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قولولي علي حاجه تتعمل ف اليوم ف وقت قليل ومريحه للأعصاب ❤️

manar8422’s Profile PhotoManar Ali
drawing 💕
walking or Jogging around home or doing exercise at home 💕
reading novels and books 💕
self-studying and learning languages 💕

Ameen thank you so much. Mera to 1st year hai abhi, long way to go, anatomy se hi bs ho gai.

Man I remember those damn sub stages xD
Use Atlas to study Anatomy. BD plus Atlas and you will understand Anatomy like it's nothing.
It's a long road ahead but remember yhi time hai memories bnany ka enjoy krnay ka. So don't waste these years of your life on books only. Enjoy bhi full krna.

Hey, question for girls. I’m kind of gamer guy, playing on pc brings me a joy (i’m not playing too much) today my pc die, i was trying to fix it etc. but my gf said she is glad my pc broke (is this normal?) just so you know, im playing only when shes reading books. Why such a reaction?🥲

Hey! Is she reading books cause you are playing games and she is bored? If you don't spend much time together and when you do you are playing games and she then opens her book, I could understand why she may feel frustrated as she probably wants to spend more time with you. If that is not the case then her reaction seems harsh. If she has her hobby then why can't you enjoy yours too? Hope you managed to get the pc fixed!

آخر نص/منشور/صورة أعجبتك؟

You are not age or shape.. you are the books you read, the words you speak, you are your happy morning voice, the sweetness of your laugh, and every tear you wept.
You are the songs you love and the things you believe in, you are the pictures in your room and the future you dream of, you are so much beauty..

🌈 what websites do you frequent if you're shopping online? what was the last online purchase you made?

poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh;
I don't shop online often and when I do, it's usually for clothes, books, or art supplies that I cannot get from any of the stores in my own town. The last items I purchased online were from Killstar - I got a pair of black velvet trousers and a corset top.

When you recieve any good news, do you usually do something to celebrate? 🥳 Doesn't matter how big of a deal you make it. For example, I went out earlier today to get my favorite pizza upon learning that I got a job for the summer 😊

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
no, not really) Usually, what I want, I can buy without a reason, so the meaning is lost. Yesterday I passed the exam, and last week I finished my research and for the first time I was thinking about buying a new book for myself. But, firstly, I have 1.5 more unread books, secondly, I definitely won't have time to read for the next month because of exams, and thirdly, I want to wean myself from impulsive purchases and wait 30 days. If after that I still want it, then I'll celebrate)
(btw, congrats!🎉)

I have been feeling low for the past 3 days I keep crying at nights in front of Allah things are not getting better In terms of practicality of life everything is fine Life is smooth it's just my mental condition which is getting worse and worse for no fucking reason

I'm also thinking why the misery kicks in just out of the blue always. There's so much in the world that can give life meaning, but we're unable to find the line between our inadequacy and propensity. Sometimes I think, we're inclined to our surmises not reality because of the environment we grew up in that is acrimonious, vicious, and unjust, which makes us oppugnant to truth because we want to feel that freedom that we read in books, watch in movies, and that we dream about. Occasionally, we try to live the truth, but the fact that it costs a life petrify us. Damn it!

Youth ko Allah ka naam lyna chahiye or naik zindgi guzarni chahiye jo hmri nabi (saw ) ne sekhaye...

mp16h’s Profile Photoطفیل عباسی
Quran ko Arabic mein parh kar rakh dene se humari youth Kuch nhi seekhe gi. Jab shaitan ne kaha ke woh har taraf se hamla karega tou humein khud ko us ke liye tayyar rakhna hoga. Humare cinema, dramas aur media Haram cheezo ko promote kar rha hai. Is ko combat karne ke liye humein initiative lene honge because modern problems require modern solutions. Youth books nhi parhegi Lekin media consume zaroor karegi. We should use our writers and directors ke woh aese projects banae jin se youth ko humari history aur religion ke baare mein informative content diya ja sakay. And trust me, youth janti hai ke what’s worth watching and what isn’t.

*After the Colors and their Shadow return to Hyrule Castle, Vio almost immediately makes for the castle library, perhaps some of the forbidden tomes here might have information about their current foes*

Stoicviolet’s Profile PhotoVio
* @AngryBlueLink ended up in the medical ward,
@PyromaniaRed followed him up there,
Vio hadn't paid attention to where @MrImportantHero had gone when they got back, he presumed to @princessofprophecy3 side since she was undoubtedly at risk
@forgottenfifth had left his shadow to get some sleep in their shared room
tome after tome Vio pulled from the shelves, books on magic including human sacrifice and attempts at ascension.
Any mention of the names Miquella, Mohg, Marit, Marika, or Rykard.
Though there are a number of books that no one aside from the princess' most trusted knights would ever see that contained mention of human sacrifice, none mentioned any of the names of their foes or of a place called 'The Lands Between'
Vio sighs resting his head on his crossed arms on the table, exhaustion clinging to him like spiderwebs, he couldn't shake the ache he felt having pushed his Hylian body past its limits. Though he wanted to get up, search through some more books, maybe find something that would give them an advantage. Instead he fell asleep at the table next to his books, eventually one of the castle staff or perhaps the other Links would find him there.*

