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❖Everything was going well for that fight to happen, but the unexpected would come next; Harley once again had her fun interrupted in a worse way remembering those movies that have the moment of fuck scenes in slow motion. Her injured body fell in front of Majima, whoever was responsible for shooting that damn bullet would pay dearly for it. It seemed to have been the end of the crazy clown, without being able to make the deal and get to know a little more about Majima. All it took was a slow and mischievous smile to curve the red lips and the blue irises awakening completely, a light and amused laugh escaped her lips next. The blonde rose slowly, with little difficulty coming to the position of a dog, in a very submissive way. She slowly lifted her head until her gaze landed correctly on the guy who was another member of the gang, the owner of that shot. Harley continued to laugh uncontrollably and her makeup-covered face was blushing slightly, excitement and insanity going up in her head, all mixed together.❖
⎯ "So...so were you the one who fired that SHIT SHOT AT ME? Ohh! Hahahahaha! You are so dumb and useless you asshole! Look if I didn't have this bulletproof vest on I would be super fucked that I no longer exist even to tell a good story, right? HAHAHAHAHA!"
❖Harley already standing, followed fearlessly close to the man who still handled the gun pointed at her, and for the wing of that unfortunate, the revolver contained only one ammunition that was the last used in the trigger against her. The yakuza... or "ex-yakuza" better said, had his end granted by a blow to his neck that was broken by one of the clown's pair of colorful leather boots, who chuckled psychotically at that macabre and amusing moment. After the blonde's killing scene, she came back to Majima smiling and slapping someone else's shoulder.❖

⎯ "I'm fine, little friend! Live to be more exact! So will this fight really happen or will your asshole henchmen still impede this moment of ours?"

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https://ask.fm/Gorogorogorochan/answers/168198718777 // OH, it's okay! ! I saw it anyway! ^^ //

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❖Harley landed her final blow on another missing henchman, knocking him off a glass window that shattered into a thousand pieces and shattered all over the place below. The blonde laughed making a disgusted face after that.❖
⎯ "Eww! Wo! Look, he turned into "jelly" down there! Hahahahaha!"
❖She was pointing to the body coming out of the window, and with the area cleared only for Harley and Majima, the great moment of battle arrived. The clown walked away going to the opposite side facing the man and illustrating a fighting pose along with a smug smile plastered on her face. She was aware of every move he would handle against her.❖
⎯ "Did ya see this? It's like ya said no tricks, no weapons! Let's go punch to punch! Hahaha! Let's go crazy here, baby!"

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httpsaskfmGorogorogorochananswers168198718777  OH its okay  I saw it anyway

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱ ⠀⠀» ' ⋆ ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴀᴅ ᴅᴏɢ ᴏꜰ ꜱʜɪᴍᴀɴᴏ! ! !
⠀⠀⠀⠀It was not known exactly what crossed the mind full of madness, there was not even a chance of finding the true intentions in so many hard-to-read junk. The only thing on his face was the chilling happiness received from having a well deserved fight that would enjoy so much after not finding a suitable opponent for so long. He was so into the imaginations and speculations of what his dream battle would be like that he didn't really pay much attention to the next actions that this blonde woman would take. The contempt of her kindness for the weapon, the gesture of a "possible surrender" and that curious kiss would have lowered his concentration in an instant leaving him with some bewilderment.
But, he really wasn't aware that she had aces up her sleeve too.
A breathless gasp mixed with unforeseen pain has instantly woken him up, as well as falling easily to the floor in a great show of strength and flexibility. It was that. That's what he looking for; someone who would be able to give him the same spoonful of his own medicine.
⠀⠀⠀⠀❝...ʜᴇʜ...ɴʏᴀʜᴀʜᴀʜ! ᴛʜᴀᴛ'ꜱ ᴇxᴀᴄᴛʟʏ ᴡʜᴀᴛ ɪ ᴡᴀɴᴛᴇᴅ!❞
A couple of crazy laughs came from a fallen Majima, soon re-integrating his rigid composure to prepare to take his turn. However, like most of the thrilling moments of him... a detestable interruption came like a comet to the scene. The remaining men who followed him now lashed out at the girl once they saw the boss get attacked.
This completely angered him. He hated intruders who wanted to steal all the attention from the show. Specially HIS.
⠀⠀⠀⠀❝ᴏʜ, ʏᴏᴜ ᴡᴏɴ'ᴛ─❞
With a furious expression, he ran towards those men who were stalking the blonde woman to hit them near death with waves of merciless punches and kicks, freeing her from those annoying grips.
⠀⠀⠀⠀❝ ʏᴀ ᴅᴜᴍʙᴀꜱꜱᴇꜱ, ɪ ᴀɪɴ'ᴛ ɴᴇᴇᴅ ʜᴇʟᴘ! ᴛʜɪꜱ ɪꜱ ᴍʏ ꜰᴜᴄᴋɪɴ' ꜰɪɢʜᴛ! ᴏʀ ʏ'ᴀʟʟ ɪᴍᴘʟʏɪɴ' ɪ'ᴍ ᴡᴇᴀᴋ, ʜᴜᴜᴜʜ!? ɢᴇᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ꜰᴜᴄᴋ ᴏᴜᴛᴛᴀ 'ᴇʀᴇ!❞
That was enough to distract and intimidate them. Majima's voice easily changed to one that was too rough and insensitive, taking it out on each of them. And didn't regret it one bit. They deserved it for acting without any orders given.

