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What do you usually do to deal with really bad heat? What if you're at a place that has no air conditioning? 🥵

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
No air conditioning?
I would not live in Florida without air conditioning.
The truth is that I avoid places without air conditioning with a few exceptions i.e.
I will do the following activities without air conditioning:
1. Baseball games
2. Play golf
3. Swimming
4. Exercise, walks, biking, etc
5. Out door concerts
6. Yard work

what do you do for a living?

WinterB3er’s Profile PhotoDim Sum Momo
I don't do anything for a living in that sense! I study to become an urban planner, am currently working on my bachelor's thesis! Yesterday I biked 25 km (16 miles) between two major cities in my region to document the biking experience! I also took a lot of pictures of bike roads, signs etc. My legs still hurt from that trip 😆
what do you do for a living

Is commuting by bike a legit option for you personally? How easy / hard is it to get around by bike where you live? 🚴‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Unfortunately there is heavy traffic where I live. I enjoy bike riding through my neighborhood and along Tampa Bay but would not feel safe biking to work.

What are some good habits that you have? 🗓🏃‍♂️🕑

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
This might seem simple and silly, but my favorite habit is going on long walks everyday. I think going out in the fresh air, taking time away from my devices, and exploring different areas in my city are all very good for the soul. It's also a form of moderate exercise if you walk fast enough, but sometimes it's just nice to take it a little slow to "smell the roses". This has had an impact on my mental health that all other habits haven't quite had on me. It's the only thing that I can rely on to improve my mood, because it makes me feel refreshed.
Gym: specifically weight lifting and cardio. I signed up a triathlon and it showed me how lacking I was with just being strong but with no real endurance built in. Now I lift 3-4 times a week and run 2-3 times and throw in swimming or biking as an alternative to one of the above workouts. Meditation: I can't really say exactly when the benefits kicked in but I've noticed increased patience. I also have noticed that I tend to view things differently like everything isn't so personal and I'm much calmer as a result. Journaling: helps just to start the day thinking what your grateful for and what you want to accomplish that day even if doesn't go well it sets up your mind for the day. Other: I try to take a walk in nature when I get the chance, just stroll around a park or trail. Sometimes I listen to music sometimes I just walk but my brain kinda unwinds and unloads I always feel refreshed afterwards. I mentioned above but running has specifically helped my mental help I feel much better in a general sense after starting to run. Better meaning less bad days, and improved sense of wellbeing like a general it's going to be okay. Will answer questions if anyone has them.
Exercising first thing in the morning. Whenever I do this, I swear I make better decisions and have more energy throughout the day. My method of exercise is resistance training with free weights. Eating a diet high in healthy fats. I do not follow a Keto diet per se, but I do eat a lot of grass fed butter, MCT oil, coconut oil, almonds, ect. Healthy fats are awesome for your overall health. Stay away from simple carbs and sugar, for a number of health reasons. I've already been successful at working out at the gym for about 4 years. I took up cooking last year but I've fallen off the past few months. Right now I'm three weeks into meditation and reading. Two other things I'm doing is a porn diet and making sleep a priority, aiming for 8 hours a day.
I work out every day except my rest day on Sunday. Regardless of how I feel that day, regardless of the excuses I could come up, regardless of what time of day it is. Barring something dramatic or an illness, I have found a way to make that a priority habit for myself.

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In your opinion, how much do shared interests matter when it comes to a relationship (or friendship)?

