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An die Jungs: würdet ihr eine Frau daten die onlyfans macht mit intimen Bildern?

TuerkenStream’s Profile PhotoWomanizer
Besser mit onlyfans Cash machen als jedem dritten mit dem sie sich unterhalten hat und der nett war ihre Boobs oder ihr Wurstfach zu zeigen, aber vor anderen auf Jungfrau Maria zu machen und Leute zu judgen als wär sie auch nur einen halben Schiss besser.

Raat e lambi hogi, koi chand dhund lena Sard bahot hogi, koi sath dhund lena 🥀🙂

izunaira3’s Profile PhotoZunaira Khan
Raate lambi hogi koi chand dhundh lena, sard bahut hogi koi saath dhundh lena. Par kaise mohtarma kaise? Kaise dhundh lu me uska saath? Kaha se dhundh lu me uska saath? Sard bahut hai par akeli hai meri raat! Yaad aata hai mujhe wo din, aree yaad aata hai mujhe wo din, jab wo ek pal bhi nahi reh paati thi mere bin, kabhi chandni raat me wo aati thi, sard ki raato me mere jism ko tadpati thi, aree kabhi chandni raat me wo aati thi, sard ki raato me mere jism ko tadpati thi, kitne mohabbat se apne garam haath se mere land ko sehlati thi, meri aankho me aankhe daalkar apne per failati thi, mujhe apne boobs ka doodh pilati thi, aur mujhe pyar se apne baaho me sulati thi.
Raat e lambi hogi koi chand dhund lena 
Sard bahot hogi koi sath dhund lena

What’s the dirtiest thought you’ve ever had about a total stranger?

I saw a very beautiful aunty bargaining when I was buying fruits n vegetables early in the morning. She was wearing a hot nighty and her cleavage was partially visible. I looked at her cleavage for 3-4 seconds and then went away.
When I reached home, I started thinking of her and doing lots of weird stuffs with her.
I fantacized that I went to her home, she offered me tea and snacks, then took me to her bedroom and asked me to blindfold her and tie her with ropes, I did. Then she asked me to push her to the bed, I did. She asked me to do anything I wanted to do with her. I kissed her lip to lip and pressed her boobs, then she urged me to be rough to her. So I sucked her boobs. My dik was hard so I took it out and went over her and placed it right on her face, she kissed it keenly with her lips then started licking and sucking. I removed her bra and placed my dik on her hot cleavage and started sliding through it while she constantly licked it. Then I placed my dik on her nippls and hot navel. Then I removed her panties and placed my dik on her hot ass and slided it all around her ass and inserted my index n middle finger into her pussy, then I licked my index middle n ring finger altogether and again inserted into her pussy and massaged it till her orgasm. I was about to ejaculate so I placed my dik b/w her boobs and again slided my dik through her hot cleavage and ejaculated on her boobs. She licked my dik and had every single drop of cum, then she licked her boobs and didn't waste a single drop. Then we hugged each other and slept naked for an hour under a single blanket. Then we woke up in the evening and she told me that she was feeling cold so I touched my hot dik with my hands and placed my hands on her boobs- she felt warmer. To make her feel warmer I placed my dik on her back and slided all around her torso. Then I placed my hot dik on her neck- she felt warmer. Then she said her feet are cold so I placed my dik on her sole and slided through her toes.

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Whats the dirtiest thought youve ever had about a total stranger

Jaká velikost prsou se vám líbí nejvíce?

KajaWonderwise’s Profile PhotoKája
first of all je uplne jedno, jakou velikost prsou zena ma a prijde mi smutny, kolik holek ma zbytecne poskozeny sebevedomi kvuli mlecnym zlazam, protoze xy muzu jim reklo tohle a tamto
mi osobne prijdou atraktivnejsi "plochy" hrudniky nebo smol boobs, to ale absolutne neznamena, ze zeny s plnejsim dekoltem by byly mene atraktivni
nemam rad tenhle bodyshaming
nejdulezitejsi je, aby se clovek citil ve svy kuzi dobre a libil se sam sobe, az potom muze resit, co se libi ostatnim
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What sorts of things do you keep in mind when you choose an underwear and outerwear combination to display your boobs a certain way?

