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Depression solution?

sadia_chauhan’s Profile Photos a d i a
Wake up with fajar azan do wazu go for salah.
Now clean up your mess i mean your room.
after that have a healthy breakfast .
Go for university college job or whatever if you are free with all this start find a way earning at home like YouTube blogging free lancing fiver Upwork digital marketing there are 1000 of opportunities waiting for you not just to earn but to make yourself busy and independent and not to think what is hurting you .
Spend sometime with your loved once must have a weekend for outing and relaxation .
Eat fruits and always take long breath if you are distracted do some exercise every day .
And now you will see yourself recovering once you started sleeping early at night you will be totally free with all depression anxiety issues just you have to do is make a routine a healthy diet proper sleep and you are cool and one more thing make yourself a good human every day 🌺🌷❤️

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Depression solution

Can any one tell me how to earned online ?

mtalhaayub’s Profile PhotoTalHa AyuB
There are different ways
1: Freelancing
2: CPA Marketing with FB ads
3: CPA Marketing with Google ads
4: CPA Marketing with Blogging(Flippable asset)
5: Blogging with Amazon Affiliate Marketing(Flippable asset)
6: Blogging with Google adsense(Flippable asset)
7: Amazon VA(services)
8: Amazon FBA WholeSale(Flippable + Equity)
9: Youtube
10: Facebook ad break

i haven’t seen these in a while ; use this as an FAQ. 🌙

poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh;
Correct as of 14/12/21 💫
— Just call me Steph.
— Currently 27 years old; birthday is August 8.
— Queer, specifically nonbinary, bi, demisexual, and polyamorous.
— They/them.
— Living in Canberra, Australia.
— Currently studying to be an early childhood educator.
— Leftist / anarchist.
— I'm not religious but I consider myself a pantheist.
— I have one son, who is 5 years old.
— My anchor partner is @aclockworkbananna.
— Leo sun and moon, Sagittarius rising. Also INFJ and 4w5.
✴ Hobbies and interests: listening to music, watching films, gaming, reading, writing, blogging, photography, psychology, mental health and neurodiversity advocacy.
✴ Favourite music genres: metal, indie, alternative, rock, and pop.
✴ Favourite film/TV genres: thriller, fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, and drama.
✴ Favourite video game genres: RPG, simulation, and choices matter.
✴ Favourite book genres: fantasy, YA, and thriller.
☞ I block liberally and don't suffer fools, so don't even bother trying to annoy/harass me.
☞ Feel free to ask for links! In saying that, I only give out my Facebook and Instagram to people I've spoken to off anon.

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i havent seen these in a while  use this as an FAQ

Good day! 👋👋👋 What hobby can you recommend if I don't have much talent?

ferrite3core’s Profile Photoferrite3 core
Make a list of things you want to do or see. It could be anything from films you want to watch to local places you want to visit. Try to work through your list in a month!
Learn New Things. Google your interests and become as knowledgeable as you can about your passions
Gardening can be fulfilling and therapeutic, as well as entertaining. Buy a few cheap packets of seeds, and see what you can grow!
Try going camping with your friends during the weekend. All you need is a tent, some snacks, and drinks
Set aside an evening to play board games with your friends or family. This fun hobby is a low-cost way to spend time with your loved ones
Scrapbooking is an awesome way to help you remember all the best parts of your life. You could make a scrapbook about a friendship, a holiday, or even your school years
Cooking is a useful life skill as well as a fun way to spend your time
Drawing is a really enjoyable way of expressing yourself
Investing is a great way to earn some extra money, just make sure you do your research properly when you first start. You don’t have to invest large sums, but small ones will be just as rewarding if you have a plan.
If you have the free time available, volunteering is a great hobby to pick up, as it is one that will benefit many others. You could help people in need, fight for the environment or take care of homeless animals.
Use videos on Youtube to master some yoga positions. It’s low-cost, and good for your mind and body!
Writing is one of the cheapest ways to have fun. From blogging to trying your hand on a book, there are lots of different ways to enjoy writing

