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tell us about thing that u love ❤

i love books, novels, and stories.and love anime, reading, we love watching movies, and I don’t care what country they are from. The important thing is that the movie is beautiful. I love rain, winter, sunsets, friends, cats, good people. I love manhwa and manga. I love history and mythology, I love archaeology, art, I love the violin, I love calm sounds. ♥

Kindle or paperback?

spicyginger1888_’s Profile Photospicyginger1888
Admittedly I don't read very often. I do love reading but my adhd is so debilitating in that regard that reading is near impossible for me most days (not the ability to read. But the ability to concentrate on the words I'm reading).
However when I do, it's usually graphic novels and I buy them as paperback. I love flipping the pages of books it feels really calming. The smell of the pages is really charming and soothing too. So I always opt for a physical copy if I have the choice.
I do have a kindle that an ex gave me. And the kindle app on my phone too, but honestly I rarely use them these days if at all ha. They're handy if you wanna travel and have various books to read but don't wanna pack heaps of books. So I usually use it if I'm going somewhere and want the option to read things. When at home though, or a always paperback for me 📖💖

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Share something you love ❤️

I have read probably more than 200 books & novels, but this book (novel) holds a very special place in my heart , I have lost count of how many times I have read it, some may see it as a silly teenage or adolescent love story, but to me it’s much more than that, I have read it for the first time at a very good phase in my life (probably the best) so yeah that could be one of the reasons I love it so much, and it has been my most efficient form of escapism for the past 5 or 6 not very good years, whatever the reasons are or might be, this book has been (and I guess it will always be) one of the best companions I have ever had in my life 💞💞
Share something you love

What are your current priorities in this season of your life, and why?

NimraMK’s Profile Photo_Nimra_
Being myself
Learning how to play a guitar
Writing a short story
Reading plenty of books
Giving myself some good treats
Because, I wanna be my own home while keep learning new skills and besides I'll finish my story winter will be here to excite my imagination, books playing a vital role in keeping me calm and persistent with lots of appreciation.

I'm not saying it's productive to burn holy books. I'm saying most of the things you mentioned as being inappropriate and not ok in public happen in other places and almost nobody responds the way they do in Pakistan. Why?

If you are referring to violence, its bigotry that has been deeply ingrained into the social fabric. Religion has been weaponized to use against anyone, anybody and anything that is seen as a threat or disliked. Its a mindset problem that would require a lot of time and effort to fix.
I would say South Asians are generally more religious than a lot of Western societies so there is a higher chance they would get offended if their faith is targeted Violence however is the result of religion being weaponized by certain people to gain power and control over the masses.

Is there one book that changed your life or had a lasting impact?

Riffatluv’s Profile PhotoRiffat arif
I recently read Namal by Nimrah Ahmed and its one of my fav books now. One of the most beautiful things that I learned from that book is:
There's a famous ayah of Quran Paak
إِنَّ مَعَ الْعُسْرِ يُسْرًا
'Verily with every hardship comes ease'
it's clearly written that with the 'hardship' comes the 'ease' but we always misinterpret this ayah and we perceive that the 'ease' would come after the 'hardship'. We wait for it and we simply ignore the fact that EASE HAS ALREADY COME TO US ALONGWITH THAT HARDSHIP. We are so lost in that hardship that we ignore the ease. So this thing, this little piece of knowledge has changed my perception to some extent whenever I'm worried I j look around to find my 'EASE' and i often find it :)

South Korean literature is the new K wave."

“If K-pop has had an impact on sales and readership, it is largely due to the leader of the K-pop group BTS RM, whom Mr. Hoor calls “the culture president of South Korea.”
“There really isn't another literary authority on Korean literature like him,” says a BTS fan, emphasizing that young people who don't know what to read come to him for recommendations.
RM's Reading Diet has inspired countless clubs and reading lists. His taste for books was confirmed once again when Jung Myung Kwang's book 'The Whale', which was featured in one of RM's Instagram posts, was included in the International Booker 2023 long list."
South Korean literature is the new K wave
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Something worth reading (books)

moedfarooq’s Profile PhotoMoeed
-Mystery by Robert Greene (There are proven steps you can take to achieve mastery in a discipline. Don’t accept the notion that you were either born with talent or you were. Analyze the path of greatness and you too can become great.)

