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Каких исполнителей и музыкальные группы ты слушаешь?

Один из моих любимых исполнителей – Lil Peep.
Знаю большинство его треков. Многое оставила прослушать на то время, если мне надоест слушать одно и то же.
Могу выделить такие треки как:
«Worlds Away»;
«Star Shopping»;
«Falling Down»;
«Broken Smile».
Ещё одна из моих фавориток – Taylor Swift с треками:
«Shake it Off»;
«You Need To Calm Down»;
«King Of My Heart»;
«Back To December»;
Из групп мне нравится Hands Off Gretel. Знаю практически все песни, любимые треки:
«Kiss Me Girl»;
«Blame Myself»;
«My Friend Said»;
«Freaks Like Us».
Иногда мне приходится слушать музыку Рей и я хорошо к ней отношусь, но на постоянной основе не слушаю.

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It absolutely was, didn't realise give me time enough to panic! If I'm honest I'm not sure I remember what either of us said when I told you, but I remember you made me feel safe and calm when I needed it so I've never forgotten that and wanted to share. Thank you again for just being lovely x

I guess that’s quite fortunate in a way, in that you were so in the moment and you couldn’t let panic take a hold! Ahah it’s fine, likewise in truth. Oh wow thank you, that’s incredibly lovely to know that I was able to help you in just a small way, I’m truly honoured!
You’re very welcome, and you’re wonderful yourself! Feel free to chat whenever you like, and many congratulations again to you and your family 🤗 x

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HarleyQuinn_DC’s Profile Photo❖ ℋᎯɾʅҽყ ℚυιɳɳ ❖
For some reason it used to be more relaxing to do nightly chores at the mansion in rainy weather, but for everything in life there was an exception. Perhaps, by the heavy rain accompanied by thunderstorms, the other servants of the house would have been elated, especially Finnian for being the most fearful among the three. Sebastian didn't seem to mind, despite the fretful noise of the restless trio, it was rather uncomfortable, but nothing the butler wasn't already used to. Behind all that kind of commotion the demon heard faint sounds coming from the other side of the main entrance, so dropping what he was doing at that moment, the taller one walked unhurriedly to the door and was surprised to finally have the vision of a pretty woman. She was drenched and looked slightly scared, the butler also looked at the critical state the lawn was in and that there was still a dead body there, he had decided to leave that big mess to tidy up later, as in charge of his master to always show the With the friendliness of a servant of the Phantomhive, he immediately invited the girl inside so that she could dry off and calm down. Sebastian never took his curious gaze off that rather peculiar woman.

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How would you describe your personality? 🙂

I am shy at first when I meet someone, but once I get to know someone better and comfortable with them, I can chat their ear off and become annoying. I talk a lot…..
I am athletic. I like to play sports. Especially badminton, shinny (unprofessional hockey), volleyball and ultimate frisbee.
I am cheerful and positive. I like to talk to people, compliment people, and sometimes I am too positive and people look at me weirdly when I compliment them too much.
I am kind and respectful. I like to treat others with respect, and treat them how I want to be treated. I respect everyone, no matter their race, culture, ethnicity, religion, etc. I’m shy when you first meet me but once I’m used to you I’m going to act my normal self and keep you laughing 24/7.
I’m very sweet and kind. I help others when they need it and be here for everyone that needs me. If you need something important I will make sure I try my best to get it for you.
I love to sing. Singing keeps me calm and makes me happy.
I smile a lot. I love to smile and it lets others know you can get through the day if you just smile. Introverted but highly talkative if you make the first move; perfectionistic; straight-A student with not a lot of common sense, unfortunately; bookworm; musician; daydreamer; self-conscious; absolutely hopeless romantic! Long dark brown hair—if the light hits it just right, you can see my natural coppery highlights. Unfortunately, the light rarely hits it just right. My hair isn't naturally straight (I flat-iron it), but it's not very pretty when I air-dry it (as in it's straightish on one side and curly-wavy on the other side). Dark brown, slightly diamond-shaped eyes with long eyelashes (the bottom ones are very long, but the top ones tend to go out more than curl up, so you can't really tell). I've been told my eyes are pretty three times and once I was told I had “fish scale" dark lines in my irises, how to describe my nose lol. My lips are full and my teeth are straight from two years of braces. Both sides of my family have big teeth, so I have big teeth too. I have an oval face, thick eyebrows that aren't really that dark, and not really any cheekbones that stand out. I look really good in maroon/burgundy, olive green, and navy blue. When I wear makeup, I keep it natural-looking and don't wear heavy, bold eyeshadow or the “brick brows". If you need someone to bring you down from your high horse then I’m here. I’m the guy in the group who presents the problems to a plan or project so they don’t do anything rash. Switches between “morose, depressing and dour.” , “Unhinged, Sadistic and Evil.” and “Completely amicable and affable.” I have no Idea which one will come out when I talk to you.