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Good day  What hobby can you recommend if I dont have much talent

https://mentalpandemic-19.blogspot.com/2021/04/mentademic.html My first blog. Topic : Mental health and the Pandemic. Check it out and give honest reviews. Thanks 👍

maverick1234567’s Profile PhotoAli
"Mental Health................... we cannot be productive in our work."
You should use a grammar checker and like proof read your blog before publishing it because there are errors and incomplete sentences and stuff everywhere. Secondly, I am very uncomfortable with the idea that mental health is important because it makes us productive. Matlab, insan ki mental health siraf iss liye zaruri hai taake wo office main kaam sahi se kar sake bas? That's just so wrong. Agar koi unemployed hai to wou depress ho ho ke marjaye koi bat nahi?
"For say we are not able to handle all the above attributes, ......................This can also be the cause of their mental illness."
Here you make a good point about us never being aware of what's going on in someone's life. I appreciate this point. But you are confusing mental wellbeing with mental illness. Doston se baat karna, kisi ke sath rude na hona, etc etc, achi mental wellbeing ke liye sahi hain. Lekin yeh mental illness ko sahi nahi karsaktin. That's like, agar ap thandi cheezain na peyo to apka gala comfort mai rahay ga. Yeh apke galay ki well being hai. Lekin agar apko throat infection ho chuki hai, tou phir siraf thandi cheezain na peene se kuch nahi hoga. Phir antibiotic bhi khani paregi.
Isske baad walay blog main, you relate mental health with the pandemic where you make good points again. Iss ke content se mujhe koi problem nahi hai, but the structure is off. There are no concluding lines and the blog just suddenly finishes. Ek dam se. Feels bad to read because of that. Thora structure behtar karo. Har paragraph ka ek point hota hai ussi pe raho aur aglay paragraph mai agla point likho aur saray paragraphs aapas mai connected feel karne chahyen.
Baaki it is nice that you are blogging and enjoying it and are open to criticism as well, but ek baat hai ke mental health pe har banda nahi likh sakta because yeh sensitive subject hai aur jinko is ke baaray mai proper knowledge hai jese koi psychologist hai, ya doctor hai, ya researcher hai aisay issues pe, ussi ko blogs likhne chahyen. Aam log is tarah bohat misinformation phela dete hain. Agar ap mental health pe likhna chahtay ho aur professional nahi ho, tou ap generally mental health pe mat likho. Siraf apne experience share karo jo apki apni mental health ke sath huay hain pandemic ke baad. Lekin jis tarah abhi apne general blog likhdiya hai aisay mat likho, is main kafi inaccuracies hain jo mai ne point out ki hain.

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📷Сейчас, как Вам известно, блогерство стало очень популярно. А самое страшное в этом то, что есть пранкеры, которые делают много глупостей. ▪ Представьте ситуацию: Вы едете в метро, и на остановке один такой пранкер внезапно приковал Вас наручниками к поручню и тут же убежал⁉ Ваши действия ✌