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After the Colors and their Shadow return to Hyrule Castle Vio almost immediately

What scent makes you Instantly calm? (I like the smell of rain)

Luv_freckles’s Profile PhotoM. Adam
White sandalwood
Roasted coffee
The earthy smell that rises after rain.
The aroma of freshly-baked bread.
Smells of early mornings where u can almost see the mist creeping towards u.
Smells of freshly plucked jasmine buds.
New books
The ocean ...etc
What scent makes you Instantly calm  I like the smell of rain

I have been feeling low for the past 3 days I keep crying at nights in front of Allah things are not getting better In terms of practicality of life everything is fine Life is smooth it's just my mental condition which is getting worse and worse for no fucking reason

1.Try to read
Surah rehman
Surah taghban
Surah yaseen
Surah waqia
Surah mulk
2. Try to talk with somebody close to you.
3. Do things which make you happy like it could be anything. Shopping, talking, laughing, reading books etc
4. Exercise or do a 1 hour walk.
5. If you can't talk to anybody, talk to yourself. And try to answer your questions.
6. Give some sadqa or charity sort of thing. Passing a smile is a sadqa too.
7. Read astagfirullah Astagfirullah a lot like a lot.
8. Must do the subh sham k adhkar.
9. Try to learn something new like new language or new skill.
10. Make yourself happy by eating your fav food.
11. Try to understand Quran.
12. Do things which you love and don't care what other people are saying about you. Cz kuch th logh kahin gy
13. If you think somebody is hurting you then either avoid them or or munh p ja k chand Mar do( slap them)
These tips are helpful to me and these will be helpful to you. In shaa Allah ❤

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Lest ihr noch normale 📚 oder benutzt ihr eher einen E Reader bzw. nur digitale Versionen?

velvet69damion’s Profile PhotoDamion Burne
Da ich viel unterwegs bin habe ich meine meisten Bücher digital auf Kindle oder Apple Books, aber Daheim lese ich am allerliebsten ein normales Buch👼🏼

With summer (or winter) not too far away now, do you have any plans for the upcoming months? ☀️🏖

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
well, I downloaded a list of books and concepts, knowledge of which is required to pass the graduate school exam. It's a little early, but it's unknown if there will be free time next year, so I will definitely study in the summer. I will also need to look after the plants in my parents' summer house for a while. I really hope that I will be assigned to practice at a research institute in the suburbs. Well, if not, then I'll have to pack a backpack)
other than the above, for now I'm free as the wind

Hi! SO I want to learn drawing but I don't know how to do it. I mean don't know from where to start and how I would proceed. It could be better to attend an art class, but I work full time so I don't have time to attend them. What would be your advice for that? Thanks.

Hello there! No worries at all, first off, I’d practice with what you can access already - ie, doing still life sketches - it could be things in your room or a fruit bowl etc, just to play around with lighting, composition and such. I’d check out YouTube too - I’m sure there are artists on there who do tutorials or can give practical advice to those starting from scratch, on how to draw. To be honest, a lot of it is really the art of seeing and using observation - such as, “How is this item lit? “Where are the shadows falling?”“What angle is the light source coming from?”
All of those dictate the strength of how hard or lightly you sketch an area.
If you wanted, you could also get someone to pose for you, if you wanted to try out life drawing - it could simply just be observing someone sitting and doing there own thing or drawing a pet, as opposed to a full on model shoot, aha. Learning to see and draw things that are in person help a lot, for honing your initial skills. It could just be drawing some plants you may have, for example.
In terms of materials, you can’t go wrong with basics - even if it’s just computer paper and a basic set of pencils, but I recommend any pencils within the HB - 6B range. It basically means that they range in boldness and pigmentation, so you can experiment with drawing deeper shadows, tones and values, etc. Anything that’s H to 4H I don’t recommend, as the lines from the lead are incredibly harsh (hence the H meaning Hard), and it’s very difficult to erase.
There’s probably many art books you can refer to too, on the basics of learning how to draw. From my own experience though, I used to draw all the time as a child, and over time, your skills and observation naturally improve and flourish. All I can say is don’t worry about mistakes - they’re key to learning how to improve next, and it’s a perfectly normal part of the process, and doesn’t mean you’re not cut out to be an artist or to just simply draw for pleasure.
I hope that helps a little, but feel free to ask me anything any time! :)

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Hi SO I want to learn drawing but I dont know how to do it I mean dont know from

With summer (or winter) not too far away now, do you have any plans for the upcoming months? ☀️🏖

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Got list of books to read. Gonna spend the whole summer at home with family just reading, painting, sleeping, watching studio Ghibli movies and just have fun inside with the window open so the sun can get in without me going out.
With summer or winter not too far away now do you have any plans for the
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What small act of kindness were you once shown that you will never forget?

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
There was an educator in my school who constantly encouraged me to go after my dreams. The last day I'd seen him he told me he is looking forward to finding one of the books I wrote in a bookshop. I was around 9 or 10 at that time. And did not forget about it.