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httpsaskfmHarleyQuinnDCanswers169104623283 I almost forget to send the link

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⎯ "Your order has been taken, "madame"!"
❖Harley said making a jewel sign with her thumb as she smiled at her. The blonde followed to the exit door with the keys dangling from her finger that she made spinning movements playing with the object. Her impatience went to her head at having to unlock that pile of locks and padlocks on her door every time because of the police trying to monitor her. Harley made a request to her pet Bruce to watch over the house and take care of Rouge. Once outside her house, on the way Harley entered a bakery that on the glass door of the establishment had a small sign written "Closed". It looked like the employees were at an important meeting with the boss inside the office room, a bonus to the clown having managed to walk in quietly and see that there was no one in attendance. Harley stole every delicacy she could get her hands on, not forgetting Rouge's order, which was delicious fresh coffee. Calm steps were still continued until they reached the outside and ran to the car, leaving the stolen bakery behind and the employees panicking. It took Harley a few more minutes also to get several of her favorite sandwiches that were delivered by a friend of her that only she had confidence in him to prepare them and there was no one who did better than him. On the way home, Harley arrives with a bunch of the stolen goodies and coffees.❖
⎯ "I'm baaack!"
❖With that said, the clown would put the robbery bags on the table and she would remove her favorite egg sandwich from one of them, removing the aluminum that covered it.❖
⎯ "Ooh finally! That bread so warm and soft... that smell. So delicious!
This is the best breakfast ever!"

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⎯ "Hahahaha! Ops sorry! It's just that sometimes I like to scare others!"
❖Harley said laughing at what he had just done to Rouge. At the window, the blonde turned to look at her friend who had already withdrawn from the sofa. Harley took her car keys to go steal breakfast at the bakery.❖
⎯ "I'll steal...ah! I mean... "buy" us a snack! I won't be long... What will ya want?"

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Having been drifted off to sleep, Rouge didn't expect such a rude awakening as the harlequin made her way into the living room, only to clap her hands loud enough that it startled her awake.
Rouge, stopping herself from the sudden swearing, turquoise hues glared at the blonde woman as she placed her gloved hands onto her hips.
❝Couldn't you have just...you know? Shook me lightly or something?? You nearly scared the life out of me!❞
Rouge let out a sigh, eyes now turned to face out the window of the blondes apartment.
❝Yeah, And what a beautiful day it is to hunt down my gems!❞ Rouge added, hopping up off the sofa with her arms extended outwards into a stretch.

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⎯ "All right, sleep well little bat! Anything is just calling."
❖The night passed, and the next day Harley woke up excited for the mission, so excited that he didn't even sleep right the night before, the blonde was ready and went after Rouge until he found her still sleeping on the couch. Harley thought that was cute and still decided to wake her up by clapping her hands.❖
⎯ "Heya! Hey! Rouge! Wake up! Wake up to "Sleeping Beauty"! Hahahaha!"
❖After waking up the female bat with fright, the clown approached her bedroom window to look at the sky.❖
⎯ "This day is beautiful! And those clouds are so fluffy! They look like cotton candy, makes want to eat..."

