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What is your dream travel destination?

nai269549’s Profile Photoʟᴇɪᴀɴ ♕
Maldives. I’ve already been to the Caribbean and Hawaii and they’re both the most beautiful I’ve ever been to, but I wanna visit the Maldives since I’ve never been there before, and they’re so isolated. Some place with good diving & surfing, such as Hawai'i, Fiji, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia.
England! I was able to go in 1999 and since I’d been in love with it from afar all of my life it was a dream come true. Now I want to go back desperately and hope to actually get to move there one day. It felt more like home than anywhere I’ve ever been and my heart will always long to be there.
Oregon for the redwood forests or Scandinavia for the mountainous scenery and culture.
I second Scotland, one of my favourite places for a break, the scenery along the west coast of Scotland around Glencoe, Fort William and the Isle of Skye is some of the most spectacular mountain scenery you will find anywhere in Europe. I've done a few cycle tours around Scotland, but I had planned to visit during 2020 and do some hill-walking, maybe parts of the Cape Wrath Trail and the West Highland way and a few mountains in between, the walk from Cape Wrath to Glasgow would be 650 miles, maybe this year!
Scotland! Luckily, I went about a year and a half ago for three weeks. It was INCREDIBLE. Everything I ever dreamed of. I still think about it every single day and look at my photos and videos often. Half my anecdotes start with, "When I was in Scotland...". I'm that annoying person :) I've wanted to go since I was little. I have always been a history buff, and also thought Scotland was the most beautiful place I had ever seen (I was right). I went to some archaeological sites that were on my bucket list. I was waiting for years for someone to go with me, but my friend circle has the fairly normal Canadian 4 weeks of vacation and they like going to warm beaches. So as a 30th birthday present to myself, I decided to go solo. Hopefully one day I can live there for a bit.
Both are destinations that are so far away by plane that most American tourists have neither the financial desire or ability to go there, as flights typically require a stop in NZ or Australia before you get to the island. As a result, you get far, far fewer obnoxious tourists and a much more authentic, unspoiled tropical paradise than say, Hawaii.
if we’re talking Christmas holiday, on my couch with my dog and cat watching A Christmas Carol and having some cookies and milk.
I really want to stay in one of those "over the water" hotel rooms. Maybe Bora Bora.
Switzerland and Austria. I was supposed to go around Christmas time in 2017, but I got pregnant and cancelled the trip. Someday....😭
I have always wanted to visit Egypt and see the pyramids and other ancient structures. I don't think I will ever get to.
A giant wooden lodge up in the mountains during the winter.

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(If you don't celebrate Christmas, just ignore this question 👍) - Do you have a real or artificial Christmas tree? 🎄 🎅 🎁 🌰 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ tēຖค¢i໐นŞ t໐๓๓คฯ™ ✌ ♚ ☻
nope. I am very sad about cutting down real trees, but artificial ones... well, everything that my inner perfectionist approves of costs quite unreasonable money - considering that it will only be used for two weeks a year and take up space in the closet the rest of the time.
I have juniper, cypress and a small canadian spruce growing on my windowsill all year, and I think it's perfect.

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Do you think you should have been born and raised in Canada? How do you see the upbringing gets affected with the change of environment, people, education system and socio-economic status of a country?

HussainMehmood330’s Profile Photoحسین محمود
No. I love Canada, it's my home, my country. I feel proud to be a Canadian. But I also have an attachment with Pakistan that I know I will always have, it's my place of birth hence it's place in my heart is irreplaceable.
And yes ofcourse where you are brought up matters a lot. It shapes your mentality, your thinking. But for me personally I have always been a very independent person in my thinking. I don't think my thoughts or personality has changed much ever since I have moved and it's been quite a long time now. I'm still the same person for most part.

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Do you have any interesting stories about your family history? (Sent 20/10/21)

asbeckyis’s Profile Photobecky
One of my auntie’s relatives went to the 1st or 2nd Word War war I think for a regiment like the Scots Guards or Sutherland Highlanders, but when his body was recovered he was wearing a Canadian military uniform. That’s a bizarre mystery which has never been solved!

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I remember there was a Canadian singer a few years back who got killed by a pack of coyotes... but that's pretty rare.

