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What is something that you feel, is bad design, in your opinion? 🤔 And, what is something that you feel was designed well? 🤪 (Gotta outweigh every negative with a positive, hehe) 😉

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
I'm a city planning student, there are a tooon of cities which at their core are just badly, BADLY designed 🥴 Dubai and typical American suburbia comes to mind! But then there are many European cities which are designed very well! I was blown away by the bike infrastructure I saw when I recently visited the Netherlands 🤩
What is something that you feel is bad design in your opinion  And what is

Inspired by my own wisdom tooth pain which is utterly killing me right now - what's the worst pain you've ever experienced?

Emmagine_This’s Profile PhotoEmmagine_This
I can sympathise!
I had my wisdom teeth removed in 2 lots of sittings. My jawline just wasn't big enough for them to come through. So would have caused more problems in the long run!
As for most pain I've experienced.. hard to say! My pain tolerance is none existent! So something simple can feel incredibly painful to me.
But it would probably be when I came off my bike and damaging my eye. I had a black eye for about a month. Luckily wasn't blinded, but it did damage my eye socket a bit :(
Inspired by my own wisdom tooth pain which is utterly killing me right now

What is the first memory you can recall... Like, your first reclaimed consciousness as a child? 😛🙌😵‍💫

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
Hmm, the earliest memory I have is probably of me racing around on a riding toy in our kitchen! I'm assuming that's my first memory since I couldn't have been very old at the time 🤔
Though the funniest memory from my childhood was that we used to pretend to deliver lots of plastic plates we'd store in the back of our for three wheeled bikes. One time a bunch of those plates on my bike fell into a drain. The next day I saw a huge truck with a suction pipe next to that very drain 🥴 I was like Steve Urkel "Did I do that??" 😆
What is the first memory you can recall Like your first reclaimed consciousness

What do you do when things don't go your way?

AthenusVena’s Profile PhotoPrincess
I'd feel frustrated but I won't linger on it for too long. What I do when things don't go my way is I think of the reasons why it went wrong. If the reason was of uncertain circumstances, then I'll accept it. If the reason was mainly because of me, my shortcomings, my miscalculations, etc., then I'll keep those in mind para hindi ko na maulit and para prepared na ako.
/*ganiyan ako kapag tapos na ako sa frustration stage.*/
To cope with the frustration naman, I go out or isolate myself, cry, go and play with my pets, ride a bike, listen to music, write a poem or just write everything I feel, tweet sa Twitter in my private acc, read a book, and/or sleep. 🥹

Late night thoughts? 🌚

o6ogold’s Profile PhotoAdil
Kabir Singh got no logic. I mean after a long time he tries to start his bike and after 2nd or 3rd attempt it starts 😒 Ohh Bhai Yahan aik month Khaari rakho tu Neche latana par jata hai Meeti itni Ke Pucho na. Aur uske purani bhi chaal parti hai😂

Có ai trải nghiệm cảm giác book gojek bike đi 30km ở Hà Nội chưa ạ? Mình book thế thì có tài xế nào nhận khumm?

mình chưa
nếu cậu book thì sẽ có người nhận thôi nhưng khả năng cao là người ta sẽ hủy, ko có ai nhận
mình nhớ có lần mình book goviet đi tầm 5km thôi, có 1 chú lái xe chở mình đã gợi ý rằng nên chia thành 2 chuyến để book nếu mình có thời gian, hình như cách này mang lại lợi ích nhiều hơn cho các chú thay vì mình book thẳng 1 chuyến xa như vậy.
Và 30km, mình nghĩ là ko có ai đi đâu ý ;))) mà tiền lại còn đắt nữa, đi bus đi bạn ui.

اقتراح اماكن حلو ف القاهرة نخرج فيها 🦥

شارع المعز
جامع الازهر
قصر عائشة فهمى
و الاحسن منه ممشي أهل مصر
لو ليكم ف التاريخ روحوا القلعة
فيه ف مدينة المستقبل bike park لو تحبوا الاكتفيتي دي
قصر المانسترلي و متحف ام كلثوم
مجمع الأديان مصر القديمة
وسط البلد ( بس مش بحبه ) 😂
ممكن مدينة الثلج في سيتي ستارز
في الجو الحر دا ممكن تروحوا مول مصر أو سيتي ستارز أو اي مول عموماً فيهم اماكن حلوة
فيه اماكن كتير بس مش حاضرة في دماغي كلها دلوقتي

Juhuuu....Otto....Kennst du das Spiel " Hänschen piepe mal"?.....das spielen wir jetzt...du fängst an.... Ich muss wissen ob dein Ausflug geklappt hat und es dir gut geht....

