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Emma_Rfq’s Profile PhotoEman
RUSSIAN PRESIDENT, Vladimir Putin Says: Pakistan Is A Cemetery For Pakistani’s:
"When a Pakistani becomes rich, his bank accounts are in Switzerland. He travels to London/ America for Medical treatment.
He invests in Uk/ Dubai. He buys from Dubai. He consumes Chinese. He prays in Rome or Mecca. His children study in Europe. He travels to Canada, USA, Europe for tourism.
If he die, he will be buried in his native country of Pakistan.
Pakistan is just a cemetery for Pakistani’s. How could a cemetery be developed?"

Co najbardziej lubi pić? ☕

usafacts’s Profile Photousa facts
🍭 | Dahyun & Tzuyu - mleko czekoladowe
🍭 | Nayeon - grapefruitade
🍭 | Sana - grapefruitade, jogurtowe smoothie, Bubble Tea
🍭 | Jeongyeon & Jihyo - Americano
🍭 | Mina - Americano, Canada Dry Ginger Ale
🍭 | Momo - różane mleko Pokka Bandung, napoje gazowane
🍭 | Chaeyoung - Bosung Flower Tea
🍭 | Nayeon, Momo i Sana lubią też wino, poza tym SaMo lubią również od czasu do czasu wypić piwo.
Co najbardziej lubi pić

If you have flown, what do you think of the general experience of flying? 🛩

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
i have once, when i was 5 when we moved from new brunswick canada to alberta canada where i currently reside (almost 19 years now lmao) and honestly i cried and was so scared the whole time i never wanna fly again xD

Do you feel that we are being forced to take these vaccines against our will

That is exactly what mandates are about. Several members of the US military have already been dismissed for refusing to get vaccinated. In my state (New York), many government workers, hospital workers, police officers, firefighters, etc., have been terminated for refusing. No exemptions. There are thousands of similar cases throughout the entire country (mostly in Blue states, of course). Vaccine mandates have been imposed in numerous other countries too. The whole trucker convoy matter in Canada was literally about vaccine mandates and there have been protests throughout the US, UK, France and several European countries. The same holds true for New Zealand and Australia. The situation is China has probably been the worst - people are still being confined to their homes and denied "privileges" such as purchasing groceries, medications and basic necessities. I am absolutely stunned by those who insist that "nobody is being forced to get vaccinated," especially when this issue has received so much media coverage. I can only conclude that they are extremely ignorant, lying or shilling for Big Pharma. Perhaps all three?

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Do you feel that we are being forced to take these vaccines against our will

¿Dónde te gustaría vivir?

¡Buenas noches! 🎆🌟
🔸Dentro del mismo país me encantaría vivir en Valdivia o en Frutillar o Puerto Montt, aunque me encanta el puerto.
🔸Fuera de Chile me encantaría vivir en Estados Unidos 🇺🇲 o Canadá, Irlanda 🇮🇪, aunque si por cosas del destino me toca otros países como Italia🇮🇹, España 🇪🇸, etc yo feliz, me gustan esos otros países pondría más en práctica el inglés.

If you could, would you travel the world?

JoeeeMason’s Profile PhotoJoe Edward Mason
I would travel to certain places, I wouldn't want to visit any of the countries where women's rights don't exist nor would I be interested in going to certain places in Africa or Australia, my agoraphobia couldn't cope with the size of their spiders 😫 but I'd be down to explore more of Europe and I would love to go to Canada and Japan!

Is it true that some twitter users are deleting their twitter accounts because Elon Musk purchased twitter?

Tens of thousands of twitter users have deleted their twitter accounts in protest. According to long time twitter user Tim Young, the people who deleted their twitter accounts after Elon Musk bought twitter, are the same people who wear masks when driving alone in their cars.
I suppose one might hypothesize that they are also the same twitter users who promised they would move to Canada if Trump were elected president in 2016. Sadly, these woke activists never moved, but decided to remain in the United States instead.
Is it true that some twitter users are deleting their twitter accounts because

Why do you enjoy travelling?