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❖Harley actually did not respond to that concern of the man she had left to concentrate on the fight that would come between them, the blonde still kept her smile and her defiant look on him that seconds later soon lent him that bat that probably was coated with the blood of some of its victims, which gave an air of "ornament painting" to the object. Harley had raised her eyebrows and still accepted the delivery of the object, thus dropping the other weapons she was carrying on the floor, leaving only the man's staff. The blonde was analyzing the large object that reminded her of her original staff, then a slight lift of her closed gaze took over the male face in front of her, noting that he was unarmed even though the clown was not convinced. Did he have some technique in mind to defeat the blonde with that "show"? Harley then got rid of the man's staff, dropping the object on the ground as well, causing what could be some act of disrespect from her against a member of one of the most dangerous groups in Japan, even more so with the big boss, who knows. Harley wouldn't care for any consequences that might happen to her, she was also unarmed as was the man, with both her hands raised in the air as if in surrender, the blonde teasingly again hurling a kiss at him as a distraction which she used to quickly smack him in the chest with the use of her flexible legs, thus causing him to be hurled into some random corner of the scene. Harley gathered his club back from the ground and began to strike the other members of the group that were going towards her to attack her too.❖
⎯ "GRRR!!! Shit! These idiot are spoiling my epic fight! THIS FIGHT IS JUST MINE AND THE BOSS!!! Don't get in or you'll feel this putter in a place your assholes won't like! FUCK!!!"

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Deci sunt sanse sa revii la parul lung daca folosesti tratament

Nu am părul scurt pentru că mi l-am distrus prin vopsire, ferească dumnezeu! Îl am scurt ptc așa vreau eu să fie, ptc mi l-am tuns eu lol
Nu are o treabă masca cu lungimea părului, masca e pt hidratarea părului și e pt orice tip de păr nu pt blonde doar sau pt păr scurt

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❖The blonde had been stopped from continuing her path after that sudden approach of the man and his pet that she was trying to drive away with the agitated swing of her hand. An air of doubt soon passed over the clown's face, staring at them with her eyes closed, along with the suspicion before them. After all, what did this stranger want this time? With the handling of weapons she carried, she took a quick step back, stepping away from him as she went into her defense mode and being on the lookout for any suspicious moves he made. A slight deconcentration entered the scene after her ears picked up the nickname "puddin" that the man called her, thus making the blonde remember again her dark past and the great waste of time of having given this nickname to that person she preferred not to mention... That was a trigger for the blonde to boil with so much hatred in front of Majima that it certainly had nothing to do with it and bad knew the compliment used sounded familiar to Harley. The blonde at least tried to contain herself later with Majima's next conversation that offered her that challenge. Soon a change in the clown's face was made along with a smug smile that marked her reddened lips. This time, she was the one who approached the man, accepting what could be an epic first fight between the two, maybe... so she loved taking risks in this kind of thing, in the danger that knocked on her door several times that she had to answer willingly and confronting any level of what she was all about was just good fun. She was ignoring the recent fact that the bodily aches had consumed her after the first attack, which was something the blonde had long been used to dealing with without complaining.❖
⎯ "Yep! Okay, sweetie! I accept your challenge! Then don't cry tears of... "the loser kitten..."
❖Harley said somewhat provocatively, wanting to see Majima's reaction after that.❖

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httpsaskfmGorogorogorochananswers168123556409 	oo

Wie findet ihr rote Haare

Ich hatte mal eine (von Natur aus) rothaarige Freundin.
Wenn sie schwarze oder blonde Haare gehabt hätte, wäre sie für mich auch kein anderer Mensch gewesen.
Nur dieses schlecht gefärbte knallige rot, was wenn die Naturhaarfarbe wieder zum Vorschein kommt, ohne nachzufärben dann rosa aussieht… finde ich wirklich nicht schön.

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⎯ "Really? Your red face looks like she's giving away the game! Hahahaha!"
❖Harley said laughing while teasing Rouge in relation to her partner, then she stopped doing this to prevent the female figure from getting even more awkward. Diverting from the subject, the blonde adjusted herself in her chair and stroked Bruce's fur, which she ended up laying on the table. She brought up a new subject facing the female bat.❖
⎯ "Well, how about getting to know each other a little more? Tell me a little about yourself, where you came from..."

