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Why do sone people find it hard to show there emotions

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Personally it's my coping method to life I like show emotions and I don't it's depends on what
Like I'm strong one like my mother diagnosed I've not react to it like breaking down in tears where my sibling has as I know I have to step up and show fighting strength in me
I do show emotions when I'm low I've cry over shit

What is cheating in ur book?

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i have a story.
Sam is back after a long time in a mess and completely lost, He didn't know what was going on
He went to Tom's because it was the only house he knew He didn't speak at first, as if he had lost the meaning of words،
Tom asked what was the matter, Sam
But Sam didn't answer him, he just looked into Tom's eyes At that time, Tom realized that this was not the Sam he knew, so he approached him and tried to embrace him, but at that time, Sam let his feelings out and began to cry, and Tom's looks expressed the severity of the moment. Sam left Tom and went and he was going Tom asked him where are you going Sam and what is going on with you but Sam does not know what is going on with him too Sam left the house, and on the threshold of the house, Tom looked at him in complete astonishment, and once Sam disappeared, amidst Tom's astonishment and amazement. Tom hurried to the phone to call Sam, but his phone was switched off and he did not answer, then after a few moments someone called Tom and told him that your brother Sam died two weeks ago Tom was not believing what he was hearing, so he lost his feeling and became breaking and hitting everything in front of him, and when a mirror in front of him looked at him, he found Sam in front of him. He started talking to him like a madman, but Sam did not answer him, it was just a smile and goodbye After the passage of days and months, Tom realized the truth about the matter, Sam. He needed someone to show him the way. He was completely lost. The strange thing is that Tom knew nothing about his older brother, Sam. Time stole everything, portraying the importance of moments through a marginal link that narrates the events of change Sam loved Tom very much and Tom did too, but time intervened and made all the difference Sam was Tom and Tom was Sam, they are not two people but just one person.

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Что помогает тебе уснуть ночью? Может это мягкая игрушка? Четвероногий друг? Музыка? Или чей нибудь ролик на ютубе?

tot_samyj_sanya’s Profile PhotoСанечка,но не снимаю
Breaking away.
We're getting stronger every day.
Now that I know that we could never say goodbye...
Что помогает тебе уснуть ночью
Может это мягкая игрушка

have there ever been moments in your life where you felt the need to take a break from social media? if you're comfortable talking about it, what was happening?

if you know me and have been following me for a while you know i’ve struggled a lot with my mental health in the past. i have sadly hit rock bottom a few times and done things that could have been irreversible and tragic for the people in my life and obviously for myself. i am very open about mental health and the stigma around it and i can say i am not completely recovered and i don’t think i ever will, although i am in a much better place now than i was two years ago. with this being said, yes i have felt the need to take a break from social media several times and i did so. not only from social media but even from the world and everyone around me. dealing with anxiety and depression isn’t easy (and any other mental illness) and the recovery process is a lot harder than what it looks like to outsiders. the last social media break/detox i did i remember i was at my breaking point, and when you suffer from illnesses like this you constantly compare yourself to people you see on social media and wonder why you can’t be like them, why you can’t look like them, why you can’t have their lives. i remember going on an “influencers holiday” to dubai and i would spend all my days and nights sitting in my hotel room crying and hating myself and having panic attacks while everyone else was out partying and living their “perfect lives”. at that point i felt like nothing made sense. i didn’t even relate to that lifestyle anymore and i felt so out of place and alone. that was effecting me really badly so i had to step away from social media, focus on myself and my healing, my happiness and learn how to love myself again and accept that we are all at different stages in life and that’s perfectly fine, you are not better or less than someone just because you haven’t achieved the same things they have.
remember it’s okay not to be okay and it’s okay to take a break to focus on yourself. you’re not alone and it does get better 🤍

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How would you react if you saw someone look exactly like yourself or like your partner? Would you try to talk to them and what would you say? How do you think they would react to this situation? 👯🏻‍♂️👯🏿

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Apparently I have doppelganger out there as I was at home once my auntie said hi to someone who look exactly like me I'm like that wasn't me I've always fancy being a twin like two of me when need to be in two places at once I like mean it's would be awkward like someone looking exactly like me would be so cool but awkward with breaking the ice instead of looking like a completely stalker at the same time

Was ist deine Lieblingsserie die du mindestens schon zweimal gesehen hast?

