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Saturday FunnDay 😆🥳☺️ 🛥 🏖

Y’all know what our Saturday consists of 🙃😊🛥🏖 beaching and boating 💃🏻 up early and on our way 😆🤩 bestie and her family is headed from Murfreesboro so we will meet about the same time 😌😎🥳 catch us on the pontoon 😎 then my daddy is gonna bring his boat out later and meet us 😊 definitely new tiktok coming 🤪😜😝🙂🙃😆💃🏻🥳

In your opinion, how much do shared interests matter when it comes to a relationship (or friendship)?

"Friendship and Shared Interests" by Alex
In my opinion, friendship is the foundation for all of my most serious and sincere relationships whether it be with my parents, siblings or with my wife and children. And for me, one of the essential building blocks for a successful friendship is shared interests. In the case of my wife we have many shared interests i.e.
1. Education - my wife has 3 degrees and I have 2. Our areas of specialty are completely different, but we both share the love of reading, curiosity, learning and contributing to society.
2. Music - we both enjoy music and have performed in church choirs our entire marriage.
3. Food - we enjoy good food whether we cook at home or go out to eat.
4. Exercise - we both love to exercise and have run many 5k races together and participated in triathlons together.
5. Vacations - we take vacations together and enjoy the outdoors, hiking, biking, boating, cross country skiing, etc.
6. Independence - we enjoy each other’s company; but, we also spend time apart because we are both independent. I am an introvert by nature while my wife is an extrovert and she has many friends while I have few.
7. Humor - we enjoy humor and we laugh together every day over the silly, the outrageous, the mundane and the nonsensical.
8. Faith - we both believe in God and are disciples of Jesus Christ
9. Friendship - the glue that binds us is Faith, Friendship and Family. Without friendship and shared interests our marriage would cease to exist.
10. Family - everything is centered about our belief in God, our marriage and commitment to one another and our family both immediate and extended. We ALL support one another through the good times and the bad times. We spend time with our children, our grandchild, our brothers and sisters and we helped our parents financially and emotionally when they were still alive.
For me, shared interests are critical in a relationship because without shared interests we would be like two independent vessels passing by each other as we seek different objectives, different goals and separate destinations. Instead, we work as a team and we make decisions together. We share our hopes and dreams together, support each other, encourage each other, and when one falls down (heart attack, cancer, depression) the strong pick up the fallen and holds them in their arms and carries them on their shoulders no matter the cost to self. That is marriage...that is friendship... AND..... that is Love.

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have you ever been so compelled/drawn to a place that you would consider moving and living there? 🗺✈️🏡

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
Yes I have. As a young boy and young man, I lived in the state of Massachusetts where I attended college in the city of Boston. After getting married in 79 I discovered that whenever we went on vacation, it was either to Maine or New Hampshire where the lakes, mountains, great hiking, skiing and beautiful coastlines were located. So in 94 we purchased 2 acres of land on Bow Lake in Strafford New Hampshire and built beautiful house overlooking the pristine lake where the loons laughed and lake trout played.
While living in New Hampshire we had access to all kinds of outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, ice skating, hiking, cross country skiing, down hill skiing and water skiing. And all we had to do was walk outside our door and all of those God given blessings were right at our fingertips. However, as we were getting on in years, we found ourselves vacationing in Key West Florida each year because of the warm weather. In 2010 we decided once again to pack our bags and relocate to the great state of Florida where we plan to spend our remaining years.