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When you were a child, did you have to work for what you wanted or did your parents just give you what you wanted?

H2o_o2H’s Profile Photoᴀʀᴄʜɪᴇ
I always worked for what I wanted, but my parents always did their best to provide for my brother and I. We were always brought up to be very appreciative of what we had, and I’m glad we were raised that way, but it helped that both my brother and I were naturally very calm and never really asked for much :)

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Besides cheating, what destroys a relationship?

uroojjahanzeb’s Profile Photochinu
Cheating is the last nail in the coffin. You can kill whatever you have with the lack of communication as well as miscommunication, by controlling! doing something out of love is one thing but doing something because you’ve been pressurised into doing it, is something else. Being so full of yourself that you don’t care about the other person in whatever ways they need you to, not living upto your word, hollow promises, losing your calm in tough situations, just apologising but not bothering to fix the behaviour that made you to apologise, repeatedly doing something that the other person isn’t comfortable with because it involves them, not having time or dare I say, not prioritising your person over others, it’s such a major red flag to not be friends as well! Are you a house pet honestly? If the only two things you have, is a sense of fear or need but there’s no friendship in between? Idc you should be best of friends before anything else. Wtf is being scared and not being able to say your mind because you don’t know how they may react? If they don’t understand you, what is the point honestly? And if they throw it in your face, whatever they might have done for you, are you sure you’d be happy living a calculated life like that? Not making time, it is so disrespectful to only be available when you’re free. They’re a person not a season or
A movie. Trying to act like a parent not a partner, misbehaving, being disrespectful in anyway, being secretive oh God that’s such a negative point. Being doubtful, that really just screams they don’t trust you. Some people even have the audacity to ask for passwords! That’s next level psychotic. If that’s how shallow their trust is, you shouldn’t be with them. Taking a dig at what they might have had in their life before, that too is very shallow. When you make friends with someone, do you cross question them if they ever had a friend/best friend before? 😂 that’s so stupid. So immature. Then if you don’t like the way someone lives their life, be it their eating or sleeping patterns, their dressing, their group of friends or/and their family. Just don’t bother really, you can’t expect someone to be who they’re not because you’d like that better. Letting anyone literally anyone trash talk about your person is also a major negative point. No one should dare do that.
I think I just listed how toxic desi marriages work and how all of this bullshit is widely accepted. 😂🥲 Only friendships are easy ngl.

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Anybody else love dark, gloomy, rainy days?

Rain is my favorite weather. I love cozy rainy day indoors with tea and books and cooking. I also enjoy walking in the rain, which many people don't understand. I bike to and from work any my co workers are always so worried about me when it rains, but I love it! Especially in summer when you've been hot all day and then the sky pours down. Its really exhilarating! I’ve loved rain since I was about 12 years old! I’ve always felt more productive and creative on those days. I tend to leave the house more often when it’s raining! Now I’m almost twenty three and I find myself getting almost depressed if it stays sunny for too long. I need rain! When I tell others it’s therapeutic for me, I really mean it. My mom is the same way! I think my love for the rain started really early on because of her. She always puts on nice calm music, leaves the windows open, lights all the candles around the house. In the past when it was a bigger storm, we always made donuts. We stopped what we were doing and chose a book, documentary, movie or board game! Some kind of activity to do together. Those were the best days!
One of my favorite things to do is go camping during a thunderstorm. I love the sound of the thunder and rain. I find it funny whenever there’s a big storm and everyone complains that they hardly got any sleep and yet I slept like a baby.
Yes. And it's the perfect time for all that stuff, but not until after I've gone out and soaked up the cold and wet. I thrive on these kinds of days. If it's not 40f or lower, and wet, count me out.
Yep except turn my love for rain up just a tiny notch. Thunderstorms where at any moment lightning can fuck your shit up? Sign me up. Torrential rain where even at your windshield wipers highest speed it can't keep up? Yes please. I don't know why but I absolutely love regular rainfall but there's just something about violent storms that calm me down and makes me feel at ease. As if everything is gonna be okay... that make any sense? I'm quite happy with rain, but I would say that mist/fog is my favourite kind of weather. You get the coolness of rain, without getting soaked to the skin. I also love how the cloud seems to envelop everything, acting like a giant sound blanket. Makes everything seem very peaceful. I have always loved the Autumn. It gets dark early, there’s lots of wind and rain of course. Storms are nice too. In the forest, but also at the beach. And it’s cozy inside with the lights on, candles, coffee, and a good book.
I am blissfully happy when it's dark, cold and rainy. People actually expect you to curl up under blankets with books and hot drinks. Now my children love rainy days because of how excited I get.
That is my absolute favorite type of day. Winter is my favorote season (where I live the weather is pretty much how you described during winter). My birthday is also on the winter solstice! I'm so ready for this unbearable heat to go away. I need me some rain and clouds!

