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Yes or no? There should be a small server on each game that allows the players/gamers to playfully match against or with each other instead of the toxicity there is in games such as GTA Online

Alex83958’s Profile PhotoAlex
You cannot force me, or anyone to do one word answers ~ ie: "Yes or no?" . !
Of course, a small dwarf monkey, wearing a surgical mask, super-glued to his face, should act as a server, doing a little dance while waiting to serve another drink . . . . .
Not my World.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpnOHab4zsoigotamatch’s Video 173322371706 YpnOHab4zsoigotamatch’s Video 173322371706 YpnOHab4zso
(from some friends, now in BC, CANADA)
Yes or no There should be a small server on each game that allows the

What made you decide to go on a cruise to Alaska? What did you enjoy doing whilst you were out to sea & what ports did you stop at?

My parents were celebrating their anniversary with an Alaskan cruise, but they got a really good deal through their travel agent and ended up offering to bring me and my husband along as well, as a gift. It was my dream vacation so we were elated.
My favorite things to do when out at sea were watch whales/iceburgs pass by, and to knit in the window with a cocktail.
We started in Seattle, went to Juneau, then Skagway, then back south to Ketchikan, then VIctoria Canada.
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Which country has the nicest people? Which country is your favourite that you have travelled? Which country has the best looking citizens? And which accent makes you instantly want to take them home for the night?

auscan2020_’s Profile Photoauscan2020
I haven’t travelled to enough countries to be a fair judge but the girls in Sept Iles in Canada are typically gorgeous with that touch of French tang to drool for (Seven Islands) so they are my pick for this one 😂

Canada is literally made on English and French and Indigenous languages but it seems like Justin Trudeau is letting in people who type in handwriting.

Brooo i have been reading canadian history since grade 4 and i had history courses till grade 12.. Canadian culture only revolved around aboriginal ppl and first nation ppl.. which was lost decades back by British taking over and red Indians .. since than Canada has always been a multicultural country. Canada is known for its multicultural nationality. Canada doesn’t have his own culture or identity.. canada is made from different race and culture. First nation and aboriginal ppl still exist but rarely..

SI viviéramos en un país rico, como USA o CANADÁ, te preguntaría si tienes yate, pero como vivimos en españajistán, te pregunto ¿tienes patines?

Pues muchos españoles tienen Yate jajja vaya tontería, si te parece España un “país pobre” mejor no vayas a LATAM

What is Anne of Green Gables?

It's based on a 1908s novel about an 11 year old orphan named Anne Shirley and her adventures. She is sent by mistake to two middle-aged siblings, Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, who had originally intended to adopt a boy to help them on their farm in the fictional town of Avonlea in Prince Edward Island, Canada. You have to watch it with Megan Follows. It is my ALL TIME FAVORITE FILM 💕
I almost named my son after this film but he doesn't look like a Gilbert.

Even steph says you use lift machines to lift heavy people!! And she knows what she's talking about she was a cna for a year!! https://ask.fm/Stephaniestarxx/answers/172231926022

Well, like she said, it's probably different in Canada than it is here in the US. plus, I've never worked at a hospital, only nursing homes, so maybe it's different at a hospital. All I know is that residents can only use a lift if it's ordered by physical therapy and put in their care plan. They decide if someone needs a hoyer lift or a sit to stand lift based on their mobility, not their weight. I have had a lot of light residents who used hoyers and a lot of heavy residents who didn't use any lift machine, and if anyone who doesn't use a lift falls to the floor, we get them up ourselves, regardless of their weight. I also learned in CNA class how to properly lift, so I won't hurt myself. Like I said, I've been doing this for a long time, so I know what I'm talking about, too.

Even steph says you use lift machines to lift heavy people!! And she knows what she's talking about she was a cna for a year!! https://ask.fm/Stephaniestarxx/answers/172231926022

She also lives in Canada which she stated along with stating it was more than likely different than it is here in the states which is correct.
In the facility I work in, once they're on the floor already, only a gait belt & extra people if needed/able are allowed. For our facility & the hospital that owns the facility, you have to have an order to use the lift machines to help transfer the residents/patients. I have several years experience in this field, so I too, know what I'm talking about. Lol. I also never said lift machines were never used whatsoever so I don't know where you pulled that bullcrap out of when you attempted to claim that's what was said.
You don't have to hide anonymously or go running to other people to bitch & moan about something you are clearly uneducated about just because you want something to fit your own narrative. You look & act worse than a temper tantrum throwing toddler. Lol. You done throwing your tantrum now or????