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have you ever been so compelleddrawn to a place that you would consider moving

Can you drive a car with manual transmission?(⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎)

Absolutely! I started driving my fathers milk truck when I was 10 years old. lol
My fathers truck was a 3 speed manual transmission and it could be driven standing up or sitting down. While sitting you had the traditional clutch pedal and a separate brake pedal. However, when standing you had one pedal when pushed down half was was the clutch and when pushed to the floor was the brake. My favorite was driving standing up because when shifting from one gear to the next, you had to balance on your right leg while using the right foot to control the gas pedal and simultaneously use the left leg to push the clutch and to stop if necessary. It required excellent balance and great skill to execute these functions properly without jamming on the breaks, flying through the windshield and breaking all of the eggs. hahaha
That milk truck was awesome and driving it is one of my favorite childhood memories.
Another great memory was vacationing on Little Sebago Lake in Maine and using my uncle Murray's boat. Uncle Murray had a simple rule i.e. in order to use his boat, you had to convince him that you knew how to add gas and oil to the gas tank and that you could consistently start the engine. Oh... and you had to know how to swim too. And so I proceeded to learn about that engine inside and out and as a result, I spent many hours having fun while boating on Little Sebago Lake. Good times!

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It is an unchangeable historical fact that Emperor Yao was in xipingyang. Isn't Emperor Yao later than Liangzhu culture?

Don't be misled by the mistake of "Xia Shang Zhou Chronology Project". It's wrong about the Xia and Shang Dynasties as a whole. Chinese civilization has been misinformed for 5000 years and has been forcibly cut off by those experts for more than 1000 years. The truth is that Yao尧 (Iry-hor) and Shun 舜(Sekhen) were all in the Nile Valley and were pharaohs of the 0 th Dynasty. The ancient Egyptians migrated to East Asia and spread their stories. This is not the only cultural relic in 良渚 (Liangzhu). We also found the name of Pharaoh Radjedef of the fourth dynasty of ancient Egypt on 良渚玉鹰 (Liangzhu eagle jade). There are more objects with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphical characters. It's not that those experts don't know, but that they choose not to see. The so-called "bird standing altar" symbol of a large number of jades in 良渚 (Liangzhu) culture is the form of Horus name of the ancient Egyptian kings (Pharaohs), and the most common one is the name of Radjedef of the fourth dynasty of the ancient kingdom. The so-called "良渚神徽(Liangzhu God emblem)" is the image of the Pharaons wearing nemes scarves and holding magic weapons to offer sacrifices to their "Gods". 大汶口 Dawenkou Culture and 良渚 Liangzhu culture both have the so-called "日月山 Sun Moon Mountain" symbol, which is actually the name of the second Dynasty king Raneb of ancient Egypt. The so-called "Dongyi bone inscriptions" in 山东 Shandong Peninsula are just the primitive hand engraving of the early ancient Egyptian characters.
This is an excellent discovery of the hieroglyphs of King 尧 Yao (Iry-Hor), although Egyptian characters did not appear until hundreds of years later. Over the past 5000 years, ancient Egyptians have immigrated to China and have advanced technology in navigation, boating, metal and other tools. The Egyptian empire is much larger than people thought. This also explains why the Chinese view of the world or cosmology has been greater from the beginning. The name of Emperor Yao 尧(Iry-Hor) found on 良渚 Liangzhu jade continues to consolidate the physical evidence of "ancient Egypt and the 夏 Xia Dynasty as one". It also proves that five thousand years of ancient Egypt and today's China have become one. The jade arm bracelet shown in the picture is an artifact of Liangzhu Culture and is now collected by "恒白羽". Its collection source channel is very reliable and can be identified in any aspect. With the name of Iry-hor found in Egypt and Sinai Peninsula, it constitutes the real physical evidence of the existence of Emperor Yao 尧 (Iry-Hor) and the evidence of the early activity area of the Chinese nationality.

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It is an unchangeable historical fact that Emperor Yao was in xipingyang Isnt

What places are important to visit in Ireland?

rizskhi’s Profile Photoa
Dublin City so much culture and so many attractions.
Tayto Park animals and rides.
Foto island in cork animals are left run free.
Any other place in cork.
Killarney a beautiful county full of nature and the ring of Kerry especially Dingle for fungi and Ventry for paddle boating surfing and more. Waterville for the amazing people and Charlie Chaplin monument.
The Cliffs of Moher.
Waterford lovely beaches and great shopping
Wicklow for the sugar loaf mountain.
Tipperary for the devil's bit mountain thurles to be exact
The rock of cashel.
The giants causeway.
Knock if you are holy.
Loads of other reasons Ireland has great attractions and you will always find something interesting even if you are not looking. 🙂👍😊☺️😍

Yeah every year when I don't work I always try to make sure I'm doing something EPIC into the new year I do the same thing on my birthday last birthday I went to a massive lake went jet boating ?