I have no idea what kind of response you want because I don’t do such a thing 🤷‍♀️ I just choose what I wear based on what I feel like wearing, nothing to do with how my boobs are going to be displayed 😅

Do you find it weird that there's so much obsession with your breasts? Or are you used to it? Or do you enjoy the attention and flaunt them a little to be flirty?

I don’t think there is any obsession with my breasts?? I get questions about my boobs like most women do on here. I don’t think I get anymore than anyone else, so I’m kinda confused by the question tbh 😅

Honest thoughts? https://ask.fm/x_LaReinax/answers/171291583312

She needs to stop worry about real shit like your fucking kid and your husband stop talking about me!!! Honey,
Your not smaller then me. You got way bigger stomach, you know how, you saggy boobs just rest on top of your stomach. They aren’t even on your chest where they go. So please stop. If I was such a “whale” that’s not what you were saying not even a month ago when you kissing my ass stupid bitch.

But isn't there the danger that you _aren't_ more than just boobs? I mean what if you shrink the boobs...and suddenly it's like you're invisible to the world?

I know my worth. I know what I have to offer. I have an absolutely amazing personality. If others choose to just see me as boobs, that’s their own damn fault. But I’m sick and absolutely tired of everything just being about my boobs. I’d rather not have boobs and be lonely than to have boobs and have the entire world revolve around them. Fed up with the bs.

Do you like your boobs?

Може да са малки, но си ме радват.
Не ми пречат. Спя си по корем.
За нищо на света не бих им сложила силикон, както правят комплексираните жени/момичета.
Изключително грозно е.
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Whatever floats your boat you used to post full body bikini pics a lot when you were somewhat small bit then you got huge and stopped.. you claim you lost so much weight but can't show it why? Only theory is that you're still big with a massive gut and you're acting like you're not

Well clearly I just posted body pic. So please stop. I don’t have full bikini picture bc I don’t have a recent one. Like fuck. Well, idk what else you want bc my boobs are bigger then my stomach. So next 💁🏽‍♀️

Use this to vent about anything you want.

I find it really funny, when people try and come after me!! Like the only thing they got is my weight🤣🤣🤣 which btw I have lost a lot, and everyone knows I just got really big boobs. Which is true! Because my boobs are bigger then my stomach so jokes on you boo. But I laugh because there are plenty, of people who want me. ( I say plenty because I have girls hit on me too and wish I was bi) so 💁🏽‍♀️

How did it feel to be the other woman?

Well, I didn’t know. Hahah. And he was telling everyone he was single, and I mean he keeps acting single. Like I mean, he did lines off boobs, and made out with a different female, not this past weekend but the Sunday prior. There is difference between being another woman. That means you know that he is taken you don’t give a fuck and then there is my situation where I had no idea, till he posted them making out. So ✌🏼

Me? Noooo. I'm an angel. Would never eat a fly.. wait what. :P Oof. Old jokes. She's got them :P What name you suggest? MAKE SURE YOU SHOW THE BLING WHEN IT COMESSS. We do get it sooo much. Like why rush it? We have the rest of our lives!

gingerbreadguy2’s Profile PhotoGingy
That's what the devil would say! :P hehe *flings holy water at you, and watches you sizzle*... never... eat a fly??? *bats eyelashes*... PLOT TWIST!!! lol. xD
I work with a buncha' old men? What can I say? :P *shrugs*... How bout... VolleyBOOB? No? okay! xD (sorry... my brain got dirty... it was either boobs or butt... cuz inflatable!) xD *whistles and looks up innocently*
Oooooh, don't you worry! lol. You'll be one of the first to know! xD We've both kept up with our dating lives... so, it's only necessary! :P
Then after that, the questions should be done right? lol. And that's true... You should really enjoy each other and what life has to offer! You're both still young, and should really travel and do things together, while you can/with young bones! :) Plus, you both got married... Gotta get settled in!
What about furbabies, though? :P

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Würdest n 3er mit deinem Freund und deiner sis machen?

Wennmeine sis das wollte - warum nicht?
Sie ist genau das Gegenteil von mir
Dunkel - blond
Groß - klein
Große Boobs kleine
Vergeben- Single
Sexy ok sind wir beide
Freizügig - reserviert

Are you srsly worried about your boobs being saggy?