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Todos los países que fueron colonia de Inglaterra son países ricos y prósperos y con gente linda: Australia, estados unidos ,Nueva Zelanda Canadá etc mientras que los que fueron colonia de España en todo sudamérica siguen pobres entonces esta en el ADN del español ser pobre ladrón y feo 🥹

Claro porque España nunca ha sido conquistada por unos o por otros...
Estas demasiado resentido por algo que pasó hace mucho y que realmente ni te afecta.

¿ País que tanto anhelas conocer ?

luisdemetriotoledoocana58583’s Profile PhotoLuis Demetrio Toledo Ocaña
▪︎ Italia.
▪︎ Francia.
▪︎ Suiza.
▪︎ Alemania.
▪︎ Australia.
▪︎ Canadá.
▪︎ Noruega.
▪︎ Estados Unidos.
▪︎ Nueva Zelanda.
▪︎ Reino Unido.
▪︎ China.
▪︎ Japón.
▪︎ España.
▪︎ Argentina.
▪︎ Brasil.
▪︎ México.
País que tanto anhelas conocer

Adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers of Reddit, what's the closest you've ever gotten to dying?

Jumped of a 30ft cliff after my buddy. Since he went first the Rock was wet at the point of the jump. Fell about 6 inches away from the wall thought I was going to smack into some rocks at the bottom. While I missed the rocks at the bottom I hit the water on my side. Air immediately left my lungs. It was one of those moments where I was swimming for the top of the water and wasn’t sure if I’d make it before I passed out. Obviously I made it, but I really though for a moment that was it! Jumped out of a helicopter when skiing. My skis were stuck in my parachute so I dropped them 4000 feet in the air. This was in backcountry Switzerland so I had to make my way 40 miles to the rendezvous in 3 days hiking. Not a fun trip. Almost fell 4000 feet without a parachute, was frost bitten, almost died of infection, and got sent back to Canada without my personal belongings.
Oh, quite a few times. Surfing big waves blitzed had a few wipeouts where I didn't know where up was... Warzones, for sure, several times... Trying to jump onto a trampoline from the roof to catapult into the lake... Actually trying the stuff with the wagon from Calvin and Hobbes near my parents' house as a kid... Locking us in the camper, starting a fire in the kitchen while I tried to make coffee, and getting stuck on a bunk when the table fell apart when my cousin and I were 4... Waking up on a deserted island after losing a boat after a tequila misadventure... Waking up in a body bag after mixing alcohol and heroin.

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la cosa più strana che hai creduto fin da bambino/a?

Marty_vivibeach04’s Profile PhotoMartina
La Pelada de la Cañada
Su historia nace a fines del siglo XIX en la ciudad de Córdoba, cuando las calles eran angostas y el tradicional arroyo de la Cañada corría libre por el centro, solo frenado por el Calicanto. La zona era conocida como el principal foco de la “mala vida” cordobesa. Proxenetas, trabajadoras sexuales y ladrones vivían en los ranchos que rodeaban el Suquía. En esta zona, deambulaba este espíritu, identificado tardíamente como “La Pelada”. Se dice que la mujer acompañaba a los transeúntes e iba llorando durante toda la caminata. Otras versiones dicen que se aparecía bajo los faroles en la esquina del hoy Bv. San Juan con la calle Belgrano y cuando algún transeúnte se cruzaba con ella, se descubría el rostro dejando ver sus facciones cadavéricas y su cabeza completamente pelada.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGIcLQXJVgcPinoRe’s Video 171647086109 KGIcLQXJVgcPinoRe’s Video 171647086109 KGIcLQXJVgc

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PinoRe’s Video 171647086109 KGIcLQXJVgcPinoRe’s Video 171647086109 KGIcLQXJVgc

¿Cuáles son tus planes para el futuro? ¿Cuáles son tus metas actuales? ¿Pasatiempos? ¿Algo que te guste?

× El viajar a Japón, Alemania, Italia, Canadá y Noruega. El tener más ingresos que me permitan vivir cómodamente. Ir más al gym, es cliché pero ahora si en serio. × El mejorar la relación con mi padre Hunson, está vez si quiero que la relación de padre e hija se mantenga bien, y que no haya discusiones ni nada por ese estilo. El leer más libro cada año. El ser feliz. El escuchar menos a los otros y más a mi intuición. × Hay muchas cosas, que a decir verdad los considero pasatiempo, sin embargo seré breve en ello, entre mis pasatiempos preferidos están: El tocar de mi bajo, el escuchar un poco de música y el escribir, se me hace muy relajante y sin importar la hora. × El chocolate es algo que me gusta, me fascina, me encanta que me lo comería en todas sus presentaciones así sea en dulces, en barra, incluso en helado soy feliz.