GiveUsBackOurThreads’s Profile PhotoEric
a human being? that's awful.
my 5 year old Himalayan Ralph (who is deaf) was picked up by the humane society I adopted him from because he was in a field near someone's house in a huge fight with a coyote, but he only had some damage to an ear. He's a BIG boy.

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I remember there was a Canadian singer a few years back who got killed by a pack

If a foreign country (let’s say portugal) was fishing in Canadian waters and refused to stop, would you support Canada using the military to stop them? Would you join the armed forces in such a situation if asked?

I don't support any kind of military action for any kind of situation. With that said, if a country was willing to do such a thing, they're not the brightest. They should know it's a violation of International borders and wouldn't be taken lightly by anyone.

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People who aren't from the US, how do you spot an American and how quickly can you tell whether someone you see is from the US? How do you spot an American tourist "from a mile away" simply by observing the way they act out and present themselves?

Americans can be quite loud and get very enthusiastic about things. I have seen them for years but our town used to be one popular with French and German youngsters on organised Summer-holiday exchange-trips; accomodated in willing(?) families' own homes. They stood out like sore thumbs by flock-behaviour in identical clothes and small ruck-sacks that helped them ignore the one concept few of them understood - queuing at bus-stops, etc.!
I doubt they do stand out by mere sight in the crowd in the UK, which sees so many visitors from so many different lands (plagues permitting!), but the Americans' accents and attempts to pronounce British place-names phonetically are the real give-aways! The latter may be even harder if they tour the country because the British accents and dialects change significantly often across distances well under 100 miles; and to the local ear, sometimes even across the width of a major conurbation.
Even we English are caught out! I had no idea until a few days ago that a local directing you to "Aptwick," is helping you find the Northen English village of Appletreewick. It works the other way round of course; and with other countries. Most of we Britons would not know Californian from Massachusets accents; Canadian from United-States American; nor Breton from Pyrennean. After all, most of we Anglo-Saxon/ Norman stock living South of the Rivers Trent and Severn would not know NW Lancastrian from S. Yorkshire voices, representing two neighbouring, large Northern English counties ! They’re politically charged, a little bit up tight and the y’all’s are free flowing. In person they’re nice people but the internet seems to be a platform for their inner demons where they can lash out at people as much as they want. In the distance, you see a caravan slowly reverse park before it hikes up its pants and your like, Oh that's an American right there, it's just plain to see!

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Do you like to travel?

I never pass up the opportunity to pack my bags and go find some exciting ways to fulfill my passion for brand new experiences.
I travel to come back home. Sounds weird but after traveling and coming back home you're not really the same person as when you left. You find out new things about yourself and you see normal stuff in your regular life from a new perspective. I used to complain about mundane stuff aka "first world problems" but after seeing how life is for some people, I don't complain as much. (Im a Canadian citizen born in the Philippines). I'm really into photography and I wanna see and photograph as much of the world as I can. My girlfriend also never understood why I loved traveling so much because she just didn't get it. She would question why I would budget and save just to spend it on traveling after our bills and expenses were taken care of. I asked her where her dream vacation was and she said santorini. I took her on a trip through greece for our anniversary last year and I think she gets it now haha. She experienced new things, saw things she only saw in photos before and tried amazing foods, plus the shopping. Now we travel to at least one new country every year. You see a side of yourself you never knew before when you are in a different land. That is when you are fully who you are, dealing with strangers, dealing with circumstances you never face in your normal life. You get a sense of connection to the world and for me, it feels like I am reconnecting with a life I may have lived in the past. It almost feels like I'm traveling to find pieces of myself. It gives you thoughts and feelings that your regular life will never let you see.
I grew up dirt poor and had one family vacation (to the coast of my state). I was then a poor college student who couldn't afford to go anywhere. Going to a couple of nearby cities (~2 hours driving distance one-way) was always a treat. So I knew that as soon as I got a job after college I'd want to go places and see the world (especially since I live in a small town). On that same token, going places also makes me appreciate home more and I don't ever get that grass is greener on the other side feeling. I haven't traveled nearly as much as I have wanted because of the job I had until last year but I am working on that now. I won't be able to travel as long or as often as you all seem to here (3.6 weeks a year is what I have available to me) but I hope to do an international trip every 3-4 years. I've seen most of the US so I want to see the rest of it (need to do New England and the rest of the NE mainly). And I want to go to Canada which wouldn't be that difficult.

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Introverts, how do you want to celebrate your birthday?

