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Can Twitter be decentralized and can Musk do it?

> Can Twitter be decentralized
Through blockchain, it is possible but not worth the effort. It would have to be coded from scratch. Understand, Twitter is a relic from the earliest days of Web 2.0 - Dorsey should've pulled the plug years ago but he's a stubborn hipster moron and as long as the subsidies continue to roll in his direction, he has no incentive to implement genuine improvements. In fact, he knows that Twitter's days are numbered and he has already dumped most of his shares. Ironically, Musk owns more of Twitter than he does. This is not by accident but by design. Jack Dorsey, as clueless as he may be, has seen the writing on the wall...
> and can Musk do it?
A better question: Why should he? Musk should continue to improve Tesla because that company's potential is strong (but its QC is questionable at best) and focus on SpaceX because it's one of the most dynamic enterprises to date. If SpaceX were publicly-traded, I would grab as much of it as I could. Getting back to tech sites / apps, there are basically two types: A) Content, which can be easily monetized and B) User Engagement, which are not easily monetized and very expensive to maintain / operate. As a "business model," Twitter is NOT sustainable. Truth be told, it's a bottomless pit and while it may be a great vehicle for speculation (at least for the time being), Musk is long-term player and far more savvy than Dorsey could ever hope to be. Let's be honest. Twitter's board wants nothing to do with Musk and it has already swallowed a "poison pill" (Google that if you aren't familiar with the practice). This will likely screw most of its current shareholders and if I was a major investor in Twitter, I would dump all shares before Musk makes his next major move.
TL;DR - speculate Twitter, invest in Tesla, piggyback entities working with SpaceX.

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Can Twitter be decentralized and can Musk do it

Você sabe o que é Blockchain?

Sim, é quando vc ta jogando YuGiOh! E vc ativa 2 efeitos de cartas ao mesmo tempo, ai vc escolhe qual ativar primeiro, ai no caso se o oponenteso pode negar o segundo efeito da chain, o primeiro é bloqueado, espero ter ajudado.

موضوع مهم جداااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااا https://ask.fm/z6karia/answers/170652927626?utm_source=copy_link&utm_medium=android

z6karia’s Profile Photoزكريا
Non fungible token ...
أغلب الرسامين القُدامى ما كانوا يعرفون أن لوحاتهم حيكون إلها تأثير ع عيون الناس أو بالتحديد ما كانوا يعرفون إن لوحاتهم يكون سعرهم خيالي ! ...
لوحاتهم هي إرث مشترك ل سكان الدولة إلي انولد بيها الرسام صاحب اللوحة المشهورة .
لوحات ... تماثيل ... قطعة سلاح ... سيف النبي محمد ... درع النبي داود ... أول سيارة بالتاريخ ...
أي شي بالكون يجي ع البال و يكون هو أول قطعة مصنوعة أو تكون خاصة ب شخص دون غيره .
هسه نجي ل سؤالك عن السعر أو القيمة المادية :
أي رسام لما يرسم لوحة يترك " توقيع خاص بي " و هذا التوقيع هو المفتاح إلي يوصلنا إلى كل اللوحات الخاصة بهذا الرسام و نجمعها ب مكان خاص و نحافظ عليها ... هذا كان العالم الواقعي الملموس قبل لا نعيش ب العالم الوهمي أو بالتحديد العالم الرقمي ...
طيب بالعالم الرقمي شنو يصير ؟
اللوحة أو القطعة الخاصة ب شخص ما ينطوها رقم خاص بيها و تنحفظ وين ؟
ب ال blockchain و هذا هو متجر ال NFT's كلها و من خلاله تتحدد قيمة ال NFT .
هسه نتكلم عن السعر الخيالي :
بالوقت الحالي أصبحوا الناس يتفاعلون ويا عصر السرعة ... ليش أعيش حياتي و أموت و بعدها ب ١٠٠ سنة مثلاً " يبيعون تي شيرت " لبسته ... ينباع ب مزاد و تروح عائداته ل جمعية خيرية ؟
أصرف زايد ع التي شيرت و أحتفظ بي ب blockchain و يجيني واحد زوج يدخل ع الويب سايت و يشتريه ...
أكو ناس تدفع فلوس ع هالشغلات ؟
كوووومة ...
هاي الفكرة ب بساطة .

