von nicht besonders hoher Fruchtbarkeit und zwei Fehlgeburten geprägt, endlich sein erstes (und einziges) Kind bekommen. Er wollte eigentlich mindestens 3 haben. Belastend, wenn das nicht klappt. Er wollte seiner Tochter die Welt zu Füßen legen und hat ihr trotzdem mit voller Wucht die Last seiner zerbrochenen Träume auf die Schultern gelegt, damit sie doch BITTE den amerikanischen Traum lebt und ihre Familie ENDLICH auf das Podest hebt, dass ihnen halt schon zusteht. Sagt er.
Eine Beziehung mit Orion Malfoy war natürlich ein Traum, er hatte Dollarzeichen in den Augen kaum hat er davon erfahren und wollte seine Tochter schon so ein bisschen in die Rolle Trophy Wife drängen.
Er klingt wahrscheinlich voll unsympathisch, aber er ist halt schon gerne Vater und wäre noch lieber Alleinverdiener seiner Familie, hat da nur die Rechnung ohne seine Frau gemacht, die noch eine Spur materialistischer ist als er und jeden Morgen, wenn sie aufwacht und ihn sieht ihre Lebensentscheidungen bereut.
Ich schreibe einfach echt gerne unnette Charaktere, die manchmal, vielleicht, noch die Kurve kriegen. Ob er das hinbekommt weiß ich ehrlicherweise nicht, 5 Seiten Charaktertext und so nett ist er bisher nicht. Also mal schauen.
Aber ich brauche glaubhafte Gründe für Eddys eher rebellische Natur und ihren Wunsch auszubrechen und ihren eigenen Weg zu finden und da sind ihre Eltern, die nicht mal boshaft handeln, also bewusst, so schön um sie für alles verantwortlich zu machen.

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I asked for someone to save me but I did not find anyone. I looked for friends but did not find them. I discovered that they were not friends in the first place. The pain destroyed me. I began to see hallucinations. I imagine things that are not real, I live an illusion, I collapse

mnd123456’s Profile PhotoIncomprehensible
ده اي التشاؤم ده ع الصبح لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله 😂
maybe your luck with those around you isn't the best .. God bless you with good people who will compensate you inshaa Allah ♥

What inspires you to find beauty in the world?

mkylrnstrck’s Profile Photo
I guess it’s just trying to appreciate those around me and be more optimistic rather than always complaining and feeling miserable (which I still do from time to time again out of habit). Whenever I think about settling with someone that I’m not too attracted to physically, I realize that it’s best to see the beauty in their personality and the other characteristics they have rather than solely being focused on their looks to the point where I ignore their other beautiful traits. If I can’t find the beauty in every situation or thing, then I’ll most likely be complaining all the time and will never be satisfied in life.

I’m not his type oh well 😒

I have a friend that I’ve been speaking to for quite some time now and he told me that I wasn’t his type and at the time, I felt desperate and thought that our instant connection as well as great compatibility as friends meant that there must’ve been some chemistry (despite only talking for a few DAYS at that point). As many months have gone by, I eventually realized that it’s best if I didn’t try to convince myself that we’ll ever date when he made it clear that I wasn’t and am not his type (just based off of my looks) and now I’m perfectly fine with that. At first, it might make you feel as if you’re not “good enough” when he/she tells you that they don’t find you physically attractive but later, you’ll realize that maybe you two were better off as friends anyways.

Ti piacciono i documentari ?

In loop: vite passate, concetti astrali, alieni, psicologia, subliminale, sette , misteri, docu biografia di matti, manicomi, luoghi abbandonati, arte, sopravvivenza.. best docu su yt: nefasto il mostro de zona- cruento- (¿ Forse bannato?)

Hope you all have a happy and safe Thanksgiving! Eat lots of turkey stuffing and pumpkin pie! And watch the parade and football! Oh and don’t feed your pets turkey bones. That’s bad for them.

eyehavebadgas9’s Profile PhotoJust Win Baby
Happy Thanksgiving to you & your beautiful family Hubby!! I hope you guys have the best day & I hope your favorite team wins🥳😘

For those of you who are single, are you content in this season of your life? Why or why not?

esqjas’s Profile PhotoJas
I’m definitely not content but my parents think it’s best if I stay single for now, just because I don’t have my life “together” at the moment. I just want to have a partner that I can do anything with and someone I can reach out to without being reluctant while doing so and since that’s missing, I feel like no one really cares enough to make time for me or check up on me regularly. I’d feel less alone while staying home all the time and only going outside to buy something or attend my in person classes if I had a partner by my side. It would be amazing to have a best friend as well as a lover all in one person who I can wake up thinking about and go to sleep with them on my mind, knowing that I don’t need to worry about others (outside of my relatives/family members) or my friends leaving me anytime soon as long as I have them.

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Yk if ever someone choosen to be close with you and they shared secrets with you and they showed you that side which no one knows if it is aggressiveness ,emotions, best side or either worst side. Don’t tell anyone about that even if you stop talking bcz they found that so much comfort, that trust with you to open up their whole personality and you should appreciate that you was that person once instead of making fun.

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