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How skilled are you at driving a vehicle with a manual transmission?

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoNo Apple Please
I have a driver's license which cover cars with manual transmission. Except for some very minor exceptions, I've only ever driven stick! Though nowadays I don't really drive much, I try my best to travel by bike, bus or train and it works out quite well for me! So I often feel very rusty once I sit down behind the wheel 🚘
How skilled are you at driving a vehicle with a manual transmission


DantehijomayordeSparda’s Profile PhotoFerrowill, Dante, 'n' Others.
*A different city, a different place, wher people did not know his name, some of them may hear about red grave city’s white haired man, some of them might hear about Tony Redgrave. However, none of them knew Dante, the legendary devil hunter, only the ones that were into hunting demons but they were the minority.
Dante was enjoying himself riding that notorious motorbike, as soon as he entered that city he could feel something not only strange but also powerful. He went to that city to calm himself and be alone with his thoughts… and be without debs for some time. It was that moment when while riding that bike he crossed his path with a tall, fancy, elegant, sensual and beautiful woman with black hair and glasses.
The devil hunter slow down the bike and before people could see it the bike disappear out of thin air, the white haired man walk where that big woman was, he needed to see why she was so special.*

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What do you do to cut costs and save money? I've begun cooking more instead of ordering out, and I've started meal planning. Not only does this reduce expenses, but it also minimizes food waste. In 2024, I intend to quit smoking. Smoking 2 packs/day ($155weekly) is burning both my lungs & pockets

I already home cook and I’ve never smoked so I guess I’m saving a lot of money on that.
But I also make sure I don’t spend too much on groceries and I take the bike when I can to avoid paying for the bus or train. I also barely go shopping, when I do it’s only for stuff I need and I buy a lot second hand. 😊

Hätte euer OC in der echten Welt einen Führerschein? Wenn nein, warum nicht? Welches Auto würde er fahren?

hamartia16123’s Profile Photohamartia
okay so, zelos hat definitiv einen führerschein und er hat auch safe einen motorradführerschein. allerdings würde er nach gewissen ereignissen niemals wieder auf ein motorrad setzten, weswegen sein bike nur noch in der garage und verstaubt. wenn er mal nicht besoffen oder zugedröhnt ist, dann fährt er auch gerne mal in seinem auto rum. er wäre auch gerne der fahrer für leute wie bastet. lol. die crew kann ihm da mit ihren leben vertrauen, egal wie schnell er fährt, er hätte dieses auto unter kontrolle (illegale straßenrennen sagen hallo). er fährt immer in purem luxus, sein persönlicher wagen wäre ein bugatti la voiture noire. und wenn er mal zu besoffen ist (oder verhindert), dann wird er in einer limo rumkutschiert, lol.
Hätte euer OC in der echten Welt einen Führerschein Wenn nein warum nicht

Hätte euer OC in der echten Welt einen Führerschein? Wenn nein, warum nicht? Welches Auto würde er fahren?

hamartia16123’s Profile Photohamartia
Ehrlich gesagt war mein erster Gedanke: Definitely fucking not lol (she is a passenger princess). She seems like the kind of person who only rides her bike. Aber je länger ich darüber nachdenke, desto mehr macht es Sinn, dass sie zwar einen Führerschein hat (weil sie niemandem zur Last fallen will), aber fährt wie eine Irre. Sie macht sich beim Fahren zu viel Stress und Panik und macht dadurch alles nur schlimmer und am Ende sieht sie ‘ne Tüte auf der Straße, denkt es wäre ein Tier und rammt in ‘ne Laterne oder so lmao. Oder sie würde alles die ganze Zeit hinterfragen, von wegen „War die Ampel grün? Die war grün oder? ODER?“ und „WAR DAS EIN STOPPSCHILD?? OH GOTT DAS WAR EIN STOPPSCHILD. DIE POLIZEI WIRD MICH KOMMEN HOLEN. ICH KOMME INS GEFÄNGNIS.“ Oder wenn ihr jemand zu nah kommt, sieht sie ihr ganzes Leben vor ihren Augen vorbei ziehen.
Fazit: Sie hätte zwar einen Führerschein, aber keiner der an seinem Leben hängt würde Bastet fahren lassen während man selber im Auto sitzt. Ich kann mir sogar vorstellen, dass Freunde und Familie sie versuchen davon abzuhalten mit dem Auto zu fahren weil sie um ihr Leben fürchten lololol („Fahr doch mit dem Fahrrad! Ist viel umweltfreundlicher!“).
Ich glaube der Fahrlehrer hat ihr nur den Führerschein gegeben, weil er Angst um sein Leben hatte und wollte, dass sie nie wieder zurück kommt. She is our real-life Spongebob Squarepants 🙂
Btw, sie würde einen süßen, gelben Mini Cooper fahren, because it just fits and I will fight anybody who disagrees.