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Wich social media will not longer exist this year?

Impossible to say but with the rise of Alt-Tech, I believe many legacy sites will continue to lose relevancy - decentralization and blockchain will play an increasingly greater role too.

If you could instantly become an expert in something, what would it be?

Zealoufatima’s Profile PhotoFatima $ays
Mine would be Market Analysis. I mean if I had the ability to analyze markets and predict successfully what is going to happen, if bitcoin is going to hit a bubble or steem price will rise until a certain time and will fall relatively faster I would grow so much faster in steemit..
I would be able to help my local community. I could give advices to newcomers here and grow enough interest so that they could do free publiciity for steem. And if I had such knowledge I wouldve become full time crypto enthusiast.. I mean who wouldn't. Blockchain is the future. And we are its pioneers.

Any quantum physics reader. ?

yar log blockchain ko bolte hain ke yeh unhackable hai which is true ajkal ke zamanay main with classical computers and classical internet lekin once we have a large scale quantum network or a 'quantum internet' set up usne blockchain torr deni hai ek minute ke andar andar aur cybersecurity nu te pakki pakki agg la deni ay tou i dont know why people say ke blockchain humara woh future hai jis main sab ko invest karna chahye kyunke mujhe lagta hai woh future tou quantum internet hai blockchain bas humara present hai lekin i know it sounds fishy ke bhai aise kese kuch bhi nodes wodes jor ke quantum internet bana dain gay yeh sab imaginary baatain hain science fiction hai lekin bhai china bhaag raha hai bohat agay unho ne bana lena hai aanay walay kuch saalon main aur unki race lagi hui netherlands ke sath aur kuch USA main bhi nakaam experiment chal rahay hain par i think netherlands aur china donon ke 2020 main bohat zayada promising results aye hain is baray main

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ڪ ⇣⇣ ⇠ ® 💞 εรpคςσ ł¡v૨ε ⇢ ⇡⇡ ڪ

Uhive é uma rede social de várias camadas inteiramente nova que apresenta uma nova dimensão ao mundo das mídias sociais. Socialize, interaja e encontre pessoas em todo o mundo que compartilham os mesmos interesses que você! Assim que você se cadastra, você se torna o dono do seu próprio espaço pessoal [perfil]. Você também tem a opção de criar mais espaços [perfis] em seus interesses favoritos e ser recompensado com base no seu nível de envolvimento com tokens Uhive - a própria moeda digital da rede!
Uhive Token [HVE2] é uma moeda digital integrada à rede construída na blockchain ERC-20 e tem fornecimento limitado. Você pode ganhar tokens Uhive simplesmente envolvendo-se com o aplicativo. Você também pode comprar tokens Uhive por meio de compras no aplicativo usando Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, BTC ou ETC.
Usa o meu código TL20NU e recebe 200 tokens
Transfere 👇

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ڪ     εรpคςσ łvε   ڪ

Ask y sus cambios que restan.. Que opinas sobre que ya no se pueda saber exactamente tus números, respuestas, MGs, seguidores.. Ya era una vergüenza que no te permita saber a cuantas personas seguís.. En fin.. Ya que estamos: Cual fue el peor cambio que hizo Ask? (esta es para los antiguos como yo)

JonasRiquelme’s Profile PhotoJonás Gabriel
Se esta haciendo similar en algunos aspectos a otras RRSS y en otros esta decepcionando a algunos de sus asker.
Tengo años esperando que permitan ver por lo menos a quienes estén de acuerdo en se sepa que se siguen mutuamente.
Ya que estamos: Cual fue el peor cambio que hizo Ask? No sé que ocurrió en realidad con la idea.
Wikipedia: "En 2018, ASKfm lanzó la idea de ASKfm 2.0.
Según los planes del equipo de ICO, será una red social basada en blockchain con su propia criptomoneda interna llamada ASK Token, donde los usuarios serán recompensados por su contenido."
Fue lo peor, hacernos creer.

