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Have you ever been camping? ⛺ 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ƬΣПΛᄃIӨЦƧ ƬӨMMΛY™ ▩ ♚ ☻
I have been a few times! My most memorable camping trip was one where my family went canoeing up a river to our camping spot. It was quite nice! Up until sometime in the early hours of the morning where a big herd of young bulls were trudging towards our camp. Luckily we noticed it in time and my dad chased them off 🐮
Have you ever been camping

Have you ever been camping? ⛺ 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ƬΣПΛᄃIӨЦƧ ƬӨMMΛY™ ▩ ♚ ☻
I looooove camping Tomcat! I haven’t been since we had kids though. I get a bit more nervous with the babies. Still, when they get older, we’ll definitely make it a family affair!
Have you ever been camping

Best way to dispose of a body? 🌚

saadniazi61’s Profile PhotoSAAD NIAZI.
Step 1: Inject a poison into the body
Step 2: wait for a while till the blood clots in veins so it would be less messy
Step 3: cut the body into fine pieces
Step 4: put them in a pressure cooker with loads of meat tenderiser
Step 5: put the whole pot in car and leave for a camping trip
Step 6: find a snake pit and feed the poisonous meat to the snakes so they could have a taste of their own medicine 🤝🤝🤝

Say you were gonna sleep at a place with no beds, what would you bring to make yourself comfortable? 🛏️🚫

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
A sleeping bag seems the obvious answer! Me and my fiance own a reeeaallly good one that we bring with us on camping trips, music festivals, etc. It's nice and thick, layer an extra blanket on top and it's pretty comfy. Makes sleeping on the ground a whole lot easier.

¿Has estado alguna vez de camping? ¿Me recomiendas algun camping en concreto?

veroverito13’s Profile Photo★v★
Shi. La última vez fue hace ya 10 años, en Zahora, en el Camping Caños de Meca. Aunque estuve en bungalow, había zona de camping y estaba súper bien. Tenía un Covirán y todo y podías hacer tus comprillas sin necesidad de desplazarte, con la playa y restaurantes a dos pasos. Con un bar en la piscina, aquello era una maravilla vamos.
Ese lo recomiendo mucho, después de pequeña me llevaron un par de veces de camping a Ronda, pero no recuerdo ni siquiera qué camping era, eso si, aquello era muy muy salvaje, nada de bares en piscinas ni esas pijoterías JAJAJAJA

Say you were gonna sleep at a place with no beds, what would you bring to make yourself comfortable? 🛏️🚫

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
That’s definitely very difficult for me but I remember when I’ve gone camping I usually sleep on a cot that’s somewhat comfortable because I put blankets to make it a bit more comfortable and cozy!

Do you feel comfortable with the thought of sharing an embarrassing childhood event that still has an impact on you today?

When I was around 12, maybe 13 I did the milking for our friends next farm. After we watched some horror vampire movie and then I walked home down a road with pine tree edges. There was a loud sound in a tree right beside me and I nearly crapped my pants and bolted home (it was possum btw) Still now, more than 10 years later, I think of that damn vampire movie when I hear noises in the dark out camping 😂😂😂😂

Where’s your next holiday? What will you be doing? Relaxing or adventures?

I haven’t decided yet, I have been offered a working holiday up North that sounds exciting but dad wants a camping vacation here in Tassie up in the highlands 🤷🏻‍♂️
Maybe I’ll go with dad, I feel I owe him one and there will be other times I can go up North hey