-The Obstacle Is the Way by Ryan Holiday
(Ryan is one of my favorite authors, and this is one of his best works. In this book, Ryan shares a modern take on the ancient philosophy of Stoicism. It will help you overcome any situation in life with endurance and resilience)
-The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle
(What is the secret of talent? How do we unlock it? This book gives you the tools you can use to maximize your potential)
-Deep Work by Cal Newport
(Deep work is the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task)
-The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change by Stephen R. Covey
(This classic is still a must read. As much as I love books like Think and Grow Rich, How to Win Friends and Influence People, and all of the other classics, I think this has the most practical applications today. Don’t get me wrong , those other most definitely do as well, but I’d start here)

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Something you’re scared of?

I can never read all the books l want.
I can never be the person all l want, and lives all the lives l want.
I can never train myself in all the skills l want.
And what do i want?
I want to live and fell all the shades, tones and variations of mental and physical experiences possible in my life.
But Dilemma is
I'm horribly limited !

What is the nicest thing someone has done for you recently?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
A few minutes ago 👉 my mother in law made tea for me👇
A few hours ago 👉 my daughter bought warm pullover for me 😃👍
A few days ago 👉 my friend landed me 2 books for winter vacations written by my favorite author🤩👌
What is the nicest thing someone has done for you recently

We are living in that Islamic Republic of Pakistan where non-married boys and girls openly kiss in cafe's and those kinda stuff and those who refrain from it are looked down at... Where are times taking us?

exxahnoor’s Profile PhotoIzzah Noor
Hain Sachi Islamic republic of pakistan, writing this in your books or on your walls doesnt make this country islamic . Its long behas that you’ll loose!

No English word has double o except the word book prove me wrong

This 's prOOf that preschOOl education is important in childhOOd and that chOOsing the right bOOks and tOOls to learn is more important than posing a fOOl challenge to pretend u're cOOl 😁

What do you do when you find no joy in anything?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
I look in the mirror and ask myself, "What the hell is wrong with you?" If it were possible, I would slap myself across the face too. Hopefully, I'd snap out of it. How could I possibly go through life and pretend that I can't find joy in anything when others are suffering, homeless, starving or in constant danger from a pointless war? There are children dying of cancer. People who have lost loved ones. Victims of crime, disease and totalitarian governments. I'm healthy. In good shape and fully functional. 👍 I have a place to sleep. A few shekels in my wallet. Enough food to feed an army. More books than I will ever have time to read. The dearest friends a person could hope to have and miraculously, they still tolerate my eccentricities. The freedom to pursue my interests and devote some time to worthy causes. This alone is enough to satisfy me. What could bring more joy than voluntarily helping others? If the day should come when I can't / won't find pleasure in anything, you have my permission to kick my a55. Twice.

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What do you do when you find no joy in anything

Neked mi a "bűnös élvezeted"? (A guilty pleasure isan activity or piece of media that someone enjoys but would be embarrassed by if other people found out about it. These might be books, movies, TV shows, foods, etc...)

tangled01219867’s Profile PhotoD.
Amióta sikeresen leszoktam a beteges túlevésről (kopp-kopp), azóta nem igazán van bűnös (= ártalmas) élvezetem.
Igen, szoktam pl. édességet vagy instant kaját enni (I ❤ chilis Soba), és igen, a legtöbbször a Valorantot választom olvasás helyett, DE nem gondolom, hogy ezek helytelen döntések volnának - egyszerűen csak átgondolt mértékben hallgatok a testi és a lelki, mentális igényeimre, amiért nem vagyok hajlandó bűntudatot érezni, sem egy külső nyomás hatására önmagamnak generált, impozáns szerep szerint élni.
Majdnem azt írtam, hogy esetleg a mozgásszegény életmód lehetne az én "bűnös élvezetem", de amióta a jelenlegi helyen dolgozok, annyit futkározok és lépcsőzök, hogy már ezt sem tudom példaként felhozni.
Hmm... Mondjuk legyen a bűnös élvezetem a munkamániám. A héten az egyik kollégám (is) már azzal szivatott, hogy fog nekem hozni egy vörös csillag kitűzőt. :c

