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What type of student were you/are you at your school/university? (Studius, backbencher, average, naughty etc) 🎒

ManWithout1plan’s Profile PhotoManWithout1Plan
Naughty plus average.
I still prank my family and friends whenever I am in a mischievous mood.
I always played pranks and never got caught, literally teleported from one place to another in a radius of 500 meters. It's funny how I am calm and walk slowly for the sake of my position, and my students think I can't run and catch them when they are being naughty. I purposely let them be naughty, I mean this is their age, they can jump and run and laugh however they wish, I will catch them if they fall but I won't stop them from having fun.

What helps to calm your mind when all else is chaotic?

DionysusArius’s Profile PhotoMetanoia
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I then occupy myself with my hobbies: singing, drawing, writing, and playing games. It's a good distraction.
Or going out for a walk. Especially a walk by the ocean is very soothing for me.

What helps to calm your mind when all else is chaotic?

DionysusArius’s Profile PhotoMetanoia
For me deep low belly breathing and talking about it helps a lot. Talking can be with somebody I trust, but it can also just be to/with myself. 🗣️
It also helps me to sort of get a helicopter view: start to see things as a whole or from a bystander’s perspective. This helps me to relativize the situation and it calms my mind. 🚁
I also apply the ‘what is in my control and what is not?’ Kind of rule. Your own thoughts and actions are in your control, so focus on that. Try to worry and focus less on things that are out of your control. This helps me a lot with getting calm too! 😌
What helps to calm your mind when all else is chaotic
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According to research, the heart produces an electromagnetic field that exists about 3 feet outside our body. It allows us to read emotional energy within proximity. Have you ever experienced this? Is it more so with certain people than others for you?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
The idea that the heart produces an electromagnetic field that extends outside the body and influences emotions is a fascinating topic, often discussed in the context of the Heart Math Institute's research.
While scientific consensus on this is still evolving, many people report feeling a certain "energy" or vibe from others, which could be related to body language, facial expressions, or subtle physiological cues.
Personally, I have experienced moments where I felt an immediate sense of calm or tension around certain individuals.
This could be due to various factors like their demeanor, tone of voice, or even subconscious cues.
It seems to happen more strongly with people who are very emotionally expressive or with whom I share a strong connection.
How about you?
Have you noticed this with some people more than others?

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If you had a chance to be described by a color, what color that would be? And why?

aleena_kamran1’s Profile Photoalee_naaah
I think I'll go with grey.... It has that specific characteristic of being practical and calm in most of the situations... Plus it has that spice of being indifferent from most of the usual behaviors, sometimes unpredictable ones.. It has a gist of maturity as well. And I have a feature of accepting isolation rather than unimportant chaos tht relates with this color as well.... So yeah, Grey..
(Ps. Kisi ne apna color bhi jaan'na hai tou mujh se raabta kare😎😅)

Look at you then look at Koreans Our dna is comprised of dirt atoms that should be disposed of not reproduce!!

Lol calm down. I love kdramas too but that doesn't mean we should idolize them and start looking down upon our own features. God created people differently and all of us are beautiful and unique in our own ways. May you gain some maturity and confidence :)

Is it weird to see your own personality traits in your pets?

No, it’s not weird. All pets have their own personalities, but it’s also greatly affected by your own behaviour, what you encourage (both knowingly and unknowingly) and how engaged you are in their lives.
All of my cats are calm in my room. They like to lay on the bed and sleep. I think it’s because I am calm in my room, my room is a space of rest and balance.
In the living room and kitchen I’m more active, I play with them there and my overal energy is more hyper generally. I have noticed the same behaviour in my cats.

(Jak często) miewasz takie dni, że nie chce Ci się całkowicie żyć i ciągle płaczesz?