Erwachsenenstammtisch’s Profile PhotoElse's (っ◕‿◕)っ
Das kenn ich ! das Kenn ich Elsi ! Das war früher schon zum Piepen.
Ich bin gestern erst ganz spät heim und voll mit zum Teil herrlichen,... und zum Teil weniger herrlichen Eindrücken
von meiner guten alten Heimatstadt Dresden.
Es war wie geplant;
Das Auto in Pillnitz abgestellt und mit'm E Bike auf'm Elbe- Radweg rein in die Altstadt...Zuerst gleich mal ÜBER die Elbe auf die Stadtseite. ( Dort ist auch der Radweg besser )
JuhuuuOttoKennst du das Spiel  Hänschen piepe maldas spielen wir jetztdu fängst

If you could have an all-expenses paid trip to see any famous world monument, which monument would you choose? 🏯🕌

Towhare’s Profile PhotoT
I think I'd choose the statue of liberty! More so cause I just really, really want to go to New York sometime! As an urban planner I find that city fascinating for various reasons, both good and bad 😆 But I do appreciate many of the city's recent efforts to make it more bike and pedestrian friendly!
If you could have an allexpenses paid trip to see any famous world monument

Would you rather ride a motorcycle 🏍️, take the train 🚃, or drive a car 🚗?

alpharean’s Profile PhotoChatter Box
Even though I got my drivers license last week I'd still pick train to be honest! This since I don't have a car right now and probably won't have for years to come. It just isn't really worth it when you're a student in a city which gives you plenty of opportunities to bike everywhere and take the train or bus when you're going out of town 🚃
Would you rather ride a motorcycle  take the train  or drive a car

What's the most trouble you've been in?

I went to akdmy and my bike got punctured I don't even have a single penny and zero balance in mobile then I go my home by walking along bike and it was all dark ba mushkil ghar aya main

What compliment do girls like to get if it's from man?

Girls are the most complex creature on plant earth to understand let me explain
If the compliments came from her father,brother, she take it as respect
If come from family or friends she take it as fun
If its came from the love of her life she take it as Acceptances of love and protection
But if the same compliment come from gali wala basheer, or a bike wala on road She take it as her insult
Thus its not important what compliment she is receiving important is from whom she receive that 😂😇

Advice for the mom with a twerking 12 year old who talks to grown men?

I am assuming you are referring to a 12 year old female using an internet connection to talk to men?
1. Explain the dangers to your daughter and make sure she understands that some men are perverts who are only interested in sex.
2. Set the rules of internet activity and make certain that she understands the consequences for her behavior (no smartphone, no computer, etc)
3. DO NOT use the computer and internet as a babysitter!!
4. Get your daughter involved in activities so she does not sit in her bedroom all day talking to perverts.
5. Talk to your internet provider about methods and applications used to monitor your daughters online activity and set time limits where she can only connect when you are home say for 2 hours and then her internet connection is disabled.
6. Put her computer or smartphone in the kitchen or some place that is visible where you can look over her shoulder and monitor.
Our 15 year old daughter uses the internet to text girlfriends and draw art and upload to instagram. I have access to all of her applications including instagram.
MOST IMPORTANT: Keep your daughter involved in healthy activities and keep her away from peers who are self destructive, abused, drug addicts or sexually active. Remember you are what you eat and your behaviors are influenced (good or bad) by those people you associate with.
Our daughter is an honor roll student who is kept busy with:
- math lessons
- reading lessons with emphasis on comprehension
- private art lessons
- violin lessons
- piano lessons
- golf lessons and golf tournaments
- plays violin in youth symphony
- plays violin in church youth group with parents
- Plays golf with dad
- We bike ride together
- We take our daughter and her friends to movies, baseball games, museums.
My wife and I are active in our daughters life to the point where we meet with the vice principle to discuss and arrange her course curriculum each year. We interact with our daughter every day and we drive her to and from school. Because we love our daughter we refuse to allow the school, society, or her peers to manipulate and control her behavior and so we work with her to set realistic goals and objectives. In other words, we succeed or fail as a family and are not absentee parents.
Being a parent in today's corrupt society is probably the most difficult thing you will ever have to doin your entire life. There are so many distractions and evil people lurking and waiting to corrupt and destroy your children. And so you must be active, dedicated, vigilant and aware 24x7x365. For it takes a life time to train and prepare your children for success and only one minute for them to become a victim.
Yes being a parent is difficult and exhausting, but in the end, it will be well worth the effort. /Alex

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Was würde sich ändern, wenn du im Lotto gewinnen würdest?