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Do you believe in miracle? 💫

I was reading alot of islamic books from past few months.. i read this somewhere and i felt it🥺
I think our lives it self is a miracle ni?
I believe we have miracles in every changing moment and we don't even know it.
Ppl always say where are the miracles?
I always wonder how can you not see day changing into night and night turning into day is also a miracle.Coming of the moon and hiding of the sun is a miracle.
Miracle are the identity of Allah and those who learn to feel miracle begin to feel Allah🥰 once you started believing in that, you will start seeing all the miracles.♥️

Neked mi a "bűnös élvezeted"? (A guilty pleasure isan activity or piece of media that someone enjoys but would be embarrassed by if other people found out about it. These might be books, movies, TV shows, foods, etc...)

tangled01219867’s Profile PhotoD.
Nagyon ciki és nagyon bűnös, de legalább tízszer láttam már a Paula és Paulinát. Fogalmam sincs, hogy mi tetszett abban a gagyi sorozatban, de újra végig tudnám nézni, ha lenne időm.

Your name is really beautiful! Is it made up or was it inspired by something?👀

Thank you! It’s actually from a song that came out in 2005 and from an old book as well. The song is “Who Is She?” There is a part in which it says “Or is Ayesha just a dream?” And from the books, they are called “She” and “Ayesha: The Return of She” my mom was obsessed with the name 😅❤️

How did you first learn about spirituality? How can we know whats real or not?

I started exploring as a teen. Began with Wicca… didn’t seem to fit after a while, read things on Buddhism and things began to start making more sense. Read other things here and there. Had a large collection of religious and spiritual books. Still I didn’t choose to label myself, as nothing truly fit 100%. In my mid twenties I began experimenting with altered states of consciousness and reading many things of that nature. That’s where it all fell into place. Later a person in my life at some point in our relationship got heavily into meditation, theosophy, esoteric occult knowledge. He tried forcing these things on me and it did not go well. Even though much of it resonated with me, I rejected being force fed which inevitably prolonged getting into some wisdom. But it made its way to me eventually. And more recently some old Norse/ Odinism has revealed some interesting things to me. It has all been a rather complicated journey but also very simple at the root. And each day reveals something new. It brings excitement, beauty and magic into daily life.

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How did you first learn about spirituality How can we know whats real or not

Should we invest in people? How to judge if they are a liability???

aleena_kamran1’s Profile PhotoAlee.naaah!!!
Don't u think u should invest in yourself first learn a new skill have a hobby try smiling more often read newspaper daily or books watch some good movies do some diys is sab k bad Jo b ae jaye you will b brave enough or kisi ki guarantee ni hoti qismat hoti bas

Who is your favorite author?

Jo Nesbo, Agatha Christie, Rowling, from Slovaks Dominik Dan, Jozef Nižnansky and looking forward to read various books from Stephen King in my older age 🤩 - it will be order from me to my family members to buy books written by him for me on Christmas😅.... Btw I dont allow anonymous questions so if you put question and deactivate, how do you see my answer? 🤔
Who is your favorite author

What is the oldest item you own? When I was a newborn, my super religious, superstitious grandmother gave me a red rhinestone brooch, she attached it to my crib to protect me from "evil eye". It probably didn’t, but I still have it❤️

Aw, that’s really sweet! That’s a lovely memento to have from your grandmother 🤗🥰
The oldest I have is a toy I’ve had since I was a baby, called Kipper the Dog (it’s based on the children’s books). He was my absolute favourite and I’d happily have him on my bed still, but I haven’t since we’ve had Teddy and now Woody, as I’m scared that he’ll get chewed by them! It’s a lovely hand sized toy, and he’s brought a lot of comfort over the years :)

Say you were gonna go on a first date with someone, how'd it ideally look like? 🍱🎡

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I have this very romantic idea to go on coffee dates with my friends, wander along a meadow hand in hand, read books under a cozy blanket and play a bunch of board games.
Sadly, no friend nearby for that. :<
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What makes a person beautiful?

omairrajput’s Profile PhotoMr_Omairrrr
I rewatched “The beauty and the beast” I mean he was a beast, yes but the way he changed himself for her? Humbled himself, learned manners, stopped trying to cage her, stopped trying to force her to stay, let her do what she wanted to; she almost gets attacked by wolves in the forest and he saves her, she loved books, he handed over his library to her. Not that she took away anything from him or he bribed her into liking him, he just became as nice as he possibly could and not to impress her but because he genuinely wanted her to be happy.
Now that’s beautiful. No wonder Belle fell in love with the beast.