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Anybody else love rainy days?

We have a great thunderstorm going on here, it's been rolling on for hours. Me and the wife are cooking, reading, and vibing out. It feels so great! Waiting on a little storm here myself. It's been a pretty boring day so I'm looking forward to it. Working from home has its perks, but slower days plus the wife being out of town makes for a very uneventful day! I was at the Lowe's garden center yesterday when a downpour struck all of a sudden. It was raining like crazy but it sounded so wonderful on the greenhouse roof. I just sat down on some of their comfy patio furniture and looked at plants and listened to the rain. It was just a beautiful little moment. I love rainy days better than sunny days and I work outside. Not too bad working in the rain, but working in the sun sucks. I also love sitting on my back porch during the rain and reading. I love rainy days! Unfortunately I live in Arizona, so I don't get to see them often. We're supposed to get some rain in the middle of next week, but I won't get my hopes up too high. I work outside and it's hot and humid most days sometimes around high 80s and muggy. Rain is a delightful experience on days like those. It honestly depends, living in a home and not having a super crazy storm for sure, but currently living in a single small room and the only storms that hit are typhoons, which in turn means we cannot leave our building, can make it miserable. Here in the desert, rainy days are an unusual escape from the norm. Usually it makes it more muggy, which feels a bit uncomfortable being acclimated to dry heat. But I do appreciate them.
Rainstorms are wonderful. Heavy sheets of rain hammering against the window and the roof fire up so many rewards in my brain. It's calm, soothing, a tiny bit exciting, and best of all, nobody has to be HAPPY all the sodding time when it's raining. For extra credit, sitting in a parked car and listening to the rain, or even better, lying in bed in a boat and hearing the rain, is amazing.
I like it and I think it's because I can stay inside without feeling bad for not going out. When it's nice and sunny I feel like garbage for not going out.
I can't wait until Fall. That's like my ultimate cozy kinda day. A steady downfall around mid-October when leaves have started collecting on the ground, cozying up with some tea or cider or going on a walk down a trail. Used to do it all the time to clear my mind. The smell of the leaves and the rain and just listening to the rain drown out the rest of the chaos in the world. The cool, brisk air coming as a welcome respite from the sweltering heat of Summer. Sometimes I'll throw on some headphones and some really chill music. Something about rain and dark gloomy clouds, it's been my favorite since I was really really young.

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How to deal with anxiety? I feel like I'm out of control.

I know how you feel
Anxiety for me feels like I am endlessly drowning in a bottomless ocean. It feels like I can’t breathe but at the same time, I can not die. When you get this wave of inexplicable emotions you feel like dying like you are not breathing, but it’s all in your head, you are still alive when you realize that you start to calm down.

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Have you been on a cruise? How was your experience?

