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Which is your favorite holiday foodwise? What do you eat then? 🍗🐟🥔

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Definitely Christmas! I stuff myself with all the food. We usually have a fry up for breakfast, then a roast dinner. A little buffet or "picky bits" in the evening, then I personally stuff myself with so much chocolate until I feel sick. I always regret eating too much, but I just can't help it. You're allowed to over indulge at Christmas time. Easter is a close second because chocolate is honestly one of my favourite foods, but Christmas wins it because of the variety. We do the same for Boxing Day, and we have all the family around. It's a good time. 🙂

https://ask.fm/esqjas/answers/173233596220 - Having one as a pet would have its benefits, we'd be much better at boxing 🙀

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Tҽɳαƈισυʂ Tσɱɱαყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
A very competitive boxing match, if you ask me lol. 😂 Also, I am wondering what certain types of animals reside in Austria since you mentioned it. Anyways, Australia has one of the largest types of arthropods, care to guess which one it is? 🤓
httpsaskfmesqjasanswers173233596220  Having one as a pet would have its benefits

Hoy he visto en las noticias a una tía que me ha recordado mucho a usted. Trabaja en una farmacia y ha entrado un chiflado rompiéndolo todo. La señorita le ha hecho un mataleón porque llevaba 4 años practicando boxeo y kick boxing y sabía hacerlo. Le ha dejado KO ¡Jjajjajjajaj!

HannibalLecterGolberg’s Profile PhotoHannibalLecterGoldberg
¡¡Qué dice!!
Lo acabo de buscar porque no había visto esa noticia.
No veas la malagueña como lo ha enganchado.
Lo mismo te vende melatonina que te manda ella misma a dormir JAJAJAJAJAJSJAJJA

what is boxing day? we don't have that here.

It’s the feast day of St Stephen, but I just googled as to why it’s called Boxing Day, and this is what it came up with:
“ There are a number of theories as to where the name 'Boxing' comes from and why it relates to charity. One theory is that the day was traditionally a day off for servants and a day when they would receive special presents from their masters.”

https://ask.fm/Jessy1220/answers/174803871908 - ...Christmas dinner instead, since their house is larger and has much more space 🙃 But it's back to my grandparents' on Boxing Day for the traditional buffet they do 🤪

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Tҽɳαƈισυʂ Tσɱɱαყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Aww that sounds like fun 🎅🏼🥰🤶🏻 do you play board games ? Or watch tv Maybe the queens/kings speech 😅

https://ask.fm/anonamouse89887/answers/174316802964 - No, my grandparents come to my aunt and uncle's house for Christmas dinner also, we see them on both days 😌 But my other aunt and uncle go to Nottingham on Christmas Day, so we see them at my grandparents' house on Boxing Day and exchange...

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Tҽɳαƈισυʂ Tσɱɱαყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Ah I see… That’s great! You get quite a lot of family time for the holidays then, which sounds lovely. I hope you have a great Christmas and Boxing Day this year! 😌
httpsaskfmanonamouse89887answers174316802964  No my grandparents come to my aunt

https://ask.fm/anonamouse89887/answers/174310706068 - We used to spend Christmas Day at my grandparents' house too, but that's changed now 😅 We still go there for Christmas Eve and Boxing Day though, that hasn't changed 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Tҽɳαƈισυʂ Tσɱɱαყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Aww that’s very nice that you still get to spend at least some time there for the holiday!! ☺️ Who do you spend Christmas day with? I used to spend Christmas Eve with my dad as a young child, but now he lives quite far away so that’s changed for me. I haven’t spent Christmas with him and his family in like 6-7 years. We usually just FaceTime. 🥺
httpsaskfmanonamouse89887answers174310706068  We used to spend Christmas Day at

Happy December, do you have any plans this month?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon
I do! Tomorrow we're going to my other half's mum's house for a big family dinner with a lot of foods from his family's Hungarian heritage which should be a lot of fun. Next Friday, I'm going to see a comedian that I was really worried was gonna cancel coz she's American and 7 months pregnant so I was worried she wasn't gonna be allowed to fly over here, but she is so I'm really excited! On the 13th we're going to see a friend of ours in an amateur production of Blackadder, and then we'll be going to raise a drink for my friend Rowena since that would have been her 30th birthday. Next day is my mum's birthday and I'm taking her to see a Tina Turner musical, and the day after that is my other half's band's album launch party! Luckily, we then have nothing until Christmas and Boxing Day planned so will theoretically get some rest time 😅
What about you?