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❖The clown was really lost in that place, every corner of the area that she passed her gaze to find a way out there was all blocked and there were several armed men on watch circling the warehouse. Harley tried to hide from them and disarm anyone who was closest to her. And before she could take action to attack the guards, the scare took over her due to the palm of the hand that appeared right behind her, touching her lips making her silence and preventing her attempt to release her scream. The wide blue eyes soon stared at a male figure who seemed to have made it clear to the blonde that he was no threat after listening to him carefully. Her red lips were free, and therefore, remained closed. The clown nodded her head in the affirmative cooperating with what he had just said, being quiet as she stared at the robot man with big curiosity until she averted her gaze to her colorful clothes which he was briefly repaired, the blonde lifted her gaze back to him with the arched eyebrows.❖
⎯ "Hey? C'monn... Have ya never seen a beautiful woman wearing colorful clothes? Hahaha!"

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https://ask.fm/Gorogorogorochan/answers/168103038009 ╱╱ Glad to know it!! >u< <3

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❖Harley kept her gaze unafraid, fixed and curious about the man and expected him to give her some direct answer, something that didn't happen having seen him do the same questioning her about what had happened, it made the clown feel a little annoyed.❖
⎯ "Maybe so... but I was the one who started the questions here first, right? Then fine! Since you insist, sir... Yes! It was me alone that took care of these weaklings, why? They wanted to use me as a sex slave, I think... because they kept looking at me like wild lions wanting to consume their prey! And as ya can see, none of them were a match against me, in fact, no one is a match against Harley Quinn! Yes! This is my name! Hahahaha! Nice to meet ya, Mr. "Cat" with the eye patch!"
❖Harley said praising him and with a wide smile on her face as if it were a face mask that covered her nose, lips wounds... and without caring about her right hand also that was a little bloody and extended for the man to that they both made a greeting. Ceasing the act, the blonde wanted to go through the man to find the way out of that "slop" since he did not answer her.❖
⎯ "Well... now ya know who I am, how I got here... and I'm getting out of here, okay?!"

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httpsaskfmGorogorogorochananswers168103038009   Glad to know it u 3

https://ask.fm/JerichosHope/answers/167498456666 || It took me more time upload the GIF than write the starter LMAO ||

JerichosHope’s Profile PhotoMᴀʀᴋᴜs.
❖ ❚ Gotham, November 2022 - Past ❚ ❖
❖Years ago, the city of Gotham City was a place that had its ups and downs, and with the arrival of new heroes and villains as the weather changed, it made Gotham more protected and at the same time chaotic. By this time Harley had just met his new friend "Booster Gold" a superhero who was a time traveler and who also belonged to the future, and the real reason he went back to the past was to fix some mistakes in personal matters he preferred not spread to anyone. Both were in the laboratory of a well known friend, who was actually the hero's son in the future. The place had machines that were geared towards the theme of time travel. The blonde looked with interest and super curious around the entire laboratory, and without thinking about the consequences that could happen, she pressed a random button without the proper permission of the guys that when they stopped, a portal opened in front of the clown, pulling her as hard as possible without Michael (Booster Gold) and Rip Hunter (his son) having a chance to rescue her. The portal closed and disappeared quickly from the view of both, who immediately ran to find a way to reverse that problematic situation the clown had gotten herself into. Harley was still pulled and screamed scared until being thrown out of the portal that opened through the air amidst a scenario whose location was in Detroit and it was all dark due to night and there and things seemed to be more evolved, the clown she got up with a little difficulty due to the impact of her fall, patted her clothes to remove traces of dust, then looked around looking for her friends until she realized that she had stopped in that other town all by herself. Evil the blonde knew that due to her carelessness she ended up stopping in the future 16 years after her era.❖
⎯ "Oof! What happened? Huh? Booster...? Are you there? People where are you?! Damn, what did I do? Where am I... what a weird place is this...?!"