Going out to a favorite restaurant with my spouse, MAYBE with another couple. But not a huge group, god I hate large groups at restaurants. And no restaurant happy birthday candle and singing. Doing something nice for myself like buying a new book, going for a spa treatment, going for a walk by myself. Otherwise reflecting on the past year and clearing my brain for the next trip around the sun.
A few years ago, my boyfriend surprised me by gathering cake, food and all of our friends at our favorite bar in Chicago's South Side. I don't like to be surprised in front of crowds, but the way he did it was very sweet and low key. Everyone could come and go as they pleased, I could make the rounds at my own pace without offending anyone, and I honestly think it was the best birthday I'd had in my 30+ years. Last year he did it again in Mobile AL, where we now live, but managed to get my parents there too. It was awesome. This year I am living hundreds of miles away from home for work, so I know there won't be a party, and I can't even see him or my dog today. So instead, last night I did all the body maintenance stuff I nene have time to do (bath, shave, face mask, pedicure, etc), then let myself sleep in this morning. I'm going to spend some time at work soldering and 3D printing because things need to be built and I enjoy building them. Then I'm going to see if I can find a shelter that will let me play with their pups for a few hours. A friend scored me a ticket to an advance showing of Shazam! and I love me some Zachary Levi, so I'll be spending a few hours "alone" but surrounded by other comic book nerds, and after that I'll go back to my apartment, pour some bourbon over a few Death Star ice cubes, and read in bed.
But my family all likes to get together to celebrate my birthday, and that didn’t get to happen last weekend, so we’re doing it this weekend. And really more than anything I just want some time to myself, but I know I’d be letting them down and they’d be sad if I didn’t let them celebrate it. My birthday is honestly as much a family event as it is something for me. Most years I’m okay with that but recently my introvert-extrovert balance has been way off-balance towards overfeeding the extrovert aspect of my ambiversion and i just feel drained and I really would just like to be left alone. Ideally this weekend I’d just like to find a nice place outside where I can go and just shut off my mind for a bit or be alone to my thoughts or allow myself to be creative.
For my last birthday however, I finally had a day where I felt special. I spent it with my mom, who graciously took the day off work to take me to Toronto. We went to Uptown Lamborghini so I could take photos of my dream cars. After that, we went to Vaughn Mills, which is a MASSIVE mall just outside of Toronto, for those that aren’t Canadian. After that, I spent the rest of the day at The Hive eSports bar.

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What good is it to learn other foreign languages when everyone speaks English?

It’s always good to learn a second language for work, travel, etc
I’m grateful I have a half decent ability to communicate in two other languages because I will always be able to ask for directions, order at a restaurant, and have a basic conversation with people. My native language isn't English, and I only knew a few words coming to America. Learning a new language can help people like I was learning English.
I have no idea, I just love knowing other languages. I find them inherently interesting and worth learning and fun. I especially like being able to enjoy media from other countries, it's very refreshing. I can't say I'll ever have a particularly meaningful bond with people who speak Spanish because I have issues speaking without getting shy despite being nearly fluent, and I'm also staggeringly not-charming, but I still love the language and being able to learn about the language. Above all, for me, it's about knowledge, and checking your ego. Learning language is simply learning a lot of stuff and structures and constantly asking questions in order to learn it better and better. You constantly have to think in order to learn it, but at the same time, it's really not about intelligence, because you can be really smart and study language for a long time and still be bad if you never encounter the language in real life. It's just something to know and there are people who use it and you can hear other people use it and the diversity is wonderful. If you have too much hubris, you either run out if patience to look up words in the dictionary, or you talk and talk and talk making the same mistakes over and over. It may be silly, but I want to be more than the average monolingual American. I also want to travel the world some day and I had better know a few other languages or be relegated to the tourist areas. Starting with french because I have some family that took it in school, then I'm moving on to mandarin, Spanish, and then Arabic (MSA). I figure after all of that I will dramatically open up my options for travel and employment.
English is indeed the lingua franca, especially of Europe and former European colonies (India, Caribbean islands, various African nations). I began learning French when I was a kid in part because I have a francophone family and in part because I am Canadian, and god damn but I think everyone should learn our two official languages (and if you know some native languages, the more the merrier).
For me it's about respect and culture. English is a global language, yes, but so much of the culture of other countries is rooted in its language. I traveled to Germany once before knowing German, and then again after I knew a lot more and it was a completely different experience. I was able to speak to people who didn't speak English (there are some, especially older people) and I felt more comfortable. I chose German because I love the culture, but obviously that's a personal choice.