Was wird deiner Meinung nach vollkommen überbewertet und wieso?

- Alkohol oder auch gesellschaftsfähiges Gift, wie ich es mittlerweile als solches sehe. Ich konsumiere es gar nicht, muss mich dazu seltsamerweise aber ständig erklären oder rechtfertigen. Für manche ist man dann einfach das abstinente Alien, obwohl es genug gesundheitsschädigende Aspekte mit sich bringt. Ich habe Menschen daran zugrunde gehen sehen und es interessiert mich auch nicht, dass das in moderatem Konsum "okay" ist. Ich will damit einfach nichts zu tun haben.
- Cannabis-Legalisierung (grundsätzlich Dro.genkonsum): Ich verstehe nicht, wieso das so dermaßen relativiert wird. Ja, es kann in der Medizin mitunter einen hilfreichen Nutzen haben (auch als nicht rauschfähiges THC, was ich sehr begrüße), aber um sich die Birne damit wegzukiffen, kognitiv zum Teil in der Jugend daran zu verblöden oder vielleicht sogar Horror Trips zu erfahren und auch davon abhängig werden zu können (ja, ist möglich), empfinde ich es als völlig fehl am Platz. Und selbst als erwachsener Mensch heiße ich das nicht gut. Call me Spaßbremse.
- Apropos Abstinenz: Séx wird meines Erachtens auch komplett überbewertet bzw. in unserer Gesellschaft als das höchste, erstrebenswerteste Gut der Physis ausgeschlachtet. Sei es in Werbung, in der P.ornoindustrie, Pr.ostitution oder "Séx Work", das immer so dermaßen verharmlost und als etwas völlig Normales deklariert wird, da es ja "freiwillig" ist. Dass dabei tausend verschiedene Grauntöne der Unfreiwilkigkeit vorliegen, wird oft über den Teppich gekehrt. Für mich ist das alles nicht normal. Auch nicht, dass ich das schon unbedingt selbst erlebt haben muss; sei es in Form von Nudes, irgendwelchen ONSs oder anderen Ausdrucksformen. Es ist ein komplexes und zum Teil menschenunwürdiges System hinter der P.ornoindustrie, das so gut wie niemand hinterfragt, weil es so ein integraler Bestandteil des eigenen Lebens geworden ist und auch in vielen anderen Bereichen nicht kritisiert wird. Für mich ist es absolut unnormal, P.ornos zu konsumieren und ich will auch nichts mit Menschen zu tun haben, die das unreflektiert tun und näher hinterfragen. Kriege da langsam echt Krätze bei Menschen, die das nicht nachvollziehen.
- Jedes neue Modell von Marke XYZ besitzen zu müssen: Tendenziell nutzen wir Gebrauchsgegenstände nicht mehr bis zum Verschleiß, weil wir sehr konsumorientiert sind. Und das finde ich problematisch, weil wir dadurch mehr produzieren, viel weniger etwas nutzen und dann wieder ersetzen.
- Mac Books. xd Sehe die Dinger in jeder Vorlesung und finde sie preislich total überidisch für das bisschen Leistung, das dir ein anderes Notebook für weit weniger in wesentlich angemessenerem Maße bieten könnte.
- Dieser sehr spaltende Diskurs zwischen "Terfs/Swerfs" und Queerfeministen. Solange sich Parteien die Köpfe einschlagen und irgendwelche Beleidigungen salonfähig werden lassen, werden wir zu absolut keiner Einigung gelangen.

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Do you collect something if yes what do you collect?

I am obsessed with blue pottery cups I have many
I love picture frames ,thick chunky white candles I buy alot ,keep in clothing cupboard .use them wherever I feel like
I have 1500 + button shirts of 2011 to 2022 all are hanged in closet .
I love crystal I have many crystals
Numerology books of various writers

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