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httpsaskfmJerichosHopeanswers167498456666  It took me more time upload the GIF

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❖Harley lightly tilted her head to the side watching Rouge curiously into the phone again, the blonde arching an eyebrow as a smile curved her reddened lips.❖
— "Is he... by any chance your boyfriend?"
❖Asked the blond curious looking at her still smiling and wanting to know her reaction with that question.❖

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— " Relax, I made this coffee almost just before you showed up here!"
❖Assured the blonde changing the TV channel that was not satisfactory, it made her roll her eyes and turn off the TV throwing the remote on the couch.❖
— "Oh! There's nothing cool going on that drug!"
❖After Harley turned to look at Rouge who didn't seem to approve of the coffee being made, she chuckled at the female bat's reaction.❖
— "You can drink without fear, little bat! Unless you want a soda, have it in the fridge."
❖Suggested the blonde getting up from the sofa, going to close to Rouge. Bruce who was in the corner of "punishment" left there wanting to follow his owner and he jumped on the table almost dropping all the coffee on top of Rouge, that made Harley laugh and try to reprimand her pet who stared at Rouge in a gentle way and also let go a loud laugh that was in his hyena nature to do that.❖
— "Hahahaha! Bruce you crazy! Be careful! Awnn he is a love, no? Looks like it's starting to get used to you!"

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https://ask.fm/Gorogorogorochan/answers/168098963769 ╱╱ I LOVED IT!! Hope you like this one (つω`。) ❤ No worries, take your time ;; ! !

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❖Harley took slow steps due to the result of the fight which earned her some bruises, scratches, etc... She then continued with her gaze passing it over the entire area that seemed to be widely spaced and hoping that she would find the damned exit which seemed to be more difficult as she was staying there became more and more a nightmare that "helped" her not only want to be free but also bad memories that went to her head because of an ex partner who discarded her in a similar place like this where she was now. It was then that an unknown male voice and thick echoed through the place breaking the silence produced, making all those thoughts of the blonde's past disappear, calling her attention, making her turn and face that male figure with a eye patch looking at her. With an arched brow, the blonde looked her suspicious gaze up and down on that unknown man who appeared to have a posture of a perhaps cruel superior? And that he seemed to be such a powerful boss of that group of weak men in front of Harley who had mentioned his name earlier before being killed by the blonde, she continued to stare at him for a few moments until a brief reply reached her reddened lips.❖
— "Okay... first of all what the hell are you and where really am I? My fun was interrupted by these losers you call "henchmen", I suppose you would be their boss, huh? And if I were you kitty I was looking to improve my choice of these guys! Now... tell me how i get out of here!"

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httpsaskfmGorogorogorochananswers168098963769   I LOVED IT Hope you like this

❖ ⚊ [ @Gorogorogorochan ] ⚊ ❖

HarleyQuinn_DC’s Profile Photo❖ ℋᎯɾʅҽყ ℚυιɳɳ ❖
❖It was at night, some clouds in the sky announced the heavy rain that would fall on the city and Harley had used the most time of her trip to Japan to spread one of her most mentioned points of her personality called madness. She walked the empty streets imagining as if she were on a fashionable catwalk she liked so much, so it's could hear every step of her black and red leather boots hitting that shabby asphalt, but what the blonde didn't imagine was that the the place she was passing through was a red area and from then on there were a few minutes of animation that lasted until the sudden arrival of a group of armed men who approached the blonde, surrounding her so that she wouldn't run away from them, Harley tried to attack one of these guys, and before she could defend herself from the group, she was hit in the back of the head by a piece of an iron bar that one of them was handling, causing her to fall to the ground and fainting instantly, she then had her corpse loaded into a van that was led to the destination of captivity close to where they were. Minutes later, a pair of blue irises slowly opened and everything blurred at first until both were normal and clearly saw the scary place, Harley found herself tied to an old chair that she was trying to loosen with all her strength but without success, the ropes hurt her wrists and heels. She also had some bruise marks all over her body. A silhouette that was right in front of her approached the blonde, a man with a mischievous smile on his lips, looking at her wanting something else besides all that, he who had been responsible for her kidnapping and wanted to touch her until her act was prevented by a strong bite the blonde had taken on his fingers almost taking them away, then the man screamed in extreme pain, in a moment of fury with his other free hand he punched the blonde's face discounting what she had to him done, the other members arrived to attack her too and without further ado, the clown got into her insanity mode, somehow managing to loosen the ropes that held her and without further ado the blonde also left for the kidnappers' group. At the end of the fight, there were marks of blood, destruction and dead bodies scattered all over the place, the blonde was sitting around the heavy scene and was distracted by her random thoughts that were vanished with her return to the scene in reality, the blonde stood up and her blue gaze checked everything around looking for some way out of that hideous captivity.❖
— "Hmmm... And now...? How do I get out of this shit? This looks like a maze!"