La blockchain che usano in Cina secondo te potrebbe distruggere lq loro economia oppure essere utili per certe indagini del. Governo essendo che l Arabia Saudita lo utilizza per scovare truffatori?

polle85’s Profile PhotoAnge light
Mi pare alquanto improbabile che qualche governo possa utilizzare la blockchain per delle indagini!
Ho investito parecchio, e fidati che qualcosa ne capisco! Non è possibile, in alcun modo rintracciare una determinata persona da un link della blockchain. Anche perché diversi siti, che io utilizzo personalmente, ti permettono di avere un link diverso ogni 5 minuti.
Potrebbe distruggere l'economia cinese se ci fosse un investimento di massa, e proprio dopo un crollo del mercato. Questa è l'unica possibilità.
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Bitcoin e cripto sono il tuo pane quotidiano? Allora dimmi la differenza tra blockchain pubblica e privata, Cosa è una sidechain e per te, se sei vero Bitcoin maximalist cripto come neo, EOS,trx non hanno futuro dal punto di vista della governance.

Ma sei serio o cosa? Ahhaha
Sul mio sito parliamo di Bitcoin da prima che tu nascessi, credo almeno dal 2012 o max 2013!

Ada, pakai bot mybe😂 Btw askfm ini dulunya masuk blockchain juga masuk jenis airdrop ask-token tapi tahun 2014, coba sekarang diadakan lagi event itu🙄

Rinaldi06’s Profile Photoカリン_ ツ
kayanya lebih seru askfm dulu ya dari pada sekarang , lah gua kenal askfm aja dri tahun kmren 😂 bnyak jga user lain cerita klo lebih enak dulu main askfm tuh , tapi ya inilah askfm skarang ...
+2 answers in: “Berapa income coin kamu perday?”

https://ask.fm/AmarMuratovic271/answers/151124342331 Ne koprcaj se zabadava, nije uopšte lako kao što možda izgleda na prvi pogled. Isto je kao i sa shvatanjem od strane ljudi te brilijantne interstelar tehnologije. Probaj da prevedeš i definišeš Blokčein u jednoj rečenici na srpskom, pa ćeš videti.

Ja rijetko kada definiram stvari u jednoj recenici jer uvijek se sve moze prosiriti. Meni Blockchain je bio kompleksan ali kada shvatis nije problem. Recimo ja ti se sada puno bavim consensus algoritmima to mi je full interesantno i teska je materija. Regulacije u drzavi da li postoji konsenzus sa drzavom to su pitanja...

With Binance expanding into Africa with Binance Uganda and Blockchain technology set to open many doors there such as new energy platforms and new banking platforms; What are some other ways Binance plans to help the people of Africa?

African blockchain opportunities are super exciting. Here is a post that I wrote on the topic. https://medium.com/@benjaminrameau/10-reasons-why-binance-labs-is-fully-committed-to-africa-3aeaaa32fe9e
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Добрый день, Виктор. Хочу узнать как вы пришли к данному виду деятельности (blockchain, и т.д.). ? Работали ли вы ранее каким либо разработчиком? Насколько трудно переквалифицироваться из frontend/backend разработчика в blockchain? Заинтересовало т.к. я вижу все больше вакансий blockchain dev.

