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Do you think therapy is appropriate for children or teens? This is just my perspective, perhaps flawed, but I don't think children or teens would understand what therapy is about. Therapy is for us, because we're adults and we're mature. Teens are stupid and immature. Therapy is adult business.

children and teens absolutely need therapy tailored for them. there's a reason child psychologists exist!

Do you think therapy is appropriate for children or teens? This is just my perspective, perhaps flawed, but I don't think children or teens would understand what therapy is about. Therapy is for us, because we're adults and we're mature. Teens are stupid and immature. Therapy is adult business.

I don’t agree with this and think that therapy helps keep people stable emotionally and mentally since I’ve been very emotionally unstable before I started seeing a therapist towards the end of 7th grade. I did see a therapist when I was in elementary school but only once or twice and then never saw them again so that was quite pointless in my opinion. Before seeing a therapist in middle school, I didn’t have anyone I considered a friend and made the mistake of thinking my therapist was like a friend of mine but of course, I was young back then and didn’t really focus on myself or understand the point of therapy that much. Therapy helped me feel heard and understood and even tho I didn’t realize the real purpose of going to therapy as a teen, I did feel a sense of calm, knowing there was someone I could confide in after having a bad week. As an adult now, I quit working with my therapist a few months ago because I wasn’t making much progress with her and our personalities just didn’t click so I didn’t even want to talk to her if I’m being honest. If I could go back with the same knowledge that I have now, I’d definitely take my previous therapists more seriously rather than solely seeing them as a friend to talk to but that doesn’t mean I didn’t benefit from them back then either. I think it’s important for therapists to give teens a reality check every once in a while if/when they notice they’re being treated more as a friend by them instead of the therapist that they are and when the teens aren’t listening to what they ask of them to do.

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Do you think therapy is appropriate for children or teens? This is just my perspective, perhaps flawed, but I don't think children or teens would understand what therapy is about. Therapy is for us, because we're adults and we're mature. Teens are stupid and immature. Therapy is adult business.

Cool so kids that have issues or have been abused aren't allowed help to heal, wow you sound like such a nice person, so grown and wise 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

You have a day off and the weather outside is really nice, what do you do? ☀️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Open my windows and make my candles for my candle business, watch a movie as I make them, and drink coffee/energy drinks while my daughter plays.

Choose between having the ability to never feel fear again or experiencing intense emotions, including fear, at a heightened level. Which option appeals to you?

zaidwali915’s Profile PhotoZaid Wali
A feeling of fear of defying God can be very effective and make your life better. Like you are a teacher, if you feel fear of God, you won't be unjust, you won't preach or teach without proper knowledge, you won't use that red pen for personal assignments but for student assessments only. Similarly, if you're a shopkeeper, a business owner, a writer, a chef, a doctor, a police officer, or a politician, when fear of God governs your life, you will only rise .
Other fears are secondary and meaningless, and so are other emotions.

why are people so obsessed with OTHERS having kids? dude if ya want kids go have a dozen of them and get tf out of my business and uterus.

I know some people out in the world can’t have children so sometimes people are just nosey and can’t help but poke their nose into peoples business.

Do you consider yourself attractive? How do you view yourself ?

I never review somebody as attractive through their looks, but yes through their personality & mentality. If I posses a personality that minds only her own business, knows her boundaries, is consistent and honest; then fs I am attractive but if not all these qualities then no.

Some have career with degrees. Some have money. Some have looks. But i have nothing. Destroyed my self by my own hands don’t know what to do. Couldn’t gain a degree couldn’t set up and manage my business i am finished and no one loves me 😭😭😭

Coming from somebody who never attended her convocation and hence has no "degree" to her name, that hardly fucking matters. What truly holds substance is your set of FUNCTIONAL skills. Keep at it boy, kahein na kahein pohanch hi jaien gay. Just keep on learning something new everyday and use it well. As for love, nobody can promise you that lmao.

Ti va bene uscire con qualcuna/o che ha un enorme differenza di età rispetto alla tua?

