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zadam najprostsze pytanie świata. a więc powiedz mi, proszę, które anime zaliczasz do swoich ulubionych? ☆

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Zdecydowanie Kuroshitsuji! ^^
Inne które lubie to D.Gray-Man, JR, SnK... więcej mi do głowy nie przychodzi....
Mangi tez Lubie czytać. Do moich ulubionych należy Black Bird oraz Killing Stalking. Kocham tez Bloodbank *^*
zadam najprostsze pytanie świata a więc powiedz mi proszę które anime zaliczasz

You know me, I have this crazy thoughts and...I always wondered if I could sing and write song,which songs would be "mine"... If you could be a singer, which songs would contain your album, which ones would be "yours" that you would sing? (For example 10-12 song.) +crazy question the album's title.

you and your beautiful mind!!! one of the best questions i've ever received!
my songs would be:
1) this will make you love again by iamx
2) i love you by woodkid (quintet version)
3) in this shirt by the irrepressibles
4) baby came home by the neighbourhood
5) sorrow by iamx
6) silhouettes by of monsters and men
7) midnight by kodaline
8) without you i'm nothing by placebo feat. david bowie
9) missing by the xx
10) home by daughter
11) amsterdam by daughter
12) bloodbank by bon iver
13) maybe tomorrow by stereophonics
14) god damn girl by motopony
15) circles by greta svabo bech
16) nightcall by london grammar
17) wings by birdy
the title would be: my heart is beating in a different way
i made a cover and a back cover too :P (colours by kaiirel)
You know me I have this crazy thoughts andI always wondered if I could sing and

as if u don't have a thigh gap! pretty sure in the 2 wks leading up to bloodbank day every1 in the school heard you "complaining" at least hundreds of times about how ur life's tough cos you dont weigh 50kgs yet! you wouldn't shut up about it omg. now ur saying u luv food too much to have a 1? bull

well fucking excuse me. I love food and I eat way too much. you obviously don't know me well at all if you think I don't love food. fucking biggest insult ever. and "complaining" yeah okay I wouldn't call it that but hey whatever floats your boat. but weighing 50kg was my goal for when I turned 16 which was close to 1 year again. I went through fuck loads a few years ago which stuffed my body up, its called an eating disorder now I can't gain weight, but giving blood has been something I've wanted to do since my dad first did it years ago. so how about you fuck right off because you are the worst type of person. so fucking judgmental. and as for the thigh gap, my thighs fucking touch and I'm happy about it. fuck you.

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