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Female bestfriend insan hoti h, koi marriage bureau nhi jo tumare liye ladki dhoonde.

Female bestfriend ko hi apne male bestfriend ke liye ladki dhoondna chahiye, kyo ki male bestfriend (jaise ki mai khud) apne bestfriend ke liye jaan-būjhkar badsurat ladki dhoondte hai, kyo ki bestfriend ki maal ko dekhkar hilane wali feeling nahi aani chahiye aakhir bestfriend ki patni bhabhi-samaan hoti hai, bestfriend ki maal ke baare me sochna aur hilana ghor paap hai.

Phly sochti the bestfriend hoti jisy hr baat kr lati, likn Sach to yh Hai ALLAH TALA KY elawa koi bestfriend b ni hota😭

ainn10’s Profile Photoainn10
The sooner you learn to differentiate between a "friend" and "someone you know," the sooner you'll stop calling people "fake friends" and "snakes." Not everyone owes you love and loyalty. Just know your place in people's lives and act accordingly..

Hirap tapatan ni boy Best friend kung boyfriend ka lng.. :'(

Why need tapatan? Ikaw ang boyfriend. Ako may boy bestfriend pero never kong pinaramdam sa boyfriend ko yung ganyan yung parang may competition.Actually parang bff na nga din sila ng bf ko bi na nga din ang tawagan nila minsan kaya inaasar ko sila nalang magjowa tapos lagi namin sya third wheel /kasama sa travel.HAHAHA!

He love me but he say he hate love. He cares for me he respects me he is so true and genuine and loyal to me. But he never confess. He say we are best friends. And he want us to be together forever. What is this behaviour boys?? Please elaborate.

This behavior is called manipulation and gaslighting. He's wanting to be with you, but without any commitments and solid relationship/marriage with you. The care and respect=he's supposed to be caring, he's not doing something extra! Everybody is supposed to be caring and kind.
My suggestion would be to keep him a friend, don't cross limits. Don't give him wife benefits in a 'bestfriend or girlfriend' membership.

تحدث وسأقرأ باهتمام ".. 💭💜

nodykhallaf7’s Profile Photo" نـدىٰ خـلَّاف "
📍"انا معنديش bestfriend انا بحكي كل حاجه لكل الناس"
و متصالحه مع الموضوع ده جدًا 💐
انا اكتر حد في الدنيا ممكن يقعد مع حد دقيقتين
يحكيله قصة حياته ، ودا لإني عمري ماشوفت ان عندي اسرار
او نقطة ضعف مينفعش حد يعرفها مثلًا
فا انا ممكن احكي اي حاجة ف اي وقت بمنتهى الاريحية ، ولما بتخنق بردو الي بيجي قدامي بحكيله الي مدايقني
معنديش بقى حد معين يطبطب ولا يهون ما انا هحكي يعني هحكي

How’s your day been? I took our puppy to the vet to get its booster shots. It went fine until the ride home when Snoopy barfed all my front seat. Damn dog …

I spent most of my day babysitting while my bestfriend went to get her lashes, brows and nails done.
So my day consisted of, endless kids tv, colouring everything purple, play dough time, chasing, hiding and then finished with some balloon kicking 😂😂
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Why did you break up with your ex?

He was super controlling.
To the point, he told me how I should look, what I could wear. I wasn’t able to see my bestfriend or spend anytime away from him. I also wasn’t allowed to watch tv, listen to my music or answer the door to anyone, the list goes on..

Do you have any bestfriend?

I am best friend of mine, I am most happy when I am with me .I deep cleanse my room ,I watch fear files Indian horror dram based on real event and walk 3 hour straight
I make milk, yoghurt, pineapple ,papaya ,apricot smoothie in which over night soaked chia seed
I make stir fry chicken with favourite vegetable combination with favourite spice and with sauces
In evening I walk on terrace with cup strong cardamom green coffee I am on terrace enjoy my time with myself to the maximum
At night I will watch case 39 my favourite horror movie and Sip lemon ice tea
Try to be your own best friend , spend time on your favourite activities, do what you love ,enjoy maximum time with your self and lead happy prosperous life. Mohammed ali baloucch
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لننهي اكتوبر باعـتراف ؟!