id168846121’s Profile Photo♪ Нещасний ендорфін ♪
Как известно, пранкеры - человеки не глупые.
Живой пример - Эдвард Билл.
Он даже рассказывал о том, как специально подбирал людей, которые не смогут дать отпора. Которые просто испугаются от неожиданности и дадут необходимую реакцию.
Потому что люди, знающие КАК действовать, просто бы дали ему по морде, без лишних разговоров.
А теперь по теме:
Во-первых, я ВСЕГДА слежу за обстановкой того транспорта, в котором еду.
Во-вторых, даже наушники не мешают мне слышать окружающий мир (спасибо чуткому слуху).
В-третьих, я стараюсь вставать так, чтобы подойти со спины ко мне было нельзя.
Хорошо, мы допускаем ситуацию, в которой я всё-таки оказался заложником обстоятельств и злосчастный блогер-таки приковал меня к поручню.
У меня есть как минимум 3 выхода:
а) Вытащить стилет из рукава (который там прописался с детства) и вскрыть замок. Ну, или распилить на крайний случай.
б) Попросить кого-то из рядом стоящих выбраться..
в) Сбить находчивого преступника с ног и - *выдох* - попросить подержать вора окружающих, дабы он сам открыл наручники, извинился и добровольно сдался в руки правосудия.
Ну, или хотя бы просто извинился.
Хотя вариантов ещё много, но это то, что в голову пришло.
Будьте бдительны и не допускайте такого!
Мир внутри нас🙏🏻☯️
Q:📷Now, as you know, blogging has become very popular. And the worst thing about this is that there are prankers who do a lot of stupid things. ▪ Imagine a situation: you are on the subway, and at a stop one such pranker suddenly handcuffed you to the rail and immediately ran away⁉ Your actions ✌
A:As you know, prankers are not stupid people.
A living example is Edward Bill.
He even talked about how he specially selected people who would not be able to fight back. Who are simply scared by surprise and will give the necessary reaction.
Because people who know HOW to act would just kick him in the face, without further ado.
And now on the topic:
Firstly, I ALWAYS monitor the situation of the transport in which I am traveling.
Secondly, even headphones do not prevent me from hearing the world around me (thanks to my sensitive hearing).
Thirdly, I try to get up so that it was impossible to approach me from the back.
Well, we admit a situation in which I ended up being a hostage of circumstances and the unfortunate blogger still chained me to the rail.
I have at least 3 outputs:
a) Pull the stiletto out of the sleeve (which was registered there since childhood) and open the lock. Well, or cut it as a last resort.
b) Ask someone standing nearby to get out ..
c) Knock down a resourceful criminal from his feet and - * exhale * - ask to hold the thief around, so that he himself opens the handcuffs, apologizes and voluntarily surrendered to the hands of justice.
Well, or at least just apologized.
Although there are still many options, this is what came to mind.
Be vigilant and don't let this happen!
The world inside us🙏🏻☯️

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Сейчас как Вам известно блогерство стало очень популярно А самое страшное в этом

Pernah punya ancang² untuk berkarya ga? Entah kontennya apa, tapi pernah ada pikiran untuk menghasilkan karya dari apa yg kalian kuasai?

Aku punya skil menggambar kak. Dulu pernah posting beberapa komik di Instagram, tapi aku arsipin karena akhir2 ini lagi males gambar. Akhirnya aku isi deh posting2 Instagramku dengan foto2 pemandangan alam. Because I'm a traveler!
Selain itu aku juga hobi menulis. Aku suka nulis blog di www.aubinesia.com (jangan lupa mampir ya guys! ^_^ ) Blog itu ada berbagai macam informasi seputar dunia traveling, juga ada beberapa tips blogging juga.
Kedepannya, kalo blogku udah mulai terkenal, aku akan lanjut main ke Youtube. Nanti kayaknya aku bakal ngevlog2 sambil menjelajahi dunia alias explore this world!
Doakan ya guys! ^_^

Why don't you start blogging you are good with things I like your style your are pretty and I would love to know more about your things

I don't follow bloggers neither I want to be one. I don't do things everyone is already in. Get real, I've been always different me n I don't like to be in attention. I like my things a lot personal. But thank yu.

Hey fatima!!! how r u? i want to say I'm added with u on snapchat and u post stories about serious issues of society or bohat acha bol leti ho ap u have to open up a youtube channel I'm sure u'll get success and u don't answer me on SC i text u many times there just want to say u r lovely😘

I'm good nd thanku for adoring me...Some of u also recommend me to make a blogging page on insta but i don't think so I'm this much able to open up a utube channel or blogging page yet...sochun gi is baare mei
I'm really sorry for not answering mjy yhi sun'nay ko milta hai k main reply nhi krti nd the reason is i got so many msgs nd streaks sb mix ho jata hai (sorry 4 this)thanku girl❤

Thank you, I feel connections is the key word, and blogging allows us to make that connection in business and in our personal life.

bloggerswuk9960’s Profile PhotoAndy Thomson
No problem at all! Connections are so important in this day and age, we really do crave to connect with people on a deeper level. It’s why a lot of good causes and charities end up being so supported; people connect with stories and experiences. It’s definitely something that helps businesses big time!
+1 answer in: “Is blogging essential to any on-line business?”