But in all seriousness, in our modern society, especially in a city, there is very little outlet for that primal urge in most people for adventure, danger, pitting yourself against nature etc. Travelling gives you that sense of adrenaline the first time you see Kilimanjaro appear in the distance or that time that pretty Colombian woman smiles at you from across the bar in Cali. At least those are my reasons to travel. There is nothing quite like the rush you get from finally summiting a big peak, or dropping into the spectacular depths of a coral reef. Traveling takes away everything you are comfortable with, and lets you expand into your surroundings. I've travel all over the US and parts of Canada and when I first ventured out of the US to Western Europe I was hit by so many simple differences. All over the US our electrical plugs are the same, our toilets flush the same way, you use the same money, etc. In Europe, I would travel to a country that was an hour away and need different money (prior to the Euro), the plug might be different (UK to France), etc. I came back from first trip with a new perspective....just because you did it differently doesn't mean its wrong...its just different. I love that feeling and I love finding it again when I travel along with the wonder sights, sounds and tastes. For me, it's a fascination of how people of other cultures live their lives, what they talk about, what they see on a daily basis. I also love seeing history up close and personal. For example being in the Colosseum in Rome, a couple of thousand year old building, still standing. That, to me, is breathtaking.
I've been traveling domestically since I was 6 weeks and internationally from 9 months. It's honestly how I grew up. Even if we always went to the same places to see family. It's what I know. Plus I love discovering things about history/Archeology.
I enjoy traveling for the ultimate sense of freedom. I have less things with me so I need to worry about less things too. The constant new things that happen and unfold around you make you feel like a child... everything is new and interesting. And by constantly meeting new people and making new friends you are always the person you are right at that moment.. It makes one grow so much! By seeing the same people over and over again (colleagues, friends,...) you don't grow as much... you have unconsciously created a role with those people that you keep following. I also love how travel makes you read between the lines.
When I travel it's always in conjunction with going on holiday, so my primary reason to travel is to relax, get a change of scenery, break my usual routine; I also enjoy seeing, doing, eating and drinking things that I can't see/do/eat/drink at home.

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¿Cómo es la relación con tu familia?🍃

ArianaHemmings23’s Profile Photo. ❥❥Ariana Reyes

Si tuvieras que elegir un país para vivir que no sea el actual, cual elegirías?

La cosa estaría entre Canadá, Suecia y Suiza.
Porque están en la cima de la lista de los 10 países con mejor calidad de vida en el mundo quedestacan por su economía, mercado laboral, sistema sanitario y educativo, por su seguridad/nivel bajo de criminalidad, climatología y por ser países ecológicos, entre otros factores.

If someone you know in real real life impersonated you on the internet and made fake accounts of you to try to ruin your reputation what would you do? Would you press charges on them?

Do you have evidence?
Can you prove what you are saying is the truth?
Do you have:
- accurate account information and reliable user account identification?
- digital foot print i.e. source ip address or source mac address?
- photographs and text messages that can be used in a court of law?
- what international law has been violated?
Remember, various countries have implemented legal measures to address these types of issues within the confines of their sovereign nations, but the international community has not codified into law impersonation involving fake askfm accounts unless a serious crime that involves death or extortion has been committed. Also consider that the burden of proof is the responsibility of the plaintiff and their lawyers and all associated legal fees are the responsibility of the plaintiff. These fee's can easily reach in excess of $100k.
I recall reading a similar story a few years ago that took place in Madrid, Spain. The plaintiff went to the police in Madrid and attempted to file a criminal complaint against an askfm user located in Canada. The case was dismissed because the source ip address of the accused was located in Germany and did not match the digital footprint that the alleged victim had provided to the police.
Keep in mind that proving cases like this is extremely difficult because local police lack the resources required to conduct a proper forensic investigation and international laws are either vague or do not currently exist to cover cases involving fraudulent accounts, name calling, insults, racism, etc. on social networks such as askfm, tumblr, twitter, etc.
But hey, if you have $20,000+ dollars to waste on legal fees, why not proceed so you can learn how the legal system operates and perhaps you can become an advocate to champion the necessary changes to affect international law to prosecute askfm users who roleplay, create fake accounts and utilize your photographs without explicit permission.
Perhaps you might avoid these situations if you stop posting personal information on social networks or maybe even consider disabling your askfm, instagram, twitter and facebook accounts and do something more productive with your life like: graduating from college, obtain a job, volunteer are a homeless kitchen, adopt a child or (heaven forbid) help a neighbor or friend or family member who is suffering and needs help.
Good Luck!