doaaawad644’s Profile Photodoaa.awadd
- انا مبعرفش اكون صديقة .. يعني مبعرفش اكون بست فريند اللي هو ٢٤ ساعة معاكي و بنتكلم و بنخرج و mentions و الجو ده.
انا اغلب الوقت اصلا بعيدة عن اقرب الناس ليا
بس بعرف اكون موجودة وقت الفرحة و وقت الزعل .. يعني بعرف اسمع كويس و افهم لما حد يكون عايز يحكي .. و بعرف اشارك الفرحة ... بس مبعرفش اعمل حاجة وقت الزعل غير اني اسمع و احاول احل ... بس مش بعرف اطبطب..
ووقت الزعل لو الشخص مجاش حكى ... انا مش هسأل .. مش عشان انا مش مهتمة .. بس علشان انا مش بعرف اقتحم الpersonal space بتاعت الناس ...
طب افرض هو مش عايز يحكي انا اتدخل ليه بسؤالي؟
نفس الكلام لما ببقي زعلانة مابعرفش اجي اتكلم مع حد واقعد احكي .. طب افرض هو مش حابب يسمع ... مش فاضي ..
الكام كلمة دول ... كان محور خسارتي لناس كتير في حياتي مؤخراً حتى اللي كانوا مسميني bestfriend ...
بس انا مبعرفش اهتم غير بالشكل ده مع اصحابي مهما كانو مين.
و اعتراف تاني 👌
انا كنت ف الاول بحب اعاتب اصحابي القريبين لان مبحبش كنت اشوف تصرف مش ف محله منهم بس حاليا بقيت مش بحب اعاتب... و بكره المشاكل ...
العتاب بنسبالي بقي خسارة ... و بقدر جدا جدا الظروف و بحط ٧٠ عذر ...
هو اه مش بلاقي المثل ... بس قشطة.
انا مش اسفة اني مكنتش عند حسن ظن حد لو كان تقديره ليا على كتر كلامي مش على مواقفي :)
علشان انا شخصيتي دي و مش هتتغير "حاولت اتغير بس معرفتش و مبقتش عايزة اعرف" :)
و اخيراً ... انا بحب الناس اللي مهما لفت الدنيا...و مبنشوفش بعض غير فين و فين بيفضلوا زي مهما و انا زي ما انا عندهم تقريبا دول اللي برتاح معاهم جدا...
انا بحبهم اوي! ♥♥

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Thoughts on your best-friend? 😅

HaayaaNoor’s Profile PhotoHaya Noor
I am best friend of mine I am most happy when I am with me .
I watch fear files based on real events based on real events and walk 3 hours straight
I deep cleanse my room ,I love seeing my room spick and span , I enjoy in my gorgeous Eden
I step to kitchen make chicken stir fry with favourite vegetable combination spices and with sauces, serve with rice
Make your self best friend, spend time on your activities, do what you love ,enjoy maximum time with your self to the maximum and lead happy prosperous life .mohammed ali baloucch

Menurut kalian gimana? Aku pernah dekat sama cowo trus aku bales kalo lagi mood aja atau suka hati aja gitu. Trus sekarang aku lagi dekat sama cowo,tapi akhir2 ini dia bales suka hati gitu juga, tapi chat nya tiap hari sih. Aku kena karma ga ya?

Karma is my bestfriend Karma is a god, Karma is the breeze in my hair on the weekend, Karma's a relaxing thought, Karma is a cat purring in my lap 'cause it loves me~

Does it happen that you listen to the same song over and over again? What was the last song you had on repeat? 🎧🔄

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Always. The one that's been recently on repeat was this Japanese song. I think it will take me a while to move on from this one because I tend to videocall my bestfriend and her brother just to listen to this song together and sing along since they're both addicted to this song as well hahaha https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lRVJuPI5IXIshaireen’s Video 172636687232 lRVJuPI5IXIshaireen’s Video 172636687232 lRVJuPI5IXI

ما الذي يعجبك في والديك؟

My father has been all his life a hard worker. He is so decent, trustable and chooses the right way even it was so much harder. He fight a lot to reach to this stage, and every time he tells me a story about something I couldn't be more proud. He suffers a lot when he was young and he did his best to provide more than we need to avoid this experience.
He is supporting me all the way. Not many fathers would fight for their girls to have the best career and travel.. Etc.. And he made sure that I would be comfortable to the end. He is so kind and smart. He has his own rules. He is spoiling me so much, like I am still 5 years old. He ia always proud of me. We share a lot together. He never makes me feel like we or not friends or there is something I can't tell him. Really, he is great and I love him so much.
My mother is the sweetest, kindest person I have ever seen. She is remarkable and I am always amazed by her actions. She taught me how to be a good daughter, sister, friend, and a wife in the future. Her voice makes me feel safe when I am at my scariest moments. Her warm hugs and the gorgeous smile telling me it is gonna be okay. She is my bestfriend. We are so close and talking to her, spending time with her could be the definition if happiness.
May God bless them, always.

