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tbh eh we had our differences but whatever. over all ya seem like a good guy and we should talk more cause I could be of use to you with a certain ginger. you're also pre attractive but unfortunately you're not as yoked as reed bluejays oulton://

CarmenEilertsen’s Profile PhotoCarmen
ya we should talk more so you can help me become friends with big dalt ;). and unfortunately I will never be as big as bluejays?

Tbh, I'm still laughing at that pic from the bluejays game😂 you're hair and sunglasses r swaggy & you're funny af😂 you're one of my best guy friends & I'm gonna miss h&t😭😭

hannahackettt’s Profile PhotoHannah
Thanks Hannah all the same to you!!! 😂😂 and yeah h&t was a dandy time

R u and britney taylor besties, r u in a fight like when she came off anon about her being a slut u didnt even comment

because when she came off anon, she was sending that message to the people calling her a slut, not me, i just answered so those bitches would see it. & were closer than best friends, sure, we fight, but we know everything about eachother and im the first person she calls when she needs to talk, we love eachother like sisters, were honest with eachother, we love all the same things and we are the people who show up at eachothers house with mcdicks in our pajamas and would have an even better night at home watching movies than going out to a party, just because were together. we miss eachother, even when weve seen eachother the day before. we hangout like all the time and were spending the entire summer together. weve legit planned our lives out so that we never forget eachother, we want to go to the same university and all this stuff. we have the best times and we can tell eachother anything without being scared of being judged. ill always be there for her and i know she will always be there for me. shes an amazing beautiful person and i love her with all my heart. she is my absolute best friend and theres no changing that no matter how many fights we get in. were going to a bluejays game in april too ! so excited! and weve planned so much together and honestly, if i lost her, idk what i would do. shes my bby, <3

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