Enorme? Enorme mi sembra un po’ esagerato.
Voglio vivermela la persona, non farle l’addio alla vita il giorno dopo averla conosciuta. È cattivo dirlo, ma ormai anche andarsene è “business”, costa troppo. Non so se mi vada un impegno del genere, mi spiace, ritenta.

Fuck ask fm, a lawsuit is coming in the next few. Use this cuz your scarred/afraid of using original business tactics to harm an innocent individual

What do lawsuits have anything to do with askfm? This app shouldn’t be taken that seriously to begin with and if you use it the right way, you won’t have to worry about being caught up in any drama lol.

Fuck ask fm. Send everything to whoever. You’ve caused me more trauma than anyone else. Your neglect, negativity, my health, my heart, my faith, delete my account and me and the government will sue your entire company for embezzlement, emotional damage/negligence, and irresponsible business practice

You seem to replace
Your brain with your heart
You take things so hard
And then you fall apart
You try to explain
But before you can start
Those cry baby tears
Come out of the dark
Fuck ask fm Send everything to whoever Youve caused me more trauma than anyone

هو بجد ف شركات مرتباتها 18 ألف ؟

beteratta’s Profile PhotoPeter
ما ي بيتر مرتب ال fresh مش زي مرتب ال manager و مرتبات الوظائف داخل الشركة مش زي بعضها ، و no offense لاي حد سواء فريش ولا مدير ولاموظف استقبال من موظف اداري كل دي عوامل بتخلي فيه variety بالمرتبات ،،
الشركة الي بتدي ١٨ هي هي الشركة الي بتدي ٢ برضو .
فا ليترلي even small business فيها ناس مرتباتها 18k عادي.

qual è il fine dell'arte? 🎨

katharosblack’s Profile Photo[☕] ᴅɪᴀɴᴇ ɴɢᴜʏᴇɴ ɪꜱ ᴡʀɪᴛɪɴɢ...
In poche parole, quello di mistificare la realtà per favorire la crescita e la consapevolezza identificativa del singolo che si accinge a creare le proprie opere. Ciò non di meno, l'arte è l'espressione dell'essere e offre la catartica possibilità di condividerlo con il resto del mondo, generando così delle comparazioni e dei parallelismi che potranno rappresentare delle disamine o, più semplicemente, un nucleo depositario di emozioni viventi. La natura dell'arte, da sempre priva di compromessi e di libera esposizione in quanto corrisponde esclusivamente all'anima dell'artista, si contrappone ideologicamente alle logiche del mercato e del business, poiché quest'ultimi corrispondono esclusivamente al commercio e dunque all'anima della produzione e della compravendita. Per questo motivo, il fine dell'arte non coinciderà mai con il lucro, nonostante certi moralizzatori vorrebbero convincere gli acquirenti del contrario, come per giustificare le politiche aziendali che l'hanno snaturata al risultato di rendere accessibile - e quindi commerciabile- quelle che non sono opere artistiche ma prodotti di compravendita.

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Why do you want to go back to work so badly. You put money above your kids.

What do you think keeps a roof over our heads? Food in my kids stomach? Clothes on their back? Water, gas, electric etc.
Anyone who doesn't think money is important obviously doesn't a whole family to look after, doesn't have bills and rent to pay. Nothing is free in this world, I need money to keep my children alive.
He is almost 2, regardless of me wanting to go back to work, the government expects me to anyways otherwise I really will have no money.
Parents work, I'm not the only one going back to work.
Working is also way better for me then not working, being home all day everyday talking to a toddler who can't even talk back is lonely, I don't want to be at home anymore.
It's none of you business anyways, worry about yourself rather then what im doing, you'll bitch about anything I choose to do in life but forget that I gave up my job and have been home for 2 years, I haven't missed a single milestone, been here all day everyday and haven't ever been away from him, but heavens forbid a parent actually wants to go to work and you wanna bitch about it instead of applauding me for being a good mom regardless of me deciding to go back to work
Stfu man, today isn't the day.

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Have you ever used Tinder?