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How do they make you feel?

probably the easiest, but one of the hardest questions to answer and put everything exactly in words…
she makes me feel like i can just be me. the smartass, dumbass, and jokester me. i’ve known her for eight years, which obviously leads to a lot of history. aside from me loving her thats not just my girl, thats my bestfriend too no matter what. i’m not an openly emotional person, i’ll do whatever the hell i can to shove my emotions down. i’ve done that shit for years. it works for everyone…except her. everything i bottle up ends up just flowing out. part of that is me knowing i can trust her, she makes me feel comfortable, and i know she’s actually listening and cares. i used to not be like that to even her about quite a bit of things that were going on. something i had to work on if i wanted to keep my head above water. i tried talking to people, i ended up feeling like they weren’t listening, didn’t care, or didn’t try to understand. i get in my own head a lot, especially about kyara thinking i am who i used to be. i don’t ever want to be that person again. i snap sometimes or feel like i accidentally snap at her when she didn’t do anything. i’m still me, just not everything is the same nor do i think the same. i noticed most of the time how fast i answer her, i think i subconsciously freak out trying to answer her quickly so she knows i just didn’t dip out again. i wake up some mornings and i know that i’m walking a thin line that day, or i’m functioning enough just to keep my head above water. she’s either pulling me out of the water or shes there to catch me. i won’t ever be able to thank her as much as she deserves. this really isn’t half of how she makes me feel, theres a lot more honesty.

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Who’s most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse out of you and your best friend of the opposite sex?

Aha, good question but the answer is easily myself. My bestfriend is typically girly and squeamish, not to mention high maintenance 😂

May times ba na, kapag naging close mo ung isang tao ayaw mo ng may maka close pa syang iba kaysa sayo? Its kinda upsetting kasi sakin na parang feel ko kapag ganon ang outcast ko. Na parang wala lang ako ganon.. Idk why kaya ayoko na makipag close sa iba kasi ang hirap maka feel ng ganon....

Wala namang kaso sa akin kung may friends na iba ang friends ko. Dapat lang mas mahal nila ako kaysa sa iba nilang friends. Though ibang usapan kapag bestfriend. Ayoko nang may ibang bestfriend ang bestfriend ko. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Hi, just wanna know other's thoughts on this one. You'll have a celebration with fam, you invited your best friend. Then, your best friend wants to tag along some of her friends that you don't even know. Will it be fine with you? Given that you are an introvert person.

junrevlue’s Profile Photojunrevlue
Nope, it won't be fine for me for many reasons: first, it's not their family celebration. I only invited that person. They won't have a right to invite anybody else on that. Second, I invite that person because I want to bond with them. So, how would I do that if they will bring someone I barely know? Third, my kindness is not extended to anyone else near them but to them alone.
Story time! I have this friend whom I considered one of my bestfriends. When she talked about being sad because she cannot continue subscribing to Netflix and being saddened because she cannot watch her favorite series I offer my account. So I gave her my logins. On Netflix, each time your logins are being logged on a different device, it will send an email notification to the owner. I actually don't mind since I'm aware that it's a family account. My sister used to log it out and does not save the logins on her PC. But the next time I met with that friend I'm talking about, she blatantly shared that she shared my logins with her few folks. I was disappointed. That very moment, I changed my password. When she asked me about it, I told her that my kindness is only for her, and it is not extended to her other family or friends. Sure, I can be nice to them but not to the point that I will also give them access to my subscriptions or just give "bestfriend perks" because they are close to mine. No, I'm not that person. I refused to be abused.

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لو في بالك شخص وجهه ليه رسالة هتقوله أية 🗯️🗯️💬

I am so grateful for your existance in my life. I am so lucky to grow up and found a wonderful family and such an awsome bestfriend to support me at every single stage.
I love you all, to the moon and back.