Some people are sleepless because they are unable to sleep. But some people are sleepless, because they don't want to face bad dreams, fear and tormenting past memories. What is your reason of sleepless nights?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
Behtareen neend poori hoti meri ALHAMDULILLAH!😌✌🏻
wese bahut deep baatain krti ho koi apna blogging page hi start krlo! *Just a suggestion*☺️✌🏻

Its mutual for anyone who serves the country. But personally? It takes courage and a hell lotta confidence to do it. I’d never see myself do such a thing. I’d stick to blogging and finally getting this damned degree.

Well, anything that settles your soul is cool
Also, are you completely aware of what merchant navy is? I am not sure you are
+8 answers in: “Navy has my heart aye”

University ne Kuch nehi sikhaya bhej Diya bus. Blogging karne Ke liye degree thori na chaiye Hoti Phir be digital media is closer to blogging than engineering 😂😂😅😅wese Sachi dassa meinu bilkul nehi PTA digital media Kya hota Hai 😅😂😂

Haan engineering walo ko khud ke ilawa aur baki cheezo mei hosh bhi kaha Hota .. bechare logg 🤣🤣 I feel for ya guys

You know you can be famous on social media and then start blogging and start a YouTube channel and be famous

Nah I don't like the famous life. And would prefer to have a simple life as long as I'm alive. 😃 Itna acha idea Diya hai tou khud pe istemaal karo na

Also, I need a genuine advice from you. Since you already are into arts and english ( referring to one of your previous question ). I have a friend who's personal interest is in arts. However, she's refrained from studying that. Instead she's studying english literature and most likely would be

It's kinda similar to my story. I was good in art, my parents didn't want me to study fine arts, so I then chose English literature as my Honors degree program, cuz I am a CSS aspirant so it works for me. I'd say, if she does have alternate interests/choices, go for them. Get a professional degree, a good career and then you can go for Arts diplomas as they don't have any age restrictions usually. Plus, you don't really need a degree in arts to pursue a career in art, cuz you can still do art blogging and having a YouTube channel is always a good option. That's what I can recommend. ??

Wie bist du zu deinen Ausbildungsberuf/Studiengang gekommen? War dir von klein an klar was du mal werden möchtest oder bist du durch andere zB. Eltern, Verwandte dazu gekommen?

Nein, natürlich nicht.
Als Kind hat man schliesslich unrealistische Träume. Selbst beim Abi wollte ich eigentlich Journalist werden, so beim Spiegel oder so. Aber ich habe verstanden, dass es besser ist, vorher ein Stdium zu dem Bereich zu haben, über den man schreiben will. Das war irgendwie logisch, also habe ich studiert und fand das machen dann spannender, als das darüber schreiben. Ich schreibe immer noch gerne und hoffe, mal ein Biuch zu schreiben oder so, aber damit verdient man kaum etwas, das ist mehr fürs Ego. Und wenn ich sehe, wie online, Blogging und Youtube den Journalismus inzwischen verändert haben, bin ich ganz froh, dass ich das am Ende nicht gemacht habe.
Natürlich fände ich es immer noch geil, "dunkle Machenschaften" aufzudecken, wie es der Spiegel ab und zu tut, aber wer schafft es schon dahin. Ich fürchte auch, dafür kann ich nicht gut genug schreiben.

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Suggest me simplest ideas or ways to make lots & lots of money doing nothing or travelling anywhere without YouTube or blogging or paytm refer ?