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Ich glaub, ich hab überhaupt noch keine Serie zweimal gesehen. Also, ich hab vor der letzten Staffel GoT noch mal alle vorherigen Folgen gesehen, damit ich wieder komplett in der Handlung bin, aber die letzte Staffel war ja so ätzend, dass ich das definitiv nicht als meine Lieblingsserie bezeichnen würde.
Was ich mir aber tendenziell noch mal ansehen würde, wenn das jemand mit mir gucken wollen würde, der die Serie noch nicht gesehen hat, wäre Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy und diverse True Crime Dokumentar-Serien.

Are you having enough time in life these days to watch sports like FIFA worldcup 2022? ⚽🏟️🥅

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Heart breaking match ever💔💔💔. They all deserve to play the final. They dared to dream. They fought till the final whistle. What they have achieved extends to far beyond the football pitch. Their names will be written in gold. Morocco has taught people how to dream BIG!
Even in defeat they prostated to Allah.Be grateful even if you lose. This is something we call, sabr mai shukar ada karna!
May Allah bless them.
Are you having enough time in life these days to watch sports like FIFA worldcup

perché le traduzioni vengono cambiate nei film/ serie? per esempio negli Adams la mano viene chiamata in lingua originarie thing (la cosa in italiano), non potrebbero chiamarla semplicemente hand

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Perché alcune cose non vengono nella stessa maniera se tradotte, non hanno quel senso de giusto nel contesto durante la traduzione e te potrei fare l'esempio di "Say my name" in breaking bad, in italiano è venuta una cagata e in lingua originale è stata una frase chiave della serie..
Purtroppo è così, è questione di importanza, questione di contesto, più significativi ecc
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Spread some positive message 🌸☺️

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Sometimes we all deal with anxiety and depression or any mental health issues in life and it can be heart breaking and tough - Tough enough to forget about the important person of your life thats no one but, YOU YOURSELF ✨ Teary eyes with mix of emotions - sleepless nights with lots of instant regrets - panic attack with lots of mood swings. Everything without reasons feels so heavy..
But take a breathe and take a baby step at a time to be okay with it. 🌚
Be Brave to accept the fact that it's completely fine to have all these things in life because everyone have a phase in life. ✨ Take a deep breath and face the reality in front of you.
you might be clueless at a time and have no reason why are you in such situation, and sometimes you know everything including the solution but you cannot get yourself out of it. that can haunt you every second, But the Answer of all of your questions is just within yourself and no other person in this world can help you out axcept Allah ❤️ So take care of yourself before anyone else, and save your answer for self, by yourself and ask seek from almighty Allah, and have 100% faith on him, because no other person can help you.❤️

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Do you enjoy breaking hearts?

hmm…. why is it always perceived this way….?!
I always saw what i feel
i enjoy to honest….
with myself too…
and if it look like i enjoy breaking hearts….
i can’t do anything about it anonymous….
no I don’t like to break hearts…. they beak themselves for some reason….
i don’t need to saw or do something… it happens by itself….
after when my beautiful mom left me anonymous….
i don’t want hurt anyone….
but you know , i can’t and i don’t want to be with the millions of men who love me either….!!!
i want to be with one….🕸❤️

What's your story about breaking the law?

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I got a really snooty letter from DMV just like three days ago, "reminding" me that it's punishable by law to drive a motor vehicle if you have "certain mental health disorders" so I guess someone finally caught on that I've been renewing a drivers license so I gotta go get a regular ID now.
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:: BREAKING NEWS 📰 :: I was blocked by @ar9495 for no reason. I even apologized and they used foul language and gaslighted me. Please block them also and show your support . Thank you

If someone blocks you it means they don't wish to be contacted by you. So you trying to still reach her somehow is harassment. Seems like a valid reason to block you to me.
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
Follow me on Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Tiktok, Snapchat and Geocaching under @NoraKitties
BREAKING NEWS    I was blocked by ar9495 for no reason I even apologized and

Are you healed or you just don’t want to think about it?

