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,,Szefa szanuj swego bo możesz mieć gorszego,, zgadzasz się z tym ? 😉

wyluzowaana’s Profile PhotoDziewczyna z Dobrym Sercem♀❥
"Respect your boss because you can have a worse" one, you agree with that?
I agree because it's never so bad that it can't be worse, and it's never so good that it can't be better
Zgadzam się z tym powiedzeniem ponieważ zawsze może być gorzej

Have you ever witnessed the process of someone going crazy? If so, how was it?

I had a sleepover party for my birthday in 7th grade. I had all of my friends over an we went to sleep. This one guy, new to the group, Mike seemed normal. Quiet, mild-mannered, nothing out of the ordinary. Then in the middle of the night, I woke up to screams of pain from my friend. Apparently, Mike couldn't get to sleep because of this guy's snoring, so he grabbed a stapler and beat my friend in the face with it until we got him off. My parents dragged him upstairs and his parents came to take him home. Never hung out with him after that.
The most striking example was my boyfriend's late mother who had a dis-associative episode where she forgot most of her memories. She was having hallucinations and talking to them, a lot of the time what she said was "gibberish". 999 were called and couldn't do much. I sat down and talked to her for about 20 minutes and managed to talk her back to a lucid state (this had never happened before and I was the first person to ever do so)...Really the trick was realising that what she was saying wasn't "crazy", it wasn't without reason. I empathised and in that moment it made sense to me. It was raw primal emotion, confusion and fear. I spoke to her as a person, not as a mental patient. I communicated through tone rather than logic. Apart from that tragic case, though, there was a guy who moved to my station a couple of years ago who I got on with initially because he was ex-Royal Logistics Corps and we used to swap stories on watch. He seemed a bit odd, but harmlessly so, at first and I could hardly complain, being considered a bit mental by the other staff myself. His attitude to the work, though, was a bit slap-dash which there isn't much room for in SAR and he took longer to train on station-specific stuff than most people, but my boss was a good egg and I felt a sort of loyalty to the guy as he was an ex-soldier so we really tried to help him.
As he got to know us better he started to open up to us about his personal life, including his fights with his landlady, his rather creepy attempts to find a girlfriend by approaching waitresses at restaurants in town and a lot of other stuff that made me gradually less and less keen to talk to him. Manpower shortages meant there was a reshuffle of a few staff, though, and he got moved to a different watch whose boss was a bad-tempered old fart who'd spent thirty years shipping containers of 'rubber dogshit out of Hong Kong', as it were, and we just knew this wasn't going to go well. He started calling in sick all the time with really weird-sounding illnesses and he became increasingly aggressive. Eventually there was a stand up row in the ops room and he went off with stress. I didn't really hear from him again after that, apart from increasingly angry and incoherent posts on Facebook that I suspect indicated increasing alcohol consumption, drug use or something even more serious.

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عطونا اسماء مسلسلات وافلام جديدة يتسلا فين الواحد بهل سهرة ومساكن

Mouse كوري
Twenty_five twenty one كوري
Mr.Queen كوري
Vincenzo برضو كوري 😂
Wednesday اجنبي
Prison break اجنبي
The boss baby فلم كرتون
Coco فلم كرتون
فلم ل احمد حلمي اسمو (واحد تاني )
كلن مالي شايفتن بس بعرفن حلوين 😂🤍🍄
ومية السلامة وعفوا 😂😂🤍🍄

What are you doing ?

The news of Stephen Boss aka tWitch passing away due to su***de needs to be an eye opener to so many people. This man showed happiness and nothing but smiles all the way down to his last instagram post, he posted with his wife. If you seen that you’d think absolutely nothing of it other than he’s a husband and dad who is happy. A smile means nothing and is so easy to be faked. Depression is deadly but silent and is hidden by something as easy as a smile. Remember to check up on your friends, family or anything you know. Even if they have a smile on their face constantly… behind that could be someone fighting battles we don’t know.