You can try MLM that's multi-level marketing. You can make good money outta that all you need is a good network among people who're as keen to make money as you. You'll be earning in crypto currency first, which you can later on convernt into real money. Always go for a product based plan. Find a genuine company to associate yourself with though. And be cautious there're many fake ones out there. 💁🏻‍♀️
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https://mentalhealthawareness01.blogspot.com/2018/11/why-do-people-harm-themselves.html?m=1 Please read my blog and comment if possible. Also feel free to block me if you’re annoyed because of my daily messages. :)

MahnoorZainab969’s Profile PhotoNoor
Aray nahi meri jaan😘😘😘 why would I think of blocking you yaar, I would love to support your blog👍. Keep blogging girl and spread love and positivety cause there is only one life, one chance and opportunity

Imagine the amount of frustration to hve so much to express so much to say and not able to do so.Hve u ever felt that?A constant desire burning inside u with no way to quench it?Living with an easiness.Because u cant express the feeling u going through.Cant channel the the words dying to come out?

hammadology’s Profile PhotoHammadology
Blogging start Kero ap :D motivational likhte raha kero. Itna dard hai :p

“Sh.it!” Charlotte exclaimed, turning and starting to run with them all as the leader hit the ground. She pulled out her communicator. “Gourael to Enterprise! Beam us up!” She said quickly as she ran, pulling her phaser out and shooting the guard before it could attack them.

ElvenCarnage’s Profile Photoᴇʟʟᴇ (Chandrelle) Gᴏᴜʀᴀᴇʟ
They started running to the forest “We have to move closer, the mountains are blogging the signal!” Kirk shouted, as he could hear sh.ots from behind. He gasped when one of them got his lower back but got up again. They had reached a small river, Jim moaning in pain. His Vulcan first officer had small cuts in his legs by the vines. The sparkles of the transporter around him made him feel relieved.
Shit Charlotte exclaimed turning and starting to run with them all as the leader
+57 answers in: “|| https://ask.fm/ElvenCarnage/answers/150331179063 ||”

Anh ơi, trước tên "Sơn Isn't Blogging" thì tên blog của anh là "Sơn Is Blogging", nhưng đó không phải là cái tên ngay từ đầu đúng kh ạ? Em ngồi cố nghĩ mãi mà kh nhớ nổi cái tên đầu tiên nên đành lên ask hỏi anh xem sao vậy ạ ?

Tên đầu tiên là Sơn. nha em, về sau thành Sơn Is Blogging và cuối cùng là Sơn Isng't Blogging =)))) Anh chuẩn bị đổi tên cái page Tâm sự thành Sơn. lại từ đầu đó vì page đấy chỉ chuyên viết caption sến đụ thôi heheee. Ban đầu lười nghĩ tên với cả dốt nát vl nhưng vẫn muốn có Blog nên mới đặt đại là Sơn chấm ai ngờ cũng okelah phết, bây giờ thì anh ưng với cái tên Sơn Isn't Blogging nhiều rồiiii và sẽ stay với nó đến mãi mãi về sau =)))))))))))

Yoo, how are u?? Well, of course i have read your amazing, awesome and cute fic MTH and I just want to know a lil more about this incredible author (you Dingus hahaha) have you tumblr? Give some info about u, srry I don't wanna sound creepy, just details, i'm big fan, u inspired me

I have a tumblr (shhh) but I only use it for reblogging all the v cool fanstuff for the fic - I don't use it as a blogging platform. Dreamwidth is where my actual brainmeats get spat out.

Usually there's some sort of giveaway for people who become 500 or 1000th follower XD I used this app a while back. Did blogging and writing on here. Got bored and left. Just got back into. We must have followed each other back then.

Yes but this is not a Pakistani game show and I'm not Fahad Mustafa so you'll have to deal with it. 😂
It's a stupid site, Idk why I reactivated. -.-

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