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Tbh- Emy t mon ptit bb t ma blondhair a moi jtm full xx t full nice chill sweet drole belle gentille ? t sometimes un peu folle mais c pas grave comme t blonde?❣ jsuis vrm chanceuse de tavoir ds mes amies jveux vrm pas te perdre ? ly fr ? txt moi qd tu vx?

alicedumas_’s Profile PhotoAlice Dumas
Thxx al jtd jtm❤️ moisi Jsuis vrm chanceuse de t'avoir dans mes amies?? moi non plus jveux vrm pas te perdre ma blondhair préféré?ly?

How about the 4inches heels ka shopping ko lang actually ng mga accessories and makeups ko at kakagaling ko lang sa parlor pra sa blondhair ko then papablack ko sya ulet :( huhuhu

iha, alam mo ba ang pinasukan mong unibersidad? nkklk. school po ang papasukan nyo ate ah.
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you are BLONDHAIR GIRL??? cause your behavior is really stupid !!! you are so jealous of Eleanor . She is beautiful , clever and funny girl . She is perfect for Louis .So keep calm and dont care about them. They are happy guys, Let them be . They deserve true love.

Me jelous of Eleanor?
Me jelous of a beard?
Could you get a fucking life?
You don't know Eleanor and you can't know if she is clever or funny,and another thing I don't think she is soo beautiful,she's normal.
you are BLONDHAIR GIRL cause your behavior is really stupid  you are so jealous

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