Mogłabym prosić o gif na scenie? 😘

kimkardashianpolska’s Profile Photo#kkwp Kim Kardashian Polska ♥
Dodaję ten gif wraz z przykrymi wiadomościami z dzisiaj: nie żyje widoczny tutaj Stephen „tWitch” Boss – tancerz, osobowość telewizyjna i wieloletni bliski znajomy Harry’ego 💔
Mogłabym prosić o gif na scenie

it's not the drama this is the life also death of me

tiffanywoodson5077’s Profile PhotoTiffany R. Woodson
Life or death doesn’t matter to me in this case, Tiffany. You’re starting drama with me and I don’t effing LIKE IT. Stop trying to act like you’re the boss of me. Sure you’re 31 years old but that doesn’t mean you get to control me. You control yourself and I’ll control myself. I’m not in the mood to be dealing with your crap. Stop reporting my account. I’m not doing anything to you that gives you a reason to report me.
I’m just telling you the truth. It’s okay if you don’t like what I have to say. But don’t report my account just cuz I said something you didn’t like. K?
Anymore drama you start with me, I’m screenshotting it all and I’m gonna email AskFm about your behavior. You and your Dutch friend Desislava.
I don’t deserve to be reported cuz I told you the truth. I’m blocking your friend as well.
Go start drama with someone else, but not with me. I don’t need it and neither do you.
Stop getting your Dutch friend involved in this crap. This has nothing to do with her.

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Do you get time off over Christmas from your studies / job?

I'm working Christmas eve morning, and I was originally working Christmas day, but because my boyfriend knows my family dynamic and how we spend our Christmas, he's taken my shift so I'm not in at all!
It's a bit sh*tty because we don't get time and a half or anything.. despite we're having to work Christmas day! -_-
I'm assuming I'll be working new years lol we'll see.. I swear our boss' are basically Scrooge lol
Do you get time off over Christmas from your studies  job

Here's a job related question. If you had a new job with 0 experience and your boss asked you a question: how are you doing/adapting - what would you say?

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I would try to be honest in a positive way.
Because that's what chefs expect from you.
They expect you to integrate into the company/business.
So if I did not figure out everything I would say:
"I'm still learning but I'm positive I'll get the hang of it soon."
or "Everything is still a little new to me but I'm working on it. So everything is fine." Even if I don't believe it at the time being it's still good to influence myself so that I will get a grip on the job and my chef does not need to worry about the whole adapting thing.

ايه اللى بيضيع الصداع بشكل فوري؟

MohamedBadran661’s Profile PhotoMohamed Badran
حباية من أميجران أو مشتقاته + مج الأي حاجة سخنة (أهم حاجة المج يكون مكتوب عليه عبارة رايقة بتحبها) زي حالاتي كده كاتب عالمج بتاعي world's coolest boss .

Też podziwiam Milice. Z księżniczki podbitego państwa do wielkiej królowej. Pokonała samego sułtana, dzięki niej Serbia odzyskała niepodległość. ❤️

ten tytuł jest wyżej od królowej, bo to słowiańska wersja "cesarzowej"
można powiedzieć, co się chce o Milicy, ale to jest po prostu girl boss. Ona nie odziedziczyła władzy, jak Eren. Musiała nie tylko ja sobie wywalczyć, ale też tak naprawdę odtworzyć swoje państwo po ok. 2 wiekach okupacji. A przy okazji rozwaliło Imperium Osmańskie¹.
jedyne, co mi się nie podoba w jej zachowaniu, to zniewolenie Murada. Patrząc na to, jaką on jest ciepłą kluchą, to mogłaby jego i Nurbegüm dać do jakieś miasta nawet bez tytułu i funkcji, a oni by sobie spokojnie żyli i nie przeszkadzali nikomu.
¹Habsburgowie z XVI wieku proszą Milicę o pilny kontakt

eine ganz wichtige Frage an die Männer oder vielleicht auch an die Frauen: welches Parfüm für Männer könnt ihr empfehlen, dass wirklich gut ist? Danke an jeden einzelnen für die Hilfe 💓

sevarasad3’s Profile Photosevara
Naja ich rieche zwar gut, aber ich habe immer eine breite Auswahl und kenne mich auch nicht soooo gut aus.
Hab es immer damit gehalten, dass es mir nichts bringt ein Hugo zu sein, aber wie Boss zu riechen.
Daher lieber umgekehrt und beim Duft, darf dann gern die Dame an der Seite entscheiden, was ihr gefällt.

Findest du es scheiße wenn einige Menschen nicht richtig arbeiten und sofort sich in den reichen Nest reinsetzen und Denken sie sind der Boss und können alles oder meinst du sie sollten erstmal erfahrungen sammeln und erstmal wirklich von unten sich hoch arbeiten?

sasihk’s Profile PhotoPascal-Christoph
Das werden sie früher oder später schon merken dass es nicht immer so einfach ist und ein Lernprozess anfangs denken viele ja ich kann alles 😂

*Shadow spirits @ShrinePriestess away into darkness the two vanishing entirely*

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
*The men stop when they see Shadow vanish with the girl and they all stop and stare at their boss*
Akamatsu: YOU IDIOTS!! You ttacked me and let them get away!! Call a ambulance!!
Men: OH no! The boss!! Quick! Gather around and perform the ritual of healing!
Akamatsu: NOT THIS AGAIN! Stop waving your hands and get a doctor!
Shadow spirits ShrinePriestess away into darkness the two vanishing entirely

*He shapeshifts into a perfect copy of the man, then tackles him so the two end up mixed up and it's unclear who's the real one* "Who will they listen to now!"