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"Healing makes you realize some people don't deserve to be around you, no matter how much you love them. Unconditional love doesn't mean unconditional tolerance of abuse, disrespect, or bullshit it's not unconditional boundaries.
This is one of the hardest things about healing.

Cutting ties with friends and family, the unhealed version of you always had time for these individuals. The unhealed version of you put all these people first not matter how you were treated in return.

Breaking ties with people, is a part of healing that isn’t talked about enough.

For the person that is cutting the ties or breaking the cycle it is painful, it’s lonely it’s grief. It’s not all roses and butterflies, we are not floating around thinking we are better than anyone else. We are trying to heal ourselves and being around certain people, personalities and traits, is deeply damaging to our mental health.

It’s no fun, it’s not easy but we do it for ourselves. If you have spent a lifetime putting other people first it’s one of the most difficult things you can do. “Put yourself first” it’s does get easier. It is hard, but healing isn’t easy it’s definitely worth it."

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Why is it so hard to unlearn some things that were deeply ingrained in me as a child? I think it's a cultural thing also, where I come from family is considered "sacre", family above all. So when I hear things like cutting ties w/ your family, it's difficult to understand so I tend to be judgey. :/

When you're a toddler, your brain is like a sponge per se...it soaks in all of this information you're told is "the right way" (this is how we get racist children when children don't give af about skin color) of life so that's what your brain "programs" itself to think.
It's completely normal in this kind of context to be judgey on something like what you've described. Breaking those "norms" in your family can be hard, exhausting, or result in being disowned by your family. You recognizing that those "norms" are outdated is the first step into being able to "reprogram" your brain & unlearn those toxic behaviors.

Talk about something or someone you’re grateful for.

Today I'm really grateful to myself for not breaking down in the middle of the road and giving up..
I'm grateful for my ability to cry today, God knows I needed it!
I'm grateful for having the will to do it all over again tomorrow.
I'm grateful to the person who travelled a long way to be with me after a dreadful day.
I'm grateful for their kind soul, their loving touch, and their calming voice.
I'm grateful for their existence more than anything in the world.

¿Repetirías una peli / serie que ya viste solo para acompañar a una persona que no la ha visto? (Esa soy yo 🤣💘✨)

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Compartí con el bae la serie de mi adolescencia, ya que se iba a estrenar la última temporada cuando ya llevábamos años de relación y no sé, me hacía ilusión compartir eso con él y a él le hizo ilusión eso.
La vimos y le encantó hasta tal punto que se compró el anillo de Stefan confundiéndolo con el de Damon, ya que él es Team Damon Salvatore como yo. Y a mí me regaló el colgante de Elena Gilbert.
Y películas un montón. La de Moulin Rouge, Coraline, El barbero de la calle Fleet: Sweeney Todd...
Y por el contrario él lo hizo con Breaking Bad y lo está haciendo con Sobrenatural, además de con un montonazo bien grande de animes, como ahora con Familia Crece/Marmalade Boy.
Repetirías una peli  serie que ya viste solo para acompañar a una persona que no

Ei! Me indica uma série ou filme?

fla428’s Profile PhotoFlávia
Vis a Vis
Breaking Bad
Alerta Vermelho (filme)
A Vida secreta de Zoe (filme)
The Last kingdom
Tribes of Europa
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What would you do if your friend is in an abusive relationship?

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It's hard to leave abusive relationship but to watch someone be in one and a friend is heart breaking as they have to walk away from that abusive partner themselves and its fear like no other but end of the day would risk your life as they could kill you but all you can do be there for them they may even argue with you over it as some people are blind to the fact its abuse its ok to be someone punch bag bacause they love them but people who you love don't hurt you its having that stength to leave never look back but somtimes telling them they can somtimes be nasty back as they say the truth hurts and they know what need to do but won't its hard one as a friend to watch the pain your friend daily suffers from person who they are with

So how does reporting work here? I've reported loads of ppl for things like harassment, bullying, d*ath threats, racism, homophobia, inappropriate content etc, and nothing happened. They continued with their nefarious activity. If that's not breaking TOS then what is? how do ASK mods moderate this