5 Vorlieben - part II - Min Jun/ Landon

reversereaction_’s Profile Photoreversedreamer
Min Jun
Backen – Min Jun liebt es zu backen. Er verbindet viele gute Erinnerungen mit seiner Familie damit und es gibt ihn ein gewisses Gefühl von Geborgenheit und zuhause.
Cafés – Min Jun geht gerne in Cafés. Er liebt Kaffee und er arbeitet einfach besser in der Atmosphäre, lernt dort oder liest einfach.
Lesen – Min Jun liebt es zu lesen. Er liest so ziemlich alles was er in die Finger bekommt – egal ob Fiktion oder Sachbücher.
Regentage – Min Jun hat Regentage schon immer geliebt. Er liebt es diese Tage in dseiner Wohnung zu verbringen und dem Regen zuzuhören, aber wenn es nicht zu stark regnet, mag es er es auch durch den Regen zu Spazieren – Mit Regenschirm natürlich. Er mag einfach die Ruhe und die frische und der Geruch von frischem Regen.
Fotografie – Er liebt es zu fotografieren, das ist einer der Gründe warum er als Fotograf bei der Studierendenzeitung ist. Man sieht ihn oft mit seiner Kamera rumlaufen.
Reisen – Wie man sich vielleicht denken kann liebt es Landon zu reisen und neue Orte kennenzulernen. Es muss nicht mal weit sein, ein neues Land, auch nur ein Trip zur nächsten Stasdt, die er nicht kennt bereitet ihm Freude.
Camping – Landon ist gerne in der Natur und er liebt es zu Campen, vor allem mit Freunden. Lagerfeuer, Schwimmen gehen, einfach die Ruhe der Natur genießen und etwas abseits der Zivilisation zu sein.
Sport - Klettern, Surfen, Quidditch. Er liebt es sich zu bewegen, aber die Drei Dinge liebt er besonders. Aber auch so mochte er es immer neue Sportarten auszuprobieren.
Parties – Landon liebt Parties – egal ob groß oder Klein. Er mag es einfach unter Leuten zu sein und Spaß zu haben. Generell hasst er es sich zu langweilen.
Drama – Landon ist eine sehr entspannte Person und er versteht es nicht, wenn Leute sich künstlich aufregen oder es gerade zu genießen Drama zu verursachen. Er möchte sich nicht streiten oder dauernd diskutieren, sondern einfach ganz entspannt sein Leben leben.

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¿Prefieres ir de camping o de hotel?

Prefiero disfrutar de la conexión con la naturaleza, el aire libre y desconectar. También puedo hacer senderismo y observar las estrellas, entre otras cosas.🌿 ¡La aventura del camping es emocionante, nunca sabes qué puede pasar jajaja! Además, es más económico que el alojamiento en un hotel. No hay nada como acampar y despertar rodeado de la belleza natural 🏕️
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Was würdet ihr auf einem Date unternehmen, wenn Sie möchte, dass es etwas außergewöhnliches ist? Also nicht Kino, Essen etc.🤔

Ganz ehrlich: Mir ein anderes Date suchen.
Ich hätte in der Zukunft keine Lust auf ständiges Rätselraten. Etwas Außergewöhnliches kann alles sein. Angeln gehen, Camping in der Wildnis, Besuch im Schlachthaus… Ich bin mir sehr sicher, sie würde alles davon hassen.

hey how are you xo, hope you like your new clothes and hey and you deserve to be treated ngl xx

zactc’s Profile Photozack vaughan
Hey, I’m fine. Feeling quite tired today, didn’t sleep too well. How are you? How was your camping trip? And thank you, I do love the shorts I got and I’m surprised I found a dress I liked in the end! Very plain black dress. So hard to find a summer dress that isn’t bright and very flowery 😅

What's your thrill-seeking hobby?

I fly an airplane. It really isn't a thrill-seeking activity, as most pilots take every possible step to reduce or eliminate risk. Still, there's a nice adrenalin boost when you get down 20' over the runway, struggling with a gusty crosswind....
Well, let's see. I like to ride motorcycles, explore dangerous places, take pictures of dangerous animals, sail in my 8' homemade boat, hang gliding, paragliding, go camping, (this is a wolf in one of the campgrounds I've stayed in. We've also had bear in the campgrounds, but I didn't get a picture), SCUBA dive, go caving, canoeing, and, um, other things. Before I moved last year I flew planes. I got my solo but not my license because I moved before I had enough classes to test. Now all of my time is occupied by school so I can't do lessons for a few years. Flying at night is soooo fun!
The first time I did night flight we practiced landings. Each time we went through we would do a different simulated failure (no landing lights, no flaps, blah blah.) Since I was at a tiny airstrip in Ohio we has pilot operated runway lights, which means that to turn on the lights on the edges of the runway you tap the talk button on your radio 5 times really fast. The lights go off after like 20 minutes or something, and it was a 1 hour lesson. Normally they would go off while we were in the pattern so it didn't matter.
On the last landing we were doing no flaps, no engine (power all the way down), no electric. So inside the plane is completely dark, and the big headlight-ish thing is out. When you don't have flaps you can do what's called a slip, which means that you basically use the entire side of the plane to slow down by going in crooked and then straightening out near the runway.
So, I'm going down, and I'm turning out of the slip. The last bit where I'm going straight is probably like 30 feet off the ground. Right before you hit you're supposed to flare, which means that you pull back and make the back wheels hit first. (It can cause damage to the plane if you don't.) So I'm going, and I'm getting really close to where I need to flare, and the runway timer runs out. Now everything is pitch black and I have no idea where the ground is. Luckily my first reaction was to turn the lights back on, and I actually made a pretty good landing.
Ice climbing! I'm at the experience level where I've just started doing leads, which can be pretty thrilling before the climb.
Open track days, there's nothing quite like legally pushing your car to it's limits (and sometimes beyond).
Bike riding through Ethiopia with a pound of bologna tied to my neck.