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Hätte euer OC in der echten Welt einen Führerschein Wenn nein warum nicht

What was the most memorable experience from your childhood? ✨

KyuHyukGirl’s Profile Photo~.بنت الوهيبي.~
We had a firework that was shapes as a butterfly. We sincerely believed that it chases people.
There is one incident that happened that made us “sure” that it chased people.
We ignited one and ran away to “test” and the butterfly firework chased the indian guy in a bike instead 😂😂😂😂
Us idiots used that to favor our arguments against our parents that the statement we have is true 😂😂😂
I love how stupid smart asses we were
What was the most memorable experience from your childhood

What are some of the biggest assumptions/misconceptions people tend to have about your profession/field of study? How do you respond to it? 🙄😑

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
Many tend to think of urban planners as being hellbent on taking away their freedom by making it "harder" to drive.
What people need to understand is how incredibly spatially inefficient cars are. In between parking spaces, roads etc. they take up a lot of very valuable space in the city centres that could be used for other things. Such space could be opened up for more sustainable ways of travel, new public spaces, construction or green spaces!
This spatial inefficiency makes cities very spread out when they are built to accommodate cars. This leads to worse coverage for public services such as hospitals, schools and transit cause of the increased distance and lesser density
Cities built around cars are very inconvenient and unsafe for everyone who doesn't own a car. European kids for example have a lot more autonomy than American kids cause of their ability to bike or walk almost everywhere and not being forced to rely on their parents to drive them.
It's also important to lessen emissions in cities, not only for the environment but for people's health. Cars also cause a lot of noise pollution, in between the engines, honking etc. Cities generally aren't loud, cars are.
I need to make clear though, cars in cities will always be a necessity for some people, like if they travel from very rural areas which realistically can't support public transit or good bike infrastructure. Or if they are helping out with a move etc.
By making it easier for people to choose other ways of travel, it'll mean less cars on the roads and traffic will flow more smoothly for those who need to drive. Increased road widths and more parking spaces only fuels a cycle that leads to more people driving, which in turn leads to congested, noisy, spatially inefficient and unsafe cities 🚘🚫

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What are some of the biggest assumptionsmisconceptions people tend to have about

U can have the human dupster but come get me cause all the trouble i started. I no u an bike man i see him im running into him they got to stop then on bike i dont care. Im running u over

You will end up inside a dumpster, well raped with one horn of your bike inside your ass, forever and ever.

What things make you feel anxious? 😰 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Tҽɳαƈισυʂ Tσɱɱαყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Oh, everything! I would be here all day listing things. I mostly feel anxious in a big group of people, or if I'm with someone I don't know very well. I felt really anxious recently as I've started going on bike rides to try and lose weight. I couldn't ride up a hill, and a couple laughed at me because of it. Now it'll be on my mind every time I try and get up a hill that some horrible person might make fun of me when I can't do it. ☹️. At least I'm trying, though. They can't take that away from me.

You moved from a big city to a small town. What were your circumstances, and how'd you adjust?