Aku tringin nak ada bestfriend lah. Pegi minum kopi, pegi art gallery, shopping, deep talk at night, hmm

Insyaa Allah, soon.
Moga satu hari nanti awak ada bestfriend yang boleh faham awak seadanya 🦋💗
For now boleh la kawan dengan saya dulu 😂 mana tau boleh get along sama² 👀🙈
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Do you believe in bestfriend or bestie ?

untuk skrg aku ga percaya lagi sm org yg berkedok “ teman, sahabat” tapi ternyata mereka fake! aku slalu mikir dia pasti nyakitin aku, udah pernah ngerasain soalnya, deketin aku karna ada maunya, cari informasi padahal fitnah sana sini, ngelebihin cerita, aku curhat malah di ss dan di sebar dan 3 hari kemudian mau minjem uang kan gila ya? wkwkwk
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مازا تفعل لتخرج من العزلة؟🧎🏻‍♂️

cciicc_699’s Profile Photoلـَــيـْث
I talk to my mom and start complaining about everything. Then I talk to my bestfriend and complain again.
I spend some days in my bed sleeping a lot, maybe watching all parts of Harry Potter or reading a whole book.
Then, I decided it is so pathetic and meaningless and I am better than this and start doing what I should do.

let's say I'm your used to be close friend, any genuine word for me?

I hope you are happier with your life now. I not angry that we did ended our friendship but just u know, i still wish that we can remains as best friend until where our children will become bestfriend like we used to. Bestfriend over generations, that's must be nice. Thankyou for your time, your efforts, your smiles, and thankyou for was there in my thick and thin, and thankyou for made me the happiest hooman in old days. None of the days was bad for me, bcs u did made me happy and when i need someone to share on, u was there. I glad u there. I glad u was there. U comfort me when no others could. But now, we both already have our own bestfriend, but i don't think we should compare it with us, don't u think so? Anw, if u reading this, I would love to rejoice our good old days, and yes, to meet u again.
Till then, take care.

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describe one of ur bestfriend

Inisialnya F, perempuan, 22 tahun, TB nya sama kayak aku, 1 kampus sama aku, suka oversharing, baik banget, peduli banget, suka ngaret kalo janjian, fashionable, suka belanja, suka nonton drakor dan dracin, jomblo tapi gebetannya banyak banget.
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Do you have a funny or sweet memory you feel like sharing from your childhood? (if you don't have any in childhood, then adulthood is fine too)

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I remember way back elementary days, my Papa almost always picked me up late at school. By the time my classmate found out about this, she then convinced her Dad to wait till my Papa would arrive before they would head home so that she could accompany me. This happened almost everyday and we would just sit under the tree and she would share funny stories with all the animated hand gestures and different voices lol. I am actually glad for this, because I now have a bestfriend who knows me well, went through hell & back with me and still chose to stay by my side. She just inspires me to be kind, genuine, and thoughtful.

In a most noisy life, what gives you peace?

ahmedhany011’s Profile Photoأحمَـد
My family, especially my mother. Just listening to her voice is enough for me to be good. I love everything about our friendship and how close we are now. The look she gives me every moment makes days go in an easy way.
My bestfriend, I don't think I could speak freely or find someone so special and has so much in common with me like that. Everything is easy with the support and knowing that someone believes in you and always impressed by you.
My cats, I can't say enough about them. I love them to the moon and back.
Every tiny thing that represents beauty in this world.
Music, books, writing, movies, series, long walk and sleeping for a hell of time.

What makes ur day special ? Talk about it in some words.

I am so attached to my family. If they are fine and doing well, I will be fine too. They are the most important thing in my entire life. I am doing my best to make them feel proud and satisfied. I like sharing my ideas with my bestfriend. Long unstoppable chatting about everything (fine or bad) makes me fine and stable. My cats are so adorable and each one has a significant character, noticing the little details and catching them doing their things makes me happy. Achieving something that makes my day productive has a good influence on me. A good movie/episode of my fav show, reading, cleaning, cooking or just relaxing is great too.

Why do people cheat in real life?

you might want to ask this to a sociologist.
my rough assumption would be different people do it for different reasons.
they might be not strong enough to break up.
some do it because their partner doesn't/can't fulfill their sexual desiers.
I read a story of a guy with a micro-penis who woke up oneday to his gf cheating on him with his bestfriend while talking shit about his impotence.
some have it in their nature to never settle down for one person and that's why we have open relationships and so on.

posible ba talaga na mafall sa bestfriend?

xnichi’s Profile Photoxnichi
Di malabong mangyari. Ako nga, may naging online bestfriend ako, nameet ko lang sa game, di naman kami umabot sa ganyan 😹, Depende lang talaga kung pano niyo dalhin yung friendship niyo.

• If you were given three things to make you happy, what would these be?

1- My family, my bestfriend, my cats and all the people I care about are healthy, happy, satisfied and always around me since I can't really imagine my life without them.
2- Achieving what I want so I can have money so I can do what I really need to.
3- Peaceful state, mentally and physically.

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