Noch mehr und bessere gute reine High End Nahrungsergänzungen und Superfoods, alle fehlenden wichtigen Bücher, Wellness, Heiler, Geistheiler, Alternativheiler, Reisen zu Kraftorten/Alpen/Wäldern/Wellnessreisen, Feng Shui, mehr und grössere Heilsteine und Kristalle, Öko Möbel und Öko Klamotten, alle innovatien esoterisch energetischen Hilfsmittel und Schutzobjekte der High End Profis, alle wirklich sparsamen gesunden haushaltsgeräte der innovativen neuesten Version bester Entsafter beste Filter usw etc. Plusenergie Ökohaus also ne autarke Eso Heilpraktiker Oase. Die sparsamste sauberste fortschrittlichste Karre der Welt die ich zuhause selbst am Strom laden könnte und ein E Bike. Also lauter sinnvolle gesunde wertvolle hinterher nie zu bereuende bewusste fortschrittliche harmonische Dinge und keine Selbstzerstörung wie der gewöhnliche Wald und Wiesen Lotto Millionär sie an die Nacht legen würde. Das alles und noch viel mehr würd ich sinnvolles machen wenn die Lottofee logisch gerecht und hilfreich wär statt den nächsten fetten Karl Heinz Zombie in NRW noch schneller ins Grab hüpfen zu lassen mit N.utten, Heimkinobestrahlung, Orgiastischen Partys, Alk, Zigarren, Kuchen, D.rogen, Braten und Trash Kitsch.

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Do you ever listen to music to hype yourself up? Like when you work out for example. What kind? 💪🎶

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Actually music helps a lot. If I don't listen to music, exercise bike to me feels like torture. It's just extremely boring.
It doesn't matter, all music is music, if I feel it, it'll work.
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Do you ever listen to music to hype yourself up? Like when you work out for example. What kind? 💪🎶

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I've never tried it... It seems strange to me to artificially replace an emotion with another one until the first one is over. I usually listen when I'm in the mood to listen)
For stretching and ballet warm-up, I have playlists with classical and chinese music, according to the mood. For step, I try to take something new every time, because I have already learned måneskin by heart😅 For example, music for basketball fits well into the rhythm, sometimes electronic, it's great to take chvrches. Latino is tоugh firstly. For dancing, I usually take music from the video, which I memorize the dance (transcend has very cool selections), or rock'n'roll classics. Anything will do for a bike, I listen to a audiocourse in astrophysics btw)

Main b shaadi karunga , ya Allah tofeeq day 🙏 😢

Hahah not that there’s anything wrong about it but tofeeq to hum sab aisay mangtay hain jaisay gari ya bike ho, nazar aygi to matlab mili hai, warna nahi.
Most of the times tofeeq hamain mil bhi chuki hoti hai. Kahin na kahin hum khud hi nahi chahtay hotay. Deep inside we aren’t always ready for it.

Have you ever lost your oldest friends? What happened?

I haven't shared this story before. When I was in preschool I had a friend named Anthony (not his real name). We were inseparable. When we were in middle school he was hit by a truck when riding his bike. He wasnt wearing a helmet and landed on his head. He had severe brain damage. The accident killed the friend I knew. He changed drastically in the coming months. He became extremely clingy, calling me multiple times a day. I told him to stop calling so much but it didn't stop. I remember the day I had to make the decision to cut him out of my life. I was at his birthday and he had several friends there I didn't know well, it was common knowledge that several of them were into drugs and my friend was acting strangely. After he started hanging with a bad crowd I decided to walk away. It was a tough choice, but it had to be done. Went to see THE LAST JEDI with one of my oldest friends, we grew up watching the movies together, saw all of the re-issues. For whatever reason, after we saw the movie, he stopped replying to the texts I sent. I kept wishing him happy birthday for a couple years because all the dates of all of my ex-classmate's birthdays are burned into me, and he really was my best friend for many years, and it meant a lot to me, that we could still remain close after 30 years of friendship---i tried to think of reasons why he stopped talking to me and it drove me insane. it feels like a tragic misunderstanding. but he was one of the smartest people i knew. i had so much respect for his art and sensibilities.
I lost contact with most of my good friends when I moved out of town after graduation from college. It's hard to stay close when thousands of miles separate everyone. When we did get together occasionally the connection we had when we were younger was long gone. It's sad but it's not unusual.
Back when I was about 4/5 years old I lost contact with an old friend of mine called Amber. She moved to Scotland I believe and since we didn't have any social media or anything of the sort at the time, we have lost contact. For some reason, 14/15 years later, I still wonder where Amber is now.
Just after his death we all sat down with his mom. She was very, very kind and told us all it wasn’t our fault. I hadn’t been on the mountain with him, but I still felt awful and guilty for several reasons. I’m 11 years out now, and I still think about it. On the anniversary of his death I write a letter or pour one out for him. About four years after his death I had my now fiancé (who was there) explain to me the extent of his injuries. I had blamed myself for not sending a “be safe” text to the whole group that morning. Apparently, no safety precaution besides him choosing to go slower would have saved him.
He has his legacies though. His family loves him still. He introduced me to my fiancé. Through him, I found the love of my life. His sister is doing great. Many of us mourners have tattoos that memorialize him, including me.