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#PreguntaDeRelato ¿Cuál el peor sitio en el que te has alojado? Ya sea por la calidad del sitio, por el trato recibido, o por una mala experiencia

Fui a Navahermosa (Toledo) a visitar a una amiga. Fui con mi familia, y nos alojamos en el camping del pueblo. Y el bungalow era un desastre. Las literas se movían que daba gusto. Parecía que se iba a romper en cualquier momento y más teniendo en cuenta que yo no me paro quieto
Luego, el baño, que no llegue a usar, estaba como en una altura diferente que el resto del bungalow
Pero... fue una experiencia de esas que no olvidas. Nos lo pasamos bien jajaja, pero sin duda ha sido el peor alojamiento en el que he estado

Where did you go on your last vacation and how much did it cost you? Was it worth it?

I went to Cornwall for a camping holiday for the week. The campsite had a private lake you could swim, row and fish in. We also went surfing, kayaking and coasteering. Detoured to the Eden Project on the way back. The most expensive thing was eating at Rick Stein's seafood restaurant where it was about £120 for two people. All together, including the petrol to drive the 300 miles there, I reckon we spent about £450 for two people.
Toronto! It was somewhere in the mid-hundreds for all 3 of us to go for a weekend. We drove there, visited the CN Tower and aquarium, walked to a food festival, and spent the evening playing in a park. The next day, we breakfasted in the Kensington Market area and spent the rest of the day walking and eating around Chinatown before driving home. It was absolutely worth it! I really enjoyed going without a full itinerary and staying in a relatively cheap hotel within walking distance of almost everything we wanted to explore. France and Belgium, staying in Amiens, Ypres, Brussels and Bruges. Travel and accommodation was probably £500 each I think. More was spent on food and good beer. My next holiday is going to be Cancun in October/November for a week. I’m going to the Beloved Playa Mujeres which is a properly fancy all inclusive, adults only resort. That cost £1500 each, including flights. It will be worth it. I plan to make the most of the all inclusive stuff!
Total 300€ per person for about a week in Malta in February. We had already visited Malta in August 2016 and still had a few things on our list that we didn't have time to do back then, plus I wanted to escape our harsh weather for a bit. It was worth it. Malta in February is much warmer than Germany, where I'm from, in February (though of course way too cold to swim in the sea or something). It didn't rain at all I think. There were relatively few tourists and the hotel was cheap because it was off season. All in all it was probably the best destination possible for the date and budget.
Las Vegas back in June. Between the two of us, probably $2000, most of which was spent on airfare (we live in a small city in the middle of nowhere and no close big cities), entertainment and food since EVERYTHING is marked up there. We had a lot of fun though so it was worth it. Split a room with my mom and aunt, but they paid for most of that since they wanted the fancy suite with two bedrooms. We saw Rod Stewart, the Michael Jackson One show, and spent a day going to the Grand Canyon. Not big on gambling, but we still had a blast.
Had a mini break in the National Forest for a couple of nights with Beard and Child. Paid minimal moneys for a YHA room, self catered on the cheap, visited an amazing outdoor activity centre on clubcard vouchers. Kiddo made friends, we sat around drinking cider in the sun. Including petrol and food we probably paid about £70 for the weekend. Cheapskate breaks are my favourite, we're hoping to have another one in a few weeks.

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Are you ever jealous?