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أنثر لي احلامك لعلنا نتشابهه...❄️

- عمرة و حج "علشان أنا طماعة"
- ألبس النقاب "عساها هانت إن شاء الله" ^^
- أتعلم الفروسية و يبقى عندي اصطبل 🥹👈🏻👉🏻
- أربي كلبين "و دا فـ الجنة بقى إن شاء الله" 🥲
- أتعلم الـ skating & boxing و الرماية
- أكون أسرة مُتحابة و متفاهمة و بيت فيه دفء كدا و ريحة كيكة الشوكولاتة دايمًا فيه 🥰
- أتخصص تخصص مش فيه تعامل مع الرجالة علشان بتحرج "غير النسا علشان مادة صعرانة و قسم ماليجننت و أنا فرفورة الصراحة"
- أزور سينا و منها ع المسجد الأقصى بقى 👈🏻👉🏻
- و حلمي بسيط شقة صُغننة فـ المنصورة الجديدة عندنا قد كدا 🥹🤏🏻
بس يعني دا اللي فاكراه حاليًا. 😌

Astagaa lu cewek nya cewekk, dia malah latihan boxing 😪

Gpp, itu berguna buat pertahanan diri ya. Memang tubuh manusia itu didesain Allah bagaikan perisai say, harus cewek mah bisa bela diri. Apapun yg bermanfaat untuk hidup pertahankan!

ما هو أشجع شيء قمت به على الإطلاق؟ جسديا أو عقليا.

انا بلعب boxing بقالي سنتين
جميع أنواع الإصابات و الدم و القطع ف الأربطة و الجروح و جميع أنواع الخصوم و البشر دخلت معاهم ف اللعبة ديه .

لما تحب شخص حب عميق و يطلع حبه لك كذب💔💔💔

تمرينة boxing غشيمة .. تنسيك أي بني ادم أو تنزل تجري لحد ما يتقطع نفسك مش هتفكر بعد كده غير انك عاوز تروح تاكل و تناام .

What was Christmas like for you growing up? Did your family have any specific traditions you always looked forward to? What would you typically have for Christmas dinner? Did you have a special dessert/treat of some sort that you now associate with the holidays? 🎄🎁✨

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
When I was growing up, we'd wake up to a stocking on our beds that we could open as soon as we woke up. Which had lil stocking filler gifts etc in from santa. And then we would get ready for church. We'd go pick up my nonna, and go to the Christmas Mass that morning. Then go back home after and mum would start cooking the Christmas meal. We'd have music playing and we'd open the gifts that were under the tree from mum and dad, any other gifts from family members sent to us. And also more gifts from santa haha (obviously all by mum and dad but we saw them as seperate because we didn't know any different haha). Then we'd have the Christmas meal, and relax, or play games etc :). Usually my older siblings would travel down and spend it with us, or come down on the boxing day to spend it with us. And we'd have more gift exchanges.
My dad was also a part time DJ so every Christmas was party time to the max haha. Lights, lazers, bubble machines, you name it haha. And then again on new years :). I have many lovely memories at Christmas growing up.

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What was Christmas like for you growing up? Did your family have any specific traditions you always looked forward to? What would you typically have for Christmas dinner? Did you have a special dessert/treat of some sort that you now associate with the holidays? 🎄🎁✨

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
🎄 We’d pretty much do the usual stuff. We had a fab 1960s plastic tree with lovely old psychedelic decorations (pictured).
🐓 We had the usual xmas dinners (on xmas day and boxing day). It would always be chicken rather than turkey, I don’t think my parents were that keen on turkey. In later years the chicken was always bought with the annual xmas meat voucher I got from work.
👵 👴🏼 We’d have one set of grandparents for xmas day and the other set for boxing day.
🎁 We opened our presents first thing on xmas morning.
⛪️ We then had to get dressed up to go to church which I never liked having to do.
What was Christmas like for you growing up Did your family have any specific

How do you celebrate Christmas where you live? Do you have any regional foods, traditions etc.? 🎄🎁