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[C] Q significado tiene para ti la libertad ✨💖 os leo 💜 pasaros por mi perfil y hacerme preguntas que estaré activa

loree_1840’s Profile PhotoLoree_1840
@loree_1840 🌹 Lore, me paso, hazlo tú también ✨
Ettoo... libertad es un valor de modernidad, democracia y república: libertad, igualdad, fraternidad 🙃
Ampliado a: justicia, trabajo, amor y paz 👍
🎶 ♬ ♪ ♫
Three Days Grace [TDG] 👉 Norwood, Ontario, Canada 🤘 www.threedaysgrace.com
Matt Walst (vocal, guitar2), Barry Stock (guitar1), Brad Walst (bass, voices), Neil Sanderson (drums).
Rock, grunge, metal, nu-metal, alternativo. CD 2003/2022.
Ficha y vídeos: https://ask.fm/salquial/answers/155281842745
🎵 🎙️
TDG - Home (2003)
https://youtu.be/PpRYQZKXbY8salquial’s Video 171367343161 PpRYQZKXbY8salquial’s Video 171367343161 PpRYQZKXbY8
🎵 ♫
TDG - Never Too Late (2006)
https://youtu.be/lL6X5TZ8Z7Ysalquial’s Video 171367343161 lL6X5TZ8Z7Ysalquial’s Video 171367343161 lL6X5TZ8Z7Y
🎵 ♪
TDG - World So Cold (2009)
https://youtu.be/mK8fqI72X0Asalquial’s Video 171367343161 mK8fqI72X0Asalquial’s Video 171367343161 mK8fqI72X0A
🎵 ♬
TDG - The High Road (2012)
https://youtu.be/gVHzGzqYxE4salquial’s Video 171367343161 gVHzGzqYxE4salquial’s Video 171367343161 gVHzGzqYxE4
🎵 🎸
C Q significado tiene para ti la libertad  os leo  pasaros por mi perfil y

¿Primero van los cereales,o la leche?

@eva_gutiierrez 🍏 Holi Eva, ya me pasé por ahí, pásate 🍁
Ettoo... yo primero pongo medio vaso de leche desnatada, le añado cacao y cereales, después ya ajusto con más 😎
"The Witch" -- "La Bruja"
USA, Canada (2015). Dirección: Robert Eggers.
ACTORS: Anya Taylor-Joy, Ralph Ineson, Kate Dickie, Harvey Scrimshaw, Ellie Grainger, etc.
PERSONAJES: Thomasin, William, Katherine, Caleb, Mercy, etc.
RESUMEN: Nueva Inglaterra, New York, USA, año 1630. Una familia de colonos con 5 hijos, vive cerca de un bosque que parece tener un mal sobrenatural.

Trailer english
https://youtu.be/iQXmlf3Sefgsalquial’s Video 171289455417 iQXmlf3Sefgsalquial’s Video 171289455417 iQXmlf3Sefg

https://youtu.be/nyEDI0NPOKMsalquial’s Video 171289455417 nyEDI0NPOKMsalquial’s Video 171289455417 nyEDI0NPOKM

https://youtu.be/S12hkjxIpOAsalquial’s Video 171289455417 S12hkjxIpOAsalquial’s Video 171289455417 S12hkjxIpOA
Primero van los cerealeso la leche