Добрый день. Сразу же уточню свою роль в проектах (блокчейн в частности): кризис-менеджер/ceo, формирование добавочной стоимости (брендинг, маркетинг) + сложно сдержать себя от участия в UI/UX (опять же, с целью сформировать добавочную стоимость)
Насколько трудно переквалифицироваться —я могу ответить исключительно основываясь на своём опыте наблюдения найма в команду. Мотивированный разработчик без труда осваивает новые инструменты. Да, с разработкой smart-contracts (solidity) всё долго и сложно (и масса рисков безопасности), но год-полтора —и вы специалист. Дерзайте, актуальность / востребованность будет и дальше предсказуемо расти

Lo de las monedas que coño es AYUDA

EstherBecker’s Profile PhotoInsta: @esttther___
Para empezar lo primero que hizo ask es añadir el shoutout con la intención de que por ejemplo, gente de madrid, vaya para barcelona y mande un shoutout preguntando "¿Dónde puedo comer mejor?". (Por ejemplo) Por así decirlo, una comunicación más amplia.
Por otra parte ask está trabajando o mejor dicho desarrollando una tecnología "BlockChain" la cuál están desarrollando una crypto moneda la cuál llaman "Tokens", no sé si con esto se referirán a lo que nosotros llamamos "Fueguitos". Estos tokens, si no mal estoy leyendo están haciendo referencia conforme hacer transacciones más fáciles y rápidas.
Si no mal sigo leyendo actualmente hay 30,055,632,491
respuestas publicadas y creciendo enormemente por segundo, y lo que quieren hacer con esta "cartera" o para que me entendáis mejor "llamas" es que nosotros les ofrezcamos contenido de calidad para así atraer más público y así recompensarnos por ello cambiando dichas monedas por objetos, dinero u otro tipo de cosas. Si sigo leyendo, puedo ver que para lo dicho anteriormente, necesitarás registrarte y solicitar la entrada hacia una "Lista Blanca".

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Do you think it is inevitable that Blockchain will eventually become vulnerable to malicious/criminal action? Or is it perpetually impervious?

igotamatch’s Profile Photoigotamatch
The potential of blockchain to become a disruptive technology has captured the
imagination of technologists—and now bankers—and continues to fuel the hype over
the possibilities for implementation across all industries. However, while blockchains
can potentially help simplify business transactions and make markets more efficient, it
is important to recognise that the technology is still evolving, some criminals actions still can appear—and in some cases, is a solution looking for problems to solve.
For those, who want to dive deeper, check this link:
+1 answer in: “I saw your shoutout in which you ask about blockchain. I know nothing about it. Why do you ask about it? Can you tell me what is it or something else about this topic?”

I saw your shoutout in which you ask about blockchain. I know nothing about it. Why do you ask about it? Can you tell me what is it or something else about this topic?

The team of ASK.rm 2.0 going to use blockchain technologies on our new platform.
We would be glad to share useful information about crypto and blockchain with all our subscribers.
Coming back to Blockchain. It appeared in 1991. Originally it is a continuously growing list of records, called blocks. They are linked and secured using cryptography.
To get to know more, check the link below:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5sNYPi7Picaskfmio’s Video 151045343903 e5sNYPi7Picaskfmio’s Video 151045343903 e5sNYPi7Pic
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It's great that they are been invited to Europe and big platforms. I just wanted to know what's the thing that's making it different than the rest. I'm not a teen lol I'm a programmer myself but not very well versed about Tenup so thought would ask you about it :)

Basically, TenUp is based upon proof of stake technology in blockchain. It will utilise it’s services to help refugees around the globe. Another thing is that the idea and implementation of a cryptocurrency call center where someone can actually talk to you directly. Just like you would call your bank or phone provider, just like that. TenUp will make a blockchain plaza in sadar, Karachi. And so on. Read the white paper yaar 😂

Buying in dips is ok and you're right to some extent but for instance I had Zclassic, all of it's rise was because of btc private and when it got out Zclassic crashed like legos. Point is I don't see it going up again. The giants let's say btc might go back up again but I doubt about zclassic