I mean not rn no but in the future.. I probably won't care then either 😂 I think wearing my bras all the time as a kid actually grew my titties cause I didn't start out in a training bra like I was supposed to my mom was just like here 👙 😂

Kdo je dnes taky bez nálady?

Kamo ja od 8 rano v praci jedu do sluchatek audioknihu Harry Potrera, ktera ma skoro 10 hodin..tu knihu, kde je Harry jeste skutecne [Hary] a ne [Hery].. do toho skladam desaty a finalovy pocitac pro mistni pobocku Mercedesu… a mam pocit zvlastni pohody a jakehosi.. sebe-naplneni ci co😄
Kdyby se mi tak nepotily boobs.. melo by to i hezky eticky nadech😒

Thanks for increase my knowledge, how many years a girl's boobs can produce milk after delivery, or her boobs stop milking?

First of all, women, not girls.
Second of all, you can literally just google this. I’m not an expert.
3rd, you sound like a child that I don’t wish to interact with.

¿Dejarías a tu pareja si descubres que engaña con su físico? tipo en la intimidad descubres que usa relleno en las boobs o qulo, faja, etc

Por que tendría que dejarle si la quiero por lo que es, no por su qlo o por sus bubis, por eso siempre digo que hay que conocer a las personas, y nunca ser algo que no eres, y amarse tal cual eres y llegará alguien que ame todo de ti así tal cual eres, amen xd

Is that because you wear expensive bras that redistribute the weight to your shoulders, sides and back?

Nope, I think it’s just because my boobs have always been fairly big, so as they got bigger it wasn’t too much of a change.

I haven’t have big boobs !Do they accept me??:(((( why this matters to boys alot:((

Sweetheart. It doesn't matter. Personality matters. Carrying yourself with confidence and dignity matters.
Ever seen beautiful actresses with flat chest and yet they are so pretty and every other guy's dream?
And it's not even about guys, beauty will fade, the right person will see you for you!
Trust me , big things are trending right now, in a few years every women who got injected herself would be getting those chemicals out of her body because the flat chest trend will be on.

What things does your partner do that annoys you

EVERY single time I take a bath he comes into the bathroom and says "boobs!" & he'll just stare at my boobs for a few minutes then leaves. Every time. It's annoying but it's also funny & cute so I don't mind it.
He also likes to come up behind me almost every nignt while i'm cooking & harass me until I smack him with the spoon. Usually he'll like grab my ass or snap my bra or try to steal food before it's done & i'll ask him if he wants me to be hit with the spoon, he'll do it again so I follow through & hit him with the spoon. True love😂🤍

I've been just friends with this girl for years, but I got a bit randy one night and fondled her boobs. She didn't say anything just walked away, and now she doesn't answer any of my texts. What should I do?

Accept that you crossed a line and that she may feel uncomfortable now? Possibly apologise, and if you don’t get a response then just move on.

I haven’t have big boobs !Do they accept me??:(((( why this matters to boys alot:((

Why you want all of them to accept you???
میری جان، آپ بس ایک کی ہی فکر کریں۔۔۔ اور یہ جو خاوند ذات ہوتی ہے انہیں سب قبول ہوتا ہے۔۔۔ مرد ذات کا الگ حساب ہو سکتا ہے۔۔ لیکن آپ کو غرض اپنے ہونے والے شوہر سے ہونی چاہیے، بس۔۔

ما هي أسوأ هدية حصلت عليها..؟

Amal_otaku’s Profile PhotoAmal  ̄ω ̄
مش "اسوأ"، لكن الاققل استخدامًا
سوار ذهب.
ما أشتريش ذهب لنفسيأبدًا بالعادة، لو أشتري ف فقط لأمي عشان تحبه، بينما أنب ما معيش أي ذهب أصلًا
ف أختي فكرت انه هممم خليني اهدي أختي الصغيرة- الوسطى حقيقةً- سوار ذهب بئا، وكان جمييل جدًا وما زلت أعتقد انه جميل، I mean it looks like boobs, of course it's gorgeous! 😂😂😂🔥، بس اني والذهب مش سوبر معجبين ببعض
يو نو اعتقد إني أشتي أتعلم ألبسه باستمرار ✨

So how about you? Cute? Pretty? Hot? Sexy? Beautiful? Gorgeous? Plain? Homely? What word would you choose to describe yourself (appearance-wise), honestly?