"Friendship and Shared Interests" by Alex
In my opinion, friendship is the foundation for all of my most serious and sincere relationships whether it be with my parents, siblings or with my wife and children. And for me, one of the essential building blocks for a successful friendship is shared interests. In the case of my wife we have many shared interests i.e.
1. Education - my wife has 3 degrees and I have 2. Our areas of specialty are completely different, but we both share the love of reading, curiosity, learning and contributing to society.
2. Music - we both enjoy music and have performed in church choirs our entire marriage.
3. Food - we enjoy good food whether we cook at home or go out to eat.
4. Exercise - we both love to exercise and have run many 5k races together and participated in triathlons together.
5. Vacations - we take vacations together and enjoy the outdoors, hiking, biking, boating, cross country skiing, etc.
6. Independence - we enjoy each other’s company; but, we also spend time apart because we are both independent. I am an introvert by nature while my wife is an extrovert and she has many friends while I have few.
7. Humor - we enjoy humor and we laugh together every day over the silly, the outrageous, the mundane and the nonsensical.
8. Faith - we both believe in God and are disciples of Jesus Christ
9. Friendship - the glue that binds us is Faith, Friendship and Family. Without friendship and shared interests our marriage would cease to exist.
10. Family - everything is centered about our belief in God, our marriage and commitment to one another and our family both immediate and extended. We ALL support one another through the good times and the bad times. We spend time with our children, our grandchild, our brothers and sisters and we helped our parents financially and emotionally when they were still alive.
For me, shared interests are critical in a relationship because without shared interests we would be like two independent vessels passing by each other as we seek different objectives, different goals and separate destinations. Instead, we work as a team and we make decisions together. We share our hopes and dreams together, support each other, encourage each other, and when one falls down (heart attack, cancer, depression) the strong pick up the fallen and holds them in their arms and carries them on their shoulders no matter the cost to self. That is marriage...that is friendship... AND..... that is Love.

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What are your some of your favourite activities to do that DON'T involve technology? i.e cooking, reading, drawing, working out etc.

Hiking, biking, swimming, hanging out with friends, camping, sleeping, watching sunsets, traveling, etc 😇
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Ten things you love about Spring or other season 🙂

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
10 things I like about one season is too much 😅 but I try:
Summer👉 vacation with family, tourism, sunbathing, biking, swimming, visiting new places, trying new things, walking in forest, barbecue outside, meal in restaurants. Ufff 😅
Ten things you love about Spring or other season

How to control sexual desires? 🤔 not a joke serious question. Reply honestly what you do ?

Find a hobby or try to involve yourself in some activity for which you really have interest. Something that you feel will give you more joy than anything else. Think what is it and If it requires some investment like if you enjoy biking or playing with dog or playing video games and you have buy it. Go for it! Just find that thing and replace the time of using it or playing with it when you think you have the highest level of desire. It's just mind thing that you feel relax and joy. Find and invest in something in which you have more interest and excitement and it will replace

Here are some ideas: yoga, biking, jogging, karate, guitar or piano, painting, writing, ceramics, swimming. There are so many possibilities. Just make a list of all activities that interest you. Next choose the top 3. Then pick one and set a goal (1x each week or 5x each week).

I’ve thought about painting actually! But I have tremors from my TBI so they’d end uo absolutely terrible😂 I was in painting class in school and it was a disaster, I’m pretty sure my teacher just graded my effort rather than how my work actually looked because she felt bad😂😂😂 and I have asthma so I practically die if I try to do too much physically besides walking for a couple miles😅 I’ve wanted to try writing but when I sit down to do it I get a brainfog so I ended up sitting there like “HERE WE GO!…………..now what”😂
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So, single men, living alone, how are you? What are the hardest parts of your day-to-day? What have you been doing to pass the time?