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Do you like to eat MREs?

I don’t *like* them but I have had them before.. I was in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets when I was younger~
So we ate those whenever we were out in the bush and stuff.
Some were decent.. Probably even better now!! Compared to how they used to be, back in the day.
We always traded with our friends if they had something we wanted etc.

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Do you thrive better in a competitive environment? Or does it demotivate you?

n11shake’s Profile PhotoShake
I was going to say I dislike competition, but thinking about it, it's competitive people that irritate me. Like this dude at the Olympics, can third I think in a track event. He crying and bitching about losing. Dude! You ran against the absolute best in the world and got a medal. You are third best in the entire world. Stfu and enjoy yourself. People like that make competition suck. Then there's the Canadian dude (I missed what sport) standing on the podium holding out the Japanese flag so the gold winner can get an awesome pic. You can be a competitor, a serious contender, without being a competitive arse. So yeah, with the right people, a competitive environment is awesome, but generally there's always some arse ruining it.

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What's one or even several stereotypes that people have of people from your country that you think are completely false? 🤔 Are there any that you feel are completely justified? Haha

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Some people still believe that we live in igloos and I can safely say I've never lived in an igloo before. That's only stuff you would find in the Arctic. An igloo would simply melt if you placed it anywhere that wasn't in the Canadian Arctic.
Maple Syrup is another stereotype that I believe is true, but a bit blown out of proportion. It's true that we love our maple syrup, but I honestly wouldn't put it on everything. If it were put on pizza, it would feel a bit odd. It would get too sticky. For a food that can already get sticky enough when hot, I think it would just be a recipe for disaster.
One stereotype that is 100% true is our love for hockey. World Juniors, Stanley Cup Playoffs, Olympics always draw huge ratings. Surprisingly the World Championships do not, but that's normally because we can't send our best players since they're playing in the playoffs. So we'd basically be watching our B or C team. They're almost always played in Europe as well, so the time difference can be a bit funny. Add those two together, and the World Championships are an afterthought over here. Which seems odd when you consider it's a World Championship, but alas, I think that adds more amazingness to our love for hockey.
As well, whenever a Canadian team does well in the Stanley Cup playoffs, ratings are up. When no Canadian teams are in the playoffs, ratings go down. Funny enough, the reverse is true in America. Ratings go down when a Canadian team plays, and ratings go up when an American team plays. That's why Stanley Cup Finals with American teams do terrible in Canada. Despite the teams having mostly Canadian players, it's not the same.
Like when 0 Canadian teams were in the 2016 playoffs: https://www.si.com/hockey/news/playoff-tv-ratings-down-a-shocking-61-percent-in-canada
And during the 2020 finals: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/article-low-ratings-as-hockey-fans-flocked-to-then-fled-from-stanley-cup/
And during the 2018 playoffs (notice the decline in viewers): https://assets.numeris.ca/DNAInsights/How%20Canadians%20Watched%20the%202018%20NHL%20Playoffs.PDF
Not many people would care if the Stars and Devils played in the finals because there's not many Stars and Devils fans in Canada. However, put a Canadian team in the finals, and ratings will be high.

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At what age did you learn English, and do you have an accent?