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¿Apoyarías una ley en la cual toda persona que muestre simpatía/apoyo a gobiernos autoritarios como Rusia, Venezuela, Cuba, no se le permita tener Visa estadounidense? ¿Qué sería: -Buena idea, -censura, -justicia, -atentado a la libertad de transito/circulación? ¿Dichos gobiernos son un peligro?

TrollearNEF’s Profile PhotoT N E F
Cada país tiene derecho a poner los filtros migratorios que considere convenientes. En el caso de Estados Unidos, seamos sinceros: es obvio que el proceso de visado para gente que viene de Afganistán o Siria no sería como el de, digamos, ciudadanos de Canadá o Australia. Entonces, no hace falta que apoye una ley así porque no es necesaria, Estados Unidos ya discrimina en sus procesos migratorios y te preguntan de todo cuando solicitas una visa, y lo que no te preguntan, lo averiguan. Por algo mínimo que no les agrade, te van a negar la entrada al país, y no creo que les agrade mucho que menciones ser un zurdo recalcitrante que apoya gobiernos dictatoriales.

Se potessi viaggiare ovunque nel mondo, dove andresti?💫❣

FrancescoPiccirillo134’s Profile PhotoFrancesco Piccirillo
Non voglio essere ripetitiva, ho già esposto più volte il mio amore per il mio-nostro paese.
Quindi, ti cito un posto “High River” si trova in Canada. È il luogo dove è stata girata la mia serie tv preferita, nulla a che vedere con le risapute serie tv, sono strana-diversa anche in questo. Ogni volta che vedo un episodio, seppur è un film, provo un invidia assurda verso i protagonisti.. vivono di quello che voglio vivere io per tutta la mia vita.
Se potessi viaggiare ovunque nel mondo dove andresti

Ucraina, Soleterre: su 4 mila pazienti oncologici in cura, 638 sono stati rintracciati e 440 evacuati?

Franco3Avati’s Profile PhotoFrank☆Nonviolent♧Obiector♡
A un mese dall’inizio della guerra in Ucraina e di incessante lavoro per mettere in salvo il maggior numero di bambini malati di cancro, la Ong Soleterre, insieme alla sua derivazione locale Fondazione Zaporuka, fa il punto sulla situazione dell’oncologia pediatrica nel Paese.
“Dei circa 4 mila pazienti in cura negli ospedali ucraini prima della guerra, ne risultano a oggi rintracciati 638 – afferma l’organizzazione -. Si tratta dei pazienti più complessi, che non potevano essere dimessi allo scoppio della guerra. Di questi, 440 sono stati finora evacuati fuori dall’Ucraina verso altri paesi europei ma anche extra-europei (Germania, Spagna, Paesi Bassi, Regno Unito, Francia, Svizzera, Austria, Stati Uniti e Canada) tra cui l’Italia, attraverso un’operazione speciale di ponte-aereo, inizialmente coordinata da Soleterre, AREU e Regione Lombardia, e che oggi prosegue con il coordinamento del sistema di Protezione Civile e con la Centrale Remota Operazioni di Soccorso Sanitario (CROSS), che ha esteso a tutti gli ospedali italiani la possibilità di accogliere i pazienti”.
Oggi sono ricoverati presso strutture ospedaliere italiane almeno 70 bambini e adolescenti pazienti oncologici ucraini (alcuni arrivati con mezzi propri). Gli altri 198 pazienti presi in carico dalle strutture ospedaliere ucraine prima della guerra, e seguiti da Soleterre, non sono attualmente nelle condizioni di essere trasportati fuori dall’Ucraina, perché troppo fragili per affrontare il viaggio oppure perché per il momento le loro famiglie non intendono lasciare il Paese. Con loro, Soleterre realizza un costante lavoro di verifica delle condizioni fisiche e psicologiche per includerli nell’evacuazione.
Restano tuttavia numerosi bambini e adolescenti che Soleterre, con il proprio staff, sta cercando di rintracciare attraverso i direttori di tutti i centri oncologici pediatrici ucraini. Questi pazienti sono stati dimessi forzatamente all’inizio della guerra e sono tornati nelle loro abitazioni oppure sono coloro che si recano regolarmente presso i centri oncologici per cure e controlli. Molti si trovano in villaggi remoti, lontano dalle grandi città, con cui è difficile comunicare.
“In Ucraina è in atto la più grande evacuazione di pazienti oncologici pediatrici mai avvenuta nella storia. Non è mai accaduto, infatti, che un Paese intero dovesse ricoverare altrove i propri pazienti oncologici pediatrici. In tutto il mondo i centri ospedalieri che accolgono i bambini oncologici avranno bisogno di risorse per poter trattare pazienti aggiuntivi e per mettere a loro disposizione personale extra in termini di supporto psicologico e mediazione culturale, attrezzature e rifornimenti. In questo momento agire in fretta e bene è essenziale: se un bambino che deve proseguire le terapie resta senza medicinali per una o due settimane, muore”, dice Damiano Rizzi, Presidente di Fondazione Soleterre.
In Ucraina ogni anno vengono diagnosticati circa 1.400 nuovi casi di bambini....