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♡ --- https://ask.fm/HarleyQuinn_DC/answers/168912558259

❝Are you sure that coffee is fresh? You'd better not be giving me anything watered down...❞ Rouge would question the blonde before giving a small shrug, a gloved hand reached out to grab the thermos. The bat then hesitant at first, but takes a small sip of the drink.
❝Well, what do you know...it is fresh...guessing you must've made this earlier before your little heist, huh?❞

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╱⠀⠀KIARA⠀⠀×⠀⠀LYDIA⠀⠀⊰ https://ask.fm/surfingpogue/answers/169668708235

surfingpogue’s Profile Photo— KIARA.
║▌⠀⠀»»⠀⠀lydia & kiara⠀⠀««⠀⠀ @surfingpogue ⠀⠀━━━⠀⠀003
⠀⠀for the first time, the banshee agreed with Kiara's words. It was way better that they parted ways. Kooks on one side and Pogues on the other... But Rafe was definitely in the mood for chaos and fights, && he knew how easy JJ was to get pissed off.⠀ ❝Rafe. ENOUGH.❞⠀ Lydia tried to control her friend, but he wouldn't listen. Before she could even notice, a new kook vs pogues battle had started. She, however, tried to stand behind, watching the scene, yelling them to stop.⠀ ❝Can you please stop acting like kids?❞⠀ she kept telling. Luckily, Kiara seemed to think exactly like her.
⠀⠀following her feminine instinct, Lydia softly grabbed Kiara by the arm and pulled her away from the boys who were resorting to violence while fighting.⠀ ❝this is why us, girls, are smarter than those neanderthals❞⠀ the strawberry blonde mumbled to Kie, standing a few meters away from all their friends. Watching that scene, anyone who didn't know both girls would have probably thought Kiara and Lydia were good friends.
⠀⠀all of a sudden, something changed for the red-haired banshee. Wide-open eyes stared around, her head moving from one side to the other in despair. The VOICES. They were back. Her banshee powers were taking control over her, once more. ━━ Without even warning the Pogue female, who was by her side, Lydia began walking, following the voices. She had a strange sensation. An urge to find the place those voices came from, even if she knew that they were beyond this world.

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KIARALYDIA httpsaskfmsurfingpogueanswers169668708235

♡ --- https://ask.fm/HarleyQuinn_DC/answers/168891530163

❝Haven't met him in person, but I know he's popular in this city...❞ Rouge shrugged her shoulders. ❝His handsome face is all over the newspapers here!❞
Turquoise hues now shifted to face the television, Rouge noticed the news broadcast...a smug little smirk crept over her face. ❝–Now /who/ would just do such a horrible thing??❞ The bat spoke with clear sarcasm, a chuckle escaping her light lipstick coated lips before she had turned to look at Harley.
❝Looks like we're famous, but we'll have to avoid the paparazzi.❞ Rouge spoke before giving a thumbs up at Harley's suggestion to head out at dawn for more "treasure hunting". ❝You got it! In the meantime though, do you have anything to drink? Any kind of coffee, preferably?❞ Rouge would ask the blonde.

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Il y a aussi les cachotteries faites par les propres membres de votre famille, les héritages qui déchirent et révèlent des personnalités, etc...

hanotelthomas’s Profile PhotoLamothe Henri
Je te raconte. Chez nos voisins quand j'avais 14 ans. Nous avons constaté moi et mes copines et même mes parents et les autres voisins. Que notre voisine faisait rentrer un homme blond et grand régulièrement chez elle. Puis un jour elle a eu une fille blonde. Tout ses enfants étaient brun et petit. Nous savions tous que le bébé était de cette homme là et pas de son mari. Personne n'a jamais rien dit.