RecordsAreBetter’s Profile PhotoWill
No, I have no business being on a dating app when I could have someone else play matchmaker for me irl instead, someone who knows a little or more about the person they recommend I meet up with in person. I can only see myself befriending people online but I can’t see myself being in a relationship with someone who is a complete stranger.

why i don't see any woman here do what are you doing, you can see dovah or orion or Emma pages they are polite , your page which teens shouldn't see her as it's the rudest here

Dovah and Orion and Emma can answer as they choose. I will answer as I choose. I'm not trying to be them. I've spent years fighting to be myself, and I'm not curbing that for anyone. If I think someone's a disgusting creep, I'm not gonna ask them politely to go away coz you know what happens? They don't go away, they keep coming back coz they know they can get away with it. So if I wanna tell them to f*ck off and they decide I'm not worth it and actually leave... Who's won? Oh yeah! Me. So if you don't like me, block me - I promise you I won't give a sh*t. But don't come on my page trying to dictate how I should act coz it's none of your f*cking business what I do, what I say, how I say it, or anything else. I'm perfectly polite to those who deserve it, but fet*sh-pushing scumbags don't fall into that category.

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Butterflies where are you going?

saltoftheearth86030’s Profile PhotoCupid
I am no butterfly expert — but I like to imagine that they are probably off on
some important butterfly business - maybe organizing a monarch migration or planning an emergency nectar run. Or perhaps they have all decided to take up skydiving and are headed to the nearest airfield. Who knows¿ The possibilities are endless.
Butterflies where are you going

I wish you success in business💥😄

PolinaKozhanovskaya’s Profile Photo♡ПоLина♡
Спасибоoooooo💥 за ваши слова. Надеюсь у меня будет свободное время и удача, чтобы посетить ваше место 👍😁👍

It's hard to keep an Internet friendship going on for this long only thing left to do is to meet

It’s not hard. I have people from twenty years ago online. Lex knows I’d like to meet him but that is nobody’s business. Apparently we’ve already been in the same place anyway. 😁
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Fuck Yaar it's been 7 years now and still my eyes fill up when I think about her or she wanders into my dreams. Any solutions for that?

HaiderAli686’s Profile PhotoHaider Ali
Looser mentality.
Turn this into motivation and make changes in your life to be better physically, mentally, financially.
Read books, watch a movie to divert your mind. Hit the gym like a fkin animal for your body.
Take the risk, start a business and you’ll forget that person even exists. Yes, they’ll appear in your mind out of nowhere on a random Tuesday, but fuck it, ball, work.
More important shit to do and people to take care. They were never that much, just an illusion in your brain.
Sit with your boys, roast the fuk out of each other, laugh until you can’t even speak. Only then you’ll notice they didn’t even matter.
Be with people on your own terms, not just for the sake of it.

ممكن فولو لبيدچ الsmall business بتاعي🥹 وتقدري تطلبي أي حاجة ب 10% discount ✨❤️ https://www.instagram.com/yomnaz_resin_art

pt_yomna’s Profile Photoيُمن
للأسف ما عندي انستا لكن لو فيه بيدچ عالفيسبوك بعتيلي اللينك بعمل فولو و بعملك كمان شير عالجروب تبعي موجود عليه تقريباً ٣٠ الف متابع .

Proč se tolik lidí rozvádí?

V první řadě, rozvod jako takový svůj věhlas získal s prvním rozvodem Jindřicha a Kateřiny Aragornské a vznikem anglikánské církve.
v té době bylo beztak manželství cca na 10 let, pak jeden nebo druhý umřel nebo už byl hotový dědic tak se to "lehce rozpustilo" a lidi žili odděleně. Manželství je business model .
A teď k rozvodům jo.
70 % rozvodů iniciují ženy. Jakýpak asi mohou mít důvod? A proč velká většina žen do dalšího svazku již nevstupuje nebo poté vyhledává jen partnerství nikoliv manželství?
A proč drtivá většina mužů se naopak znovu žení?
Mužům manželství prospívá, mají pak delší životy, jsou sťastnější, více vydělávají, mají lepší sociální život. Proč? Protože všechen mentální load celého svazku nese žena, což je právě důvod, proč ženy z manželství odcházejí a podávají žádosti o rozvod.
odpověď na tvou otázku je tedy : "protože muži"