I was born in Canada, but in a 100% Greek community speaking 100% Greek. I learned English at around 6, I was able to speak fluently (well, that's debatable haha) by the time I was around 8. I had a very thick accent, I still have an accent-- thankfully it's subtle. I still have trouble with some words (the pronunciation of simple words like "park" for example) or thinking of the right word for the sentence. My friends think it's hilarious and my boyfriend thinks it's cute, so I go with it. My parents (and grandparents... and aunts) have very thick Greek accents :)
everyone has an accent. You have an accent too. It might match the accent of most of the people around you, but it's still an accent and would still sound foreign to people from a different region. I learned around age 5 or 6 I guess, and it quickly became my primary language, with my first language skills eventually languishing to being quite poor. The south-asian country I grew up in isn't an English speaking country, but since most of the media I consumed was in English and since I spoke with my parents in English, I ended up speaking my native language with an English accent. My accent when speaking English is a bit messy. For the most part I have a Canadian or television-appropriate US accent (not sure how else to describe it, it's american but without the regional touches NY or Chicago or California accents have), but some words I say in more British ways (can't, ranch, aunt, france, schedule). Some people say I have a slight south-asian accent, others say I don't - I would guess I probably do, but I can't really tell for sure; in any case it's weaker than that of many first-generation Canadians born to immigrant parents.
I'm a serious anime enthusiast. That, coupled with the fact that I generally despise dubs of all kinds with all my being, allowed to me learn English as I was forced to watch a lot of anime I was interested in with English subs when I couldn't find French subs. There was also the desire to interact with an anime community the members of which didn't feel the need to throw some silly Japanese smiley at the end of every sentence (looking at you, French anime fans), so I turned to English speaking communities, which helped significantly improve my written English. I'm fluent in french, but I never liked it I've started learning english through pop music, reality shows and movies. so I gained an effortless fluent american accent, that my english teacher in high school asked me once if I have ever lived in the US! I've been with a non arabic boyfriend/ fiance for three years now, so you can say that it's the language that I use the most on a daily basis.

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Are you currently keeping track of what's happening at the Olympics? Do you root for your home country to do well in sports in general? 🏊‍♂️⚽️🤺🏹🏀⛵🏋‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I actually haven't yet. These Olympics are weird because most of the games will be on either late at night, or early in the morning. By the time most people are up the games are over, so all we have are highlights. I loved the Rio Olympics because you can watch like most of the action as it's live, and not wait for the recap show. Either way, I'll be getting into the Olympics as early as today. I just need to see what I missed.
I root for Canada over anything else in the Olympics. This is one occasion where we can send our best athletes, and see what they can do. It's one thing to see Canada win in Ice Hockey at the Olympics. It's another thing to see a Canadian winning the 100m dash. One is expected; the other is unexpected.

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How can we foster the economic empowerment of women after the coronavirus crisis?

Almost forgot. The historical collusion between English Royalty and the "Grand Olde Party" is alive and well, I would think. Britain still dominates most of Europe and Canadian tax evaders still manipulate the free western press. No worries there or with those mobster Shanghayists.
Women's spending only accounts for roughly 70%. Probably a pay cut of about 20% will teach them real economics. I'm absolutely serious. and the sellout of the Democrats to the Republicans being as complete now as it seems, all the more reason to think that the Global Corporatization of the planet will continue at a brisk pace. Unless of course, something goes terribly wrong and people start to resent the admission of their revocation of unfettered elections over the past 50 years or so. Thx for the award.

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How is your golf game this year? Are you getting to play much? Do you carry a USGA Handicap? How do you like your clubs? What’s the course you would most like to play and why? ⛳️🏌🏻

Hello Llama. I am glad that you decided to return to askfm. You have many friends here who care about you and enjoy reading your interesting posts and viewing the wonderful photographs with stunning views of the Canadian landscape.
My golf game has improved dramatically since I began playing in 2010 when I could not even hit the ball. Mostly I play with my son or my 14 year old daughter Faith who is entering High School this year. I am an average golfer who scores in the mid 80's to low 90's on a par 69 course. Faith is using Cobra clubs while I have a set of Titleist. We both like our clubs because they suit our personalities and individual style of play.
Every Saturday Faith has a private golf lesson and then we both practice at the driving range for 2 hours. Although I enjoy playing golf, I mostly play to spend time with my children and to help them acquire the skills necessary to become competitive golfers while learning self discipline, persistence and also developing an appreciation and love for the game.
Living in the Tampa Bay area gives us access to some of the best golf courses in America. I like playing at the Chi Chi Rodriquez Golf Course because it is 4 miles from my house and has the following features i.e. Par 69, 70 sand traps, water hazards on 12 holes, two tiered greens and fairways covered with Bermuda grass.
Faith will be playing on the high school golf team this year. So in preparation, we have been playing 9 holes each week to develop greater consistency, accuracy and strength. Good times.

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How is your golf game this year Are you getting to play much Do you carry a USGA

Can someone who immigrated to Canadian and got citizenship say I'm an Canadian? (Like someone born in Canada)

Yes. If you immigrate here, and get citizenship, you're a Canadian. If you're the child of an immigrant, and you were born in Canada, you're a Canadian. You may not be a Canadian by blood, but you're a Canadian by citizen. Therefore, you have every right to call yourself a Canadian. My mother is a Canadian citizen, but she has no Canadian blood at all - she is 100% Italian. However, she can call herself a Canadian because that's what she is - a Canadian citizen via immigration. Same for me. Even though I'm 50% Italian, and I was born here, I still call myself a Canadian because I was born here.
In short: It's not incorrect to call yourself a Canadian. It's also not incorrect to say you're Canadian but you're an immigrant from another country.