I used to live alone for a year and I pretty much lived just like during the pandemic. Pandemic wouldn't have changed anything. Not far from what I'm going through right now since I have been jobless for over half years and my wife is either at work, asleep or eating or busy with gaming. Guess it's unique for every person how they perceive and experience loneliness. For me it's a blessing. I binge watch series, do household work, cook, draw, play games, banter in the internet and take care of four cats and try to train them to do stuff like nazi salute just to frustrate my wife for fun. Sometimes I just hibernate and sleep from 1pm to 6pm and then stay up during the night and go outside for a walk or biking. If I want to socialize, I go take a walk and chat with neighbours or strangers, which is actually fun once in a while. To tell the honest truth, I enjoy living alone. I've lived alone for the past 20 years, and this isn't anything unusual; I've learned to deal with it, and now living with someone else would be uncomfortable. The solitude sits well with me, and the place is all mine for whatever I want to do with it. It's not that much different than pre-pandemic. The only hard part of the day is working until quitting time so that I can do my own thing. The things that I miss the most are being able to travel to visit long-distance friends; or just packing up, renting a room for a night or two a few hundred miles away, and taking a road trip to take in the scenery. I feel cooped up, and I'll be glad when this is over. I love living on my own. SO and I tried living together, but soon realized it was not for us. We love each other madly and the fact that we do not destroy that with every day nagging is great. But then we are both the kind of people who are perfectly happy on our own - having a partner is not something we need in order to be happy. We are complete on our own but enjoy each other a lot as well.
I had roommates from 2009 to mid 2013. I enjoyed it but ever since I have lived from then to now on my own, a studio apartment to a 2 bedroom apartment, I'm sitting pretty great. I'd much rather have my own shit and do what I want in my apartment without having the worry of a roommate being a nuisance. I miss certain aspects of it but at the same time, I really like my independence. Once I have a significant other/wife, I will change that opinion. For now? I will stick with living alone.
Basically, I'm fighting off some depression and I find that just having people around helps a lot. Left to my own devices I get weird; knowing there are other people around keeps me on a more normal schedule and makes sure I do things like clean and leave the house. Having some tiny micro-interactions during the day means I feel more human and that keeps me sane.

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Are there any things you want to achieve this year? What are they? ☺️

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
The main thing I want to achieve is to finally take my driver's license! I've been postponing it for too long but I'm finally making good progress on it and I'm very comfortable with my driving in general 🚘
I want to continue with my fitness goals, to get back to the shape I once was. I just heard that my regular pool is gonna open up on August 30th!!! So no biking up to Mount Doom after next week to get to the other one 🥳 And that also means I'll be able to hopefully start swimming with the team again!!! Sure, it can be serene swimming on your own but it gets old after a while. I miss being in the water with them so much and can't wait to get back in 💙🏊‍♂️
I also want to enjoy student life as much as COVID allows me to. I want to be active at the student pubs etc. and go to the thank you parties for those who work at the student nation. I'm actually gonna go to one next week! I also want to join a "Spex" which is kind of a satirical musical held completely by students. I don't think I'd be up for being on stage but I'd love to be backstage. I've heard it's a lot of fun and a great way to meet new people 🎓🎭

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Are there any things you want to achieve this year What are they

What’s your preferred way to travel? By walking, biking, car, boat, plane?

mtaubs_fitness’s Profile PhotoMichael Taub
I love the outdoors.....boating, fishing, hiking, ATV trail riding, and seeing nature. I have seen deer, bear, and an animal the department of wildlife says does not exist.....A black panther....And I knew no one would believe me....until trail cameras started getting pictures of it....and vehicles seeing it cross the road.

How old were you when you learned how to ride a bike?