I really struggle with jealousy. Ever since I started dating I would be overwhelmed with jealousy if I ever saw my partner even look at anyone else. Then my (then, now ex) husband cheated on me. All of this combined into a rat king of potential issues for me. But instead of becoming a crazy person I took a deep breath and realized my jealousy wasn't helping a goddamn thing. I was upset all the time, my partners were upset with me. So I decided to change.
I struggle with jealousy if I only like the guy, or it's kind of a crush. If we're in a relationship, all of that worry kind of goes away. He chose to date me, if I didn't trust him wholeheartedly then I wouldn't be with him, and if other girls find him attractive, it only makes me feel a weird and twisted sense of pride.
Now that I have a reinforced sense of self worth both within and without, my lack of jealousy serves me just fine. If I were jealous-natured today I figure I would just create self-fulfilling prophecy and drive away good things. Like pride, I don't see jealousy often being useful beyond a certain point, more often it is harmful to the feeler and the relationships the feeler has...but then, I can only say that through observation. It's never been my problem except for being on the receiving end (that is, a partner being unduly jealous with me, which didn't serve either of us because my sense of loyalty is strong to a flaw!)
I'd say I was the jealous type in a sense but nowhere near your sister. My jealousy is not because I think my bf has bad intentions or that he flirts with anyone. I trust him and he is a good man. I mostly get my feathers ruffled because I know what other women (or girls I suppose they are) are up to. Some of the shit they say to him trying to provoke him, or comments and likes on social media and stuff...he doesn't respond and he's good about it, but the girls piss me off. I rarely if ever mention it to him though...I figure it's my problem and he shouldn't have to deal with it if I can help it.
I started out like it. My SO flirts with everyone. When I say everyone, I mean, everyone. Girls his age, girls younger than him, older than him, teachers, professors, store clerks, everyone. He doesn't even realize it a lot of the time. He just thinks thats how to talk to people. At first It really bothered me. We fought a lot about it. But I realized that he loved me. He would never do anything to hurt me, and he's really cut back on it as well when he realized how much it bothered me.
I was cheated on by my ex boyfriend, so jealousy can be an issue, but I try to keep it out of my current relationship as much as possible. There hasn't been any really big things happen yet, except two of his friends that have flirted with him in the past and some chick who flirted with him on a camping trip. He's open and honest, so I know he would never lie to me or cheat on me, which helps tremendously with not feeling jealous.

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Como ya sabéis todos mi cumpleaños es el 10 de Septiembre 😇♍ Ojalá ese día me mandéis felicitaciones, abrazos y fotos de gatitos eso me haría re feliz~😸 Me podéis dar ideas divertidas y únicas de que hacer/como celebrar mi cumpleaños? 💓

Sí, estoy feliz y emocionada por tu cumpleaños. Y aunque crezcas siempre serás mi pequeña Hannahicita. 🤧
Claro que te felicitare en persona y en todas las redes, te enviaré muchas fotos de gatos y te daré muchos abrazos.
Lo que quieras hacer y lo que más te guste, pero te diré algunas ideas.
Ir de vacaciones.
Día de spa.
Escape room.
Día en la playa.
Fiesta con temática Re: Zero o Eeveelutions.
Fiesta de pijamas con temática Halloween.
Algún parque safari.
¡Pero solo ve a algún lugar que te gustaría, además puedes celebrar tu cumpleaños por una semana entera si quieres! Tú decides. :)

Where do you prefer to stay on vacation: a tent/caravan, camping, rental, b&b, family, hotel or resort? Why do you prefer to stay there?

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl (only English and Dutch)
If I have the option I'll almost always pick to stay at an apartment hotel, especially during really long trips! It gives you a lot of options when it comes to food. If you have at least a microwave you can be very flexible and not have to eat out every day. When I spent a month in Australia I saved quite a bit of money being able to bring something home during the evening and simply heat it up. And having a proper fridge makes it so you can plan meals ahead of time and take those with you 🥪
Where do you prefer to stay on vacation a tentcaravan camping rental bb family

فكرتي تعملي Camping قبل كده ؟

فكرت طبعا وكنت هروح الصحرا البيضا خلاص نقضي كام يوم نعيش فيهم جو camping بس للاسف مكملتش
حاولنا نعوضها بسهرات الخيم وحفلات الباربيكيو في وادي استارز في دهب بيبقو كام ساعه بس متعه ولا شبكة ولا اي حاجة انت والجبال والرمل في الصحرا 😍

Pobre tu mujer Manu, no tienes perdon jjjj 😂😂😂 Por motivos ajenos a mi voluntad me he tenido qe venir pal camping con urgencia ( estoy encantado, eso tb) y ando d "guardia" por asi decirlo, hubo un problema en el camping y avisaron a mi padre, y vine yo qe qdaron todos pal pueblo, y tu?

Kalla eh kalla ke kontento m tiene pff iba a decir ke ya t kontare xro no mejor no, ke luego tengo ke aguantarte jajajjajaj
Xto tdo bn loko? Esta todo bn?
Yo estoy trabajando tobia hijine ke ya sabes ke los jayeles no vienen solos jajajjaja

Where do you prefer to stay on vacation: a tent/caravan, camping, rental, b&b, family, hotel or resort? Why do you prefer to stay there?

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl (only English and Dutch)
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I think I'm okay with everything except for outdoor sleeping.
I always thought that was a super romantic thing, but my first time sleeping in a tent was when I visited Wacken. I believe that was around 2014/2015. It was that year when the whole place was flooded with rain and so the tent was carried away by the water. That was definitely an experience I don't wish to repeat.

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