Hola 🌼 ¿Sueles desayunar alimentos dulces o salados? 🥞

@Shinestilson 🍂 Holi IRIHT, agradable personita 🍏
Ettoo... leche desnatada con cacao y cereales, o café y bizcocho, o zumo y pancakes con miel 🙃
🎶 ♬ ♪ ♫
Nickelback 👉 Hanna, Alberta, Canada 🤘 www.nickelback.com
Chad Kroeger (vocal, guitar1), Ryan Peake (guitar2, key, voices), Mike Kroeger (bass), Daniel Adair (drums, voices).
Rock, pop, metal, grunge, alternativo. CD 1996/2022.
Ficha y vídeos: https://ask.fm/salquial/answers/116667924537
🎵 🎙️
Nickelback - How You Remind Me (2001)
https://youtu.be/u31npj7d7Zgsalquial’s Video 171165009977 u31npj7d7Zgsalquial’s Video 171165009977 u31npj7d7Zg
🎵 ♪
Nickelback - Someday (2003)
https://youtu.be/QPc8zT8Vut4salquial’s Video 171165009977 QPc8zT8Vut4salquial’s Video 171165009977 QPc8zT8Vut4
🎵 ♬
Nickelback - Photograph (2005)
https://youtu.be/zdp7aOqyelAsalquial’s Video 171165009977 zdp7aOqyelAsalquial’s Video 171165009977 zdp7aOqyelA
🎵 ♫
Nickelback - What Are You Waiting For? (2014)
https://youtu.be/w-Ng5muAAcgsalquial’s Video 171165009977 w-Ng5muAAcgsalquial’s Video 171165009977 w-Ng5muAAcg
🎵 🎸
Hola  Sueles desayunar alimentos dulces o salados

11H53 - J+3 mois depuis mon craquage

Ca fait maintenant 3 mois que j'ai commencé mon craquage, que j'ai perdu S et que je peine à me relever. Mon goût à la vie est toujours aussi mort. J'avance parce qu'il faut avancer, mais il y a des jours hauts et des jours bas.
Je ne parviens pas à m'ôter de la tête S. Dans tout ce que je fais, je pense à elle. C'est assez pesant parfois, mais j'arrive de plus en plus à faire avec. Ca fait 2 semaines maintenant que je n'ai pas regardé ses photos pour calmer mes angoisses. Et environ 4 jours que je commence à arrêter d'appeler Ma pour éviter d'être seule.
J'ai réappris à prendre du temps pour moi. Je regarde des séries, je mange quand j'en ai envie. Je n'ai pas fait de sport depuis une semaine je pense, mais dans l'idée, ça va. Je pense que j'arrive à lever la tête, à sourire, à rire. Je ne sais pas où je vais, mais j'apprends à y aller seule. J'apprends à ne plus enchaîner les relations avec l'envie de combler un vide. Et j'apprends à accepter que Sh ne veuille plus de moi.
J'apprends à affronter mes responsabilités et je vais dire une bonne fois pour toute à ma boîte que je ne vais pas rester. Je pars au Canada ! J'ai ce f*cking PVT et ça c'est merveilleux. La vie m'offre une chance alors je ne vais pas la gâcher !
Bref, il faut que je sorte de ce lit. J'ai faim et il faut que je me bouge pour vivre ce que j'ai à vivre.

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Holiii después de 1 siglo🐼🦄 Qué tal estais? Teneis pensado iros de viaje en lo que queda de año? A dónde? Y si no importara dinero/tiempo... A dónde os gustaría ir? Que tengais un buen día y buena semana(lo que queda)❤️

Pequeitapandicornio’s Profile PhotoPequeñita Pandicornio
Ahí vamos, espero que tú estés bien. No está la economía para mucho viaje, aunque tampoco hay tiempo para ello. Si no importase el tiempo ni el dinero me iría a darme un buen paseo a Irlanda o Canadá.

Holiii después de 1 siglo🐼🦄 Qué tal estais? Teneis pensado iros de viaje en lo que queda de año? A dónde? Y si no importara dinero/tiempo... A dónde os gustaría ir? Que tengais un buen día y buena semana(lo que queda)❤️

Pequeitapandicornio’s Profile PhotoPequeñita Pandicornio
Bienhallada. Estamos muy bien. No tengo pensado hacer más viajes en lo que queda de año que ir a hacer la compra cuando toque. Como digo siempre, de viajar, creo que Canadá es una buena opción, un país que me gustaría conocer.

Quando é successo il disastro di Chernobyl le famiglie adottavamo ragazzi ragazzedi quella nazionalità che figata poi dicono che l'italiano é razzista

NicholasUccelli’s Profile Photoaskerino
Certo però vogliamo parlare del fatto cje tra le fosse trovate a irkyum hanno riesumati pure due bimbi roba da matti. Poi voglio dirti che comunque adottare i bimbi ucraini loro vivono con il terrore e hanno lq paura negli occhi ti pare? Poi apprendere pure che i bimbi uccidono pure loro è una vergogna to pare? Poi sai leggevo pure di un uomo che ha colpito con un'arma l'ambasciata in Canada. Si adesso la russie proporrà pure una legge in cui vietare i film dai contenuti omosessuali. Io dico che l'Italia non avrebbe vietato certe cose e di sicuro noi non facciano del male a dei bimbi. Però non abbiamo ancora approvato la legge sull ius scholae per aiutare gli immigrati ad avere un futuro da noi proviamo a riflettere?