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🍉¿Sandías que...?🍉 En Islandia existe una tradición llamada Jólabókaflóðið, donde todo el mundo se regala libros en Nochebuena y pasan la noche leyéndolos y bebiendo chocolate.

Hasse_Hauk’s Profile PhotoManuel Castillo Calderón
Hola Manuel!✨ Buenas noches uwu.
Que bonito se escucha ello🥺,te imaginas que eso pase en nuestro país, sería una muy bonita tradición, gracias por compartirlo Manu <3.
También me se uno parecido 🥺✨. En Toronto, Canadá se celebra un festival dónde se llenan libros por la calle formando un > y cualquier persona puede tomar el libro, con la finalidad de inculcar el valor de la lectura.
Sandías que

En Islandia existe una tradición llamada Jólabókaflóðið donde todo

Do you like your country?

Steph @ms someone was asking you what was the difference between England and Great Britain so I'll explain here for them as it's too long to do on your wall. England, Scotland and Wales are individual countries but they are not sovereign independent countries. They are part of Great Britain. Great Britain is basically the island and it includes most of the smaller islands such as the Isle of Wight and Isles of Scilly and those off the coast of Scotland. It doesn't include the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands as they are British Crown Dependencies. The United Kingdom is basically the same as Great Britain but it includes Northern Ireland. The official name of the country is The United Kingdom of Great Britain. And you're absolutely right, never ever refer to Welsh and Scottish people as English! 😂 There is the Commonwealth of Nations too. The Queen is head of state inba number of those countries such as Australia and Canada. 🙂 X

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Does your state have a high inflation rate for houses? In Ontario Canada its ridiculous

ValiantThor’s Profile PhotoLisa
I'm not sure to be honest I mean I mean finding a place around my area is hard enough anyways because we have a college near us. A few actually.

What would your ideal future life be like? What kind of life do you want to have way down the line, when you've sorted everything out and life is good?