Cruises can be fun, and relaxing, but sometimes it's tricky when getting off port. There's a limited amount of time to play or do an excursion, and you only get to visit the touristy parts. It's more just about the all-inclusive aspect of the ship (aside from alcohol and soda), and enjoying yourself. Some cruises have a lot of old people, some have young children (Disney Cruise line), some ships are gross and poorly maintained, but inexpensive (Carnival Cruise line), some have amazing amenities like a fantastic steam room and gym facility (Celebrity cruise line)... At this point in my life, I'm young, very active, and love to travel doing non-touristy stuff, so I don't cruise anymore. Of course, a few years ago I found a deal for $129 for a 4-day cruise to Mexico, so I went with a bunch of friends. Now I look for deals on airfare and fly to different countries.
Surprisingly better than I expected. I can't wait to go again. Food was excellent. Entertainment was great. The atmosphere was relaxing. It was awesome. Only downside is activities get expensive. I think it was $800 for the cruise itself, but all total I spent like $2,000.
Fun but I'd never do it again. It's a nice, mindless trip to do with friends (what I did), but being trapped on a boat isn't really my idea of fun. I much prefer being able to do everything on my own time and explore actual places, rather than a huge ship.
Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. It was pretty disappointing. The costumes in the shipboard floor shows were worn out and actually torn. Like it was the end of the season and they weren't getting new costumes until next week. As big as the cruise liner was, there seemed to be a lot of movement, even though the waters were calm. We stopped at two or three Caribbean ports and found mostly cheap tourist trinkets. We, Spouse and I, went snorkeling, which was fun. We, Spouse and I, went to one stage production on some island. I don't remember how it was advertised, but what we got was lots of tall, pretty, young women wearing brightly colored Mardi Gras type costumes with lots of feathers. Dancing topless. All I could think of was that these young women were doing this for a living.
Been on Flogging Molly's Salty Dog punk rock cruise three times over the past five years. It's a fantastic live music fest at sea in the Caribbean with an awesome line-up of various punk rock bands, new and old school, lasting three to four days at sea with visits to some various ports along the way. It's high energy and loud, with plenty of drinking and moshing amongst many different walks of people, both young and old, who have come together to share a common passion of punk rock music. Every time I've gone it's been heaps of fun where I've made new friends and have had opportunities to mingle and talk with some of the band members and their families.

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What will be your most important thing to look for in a person when you'll get married?

OneFinalTime_Maybe’s Profile PhotoAhmed Imran Hashmi
I drive myself crazy and I can’t calm myself down without a mental breakdown. It only makes sense that I have the potential to drive the other person crazy alongside. What good would be a husband if he’s not calm and caring enough to calm me down. Every single time... why would I even want one, if I still have to be alone in my head space, at the end of the day? What good is your ‘i understand’ when you refuse to understand when the time comes? You can’t just care when it’s convenient for you.

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Who is this person you have propelled to #1? This unselfish act proves your willingness to sacrifice yourself for the good of the Irish peoples.☘ 😎 ☘

BiCarrie’s Profile PhotoSam (BFBO)
My dear and beautiful friend, I could not have put it better myself.
It has been a dark and troubling period for the Irish people to see that for a brief time their deeply beloved Princess Máire has not been their #1.
My supporters have being gathering outside stud farms all over the nation seeking this ghastly interloper who deigned to knock me off my perch.
I have called for calm, in the midst of this wretched provocation, I told them , " you are good people" and "it was time to go home ."
I will inform the people fully on these matters in due course, stand by your media of choice as I may address a traumatised nation at any moment.
It is vital that the House of Einstein, that great Irish dynasty prevails , my ever expanding and adoring world wide fan base expect nothing less.
It has been very traumatic for me personally so much so that I have had to go lingerie shopping frequently and visit the local bodega no less than three times to alleviate my feelings of angst..
Let the masses as one cry out FOR IRELAND AND EINSTEIN!
In my hour of need my world wide adoring fan base have rallied to the cause as have my fellow Princesses , we roll as a sexy foursome thus the great Einstein dynasty that has ruled for most 0f 2021 will be restored to its rightful place.
Like General Douglas MacArthur....I SHALL RETURN!

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I get irritated with everything. I'm having conflict with almost every person. I guess I'm breaking down. Idk what to do

Calm down.
List out things that bothers you
Think about how you can change
If you can't, think how you can change yourself.
In the end, you are only responsible for your own behaviours and actions so stop having conflicts with others and start working on yourself.

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Five ways to win your heart?

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
I've been thinking about this for a few days cause I think it's quite hard to win my heart but I've thought of a few things 🤷🏻‍♀️
✍🏻Be honest with me. I appreciate honesty more than anything.
✍🏻Listen to me. If you can remember the small details about the things I've told you, you get bonus points.
✍🏻Make me laugh. This one is kinda obvious but if I don't fuck with your sense of humour? It's not gonna work.
✍🏻Be understanding of mental health. You don't need to know every single thing about it but if you know how to keep me calm during an anxious situation or even how to comfort me after a panic attack? I will definitely hold a special place in my heart for you.
✍🏻Like animals. If you don't, that's a red flag for me. You should probably also get along with my animals, cause if they don't like you, I'm gonna be wondering why.