I'm a black guy, tell me 5 things that you would do, if you saw me and my brown friend jogging completely naked in front of you and didn't know that you were behind us.

If you don't stop asking me questions i will post screenshots of what you said, luring a minor is enough for the police to trace your iP address in Canada. Thats the thing Erin knows thats where you are, most likely Quebec

If you had to move away from the country where you currently live, what things would you miss the most? 🛩🏠😕

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I think at first I will miss people and connections, probably. Like, if I get siсk, I know where to go and how to fоrge presсriptions to the phаrmacy; if something is brоken in the house, I know that it's uselеss to call the landlord and I need to repair everything myself; all sorts of little things like that. Like, at first I won't know where the gаrbage sorting is, how to fill out taxes, where you can buy fabric or glue or something specific, how to buy a car and so on, so I'll bother the locals (or google) with stuрid questions.
The good thing is that, in a sense, I'm ready (and bothering google with dumb questions in advance). For example, if you drop me off in Scotland, China, Japan, Korea, America, Australia, England, Canada, Ireland, Kazakhstan (maybe a little, I don't speak the first official language, but I know the second) I won't even feel like an аlien. I have done my research and am quickly getting used to the new conditions. I see my friends a couple of times a month or two and communicate more online anyway. Many things that I'm used to are changing and disappеaring even here, so soon there will be nothing to miss.

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¿Vas de compras con una lista de la compra?

@holadanidanii 🍓 Hey Dani, ten buen día y cuídate 🍏
Ettoo... si son muuuchas cosa a comprar, pues voy con una lista, para no olvidar cosas 🙄
"Fortress" -- "La Fortaleza" -- "Fortaleza Infernal"
USA (1992,2000) 91 min. Dirección: Stuart Gordon.
ACTORS: Christopher Lambert, Loryn Locklin, Annika Thomas, Kurtwood Smith, Jeffrey Combs, Lincoln Kilpatrick, etc.
PERSONAJES: John Brennick (padre), Karen (madre), Brennick (bebé), Poe (director), D-Day (informático), Abraham (recluso), etc.
RESUMEN: Año 2017 (Sólo se puede tener 1 hijo). Karen y John Brennick intentan ir de USA a Canadá, para poder tener el 2º hijo.

Trailer english (Peli #1 1992)
https://youtu.be/_grwVpfklzssalquial’s Video 171027836473 _grwVpfklzssalquial’s Video 171027836473 _grwVpfklzs

Trailer english (Peli #2 2000)
https://youtu.be/8kt_GEVZGCYsalquial’s Video 171027836473 8kt_GEVZGCYsalquial’s Video 171027836473 8kt_GEVZGCY
Vas de compras con una lista de la compra

Que sueños te faltan por cumplir?

A día de hoy, ninguno
Tengo una lista de deseos, pero ninguno que sea impepinable, por lo que no los considero sueños
En esa lista está, por ejemplo, conocer Canadá, o nadar con tiburones
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What's the farthest you've travelled from home? How did you like it there? What did you do? 🗺🎒

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
You know whats embarrassing? I had to make a Google search to find out whether Canada or Guatemala are farther away from where i live (yes obviously my geography is amazing). And appearently it is Guatemala.
Okay then.
Guatemala is way to hot for me. But I went there to visit someone with whom I grew pretty close during his exchange year which he spent in Germany. He went to my school, got into my older brothers grade as he was about three years older than me.
But since my Brothers and I were the only ones who were fluent in spanish except for...you know our spanish teachers of course, he hang around us three a lot. And two years afterwards we paid a visit, six weeks, my entire summer vacation.
But I have great memories, made good friends who remain friends even today. Even though it is pretty much all online. So we did a lot of Sightseeing, travelled a bit, got to know his Friends and Family. All the good Stuff. 😄

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Do you know any one from different country?