PL: Zauważyłam, że jak wracam od Chłopaka do swojego domu, do swojego miasta, to mój humor się psuje.
Mój dom i moje miasto mają w sobie coś, co sprawia, że odechciewa mi się wszystkiego.
U Chłopaka nawet nie biorę leków, a czuję się szczęśliwa i spokojna, nie denerwuję się aż tak bardzo (w sensie, owszem, bywają sytuacje, gdy ciśnienie jest troszkę wyższe, ale nie jest to jakiś wyjątkowy stan wściekłości, jak ma to miejsce w moim mieście/w moim domu), wszystko jest przecudowne, czuję się lubiana i doceniana z powodu małych czynności.
W domu wiecznie wszystko źle, niedobrze, nie tak, jak być powinno, a bo nie umyłam naczyń, a bo nie posprzątałam za sobą blatu w kuchni, a bo zostawiłam otwarte drzwi z pokoju i jest przeciąg, a bo jestem chamska, a bo to, a bo tamto.
Nikt nie pomyśli tutaj o tym, jak ja się czuję i że może być mi w pewnych sytuacjach ciężko.
Dosłownie, ostatnie 4 dni spędziłam u Chłopaka i było świetnie, cudownie, kocham moje życie, dzisiaj obudziłam się w swoim mieszkaniu, pojechałam załatwić jedną sprawę i dosłownie całe te otoczenie mnie irytuje do takiego stopnia, że się popłakałam i miałam myśli samo.....e.
U Chłopaka - owszem, jest duża rodzina, jest Jego Mama, Wujek, Siostra, dwójka Dzieci Siostry i Szwagier, a do tego pies, jest ciągle głośno, jest duży hałas, co dla osoby z ADHD jest uciążliwe, a mimo wszystko tam czuję się lepiej, niż w rodzinnym domu z moją babcią, gdzie większość czasu i tak spędzam w swoim pokoju.
Chore, smutne, przykre, ale niestety prawdziwe.
ENG: I noticed that when I return from my Boyfriend's to my home, to my city, my mood changes drastically.
There's something about my home and my city that makes me want to drop everything.
I don't even take medications at Boyfriend's and I feel happy and calm, I'm not that nervous (I mean, yes, there are situations when the blood pressure is a little higher, but it's not an exceptional state of rage, as is the case in my city/home), everything is wonderful, I feel liked and

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What’s your go-to move when someone catches you in a lie and shows proof? (Asking to learn some smart moves)

MMaryamKhan’s Profile PhotoMaryam Khan
Just accept it. The more you try to evade it, the more you'll look like a fool. Remain calm, make good eye contact, convey emotions of guilt through your body language, and try to give a valid reason for your act. This will make it easier for them to trust you again. Side note: If they do trust you again, don't take it for granted.

الناس كلها بتنام وتصحى وأنا لسه منمتش🥺 ... مفيش حلول للارق؟؟

aaaamany’s Profile PhotoAmany
أنا ماعرفتش أنام برضو . بقعد بالشهور كده بسبب أدوية خدتها مؤخَرًا .
خدت منومات كتيرة لمُدة طويلة مانفعتنيش إلا نوع واحد اسمه Night calm ومافادنيش غير بعد عشر حبات منه بمُعدل حباية كل ليلة .
ربنا يشفيكي ويعافيكي ويحفظك من كل سوء 🍂🌹🍃

What's your favorite time of day? ☀️🌙

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Night time. 🌚
For real, I’m not a morning person. I love staying up late writing, gaming, watching Youtube/Twitch, etc. I also feel like it’s my decompression time, where I can truly just relax. During the day, I’m often worrying about a variety of things that are going on, but at night, it’s just calm and peaceful. 😌
Whats your favorite time of day

How do you stay calm in an embarrassing situation?

nousernameavailable31645’s Profile Photo♠phlegmatic♣
I remind myself that the moment will pass and people will likely forget what I did that happened to be embarrassing. If they don’t forget, that’s ok too but if they choose to hold it against me and/or always bring up the embarrassing thing(s) I’ve done in the past, then I’ll tell them to stop mentioning it if it bothers me. It’s important to remind yourself that you’re bound to make mistakes at some point and that it’s only human nature to do so.