leahtvergara’s Profile Photo✿ ℓεαɦ ʚϊɞ
I was like...8 years old. I had a bike with training wheels for forever. I was really wanting to learn how to be on two wheels. But my parents wouldn't teach me. IDK why, if they didn't have time or what. So my best friend at the time listened to me complain about it. She knew how to ride a bike so I had my dad bring my bike to her house and SHE taught me how to ride. I learned very quickly and showed everyone that night at my house.
No clue. I don't remember ever learning how to ride a bike, but I do remember riding a bike as early as kindergarten.. and not just riding down the street, but I have a vivid memory of riding through ND farmland and being freaked out by a herd of bulls (verified by my siblings as true). We only lived there for kindergarten & first grade. I also remember riding down a really muddy hill.
I was 8 or 9. I had a red, pink, and white bike that I was super proud of. It took me awhile to learn how to ride, but I got it eventually. I hurt myself constantly, because I'm clumsy and I liked going really fast. I remember always having blisters from the hand grips. After I pitched myself off my bike for the 100th time my parents banned me from riding too far from the house.
I was 20. One of my friends, who I met while studying abroad, thought that that was a proper tragedy. So, the day after we met, he taught me to ride a bike. It was pretty grueling, but he was really supportive. I got the hang of it in a little less than a week, and he had me bike everyday thereafter for months to gain some muscle memory. My biking skills were admittedly poor, but that’s how I got my start.
I think I was around the age of 4 or 5 when I learned to ride a two-wheel bike. My grandmother taught me by holding onto the back as I learned to keep my balance and then she'd gradually let go for longer amounts of time. From what I recall it was a lot of fun. I think I was around 8-10 years old? My dad took my brother and I to the park and taught us at the same time. It was awesome! It was the classic "dad's holding on to the back of the bike so you're not scared to fall, and then you look back and dad's not holding on anymore and you're riding all by yourself!" scenario. I think it's one of my favorite childhood memories.
I was 19, did it during the summer before my second year of uni. It was rewarding to tackle something new and overcome it, and it was fun spending summer evenings practising cycling round the neighbourhood with my mum. She doesn’t bike any more so that was a one-off experience.
Confession: I've never actually learned to ride a bike, I'm 21 now. Actually, I have ridden a bike successfully before and could prob figure it out in minutes...but my family were never bike riders. I just didn't grow up in that environment, although in my neighborhood bikes are a constant.

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💢In a hypothetical case, imagine your life is a product and now you need to sell it! (with maximum profit) How are you gonna do it?

Ambyrose21’s Profile PhotoRose
Okay, so “Selling the Life of James Leyshon”:
The life of James Leyshon is Extraordinarily unique, it’s come with it’s ups and downs like any life some fascinating and mesmerising stories none the less.
In this life you will inherit many relatives and friends in Spain, some of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet and be expected to go a lot to see them all and have fun with them!
You’ll inherit a small business that if run correctly is rather lucrative and grows at a steady pace.
An extraordinary life plan that is on track for quite an astonishing time between ages 28-40!
A good level of cardio vascular fitness, you’ll have a cool mountain bike and many friends to go on mountain biking adventures with!
You’ll become an exclusive member of the “Bowtie boys club”, this is a group of friends that do quite extraordinary and daring things that push them beyond the boundaries of what they’re used to, they don’t do comfort zones!
You’ll get an amazing family that always has your back in the bad times and the good!
You’ll receive many contacts in the property sector that will help you achieve and push forward in business.
You’ve got a car and it’s practically immortal, I have tried killing it and can’t seem to kill this one so look after it!
You have a good credit score and no debt and only use credit cards to build that score!
28 years of age, you’re confident, very social, know where you’re going, street wise, capable, self disciplined, physically active and consistent.
You’ve got a large skillset, ranging from negotiating and selling property to building, fencing, years of financial services experience from banking to mortgages, you can also do sales and marketing, so in terms of work opportunities, I can guarantee you’re never out of options and know a lot of people in each area that can help you with each.
You’re physically fit with no underlying health conditions!
You don’t drink and you don’t smoke either!
There will be around 10 books that you will be expected to read and really learn the materials in them which are very important to continued success in life.
I put blood, sweat and tears into building absolutely solid foundations for the future if the buyer even attempts to squander this the sale will be instantly rejected and refunded.

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In a hypothetical case imagine your life is a product and now you need to sell
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When was the last time you rode on a bike? In your opinion, how well suited would the area around where you live be for someone who wanted to commute by bike? 🚴‍♀️

I live in a very rural area with not much traffic, so many people actually do bike on in the area that I live in and on the road I live on🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♂️✨. Every year, there is race for charity in the community for biking and the road I live on is always apart of it. 🚲🛣🏆✨
When was the last time you rode on a bike In your opinion how well suited would

Good morning / good afternoon / good evening to you. Do you like biking? What bike do you have? ???