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For me it's the same. Please don't ask me why, but in real life I mostly talk to my dog. At least he doesn't talk as much nonsense as my sister... There's v Many people who can't even think of a sensible question. What are you doing today?

abba3590’s Profile Photoabba
I understand you very well. I myself am very reserved and silent. I can remain silent for weeks, but alas, work requires communication skills and diplomacy. Today, early in the morning, after Tyson had taken a walk and done some household chores, I was driving. There were 3 business meetings. Now in about 10 minutes I’ll be getting ready to walk my Doberman baby again))))

Do you think it's wrong to not trust young doctors? This guy I met recently is a doctor, but he is barely 30. That seems too young to me. Too young and too inexperienced. I would not trust him with my life. A good doctor with experience must be at least mid aged.

I do think that that’s a valid feeling but I wouldn’t instantly write them off as a bad doctor, it would just be harder for me to think that they’re right about everything they say. I came across not a doctor but a dentist who was young and he told me that I had a bunch of cavities. The place he was working at opened up a few years ago so it wasn’t a place that was in business for long. I got three fillers that I probably didn’t even need and had three more to go but thankfully, my mom suggested we see another dentist and that they’ll tell us whether or not we actually need the fillers (since they also told my mom that she had a bunch of cavities). It turned out that we didn’t need fillers and didn’t actually have cavities like the other dentist said we had. We now go to the new dentist that we found because we trust them more and the place that they work has been in business for much longer than the previous place we went to. I know you were talking about a doctor and not a dentist but in both cases, I’d trust someone who is middle aged and/or someone who has at least been doing their job for quite some time compared to someone who was just a student a few months ago.

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Do you have days when you don't feel like socializing with people?

I have them more often than not due to being bullied for my weight or simply why I am the way I am when I was younger and always being seen as an outcast rather than feeling like I belong so I choose to have online friendships but struggle with them irl and also have anxiety in social settings too. I went to a social event a few days ago and was expecting people to be rude to me and/or blatantly being disrespectful but everyone minded their own business and I didn’t have to deal with coming up replies to possibly rude comments. But, I do feel the need to text people almost on a daily basis to keep in touch with others and feel free to express my thoughts/feelings since I’m still a human at the end of the day. I just wish I could find someone who actually wants me in their life and isn’t just tolerating/putting up with me temporarily and that’s really hard to find these days when making friends irl.

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Why should we ban public breastfeeding 🤱? Thoughts 💭

I have no opinion. I feel like newborn and young babies shouldn’t really be out in public anyway for safety reasons. I know older kids do it too but that’s another issue that I don’t really care about either. It’s none of my business.
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‏اكثر شي يسعد المرأة برأيك..؟

socialm642’s Profile PhotoJuba
Seeing the example of my mother and my brothers’ wives, I conclude that to be happy, a woman must be successful in her relationship with her husband, with children and in business or hobby that interests her. Perhaps I’m wrong :)

Denkst du Kindern von Stars haben es einfacher als im selben Business durchzustarten?

scripturienteternitarian7’s Profile PhotoScripturientEternitarian
Stell dir vor deine Eltern sind Youtube-Stars und richten dir bei deiner Geburt einen eigenen Kanal ein. Du musst gar nichts machen, denn bevor du überhaupt denken kannst hast du schon Millionen Follower. Über deine Werbeverträge verdienst du Millionen und eine Agentur mit hunderten von Kreativen sagt dir welchen Knotent du liefern musst. Selbstverständlich musst du nichts machen ausser vor der Kamera zu stehen. Schnitt, upload, Marketing, Fanservice - alles machen deine Mitarbeiter. Das ganze wurde schon in der Trueman-Show verarbeitet. Ist natürlich super wenn es genau das ist was dir Spaß macht - ansonsten ist es die Hölle.

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