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
WHAT THE HELL!? How did you do that!?!? I swear! I'm the real one!! I have the mark on my face to prove it!
*The men all surrounding them look confused though*
Man 1: You both have a mark!! Which one is our boss!?
Man 2: Ask a question only the boss would know?
Man 1: Like what!?
Man: Like who the former boss was?

Have you ever made a purchase which you later came to regret? 💸😕

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I probably have in the past! More so for myself though, as I don’t think I’ve ever regretted any presents I’ve bought for other people - thinking of/purchasing gifts for other people I really enjoy! I’m currently looking at gifts for my coworkers for Christmas, and I’m debating to get these for my boss ☕️✨
Have you ever made a purchase which you later came to regret

День честности - какой запах ассоциируется у тебя с любовью, а какой - с тем, что погорячее?)

milamson’s Profile PhotoAnna Vetrova
Погорячее? Аня, это ты что так завуалировала? 😂 Пояснительную бригаду мне!
А запах любви, в голову пришёл только аромат - Boss Bottled Tonic. Запах моего когда-то любимого человека 😏😁
Угадайте, кто лицо этого аромата? ВОТ ПО СЛУЧАЙНОСТИ СЛУЧАЙНОЙ.
День честности  какой запах ассоциируется у тебя с любовью а какой  с тем что

لأصحاب الجيمنج.. اقترحوا عليي لعبة حلوة العبها.. يكون لها قصة و مغامرات شي نفس ذا لاست اوف اس او ريزدنت ايفل… او اي شي زين.

KyuHyukGirl’s Profile Photo~.بنت الوهيبي.~
I do suggest zelda breath of the wild.
But, this game NEVER ends, even if you finished the final boss. You will still have so many things to accomplish.
Some people who are more freaks than me in the game STILL play it and challenge themselves in so many different ways.
The sequel of the game is coming next year in may.
لأصحاب الجيمنج اقترحوا عليي لعبة حلوة العبها يكون لها قصة و مغامرات شي نفس ذا

عيد ميلاد خطيبي اجيبله ايه؟

احنا كشباب "معظمنا يعنى" مش بيفرق معانا الهدية قد ما بيفرق معانا الشخص الى بيهادى بيهاا و للعلم وردة حمرا بـ 5 جنيه ممكن تخلينا طايرين ف السما😄💙 و لكن لو عاوزة تكلفى نفسك ممكن تكون ساعة او برفان.."و يسلام لو يكون boss او La'coste او Z" فـ النهاية دا بيرجع لزوقك انتى 😊

How did you met them? On the internet? It’s great 😊what did you like the most - France or China?

milamson’s Profile PhotoAnna Vetrova
France and China are polar opposite really, in Paris people are kinda stuck up but you can run around and go anywhere. In China the people are friendly but it’s policed really tightly.
I guess in France I was with my family so it was easier really but in China my boss only spoke Chinese the whole time so I did struggle a little, still I enjoyed both 🙏💕
My friends in other countries, yes I met them like I’m hoping to meet you, here in Ask.fm 🥰

buat para cowok, kita tuh beruntung kalau kita jelek, masih ketolong sama duit. lah kalau cewek?, susah boss.

susah gimana bro? menurutku cewek juga sekarang banyak yang hebat², mereka mandiri, cerdas, bisa cari uang sendiri, apalagi yang jadi tulang punggung keluarga. kalau sudah seperti itu, mungkin yang dicari dari seseorang bukan tentang "rupa atau harta" lagi, tetapi dia yang memiliki attitude, tanggung jawab, berilmu/wawasan luas, dsb, diluar yang ada dalam tanda (").
Liked by: cip Hell-o i'm tutu

an occupation you always wanted your spouse / future spouse to be ? :) and why ?