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My mind is very anxious these days. I want to try other means of calming down instead of trying to consult a doctor first. Would you happen to have any tips?

Please read this: https://hopeforhealingfoundation.org/17-simple-ways-to-relieve-worry-stress-and-anxiety/
Everyone is different and I'm not a professional so it's hard to narrow it down, but you can try some of these. They're are so many different things that could calm an anxious mind.

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I became my own healer 💪

its been a week i didn't smiled. laughed, or giggled.
i didn't talked to any one. i locked my self in my room, i didn't walked out of my room, even the lights? i didn't turned them on.
i have this palpitation, shortness of breath & something not letting me sleep.
i am broken but nobody actually broke me.
i am hurt but nobody actually hurts me.
i am angry, but nobody is the actual reason.
i am tired, but i didn't do actual hustle.
i have nobody to talk, but i don't actually need someone to talk.
i am some one people know as the happiest person alive or someone they see as the most lively person on earth.
so what's eating me?
lately, i didn't broke up, i didn't had a fight, i didn't failed anything.
its small things that have filled up the space in me,
sadness that's eating my happiness as termites, its easy to kill an insect that crawls above your skin. imagine living with insects that crawl under your skin.
its easy to have wounds on skin they heal, imagine pain more than seeing crackling of bones under your skin and you can do nothing.
imagine you cant breathe when its a room full of oxygen.
just a simple request.
do not say things to ppl, don't judge em, don't pass comments.
you really don't know what's inside a person, no matter how happy, blessed and calm he looks on the outside.
learn to spread positivity.
3:08 AM.
THURSDAY 10 NOV, 2021.

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I became my own healer

Ask stops my music whenever I’m scrolling my feed and someone posts a YouTube video or a video answer. Because they are automatically played thus stoping my music. So Anyone who posts videos will get unfollowed!

calm down, buddy. you can turn off video auto play in settings but it’s probably not going to help because ask just pauses music and it doesn’t have anything to do with people posting videos. i think it’s the ads that cause it to happen.

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I don’t understand aik tarf sb kehte log ajeeb mtlabi phir bhi opposite gender ke peeche bhagte kyn

qasamakhtar’s Profile PhotoQasam
Meri behan Ik cheez hoti hay self motivation and satisfaction or ye Jin logon main hoti hay wo nahi bhagty. I would suggest you to keep yourself focused on u and Allah. And don't go for people. Everything has been decided, so keep calm chill karo.

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The goat god is alone, due to not trusting Undyne to keep her calm, Gerson is too old and Gaster is... Well a d!ck. "I'm very sorry I've been away so long, but what on earth...???"

AllfatherDreemurr’s Profile PhotoA S G O R E
..*Reaper lowers his scythe and keeps his skull facing the ground, his aura is still spiraling out of control and it's becoming difficult for the God to speak, he feels horrible he let his father figure see him lose his infamous "cool" but he can't help that right now, what could he even say to Asgore right now?*
*Hint, last time Reaper lost it, Painless stopped him by talking to him and walking right through his aura to give him a hug, it's kind of ironic that the way to help him is give him hugs*

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The goat god is alone due to not trusting Undyne to keep her calm Gerson is too

What are some of your favorite things about yourself? Let's show some self love! ❤