They seem to be concerned with removing innocent sh!t that doesn’t even violate anything as opposed to anything serious. I had daily death threats for about a month straight with multiple accounts created daily by that person to slander and threaten me. They removed all of those but did nothing with the person’s primary account.
So how does reporting work here Ive reported loads of ppl for things like

So how does reporting work here? I've reported loads of ppl for things like harassment, bullying, d*ath threats, racism, homophobia, inappropriate content etc, and nothing happened. They continued with their nefarious activity. If that's not breaking TOS then what is? how do ASK mods moderate this

Quite simply.. It doesn't do anything... the reporting and blocking systems are painfully flawed!
When things have gotten ridiculously out of hand, I've just directly emailed the support with screen shots. They can't dispute evidence and then it all just goes from there!
But yeah.. it unfortunately takes a lot...
So how does reporting work here Ive reported loads of ppl for things like
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What price are you are willing to pay to maintain this impenetrable fortress you have built to protect your heart from breaking again?

I am closed off. I’ve been put through a lot and it’s my natural defense mechanism that I cannot really control around certain energies. But there are a few people online whose energy I feel safe in. It’s a comfort to feel I can drop the armor and let myself be soft. Although they’re not physical connections it’s been an interesting surprise to find that I still have the ability to feel. For the right people the walls will naturally come down.
What price are you are willing to pay to maintain this impenetrable fortress you

If given the opportunity to go on a short roundtrip to space, would you? 🚀

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Strap me to a big fuel tank and set it on fire? Oh yeah.
If my time to die, might as well be a fireball in the sky than slipping in the tub and breaking my neck.
The only people going to space are gov’t assigned employees and billionaire turds (or some lucky stiff who won a drawing of said turd)

I used to diet before and managed to loose weight.This year i want to diet again but it seems like I can't keep my mouth shut. My relationship with food is toxic now.i don't eat food for my stomach now,i eat for my eyes now. Any suggestions on how to suppress my diet and fix my eating habits? thanks

1-Think how is this food going to make you FEEL. And i dont mean guilt wise. I mean your energy levels, your hair, skin, nails. Once you start eating to be genuinley healthy and not just to look good, things become clearer because you genuinley want to eat more nutrient dense food than not. Its not forced. "I want that but i cant have it" changes to "i can have that but i dont want it!" You will slowly become in sync with your body and realise its okay to have a slice of pizza and/or dessert that day because you dont want more than one slice or serving.
2-Realise your urges to over eat are the result of a habit (this is explained brilliantly in Brain Over Binge). Just like smoking. And as we all know, the longer you've been smoking for, the harder it is to quit. This is the same. Food (especially processed) is addictive! Dont be so hard on yourself. Its just about breaking the habit. The fact that you have overeaten in the past has no bearing on who you are as a person.
3-Eat when you're hungry. Stop when you're full. Sounds simple and easy but for people who hve always eaten for pleasure and carried on for the same reason are out of practice when it comes to this. Start listening to yourself more. Is your stomach starting to rumble? Great! Eat! Slowly. Is your stomach starting to feel comfortable again? Take a drink of water. Then think, do i need more food? Take a 10 min break and come back to your food, its fine! Its so important to be kind to yourself at the start of re teaching yourself how to eat. When i would get the urge to eat even though i was full, i would implement the method Kathryn Hansen teaches in brain over binge.
Asking this question here was the first step to improving, i offer a huge congratulations to you. when you feel like you're back in the drivers seat around food is amazing, a unique feeling only people who have had disordered eating habits will know.

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حد يقولي ع اسم مسلسل حلو انسحل فيه كده

monaesmail22’s Profile PhotoMona Esmail
- Breaking bad
- Moon knight
- The chestnut man
- Chernobyl
- Ann with an " E "
- La casa de papel
- See
♧ تركي.
- في السر والخفاء
- جرح القلب
- اسمعني
- أجمل منك
- أنت أطرق بابي
- طائر الرفراف
♧ كوري.
- حورية ع رصيف المدينة
- Love, eat and kill
- Goblin
- Business proposal
- يلا ما يحلو لكِ بقى. 😂🤍

Maheenay mein 4 din normal or baqi 26 din abnormal. Being a girl ain't easy

Imagine saying that to someone who is probably waking up rn only to take a van to be at his back breaking work taking bricks up a floor or two from 7 to 5 in the evening while only having maybe a cup chai and roti salan. And sending half of what he earned back home because she has a sister who needs dowry for marrige and ill parents who need care.