What's your best Birthday memory ? As a kid ? As an adult?

ManWithout1plan’s Profile PhotoManWithout1Plan
When I was a child, our family had a tradition of going to an amusement park in the morning.. and in the evening celebrating a birthday with a cake and making a wish, it was awesome) Now I’m calm about my birthday..)

What's the most uncomfortable situation you've ever found yourself in?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
When I was sitting in my creative writing class and knew that I had to speak up in class for my grade so I was stressing out the entire time I was seated in my seat (even when I knew it wasn’t my turn to speak yet and the fact that stressing out wasn’t going to change anything). My face was heating up and I couldn’t calm myself down until it was time to leave. There were other times when I actually did speak up in front of the class but I didn’t even feel like I was physically present during those times due to wanting to escape so badly but being unable to do so.

What is your current favorite quote, song, or meme?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
I like to write myself, quoting the meanings of words, and I am ashamed of some of the content
Sometimes we need a moment of calm
To a truce with life
To silence that silences the noise of the soul
To a pillow of peace that supports our tired dreams
To a calm tone that fills us with tranquility
Or.. isolation.. in which we reconsider our calculations and listen to the voice of the mind and the heart together in order to feel some peace and regain the breath of hope.
What is your current favorite quote song or meme

No one talks poetry and life here. Y'all are boring, lame and mid.

I knew a guy from school, we weren’t exactly friends, but we did know each other well for two people living in the same residential area as well as having the same school.
He was a great guy, full of life, wasn’t like other typical school bois. We both used to play football and he was the most calm gentleman.
I just learned he got diagnosed with brain tumour this Ramadan, last stage. He has been given two weeks at most from Drs since the tumour wasn’t benign and because of surgery, it has spread in his whole body.
I’m sorry if I don’t feel like talking about life right now.

Where is the last place you've been where you felt completely out of place?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
To a gathering where there was dance and only one kind of food being served (a food that wasn’t really my favorite but it’s traditional to have every once in a while/during special events). People were dancing and were talking loudly to hear each other over the music so I didn’t enjoy being there at all since I’m not a fan of dancing and prefer a more calm environment.

*His heart almost skipped a beat at first when he saw the person wearing green, but the fact that even facing away from Vio he had a very distinct mustache cooled his nerves instantly. His long pointed Hylian ears perk up at the sound of the humming, a human might not be able to hear it, but he can*

Stoicviolet’s Profile PhotoVio
The strange man straightened up suddenly, noticing the other's approach, and thankfully remaining calm despite .
No words were exchanged however, as he walked forward to the platforms edge, staring down into the magma for a moment, before reaching down to help up a second figure, all too familiar, with a Four Sword, clothes and flesh horrifically melted ...

We handle stress on opposite poles... My energy level is through the roof. How I'm not going through cardiac arrest is beyond me. 🙄

Oh I felt that way recently. My heart wouldn’t calm down with its racing. I wish I could have like a week of straight sleep and calmness.

What is your 'chills' meal? 😅

LarryStylestomlinson436’s Profile PhotoMe - Larry
🌷 I'm not sure what you meant by "chills" meal.
Food to calm me down or food I eat when I am in a bad mood?
Well, when I'm upset.... I do not feel like eating anything. I have no appetite at all.
Or was it food that I like to eat cold?
I prefer to eat fruits when they are chilled. Like grapes, watermelon, peaches, apple, pears, pineapple, strawberries, oranges, berries, etc.

How do you react to your sibling yelling at you for something you've actually done?

gawnferal’s Profile Photohudیٰ
Rule # 1 : if you're yelling at me, I won't reply no matter whatever you're saying. I stay quite...
If someone wants to talk to me, they need to calm down and talk because I don't take anyone's yelling.
And if they're choosing to not to stop yelling then I'm choosing not to reply no matter what is being asked or said , this kinda annoys people when they yell but idc 🤷....

do u need 100% honesty in a relationship?