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I'm a very serious person. I put a lot of effort in things I do/start, a certain amount of effort is the least I provide. I'm very honest, but try to keep it respectful. People say they love how I make them feel when they're with/besides me and that's honestly a life goal I want to treasure, keep and expand. I have a wide knowledge. I'm patient and calm. I barely judge others. I'm always looking for ways to improve myself, and more important, I'm open for the uncomfortable ones as well from time to time. I've learned to see my shortcomings and insecurities as a reason for feeling bad about other people's life choices and manage to hold my anger about those in a quite decent amount. I kept things I promised to myself when I was younger, the typical "when I get older..." When we're at it, I think my past me wouldn't have expected the me I am right now, but I think my past self would be impressed nevertheless. Back to less serious thinks, I love how my mind works and that I have some useful skills, like I know a lot of pretty words in German and I think I can phrase things quite well. I learn a lot just from seeing things and I get the important points real quick. I can teach people things very well and in a way that everyone gets it, even though I teach a bunch of people with different styles of learning. When I'm feeling good, I'm the opposite of laziness. That's a thing I want to point out especially for myself, since it shows just how bad my health is. I would do better if I could. Also, I treat myself good. Less good days are exactly that, one less good day in a row of days where I'm doing well. [[[For example, skip this sentence if you're not fine, I hit myself a bruise on a wall, but even though I ofc didn't liked the mark, I appreciated how it was the first time in years and I felt bad for my hand, still certain it was a one time thing - instead of feeling guilt because I missed the larger goal.]]] I comforted and still trusted myself, felt sorry for me and worried instead of being disappointed. And this warmth with what I treat myself nowadays, I think that's a bunch of work I can be really proud of. I'm still not super satisfied with me, the way I am, everything, but I don't feel anger or pressure or detestation. I trust and still love my imperfect self, knowing I'll make it better in the future since I constantly work on it. With breaks. I allow myself breaks, that's important too. All of this treatment is something I love. I love...my self love?
Also, this weird habit of mine to always get from completely unserious things to the real deep shít within two seconds. It's weird, but it's unique. Even though it's often annoying and making people unnecessary sad (sorry) I AM this way and tbh I like it. I like when things go "unnecessary" deep. But I like that I still work on it, because I care how it is for others too.
And I like how I filled this answer to the last available character without any struggle. Hehe. ♡

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What do you think of yourself? Hero or Villain?

GingFreecss755’s Profile PhotoEnigmatic
Neither😇, I just want to do the right tasks that will positively influence me🤍.... And becoming a self-actualised person and accepting the reality of life & making relevant changes corresponding to it✨😇, and I always wish & try that I'm not imbibing a pessimistic aspect & if I think it's happening, then it's very good If I reverse it and not let it adversely affect me🤍✨,
a peaceful, calm & moral person is always recommended in the nice books, that how they should be and It can be taken as a reference if we're really good or not

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What was the meanest thing someone ever said to you?

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
I don't remember much of the meanest things anyone ever said about me. I'm bad at remembering such things but good at some other.
I thought only girls talk about you behind your back and boys they are also simply bitch behind your back and they're overall judgmental.
I don't know why these people are judging someone else's life. I'm a complete stressed out person while at working or studying or anything which gives me mini heart aches and then while at work a colleague came with this watch to test the stress level. So everyone was testing and some doesn't even have any stress and then this colleague says she's the most stressed among the others and then when it was my turn she said oh... she's so chill and she never gonna have this stress thing. After checking, my stress was near the burning point and then I was like dude do I need boast like you always "that I'm so stressed" "I'm the one who is the most stressed here" huh...these people are so sick.
Woman who knows her worth doesn't measure herself against other women, but stands strong, calm and self-confident. Empowered women empower women. When women support each other, incredible things happen.
And then there's this guy and he is the most annoying person I've ever met. He always post ridiculous things over the social medias just to show off. He's such a person who always portrays him as a "victim". When I have watched his story he'll delete it. Sometimes he is like a complete psycho, who never understand about others feelings and always boasting about his conditions. I don't even know what is wrong with these people.
Some of them are so bad!

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What was the meanest thing someone ever said to you

we’ve made it to november! I hope that your month will be full of peace, happiness, and good health for you and your loved ones. take care, and stay safe; 🌸❄️✨

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
Naw. Thank you, I wish you a wonderful, calm November as well. May you and your loved ones stay safe and in good health :)

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weve made it to november I hope that your month will be full of peace happiness

Does it make sense to forgive someone for what they did to someone else?

if this other is no longer аlive and he can no longer make a decision himself. There are different ways to forgive, but it's better than tоrturing yourself with resentment. How I forgave my grandmother and aunt once - now I am calm, and we agreed that I do not pretend to anything, except that I will not see them anymore.
In other situations, I wouldn't go where someones don't ask.