christian_temp’s Profile PhotoChristian
Nope~ but my fiance does❣️ his passion is biking and working out. He is living a healthy lifestyle even on his diet (damn, so jealous of him tho but I'm kinda lazy?) Actually, he has 2 bikes. A white one and a blue one. He wants us to bike together so he will give me his blue one because I love blue.? He even bought me a biking suit already! So determine to make me join him biking. But if it's how he wants us to bond, I dont mind. He just wants me to be active and have some exercise, so go!? I don't know what's the name of his bikes. All I know is it's both expensive, suitable for long drive.?
Good morning  good afternoon  good evening to you  Do you like biking  What bike

You are WELCOME , so what do you do for relaxing ? For me listening to music and laying on bed , it is more like meditation time ?

Listening songs from my favourite singers and watching their videos on Youtube, watching various talent shows, thrilling movies, reading detective stories, browsing on social media, biking and yoga. ??
............ just now watching this movie ?
https://youtu.be/jrxBaaINseILarryStylestomlinson436’s Video 163851460763 jrxBaaINseILarryStylestomlinson436’s Video 163851460763 jrxBaaINseI
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Ты поешь вслух? Какой была последняя песня в твоем исполнении?

hachiiman’s Profile Photoудален
Иногда. По настроению, тихо и в основном в одиночестве.
Frank Ocean – Biking (feat. JAY Z & Tyler, the Creator) ?
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You looking forward to summer? You have any plans even with the pandemic and such? Can be big or small 😁☀️

Yeah I always like summer. Not sure what plans I have, maybe hang out with friends more or biking

What's the most physically exhausting thing you've ever done? 🏃‍♀️💪🏊‍♂️ How much stamina would you say that you have? 🥵

I remember biking 10 miles and oh my it was exhausting but actually really fun!😁 I’d stay my stamina is pretty strong.
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Eohh... Tapi list raut mukanya itu loh biking ngakak anjir.. Kek nih orang ngenes banget sih gue gitu in

wkwk itu namanya org males diajak ke jenjang serius . maunya maen2 dulu ngabisin masa muda
+4 answers in: “Ada gitu loh cowo yang ngajak pacaran gue, nah gue tolak dong.. Eh dia nya maksa maksa... Terus aku bilang ta'aruf aka klo gitu.. Eh dia malah bilang aku jahat, terus aku dimarahin abis itu dia kek diem aja gitu. Ya gue juga diem dong Dan B ajah... Eh tiba tiba sekarang balik lagi... Gue harus gmn?”

Fashion designer Gianni Versace was told that there wasn't a suitable fabric in existence to suit his image of what he wanted his outfit to look like. So he made a whole new fabric! When was the last time something you wanted/needed didn't exist? What was it?

That's really interesting actually!
A few days ago my fiancé talked about how there is now a road where your electric car charges as you drive over it. We talked about how that electricity is being made and I pointed out that windmills will kill even more birds and that's not good for the planet either. So I said we need to put people on bikes next to the road and the biking is making the electricity. That way a lot of people who can't find a job, now have a chance too.
(Use #video to receive video answers instead)
For my list of social media:
Fashion designer Gianni Versace was told that there wasnt a suitable fabric in
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Rekomendasiin dong channel youtube yang bisa bikin mind blowing menurut kalian (indonesia atau luar negeri).

Dengerin kisah Nabi tuh biking blowing ?yang cinta² juga ada yg berjuang adaa pokoknya ter wahh?
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I wasn't tryna over act to impress u ,i promise x'D, besides u don't actually know me.. so do u practice any kind of sport? Other than biking as it's not considered as a sport ukno more like a hobby

i do not practice at all 😵
& im not a biker yet.💔. That's a dream💙
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+2 answers in: “Stop c'mon 😂 however i'm a trainer. Yes i am, don't shock! Like I suppose to shout all the time and act like a tough coach; run u lazyass ,shout "harder harder" and stuff like that x'D but in this case i only pull off an act but this isn't the real me ukno”

Describe your current life?