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♡ --- https://ask.fm/HarleyQuinn_DC/answers/168833355443

❝Wha–?! Hey!! Give that back!❞ Rouge said, eyes widened as the harlequin swiped the emerald shard right out from the bats gloved clutches. A sigh of relief following just right after when the blonde had decided to throw the emerald piece right back to her. ❝It took me quite a bit of effort to even ste– I mean...pick it up!❞
Hearing Harley offer assistance with looking for the other pieces, Rouge thought for a moment before deciding to allow the harlequin to tag along...not because she really needed any help finding the remaining emerald pieces, She was the quite the treasure huntress after all....but having some kind of company would surely make the trips interesting.
❝Alright, if you insist...I heard from a certain grumpy hedgehog that there happens to be another in a jewelry store here. He said something about the piece being saved for some kind of necklace they wanted to make....but the thing is I /need/ that gem.❞

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Post 20 facts about yourself 🙂

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
daughter, sister, wife, mom, friend, colleague, negotiator, blonde, 164 cm, 65 kg, blue eyes, curious about new people, yoga trainings, loving vacations near forest or sea, loving skiing, creative and handy person, loving crimi or mysterious movies, regularly visiting theatre performances, loving walking in the city and shopping centres, trying to eat healthy. 😅

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♡ --- https://ask.fm/HarleyQuinn_DC/answers/168817508531

Rouge merely let a soft chuckle escape her lips at the harlequins question, gloved arms folded over her heart shaped chest plate. ❝Not exactly, Can't be a spy if you're not doing a little research.❞ Turquoise eyes now shifted to glance at the blonde. ❝–No need for concern on your end, I'm not here to do any research on you /or/ even bother with the gems you posses. I'm here because of this...❞
Gloved digits crept into her heart shaped plate, she would pull out a piece of what happened to be one of the three pieces of the master emerald.
❝This gorgeous thing right here. Two more pieces to go and this lovely jewel will be restored! I had only recently gathered intel that Gotham had one of the pieces here in one of their museums on display and I just had to come and scoop it right up!❞

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♡ --- https://ask.fm/HarleyQuinn_DC/answers/168773105075

❝...Cute?...❞ Cue an eye twitch from the bat, brows furrowed ❝–Just /who/ does this clown think she's talking to??❞ Rouge muttered to herself, of course not loud enough for the harlequin to hear. ❝Who am I?...WHO AM I?! The names Rouge! World's greatest treasure hunter, and don't you forget it!❞ Rouge said in a louder, clear and confident tone.
❝I stumbled upon this city because I overheard they had something that belongs to me! And apparently taking what's rightfully yours around here gets some kind of attention from those in blue...So, without said...I need somewhere to crash for a while. At least until I'm in the clear.❞ Rouge admitted, turquoise hues glanced upwards at the blonde.

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When I was a child, there was this myth circulating around that "gingers have no soul". What's your personal experience with "gingers"? I've personally met one who was very kind and sweet.

😂 right?! I’ve heard that too. I have natural red in my hair (strawberry blonde) and the freckles. I’d like to think I’m kind! Gingers are great ☺️

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го любимую песню 🙈 доброй ночи)

Gord_li’s Profile Photoкруче твоей бывшей.
Сейчас это:
Changmo — Maestro
Кис-Кис — молчи
Стрыкало — Е**шь, Альбина
Стрыкало — Фанк
CL — Hello B***s
МУККА — Алиса
Maneskin — Zitti e buoni
Halsey — 3 a.m
aespa — next lvl
Rosē — On the Ground
Noize MC — Любимый цвет
Какая разница — рассвет
ДЛБ — грязь
Jackson Wang — Titanic
Найтивыход — телу тоже больно
Dead Blonde — Мальчик на девятке
Stray Kids — Back Door
. . . и ещё очень очень много всего, ахахах

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го любимую песню  доброй ночи

What are some examples of double standards?