How do you take care of your nails? I used to take care of mine by filing them regularly, using nail oil and trimming the cuticles although I later found out that's unhealthy? I've been ignoring them lately and they're breaking and looking brittle. How do you take care of yours? Any tips are welcome

I don't... purely cuz my nails get destroyed at work xD
They're currently broken, damaged and not looking great lol
How do you take care of your nails I used to take care of mine by filing them
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how do you make a guy regret breaking your heart

The fact that you want that guy to regret tells me that you're still obsessed with him in some way.
If not, would you care about that guy at all? 🤷‍♀️
Just live your life and surround it with people who deserve your time 😊

{🦇 Deine Oktober-Atmosphäre 🦉}

feytality’s Profile Photo˚ʚ Fey ˖°
Meine Oktoberatmosphäre war sonnig und warm in den letzten beiden Wochen, intensiv und nervenaufreibend, aber auch schön und sehr erinnerungswürdig. Gleichzeitig fließen mir die Erinnerungen auch schon weg.
Zurück hier im trauten Heim ist es auch sonniger und wärmer als erwartet, aber immer noch kälter als in den letzten beiden Wochen. Meine Nase friert schon, ich setz mir die Maske manchmal einfach auf, weil ich nun praktischerweise dadurch einen Nasenwärmer habe. Kaum bin ich hier angekommen, fing meine Nase an zu laufen, jaja.
Ich gehe zu einer Halloween-Zusammenkunft und verkleide mich wohl, obwohl ich das gar nicht vorhatte. Ich wurde gefragt: "Are we breaking up some bands?" Dazu kann man schwer Nein sagen, aber ich verkleide mich so low effort, wie's geht.

© Hablemos de libros, series, películas: https://ask.fm/smilestickers/answers/161841648700 ⬅️ aquí tienes la temática con la pregunta más detallada y croqueta. 🧆🙃

smilestickers’s Profile Photo*☆Smiley♔Princess☆*
Adoro el nuevo álbum de Taylor Swift y me ha dado una nostalgia de cuando escuchaba sus canciones cuando tenía 15 años... 🥹💗
1. 🍁 Serie (incluiré también anime): Crónicas Vampíricas, Naruto Shippuden, Pichi Pichi Pitch, Miraculous: Las aventuras de Ladybug, Fushigi Yuugi, InuYasha, Breaking Bad, Embrujadas, Pokémon, Digimon, Sakura Card Captor, Sailor Moon...
Película: Moulin Rouge, Drive, La Princesa Mononoke, Mi vecino Totoro, Nicky: Aprendiz de bruja, El viaje de Chihiro, El castillo ambulante, El castillo en el cielo, Haru en el reino de los gatos, La chica que saltaba a través del tiempo, Hotarubi no Mori e, El Cuervo, El efecto mariposa, Eduardo Manostijeras, las de Las Crónicas de Narnia, Harry Potter, Mulan, Anastasia, Hércules, La Sirenita, Spirit: el corcel indomable, Coraline, Frozen, La novia Cadáver, Pesadilla antes de Navidad...
Ok, ok... Puse muchas así que de quedarme con una que me traiga muy buenos recuerdos, me quedo con Anastasia.
Libro: La trilogía de Memorias de Idhún junto a la saga de Harry Potter.
Y añado videojuego: Tekken, Kingdom Hearts y todos los Sims del primero hasta el 4.
2. 🍁 ¿El color granate? 🤔 Crónicas Vampíricas o cualquier película o serie de vampiros, como puede ser también la saga de Crepúsculo.
3. 🍁 Itachi Uchiha de Naruto Shippuden, Loki tanto en la mitología nórdica como en el universo de Marvel y Magneto de los X-Men son los que me vienen ahora al coco.
4. 🍁 La película Cuento de invierno y The Greatest Showman.
5. 🍁 Itachi Uchiha de Naruto Shippuden, Gaara de Naruto Shippuden, L de Death Note, Kirtash de Memorias de Idhún, Kenshin de Samurai X, Dracule Mihawk de One Piece...
6. 🍁 Los libros: El nombre del viento, la saga de Harry Potter, las Eddas, El castillo ambulante, la saga de The Witcher...
Series: Crónicas Vampíricas.
Videojuego: Los Sims y Animal Crossing.