Obviously if you buy something very different than YOU need to do a lot of background research. Figure out who is behind it and what their purpose is. Pump and dump is easy but a blockchain with an innovation like TenUp is what the future is about.

was ist deine meinung zum blockchain kinderpo*rno skandal? wie denkst du geht es mit dem bitcoin weiter?

bringt das was ich dazu denke exakt auf den punkt. ist ein etwas längerer artikel, lohnt sich aber zu lesen wenn dein verständnis diesbezüglich limitiert ist.
bitcoin - und auch die blockchain und cryptocurrencies allgemein - werden davon nicht beeinflusst werden.
in der blockchain wird man in zukunft maximal die verwendungszwecke bei den transaktionen ändern/löschen können, um eben diese 1.4% aller transaktionsinhalte die eben keine daten bzgl. der finanziellen transaktion beinhalten überprüfen und ggf. zu löschen.

Ask.FM 2.0: Your ANSWER is an ASSET. The first Q&A social network with its own internal cryptocurrency, where users can be rewarded for quality content. https://askfm.io Makin semangat pake Ask.FM gak nih?

HAHAHAHA an ICO already?
Maybe this platform is bigger than we think.
We live in this disruptive era full of blockchain & other tech business, so you can't run from it, the choice is either be adaptive or be devoured by the tech ~
Good thing for ask.fm, hope for the best! @askfm @askfmhelp

Kak aufar, aku pengen nyoba apply ask.fm 2.0 pas mau daftar gitu ditanyain ethereum wallet number sama INTENDED USD Amount to buy askt maksudnya apaa?

Oke gini, askfm 2.0 itu sebentar lagi mau ICO atau Initial Coin Offering. ICO adalah saat ketika Token2 ini 'direlease' ke publik untuk diperjual belikan, sama persis seperti saat perusahaan terbuka pertama kali 'release' sahamnya untuk diperjual belikan secara bebas di bursa saham
Eth Wallet itu salah satu wallet untuk blockchain token. Kalau token itu ibaratnya uang, eth wallet itu ibaratnya rekening bank
Intended USD ammount to buy asktoken, maksudnya ask.fm ini pengen tahu kira2 lo mau ngeluarin berapa USD utk beli asktoken
Kedua informasi itu ga wajib lo isi kok
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Btw gw masih ga ngerti far. Hubungan Askfm menjadi 'token' terus sm volume quality contentnya(?) bisa jelasin detail far?

Bukan menjadi, tp ngeluarin. Semua jaringan blockchain yang bisa diakses publik mengeluarkan token. Bitcoin, Ethereum, dkk (Cryptocurrency) itu token2 dari blockchain mereka masing2
Ask.fm jg belum menjelaskan dengan detail sih mekanisme pengeluaran tokennya. Tp kalau dari bahasa 'quality content' nya mungkin berdasarkan jumlah answers, jumlah questions, jumlah likes dsj
+2 answers in: “kak Aufar bikin drama dong di ask fm agar supaya lebih greget”

BLOCKCHAIN (product & data ; safety, tracking, tracing, authenticity & security, etc.) ~ a force for good , OR . . . . . . ? ~ do you want to be able to scan your food ; see it growing , running around , know it's name ; see the farmers ruddy-red face . . . the greedy banker's sneer . . . the truck?

igotamatch’s Profile Photoigotamatch

BLOCKCHAIN (product & data ; safety, tracking, tracing, authenticity & security, etc.) ~ a force for good , OR . . . . . . ? ~ do you want to be able to scan your food ; see it growing , running around , know it's name ; see the farmers ruddy-red face . . . the greedy banker's sneer . . . the truck?

igotamatch’s Profile Photoigotamatch
its like u r putting food in jail hahhahah
i know that was a lame answer hahah

BLOCKCHAIN (product & data ; safety, tracking, tracing, authenticity & security, etc.) ~ a force for good , OR . . . . . . ? ~ do you want to be able to scan your food ; see it growing , running around , know it's name ; see the farmers ruddy-red face . . . the greedy banker's sneer . . . the truck?