What an awesome tradition and a great way to unwind with 2021 around the corner!! Have fun ☺️
+2 answers in: “What are you doing for Christmas? and what are you doing for new years?”

Well I'm not near any beach now....but wen I lived near one every holidays i would go camping with my uncle ...i loved the sea water....i used to do paddle boating aswell ...used to swim in rivers but I never liked it river beds r too slimy lols.....but now I only swim in pools aswell....

fsayed1’s Profile Phototara
I dont do the sea at all swimming wise. Nit my thing especially over here where the sea is dark blue and cold as hell so nooooo. Only swimming pools personalky.
And god knows what you are swimming through in the sea ewww
+26 answers in: “I never really got the pokemon go....did u literally go and find ur pokemons ????”

Can you tell me more about yourself? Things you like, things you dislike? What you like to do or what you don’t like to do? ^^

Things i like is watch college football, Play video games, ofc enjoy with friends and family.
Dislike is eating extra spicy food
Things i like to enjoy is boating and fishing
Things i dislike going camping in the middle of nowhere

10 favorite moments you've had with your current significant other, or best friend in the past year or two (please specify which)

xXx_ItsJoe_xXx’s Profile PhotoQueen_Joe
My favorite moments with my significant other within the last 2 years.
1. Zylies birth.
2. Moving to Georgia.
3. Trip to Arkansas for Christmas.
4. Going to the beach in Charleston.
5. Him teaching me to ride dirtbikes.
6. Buying our boat and our boating adventures.
7. My 21st birthday.
8. The random weekends when we don't do anything and survive on takeout and Netflix.
9. Going to Airstrike.
10. All of the things I'm not thinking of right now that were totally awesome

Do you watch the old Top of the Pops? They had the Stranglers Strange Little Girl on tonight. ( this was '82) I forgot the Stranglers did slowish songs. lots of dire songs as well- remember Dollar?

lizzypickles’s Profile PhotoLizzy Pickles
~ o sweet LIZ , Dollar . . . . crimes , but did me at leaast one fayvuh , LOL !!
~ strange little girl was co written with Hans Wormling , before the Stranglers were named ; he died in a boating accident , BS ;
~ they re-recorded it in 1980 ; the original was about child abuse (anti)
~ this cover , illustrates survival & triumph (see how 'the beast is dwarfed')
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghGgycFEg64igotamatch’s Video 140060579194 ghGgycFEg64igotamatch’s Video 140060579194 ghGgycFEg64
*this , first is the earliest , pre-signing demo , rejected , from 1973 ~
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFmmYg9ck1Aigotamatch’s Video 140060579194 EFmmYg9ck1Aigotamatch’s Video 140060579194 EFmmYg9ck1A
~ these , all conventional . .
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWFb-ocy1M4igotamatch’s Video 140060579194 TWFb-ocy1M4igotamatch’s Video 140060579194 TWFb-ocy1M4
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgEuAz_PPvkigotamatch’s Video 140060579194 mgEuAz_PPvkigotamatch’s Video 140060579194 mgEuAz_PPvk
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qA1M3BQeojYigotamatch’s Video 140060579194 qA1M3BQeojYigotamatch’s Video 140060579194 qA1M3BQeojY
~ no , TOTP is too creepy 4 me !
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZL6j1YKEaKgigotamatch’s Video 140060579194 ZL6j1YKEaKgigotamatch’s Video 140060579194 ZL6j1YKEaKg

Tbh// pallu= Aanchal.I'll never say CHOD DO AANCHAL.Bc I want you hamesha hamesha ke liye.Good luck with boating lol.And let's 🍻 Haa? literally let's.❤️💯