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Hablemos de libros series películas httpsaskfmsmilestickersanswers161841648700

Is cheating main reason for breaking up with someone?

Not the main reason but one of the most common and pretty disrespectful from my point of view. I would break up with someone not only for cheating but for lying, keeping things from me, and avoiding telling me things like “I went for lunch with a friend” because that would hurt my trust and maybe I won't break up straight away but will end up doing it anyway 😅

Help! My hair is falling out after bleaching! What do I do?

I assume you mean breaking off? Possibly some sort of deep conditioning may help. I bleached my hair for most of my life and never realized how much breakage was happening. I thought maybe my hair just wouldn’t grow past a certain point. But that’s a reason why I stopped bleaching to see if it would grow and it certainly has. I really would advise against bleaching. And if you do only do it a little bit at a time.
Help My hair is falling out after bleaching What do I do

اتصرف ازاي مع شخص علاقتي انتهت بيه وبحاول اتكلم معاه تاني بس هو شخص قاسي اوي في كلامه وردود افعاله وزعله ومش بيلين؟

متتصرفيش ارجعي لنفسك
بصي هتكلم بصدر رحب بقا ف الموضوع ده عشان الناس نص مشاكلها بتبقى هنا
دلوقتي انتي علاقتك بيه إنتهت
بالنسبالي هقسم ال breaking up ل ٣ حاجات
1 realization
3 and healing /growing
١الريالايزيشن دي انتي هتحسي ان انتي بتفركشي بس انتي لحد دلوقتي مش مستوعبه يعني احنا دلوقتي مفركشين وخلاص وي ار نو لونجر توجيزر وبتاع بس ان يور هيد يو ستيل ديدينت بروسيس يور ستيل لايك اوكيه بس احنا لسه بنتكلم وممكن لسه هنرجع صحاب وبتاع واكيد ده مش هيغير حاجه ف ديناميك بيني وبينه وكذا وكذا وكذا، بس للي ف عقلي الباطن انتي عارفه انه هيبقى صعب اوي ولكن هتقرري انك هتحاربي وبتاع عشان تفضلو مع بعض و حاجه ف قمه التضحية وهو هيحارب عشان ترجعوا ع الاقل صحاب و وا وا وا بعد كده هيعدي بتاع شهر كده اند زين يو ويل ريالايز ذات يور اكشلي بريك اب وانتي والشخص ده مش هتبقوا مع بعض تاني وكده وهيبقى فيه حدود ومش عارفه ايه
٢ بقا البين او هتحسي بألم ووحده وكتله مشاعر مش متوافقة تجاه الشخص وبتاع والفترة دي مش هتبقى احسن حاجه بس اوعي تتصرفي فيها اي تصرف خالص غير انك تعيشها عشان تدخلي ع المرحله للي بعدها ف سلام
٣ الهيلينج والجروينج اب بقا ودي التحافه كلها هتبدأي تنسي وتشتغلي ع نفسك وشكلك يكبر وتعرفي قيمه نفسك وتحبيها وحرفيا المرحله دي انا بسميها(عايز ترجعي بعد م احلويت)
متأسفه ع الانجلش المعرب ده

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me recomendais alguna serie??

Rick & Morty, Sobrenatural, Crónicas Vampíricas, Juego de Tronos, Breaking Bad, The Sandman, Vigilante, Dark Crystal, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, She-Ra, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Arcane, Stranger Things, Cowboy Bebop, The Witcher, Anne with an E, Penny Dreadful, Lucifer, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ash vs Evil Dead...
me recomendais alguna serie

Language: English