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Yeah there are some odd regional traditions.
🔔 In Dewsbury they start ringing a church bell (the bell that Black Tom de Soothill once presented the church with as penance for murdering his servant) at 10am and therafter once for each year since the year 0. This must be a nightmare for local residents.
🏰 From Clifford’s Tower in York they hang mistletoe, if a woman stands underneath it it means she wants to be kissed by anyone passing by. (You’re still allowed to fire crossbows in York by the way, providing that you’re shooting at a Scottish person. Conversely, 45 minutes away in Hull, crossbows have been banned since the 1500s.)
🎼 In Dungworth xmas carols are only sung by locals in a local pub ever since carolling was banned in churches hundreds of years ago by Puritans. There’s also a local pub we used to go to for meals (its name escapes me, I think it’s in or near the village of Goodmanham, where a Temple of Odin lies buried beneath the local church) that does public carolling in the pub, and I wonder if this is rooted in the same tradition. Furthermore, the Yorkshire villages of Castleton, Oughtibridge, Bradfield, Ecclesfield and Worrall all have a 200 year old tradition of pub carol singing, and all have their own Christmas carols unique to that village.
🐴 Every Christmas Eve in Richmond marketplace a person wearing a horses head is sung to by a group of huntsmen who then ‘bring it to life’ with hunting sticks and a horn.
🌞 In York Every 21st December (usually the date of Yule or the Winter Solstice) the Sheriff is accompanied around the city by the York Waits playing music. The procession ends with a speech at the Mansion House.
🐠 On Boxing Day at Flamborough Head, eight fishermen perform a sword dance on the high street.
💈 On the common land of Beverley Westwood at Solstice Dawn or Dusk (winter and summer) , local Morris sides often meet to dance at The Black Tower, weather and other restrictions permitting. I have been to this myself, and danced at dawn. Beer and music is to be had in a local pub afterwards.
🍎 During the Christmas Day service at Ripon Cathedral, visitors and parishioners are each given the gift of an apple, a custom that began in Mediaeval times.
⚽️ In Scarborough on Boxing Day the 150-year-old tradition of Firemen versus Fishermen having a football (soccer) match on the beach continues. (I do not know if women can be members of either team, something for me to investigate).
🔥 On 31st December a Viking Fire Festival takes place at Flambrough, with fireballs and the traditional burning of a Viking longship, something that’s practiced in a number of towns in the UK with Viking heritage.
🦃 This year as you tuck into your turkey, give thanks to William Strickland, born on the Yorkshire coast, who brought the bird back to England in 1526. It became a popular Christmas food during the Victorian era.
🧀 for over 100 yers now, Yorkshire folk have enjoyed a slice of cheese with their xmas cake

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- شنو شريتوا من عروض الجمعة البيضاء ، اذا يمدي خنشوف 👀 ؟ و اذا ما يمدي سولفوا لنا شلون استغليتوا فرصة العروض و هل استفدتوا منها او لا ؟

fatom19’s Profile PhotoPink
ماشريت اخر مره في ٢٠١٩ ، وزحمه وقرف وطوابير عالفاضي. ومن بعدها صرت اي شي احتاجه او ابيه اشتريه فنفس الوقت سواء عليه عرض او لا ماصرت اقدر اصبر واجمع اشياء لمن العروض 😵‍💫. في ٢٠٢٠ احتجت لابتوب وصادف Boxing day وخذته بسعر حلو.

Does Christmas season make your job better or more of a pain?

moll50707’s Profile PhotoMolly
🎄 Back when I worked, my most recent jobs were in Higher Education and thus we were closed for a couple of weeks across the festive period.
🎄 In my job before that, I’d often take a few days off across Yule.
🎄 In earlier jobs still, I’d usually work on xmas Eve and just have xmas day and boxing day off, but I don’t recall it having much of an effect on my work. I think xmas eve itself was pretty easygoing.
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Alfredo sabe defenderse?

Joder ye profesor de Kick Boxing, y tiene mas copas, medallas y cinturones q la ostia.
Ostia q da paisano al suelo ya t lo digo yo, Fredo ye muy fino, admas siempre esta entrenando, no lo deja nunca, siempre esta en forma.

Obserwuję, poproszę ciekawostkę. ✨️

plfansgaga_photos’s Profile PhotoLady Gaga Photos
Podczas pobytu w Grecji Leigh-Anne wybrała się do restauracji, gdzie została rozpoznana przez kogoś z obsługi. Nagle wyłączona została muzyka, a puszczono piosenkę 'Woman', którą Leigh śpiewa w filmie 'Boxing Day'.

What do you mean by liking the structure and certain moves?

You know like an essay is structured in a certain way... I like the structure of boxing..
Love a good uppercut and I like that elbows are excluded from being used

Wow! También practicas artes marciales? o.o

jayskye’s Profile PhotoJayden
Desde hace como 13 años y por periodos. Empecé con Karate, luego Kick Boxing y después un poco de JuJutsu tradicional. Dejé de entrenar unos años cuando salí de la universidad, pero recién en diciembre encontré un gimnasio de MMA y he estado entrenando Jiu Jitsu Brasileño y Muay Thai de manera constante. Estaba muy fuera de forma; mi primer día me sometió como 5 veces un pibe de 17 años xD Adivina quién soy o.o
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10 rzadkich ciekawostek o niej?