What a great question! The answer to this question is not a straightforward one, as honesty is a complex and nuanced aspect of relationships. While honesty is generally considered an essential aspect of any relationship, it's not necessarily true that 100% honesty is always required or beneficial.
Here are some reasons why:
1. **Timing and context matter**: The timing and context of the truth can be crucial. Telling the truth in a sensitive or emotional moment can be damaging, while sharing the truth in a calm and thoughtful manner can be more constructive.
2. **Oversharing can be detrimental**: Requiring 100% honesty can lead to oversharing, which can be overwhelming, hurtful, or even invasive. Boundaries and discretion are important in relationships.
3. **Dishonesty can be a necessary evil**: In some situations, dishonesty might be necessary to protect someone's feelings, maintain harmony, or prevent unnecessary conflict. This doesn't mean it's always the right choice, but it acknowledges that honesty isn't always the only option.
4. **Honesty is not always black and white**: Truths can be complex and nuanced, and relationships often involve gray areas. It's not always clear-cut whether something is true or false, and honesty might require nuance and context.
5. **Relationships are built on trust and communication**: While honesty is essential, it's also important to remember that relationships are built on trust and communication. A healthy relationship involves open communication, active listening, and empathy, which can help navigate conflicts and difficult situations.
6. **Some secrets are necessary for personal growth**: In some cases, people may need to keep certain aspects of themselves private or hidden from others to protect their personal growth or development. This doesn't mean they're being dishonest; it's just that they're prioritizing their own growth over full disclosure.
So, what does this mean? Instead of aiming for 100% honesty at all times, it's more important to focus on:
1. **Building trust and communication**: Foster a culture of open communication, active listening, and empathy in your relationship.
2. **Contextual honesty**: Share the truth in a way that considers the timing, context, and potential impact on the other person.
3. **Discretion and boundaries**: Set boundaries and exercise discretion when necessary to protect your partner's feelings or maintain harmony.
4. **Nuance and gray areas**: Recognize that truths can be complex and nuanced, and relationships often involve gray areas.
5. **Personal growth and development**: Prioritize your own growth and development while being mindful of the impact on your partner.
Remember that honesty is a valuable aspect of any relationship, but it's not always the only consideration. By focusing on building trust, communication, and contextual honesty, you can create a healthier and more fulfilling relationship.

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Have you ever been accused of being a gold digger? My neighbor was accused of that, but she's a manager and the man she's dating makes slightly above min. wage💀 Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's funny how some minds operate and how people assume women are golddiggers by default.

Broke people accuse others of being gold diggers but the question is what gold? Calm down😂😂😂😂
I was never accused of something like that anyway. 🤣
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How do you keep yourself calm in the face of calamity?

zaidwali915’s Profile PhotoZaid Wali
I constantly question myself! I carefully weigh my options and never act impulsively. Yet, strangely, it's when everything is resolved and the danger has passed that my hands start shaking, and I experience a sudden wave of panic about what just happened. Lol im slow at even panicking! 🤦🏻‍♀️

How do you make a child behave without threatening them with some form of punishment?

Well children need to learn that there are consequences to their actions. So instead of ‘threatening them with punishment’ change ‘punishment’ to ‘consequences’.
You start with preparing the child: “hey, it’s time to stop playing in five minutes”.
Then when it’s time you offer them a choice:
“Hey, it’s time to stop playing now. Do you want to turn off the tablet or should I?”
If they have a hard time, you add consequences:
“I told you it was time to stop. If you don’t stop playing on your tablet now, I’m going to take it away from you”
When they don’t stop, you act on the consequences:
“I’m taking away your tablet, because you didn’t stop when it was time.”
It also helps to make them know you understand how they’re feeling.
“I understand you’re feeling upset, because you wanted to play more.”
When they’re calm you can discuss why you took the tablet away.

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