I know many people from many different countries across the world thanks to Ask.fm 😸
I know people from:
🇦🇺 Australia 🇦🇺
🇦🇹 Austria 🇦🇹
🇧🇩 Bangladesh 🇧🇩
🇧🇪 Belgium 🇧🇪
🇧🇦 Bosnia 🇧🇦
🇨🇦 Canada 🇨🇦
🇪🇬 Egypt 🇪🇬
🇪🇪 Estonia 🇪🇪
🇩🇪 Germany 🇩🇪
🇭🇺 Hungary 🇭🇺
🇮🇳 India 🇮🇳
🇮🇩 Indonesia 🇮🇩
🇮🇶 Iraq 🇮🇶
🇮🇪 Ireland 🇮🇪
🇮🇹 Italy 🇮🇹
🇯🇵 Japan 🇯🇵
🇯🇴 Jordan 🇯🇴
🇱🇻 Latvia 🇱🇻
🇱🇹 Lithuania 🇱🇹
🇲🇾 Malaysia 🇲🇾
🇳🇱 Netherlands 🇳🇱
🇳🇿 New Zealand 🇳🇿
🇵🇱 Poland 🇵🇱
🇵🇹 Portugal 🇵🇹
🇷🇺 Russia 🇷🇺
🇸🇰 Slovakia 🇸🇰
🇿🇦 South Africa 🇿🇦
🇹🇷 Turkey 🇹🇷
🇺🇸 United States 🇺🇸
Do you know any one from different country

Monkeys just became self aware and the Monkey Apcolypse has started. Donald Trump is their leader. Do you submit or choose to perish? ... Or do you just move to Canada? 🤔 I guess that can be an option too. It's only fair.

edraegen’s Profile Photoʎǝɹɟɟǝſ™
😂😂😂 Hahaha do you know how many times in my life I told to myself how happy I am that I was born in my time in my place in Middle Europe? ❤️ Not possible to count! 😅👍
Monkeys just became self aware and the Monkey Apcolypse has started Donald Trump

Monkeys just became self aware and the Monkey Apcolypse has started. Donald Trump is their leader. Do you submit or choose to perish? ... Or do you just move to Canada? 🤔 I guess that can be an option too. It's only fair.

edraegen’s Profile Photoʎǝɹɟɟǝſ™
This planet of apes? Well I'd hide and hope they become even more self-aware to get a better leader but if not I'm shipping myself to Canada

It wasn't love at first sight. It took full five minutes on your profile💞

saadbashir273’s Profile PhotoSAAD
Meri university mai ek larki hai. Meri dost ki dost hai. Actually I think apne doston ki bhi door ki dost hai kyunke uske college ki friends sari yahan akar different groups mai chali gayin aur wo unki he dost hai par unke groups ki nahi.
Khair that’s not relevant.
Achi khatoon hai saadi si.
Jab no way home release hui thi usdin humari lab cancel hogayi thi. Meri friend ne pehle din ke dusre show ki tickets kara lin. Tab wo bhi university ruki hui thi lab ke liye, aur meri dost usko ditch nahi karana chahti thi. But no way home was, you know, equally important.
Mai ne bhi wese ghar ki ticket karayi hui thi kyunke Friday tha lekin train miss kardi thi movie ke liye. Priorities. Khair that’s also not relevant.
Wapis us larki pe chalte hain.
Meri friend usko zabardasti leke ja rahi thi. Wo excited bhi thi movie ke liye larki lekin suppress kar rahi thi excitement.
Hum orange line pe nahi gaye because we wanted to reach as early as possible and not miss the start. So hum riksha karake speedo speed emporium ja rahay thay.
Puray raastay us larki ko panic attack aya hua tha kyunke usne ghar se permission nahi li thi. Movie bhi enjoy nahi ki kyunke ghar se permission nahi li thi.
Off time se pehle university pohnch gayi thi lekin tension, pareshani, phelayi hui thi constantly. Mai internally bohat awazar ho rahi thi iss behaviour par.
Khair, fast forward a few months.
Ajkal uski storiyaan arahi hain. Canada mai university ke sath summer internship kar rahi hai. Akeli gayi hui hai aur akeli reh rahi hai dusre mulk.
Life is so unexpected.

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Buongiorno ☀️, siamo al 15 luglio... dove e come passerai le vacanze estive quest'anno?

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Salve 👧🏼
Le vacanze di settembre sono considerabili vacanze estive? Beh, in ogni caso a me spetteranno quelle perché sarà l’unico mese in cui avrò disponibilità e perché in ogni caso per me le vacanze estive sono decisamente sopravvalutate: l’inizio dell’anno e la fine sono periodi decisamente migliori per viaggiare.
Quest’anno credo che andrò in America, probabilmente verso New York aggiungendo un po’ di Canada e le cascate del Niagara, e ne sono decisamente entusiasta.

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