I consider myself beautiful because I was blessed with a clear and even complexion, a caramel skin tone, most of my father's facial features (thick/bold eyebrows, aquiline nose, oval face shape) with my mother's wide smile, plump lips, and hooded eyes. Vain? you betcha. On the flip side, considering myself beautiful and exotic tend to preclude ever feeling cute or pretty. Cute and pretty seem fairly laid back, girl next doorish, which I am so far and away from looks-wise. Its hard for me to do a casual, fresh, 'pretty' look, as my facial features lend more towards bold lip color and dramatic wing-tipped eyeliner. Ergo, I'm not a 'casual' girl; sneakers, jeans, t-shirt, freshly scrubbed face, pony tail, naturally pretty. My presentation leans more towards elegant, ritzy, 'chic', old hollywood sorta style. I'm cute or pretty. My boyfriend finds me all of the above but I feel I think I only fit cute or pretty. I'd say I'm more so cute because I'm petite, therefore, I look younger and "cute". I chose pretty as the other option because I dress nice and think I'm a naturally pretty person. I barely wear make up, or put in effort. Some could say I'm a plain jane for that reason but I'll call it pretty!
I think I'd say I'm somewhere between cute and pretty, depending on what I'm wearing. I have ears that stick out and while my facial features are petite and symmetrical, I have relatively thin lips so I don't feel sexy. I'm have a petite figure as well, no noticeable hips or breasts so I don't feel sexy those reasons either. I recently cut a good 8 inches off my hair and while I like it I feel like that makes me more "cute" than "beautiful."
I think I'm pretty. Not super pretty, not traffic-stopping pretty, not all-the-guys-swarm-to-me pretty, but when I look in the mirror after a freshly washed face or with makeup I see a pretty girl in the mirror. But only neck up.
I usually say "sexy." I'm trying to explain why and it's harder than I thought. I guess because I feel sort of sexually charged in terms of my appearance and posture and shape. When I was younger and wore more dumpy clothes I still did the sashay and strut deal and at some point just started working with that plus my figure and ended up where I am.
I would definitely fall into the cute category. I have huge eyes and a sort of round face. I just kind of look like kate miccuci or an early zooey deschanel before she had professional people to do her makeup and hair and false eyelashes all the time.
I'd consider myself "pretty" or at the very least, to have a "pretty face." I'd like to consider myself "sexy" but I only really feel that way every now and then. I think part of why I'd consider myself that way is based on others' assessments of me though.
I would say pretty. I feel like I'd be sexy if I lost weight because I have curvy hips, big boobs, and striking facial features. Sometimes I feel sexy, but usually just pretty.

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♡⠀⠀⠀gorl, you're not a snack, you're a five course meal (three pizzas & two desserts, your favorite!), ilysm!

NXRTHERN__LIGHTS’s Profile Photoklemens ⋆ the ƒlamboyant
⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀
⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀I love you with all my b00bs!
⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⁽ ᴵ ʷᵒᵘˡᵈ ˢᵃʸ ᵐʸ ʰᵉᵃʳᵗ˒ ᵇᵘᵗ ᵐʸ ᵇᵒᵒᵇˢ ᵃʳᵉ ᵇᶤᵍᵍᵉʳ ⁾
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ❤️
gorl youre not a snack youre a five course meal three pizzas  two desserts your

If you're a woman and you don't post revealing pictures on here, what's your purpose? No one wants to read your boring answers or your life story, just give us men something to see, smh

Yes. Because abuse and temper tantrums are EXACTLY how you get women to show you their boobs. Such smart. 10/10 will work again.

Mommy Emma why do you show boobies in last photo with bikini it is bad

First of all, I’ve told you not to call me that.I will block you the next time
Second of all, it’s a maternity bra, not a bikini.
Third, I am a woman, with boobs, who will be using them to FEED my child in about 4 months time, what the fuck is bad about a body part made to feed children.
Go away child.
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