Because I saw myself becoming the stereotypical parisian. I was stressed, angry, overworked, insomniac, and a social alcoholic. One day i was walking down the stairs in a busy metro station and a guy (suit, tie,€50 haircut) growled at me because i was in his way. Not grumbled, growled. Like a dog. I decided i didn't want to become this man. A month later i was packing up.
I'm currently living in Paris, renting a pretty huge apartment in the 15eme with 2 roommates, but I'll be moving soon into a new apartment I bought myself in banlieue. If given the opportunity I'd have preferred staying in Paris but it's way too expensive to buy anything here (like 10k€/sqm...).
I was born in the suburbs of Paris, childhood was cool but once you reach puberty and go to high-school, you'll start to see that you have a lot of stuff that you can do (bars, activities,...) you also have to deal with the reality that you'll most likely won't be able to live close to your work, and that means a mean travel time of 1h morning and then 1h evening, meaning you'll end up doing little of your free time if you account for doing groceries and food (which felt important to me, I wanted to avoid takeout and stuff like that as much as possible)
That plus the fact that the comute is pretty much lost time, I wasn't doing anything useful in the train or by driving the car, and couldn't go to work by bike which would have alleviated some of the downsides cause at least I would be getting some activity.
I've spent my entire life moving among different rural suburban areas. I was born in Acton, CA, moved to Flagstaff, AZ, had spent a couple years in rural Ohio, and currently live in a town about an hour outside of Pittsburgh, PA. I've never spent longer than a couple hotel nights in a major city despite visiting many as a kid. Now that I'm less than a year away from graduating college, I'd really like some honest insight.
Because the truth is I'm completely tired of driving 25 minutes to reach a restaurant, store, or anything more exciting than a gas station. I'm also tired of run-away, aggressive pets, hostile people, ignorance, bug infestations, and the overall subtle hostility that living out here is. For almost half a decade now I've been nurturing this idea of living in an apartment somewhere deep inside a city. To be able to walk anywhere in a two two mile radius and find things, even if not necessarily everything, I'd want, and to have the ability to train ride to the locations farther away. All the while being surrounded by the pinnacle of human civilization; it honestly sounds like a dream.
So to me moving out of the parisian ambiance was a goal that I don't regret achieving one bit, but this is mostly true to my needs and I can see why some people would want to live there, it was just not for me.

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как проходит последняя неделя года?😑

lxrdjz666_’s Profile Photo
(translation to anglocycle)
"" "How is the last week of the year going?😑" ""
I'm sure she'll go on her bicycle, as usual.
Why are you asking? ~ You didn't steal her bike, did you?
It won't work, you know. . . .
Я уверен, что она, как обычно, поедет на своем велосипеде.
Почему ты справшиваешь? ~ Ты ведь не украл ее велосипед?
Это не сработает, ты же знаешь. . . .
как проходит последняя неделя года

Favourite late night snack 🙃🌸

MAIYDA’s Profile PhotoMaida Shafqat
Yesterday i ordered coffee from foodpanda, i was writing "EXTRA MILK" in the comments. My autocorrect replaced 'MILK' with 'MILF'.
I instantly texted the guy "bhai wo galti se likha gya ha, it's milk* "
and the guy replied "Ab to kuch nae ho skta, AB TO MENE BITHA B LI HAI BIKE K PEECHE"
After 15 minutes the guy knocked my door, aur usne waqae bike k peeche bithai hui thi. I shrugged saying, "theek hai phir ab to kuch nae ho skta". So yeah, that was my favorite late night snack :|

Faz algum exercício!? Eu pratico caminhadas diárias 2x de 2,5km por dia.

ErickNewlands122’s Profile PhotoErick Almeida Newlands
eu trampo de bike dois dias na semana, com isso são automaticamente 6km pedalados, 3 pra vir e 3 pra voltar do serviço.
também faço academia tds os dias e to voltando a jogar bola as quartas.
agr só preciso diminuir no cigarrão pra falar q sou fitness
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What is something that is guaranteed to make you lose your patience? Like, no matter how good of a mood you’re in, what always manages to get under your skin? 🙄😠

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
There's nothing that makes an urban planner's blood boil more than politicians suggesting that there's a need to widen a highway 😤😂 The way congestion works is that it grows exponentially, once you've widened a road it doesn't take that many more cars for it to get congested again. A number which will inevitably grow since people are further encouraged to drive. That's how in the US you can have 26 (!) lane highways that still get congested 😱
The only way to reliably lessen congestion is to get less and less people to choose cars as their main form of transportation, by increasing people's access to public transport, expanding the area's bike infrastructure etc. Congestion growing exponentially works both ways, you don't need that many less cars to free up the roads. And by doing so you improve the experience of those who have no choice but to drive, like those who live in the countryside 🚘

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What is something that is guaranteed to make you lose your patience Like no

What's a milestone of yours, you've completed this year? 🎉😁👍✨(Congrats in advance)

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJusti Me Myself
Earlier this year I finally got my driver's license!! 🥳 I had put it off for so long but I finally felt like it was time to get it done! Though, I really do need to drive again sometime soon in order to not get rusty. The way I currently live I have zero need for a car, I can bike just about everywhere and the few times where I head out of town, I can either take the bus or train 😁
Whats a milestone of yours youve completed this year Congrats in advance

Do you prefer living in the city or county and why?