🎶Chod do aanchal, jamana kya kahega? Bahad main jaye jamana, YOU are MINE HAMESHA ke liye!! 💙🙌 And thanks yaaa "boating" mhane! 😂 We should 🍻 for suree!! Khuppp bolna pending rhaylayyy 😭😓🙇❤


ScarletFlame666’s Profile PhotoBlurryblue
DAT IZ SO PERFECTTTTTTTTTTT!!! OKAY DONE *packs up* *packs an extra Hoodie for you* *waddles all the way to you* yessssssYesss💙💙

tbh boating is a fun time, and I haven't seen you for a while, but you're a nice guy, and you're really funny😂, you should snapchat me cause we haven't talked in a while:)

Well next time I see u bring a Oreo and I'll text u rn
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Have you ever had a near death experience? :O (On the side note, I just want to say I’m glad I met ya and that you’re ALIVE! You’re amazing, and dontchya’ fo’get it! :P)

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
Awe, you're too nice Justine *blush* Right back at ya! *high five*
Near death, lets see here. I've been lucky so far. I've been knocked unconscious many times in my life, and obviously came to each time. I've survived a couple of motorcycle wrecks, a few car accidents, a boating accident. I fell off of a repelling platform that was 50 meters tall, another time repelling I fell into a body of water from 30 meters up, then into bushes from 20ish meters up. Apparently, I didn't tie up correctly. There were too many knots to learn damn it. I was never a boy scout. The times I fell into safety nets, the instructors rigged the equipment to fail to see our reactions. I was thrown from an up-armored HMMWV turret, blah blah blah, I'm still alive, Aint no thing. (:

Trip to Islmbd during boating ap ki bakwas • oh bhatti wapis chal hum doob rahay hain • your boat is sinking (ap ka english mai baat karna larkion se) • oay wo daikh island chal raha hai • oay tu ne soosooo kar diya

hassanbhatti47’s Profile PhotoHassan Bhatti
yar agr tere jesa driver hoga to yehi halat hogi na.. ab boating krte hue larkiyon ki boat mai kon apni boat marta hy.. or unki boat sach mai doob rhi thi is liye kaha tha or bad mai unho ne muje thanks bhi kaha tha tere samne... or susoo wali bat na kar un larkiyon ke samne boat mai khara ho kar lake mai susoo kardiya or water pollution kiya jis ki wajah se tu bhi pollutant he hai :D ye na ho ab mai teri susoo krte hue wali video upload krdon sab ke samne phir sae rhe ga? :p i think stop kr ke screenshot upload krta hn... :D

holy shit your beautiful 😍😍 if its not to much and you don't mind, could you describe what happened other than that it was a boating accident? stay strong 💜💜💜

I fell off the front of my friends boat, it all happened so fast that i had no time to get away, the motor sucked me under the boat and the propeller hit me causing severe damage to my leg that they couldnt repair.

Likers get if I was your girlfriend - We would workout together everytime. I will play with chrys most of the time, I love her so much❤ We'll go for boating together okay and every weekend you are taking me to your farm house. I will cuddle you so hard and never let you go. I love my duck. Quack!❤

forever_is_lie’s Profile PhotoNirmiti Naik.
Hahahahahahahah dats very cute.. bt wen did I lyk dat qt of yurs? ???.. wateva it was cute ???..

people people, stop asking about lady bones tits, there not for sale or for lending or borrowing or motor boating or anything, there for her not you.

thank you, i just think it's stupid that i can't even take a picture because i have a new hair color without stupid comments like boobs are natural and half the idiots making comments probably don't realise their mothers used to feed them that way as a baby. generations need to grow the hell up seriously.
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Please pray for my friend she ripped her left hand her writing hand off in a boating accident. She has to learn to do everything all over again with only having one hand on top learning to write with her non dominate hand. Thank you

I broke my wrist and had to learn to write with my right . it's not that hard lol . sorry tho
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