igotamatch’s Profile Photoigotamatch
I honestly have no idea what it is. I looked it up on Wikipedia (“For use as a distributed ledger, a blockchain is typically managed by a peer-to-peer network collectively adhering to a protocol for inter-node communication and validating new blocks ...” (&c) - but still can’t grasp it. It’s completely over my head, mate! 🤔😦
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BLOCKCHAIN (product & data ; safety, tracking, tracing, authenticity & security, etc.) ~ a force for good , OR . . . . . . ? ~ do you want to be able to scan your food ; see it growing , running around , know it's name ; see the farmers ruddy-red face . . . the greedy banker's sneer . . . the truck?

igotamatch’s Profile Photoigotamatch
~ once again . . . . I wish I hadn't . . . .
(anyone interested ? ~ sadly the really interesting one isn't up yet)
FIRST ~ the shortest & friendliest ; finding your chicken's farm of origin :
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCGqsQl8m2Eigotamatch’s Video 147094099834 bCGqsQl8m2Eigotamatch’s Video 147094099834 bCGqsQl8m2E
*& Greek yougurt* >
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3gcQAYIMGQigotamatch’s Video 147094099834 g3gcQAYIMGQigotamatch’s Video 147094099834 g3gcQAYIMGQ
*for a 5 year-old!* >
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYip_Vuv8J0igotamatch’s Video 147094099834 hYip_Vuv8J0igotamatch’s Video 147094099834 hYip_Vuv8J0
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lD9KAnkZUjUigotamatch’s Video 147094099834 lD9KAnkZUjUigotamatch’s Video 147094099834 lD9KAnkZUjU
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBm6zhhyPH0igotamatch’s Video 147094099834 UBm6zhhyPH0igotamatch’s Video 147094099834 UBm6zhhyPH0
*TRACKING COFFEE, FARM to FLAT WHITE . . . or marketing mocha* >>>>
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOr9A_TygBkigotamatch’s Video 147094099834 YOr9A_TygBkigotamatch’s Video 147094099834 YOr9A_TygBk
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMOF0G_2H0Aigotamatch’s Video 147094099834 MMOF0G_2H0Aigotamatch’s Video 147094099834 MMOF0G_2H0A
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SV0KXBxSoioigotamatch’s Video 147094099834 SV0KXBxSoioigotamatch’s Video 147094099834 SV0KXBxSoio

BLOCKCHAIN (product & data ; safety, tracking, tracing, authenticity & security, etc.) ~ a force for good , OR . . . . . . ? ~ do you want to be able to scan your food ; see it growing , running around , know it's name ; see the farmers ruddy-red face . . . the greedy banker's sneer . . . the truck?

igotamatch’s Profile Photoigotamatch
It looks like an excerpt, taken from some book about the end of the world.

Is this real? What is CryptoHorse? CryptoHorse is the first Blockchain based Horse Breeding Game. With this dapp, you can exchange and breed crypto horses. In the near future, you can also race your crypto horses against each other in horse races.

Ich sterbe hahahahahahahahaha genau mein Humor aber Crypto ist eh tot rip
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https://boerse.ard.de/boersenwissen/boersenwissen-fuer-fortgeschrittene/wehe-wenn-die-bitcoin-blase-platzt100.html was sagst du zu dem beitrag? wie siehst du das ganze? lohnt es sich noch zu investieren?

beim investieren gilt: investier so viel, wie du bereit bist zu verlieren.
ganz runter auf null wird bitcoin nie kommen. und wenn endlich ein crash kommt, ist eigentlich die idealste zeit, weiter zu investieren, weil der preis wieder niedrig ist und man mehr für sein geld bekommt.
bitcoin geht genau dank der blockchain nirgendswo hin und kann auch nicht verboten oder abgestellt werden.

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