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If you had to choose a different nationality, what would you choose?

I always considered myself as comin' from ((nowhere)) in particular.I feel comfortable being just that anywhere. There 'll always be those who accept me as I'm or reject me in one way or another or for any reason but my personality was already stablished in me the first weeks of my life and it didn't affect by any nationality .. I believe that what really counts is the way ur behave as a person and nothing else.
But some 'll ask me why, then, are u seeking Canadian citizenship?
Cuz any nationality which is no guarantee of anything.. except maybe to be discriminated against or with on the borders of some countries...Or u 'll be treated like a human or a piece of sh*t based on it
Damn to borders , human rules & the ra*cist laws ...

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My professor at university was telling us about Canada all the time. We loved canada and canadian people From his stories. May god bless you all.

mostafasabryfathy’s Profile PhotoMostafa_sabry
Thank you friend, and it is wonderful you know a smart professor.
Canada is made for explorers (with cameras). I have travelled from coast to coast many times and I know I am still missing the beauty of this country. Every season dresses this country in a majesty that cannot be duplicated.
I am blessed to be a Canadian. Sometimes I disagree with our politics and economic future. But the scenery can never ever be replaced and our people are our most important asset.

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Despite having the 4th largest population and top 20 biggest economy, what makes Indonesia less-known and underrated, compared to other developing nations like India, Mexico, or Turkey?

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoLucas
Probably not as much connection to the Western World. Whether it'd be the diaspora, government relations, etc. For comparison, there's only around 22,000 people in Canada who identify as "Indonesian Canadians". That's not a big population, and that's scattered around 2 major cities. Add onto the fact that the diaspora is primarily responsible for spreading the culture, and one can easily see why Indonesia may be overlooked by certain countries. We barely know its culture, its traditions, its meals, etc. We have to learn that stuff on our own from other sources - like the internet.
Maybe the geographical location plays a part. It's a bit isolated from us - making travel there rather long and expensive. For example: it would take about a day to go from Toronto to Jakarta. I don't know if there's language barriers, or perhaps just lack of ambition to go, but I imagine the travel time alone may stop people from visiting.
The lack of media coverage likely plays a role as well. I barely hear about Indonesia in the news despite its size and population. You can easily forget it's the 4th most populated country in the world if you simply relied on the media. I could count on one hand how many times I've heard "Indonesia" uttered by any Canadian news anchor over the past several years - if not longer.
It's a shame because I've seen some pictures of Indonesia, and it's rather beautiful. I'm amazed at how many people are in Jakarta as well - it blew me away at its population. It doesn't get as much publicity, but that doesn't mean anything. Lots of countries "fly under the radar" so to speak. Like its neighbour, Papua New Guinea.
If Indonesia had more connections to the Western World, we'd probably hear a lot more about them.

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Canibitch, oh, Canibitch Wherefore art thou, Canibitch? Please tell me what happened with That style that you were rappin' with Canibitch, oh, Canibitch Are you from Los Angeles, New York, or just a janitor From Canada,from Canada? Oh, Canibitch

Candle_of_hope__’s Profile PhotoVivien
So, in two seconds flat, Dre's at my crib
Only thing is, we both know where this kid lives
And neither one of us have Canadian citizenship
"Shit, oh, Dre, wait a minute, that's it!
All we gotta do is use a bit of turbo-boost
We can fly over the border!" "let's Go!" (whoosh)
So we're off to Toronto and we're gainin' speed
"What was that? Oh, Jermaine Dupri"
"Fuck it, keep goin', no time to waste"
"Wait, back up, hit him one more time, in case"
"Okay, " fuck, now he's draggin' under the car
"Oh well, only thirty more thousand miles!"
Meanwhile, me and Dre are tryna conversate
Just tryna find a reason for the constant hate
And tryna figure out what happened to "Germaine Propane"
"He couldn't have fell off that hard", ain't no way!
What happened to the way you was rappin'
When you was scandalous?
That Canibus turned into a television evangelist
Plus, he raps with his regular voice
"What was that?" "Pet Shop Boys"
So, we pull up to the bridge where he last was spotted