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
• if a women takes a role in the “abusive patriarchy” its women power but if a man take a role in it hes a tyrant.
• if a white women does her hair in cornrows is cultural appropriation but if a black women dyes her hair platinum blonde shes slaying.
• the cancel culture is allowed to cancel whomever they would like but if you try canceling them they get mad.
• minorities can be rac.ist towards white people & its okay but if it’s the other way around they are evil.
That’s all i can think of right now since I’ve been listening to a lot of politics. Lol

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I just like it how you look like the typical American girl. That blonde hair and blue eyes and your whole face and body and all that. That's what we imagine an American girl to look like. You're so original 😂

abdelfakur’s Profile PhotoFakur
This feels more like an insult 😂
Also, you do realize that there’s MANY other countries in the world that have blonde/blue eyes right? You should consider looking into Nordic countries/Russia/ Germany cause uhm it’s not just “American” especially since my genetic background is Scandinavian LOL

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Warum stehen Männer auf blonde Haare, gemachte Brüste, Konfektions Größe = Stock, und Arsch bis nach Mexiko? Warum nicht eine natürliche normale Frau.. Ich check es nicht damals gab es auch nicht sowas und alle Männer waren glücklich Hauptsache die Frau kocht <3

Also du machst "Männer" für irgend so ein tolles Vorurteil fertig aber haust dann selber so einen raus?😂 Genial

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Warum stehen Männer auf blonde Haare, gemachte Brüste, Konfektions Größe = Stock, und Arsch bis nach Mexiko? Warum nicht eine natürliche normale Frau.. Ich check es nicht damals gab es auch nicht sowas und alle Männer waren glücklich Hauptsache die Frau kocht <3

Naja Menschen waren ja auch damals nicht so „verbunden“ wie wir es heutzutage sind mit Social Media etc

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❀ damon⠀&&⠀sarah : https://ask.fm/kookprxncess/answers/168446765574

kookprxncess’s Profile Photo☼ — sarah cameron
Damon couldn't prevent the smile forming his lips as Sarah VERY quickly affirmed to his proposal about making it a habit coming there every night. Few seconds later a chuckle left his mouth as reaction to her joke. ❝That was quite dramatic for the end of drama queen days though.❞ The vampire teased as reply.
The soft tone of the blonde told him that she meant her words. The sight of the icy blue eyes hit hers, almost getting fully lost in them. A decent smile was drawn on his lips, previously speaking. ❝Did anyone ever tell you how beautiful your eyes are, Sarah?❞ The compliment was not mainly to make her feel better, it was just honest. ❝I'll note that.❞ Damon told as Sarah mentioned her love to travelling and that she actually was a troublemaker. It's not like he was one himself, but that was for her to find out, obviously. Soon enough they stopped in front of the house, his head turning in her direction and observing the surprise written on her face. ❝It is. It has always been in the family.❞ He explained, casting a short glance at the house, before fixating his blue eyes back on her. ❝You should have risked knocking somewhen, if you were wondering for so long. It'd have been a pleasing surprise meeting you.❞ The Salvatore half grinned, then fully turned to the blonde, hands placing half on her cheeks, half on the back of her neck. ❝A very pleasing surprise...❞ He spoke in a whisper, eyes staring in the dark ones and leaning closer, eventually kissing her. After all, minutes have already passed from their last kiss, and Damon was way too addicted to those lips. A light smile occurred on the man's face after the kiss ended. ❝Let's go in.❞ Hands gently touched Sarah's cheeks before finally removing them. The vampire took the last steps toward the door, opened it and waited in the doorframe for her to enter. ❝Ladies first.❞

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damonsarah  httpsaskfmkookprxncessanswers168446765574

Warum stehen Männer auf blonde Haare, gemachte Brüste, Konfektions Größe = Stock, und Arsch bis nach Mexiko? Warum nicht eine natürliche normale Frau.. Ich check es nicht damals gab es auch nicht sowas und alle Männer waren glücklich Hauptsache die Frau kocht <3

Ist alles oberflächlich geworden
Nur vergisst man dass die Schönheit vergänglich ist. Jeder wird älter und "Hässlicher".

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Warum stehen Männer auf blonde Haare, gemachte Brüste, Konfektions Größe = Stock, und Arsch bis nach Mexiko? Warum nicht eine natürliche normale Frau.. Ich check es nicht damals gab es auch nicht sowas und alle Männer waren glücklich Hauptsache die Frau kocht <3

Ja, natürlich, alle Männer denken in einem verallgemeinernden Kollektiv und sind hetero.

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