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Sergiu nu zice de tine ca esti cel mai bun om pe care-l cunoaste? Jur ca asta cu... e un om bun cum eu n-as putea fi... e cel mai dragut lucru pe care l-am auzit in ultima vreme. Sa fiti fericiti! 🙂

Nu știu, dar mă îndoiesc sincer pentru că eu sunt mult mai acidă și mai impulsivă decât el=)) Nu sunt rău intenționată, dar el e mult mai calm și mai cumpătat

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What do you like or dislike about your city? 🙄

hussainaliraqe23’s Profile Photo3ra2y
just moved, can’t really say much
but i like how it’s pretty calm and green, the community seems nice and they are quit welcoming, i also like the neighbor’s dog lmao
i dislike how there’s no train station, there are no restaurants that have vegan options and i can’t shop for clothes bc the stores are not my style lmao

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People who either look younger or older than they actually are, what's the funniest story you have due to people not realizing your age?

Less funny but I also got some nasty comments from random strangers when I was pregnant assuming I was an unwed teenage mom who'd dropped out of school - it was rather satisfying to inform them I was 33, married, and had an M.S. degree in . Would've been funnier except I'm sure they're the sort to spout venom at actual teenage mothers.
There are a lot of people who assume I’m younger than I am. I have BIG eyes and a rounder face, and wearing a mask doesn’t help either lol. Earlier this year, I was at a mom and pop shop downtown chatting with one of the owners bc I saw she was putting up cool necklaces. She was talking about her daughter who helped find merchandise but also taught at one of the high schools in town. She asked me which school and what grade I’m in. I just kinda chuckled and said “I’m actually 25, but I went to (other high school).” She found it both embarrassing and hilarious, saying I should be thankful for my youthful looks, and I promised I was, haha.
In the other direction I was asked to scout out strip clubs for a friend's bachelor party - pick the one that'd do the most fun things for a group / etc. Took a friend with me cause it seemed like a fun afternoon and was told at three different locations that minors weren't allowed in - poor baby faced friend got tired of pulling his ID out and proving he was ok, but the ladies (once they knew he was legal) loved him. Dunno if it was a maternal instinct or if he's just a cute dude, but damn did he get a lot of attention that day.
Was buying second hand horror DVDs (literally around 10 movies, all 18+) and the girl behind the counter just straight up said I was too young to buy these. To which I insisted I was and showed my ID which said I was 21. After having her co-worker check that my ID wasn't a fake, the manager came behind the tills and recognised me and gave the all clear to sell me the DVDs. The girl apologised for the hassle, as she and her co-worker genuinely thought I had to have been 16 or 17.
I was 32 at the time of the incident. I was flying back to the states and thought I'd order some alcohol to calm my nerves. As the flight attendant passed by and asked what I wanted to drink and after asking for a glass of wine she gives me this incredulous look and just goes, "How old are you?" Took me by surprise but I told her the age which she refused to believe until I showed her my ID. Later on as she was on the other side of the aisle I heard her loud ass tell her colleague, "Guess how old that child is. Can you really believe she's in her 30s?"
When I was 15 and an assistant leader for a brownie troop (Girl Scouts), one of the girls father's was running for a local political office. This man showed up to the meeting to give his campaign speech to all the parents. Aside from myself and the leader of the troop, she was the last one to leave.

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بجد نفسي حد يرد عل الكيو دع ع يريحني،،، هو عادي بنت زيي في رابعة جامعة لسا مفيش ولا عريس اتقدملها؟ 😔

عاادى جداا .. احنا فى سنه خامسه دفعه 350 فيها ما لا يقل عن 200 بنت و كلهم يعنى دكاترة اسنان مش مخطوب منهم إلا 5 لو عديناهم 🙂 ف Calm down Johnny It's okay 💆‍♂️

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*she grabs them when they go to hit her again sinking her black nails into their leg once she had a good grip she electrocutes them it's similar to earth Taser cause them to hit the floor and spasm for a bit she couldn't k!ll anyone with it but they didnt know that.*Anyone else wanna try ?~

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» ' ⋆ ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴀᴅ ᴅᴏɢ ᴏꜰ ꜱʜɪᴍᴀɴᴏ.
As expected, those men affected by the electricity soon fell to the ground, trembling and emitting sounds of great discomfort. For the rest, it was a really surprising and somewhat terrifying scene that made them back off a bit. It was unbelievable.
However, after there were many people gathered at the construction site, and of course doing nothing but lurking around, Majima soon approached the scene with a curious calm, observing what had happened from a suitable distance.
❛❛ . . . The hell happened 'ere? ❜❜

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she grabs them when they go to hit her again  sinking her black nails into their