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+4 answers in: “Weißt du welcher Tag heute ist? 😊🏳️‍🌈♥️”

Als je naar concerten bent geweest: wat is het leukste concert dat je ooit hebt bijgewoond? Wat maakte het zo leuk? 🎶🎸🎵🎤 / For those who’ve been to concerts: Which concert was the most fun one in your opinion? What made it fun? 🎶🎸🎵🎤

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
The Amber run one, with island supporting! I had a dodgy leg and mrs had a dodgy ear and we were sat at the back like old ladies, someone thought I was disabled 😆
Passenger 2018 tour. Me and the missus got drunk as fuck and danced like a couple of fools. Bauhaus, or The Smiths, at Rock City in Nottingham. The small venues are always better.
I've been to some pretty great concert. I've never encountered beer for being sold for morethan.. 4€? 4,50€? and unless you're really exhausting yourself you usually don't need water for 2 hours. that's not the point (and pretty much everyone knows you're being ripped off at any event when buying drinks). if you let that spoil your experience.. you're going to be disappointed by a lot of things. best to focus on what matters.
This show is highly regarded as Led Zeppelin's greatest gig. This is when Robert Plant sounded absolutely invincible. It would be just three laters later when his voice would become shot due to a combination of wear and tear, drugs, not warming up, singing while sick etc and would enter a massive slump between 1973-1975. This is type of shows that made him a legend. Talk about "air-raid" screams and how his voice would echo throughout arenas and how his mic would be cut yet people could still hear him like it was nothing, this is that Robert Plant. The rest of the band are absolutely on fire. Every song here is played to perfection and with an absurd amount of energy. This is before the drugs, the excess, the insane amount of money and fame that would hit the band around 1973. 9/19/70 is legit a spit in the face to anyone who says Zeppelin sucked live. Its one of the greatest concerts ever.
The Tragically Hip, Kingston Ontario, 2016. This was the last ever show for the Hip and it was pretty epic. Lead singer, Gord Downie, had been diagnosed with brain cancer early that year and it just so happened the band had an album coming out. They did a limited cross-Canada tour that culminated with this show in Kingston, their home town.
For those not aware, the Hip could sell out 19,000 seat arenas in Canada. They are legendary here. This final show was in an under- 10,000 seat arena, so tickets were scarce. The ahow was aired live, commercial free, on CBC (our public broadcaster) and drew something like 16 million viewers. Canada only has 38 million people (roughly). It was an emotionally charged Canadian love-in. The band was hot. Gord gave it his all, despite the effects of cancer being a bit evident. Truly, an unforgettable show.

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Do you think there should be any areas that are off-limits when it comes to attempts at diversifying trade or is it reasonable for things like arming despots to be options in that pursuit?

I think there should be a limit, because ethically it's not ok to arm despots, but I'm saying that as a citizen, policymakers and those in the government think differently, their whole job is to run the country, their main focus is never morals or ethics, it's about keeping themselves in power and running the state. During the Trump administration, heavy tariffs were imposed on Canadian steel and aluminum which would have been really bad for the economy. But Canada was able to negotiate with the USA and along with mexico, the three countries drafted a NATO 2.0 basically, and USA agreed to remove the tariffs. but there is always some insecurity on the Canadian side due to this reliance on USA. It seems like Canada wants a client to export their stuff too, what that stuff is and who the client is isn't the priority here.
(this is from my very limited knowledge, I actually do not know a lot about this particular issue).

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how in touch are you with your own heritage/culture? 📜🌳

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
With both of my heritages, I'm somewhat in touch with them. I'm proud of both of my heritages and generally know the history, the culture, the stereotypes, etc., of both of them. I don't celebrate the national holidays from my Italian side though. Similarly how I don't tend to celebrate the holidays from my Canadian side. However, I do like to show off my appreciation for them when the time is right. For example: rooting for Italy during the World Cup and rooting for Canada during any international hockey tournaments.

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You are so welcome and I am back at my dads house and I graduated from college this year and we are all doing really good I am in the process of trying to find a job and I am trying to get going on what I got my degree in but I have to do my research first and get my Canadian citizen ship

TessaMarie244’s Profile PhotoTessa Marie
Wow! Congratulations! Chris, Huxley and I wish you good luck!