Aiza_5’s Profile PhotoShaira.
Life is AMAZING! ✌😎
Yeah, that’s right. That’s how I would want to describe my current life as😝
1. I prioritize my things so that I achieve my everyday goals ✌
2. I love myself when I complete my targets on time 👌
3. I am pursuing mine and my parents’ dream 😉😀
4. I am living in the city of my dreams ❤
5. I explore as many places as I can 😃🎉
6. I go out and try different cuisines 😝😜
7. I am trying to become the fittest version of myself 😁✌
8. I dance it out when in the best mood 😜😊☺
9. I go biking when the weather is kind enough 😝😎✌

10. I am HAPPY and my Life is AMAZING! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

siapa tmn lo yang 1. biking rame 2. galmon 3. alayers 4. lebay tralala 5. pendiem 6. so sweet 7. baik tak ada tanding 8. care bngt 9. paling muda 10. nurut sm tmn lain 11. yg suka salting

1. Swemuanya...
2. @adhibafara @skarani @dheyana_s @nadsmn
3. Duo couple -> Alysia, Fitra
4. @Bintinur tralala :v
5. @ghazali_ghifari *mitos :v
6. Gue dong ☺
7. Saya lah 😊
8. Naura Salsabila Yolandhia 😉
9. Me 👼
10. No one :v
11. @dheyana_s @KucingMiaw1

siapa tmn lo yang 1. biking rame 2. galmon 3. alayers 4. lebay tralala 5. pendiem 6. so sweet 7. baik tak ada tanding 8. care bngt 9. paling muda 10. nurut sm tmn lain 11. yg suka salting

1. Seangkatan bikin rame dah, kecuali abid:v
2. @nadsmn :v
3. @dheyana_s
4. @skarani @dheyana_s @naurasalsabila17_
5. No one.
6. No one.
7. Baik semuaaaaaaa
8. Care semua, apalagi dia wkwk
9. Perempuan: @naurasalsabila17_ laki": aliga.
10. No one.
11. @dheyana_s
Tambahan ya, yg suka jaim @Rinadnt BHAHAHAK

siapa tmn lo yang 1. biking rame 2. galmon 3. alayers 4. lebay tralala 5. pendiem 6. so sweet 7. baik tak ada tanding 8. care bngt 9. paling muda 10. nurut sm tmn lain 11. yg suka salting

1. @skarani @naurasalsabila17_ @adhibafara @nadsmn @ghazali_ghifari @Rinadnt + faiz
2. @adhibafara ???
3. @skarani ?
4. @nadsmn ??
5. @Rinadnt
6. Semuaaaa
7. Semuaaaaa
8. Semuaaaa
9. @naurasalsabila17_ ?
10. Kagak ada kek nya?
11. Siapa ya?

Have you ever been part of any clubs or societies? Would you be interested in joining one? It can be in relation to anything, sports, academic, creative etc.

I've been part of many groups. Writers groups, audio engineering society, rock climbing clubs, rugby club, mounting biking groups, wrestling clubs, art clubs, the scouts, M.E. support groups and D&D clubs, a chocolate tasting club and probably a couple of others that I'm forgetting.
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lol I knew it bc my hubby is ur sec daddy, i know all bout ur dangerous hobbies, i know all bout u over 8 years ago, ur so awesome. but i think for a few month u should leave all of ur hobbies baby lol

Tierong’s Profile PhotoHilary
Hahahaha ofc. Yeah taekwondo basket ball football taekwondo mountain biking road racing knoeing rock climing and other physcal outdr sports I cant do for another months bc bones will still me wk

I know it's not Thursday but.. post a throwback picture! It doesn't have to be of you if you don't do that on here 🙂👍🏻

AmericanLass’s Profile PhotoC.
I'm not throwing it back that far, and I'm sorry. I just think that there are too many photos my chubby cheeked five year old self on here, anyway 😂
So here's a mountain biking photo, because it's hailing and I miss the sun! So much. Oh god, I just want to be warm.
I know its not Thursday but post a throwback picture It doesnt have to be of you

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