Country. Because I never have to drive in traffic ever in my life. Can leave in the woods and still be 10-15 minutes from any type of store you would need. I'm an outdoors person, nature is just beautiful to me. Creeks and rivers you can swim in, they're plenty out here. Ever seen the night sky out in the country compared to the city? You can see everything including the milky way going across the sky, it's beautiful.
As I grew older, and the credit I was building by my behavior was actually positive, it was nice to move to a small town. Walking into a bank where the manager knows your name, getting greeted at the post office and not going through a hassle picking up packages, etc. Once, I even had a wallet returned to me because the lady recognized my picture from church. Mind you, there are less opportunities. My wife worked as a graphic designer for a bit, and demand wasn't terribly high or lucrative. Non-city life makes it a bit easier to be a part of the community. Bedroom communities. They're small towns that are close to large cities. Most of the people that live in these towns don't actually work in these towns. You get the feel of the community of a small town, people know you, yet you still have stuff to do that isn't too far away.
I generally have much more in common with city people. I also like concerts, theater, public transportation and good restaurants, and that really only comes with cities. I like visiting the country but have no real interest in that lifestyle.
Rural within easy reach of a city is ideal for me. I live in a city currently (for university) and I really struggle with sleep because there is always light and noise coming from outside, also I hate crowds. I'm from a small village originally and much prefer the peace and quiet, and the green countryside
Rural, because I was born in it. I've problems when I'm sleeping at friend's house because I'm used to the noises of the cities(and I'm talking about small cities <30k citizens), for instance my grandma had problems sleeping because they opened a railroad that passes almost 2km from our house, but you are able to ear it in complete silence. Also the idea to have a garden or to walk outside without the traffic, I feel like I'm in a box while being in cities like Milan.
Being in a larger city can be nice sometimes, but I would never live in one. I just find it too crowded, too hectic and very weird if you are just surrounded by city. I like small towns/cities, something around the 30-60k population mark. You have enough people there that the place isn't totally empty, but it's not too crowded, the city is small enough that can easily bike everywhere and the city is just large enough that you can do some stuff in it. I grew up in a city with around 30k people living there, and I just like the feeling there.

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Why do people say learning how to ride a bike is one of the hardest things in life? What makes it so hard about it?

ognevstepan’s Profile Photoвишнёвый
ɪ ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ ʀᴇᴍᴇᴍʙᴇʀ sᴜᴄʜ ᴘᴇᴏᴘʟᴇ ɪɴ ᴍʏ ʟɪꜰᴇ🤔
ɪ ʀᴇᴍᴇᴍʙᴇʀᴇᴅ ᴍʏsᴇʟꜰ ᴀs ᴀ ᴄʜɪʟᴅ ᴍʏ ᴅᴀᴅ ᴛᴀᴜɢʜᴛ ᴍᴇ ʜᴏᴡ ᴛᴏ ʀɪᴅᴇ ᴀ ʙɪᴋᴇ ɪɴ ᴀɴ ʜᴏᴜʀ
ᴍʏ ᴄᴏʟᴏssᴀʟ ᴅᴇsɪʀᴇ ᴅɪᴅ ɴᴏᴛ ɢɪᴠᴇ ᴍᴇ ᴘᴇᴀᴄᴇ
ꜰᴏʀ ᴍᴇ ᴛʜᴇʀᴇ ᴀʀᴇ ɴᴏ ᴅɪꜰꜰɪᴄᴜʟᴛɪᴇs
Why do people say learning how to ride a bike is one of the hardest things in

Have you ever had extreme sex while riding a bike?

arthurtier666’s Profile PhotoJuliy
Нет. И слабо себе представляю такое в реальных дорожных условиях. Я никогда не езжу без экипировки. А она сильно усложнит процесс. И однажды я катал на закрытой площадке миниатюрную девушку, посадив её на переднее сиденье сиденье. Управлять в таком положении мотоциклом крайне неудобно. По крайней мере моим. И на дорогу я бы так не выехал. А как организовать это в другом положении - вообще не представляю. 🤷

Why do people say learning how to ride a bike is one of the hardest things in life? What makes it so hard about it?

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoKeepYourEyesPeeled
That must have been said by a non-Dutch person, because there’s no way a Dutch person will say that learning how to ride is one of the hardest things in life 😂
Learned how to bike by myself at the age of three in a day.
Why do people say learning how to ride a bike is one of the hardest things in

What do you like most about your friends?