How different would your day be if you could just spend one entire day without your phone? Would it make your day better or worse?

fiezuqa’s Profile PhotoJess
As I wrote in my previous answer I'm addicted to my phone so I don't think I could spend 1 entire day without my phone so if my parents for example took my phone for 1 entire day then I think my day would be probably somewhat better - I'd still be of course on my computer and I'd read my books, well I'd survive without my phone 1 day. I know I should create some limits so I don't spend that much time on my phone + on my computer, I should read more, it's just hard. 😐🤷‍♂️
- Bonus GIF with doggos. 🐶✨
How different would your day be if you could just spend one entire day without

What’s a small act of kindness you were once shown, that you will never forget?

I was once vacationing in Spain and there were some very steep winding stairs down to the beachfront my mother and I were visiting. I spend most of my time in public in a wheelchair, but I am capable of transferring and walking short distances with assistance. So we were trying to get down the stairs oh, and it was a long arduous process. A complete stranger who didn't even speak English walked up and started supporting my other arm. We had to reconfigure a bit, but he meant well. In another case, we were in the London Underground with a similar situation, and a British family carried my chair and escorted us to our train to make sure we got there on time.
In my elementary school, there was an annual book fair. I had forgotten what day it was, and didn’t bring any money to buy anything. Now that i’m older, i’ve realized how overpriced all of the low quality posters and pencils were, but at 8 years old you don’t think about stuff like that.
Anyway, I didn’t bring any money. So, as everyone was buying their huge erasers and sparkly pens, I just watched. After about an hour, we returned to the classroom. In my cubby, I saw a Ziploc bag filled with pens, erasers, books and a pencil case. Turns out, the librarian who was part of the book fair had noticed I didn’t buy anything. She took the time to pick stuff out for me, find out what class I was in and where my cubby was. I still remember how happy I was when I saw it.
My kid cried for two hours straight and a had a newborn and another child . My neighbour heard and came over, stepped in and took the children for a walk and dinner at her house with her kids while I had a rest. If I ever win the lottery I’ll find her and treat her big time. It was thirty years ago and I’ve never forgotten her support.

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Do you like reading? How many books have you read?

✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I have 3 bookshelves in my living room and the books in there are ordered in genres. I have Mangas, Comics, Fantasy, Thriller/Crime, Sci-Fi and Romance books. I also still own the books that I have read when I was a child. x'D So yeah, I have many but didn't count them or so.

Miss Ainaa to Mister Tommy - "Watch it, buddy" - What have I done? 😉 😹

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ тєηα¢ισυѕ тσммαу™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Ahaahaahhahahahahaa... So, my student, the moral of the story is always record and jot down what you did. Anything happened, just open the books and search for the topic I refer to 🤓
Yours sincerely,
Strict Teacher 😎

Do you believe there are cures for diseases but the government secretly does not want the public to know about? I read some books online articles published by Osteopathic Doctor and (RDs) or (RDNs). I truly believe that there are natural cures and remedies for different types of diseases.

Yacky777c’s Profile PhotoYackeli K.M.
I do think that easy cures for many diseases have been discovered and those who have them (not necessarily goverment) haven't made it public yet.

What keeps you going forward?

I feel no desire to prove anyone anything. My hobbies just leave me unsatisfied and i feel bored pretty fast. Why do I even exist? Some time ago i was stilk curious of many things but it's long gone. Im just doing stuff that needs to be done to develop myself and when im tired i play video games / do sports / read books. But everything is boring. Getting mastery at subjects at uni feels pointless. Even if i graduate and get decent knowledge and get a good job, whats the point? It wont change how i feel about the world around me. It will mostly change onyl how other perceive me, which i dont really care about. I feel like i need help and i dont know where to ask for it. My family doesnt even try understanding me. There is no point to life unless you invent one. For me it's curiosity, I'm here and I want to find out what is this and what's the point. Most people pursue different common strategies to give meaning to their life, usually by been part of something larger than them: family, community, work, religion, etc. Those are all empty constructions, but they align well with our biological programing. We are a social animal and we crave been part of a pack that we can contribute to and that respects us and appreciate us. 3 years later a lot has changed for me - i've finished my masters degree in math and started working at big4 company as an assistant. I've also moved away from my family and I'm living with my fiancee. I'm not entirely sure why I was feeling so low 3 years ago - now I'm a happy person and I'd love to do so many things in life. Life is much more stressful now, work in big4 is tiring but nothing I can't manage. I've also broken my knee, my cruciate ligament is broken so I can't walk much, so I'd say that my overall situation is kind of worse but I'm much more optimistic than I was then. I think that getting masters degree in math was really tiring to my brain. I think it's important for us to just make our own goals. Nothing matters in life unless we make it so. I want to get my knee fixed and get back to doing sports regularly, mostly cycling on lifting weights at gym. I would also like to finish my postgraduate ACCA studies so I can better understand things at my work. Beside that I like playing board games with my fiancee and friends in free time or just play some Factorio on my own when I can't do anything with others. Im also looking forward for going on holiday after rehabilitation of my knee.

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