🥀Kiedyś powiedziała, że chciałaby, aby Always Be Together było grane na jej pogrzebie.
🥀W 2016 podczas wakacji na Ibizie razem z trójką najlepszych przyjaciółek zrobiła sobie tatuaż w kształcie serca na kostce.
🥀Jej typ głosu to Light- Lyric Soprano.
🥀Jest patronką Cancer Connections.
🥀Przyznała, że z roku na rok coraz trudniej wybrać jej kostium na Boxing Day Dip.
🥀Kiedyś miała przezwisko Pickle, ponieważ każdy uważał, że jest tak słodka, że chciałoby się ją schować do słoika.
🥀Od 3 do 15 roku życia uczęszczała na zajęcia Steps Dance i Fitness.
🥀Powiedziała, że Jed to była miłość od pierwszego wejrzenia.
🥀Przyznała, że kiedyś dziewczyny były pilnowane, aby jadły zdrowo, jednak kiedy nikt nie patrzył, ona jadła czekoladę.
🥀Swój pierwszy pocałunek miała w wieku dwunastu lat.
10 rzadkich ciekawostek o niej

Hast du heute was Bestimmtes/Besonderes geplant ?

Nein, nicht wirklich. Heute ist ein Tag so wie jeder andere auch. Ich mache meine Wäsche, räume bisschen meine Wohnung auf und ggf. putze ich nochmal durch. Werde dann einen Nudelsalat machen, weil meine Familie heute grillen möchte. Habe eigentlich nicht wirklich so sonderlich Lust drauf. Nun ja und werde dann Zeit vor meiner switch verbringen mit Animal Crossing, so wie ich es die restlichen 4 Wochen getan habe. Vielleicht auch das Spiel Fitness Boxing 2 ausprobieren das ich mir erst gekauft habe. Ansonsten bin ich so ziemlich der langweiligste Mensch, den man finden kann.
Mein Leben ist super langweilig und könnte auch nicht langweiliger sein.

C* ¿Alguna vez te has planteado aprender un arte marcial? ¿Cuál te gustaría aprender?

Hacia kick boxing, que no se si se podría considerar como un arte marcial, pero lo dejé porque mi padre era el profesor y nos llevábamos como el ogt

You vs the b1%ch that gets up in your face in a boxing match. Who takes the win and how? 🤣👊

It's not a dumb joke so.....Like I get Mike & I are playing around a little bit now but if you read it you can tell i'm being completely serious. Especially if you know me as a person. I'm normally not a violent person.

لنفترض انك هتطلع عصبيتك فيا بالضرب هتضربني كام قلم🤭❤

للاسف انا لما بغيب كل سنة وانت طيب مش معني كده اني مفتري وكده بس لو حاجة تستاهل اني فعلا اتضايق زي الولة الي كان بيتحرش في بت وبتجري منه والله ما سبته غير وانا ومعوره في وشه وسنانه بتتلخخ في مواقف مينفعش تتعامل معاها غير بالعنف للاسف أنا فعلا عنيف لاني لاعب kick boxing ومش مجرد هواي أنا بطل جمهورية فللأسف بعرف اضرب صح وبقوة كبيرة لدرجة اني كسرت فك لاعب مرة ومرة ضلوع واحد 💔

«Кто видел настоящее, тот уже видел всё... ». Марк Аврелий. Так чему ты ещё удивляешься и от чего иногда негодуешь?)

jessy__hetten’s Profile PhotoЕвгения Куликова
Let me write to you in English, if you understand what is at stake, you can answer. If not, just don't worry. Why can't I write in Russian? because there is one inadequate here who asks for an intimate relationship. If I refuse intimacy, he, as inadequate, writes about "killing his parents", and about the fact that he is engaged in boxing. A person behaves quite inadequately, and because of this, I simply cannot write in Russian, because he always finds me, and if he doesn’t write some kind of vulgarity, then he will switch to personal insults and call you names in different ways, for example that you are pimply, even if there are no acne, that you are fat as a pig, and makes you dress like a prostitute, if you say that you don’t wear it, he goes on personal insults, although before that he hinted that he wanted a blowjob and other vulgar things that made him sick. I've seen everything in my life, believe me! this beast writes nasty things anonymously, he can’t write insults or say personally in person, because he knows what he can get in his terrible face, because I don’t think that this is a very handsome man who writes, he just shows off in order to increase his self-esteem and show that he smarter than everyone. And when you write to him in some foreign language, after that he gets dirty, because he cannot answer anything, because he is stupid and does not understand the language.
Therefore, to be honest, I told a lot in my life. And told many inadequate who does not understand. But this frame is somehow inadequate and most likely with the first group of disability. Adequate, I think I wouldn’t call a thin one who wears size L, and wouldn’t call him some kind of scary, etc., if the girl looks much prettier than this one.
This is life, and of course, sometimes you need to somehow survive with such people, because this person himself does not know anything, and at the same time he comes up with illnesses that do not correspond to me.

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Has practicado alguna vez artes marciales aunque fuera de pequeño? Sabrias defenderte en una pelea?

He practicado artes marciales desde qe era un neno, he hecho karate, judo, jiu-jitsu, boxeo, mma...
Pero lo mio es el kick boxing, he competido y dado clases muchos años

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