I can't say what my ideal future would be like. Right now what I'd like to happen.. to be with my best friend who I'm in love with, she's already aware but it's a complicated situation. (I don't think it'll end up happening, but we're talking hypothetical right?!) I'd like to figure out what I'm doing career-wise. I'm stable now, but I'd struggle to raise a family on my current income. Now that I'm thinking about it, I really just want my future to be happy. I'm not unhappy, but there is always room for improvement!
One thing I'd really like to have is a job that fulfills one of my passions, a job where I want to start working at and mayhaps never ever stop again. Sure, money is a thing to look at, but experince is everything to me. When I don't do what I like, I feel like I wasted some precious time of my life. And I never ever want to need to say that I wasn't enjoying something I did, because I want to live my life to the fullest.
Another thing I want in my future is to be able of just entering a bar, sitting down at the piano and playing it effortlessly, so good, that I provoke a standing ovation. And yeah, there is that romance thing too. I just want somone to be by my side. I don't think I will ever be capable of marrying someone. Not to mention family and kids. I'm not sure wether I wants children or not.
In my most perfect ideal future, I would be rich, a stay-at-home mother with 6+ children, and maybe with a husband. Living in Europe (France, England or Germany) in a nice house. Once all my children are 6+ years old (or 5+ if we're in England), I'll go back to work, but part-time if I'm in Germany (mornings only). Then during lunch, I have a lunch date with my children, since apparently in Europe, your child can get out of school during lunchtime.
In my more realizable ideal, I'm a single mother with two or three children. Location still a unknown, since it would depend on which decision I take now (right now I'm hesitating between staying in Germany or moving back to the US or Canada). I am someone who works with either deaf/deaf-blind children, or children experiencing behavioral difficulties. But, I would work in a school, just so I can have the same breaks as my children. No cars, just bikes. We'd be the type of family who would go to the museum at least once a week, go to the park every afternoon after dinner, and who would have lunch in a café from time to time. I want to be directing a movie with my SO one day and flying over to sign my books the next. I want to fly to conventions every month where I get to see people's cosplays of my characters and talk about creative processes. I want to be bringing my kids to movie sets. I want to walk into a meeting with all my artistic friends were we spitball ideas because we're ALL working as a team. But most of all, I want to know that at least one person out there felt a little less lonely or a little less hurt because one of my stories helped them.

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Dove vivete voi? Pensate verrà coinvolta anche l'italia in questa guerrA? Vedo tantissime fake news in giro

Sadaalien’s Profile Photo♡sαd.ααιiεη♡
Allora intanto c'è da dire che Putin vuole liberare l ucraina dai nazisti ovvero sto leggendo dalla formazione militare Azimov che sarebbe nata nel 2014.a sarebbe una formazione che è nata in chiave anti russa. Poi vabbè c'è la Cina che vuole aiutare economicamente la Russia per aiutarlo con la sanzione per poi dire che la Francia è gli USA e il Canada è il regno uniti sono dalla parte Dell ucraina. Io non vorrei mai che succeda che essere a favore o contro possa scatenare problemi. Poi voglio dire che l Italia sarà schierate pure lei.

For those of you who have reconciled with an Ex, how long did it take that awkward period to be over and you to start talking again? Who broke NC? How long did the reconciliation last?

So, I don't recommend reconciling, because the issues that generally caused the termination of your relationship are still usually present and problematic. In my case, my SO dumped me. We were terrible for each other. She came from a household where her parent's marriage should have ended 30 years ealier. She couldn't really express emotion in a meaninful way and I was always super confused, never felt that she was being honest because she always kept thing, so consequently I was way too involved in her life and basically lost my own sense of identity in a relationship that was pathological. She dumped me and went on a men and booze bender. She fucked everything that moved without any concern, even doing a guy in an alley between drinks. She got really drunk one night and her friends, not willing to kill a perfectly good time called me. She was so drunk that I called 9-11 and they took her to the hospital. She was so drunk that they flushed her stomach and had her on a vitamin drip.
Her parents lived in the US and we were in University in Canada (I'm Canadian and she's American). They released her to me and I took her to my place to recover somewhat. She never left after that. She basically moved back in, but it was the same problems. She couldn't be honest about what she was feeling and I would get incredibly dubious. I never trusted her, and I acted poorly. Since I was acting dumb, she would shut-down even more. But, she would come around. She'd act like we were perfectly okay. I broke it off and she went back to her boys-and-booze bonanze and finally left school and went back to the states. I'm currently in a separation that started a little over a month ago and have maintained a NC with my girlfriend. She's allowed to contact me, but I won't initiate with her. We're not to the point of active reconciliation, so it's kind of tenuous, but everything has been amicable and we hang out about once a week or so.
She usually breaks the NC every couple/few days, and started the day after I moved out, then a week after, and now we're back to talking every few days. I have really strained my brain to figure out what our issue was, considering all other aspects of our relationship were very healthy and growth-filled so that if we reconcile, I won't have to go through something like this again, at least that's the hope.