I am building an empire. She can help me run it. The hours are long and there are many duties to address but I offer excellent benefits, a generous expense account, profit-sharing and she may choose her own title - oh, and sleep with the boss. 🤣
an occupation you always wanted your spouse  future spouse to be   and why

Parola di oggi: ODIO 🤭

paroladelgiorno998’s Profile PhotoParola del giorno❤️
Odio le persone che fanno truffe affettiva. Praticamente pare che Pamela prati pare che comunque abbia sofferto molto fin da piccole e praticamente ha iniziato una storia con una persona che si era appena lasciato però posso dirti lei non l aveva mai visto perché lui diceva che era un testimone di giustizia perché era il figlio di unn boss ma ti rendi conto? Cioè io credo che comunque abbia approfittato poi del fatto che lei aveva avuto un infanzia tremenda perchè la madre dopo che il padre l aveva lasciata e una volta pare che comunque non poteva une madre stare da sola coi figli perché i figli venivano mandati in collegio

what is best your experiences?

When I was visiting to my father office. To attend show with my mother. After the show had been completed. Employed intro me to big boss, general manager, and etc. They asked me to comment about office show with english, then I spoke english in front of boss fluently. it can train capable of public speaking me. That is best experience me during life. I didn't forget that moment.

#feminism be like… Obeying your male boss is professionalism but obeying your husband is slavery. Women are subordinate to men, feminists just want to “choose” which men they’re subordinate to… you either obey white male capitalists or Allahﷻ. Take your pick.

Aije eto sex abuse hoitese... Feminism e toh kaje lagbe.... Songshar er kajer jonno jei nar feminism kore... Unar toh biye kora e uchit hoy ni. 🙂

So inshort boss lady hi ho...people must kinda obey u 😂

zain99bhatti’s Profile Photozain99bhatti
No if I love someone I have no issues doing anything for them but if I don't to phir Jo marzi krlo mje faraq ni prta I have strong opinions I have prominent personality it is kinda hard to blend in for me I am good with handling managing things so I have that boss touch but I can also bend

Ulubiony kolor ? Pozdrawiam 😇

poli0sa’s Profile Photo#LY KACPERSKYY ✞
Odcienie szarości.
Przyznam, że chciałem napisać odpowiedź zupełnie niezwiązaną z Twoim pytaniem - o tym jak zacne BBC, zawsze dumne do obrzydzenia ze swojego (jakoby) obiektywizmu i politycznej poprawności, postanowiło zabawić się w portal plotkarski. Ale nie takie dramy widzieliśmy na asku.
Dla zaintrygowanych:
“Messages reveal how Musk and Twitter boss fell out” rotfl
Swoją drogą, wolna sobota, to jak prezent na dzień dziecka. Ile czasu można przyjemnie zmarnować w internecie.

Trafiasz do świata gry. Zasada mówi, że abyś mógł wrócić do swojego świata skąd pochodzisz, musisz wcielić się w dana postać i przejsć grę do końca. Jak będzie wyglądać ten świat? W jaką postać się wcielisz i jakimi zaletami i wadymi będziesz mógł dysponować? Kim będzie Boss, którego pokonasz?

Moonaryte’s Profile PhotoAryte Moon
Nawiązując to mojego ostatnio zrytego snu, który nawiedza mnie co noc XD zaczerpne inspiracje z niego.
A więc żyjemy w czasach nie mam pojęcia jakich (bez internetu i telefonów XD) a więc są osady głównie z żywiołami ziemi i moja podlega pod osadę wody. Jestem następcą tronu, jednakże władam wszystkimi żywiołami i dodatkowo mam dar niewidzialności. Moim przeciwnikiem jest król zza rzeki który pragnie unicestwić wszystkie osady, żeby go pokonać, nie wiem jeszcze nie doszłam do tego XD ale jak sen się skończy to dokończę ten wątek XD dodatkowo moja osada walczy wręcz i jesteśmy łucznikami.
Także ja dokończę ten wątek i cię zawołam ^^

"How bad do y'all think he'd freak if he woke up ta dis." *he shapeshifts into a doppelganger of Majima*

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱ ⠀🐍【⠀ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴀᴅ ᴅᴏɢ ᴏꜰ ꜱʜɪᴍᴀɴᴏ⠀】⠀⠀╱╱

⠀⠀Shadow would steal all the attention of the man who soon burst out laughing just imagining what that could entail.
⠀⠀❝BWHAHAH, NOOO FUCKIN' WAY! Do I look so handsome like this?❞
Oh, the narcissistic comment. Looking him up and down while rubbed the part of his own chin, admiring every detail "of himself", between laughs.
That caused him to be more rustic with the movement of the leg that subdued Nishida with shoves, him waking up little by little...
...to get that horrifying surprise.
It was no longer a manic and insufferable boss. Now there were two.
【ɴɪꜱʜɪᴅᴀ】(...ᴹʸ ᵍᵒᵈ, ᵏⁱˡˡ ᵐᵉ ᵃˡʳᵉᵃᵈʸ⁻)
And he fell unconscious again.

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