Momina__choudhry’s Profile Photoem _momina_ch
The fact that we only get to spend 7-10 days per year together & still everything feels same whenever we see eachother.
We are a group of 3 & one of us left overseas this month. Now we 3 probably wont be together for 2-3 years. It makes me sad? Yes but i know that moment will be worth the wait when all of us are on bike again like old times. ♥️🌸

Was war der teuerste Gegenstand den du dir gekauft hast? Auto zählt nicht

Im letzten Quartal ? ....Ein E Bike. ( Benzin sparen für
kurze Touren )
ach so ! Und nen neuen Laptop. ( falls wir in Kürze nur
noch Solarstrom haben und ausschließlich an Batterien
und Akkus hängen...Die maximal 2000 Watt Leistungsabgabe von der Power Station,...heißt es gut einteilen..... WÜRDE aber im Notfall reichen.
Was war der teuerste Gegenstand den du dir gekauft hast Auto zählt nicht

If you go with your car to park it, you have the window open, and suddenly a guy with a motorcycle comes out and says "That car is horrible", what do you do? do you ignore him or say something to him?

I'd just smile and say "to each their own! Cool bike though!" :)
I know my car isn't to everyone's taste lol but as it was my grandad's, I'm a little sentimental towards it!
Plus for me it's perfect :)
If you go with your car to park it you have the window open and suddenly a guy

11:11 🧚‍♀️ يا رَب نهايّة سعيّدة نطوي فيها كِل تَعب مَرينا فيه.🦋☁️

أكثر اللحظات ألماً عندما تحن لهم ولا تجدهم . . 🖤
Dema herî bi êş ew e ku mirov bêriya wan bike û wan nebîne . . 🖤

What is your best money saving tip?

GlindaBells’s Profile PhotoTemptation Station
I don't know if I have any super revolutionary tips but one thing I do is that I always go to the supermarket I know is the cheapest. Not like the food is worse there, just that it varies so much depending on what chain the supermarket belongs to and it's location. So I always choose to bike into the centre of town to get my groceries even though I have a supermarket literally right next to where I live. Though, it's worth it when you often save multiple Swedish crowns per item, which definitely adds up in the end! 💵
What is your best money saving tip

If you dropped everything And went on a road trip, where would you go?

omishqa_abbasi’s Profile PhotoUmishqa Abbasi
On Friday, I normally have meetings but this friday they all got postponed and my friend who only get friday off. Made a call to me and said Yaar Chalte Han Bike trip per. I asked him Kahan? He said bus nikalte han yaar raat ko wapis ayeen ge Koi Thode Trees wali road ho and Just wese he Hum Jehlum taak ho ayee 😂
If you dropped everything And went on a road trip where would you go

Wie schläft ihr bei dem Gewitter ??

Genug gepennt ! Heute wird ein schöner Tag, gerade recht
um die Wintervorbereitungen so langsam abzuschließen.
Die Holz und Kohle Lager sind randvoll,...ja und die Wiesen ?
Hahaaa! die stehn noch kniehoch in Spätblüte.
Sollen sie ruhig, das bleibt auch so bis in den Winter hinein.
Nein. Heute wird nach Wochen der Mühe und der Arbeit wieder mal der Rucksack aufs E- Bike geschnallt und raus
ins Land geradelt....aber Hallo !
Wie schläft ihr bei dem Gewitter


DerUnsterbliche’s Profile Photo∞ Der weisse Zauberer 1489999∞
Danke Weißer Zauberer. Das geht ans Herz..., echt.
Ich war ja kürzlich mit dem E Bike meine alte Geburtsstadt Dresden besuchen. Aus meiner Kindheit kenn ich sie in Trümmern und war beim Aufbau aktiv mit dabei.
Nun hatte ich sie wieder mal besucht, die alte stolze Diva.
Von Ferne strahlte sie in alter Pracht. Aber dann,
....die Straßen voller fremder Gesichter.
Und LAUT waren sie und führten sich auf, als hätten SIE
all diese Pracht wieder auferstehen lassen.
Ich fahre nicht mehr hin

What is something that you feel, is bad design, in your opinion? 🤔 And, what is something that you feel was designed well? 🤪 (Gotta outweigh every negative with a positive, hehe) 😉

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJusti Me Myself
I'm a city planning student, there are a tooon of cities which at their core are just badly, BADLY designed 🥴 Dubai and typical American suburbia comes to mind! But then there are many European cities which are designed very well! I was blown away by the bike infrastructure I saw when I recently visited the Netherlands 🤩
What is something that you feel is bad design in your opinion  And what is

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