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Do 2 truths and one like and let's see if we can guess the lie

— i had my art hung in a museum when i was 16 years old.
— i don't know how to ride a bike.
— i once met the members of paramore.

Is commuting by bike a legit option for you personally? How easy / hard is it to get around by bike where you live? 🚴‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
It "can" be... But I'd rather not be riding a bike right now, lol. The wind against your face, feels like legit FIRE, when riding during the summer., here.. xD Plus, AZ is a bit more spread out in some areas... It's not like when you live downtown/uni life... Otherwise, I'd be more willing to walk around and ride my bike!
I prefer my air conditioned car... xD I'll be privileged... it's fine.
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Is commuting by bike a legit option for you personally? How easy / hard is it to get around by bike where you live? 🚴‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Not for me, I'd get too exhausted due to my respiratory conditions and would have to stop a lot with anything that wasn't a very short trip. It's not a functional option.
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What do you do for fun?

klonetron’s Profile PhotoHalbery Jones
If you mean how I am relaxing during my free time, so :
1.watching various tv shows (about singing, dancing, cooking, baking and other talents or knowledge and other competitions - just now about surviving 👇😁)
2.reading crimi book
3.watching funny or historic or fantasy or thrilling series and movies
4.browsing social sites
5.chatting with friends or meeting my best friend and talking
6.going out to walk or bike (warm days)
7.visiting theatres and cinemas.
What do you do for fun

Ever had a near-death experience?

Yes ig. It was a few years back when i was in fsc. I was walking back from my academy at night. There was a man who was just one meter ahead of me. Someone on bike came from the opposite side and shot the man in front of me. It was surreal. That was my first time seeing someone get shot and that too a meter away from me. It was very different than in movies tbh. The man just turned to me looked at the place he was shot and then fell down unconscious.

Is commuting by bike a legit option for you personally? How easy / hard is it to get around by bike where you live? 🚴‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
It is but considering my office is an hour away from my house - I don't think it's feasible. The public transport here is pretty good. I love trains. They can pretty much take you anywhere and are never late.

Is commuting by bike a legit option for you personally? How easy / hard is it to get around by bike where you live? 🚴‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Not even the thought of that is a legit option 😄
For me personally riding a bike is just a pain in the ass, I hate it when much 😅🙈
And unfortunately, it's not very safe because my commute to work is a federal road and most of it doesn't yet have a bike path on the side. So it's pretty dangerous because some people just don't know how to behave on streets.

Is commuting by bike a legit option for you personally? How easy / hard is it to get around by bike where you live? 🚴‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
It's pretty easy to get around by bike in my area, but it isn't an option for me personally. I have some quite heavy anxiety around riding a bike and haven't dared to try doing so in 10 years or something 😅 Also I have never ridden a bike in a city environment (which is where I live) so I wouldn't be confident in my ability to navigate the traffic tbh.

what do you do for a living?

WinterB3er’s Profile PhotoDim Sum Momo
I don't do anything for a living in that sense! I study to become an urban planner, am currently working on my bachelor's thesis! Yesterday I biked 25 km (16 miles) between two major cities in my region to document the biking experience! I also took a lot of pictures of bike roads, signs etc. My legs still hurt from that trip 😆
what do you do for a living

Riddle: What has wheels and flies, but it is not an aircraft?

First thought tended towards a bike flying through the air after hitting hard on a speed bump but a quick cheat search states that a garbage truck as the answer. Good one.
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Is commuting by bike a legit option for you personally? How easy / hard is it to get around by bike where you live? 🚴‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Nope.. bar the fact I refuse to ever get on one due to an accident I had... it wouldn't be safe to use one to get to work as I have to travel in a 70mph zone lol
Is commuting by bike a legit option for you personally How easy  hard is it to
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Is commuting by bike a legit option for you personally? How easy / hard is it to get around by bike where you live? 🚴‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
It really depends on my knees and the weather and the distance honestly. A 10-15 minute bike ride is doable for me to do daily. A 30 minute ride is too hard for me to do daily and causes my knees to hurt. Especially since there’s lots of wind here and it’s somehow always against you. 😅
I really thought about cycling 30 minutes to work instead of taking a 20 minute bus ride. I did it once. Never again. It hurt my knees so badly I wasn’t able to walk the next day lol.
I think that maybe if I had an e-bike, things would be different though!
Is commuting by bike a legit option for you personally How easy  hard is it to

Is commuting by bike a legit option for you personally? How easy / hard is it to get around by bike where you live? 🚴‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
During last years many special roads for bicycles were built here so it would not be problem - but if you work in firm where men must wear suits and women be elegant ladies, it is not possible to travel by bike to office 😅

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