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Unions that endorsed Biden are now criticizing him for canceling Keystone pipeline that will 'kill thousands of good-paying union jobs!' hahaha 😂

1) the pipeline was already frozen back in July due to lawsuits . Biden just stripped the permit
2) it wasn’t “thousands” of jobs it was 1000 and they were mostly Canadian not American jobs
3) the keystone pipeline is a disaster for the ecosystems and environment. It already has massive spills and leaks .

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Go to a white nationalist convention and see if you're welcome because you wouldn't be, as YOU AIN'T WHITE! You pretty but you still AIN'T white

I’m white lmao. My bf is Portuguese too but the difference is I was born a Canadian citizen, he was not. He came to Canada when he was young I was born in Canada. Portuguese is his first language, english is mine. I’m still considered WHITE cuz IM NOT an IMMIGRANT

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Oh it’s a Canadian comedy show about a really rich family that loses everything to taxes and they have to move to a town called Schitts Creek. It’s so brilliant and funny! I was so sad to see it end! My highest recommendation!

well' i've added it to my list to watch already.
i'll start watching it soon.
😋 😋 😋

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I like having a landline because you can give that number to companies to phone instead of your cellphone and annoy you

Yeah exactly i've gotten harassing calls from credit agencies when i literally don't have credit in Canada, i just recently got a Canadian iPhone plan to build my credit score up so i have no idea why i would be getting those calls, i actually called Bell and told them about it and they said if it keeps happening they'll change my number for free

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Is there a certain cuisine you like the most? 🌮🍝🍣 / is er een bepaalde keuken die je het lekkerste vindt? 🌮🍝🍣

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
Even though I don't eat it nearly as often as I used to and I probably won't eat it much, if at all, in the future, Nigerian cuisine will always have a special place in my heart since it reminds me of home.
I worked in Japanese restaurants on both of my part-time jobs, and goddamn it's always so good. Usually, different kinds of cuisine are restricted to a few cooking techniques, but Japanese food has a lot of variation. To add to your list, grilled fish, sushi (which itself has several different kinds), curry, sashimi, hotpot, beef, and fried meat. Canadian food. When was the last time you went to a really good Canadian food restaurant?
I have never taken a cruise before but I think Princess Cruise Lines are pretty good.
Saw something on one of the food channels the other day about Morrocan food. Looked mighty good to me. Looked online to see if I could get some but none around here.
I am in Algeria, 30 km away from Morocco and there is not a single Moroccan restaurant in the area. It's a shame. Their meat recipes are really on point 👌 But I have to make them all at home anyway because of my food intolerances and wanting things to be clean.

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Kenapa kalo kita menggunakan bahasa Inggris, varian bahasa Inggris yg paling dominan (paling umum) dipake itu cuma American English dan British English? Padahal negara berbahasa Inggris juga ada Canada, Australia, New Zealand, kok jarang banget orang pake Canadian English atau Australian English?

Karena yang actually punya perbedaan adalah dua itu. Inggris bilang "behaviour", AS bilang "behavior". Keyboard Inggris dan AS juga sedikit berbeda, dan sebagainya. Negara lain yang menggunakan bahasa Inggris sebagai bahasa negaranya tidak punya perbedaan yang seektrim, misalnya, antara Malaysia-Indonesia.
Kalau kita harus membedakan semua bahasa Inggris, kamu berarti juga harus membedakan bahasa Inggris yang digunakan Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Gambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Irlandia, Singapura, Jamaica, Afrika Selatan, Kamerun, dan belasan negara lain. Tiap negara menyumbangkan bahasa daerah mereka sendiri dalam bahasa Inggris mereka, dan bahkan dalam Amerika Serikat sendiri, ada dialek "Mountain People" dan dialek "African-American".
Kamu mau kategorikan sampai mana, memangnya? Semua dialek bahasa Inggris? Potensi jumlah dialek bahasa Indonesia saja bisa mencapai 700 kalau kamu perhitungkan jumlah bahasa daerah. Apalagi bahasa Inggris yang mendunia.
Dan iya, dari tadi yang kita obrolkan adalah dialek, bukan "actual" bahasa Inggrisnya Inggris dan AS. Mereka berdua pada dasarnya sama, tapi Inggris dapat semacam "hak veto" karena bahasa Inggris lahir di negara mereka.

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