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Y tu hija baila ballet porque quiere?

Mi hija crecio viendo a su madre bailar ballet y siempre le encanto claro, a qe niña no le gusta vestirse d bailarina y ponerse un tutu? hubo un tiempo en qe mi hija iba en tutu por la vida jjjj tenia d colores y ponia vestidos, mallas o lo qe fuera y era peqeña y qeria ponerse el tutu jjjj
y con 3 años ya empezo en una academia d ballet, qe el ballet lo ves una baile facil y eso pero qe va, es muy sacrificado y muy jodido pqra los pies, ponerse d puntillas d los dedos uff cada poco mi ex y mi hija andan con dedos vendaos , tiritas, curas y eso.
Pero bueno tb yo ando con el kick boxing lleno d ostias a veces.

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Buongiorno la persona di cui vi fidate di più

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Io sto conoscendo un ragazzo molto speciale che gli voglio molto bene è il francese Aaron che mi stava raccontando di quanto vorrebbe dopo che avrà fatto la cintura nera di karate vuole fare kich boxing. Ma io però ho un paura perché è uno sport molto pericoloso ma lui vuole farlo lo stesso. Ma poi sai e stato in un college a Londra. Poi ho conosciuto altre persone tra cui un ragazzo che mi ha raccontato che ascolta ciò che gli dico perché oggi doveva fare un lavoro come guardia giurate evoi gli ho detto che se fa pa strada più breve e lui mi ha detto che la farà sempre perché non deve andare in strada ed evita il traffico. Poi sai che una signora che conosci io avrebbe cambiato diverse ditta prr un lavoro

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If you could pit two people against each other in a boxing match, who'd you pick? (They can be from history or still alive, doesn't matter) Why would you wanna see those two fight it out? 😆🥊

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👩🏼‍🚒 I’m not interested in boxing, but I think my next-door neighbour should enter a drilling competition with a professional driller. Preferably somewhere far away where I can’t hear either of them.

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If you got hired as a manager for a wrestler who would you pick (has to be someone from mid card) bonus question (optional) what would ur gimmick be. I’d be a dodgy advisor in a suit, negotiating matches for my client like a boxing promoter, carrying a briefcase or something that doubles as a weapon

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Joey Janela from AEW. I'd be in a clown suit. Wouldn't that fuck everyone up?

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I play boxing as a hobby. when sparing,what is the mind state should i induce? Mostly i am afraid to hurt my partner despite he is wearing a head gurad! Other times i have doubts that i maybe doing something not allowed in islam and mostly the sparring ends with me losing the match :(Kindly advise.

Boxing mainly focuses on targeting the head. The Messenger of God permitted fighting as a sport, but prohibited striking the head.
You should find another sport to get out of this doubt.

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You're lucky having your birthday so close, I remember someone who had his birthday on Christmas Eve, what a guy 😻 Tbh, having your birthday on Christmas Day isn't as good as Christmas Eve or Boxing Day since people sometimes use it as an excuse to give you ONE present, your birthday/Xmas present 😝

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My due date was on Christmas I was just a late baby LOL but I absolutely love that my birthday is right around Christmas. I wouldn't have mind if it was on Christmas because we always celebrate it right after Christmas anyway. We're going to have to send each other gifts or something this Christmas! That would be really cool for you to get something from the Cajun Town and for me to get something from the British town LOL maybe. We'll have to see

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If you were given an option to wrestle or perform boxing with the best in their field and winning it could make you the President of the United States, would you confront death or just sit silently with your head between your knees?

I would refuse this offer because I’m not interested in politics or wrestling

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كلنا نمر بفترات نفقد شغفنا بكلشي ونختنك من اي كلمه ونعصب ع كلشي ونبتعد عن الكل، هم مار بهالحاله اكيد يعني ،شون تكدر تجاوزها وشون تتعامل وياها بنفس الايام حتى تمر بسلام بدون اي تعب نفسي او جسدي؟!

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اذا حسيت انو بديت افقد واهسي و داخلة ع اكتئاب اسوي كلشي و ما استسلم يعني اقل من يوم و اتخلص من كل هل طاقة السلبية ، ابدي من الصفر و اعدل كلشي و اسوي تصفية لكلشي و ادق التفاصيل و اهم شي ال boxing و الحركة و الشغل لحد ما اتعب ، يعني فوك كل هل قهر و الظروف الصعبة مو مال اخلي هل شي يسيطر عليا ♥️

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Eilà,cosa ne pensi dello sport e dell'attività fisica? Secondo te è importante? Pratichi qualcosa?🏋🏻‍♂️🤺🏃‍♀️💃🏇⛷🏂

Ehi 😊 penso che lo sport sia molto importante, io pratico sport in generale da 2 anni.
Vado in Palestra, seguo dei corsi( kick boxing e pilates) e vado quasi ogni giorno a correre anche con 50 gradi all'ombra.

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Chodziłem na Krav Magę,Kick Boxing i trochę na Karate Wiem że to nie tylko kopanie tam ale ciekawy jestem czy się tego nauczyłaś ?

A mnie wcale nie bawi sprowadzanie tak istotnej sprawy do "kopania w jaja", jakby było to coś zabawnego.
Skoro sam się tym zajmowałeś to tym bardziej powinieneś wiedzieć, dlaczego zwracam ci uwagę, trochę oleju w głowie, serio

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Having an institute means having to charge people, I don't like that! So if anyone wants, I teach them the basics

Actually I am a girl to yahan larkion k lye boxing or ye sab cheezen ni milti or jahan mil jaen they of course charge soo much I go to gym but mje fighting seekhni h or ghar Beth k ni seekhni ja skti wo

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+1 answer in: “Salam Everyone! Ask anything related to Fighting and MMA here. Basic workouts and trainings or exercises will be posted for which you people would ask for. Learn fighting , self-defense and fight styes basics.”