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Any plans for family day coming this Monday ?

funny_hot’s Profile PhotoMegan
Is that an official day in Canada? 😊
Here it’s going to be a regular Monday 😊. I’m going to work on either my studies or work on some stuff for my job. I also got an appointment with my physiotherapist that afternoon. 😄
Do you have plans?
Any plans for family day coming this Monday

Ok, anche tu stai leggendo il libro che parla degli effetti del cambiamento climatico sull'Italia?

spometto’s Profile PhotoSimone Pometto
Si ho letto dei Canada ma non so se è lo stesso tuo libro io ho letto che hanno fatto tagliar molte foreste canadesi. Sai ho letto pure che ci sono molte scuole tipo nativi americani
Sai che molte scuole del nativi americani non ci sono più perché hanno costruito della chiese dismesse. Poi sai che pare che comunque c'è un forte inquinamento i cui nascono pesci a due teste e altre nascite di bimbo malformati e tu invece racconta queste cose?

Have you ever tried to impress a male?

I have the most embarrassing story from when i was like 15🌚
This French guy on Twitter who was kinda mysterious and had no profile pic said he liked "Toronto". The guy seemed intellectual. Anyways, so i didn't even know what was Toronto at that time. I had to Google it and find out it's a city in Canada and then I tweeted a picture of Toronto saying "I love Toronto and those who love it".

You asked "what controversial questions"? Here you go - why your country is so poor? Interesting did you learn anything about that in your political science classes?

I'm assuming you are referring to Pakistan..? I don't live there so I don't get to study about that in school. However I do know that there are many causes behind it; lack of literacy, unequal ownership over land, and unequal division of wealth. The rich are too rich, and the poor are too poor.
As for Canada, recently I've been working on the relationship between poverty and race. It appears that racism is still deeply embedded in society and racialized groups have a harder time accessing health care and face workplace discrimination. Income inequality is also an issue contributing to poverty among racialized groups.

Se você tivesse a oportunidade de sair do Brasil e morar em outro país você iria? Se sim, qual?

Acho difícil apontar um país só... esses dias me fizeram uma pergunta de qual país eu moraria na América e eu disse Chile ou Uruguai... talvez uma Argentina. Mas ao redor do mundo tem muitos países que eu moraria como Espanha, EUA, Canadá, Noruega, França e mais alguns.

Com'è iniziato questo lunedí?🦚

soul_in_love’s Profile Photoanastasia taranu
Be con notizie che la gran Bretagna in caso di sanzioni comunque ha detto che congelera' i beni dei grandi oligarchi. Poi leggevo che in Canada il ministro Trudeau lo hanno dovuto mettere in un luogo sicuro lrr le proteste dei camionisti che praticamente sembra che chi entra in Canada deve essere completamente immunizzati. Poi leggevo che di maio e conte litigano. Di maio vuole la leadership

Ne ho sentite tante ma questa le batte tutte😂😂😂😂 La vorarefilia è una parafilia (anomalia psichica nella ricerca del piacere) sessuale in cui le persone sono eccitate sessualmente dall’idea di essere mangiate

ru_ruggio_ru’s Profile Photoru_ruggio_ru
Ricordati che nella vita non si smette mai di sapere. Io invece ti vogli raccontare che da circa 50 anni da quando in Irlanda del nord era successo il conflitto con l impero britannico sai che non hanno accusato di crimine nessun militare britannico che ha usato violenza con il popolo irlandese. Poi sai che l Irlanda del nord prima era una dominium ovvero c'erano piccoli stati che erano occupati dai Britanni come il Canada e poi l Irlanda del nord. Comunque tutto parte dall indipendenza dell Irlanda del nord. Sai poi perché so seggio elettorale par che c erano state lotte tra progressisti e protestanti.

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